So it’s Barca in the final, revenge is a dish best served cold

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So for all the schoolboys that have been blogging on Le Grove this week, what that means is, the best type of revenge is the type you have waited a long time for to dish out, Barca was 2006, so that’s long enough and cold enough and I for one am ready.

So last night the chavs surprisingly beat the scousers, who surprisingly beat the mancs, who we beat with our academy team, so I have in my own mind discounted them from getting to the final, any of them, in fact I expect us to play Porto in the semis and not the mancs. That then leaves the route clear to face the big boys Barca in the final and have our revenge, the dish that tastes best cold.

That is of course once we have got past Villarreal… but should they still be in it? If they had come to the Grove and be bombarded with missiles I have no doubt that we would be close to forfeiting the game or such, it seems to me that sides from outside of England can do what they want, I mean there is a national enquiry as to whether or not our captain spat on the floor somewhere near Hull City’s assistant managers feet, this is after their manager lied about our manager never shaking hands! What a complete joke!!!

Anyway someone needs to get our manager a new set of contacts as he said he clearly saw coins or boxes thrown at Cesc! Well Arsene, there is a bit of a difference between a coin and a box, which one did you see!

Of course to the students out there that are reading, that was in fact irony, I didn’t really mean it and I’m sure that what he said was lost in translation, and yes I know if I could speak French as well as he can speak English I would be the worlds richest, humblest and most clever man.

Sorry all but this week we appear to have had a lot of AKB’s coming on calling us names, it only happens during school holidays, so we know who they are, the internet gives them a vehicle where they can be naughty and get away with it, well children, not on here you can’t. So please, go away, you’re not welcome.

Ade’s goal is being hailed as the best ever by Theo, well best ever in the champions league anyway, Cesc is slowly returning to form and Andre Arshavin returns for the Wigan game, so Samir Nasri gets another rest, I put his lethargy down to his bout of flu, I think he will be as good as Bobby Pires in time so we should cut him some slack I think.

Still no news on Rosicky, I think he was lost in the African interior when watching Kolo in qualifying last year and Arsenal are spinning us a line, so for all our African readers out there, this is for you.


I was being ironic again children, forgive me, on the site we often do that!

Have a great day Grovers, 3 more points to play for at the weekend, the we start the countdown to the Yellow submarines and that dish we best like cold.

P.S. Pedro is out of tickets again… so if you can’t make any of the following games, drop him an e-mail… apparently he has a new spread sheet to cope with demand!

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  1. nick

    can you imagine how much the arsenal insurance bill is then,maybe that’s why we have so many injuries were fiddling the insurance subsidising the wages

  2. Duke

    irish, thanks a million, well done, so really Flamini hasn’t done AS bad as we all think, played about 50% of their games right? Sanderos was injured alot so that explains all, and Hleb is just funny, dosen’t get a shout in ever πŸ˜›

  3. Franchise

    A its if the injuries sustained are long termish. there would be a minimum time duration and i doubt if they would pay the wages in full

  4. Stu

    Reggie, he is Leverkusens DM, their captain and is a starter for Germany. Tall, left footed and efficient. Got a assist last weekend in a 2-0 win.

  5. irishgunner

    Nasri – All competitions

    Started: 33
    Used as sub: 2
    Goals: 6
    Assists: 5
    Shots: 55
    On target: 23
    Fouls Committed: 30
    Fouls Suffered: 29
    Yellow Card: 6
    Red Card: 0

  6. A

    yeah i’d imagine we pay a bit of his wages still, but i’m pretty sure for long term injuries like these we have insurance, and doesn’t the pfa contribute a bit as well?

    people are taking the rosicky quotes out of context a bit.

    wenger was asked about vp and eduardo being fit for this saturday and he said they’ll have tests tomorrow, then they asked what news about rosicky and he said he’s not close. noone ever thought he was close to the first team. says rosicky isn’t playing for the reserves tonight because he picked up a slight groin strain. It’s basically the same as eduardo, not to do with the original injury, and just getting niggles now coming back not connected with the actual long term injury

  7. irishgunner

    Reggie – yep no problem

    Reggie – All competition

    Started: 0
    Used as sub: 0
    Goals: 0
    Assists: 0
    Shots: 0
    On target: 0
    Fouls Committed: 0
    Fouls Suffered: 0
    Yellow Card: 0
    Red Card: 0


  8. Vertino

    and nick, he’s gonna get hetter! he’s dubbed the new zidane…if he did half as much as zidane and I’m not talking headbutts or red cards here..

