Into the Madrigal we must go, all guns blazing, the spirit of 59!

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So this is it then, the quarter final of the Champions league, the sort of game that the spuds can only dream of.

This time last year we screwed up at the Grove by having all the possession, but no killer instinct, granted the ref helped Liverpool, but we have to expect that, we have to play our own game and go for an early goal, if we do that, they will panic, because we have an away goal and they will come out.

The best way of ensuring qualification is to win both games, it’s not like we are playing Barcelona or Bayern Munich, we are playing one of the two sides that everyone wanted, tonight we should get a win under our belts and make the return game less fraught.

It seems that we will be starting with Theo out on the right wing and Nasri on the left, that should leave Denilson in the middle with Cesc and my feeling is he will play with 5 in midfield, so that means Song or Diaby, if fit I expect Diaby as he offers a more physical presence, and he knows where the goal is.

The back four pick themselves so that means Sagna, Kolo, Gallas and Clichy with Almunia in goal and Ade alone up front.

So more or less the same team that beat Man City, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. We have to keep it tight at the back which means the midfield must keep possession, do that and let nature take it’s course.

If we keep the ball it stops them scoring, if they don’t score, they won’t win, if we keep possession we can score, we can surprise them by frustrating them, then one killer pass from Cesc and bang, it’s all over.

It reminds me of one General James Wolf and when king George sent him to Canada to kick the French out in 1759, they had an impressive fortress called Quebec, we parked our Navy in the Saint Lawrence river and as they had home advantage they just sat back waiting for us to make the mistake of attacking them.

Wolf took his cannons and his entire army and scaled the impossible heights of Abraham at night and when the French under General Montcalm woke up, the entire British army was behind them, two hours of silly French attacking saw Wolf win the match and Canada was back in the hands of King George, Wolf knew how important away goals were, so he got a bunch of them. He did what they didn’t expect.

For Montcalm read Robert Pires and for General Wolf it’s the dashing Cesc Fabregas, Wenger is King George and Canada the Champions league.

Unfortunately Wolf lost his life in that battle, but his last words were ‘thank God I have done my duty’ this was repeated 46 years later by Horatio Nelson, Nelson so loved the picture of Wolf’s final moments, he commissioned the same artist to paint his own demise, really, that’s all true, he even used Wolf’s famous words.

So the moral of this story is we need to surprise them, do what they don’t expect and attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, do that and the day is ours, and then we can start to think about playing Porto in the semis, so Cesc, go and do your duty and we’ll thank God.

Have a great night tonight Grovers, this will be our day, I can feel it, the Arsenal will go to Spain all guns blazing.

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  1. patthegooner

    Does anyone else think that Pires’s cameo appearance showed that we could have repaid his loyalty with more than a 1yr contract.

    He would be an valuable experienced squad member in my books.

  2. TonyS

    Adebayors goal was sublime.

    It just about covered his feckin’ shocking display in the first 45, in which I don’t think he controlled the ball properly once.

    Its Stella time!!

  3. Ja_Gunner

    I just hope Diaby is fit soon. He is better suited to the role that Cesc was playing…because he can dribble, he is quick and has a good shot on him.

    It should be Cesc/Song or Cesc/Den…not Den/Song with Cesc in front of them.

  4. patthegooner

    Personally think we should revert to 4-4-2 as soon as possible and currently go with

    Sagna, Djourou, Toure, Clichy
    Theo, Cesc, Song, Nasri
    Arshavin, Ade

  5. patthegooner

    He has Franchise, but honestly can you see Wenger playing him infront of Rosicky, Nasri, Arshavin and Vela?

    I think we have some great options on both wings now, so I think it could be a case of bad timing for Armand, which is a shame.

    Who knows, maybe they will let him fight for his place, but I think he will go in the Summer.

  6. Lewyd24

    Ade will win us a tropghy. Say wat ul want. That goal is about a world class playa. I suggest we bak him all the way..

  7. A

    should be david – i think vp is back for wigan at the weekend. Could well be bendtner and vp starting up top i’d imagine, and nasri or theo will get a rest, or maybe both of them with eboue right mid

  8. A

    lewyd he’s far from a world class player but it was certainly a world class goal and we know he’s capable of that! really was incredible to have such an appalling performance then score such an amazing goal, sheer brilliance.

