So it’s Barca in the final, revenge is a dish best served cold

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So for all the schoolboys that have been blogging on Le Grove this week, what that means is, the best type of revenge is the type you have waited a long time for to dish out, Barca was 2006, so that’s long enough and cold enough and I for one am ready.

So last night the chavs surprisingly beat the scousers, who surprisingly beat the mancs, who we beat with our academy team, so I have in my own mind discounted them from getting to the final, any of them, in fact I expect us to play Porto in the semis and not the mancs. That then leaves the route clear to face the big boys Barca in the final and have our revenge, the dish that tastes best cold.

That is of course once we have got past Villarreal… but should they still be in it? If they had come to the Grove and be bombarded with missiles I have no doubt that we would be close to forfeiting the game or such, it seems to me that sides from outside of England can do what they want, I mean there is a national enquiry as to whether or not our captain spat on the floor somewhere near Hull City’s assistant managers feet, this is after their manager lied about our manager never shaking hands! What a complete joke!!!

Anyway someone needs to get our manager a new set of contacts as he said he clearly saw coins or boxes thrown at Cesc! Well Arsene, there is a bit of a difference between a coin and a box, which one did you see!

Of course to the students out there that are reading, that was in fact irony, I didn’t really mean it and I’m sure that what he said was lost in translation, and yes I know if I could speak French as well as he can speak English I would be the worlds richest, humblest and most clever man.

Sorry all but this week we appear to have had a lot of AKB’s coming on calling us names, it only happens during school holidays, so we know who they are, the internet gives them a vehicle where they can be naughty and get away with it, well children, not on here you can’t. So please, go away, you’re not welcome.

Ade’s goal is being hailed as the best ever by Theo, well best ever in the champions league anyway, Cesc is slowly returning to form and Andre Arshavin returns for the Wigan game, so Samir Nasri gets another rest, I put his lethargy down to his bout of flu, I think he will be as good as Bobby Pires in time so we should cut him some slack I think.

Still no news on Rosicky, I think he was lost in the African interior when watching Kolo in qualifying last year and Arsenal are spinning us a line, so for all our African readers out there, this is for you.


I was being ironic again children, forgive me, on the site we often do that!

Have a great day Grovers, 3 more points to play for at the weekend, the we start the countdown to the Yellow submarines and that dish we best like cold.

P.S. Pedro is out of tickets again… so if you can’t make any of the following games, drop him an e-mail… apparently he has a new spread sheet to cope with demand!

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  1. Franchise

    Pedro Shevchenko was banging in goals for Kiev at 23. he moved to Milan and he was still banging them in.

    its easy to seperate class from the rest

  2. A

    yeah that’s my point pedro – scoring shedloads of goals doesn’t mean you’re a great player, or that you’ll score goals in a different league

    and the only reason people rate dzeko is because he’s scored lots of goals, and looks good on youtube.

  3. Ja_Gunner

    Depending on Fitness, I would prabably play this team for the Villa return leg.






  4. Franchise

    Watch him b4 u judge him. Wolfsburg are in action in the UEFA cup. use the oppurtunity. I think there is more to him than his goals thats the reason for the hype.

    After all u keep saying Bendtner is highly rated in the world but he’s done nothing yet

  5. A

    i’m not judging him franchise, i havn’t said for one second he’s shit

    have you actually seen him play extensively? has anyone on here?

  6. Franchise

    My point is if Bendtner is highly rated its because of he’s potential same with Dzeko but Dzeko has started backing his potential with end product. he would most likely move to Inter, ACMilan, Mancs, Barca, Bayern or some other club bigger than Wolfsburg next season

  7. A

    yeah but bendtner is at one of the biggest clubs in europe franchise. dzeko is 2 years older and in a league where it’s much easier to score goals, at a club where he’s guaranteed to play. dzeko at bendtner’s age was playing in czech republic too, so he hardly showed massive potential at 20.

    franchise have you seen dzeko play many games? have you seen him play 90 minutes?

  8. A

    im genuinly interested nick to see if anyone who rated dzeko so highly on here has even seen him play properly!

  9. Stu

    Nick, you musnt have control over your dog then. Its easy to get a bone off a dog is your the pack leader. πŸ˜‰

  10. Coadsi

    I think Dzeko is in the same mould as berbatov. if he comes to the prem he will be crap in the first year but after that he shud settle in nicely and do well.

