So it’s Barca in the final, revenge is a dish best served cold

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So for all the schoolboys that have been blogging on Le Grove this week, what that means is, the best type of revenge is the type you have waited a long time for to dish out, Barca was 2006, so that’s long enough and cold enough and I for one am ready.

So last night the chavs surprisingly beat the scousers, who surprisingly beat the mancs, who we beat with our academy team, so I have in my own mind discounted them from getting to the final, any of them, in fact I expect us to play Porto in the semis and not the mancs. That then leaves the route clear to face the big boys Barca in the final and have our revenge, the dish that tastes best cold.

That is of course once we have got past Villarreal… but should they still be in it? If they had come to the Grove and be bombarded with missiles I have no doubt that we would be close to forfeiting the game or such, it seems to me that sides from outside of England can do what they want, I mean there is a national enquiry as to whether or not our captain spat on the floor somewhere near Hull City’s assistant managers feet, this is after their manager lied about our manager never shaking hands! What a complete joke!!!

Anyway someone needs to get our manager a new set of contacts as he said he clearly saw coins or boxes thrown at Cesc! Well Arsene, there is a bit of a difference between a coin and a box, which one did you see!

Of course to the students out there that are reading, that was in fact irony, I didn’t really mean it and I’m sure that what he said was lost in translation, and yes I know if I could speak French as well as he can speak English I would be the worlds richest, humblest and most clever man.

Sorry all but this week we appear to have had a lot of AKB’s coming on calling us names, it only happens during school holidays, so we know who they are, the internet gives them a vehicle where they can be naughty and get away with it, well children, not on here you can’t. So please, go away, you’re not welcome.

Ade’s goal is being hailed as the best ever by Theo, well best ever in the champions league anyway, Cesc is slowly returning to form and Andre Arshavin returns for the Wigan game, so Samir Nasri gets another rest, I put his lethargy down to his bout of flu, I think he will be as good as Bobby Pires in time so we should cut him some slack I think.

Still no news on Rosicky, I think he was lost in the African interior when watching Kolo in qualifying last year and Arsenal are spinning us a line, so for all our African readers out there, this is for you.


I was being ironic again children, forgive me, on the site we often do that!

Have a great day Grovers, 3 more points to play for at the weekend, the we start the countdown to the Yellow submarines and that dish we best like cold.

P.S. Pedro is out of tickets again… so if you can’t make any of the following games, drop him an e-mail… apparently he has a new spread sheet to cope with demand!

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  1. Coadsi

    ok thats it, stu who is wolfsberg playing and when? i tried the regular: and but not even the name is there can u assist?

  2. Stu

    Just checking their team on Wiki. Apparently Barzagli is with Wolfsburg. I knew he moved to Germany after getting relegated but forgot who he joined. I doubt he even plays for them. Many steps backwards by him there.

  3. Stu

    I dont know Irish. Someone on here said that Dzeko was playing tonight so i assumed they were playing. Maybe not….
    Saw the goal. Ireland is a cunt for quiting int football.

  4. leon

    as far as the risisky situation is concerned he only has 1 year to prove his fittness,added to the fact there is alot compitition for places he only has 1 year left on his contract, i would sell him. i realy dont think we can look ast any team we still lots of work to in the second leg and if we get past them porto is very good team

  5. Stu

    Choy, that was a really great video. The music too. Watching that brings back all the memories of last season and akes me miss Flamini, Rosicky and even Eduardo even more. πŸ˜₯

  6. Stu

    I fucking loved that midfield. Hate that it has been broken up and especially so quickly. And chances are we will only have Cesc left if Rosicly cant get fit. And even then there’s a chance he might go if his ambition isnt matched.

  7. Pat

    Rosicky has a small groin problem and Gallas is out for the season probably. Fuck me.

    Clichy 2 weeks and Almunia 3.

    Although I do think CLichy will make the CL 2nd leg.

    Wigan lineup:

    Sagna Kolo JD Gibbs
    Theo Cesc Song Arshavin
    RVP/ Eduardo Ade

    What you think?

  8. shootsscores

    Walcott/Rosicky Nasri Fabregas Ashrivan

    i think datz da best possible midfield.

    Diaby and deneilson cud fill in any tym

  9. Stu

    SS, thats a good midfield if we are playing against a team that doesnt attack. But in reality our defence would be left completely exposed when the oppo has the ball. We NEED a proper DM.

  10. Stu

    Pat, if Ade wasnt on good goalscoring form then i would prefer Bendtner and Vela up front. Maybe Ade and Nik because Vela might not be able to start against such physical opposition. VP and Eduardo wont be able to start if they are only having latr fitness tests to see if they are fit to be in the squad.