  9. Ja_Gunner

    WHat do you guys say for the Wigan game.




    ……….Nick …….Vela…………

    Van Persie, Eduardo, get some game time…and Cesc off as well at 70 if we are comfortable.

  10. Lewyd24

    Ada is an Arsenal player. We created fuk all da whole game . A moment of brilliance gave us hope. Praise him !

  11. Franchise

    pat armand is left footed which is something none of our wide men currently are. have u forgotten he is french wenger doesnt give up easily on his ppl. armand does well to pick ppl with his crosses or pull backs unlike clichy who is mostly hopeful when he crosses.

  12. Franchise

    Vela is currently deployed as an emergency wideman i doubt if that is wenger’s long term plans for him

  13. Ja_Gunner

    Gibbs is the FA Cup left back but maybe we should switch him against Wigan..and play Clichy against Chelsea?

    Sagna needs a rest so he can play 3 in a row…..Villa
    Chelsea Pool.

    Rest Ade for the battles.

    Tune up Van Persie and Eduardo.

    If fit Diaby on for Cesc after 65

  14. patthegooner

    Franchise, I like him, but even though he is French, I just dont see him getting a game next season.

    I honestly dont even think he will get on the bench if we manage to stay pretty much injury free in pre-season.

  15. TonyS

    I will always back the team and the players. But correct me if I’m wrong Adebayor did not trap the ball correctly ONCE in the first 45. If its between Ade and Eduardo then sorry its a Eduardo every time for me. Don’t really care as long as we win though!!

  16. A

    you are wrong tony – he took it down very well once in the first half, but the number of times he gave it away was just embarrassing. If he hadn’t scored the wondergoal it would’ve been the worst performance by an arsenal player this season, but he turned into a hero!

  17. Franchi

    pat i somehow feel arsene would bring him back and use him occassionally

  18. patthegooner

    We shall see Franchise, I hope so,

    A I think you are right there, if it was not for a goal of world class quality, I think Adebayor would have felt the wrath on here tonight. He was pretty poor apart from that goal.

  19. Franchise

    Fabregas was very poor too in the first half. looked out of sorts. if the game ended after 45mins only a few players would have escaped the wrath on here. we were incoherent in the 1st half

  20. patthegooner

    True Franchise,

    As I said earlier, I think I will treat tonight as a great result with a goal I will remember for a long time, and that is about it

    Night All

  21. Franchise

    A what do u ever agree with? everything u say has to be law. im not gonna even start to argue with u. it just hurts u that contrary to ur rants over the last few weeks that nikib is gonna displace ade that the opposite has happened. stop taking ur unneccesary anger on ade u cant always be right. thats life

  22. goonermichael

    I think we’ll have Porto in the semis. The Mancs are falling apart. Jonny evans is shit. Aren’t they supposed to have the best squad in the universe?

  23. A

    yeah it’s hilarious gm – they’re capitulating, don’t think they’ll win the league now. Should chelsea and liverpool drop a few points we’re in with a shout

  24. Confidentgoner

    Senna was just too good especially in the first half, he showed why we need an experienced DM.

    Overall, Song and Dennilson did well. I expected Dennilson to close Senna b4 that shot, but shit happens. The experiment with Cesc in the hole should be stopped because it did not help our midfield. Cesc need to play deeper to be effective for us in these type of matches.

    Next formation? 4-4-2 at THOF!!

  25. goonermichael

    We’ve got no chance in the league. Maybe if there were 15 games left but not now. 3rd is the best we can hope for I think and I’m an optimist. The mancs are lucky cunts though. the’ve been gifted goals in the last 2 games.

  26. A

    you never know gm. i’m saying we’ve got a chance if the problems behind the scenes are so severe that it derails them completely, which is a distinct possibility with their recend record. If utd are ruled out then chelsea are currently 6 points ahead of us, liverpool 9 points. We’ve gotta play both of them so that’s 3 behind chelsea and 6 behind liverpool, which is nothing. Chelsea just have to lose once, and liverpool are more than capable of dropping points against anyone.