  11. A

    have you watched him play coadsi? what’s his playing style like?? (only if you’ve watched him, not what you’ve read he’s like)

  12. Stu

    Oh Irish, forgot to tell ya. Fuair me slat iomaniocht cupla seachtain o shin. Bhi se bronntanis le haghaigh mo breithla.

  13. Stu

    lol Reggie, i’ve only seen him in highlights so i dont know much about him apart from seeing some of his goals.

    And whats wrong with liking all things German. They are brilliant at so many things. πŸ˜€

  14. Stu

    Im not back playing. More of a recreational thing.
    You didnt, i dont think i was on that day….noone was.

  15. Coadsi

    A i watched him yesterday( a re broadcast of the Bayern game). to be honest A he was silent until he scored the goal in my opinion. ok so thats one match so i guess it would be unfair to judge him based on that. so i will sit down and shut up

  16. A

    what’s he like though coadsi? or what was he like yesterday? does he drop deep to pick the ball up or stay up top, or play off graffite etc??

  17. nick

    so your not an average student then stu πŸ™‚

    I think franchise has gone off to watch 90 mins of ya man playing so he can answer A

  18. Coadsi

    A graffite to me had more of the ball and stayed up top more. one of the goals he took he saw him running like crazy in the 70th or so minutes, controlling well with the right and placing it with the left tells volume about him. but like i said i watched the game to see him in particular but at times he was nowhere to be seen. again not basing any judgement either way here because its just the one game

  19. Coadsi

    Are we still interested in Inler / Zapata of udinese? i remember they wanted 9mil for Zapata. of course Le boss told them where to go with that suggestion. do you guys rate them better than our current crop of players?

  20. A

    cheers coadsi, fair dos. What sort of football do wolfsburg play, they must create a hell of a lot of chances for their two forwards to have scored just under a goal a game each!?

    ha apologies irish/nick/everyone, was in a tetchy mood at first (rosicky not playing today upset me, was looking forward to it) but then became genuinly interested in what sort of player dzeko was as i realised i had no idea.

  21. kelsey

    I am now totally convinced that Wenger put off spending until the last minute on arshavin,when he finally gave up all hope that Rosicky would ever play again.

  22. gambon

    The Rosicky situation is becoming a joke…its fairly obvious he will never play again yet no-one will just come out and say it.

    A 2 week injury has become 15 months out, he probably isnt even on the payrole anymore, he owns a bar in Prague, one of them titty bars….sweet.

  23. A

    it’s your bday stu?? many happy returns….

    i disagree kelsey

    rosicky has gotten over his big injury, he’s just having the same little niggling groin injuries that everyone can have after not playing for ages, like eduardo has had. He will play again, probably not in the first team this season though.

    wenger bought arshavin when he realised that it wasn’t a certainty that rosicky would be back anytime soon

  24. irishgunner

    A – seriously there could be a career in that for you, getting information off people πŸ™‚

    Kelsey – the arshavin deal was literally last minute, doubt Wenger wanted it to run that long to be honest.

  25. Coadsi

    A i hear that argument about niggling injuries. but this only applies to our china men apparantly. Essien out for ages comes back, so far so good eduardo on the other hand (at least he kicked a ball) Rosicky, injured by just the thought of kicking a ball

  26. A

    yeah i’m sure he was irish, because rosicky wasn’t going to be returning anytime soon so it forced wenger’s hand. When rosicky does return to full fitness it’ll just mean we’ve got more quality than we would have had if wenger hadn’t been forced to move for arshavin

  27. A

    essien was only 6 months coadsi, very different to 12 in eduardo’s case or 18 in rosicky’s.

    the fears about rosicky never playing again should be over, because the injury which threatened that has gone, it’s been fixed. It’s just that rosicky is naturally pretty injury prone so he’s gonna pick up shitloads of niggles returning after so so long out

  28. A

    oh yeah i agree with that irish – he won’t have fixed all his injury problems from before, just the big one. He still won’t be an ever present type thing.

    regarding how long it was it’s because it was so complex. But it’s been fixed, that injury is finished with, it’s a new injury which has left him sidelined now

  29. gambon

    I dont think its so far fetched for Wenger to go & manage Bayern.

    He has always supported them, he probably considers himself as German as he is French. I could definately see it happening, but he will probably stay til his contract expires at least.

  30. irishgunner

    Gambon – yep I agree with that, I have said it a number of times that Bayern is his next port of call after us but I think he’ll stay til 2011 but that article was so crap, no sources, no anything!!