  9. irishgunner

    Nick – they are on for most leagues and teams on the espn website, I checked them against one or two others and they seem accurate

  10. Franchise

    Irish they dont normally play together ambrosini and flamini. seedorf is an ever present in the midfield, with either flam or ambrosini and pirlo. emerson also but he’s partly featured this season due to injury and old age

  11. A

    its the bundesliga stu – there are a few ahead of him and even dzeko’s strike partner has scored more than him this season. he’s level with claudio pizarro in the goalscoring and has played more games! he could be a good player, but is being massively over hyped

  12. Franchise

    Dzeko is a very hot talent. If we were smart we would get him but at who’s expense. I know most of ur answers. Ade haters πŸ˜†

  13. A

    you including international goals there stu you mean?

    yeah its a decent record, but the bundesliga isn’t a hard league to score goals in, and he’s been very over-hyped as he isn’t even the top scorer in that having got 15 in 24, whilst pizarro has got 15 in 19, and even voronin isn’t far off with 11 in 22!

    not heard any hype about ibisevic but he’s got 18 in 17 in the league before his injury, and he’s 24 so far from old. dzeko’s strike partner grafite has got 20 in 17!! he’s 30 though

  14. Coadsi

    flamster will prolly suffer the same fate as Robby Kean. Rafa was never keen on him so he did not play him. like wise carlo was not keen on flamster so he will not use him unless he has no choice (which is the case now). remember he had yohan and loan him. serve famini right tho. i agree with stu he will leave on a free in the last year of his contract to his dream club in spain

  15. Stu

    Internationals and cups i presume Franchise.

    Im just the messenger, they said it on the highlights show. Talk to them if you got a problem…….

  16. Franchise

    i would sign Dzeko…. loan out NikiB and maybe Vela. and slowly blood dzeko to lead my attack. if he settles in banging goals i would have to sell one or two strikers….. even Van Persie and Ade wouldnt be considered for sale

  17. A

    he did score 4 in one game against some amateur team in a 7-0 win in the german cup, might’ve had a few other results like that. grafite’s goalscoring record this season is incredible

  18. Ja_Gunner

    This is what I would play against Wigan.





    I would rest Sagna, Ade and Walcott(knee).

    Nick and Vela work well together. RVP and Eddy are just recovering from injuries…so i would not start them.

    If Diaby is fit and we have a 2 goal cushion.

    I would go with the subs

    Diaby for Cesc on 65
    RVp for Nick on 70
    Eddy for Veal/Arsh on 75

  19. Franchise

    Dzeko is ur complete footballer intelligent, strong, quick, scores with both feet, team player etc

    if u have read some of the things i said about Ade on here u would take back ur statement nick. im offended πŸ‘Ώ

    im off guys

  20. A

    ja why take arsh or vela off?? wenger will do what he usually does – arshavin will play 90 as he’s not playing midweek in champs league, nasri and cesc, will come off if they start, maybe bendtner depending on whether he’s likely to start on tuesday, though i’d be surprised if he did. Those two subs are cemented to rest players for tuesday, keep the third for whichever player gets injured and needs a replacement!

  21. Franchise

    he’s 6’3″ for fuck sake with the touch of an angel.

    A as usual u always wish to have a different opinion. Ev1 in Germany are saying Dzeko is the next big thing. Even the Wolfsburg fans are worshiping him.

  22. Ja_Gunner

    Sagna needs a rest..I hope the boss uses the Wigan game to rest him, because all the other games are elimination games.

    We need Sagna fresh for Villareal, Chelsea, then Liverpool at Anfield.