    It relies on us winning every game, which obviously isn’t a certainty, but COULD happen though very unlikely

  27. Faceman

    thats partly because he was never in the fucking box, he thinks he is henry and can drift out wide, well he aint.

    and he shouldn’t, he aerial abilities should dictate the fucker to stay in the mother fucking box as a fucking cunting striker.

    i honestly lost count of the number of times nasri or fab looked to get a ball in the box and badey was outside the 18yd line,FFS.

  28. Confidentgoner

    faceman, I disagree. He should not be in the box when the ball has no chance of reaching him, I know he rushes to the box to meet a cross etc. Those times you mentioned, there were too many yellows to intercept, so dumb to pick out your center foward anyway. I am not saying he is perfect but some of us expect strikers to be 100% all the time. Very few strikers can be a Pele or Maradona

  29. stonroy

    Hey All,

    I just have to say I think this may be a quiet blessing having Almunia out for a couple of weeks, Fabianski will know this is his opportunity, commeth the hour commeth the man

  30. Chipo

    Fantastic result tonight but i just have to say one thing.

    Colin Lewin what THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!

    Gallas does his medial ligaments AND YOU SEND HIM BACK ON???

    Way to injure him for an extra 3months Col you legend

  31. Faceman

    Obi – i am not a fairweather fan.

    Just because Badey scored a great, important goal for us today will not mean i suddenly think he is great for us.

    Cos i don’t, for a multitude of reasons, this team could be so much better with a more mobile, clinical sharp shooter in front of goal.

  32. stonroy

    agree with you faceman, great goal, but in all honesty he was off side so many times and by such a margin it was disgraceful. Even though it was a great goal it doesn’t make up for his laziness.

  33. stonroy

    he needs a team like Barcelona, where it is filled with big name players and his ego will have to take a crushing. Personally Arsenal hasn’t got the time to teach him for the greater good of something other than himself. I don’t want to harp on the guy too much, but fuck he was offside a lot.

  34. el tel

    It could be our Season after all after getting away with that shocking first half hour, maybe our luck is changing seeing Coco getting injured and a young faster more confident Fabianski get a run going could be a blessing.

    Our defence looked a shambles with Coco in goal as they haven’t got a clue what he will do next. The TV pundit pricks blamed Gallas for the injury to Coco but Gallas as in the past never had any idea what his keeper was going to do.

    Great shot from Senna but as he probably knew just hit the target and you will have a 2-1 chance of scoring against him and thats when his ankle is ok. Senna went for power with Fab in goal as just hitting the target isn’t enough to beat any half decent keeper.

    Before the match started ITV 450 decided to show the goal Coco let in that lost us the Final in Paris and it looks worse every time I see it.

    The Gallas injury is a problem as he is our best defender and him and Kolo were starting to look good as a partnership. I love Kolo the footballer and the person but as I have always said he isn’t a CB he makes far to many recovery tackles and can’t head the ball properly, awesome going forward though, he reminds me more of Essien.

    Clichy is the most over rated player at our Club and should be in the Hate list alonside Eboue and Song, just what does this guy offer us? Defensively he is average and gets by because he is very quick.

    In attack he is appaling. Clichy cant cross doesn’t shoot and is worse than a crab player as he is a pass back to the CB player that the likes of the Chavs encourage. Notice how all our opponents try exploiting him. He is a good guy but then so would I be if I was picked every week no matter what.

    Song was probably one of the better players tonight after the 30 minute onslaught that was always going to fade away he actually took control of the middle alone.

    Dennilson was quiet and Cesc very rusty, Theo had one of his better games without actually producing anything, his pace kept them on the back foot until our Master tactician wenger decided to give them a chance in the last 10 by taking Theo off (when will he learn).

    Ade was a total disgrace even though he got that marvellous goal. A decent striker against them might have got more than a wonder goal and also brought Team mates into play.

    The crossing was actually excellent tonight but Ade didn’t once try to get in front of the defender as Arshavin did for the deflected goal the other week so the crosses looked poor RVP also has this problem too.

    Nasri looked uncomfortable up the left but switched on when moving inside so why couldn’t our Master tactician sort that out during gameplay instead of waiting till half time?

    Kolo and Sagna did ok but there were still shitty pants moments from either of them when we were being attacked.

    We have the tools to be a great Team but the way Wenger chooses his favourites no matter what will be the undoing of it all. I don’t want to see anyone get injured but in my opinion this could be the best thing thats happened to us in the past 2 seasons seeing our Team with a keeper in the sticks.