  31. Coadsi

    thats my other point A, when was Eduardo, Rosicky and Ade (tho he is back now) due to be back vs when they actually returned? i dont expect to see Rosicky ever kicking a ball for us again. if it happens well good for him but i dont expect it

  32. irishgunner

    Do you expect to see Rosicky at Arsenal next season??

    Suppose no-one would really buy him and the effort the club put into getting fit suggests he’ll me here. When does he have a contract til? 2010?

  33. A

    i do irish. he can work hard but be very patient from now until pre season so he’s built up strength in all his muscles getting over all the niggles and be fully fit for the start of next season

  34. A

    why though irish? the big career threatening injury has been fixed. Now he’s just back to his injury prone self, but having been out for so so long he’s going to get a ridiculous amount of niggles whilst he builds up strength, because he’s already injury prone. that’s all this is

  35. irishgunner

    Its a year and a half “A” – thats a long time in football, to be out of the pace of the game, has he even kicked a ball in that time?

    As I said I really do hope you are right but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  36. Pedro

    All this talk about Macheda is so pathetic… build him up to knock him down… it’s pretty harsh.

    Can’t the press ever act in a reasoned manner?

    Why does everything have to be so sensationalist?

    Not that Le Grove doesn’t get excited about young players and good results… but we’re not doing it to elevate the height at which someone can fall.

  37. reggie57

    Best one nick was uncle albert in fools
    when he said to the pregnant german girl
    Vot is your name, classic

  38. kelsey


    you always seem to want to disagree,but put your own slant on what was said.i believe rosicky is unfortunately beyond repair and he will be 29 by the time the new season starts.i can’t swear he will never play again,as much as you don’t know for sure that he is over all his injuries.We could have bought AA in the summer but didn’t9which we should have0 as obviously money was available.

    disagree by all means,but that doesn’t always make you right.

  39. Pedro

    Nick, there are ladies present!

    Good work though… πŸ˜‰

    Right, I’m off out on a date… wish me luck…

  40. irishgunner

    |ARSENAL F.C.! | ‘|”””;.., ___
    |_…_…______===|= _|__|…, ]
    “(@ )'(@ )””””*|(@ )(@ )*****(@)

  41. nick

    well fellow gunners the end s nigh so i will say bye now….til Saturday as tomorrow I’m spending the day with the crib midgets πŸ™‚

  42. A

    when did i say disagreeing with you makes me right kelsey?! you have your opinion, i have mine, that’s the way debating works….

    arsenal have said repetedly that he’s over the old injury, and that the “slight groin problem” he’s had trouble with since is in no way connected with the previous problem, and I believe them.

    I agree about arshavin, with hindsight we should have signed him in the summer, but wenger thought rosicky would be back near enough the early part of the season so we wouldn’t need him. If we’d got him in the summer we’d be most likely winning the title imo.

  43. Paulinho

    Rosicky was injury prone before the knee tendon problem and he’s likely to be even more injury prone after it.

    People seem to think that the physio’s have gotten to the root of all his injury problems suffered throughout his career but they haven’t. They’ve just gotten to the bottom of the knee injury suffered against Newcastle.

  44. A

    yeah that’s true paulinho – although i’m sure they’ve worked on the other problems, his career is no longer under threat, because the knee/thigh injury is solved, but when he gets back to full fitness he’ll just be like he was before, picking up niggly injuries all the time etc

  45. Stu

    Has anyone been watching the Shakhtar Marseille match? Cana is playing but i just turned it on with OM losing 2-0. Anyone?

  46. Ram


    anyone from india here?

    seems this weeks wigan arsenal gave is not aired at all by the scums in espnstar.

    any idea how to watch it?

  47. Stu

    What a shitly balanced team City are playing. Playing 5 out and out attackers with Zabaleta the only semi-defensive player apart from the defenders.
    Should be plently of goals in that match.

  48. irishgunner

    I’ll watch it for a while see it is any good. TV3 are crap when doing sport but sure nothing much else on

  49. Stu

    Well they have a few good players. Mathijsen, Olic, Pertic, Guerrero. And Trochowski who we were linked with in the summer. Probably noone we are interested in now tho.

  50. Stu

    Yep, TV3 are really shite.

    I would like to watch Wolfsburg to look at Dzeko but dont think that on tv and couldnt be arsed looking for a link.