  11. A

    pat bendtner will start, i’d imagine alongside vp, with eduardo coming on. Other than that it’ll probably be down to who’s the more tired out of nasri and theo as to who’s left on the bench

  12. A

    depending on how cesc is feeling, he might play with denilson and song behind him, arsh and theo/nasri out wide, and bendtner up top.

    Or maybe cesc could be rested with song and denilson centreally

  13. Stu

    Cesc should play at least 1 of the half. Either coming off or on at HT. Preferably coming on because we play our better football in the second half..usually.
    If he doesnt start and Denilsong play then we have to put 2 up front because otherwise we will have too few atackers.

  14. Paulinho

    Once again Merida plays well in the reserves and once again Bischoff does very little.

    Merida is the only one in the reserves worth talking about at the moment. The rest all play very immaturely though they are talented.

  15. A

    yeah of course stu – i think he could well start though with denilson and song behind him. The more game time cesc gets the more match fit he’ll be, but i doubt he’s up to playing in a midfield two, so needs two holding mids behind him. I reckon it could well be






    wenger could always throw in a surprise if either of den or song are feeling a knock and stick in ramsey for one of them, especially with how many games we’ve got coming up in such a short space of time.

    if cesc is feeling up to 4-4-2 it could be him dropping back alongside either of denilson or song, and vp, eduardo, or possibly ade pushing up to play alongside bendtner

  16. A

    not sure about that paulinho! merida had a few nice touches but he had a fair few wayward ones, noone played well for the reserves today. bischoff was pretty pants today, barely touched the ball. randall is such a bellend too, few nice touches but few nobbish touches. frimpong’s attrocious technique and passing is so annoying

  17. Stu

    Cant see Frimpong making it then. Especially as technique id the base of a top player. N base no success….unless you play in a shite league..

  18. A

    i dunno stu, he’s so so strong in the tackle, very feisty. he’s kinda like ade – at his very best his ability to participate in footballing moves is adequate, but when he’s off form he does some really embarrassing things!

  19. Paulinho

    Stu, we lost 3-0. Score was very flattering.

    A, Merida had a few sloppy moments but I defy any half decent player not to go mad playing with some of these tools in the reserves.

    None of the players are on the same wavelength and someone like Merida has to force the issue in order to make an impression. He will excel alongside someone like Cesc who can actually play the sort of possession game.

    You could make the same argument for Bischoff but I just don’t rate him. I see no reason why Wenger felt compelled to bring him over from Bremen.

  20. Stu

    Bischoff is 21 now and is going to leave the club. No grtitide if he is pimping himself to other clubs already.

    Merida is amazing for the Spain youths because he plays with great technical players. I dont know what our reserves are all like but there is a great possibility that the spainish are better. Promting him is the only way to see if he is up to it.

  21. choy

    geez.. losing at any level to the spuds sucks!!!

    I think cesc should go back to the center of the park. he defends better than denilson and song!

    but it is a pretty static midfield if he is partnered with song or denilson… but i do think denilson is faster…

  22. A

    oh yeah i agree paulinho – i said as soon as the team was announced that he was never going to have a good game with the complete lack of movement in front of him! The only players who could contribute to any decent football were bischoff and randall, and those moments were far and few between.

    Out of the reserves next season I expect JET, Frimpong, Coquelin, Bartley, Ayling to be part of the league cup team, randall and bischoff to be off in the summer.

    Merida could be a member of the first team squad if he has a good pre season, or he could go on loan, or just stay and be a member of the reserves/league cup for one last season try and fight to get into the first team squad.

    in december bischof looked like he was showing why wenger wanted to take a risk with him, head and shoulders above the rest, and i thought he’d get an appearance or two on the bench, but he never got a real chance, and i reckon he’s lost his drive since he realised he isn’t going to make it with us

  23. Stu

    A, what about loaning those players. Chances are some of them will go out somewhere. Its rare that a player get promoted straight from the reserves without any first team experence from somewhere. Hence why Lansbury is gone out ans doing well.

    Randall is hopefully on his last chance. He was shite at Burnley on loan and came back to be captain. I hope he just fucks off and gets us a few million.

  24. A

    yeah – lansbury will take another year or two before coming into the first team squad though, he’s only in league one now, he’ll need championship or prem experience first as we’ve got so many midfielders.

    merida could well go on loan, i’m not sure many of the others will be loaned until after xmas because of the league cup team, but some probably will

  25. Paulinho

    I’m quite liking this as a possible line up:






  26. A

    when paulinho? merida isn’t gonna be ready to start regularly for a year or so, by that time the team could be pretty different, coquelin, wilshere, vela etc be involved too

  27. Paulinho

    Now. A.