    Not a good time to moan as the result was a good one but we are better than this and it is being said every week. we can win ugly or lucky at least, just would be nice to win with ease as the great Teams did and help save my ticker.

  35. Faceman

    el tel – agree with a lot of what you say… but to be fair to almunia, he has not let a goal in at the emirates for nearly 8 games… since that Ro**ie Kea*n* goal for pool late last year.

    he made some good stops against the jawdees including the pen save and has also looked a lot tidier coming out for corners, of late.

    but i agree, fabinski looks hungry and looks a helluva shot stopper in the mould of given.

  36. Chipo

    Nice post tel, spot on about pretty much everything.

    100% agreed about Ade, apart from the goal he was utter bollocks. If only we could combine his wonder goals with Nikki B’s effort and link up play we’d be flying. Basically, all Bendtner needs to do to be better than Adebayor is learn to finish.

  37. Confidentgoner

    El, nice to see you are around.

    I take the point that it wasn’t Ade’s best performance but in the first half the yellows bisected us at midfield leaving a massive gap between Ade and the rest. result, no service for a long time.. you could sense his frustration with his subtle fouling of the defenders…, Nice player review. Perhaps Pedro can just cut and paste for the post!

  38. Chipo

    Yep Face, i’m excited to see Fabianski in the next few games. And comfortable with Djourou filling in now that Touré is back to his best.

  39. Faceman

    Chipo – in my mind ade improved massively after 18 months of regualr 1st team footy… bendy will do the same from next season.

    i am with you on bendy offering much, much more to the overall team style of play and i believe he actually understands the offside rule better aswell… which always helps.

    bendy can improve his clinicalness, he scores plenty for denmark… he just needs to get a good run and bang in some of those misses and his confidence and calmness in front of goal will soar, as did ades last season… and then we will have the striker we deserve.

  40. el tel

    Cesc Fabrigas was immense tonight, playing in his second game in a few days after being seriously injured for months didn’t come into consideration for most who knocked his performance and said he couldn’t play behind the Striker.

    Cesc can play anywhere and if the Striker he supported actually tried to partner him things would have looked far better. Well done Cesc you are a legend. That free kick goal should have stood too and why book him then let their wall broke before the kick was taken on the retake without punishment?

  41. Faceman

    Cesc looked totally caned after the 75th minute, he needs to be rested this weekend and kept fresh for the 2nd leg imo.

  42. Chipo

    Confident i’m guessing it’s Mannone. Fantastic haha.

    Face if we could get 20m for Ade in the summer i would take it in a flash. Yes he is a good player, but he is:

    1) Arrogant
    2) Lazy
    3) Clueless when it comes to offsides
    4) Incapable of making decent runs in the box (think about it, whenever he scores headers, he’s standing still and the ball has just plopped on his head)
    5) Just not Arsenal standard.

  43. Faceman

    Give Ramsey a run against Wigan.

    4 games inside 2 weeks for cesc after so long out aint good.

    we have the semi final at the energy sapping wembley 4 days after the 2nd leg aswell.

    the 6 point (7 with GD) gap on villa should give wenger some breathing space to rest players to keep them fresh for the MASSIVE week from next wednesday night.

  44. Chipo

    Yeah cesc just needs games, the match fitness will come. He will play at Wigan, he needs matches now no question.

  45. Chipo

    You see Ade having a go at Theo when he had a shot. Shouted at him for not passing when he was marked by about 3 players. Selfish. Ego. Wanker. (Great Goal :-))

  46. Faceman

    i would guess 88% of gooners would love to get rid of ade for anything norf of 20M this summer.

    a goal like todays could fool mugs like meelan into bidding 30M 😆

    dauylight robbery as the fucker is worth no more than 15M

  47. Obi

    mark my words…Butt’ will win us the champions league

    By the way, if manure – porto game goes 1-0, does manure advance or is the aggregate tied? Basically how many goals do they have to win by to advance…?

  48. Obi

    mark my words…Butta’ will win us the champions league

    By the way, if manure – porto game goes 1-0, does manure advance or is the aggregate tied? Basically how many goals do they have to win by to advance…?

