Theo says he wants to wear a Barca shirt.

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It’s true, I just read it in the Daily Mail! Theo is looking forward to swapping his Arsenal shirt with his hero Thierry Henry’s Barca one when we beat them in Rome in the champions league final in May.

He says when he called Vik Akers last summer and asked him for the vacant number 8 shirt. he was told Samir Nasri had got it, and that was before we knew Nasri had signed.

He was left with 23, 19 or 14 and he chose 14 because it was the lowest number, not realising that it used to be Thierry’s. I thought I remember reading that Arsene wanted him to have it? It just goes to show you can’t believe all you read eh!

New boy Andre Arshavin is saying he wants to end his career here and Venables is tipping us to win things this year, it all looks good doesn’t it, but this week is the most crucial week since the last time I said we had our most crucial week.

Then we had to beat Hull to get in the semis, beat Roma to get in the quarters and beat Newcastle to get into 4th. Well we did that Ok, this week we need to beat Wigan away, Villa Real at home and Chelsea at Wembley to consolidate 4th, get into the Champions league semi final probably against Porto and the FA cup final most likely against the Mancs.

So a big bastard big week coming up! This is when it’s great being an Arsenal fan, and the bonus is tomorrow could well be St Totteridge day, at least I think it could be?

A little known fact is Arsene Wenger has now signed this entire Arsenal team, I think we are very close to something special and I would love to see Tomas Rosicky back, but if he doesn’t feature soon, we may well have to admit defeat and find a replacement.

We still need a defensive midfielder and a centre back, I would like to see Gallas stay but I suspect he’ll go, whilst he is still wanted by a top team. And with Ade’s recent form the rumour is AC Milan will be back with a big offer.

Arsene, only take it if you have a ready made replacement. Don’t leave a hole. If he wants to go, let him.

Having said that I’m also happy to keep him, but please, no exodus like the previous two years.

Onto today, I fancy Djourou with Kolo, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Song there, the rest of the team pick themselves but I suspect he’ll play Eboue instead of Theo and Arshavin instead of Nasri, I hope he plays Bendtner and Eduardo up top and saves Ade and Robin for Tuesday and then picks two from the four for the Chavs at Wembley.

Enjoy today Grovers, I suspect selection will be telling, a bit like a chess game!

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  1. irishgunner

    just read he limped off – I’ve been googling but a lot of the reports are in Spanish and I don’t know any Spanish….

    Hopefully its enough to keep him out for a week, that’ll do me πŸ™‚

  2. irishgunner

    that’s where I read it too Maciek but that came out a bit quick I want to see injury details and length before I believe it ha ha

  3. Maciek

    I really fear for Villareal’s game Irish.I want to see us in the semis and when we knock out Porto in the final. I want revange on Barca.

  4. irishgunner

    Villarreal are a good side Maciek no doubting that but I really feel at home we have enough to go through. He won’t be convincing and we’ll get a few heart scares but we should have enough going forward to get a goal or two.

    Then it could well be Porto and we know all about them and then revenge against Barca.

  5. David

    Im afraid it doesnt show the break down of games….is that Only in the League Or All games?

    I will check again…but im pretty sure my stats are right!

  6. A

    jd is much worse than senderos though maciek so that isn’t saying much! i’d probably rather have jd than silvestre though, it is very worrying. I’d rather have song than both of them, though on today’s form he’s becoming a very influential player in the midfield for us!!

    the villareal game is big, i was very very confident before, but now i think things are very much teetering on the edge with any of silvestre, fabianski, gibbs, jd capable of costing us a goal at any time! we just need our attacking game to get going as early as possible so we dominate possession and territory to protect the defence.

  7. Evo in Oz

    as per BBC…

    “Alexandre Song rounded things off for the Gunners by dancing through the defence to stroke home the fourth”.

    gives all the pundit-bloggers something to choke on whilst eating their late night kebabs!

  8. Evo in Oz

    how about steve bruce’s comments…

    “We are a bit shell-shocked. It would be difficult to say it was schoolboy stuff as that would be disrespectful to schoolboys”.


  9. Pedro

    Evening A and Evo!

    Yeah, all good. Just been on the town… didn’t get to see the game sadly… Talk sport were pretty insistent on giving us zero air time…

    So… what’s the crack… was the win deserved? Who impressed… who didn’t?

  10. Evo in Oz

    what about this team for villarreal…


    bench: Szczesny, Vela, Bendtner, eboue, song, ramsey, diaby

  11. Pedro

    Oh… before I hear anything… I was a bit annoyed that Wenger started Bends up top on his own against a physical team… it’s like he set him up for disaster?

    I don’t know how he played… but that would be a tough job for anyone and I’m sure he probably go grilled.

    Geoff thought Denilson was bad?

  12. Evo in Oz

    pedro – gibbs had a bit of a torrid game, was under the pump a fair bit. got a deserved yellow for hauling down one of their forwards on the break that probably/could have been red on other days. Silvestre was nearby when he brought the guy down but clearly the wigan guy was the last player bar fabianski to beat – very lucky!

    otherwise the first half was pretty boring and wigan had a fair bit of the ball and your passing was off again!