  23. Stu

    Not many players leave Fermany tho Vertino because the footballis good and the money is good.

    All i can think of Ballack, Hargreeves, Hleb, Rosicky. And thats just to the big prem clubs. Cant think of any other players really.

  24. Coadsi

    Yes irish, I will hope its the manager he had b4 he came to arsenal (let him suffer). do you suspect that kaka will be at chelsea next season then?

  25. A

    of course the wolfsburg fans love him franchise, he’s been very good for them this season. But he plays second fiddle to grafite, who scores more goals for them and is more of a star for them….

    He’s scoring a fair few goals but in a very poor league, and isn’t even their main forward, he plays with grafite who is their main man!

    He couldn’t go from scoring a fair few goals in an average league (though the same as failed premiership forwards), whilst being the second top striker at a club in that league, to being our main striker leading the line!

  26. Vertino

    I was just wondering who has been the best export from the bundesliga thats all. I think from that list it has to be hargreaves right? only asked the question coz its not a league I rate highly now.

  27. A

    ja i don’t think we can afford to rest sagna at the moment. We’ve already lost 3 of the back five, we need toure and gallas to be in there to stay as solid as possible and for their experience, though sagna could do with a rest it’s something we can’t afford to do unfortunately because of the injuries

  28. irishgunner

    “we need toure and gallas to be in there to stay as solid as possible and for their experience” – Think you meant someone different than Gallas “A”

  29. nick

    not bad but A does have a point germany aint the best league to judge a player on but look at eddie croatia aint in the top 5 and he converted to our league well

  30. A

    stu there are two forward in grafite and ibisevic who have scored over a goal a game in it.

    pizzaro is up there alongside dzeko in the top scorers list even though he’s played less games and voronin isn’t even far behind. Scoring goals in the bundesliga really doesn’t mean a player will score in a top league

  31. A

    oh yeah i agree with that nick. I don’t rule out dzeko as being a decent goalscorer, but he isn’t even the best in that league, whereas eduardo was a record goalscorer in croatia, and adapted to the prem much quicker than everyone thought he would, but still was miles away from being able to lead the line straight off!

  32. irishgunner

    yeah but Spain isn’t that hard to score in either as they aren’t over bothered with defending and people aren’t knocking Villa et al because of that

  33. Franchise

    A now u r judging Dzeko by goals when its NikiB u say his game is not all about goals. Talk about pushing posts to to suite ur argument

  34. Ja_Gunner

    Manure arevery greedy arent they….

    they have Rooney, teves, Berbatov and also Ronaldo can score….they want to sign everybody

  35. Stu

    Whos to say players scoring loads in a shit league cant do the same here. There is no telling until someone takes the chance.
    Knowing united with their luck they will sign him and he will get top scorer.

  36. A

    i’ve not seen dzeko play franchise, i’ve got no idea what his overall play is like. The reason he’s being hyped in gossip columns and such like is because he went through a couple of weeks where he scored goals for fun, not because of his all round play. I’m not judging him on his goals, that’s the point, it’s what most people ARE doing! Have you seen him play 90 minutes franchise?

    nick that article was from, you shouldn’t even be prepared to click a link that’s on that absolutely ridiculous website!

  37. irishgunner

    This is my personally favourite paragraph:

    “They believe that Wenger has been reluctant to move to the likes of Real Madrid in the past because their coaches shelf-lives rarely extend beyond two seasons. So Bayern want to offer the astute Frenchman a long-term project with licence to recruit French and African players in the same manner he has with Arsenal but backed with the cash to bankroll decent contracts and attract big name signings too.”


  38. Ja_Gunner

    A..the truth is I would take the risk against Wigan…
    and play Eboue at right back.

    However Sagna must play against Villareal, Chelsea, and Liverpool.

    Remember last was precisely in this period that we lost Sagna and that really hurt our season.

    Remember unlike Clichy and someothers ..he is first choice for France as well so he does not get any rest in the international break.

    Whats the point of a squad if u cant rest players at times…I am saying just rest him for one game to re-charge his batteries thats all, I am not saying rest him every other game.