  49. Ja_Gunner

    For Wigan game





    RVP and Diaby on for Nick and Cesc(he looked tired)

    Eddy on for Vela/Arshavin afterwards.

    Or rest Cesc completely…with





  50. el tel


    Cheers mate, it is a big problem if Fab 2 gets hurt. Surely it can’t get that cruel for us.

    The Ade rant could be said of RVP at Roma, what point is there having Theo chasing down the wing and knocking decent crosses to the front post if they can’t be bothered to get across the defenders.

    Why couldn’t Wenger let Theo rip down the middle as he may not have scored but he would have had them worried, more free kicks to us instead of them and the offside trap would have also concerned them because of Theos pace.

    It was easy for their CB’s to win every challenge against Ade who is built like a Monster but he is a lazy bastard.

    Nikki B might not be prolific in front of goal but he would have had their defence working and he would have brought others into play especially Cesc in the hole.

    Wengers favourite has returned though and unless he wants him in the shop window I can’t see how Wenger could let this happen. What happened to form players keeping their places?

    I believe Hunterlaar scores them type of goals regularly he is someone I would like to see play for us or maybe an Ibrahimovic type would be good.

  51. Faceman

    its 2-2 so if they win 1-0 they lead 3-2 on agg and win the game

    however, if its 0-0 or 1-1, porto win on away goals

    we could be robbed of a dream semi against manure as no english team has EVER won in oporto.


    if gallas is out for the rest of the season silvest will have to step in,his experience will be second to none

  53. Faceman

    BBK – silvestre is purely last resort, it will be 2 of toure, djorou or song for the 2 CB slots before he gets a look in.


    none of song or djourou have got hs sort of c.v if wenger was sensible he would play them 2

  55. gnarleygeorge9

    manure have looked great this CL campaign. The exposure they get from the media complements the way they have played.

    Arsenal, apart from the game away in Turkey, have looked below par.

    Yet as it stands, Arsenal look the more likely to progress out of the 2 😆

    The Arsenal have a big performance or 2 still in them & it will come. So to those dopey fucks who have written The Arsenal off. Who is laughing now hey.

  56. Obi

    Here’s the thing about the great Ade vs. Bikki debate. If you give Nikki a million chances, he could not replicate that goal. That goal was pure instinct, you are either born with it or your’e not. One cant learn it….that why ade gives us a lot more than nikki. He has the capabiltiy to create something out of nothing, Nikkit doesnt.
    Also, Nikki would have blown that second goal againt Citeh….you just cant teach class.
    I still think Nikki is going to a great striker (I’m thinking sorta like Rudd, maybe) but ade will always be one ahead of him in my opinion…just because he has the ‘IT’ factor…

  57. el tel

    What does the price for Ade mean to anyone if we get a better replacement for nothing more, RVP can go too for me as he is only slightly better.

    Use the money from both of these to get a Super striker and have Nikki B, Vela, Walcott, Simpson as back up to the new boy and Eduardo.

    There will be lots of cheap bargains going this summer with the recession biting even more.

  58. Faceman

    who cares about cv?

    if its about a good cv, wenger should get big tone back, i hear he is free after get the tin tack at pompey.

    his cv is exemplary.


    if nikoloss can’t compose himself infront of goal now he has no chance of becoming a ruud v,n lol

  60. gnarleygeorge9

    The old Scholes & Giggs of the world are too fuck’n old now to carry this sort of campaign through. I look forward to saying Good bye & good ridence to yesterdays news manure in 2 weeks time.

  61. gnarleygeorge9

    To manure fans who love the fact that they wind in Clubs on their way to Cups. Well the hunter is now the hunted. The Arsenal must go for the kill, clinicly & swiftly. Then we can gorge on that sick old carcase that resides @ Old Cow Paddock.

  62. Stu

    Ade doesnt have instincts imo. And Bendtner is better than Ade at everything…other than scoring goals but thats only for now.


    thats a hell no it would not stu,if sendy was here he’d be due another raping by drogba

  64. el tel

    True chippo but getting to the bye line and crossing to nobody is not logical.

    Obi are you saying Nikki B couldn’t have got a goal like that well did you see his second against WBA it was probably as difficult to executa as the overhead kick that frankly could have gone anywhere.

    I am not knocking Ades ability but he is selfish and foolish at times.