    Merida’s level will rise exponentially with aware players like Cesc around him. He’ll have plenty of opportunities to fire in shots with Cesc teeing him up.

    I think he needs to be blooded now. He’s got a game no one else in the squad has got. I even think he’s ahead of Wilshere.

    He will stagnate playing with “athletes” like JET and Frimpong, players with limited passing range.


    nah,i got a fast car reggie, tbh i couldn’t take no more so done a runner 15 mins before the end

  29. reggie57

    I used to deliver around n/w london willesden harlesden and park royal, people around there were alright.

  30. Stu

    SHIT FAN BBK leaving before the end. Hang you head in shame!

    Isnt Merdia 19 or almost. He is behind the curve in terms of getting to the first team at arsenal. I mean the CC this season were his first few appearances. Whats that about like!


    stu there were more tottnumb fans there then arsenal,i was getting annoyed i had to leave to save myself getting into trouble lollll

  32. A

    nah paulinho, he has nice touches, but far too many lapses of concentration and gives the ball away far too much to be considered to play in midfield for the first team at the moment. Maybe after a good pre season he could be considered a squad member next season, but currently he’s a fair way off. Ramsey is a long way ahead of him in coming through in that position


    nope im not g.m just got back from that reserve game a lil while ago, what a load of bollocks that was

  34. gazzap

    yeah I am watching Green street too. already had that discussion with my wife about the accents.

    Merida, Coquelin, Wilshere, Barazite will make it.
    Lansbury, JET, Frimpong, Nortdveit, Bartley, Murphy might make it.
    no one else will make it here.

    the reserve team is just too weak at the moment. 4 decent players and the rest are not top quality. even so they are not showing the desire or effort that you simply hve to show when the results are not coming. very shoddy at the moment.

  35. gazzap

    yeah I wasn’t sure about Ayling. he was one I nearly put down in the maybe’s. he is a great ball player, can dribble up the pitch well. its still early for him. I know he is rated by those at Arsenal. I was hoping for a proper defender. someone who defends first, clears the man and the ball. Arsenal lack a player like that since Keown. but I am not writing him off by any means, but he is 3 years away so I reserve judgement on Ayling. he will be 18 in the summer. next season will be an important one for him -thats when he needs to make his mark.

    Scheshny is a decent keeper. Shea is rubbish!

    We also have that Bothelo in spain. he might turn out to be great. Gavin Hoyte probably wont make it right at the very top. many of these players will make solid premier league careers but possibly not Arsenal.

    Freeman is still very young so to early to judge, Simpson and Sunu dont look quite top quality either. maybe 6th choice or something!

  36. tenerife gerry

    hi all

    you know when you look at it and see it from the bindippers perspective, we have done so much this season from so little. Spent fuck all, yet this Arsenal team, this new attitude and this hope we now have make me so proud to be a gooner. We will win something this season. Even eboue looks good with me new rose tinted specs

  37. tenerife gerry

    you fellas need to remember there aint a lot of gooners out here. we are saturated with northerners and southerners that support the mancs and the scoucers. me and one other bloke in the pub supporting the Arsenal on tuesday, the rest northerners.

    Hard life

  38. tenerife gerry

    It is amazing how many of the cunts there are out here and how few of us there are. Is it coz this is a shit hole or do 90 per cent of people support that lot.

  39. tenerife gerry

    Where are 10 million other people are us londoners all la de darin it some where else.

    However its still good to be a hansome gooner in a sewer of smelly shit

  40. tenerife gerry

    you know I think the Spanish press media and public think more of us than the british do.

    Headline on Wednesday in La Marca was ESPACULOR

  41. tenerife gerry

    They thought it was a great game and they have loads of respect for Arsenal. Thats why every year the spanish teams come in for our players.

    You’d never believe that if you only listened to Lawerenson and Hanson

  42. tenerife gerry

    Impersonation is supposed to be the best form of flatery, well Barca have signed Silvinho, Petit, Henry, Helb etc and right on the case of Cesc.

    Not bovered lookin at nickin a yid!

  43. tenerife gerry

    Although i get well pissed of with Arsenal on a day to day basis, ie not spending, Eboue, Song and giving up too easy (Gallas.

    We are so respected for life and creativity that they all want a piece of us.

  44. tenerife gerry

    Mate defensive midfielder, stability up front and we are there. Wigan and we are18 games unbeaten. how the fuck?