    2nd half was a different story, RVP and kanu jnr coming on certainly made the difference and everything started to click.

    Arshavin gave a few blokes a footballing lesson in ball control, he is awesome!

    Everyone played well in the 2nd half!

  13. Pedro

    Oh excellent… I’m just chuffed to bit we found the spirit to turn them over… because I am sure 6 months ago that might not have happened.

    How did Fabianski play?

  14. Pedro

    Right… reluctantly hitting the hay… I’ll be having words with you all tomorrow!

    Have a great evening!

  15. Pat

    But….I’m going to Loyola next year and I plan to study abroad. Yep, you guessed it, in LONDON!!!!

    I don’t know how I’m going to be able to focus, but oh well

  16. Evo in Oz

    i wonder if Djourou is injured for a few weeks, or just a knock?

    we only have silvestre and song as back up really, otherwise we are dipping down into the youth ranks really, all other players are on loan!

  17. Pat

    I was chatting with Irish earlier and we were both hoping Senna would get a little knock that would exclude him from the CL game. That is such a big loss for Villareal. He’s one of the best CDM in the world.

  18. David

    Carzola and Senna are big losses Pat,

    Thankfully we have Eduardo and Robin V P coming back…we’ve had a couple losses ourselves…but its strange how we always get crocked this time of the season.

  19. A

    david – song wasn’t dire in the first half! he was good imo, our only player who was. denilson, was dire theo, cesc, arshavin and bendtner all very poor, defence dodgy, but song was the only player who was ok, and he was then amazing second half.

    senna being out (if he is out) is really good news for us! just hope the reports tomorrow confirm his absence

  20. Lovedup Loner

    We will beat Villareal, about 2 or 3 nil, you heard it here first… what’s that? I’m pissed… Shame on you for suggestin that!

  21. ethangunner

    i havent read anyones comments been a bit busy lately , but 4-1 really wasnt a true reflection of how shit we were . a 4-5-1 is not helping , just when we start winning again arsene employs this negative tactic , and needless to say the 1st half again , we looked shite !

    maybe im asking for too much , but id like to see equal commitment and dedication in both 1/2s !

    its fine to date because we haven’t played anyone who made us pay in the 1st half !
    a day will come when wenger comes unstuck by a rival team putting 2 or 3 past us in the 1st half … we are still in the race sure ! and the result was satisfying yesterday .. but poor team selections almost made us come undone ..

    wenger play your best 11 and take it game by game ..

    showing me you value the C.L over beating wigan
    isnt that encouraging for fans !

  22. Lovedup Loner

    Ethan, Ethan Ethan

    FFS mate! maybe that day will come and you will be prefectly within your rights to slte etc, but fuck me bandy! We came out for the 2nd half a team reborn and after a really tough CL game where we lost a top notch CB, LB and 1st choice keeper, I think we did pretty effin good fella.

    So, forgive me , if I sound a bit harsh, but effin leave it out son!

  23. Lovedup Loner

    Sorry ethan, gotta go beddy byes, I am sooo dam pissed it aint even funny, or big, or clever for that matter…

  24. ethangunner

    lovedup- angry, whateva ,
    your entitled to your opinion FFS !
    but either a blind man or a profit could understand my anger at putting out nik B as the lone striker in the 1st half , if you think team selections where spot on well your as drunk as i think ..

  25. ethangunner

    RVP came back after 2 or 3 weeks out , ade played 1 game in 2 months and nasri also in the same boat !

    none of these players have been over stretched .
    they could have played in the 1st half put the game to bed and then been sub’d out !

    all the above players should have been played and why go into a game with 2 DM’s ??? NEGATIVE !!!
    sorry cant understand your rant of excellence ..
    the 1st half AGAIN , was anything but

    excellent !

  26. David

    gotta love these slow streams one minute youre whining about Pink boots….the next minute your shouting goal.

    How i love the Arsenal.

  27. kelsey

    morning all,

    i agree as well ethan.Having now seen a rerun of the game,it is obvious that silvestre nor gibbs are the answer to keep the momentum going.Yes we won,but our defence is a shambles and a better team would have buried us before half time.I don’t blame song,denilson,gibbs,djorou or silvestre or fabianski.They are inexperienced young players who may come good but aren’t of the standard required,and surely wenger can see that.gallas,s loss will be a huge factor as to how we perform in these vital matches coming thick and fast.

  28. Geoff

    I will be writing todays blog as Pedro is otherwise engaged.

    My match reports always have a bit of added extra, so I hope I won’t disappoint.

  29. tonyadamsisgod

    Ethan – I definitely agree with you on the ‘too negative’ thing! I don’t know why Wenger has a fear of playing these teams. We are light years better than Wigan and if we put out a ‘normal’ 4-4-2 and played to our strengths the game would have been over for Wigan by half time.

  30. stonroy

    Morning all. Djorou’s injury was really strange, his knee just gave out on him, it’s almost like there is a hex on the Arsenal.