    Maybe if Nikki had played a few of the headers from keepers kicks would have been won or at least attempted to be won and he would have involvesd Theo, Cesc and nasri more in the build up.

    It was far to easy for the Villareal defence tonight against a player who is good enough to destroy anyone but couldn’t give a shit.

    Did the Master tactician bollock him at half time and told him to up his game or was that goal a fluke?


    bendtner is better then ade at everything haahahahaah you feeling alright stu,you would never ever,ever see nikoloss score a goal like that tonight would you


    you can’t say that goal was a fluke he meant it,how many times did henry try that overhead kick while he was at arsenal the closes he came to it was hitting the post,that was meant alright

  67. Ja_Gunner

    For the second leg against Villareal.




    Van Persie…….Diaby………Walcott


  68. Stu

    His goal tonight, although brilliant, was mostly lucky. Zaki scored a similar finish against Liverpool. It wasnt a classic pverhead kick. He was falling when he hit it, they are easier to connect with….nt trying to take anything away from the goal tho. 😀

  69. el tel

    The Mancscum are a one man team and will be screwed over when he pulls on a Madrid shirt next year. Funny how their defence collapses when they lose the only defender they have in Vidic.

    If they had 4/5 injuries of the magnitude of ours they would struggle big time, especially if their buddys at the FA don’t help them as per usual.

    They are not out yet and we are not through so lets wait till the fat lady starts gargling her throat before we get into overdrive on them.

    Torres arse fucked Vidic does this compare to the Senderos/Drogba slaughter?


    if i ever see nikoloss do that i think i would cry for about a week at sheer amazement ade has got that in his locker he just don’t show it off enough his current top 3 goals for arsenal are, the one vs tottnumb at the lane, the goal at newcastle and tonight

  71. el tel


    You know for sure he meant to score the overhead don’t you and you are certain Nikki can’t do it too.

    Yes it was a fantastic goal but I don’t think he hit it cleanly and the keeper was not in the best place to stop it. Yes it looked good for TV but it wasn’t difficult to execute.

    Eduardos volley is the goal of the season by miles. He is a real striker for me.

    I would love to see Theo play the Michael Owen role up the middle as he does for young Engerland.

  72. Ja_Gunner

    No BBK no Nasri…..

    I think he is wasted on the left……….

    I would rather Silvest play against Wigan on the weekend.


    time for wenger to be smart and use silvest,his experience alone can offer alot more than what djourou and song can…..8-)


    adebayor angled his foot for it to go in the corner he chested it down and then hit it no one can say he never meant that,im not having that excuse,i know he is a cunt but that goal was meant

  75. Obi

    Out of all our strikers/playmakers only RVP, Butta’, Dudu, Shavin’, and maybe Vela could have pulled out that strike.
    Nikki/Jay Simpon/Theo are more direct and don’t have that class in their arsenal to score such goals…

    Diaby so coulda pulled that off…..maybe

  76. Ja_Gunner


    Silvest can play against Wigan..a less skillful team..that might attack less.

    For second leg




    Van Persie…….Diaby………Walcott


    With this line up…. nVan Persie and Walcott cut in and shoot….let Sagna and Clichy cross.

    Cesc sprays passes to the forwards. And Diaby piercing through the centre with his strong runs.

    Did you notice today that Villareal literally gave us the flanks ..we lacked a player like Diaby who can burst right thru the centre and worry the defense.


    id love sagna and clichy to cross but they just can’t they need alot of practice……


    silvest needs to play in the 2nd leg and against chelsea otherwise djourou will be getting the same tretment as what sendy got(raped)

  79. el tel


    I don’t want to blast Ade mate but look at the bigger picture. If he had put a bit more work in wouldn’t it ahve been more productive. He has also been out for a few weeks and could have done with an easier game to play in but that performance was awful minus that goal.


    don’t get me wrong tel his performance tonight was crap as was the rest of them,but that goal he scored was top draw

  81. Jay

    a dilema now for le boss. sigh… the back four have done so well recently… well over run them at the emirates…

    Gallas doesn’t deserve to end the season like this..


    it’s just fucking typical of the way these injury’s always seem to fuck us over just as evryone was back this shit has to happen were the fuck is the justice???????

  83. el tel

    Look again my friend he chested the ball up not down, if it went down then that goal was even more extraordinary.