  45. tenerife gerry

    Fuck all they ain’t our future. Eboue, Sagna’s cover thats it. Cesc deserves the best next to him, Flamini was an accident in midfield that worked, now we have to purchase.

  46. tenerife gerry

    You think he weren’t all that in defence, covered in midfield did brilliantly then fucked off. maybe Diaby will do or spend some fuckin dosh.

  47. insidealbania

    Morning Grovers,
    I am pleased to be reading the blog from Tehran where I can confirm that the site is not restricted in anyway (too bad the same cannot be said about Song’s footballing abitlity)

    I am looking forward to the game tommorrow which should be on TV here thanks to the non-existance of TV rights! We realy need a good win to give confidence to the players coming in to go out an finish The Yellow Subs midweek. Being a home game I think we will go with a 4-4-2 and have Ade with RvP and then Eduardo to come on and grab one to finish them off.

  48. Geoff

    Good luck there inside! Let’s hope you get out alright.

    Watching the match live is the only thing that would make me want to visit Iran!

    Good luck so.

  49. insidealbania

    Thanks Geoff, before I came here I had to stop over at Azerbaijan, now that was a sketchy place I couldnt wait to leave.

    By the Kolo Toure’s cousine Ibrahim Toure plays for Perespolis, one of the two biggest clubs here in Iran.

  50. benno

    Afternoon all, so much for no booze and meat… the beer is refreshing, the bbq is firing up and its about 34 degress. Happy Easter from down under.

  51. kelsey

    Having just looked at our fixture list from tomorrow until the possibility of a CL final at the end of May,we have a game approximately every 3.5 days if we remain in both cup competitions.A daunting task in itself,when you see who we have to play.There are many possible alternatives,but I firmly believe that we have to set a realistic goal on two fronts.

    One to ensure and secondly to reach the CL Final and hopefully win that competition that has been elusive to us.Hearing that Gallas is now out for the rest of the season,could be pivotal as to how we fare. I would say that his loss is of more importance than the 4 months we had without Fabregas,as though we drew far too many games,we were and still are undefeated domestically.Taking one game at a time,we start with Wigan away,and having lost Almunia,Clichy as well as Gallas,our options are limited.Fabianski and i presume Gibbs will come in,and Djorou would be my bet,though not my choice to partner lies the trouble,Djorou has been very poor in his last two domestic games,but we don’t have a better alternative.

    Wigan have only scored 6 league goals this year,yet they are still fighting for a European spot,but with the return of Arshavin,Cesc,and possibly Bedntner,RVP or even Eduardo, I am going for a 2-0 away victory.

    On another issue, i keep reading with a fully fit squad we would match any team on a one off game,and though I don’t disagree,i think some fans are blinded as to how good some of our players really are.Song and Denilson may have improved, but are they really the standard of a team challenging to win trophies.Eboue is Eboue,and said countless times,his only real value is as a sub for Sagna.Ramsey and Wilshere are ones for the future,but how long is a piece of string.on the other hand we have an abundance of attacking minded players,in fact when fully fit,too many.So if the balance of the team could be addressed we have every chance for next season to challenge for the title..Only one man can do that,and we all know that he does show a reluctance to make changes,and as in this season,a little possibly too late.

  52. Geoff

    Benno, I wish I was there!

    Inside, I’m glad I’m not and Kelsey I agree but we got shouted down for saying that 2 days ago, if we replaced those three with great players we would win the lot.

    That’s how close I believe we actually are.

  53. Duke

    Morning all,
    Kelsey i don’t think Wigan just scored 6 league goals all season, something must be not right.

  54. kevin

    Hi guys

    I was just watching sky sports news, and im beginning to get pissed of at tony gail(or what ever his name is)

    He started saying that he doesn’t beleive we are going to win the champions league because of our ” weakness in defence” is he taking the piss.

    UNited are conceding bucket loads of goals recently. Liverpool just conceded 3 in one game. In fact in the last 10 games i beleive we have the best defensive record.

    If he doesn’t thing we are good enough why does he not come out and say it, instead of using old wife tales.

  55. Geoff

    Because Kevin he can barely articulate, he’s thick as two short planks, you know the bit when Homer’s thinking, and it comes out loud? That’s Tony Gale.

    Thinks he’s a cheeky chappie, but is in fact a thick cunt.

  56. Duke

    Goeff, work? Today? Why?

    Nice Homer reference πŸ˜€

    kelsey, ahhh year like in calendar year, i have when people do that, always confuses me, for me a year is 9 month from the start of the PL till the end πŸ˜›