  39. Coadsi

    of all the top leauges, which do you guys reckon is the most competitive?………..i am weary about judging a player based on the number of goals scored in 1 season……..need to look no further that our own. also remember guzman?………manure are just greedy thats all.

  40. freduardo

    I hope cesc wasnt watchin barcelona last night. would be a tempting move for him at the mo. how long is his contract does anybody know?

  41. A

    stu i’m not saying that becuase he’s scored goals in germany it means he won’t here.

    my whole point is that the only reason dzeko is being massively hyped at the moment is that he’s scored alot of goals recently in the bundesliga

    it’s shown by the likes of grafite, voronin, and pizarro that you don’t have to be a great striker to score goals in the bundesliga

    that’s all i’m saying. It’s only the media who has hyped dzeko, i’ve not heard any managers or such like praising him, the gossip colums heard of all his goals, so made up rumours, that’s it. And some people heard his name and decided he was awesome, so looked on youtube, and anyone can look amazing on youtube.

    i’m not saying he’s shit, i’ve got no idea how good he actually is, but i’ve not heard anyone who watches him regularly talk about him, just those who’ve read the tabloids and believed the gossip etc

  42. Franchise

    when loud noises are being made about a players u would have to take notice. Its almost certain that some big club would snap him up and i want my club to be one of those clubs he is likely to move to.

  43. irishgunner

    Nick – I think he may go to Bayern Munich but only 2011 or after but that article is just hilarious. I feel pity for the stupid person that wrote it.

    What was the brainwave?

    Bayern loose a game, everyone says Wenger is fed up with Arsenal = shit article

    really and I can’t get a job in the media, its disheartening

  44. Vertino

    the most competitive is the german league. have a look at the top 5. But those teams would get rolled over by the likes of most in the prem tbh.

  45. Franchise

    the bundesliga is the least predictable league at the moment its quite competitive, the prem (top 4 ) is the most predictable

  46. Pedro

    Irish, he nearly moved to Bayern before us… he’s always wanted that job I think.

    The Germans would love him… he knows how to work on a budget and the leagues pretty technical.

    I’m with A on the goalscoring thing… There are too many players that have great scoring records in their own league, then can’t recreate it outside.

    Alfonso Alves, Kezman, Jardel, Machlas, Shevchenko!

    Then there’s the one season wonders…

    Phillips, Stewart, Ricketts…

    It’s very difficult to judge isn’t it?

  47. Franchise

    A i read my first rumour about Ade to Arsenal on

    we were first linked to this Dzeko dude last January FYI. it means Wenger rates him

  48. Pedro

    Irish, I don’t think your journalism has anything to do with your lack of a job… more to do with the fact they are laying half of fleet street off as all the news outlets cut back!

  49. Pedro

    Yes Vertino… I know he’s scored goals since… but he never recreated that form that saw him top the goal charts… the year he scored 90% of his goals from about 30 yards out! He was amazing that year…

  50. A

    barba came from germany and was awesome, but other players who aren’t good score goals in germany

    dzeko is being hyped by the media and the media alone, and only because he’s scored goals

    scoring goals in germany doesn’t mean you’re a top player

    that’s basically what my thinking is. If i hear anything from a reliable source, or dzeko wins german player of the season, or i speak to anyone who watches him regularly who praises his all round play then great, i’ll have a big listen.

    currently though there’s not a single bit of talk about him that’s from anyone who actually knows how good he is who’s talking him up, just the tabloid press who saw some weird name scoring a few goals recently, and he’s just 22

  51. irishgunner

    Pedro – he got offered the Bayern job while at Monaco but they wouldn’t realise him and sacked him a month or two later.

    He could well go there after us, I have said it before but the article is complete rubbish, just literally filling up cyberspace

  52. A

    lol yes franchise, that’s how it works. We were linked in the press to dzeko therefore wenger rated him, brilliant. links every player on the planet to every team so they’re bound to get the odd rumour right. It’s impossible to know what’s true or not because there is so so so much shit on it, they have every single rumour possible on the website.