    Why your hatred for Nikki B that goal at WBA was class he took it in his stride and blasted it from an acute angle into the opposite corner.

    I doubt many players would score overhead kicks for many teams as it is a rare goal but I don’t buy that he can do it because his technique looks better than anothers. It doesn’t take much technique to do it and players like Gerd Muller, Dennis Tuart, Stuart Pearson, Mark Hughes, Malcolm Macdoonald and even the Hunter are notorious
    for scoring them.


    the moral of the story go’s,you should always go with your experience,in which sivest has in abbundance and djourou and song have none…


    but that’s what you need to do to when you score an overhead,fuck nikoloss he is shit


    look ade pulled it out the bag for us tonight i didn’t see anyone else step up tonight and score,even tho he’s a cunt,he still saved us from elimination if they held on for the 1-0 i reckon they would go through

  87. el tel

    Have a good night guys back to work for me now.

    Nikki B will always be shit to some people but he is a work in progress and not a claimed 120,000 grand a week skiver who is rated at 20,0000+


    nikki b will always be a work in progress,he lacks the killer instinct of a top draw striker,if he hasn’t got it now he never will do…..

  89. el tel

    Night BBK

    Let me know the lottery numbers for this weekend please mate as its a rollover. He didn’t save us from anything yet as there is a 2nd leg to be played.

    I am not unhappy about his wonder goal but his contribution to the team IS SHIT. He didn’t get the service because he was standing around and not quick enough in thought.

    Ade is not a cunt he is just a player who I like very much but he is fucking about with our Club.

    If he wins us a trophy at the end of the season I will say bye to him with regrets, if not then I hope we take any offers we get and try someone new.

  90. el tel

    Agree Nikki B may always be our work in progress but there are not many Teams who can have top players sitting on the bench every week waiting for a game, he is not first choice and we are not Mancscum or Chavski who have the likes of Teves and shevchenko(gone now I know) getting splinters to the arse.

    We can probably be one of these but our Great Leader sees a different way to these teams and so we have a 21 year old Danish record goalscorer as back up.

    I want him to suceed as he plays with heart and as decent movement and link up play. If he can calm down and put away the many chances he seems to get (uncanny that) he will be formidable.

    The Chavs wanted him when Moaninho was Manager. I wonder why if he is so shit? was it to use in training ?

  91. ethangunner

    ade ‘s goal was sensational and by far the best goal of his career with us , but to watch him for the other 89 minutes was just woeful ..

    it was crab like again , and once theo went off
    so did our chances for something special to happen ..

    we should of got a 2nd goal , fab2 did a sound job under pressure .. and it does set us up for
    the win at home to seal the deal ..

    but a 2nd goal would have taken it beyond doubt for me ..

    4-5-1 with ade in just isnt working this season as ade comes out too far to receive the ball ,
    he should just camp in the box (off the last defender) and do what he does best ….


  92. David

    I think the fact that we dont have a true Attacking midfielder that can create something special with by himself with his movement in the CL at the moment really showed…

    Ade set Nasri up nicely for a good 1-1 shot but his effort was disgraceful.

  93. iceman

    I believe we are set up nicely for the Emirates.
    But we need to hit them hard and fast first 20 minutes….get a goal and then let them come at us.

    Bring on Porto I say!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  94. David

    I dont think Cesc was in a good position to play in the hole…I mean he had to deal with Marcus Senna the whole game…not very good matchup physically…I think next time we should put pink boots in there to play behind Adebayor…or Van persie can do a good link up job as well.

  95. gnarleygeorge9

    There are a few things that could be improved upon to the 1st XI that takes the field, but injury, re injury & missed opportunity to bring in a specific player type limit that option. But the boys that are @ the coal face now on match day/night (shit do I sound like I’m up from up north of England 😉 ) are giving it their best, so I’m going to give them my utmost support. i.e Song was crap 1st half, but 2nd half he was virtually transformed from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde, he was great. Ade cops it from certain sections ofthe fan base for poor attitude, etc, but what can he do when isolated up front like he was in the 1st half. His last 3 goals have given The Club a real chance of staying in CL next season, & winning the CL this season. Sure there might be a better option, but why get all worked up about it. Enjoy the next 3 months 😉 for what it could be.

