A good day to play football

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So today we play Man city, for the first time we play football in two weeks and boy does it feel like we haven’t played since last season.

I honestly haven’t felt like this since a pre season game! It really makes me want to appreciate what we have left, because it gave me a taste of what we have to come in between May and August.

Yes before any smart arses tell me that by winning the European Champions league, the English premiership and the FA cup our summer break won’t seem so long, let me tell you all how difficult it has been to write 10 posts with no football news.

The only good thing about those summer months is the transfer speculation, the fact that we may sign an unknown African or a 13 year old French kid! Kidding but maybe next season we’ll start to see more of Coquelin, Ramsey and Wilshere, because those three I rate and one day they will all be stars.

On a really bizarre note I was out in a restaurant in rainy Spain last night and a man came up to me and apologised for giving me shit during the Liverpool game at the Grove, I was gobsmacked because he not only recognised me, he admitted he was wrong that day, well done mate, you are a good and honest person, you also have an amazing memory! All is forgiven, come on the blog and meet the real Arsenal fans, we are all top, top people, oh and I’m sorry I made an Arsenal speech to your table, although it was unnecessary I felt I had to do it, there were a few chavs there that needed educating!

On to today, this game is personal, Sparky Hughes has already said that he respects Cesc and that Cesc is one of the world’s best players, good man Sparky, but that won’t buy you jack shit, we will paralise you today, we will tear you a new orifice, today is revenge day, today we get to set the record straight and play the team that beat us on one of our worst days at the Eastlands.

Also today we have Adebayor available again, don’t get me wrong I don’t necessarily want him back, but it is good to have him as an option, like him or loath him, he does give us options, so do I expect to see him today? Yes I do, but I hope he comes on as an impact sub, I also hope we see Theo again, we know Cesc will be back and I expect to see him back to his best, he’s been away a long time, but he has also been rested, mentally and physically, so I expect, Arsenal fans expect and Cesc, England expect, go out their son and give it your best, you owe us, you owe the premiership and you owe the Arsenal.

5 nil to the good guys today my friends, I’m feeling good, sorry about the prediction, but for any doubting Thomas’s out there, you’ll thank me at 5pm tonight!

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  1. Faceman

    Stu – He trained with them plenty…. so would have a fairly good idea about there abilities.

    Think he might have only had a handful with Wrighty but enough to know how good he was… also he played with a peak Owen… there was not a better out and out striker at the time than a 20 yrd owen.

  2. kenny smith

    ADE is playing well today david….but he owes us that.. he was hurrendous before he got injured!!!!!

  3. Stu

    Im yet to cheer today. I just cant get excited when watching on a stream. Dont know why that is. Maybe its something to do with it also being Ade thats scored. Wierd huh.

  4. Stu

    David, thats a very akb like attitude. Rubbing in in our faces when someone we criticise does well. Dont be like that.

  5. patthegooner

    GunnerShabz, you hit the nail on the head there, he looks motivated.

    I think he realised he was behind Eduardo, RVP, and Nic in the pecking order

  6. Jay

    lol faceman it was the more clumsier of the two runningg styles..lol

    walcott wants to be the first to score outta the box this year..haha

  7. patthegooner

    They might not win the Game, but they are certainly trying to injure as many players as possible,

    Looks like we will have quite a few carrying niggles after this.

  8. Confidentgoner

    Ade’s poor sense of offside is the worst aspect of his game. He can be so thick sometimes… Eddie doesn’t stray, Nick too. RVP sometimes..

  9. patthegooner

    Fucking Webb you prick

    How the fuck was that not a freekick, oh yeah I forgot it was not a red shirt onto a blue one

    Fucking Prick

  10. Jay

    maybe le boss has given walcott teh licence to shoot from outside the box.. he should give one person the license per game haah

  11. GunnerShabz

    i just cant wait for a fully fit squad

    eduardo, nasri, rosicky, diaby, van persie, walcott, arshavin, fabregas, vela, adebayor

    what attacking flair

  12. Stu

    Fucking lucky bastard chavs have gotten away with conceding a goal. The ball was a yard over the line but nothing was given!

  13. Faceman

    metal gear, wenger does not think wilshere is ready.

    he surely knows more than us mere mortals.

    let him manage the team.

  14. patthegooner

    Newcastle are fucked.

    I hate Chavski, but I am sort of pleased that it will be Shearer taking them down. I hate that Smug Prick and his wanky comments on MOTD, enjoy your away days in Swansea and Norwich

  15. Jay

    Eb!! keep them low..
    but his drive in the box worries alot of teams…its like hes wrinkle toes or something…

  16. Magnus

    Hi All,

    Can someone give provide me with a link to decent stream.. Frekin Iraq & ATDHE are not working at all.

  17. patthegooner

    Again Webb, Denilson gets flattened and he just ignores it,

    And it wasnt even as if he was waving play on..Prick

  18. Stu

    Yes Irish, bit of both but more manager than players like i said.
    I do agree that they have shite players tho. 😉

  19. patthegooner

    Sometimes I wonder if it is partly in their heads Magnus

    Arshavin played with stitches in his foot FFS

  20. Stu

    Im gonna have to watch the replay tonight. I couldnt focus watching on a stream. Hate streams and tv channels with no arsenal matches. Gowls!

  21. patthegooner

    Get in, 6 points clear of Villa, two more on the goal difference and a clean sheet.

    Thought we looked very comfortable in the 2nd half, but gave them too much space in the 2nd half.

    Thought City were killed off after the 2nd goal. If I was a City fan I would be pretty pissed off with their effort after that, they just gave up.

    No one had a bad game, but a few played really well.

    Again I though Denilson and Song played well again, as did Ade and Cesc on their return.

  22. Nightman

    Stu…yes it is a good thing maybe i should rephrase

    Bendtner plays absolute SHIT football soemtimes…

  23. Stu

    Look lads, Bendtner did nothing wrong and the team played well and won, so lets just not criticise players for once. OK?

  24. patthegooner

    well said Stu

    Personally thought Bendtner looked ok when he came on. Thing is the game was won and we were not really trying to create anything, if anything he was trying to get it going.

  25. Rizzy

    7 point from top with chelsea liverpool manu still too play.. FA semi final and CL quater.. and a balanced team that is looking VERY good.


  26. freduardo

    Cescy football is back!
    we are going to destroy somebody soon. it’s coming. what’s problem with eduardo?

  27. David

    prove what?

    Ade is our highest scorer this season and last season..and he’s been crocked for over a month.

    Bendtner played in all our 0-0, draws

    Ade won us this match.

  28. Stu

    But hes actually not David. Van Persie is our top scorer and until today Bendtner and Ade were on the same goals tally. Ade had Cesc create both his goals today. Cesc is arguably our best creator of goals…nay he IS our best. And how many times has Bendtner had that luxury?

    There is no way of proving that Adebayor is better so just leave it at that.

  29. David

    That second goal…

    Talk about World Class Composure infront of Goal…pink boots should take note

    And why the do we need “creativity” from pinkboots when we have arshavin and especially the return of the Cesc!