  96. Jay

    the important thing is we did not loose –

    We will win @ home. We will play Porto – They will be scarred from their 4-0 drubbing… we will be one part of that trophy… 🙂

  97. Jay

    Iceman – indeed
    GG9 – isn’t it better to think positively…

    btw – what is it that le boss has been saying to them at half time..? we have played more confidentley and with more purpose after the break the last few games..

  98. nishanth

    Nasri had a bad game 2day.But he should start in the return leg.Playing at home nasri is a totally different player.Most of his goals has come at the emirates.We should play 4-4-2 and take the game to them.I hope atleast one of RVP OR EDUARDO will be back for that game


    Morning Gooners

    good result in the end,
    disgracefull 1st half, very good 2nd

    Song, Denilson and Nasri in 1st half were non existent, when you play 5 in the middle, the midfield must dictate the game, and they never,

    Losing Gallas is a huge blow, since start of the year he and the rest of our defence have been superb

    Djourou can do the business, but as for a back up were screwed, Senderos needs to come home

    Ade’s goal was amazing and could and should prove VITAL

    the referee giving out yellow cards like flyers fucked me right off, those cheating villarreal mugs tried there best to encourage him to dish them out (especially to cesc)

    Nasri for an hour had a shocker, for me when Tomas comes back should be dropped to bench quicker then you can say blonde steaks.

    Fabianski done well and im not worried about him having to play next couple of weeks.

    Clichy’s energy is vital to us. in the 90th minute he nearly contributed to the winner.

    SO now to the 2nd leg. WHAT A GAME WE HAVE INSTORE,



    i like nasri
    and for his 1st season has done very well and will progress into a great player

    i know playing out left isnt his natural position, but while he is playing out there if tomas comes back then he takes that spot

  101. michael 'master' P

    A massive result for us in the end, we clearly came out a much better side in the 2nd half. I’m confident, especially after last night that JD and Fabianski can step up for us.still a job to be done, but we can be the twelfth man people…let’s go fucking nuts when they come over here!!!! Absolute gem from Ade, gets better everytime I see it!

  102. kelsey

    Morning all,

    If you want to critise the performance,we weren’t allowed to settle from the off,a quick tempo on a slippery pitch and i think everyone would agree that we were lucky not to be 2-0 down at half time.

    there may be more,but Senna,Bentley and giovanni have now all scored from a similar position this season,because they weren’t marked .I disagree about Nasri,I thought he was pants,and not for the first time didn’t perform in an away game.I also disagree about Clichy,he again got caught out of position near the end,which could have led to a goal.Toure was my man of the match,and considering he has only played once before in 4 months cesc was OK but may have been sent off with another referee.I am sure everyone will talk about Adebayor today,was it brillant or a fluke.Love him or hate him,we are now in the driving seat for the second leg,but with Gallas out will Djorou or Silvestre rise to the occasion,with games coming thick and fast.I expect Bedntner,arshavin and gibbs may feature against Wigan,the momentum is there but the rest of the season could well be decided on who is fit.

  103. Geoff

    Morning all, great result, could have been better, should have been better, but could have been worse.

    We should never have taken Theo off, it’s like he has to play Eboue, I really don’t understand it, the minute Theo went off, the spark went.

    Having said that I would like to see Theo shoot more and Ade to learn the offside rule.

    Good result though and we should be happy.

  104. gooner-pak

    bentley goal ws different…in senna and giovanni case they werent closed down….song came running from senna’s left…i think toure or gakllas should have closed him giving him no room to play tht shot
    overall good second half game…the moent ade starting getting offside i texted my freind tht i feel atleast a goal coming and there it was…we were lucky enough to not go down 2-0 at half time adn unlucky at same time tht we could have gripped it in second half 2-1
    but i m pleased with the result given 1) they read geoff post and applied tht to strategy to us… i mean they were aggresive from the start we took time to pick momentum
    2) we couldnt use super sub impact….we all knew tht only love child will come on as super sub

  105. Joaquin

    but you know what Geoff? Theo had a poor game, bad decision making and looked off it. Saw plenty of opportunities to make an impact and looked hesitant. I agree I didnt want to see eboue come on, my choice being vela moving nasri to the right. But who else would you have taken off in his stead? Nasri maybe?