A good day to play football

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So today we play Man city, for the first time we play football in two weeks and boy does it feel like we haven’t played since last season.

I honestly haven’t felt like this since a pre season game! It really makes me want to appreciate what we have left, because it gave me a taste of what we have to come in between May and August.

Yes before any smart arses tell me that by winning the European Champions league, the English premiership and the FA cup our summer break won’t seem so long, let me tell you all how difficult it has been to write 10 posts with no football news.

The only good thing about those summer months is the transfer speculation, the fact that we may sign an unknown African or a 13 year old French kid! Kidding but maybe next season we’ll start to see more of Coquelin, Ramsey and Wilshere, because those three I rate and one day they will all be stars.

On a really bizarre note I was out in a restaurant in rainy Spain last night and a man came up to me and apologised for giving me shit during the Liverpool game at the Grove, I was gobsmacked because he not only recognised me, he admitted he was wrong that day, well done mate, you are a good and honest person, you also have an amazing memory! All is forgiven, come on the blog and meet the real Arsenal fans, we are all top, top people, oh and I’m sorry I made an Arsenal speech to your table, although it was unnecessary I felt I had to do it, there were a few chavs there that needed educating!

On to today, this game is personal, Sparky Hughes has already said that he respects Cesc and that Cesc is one of the world’s best players, good man Sparky, but that won’t buy you jack shit, we will paralise you today, we will tear you a new orifice, today is revenge day, today we get to set the record straight and play the team that beat us on one of our worst days at the Eastlands.

Also today we have Adebayor available again, don’t get me wrong I don’t necessarily want him back, but it is good to have him as an option, like him or loath him, he does give us options, so do I expect to see him today? Yes I do, but I hope he comes on as an impact sub, I also hope we see Theo again, we know Cesc will be back and I expect to see him back to his best, he’s been away a long time, but he has also been rested, mentally and physically, so I expect, Arsenal fans expect and Cesc, England expect, go out their son and give it your best, you owe us, you owe the premiership and you owe the Arsenal.

5 nil to the good guys today my friends, I’m feeling good, sorry about the prediction, but for any doubting Thomas’s out there, you’ll thank me at 5pm tonight!

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  1. irishgunner

    I found that one about 5 mins ago Stu and a different show was on but it kept playing so might be ok

  2. Jay

    i cant believe wat i saw… were playing 4-3-3..
    song on with denilson and Fabregas, ade starting…walcott and arshavin…. robinhio playing.. i cant wait nemore..but howard webb the cunt is reffing..

  3. Stu

    lol Irish. Its in spanish and all fluent but every few minutes they saw Wright phillips in a pure different tone. Its odd.

  4. Jay

    sorry all hii i was at an engagement semi ssmashed… but i left early to come watch teh game..how are we all feeling?!

  5. Stu

    Is fabregas the captain today? Surely he is but i cant see clearly enough to tell.

    And did i just see Denilson play a high ball to Walcott? Not very smart that.

  6. Jay


  7. Stu

    It was obviousl he would score after so many of us slated him and Cesc coming back made it even more likely.

  8. kenny smith

    fuxk sake my link came up with a big adveretisement in the middle of the screen and cant watch it now… then shock we score and i miss it!

  9. Jay

    those shots have been foing in against us! see the tides turned..no bullshit goal!! and almunia is getting alot more confident…:) signs signss sign of the times 😉

  10. Stu

    Why does Ade feel the need to always move out to the wing. He is the only striker playing and is doing his best to leave the box empty.

  11. Nightman

    “The force is certainly with ARsenal now”

    Thats the first time ive heard a commentator say something like that about Arsenal and mean it in a few months…

    Good signs…return of Cesc, Ade, Theo, and fit Dudu..DANGEROUS

  12. metronome

    im happy he’s scored but i wish ade would keep his head he just took the ball dnilson in their box

  13. nick

    they have kicked the shite outta theo the shower, how poor do they look how much have they spent on that team. we should get ebay on and if he does well they might want him for 20mil

  14. patthegooner

    not too bad

    But it is a new shape and I think we are leaving too many gaps though.

    Think we will need to score again to ensure we win this one. We are playing some nice stuff though.

    Would like to see us going a bit more down the Left, they are trying to maim Theo down the right. I think we might see Eboue out there quite soon.

  15. Pat

    By the way, Dzeko is the best striker on the planet at the moment. He just scored 2 quick goals(1 outside the box) against Bayern Munich to make it 3-1 Wolfsburg

  16. Evo in Oz

    another goal is a must as you must presume Cesc and kanu will run out of steam shortly and subs will take place.

  17. Pat

    Faceman, have you not been following the news about Dzeko? He’s scored 3 in the 2 games against Belgium and I think he’s top scorer in Germany. His finish against Belgium was sublime as well, curler into the top corner.

    On form, there isn’t anyone playing up to his level

  18. irishgunner

    “1550: Peter Lovenkrands is still being stretchered off at Newcastle, he’s receiving oxygen and looks totally out of it. Let’s hope he’s OK.”

    Don’t know what happened but it sounds really nasty

  19. Faceman

    Pat, i have been following him… since we were originally linked with him back in the summer of 2007.

    but Pato, is an extra-ordinary player, his pace, skill and clinical finishing ability elevates him to the best overall striker on earth for me.

  20. A

    pat dzeko could be decent but he’s completely unproven and although scoring for fun is scoring in a crap league, there’s no way we’d be interested in him i very much doubt, even if ade goes.

    dzeko might be a decent european forward, but to say he’s the best on the planet is just laughable until he plays at a decent level

    ade’s inclusion really has destroyed our flowing football hasn’t it. Scoring in the 8th minute was the worst thing that could happen for him too, as when he scores he thinks he doesn’t have to put in the effort

  21. irishgunner

    ha ha ha funny Nick – If I said Bayern Munich weren’t doing well everyone would have said “but they beat Sporting 12-1” see Mr.Smarty Pants 😉

  22. Big Raddy

    PTG. Hi.

    I thought we went to sleep for 20 mins. We are playing almost entirely down the right, yet AA and Gael are more potent.

    I would take Theo off and put Nick on, before one of those Manc bastards break him in two.

  23. Stu

    My fecking link has switched to something else during HT as predicted. ANyone have a link for the second half? Please

  24. Faceman

    If Pato played in this Arsenal team…. oh my… what fun that would be to watch.

    Just read the ravings of one David Beckam. He has played with the best strikers in the premiership, la liga and on the international stage over the last decade or so but rates Pato as something else.

    Messi gets a lot of press… but Pato scores equally as good goals on a weekly basis.

  25. Stu

    Faceman, i agreed with everything up until when you said he has played with the best strikers at international level. Who are you talking about there??

  26. patthegooner

    Hi BR

    Yeah we did fall asleep, it was like we scored the goal, they were stunned for 10 mins and then we let them get back in the game.

    Need to wake up, I am not convinced by our shape at the moment, it seems to leave massive gaps defensively, and they have the kind of players that can take advantage of that.

    Hopefully we will get an early goal in the 2nd half.

    If we can win today, it might just kill off Villa, but if we draw or worse, it will give them the hope we got when Stoke pulled those two late goals back

  27. Stu

    Did he play much with Wright tho and i may be wrong but he didnt do much at international level did he. Same really for Rooney, he doesnt light up the stage at international level much either.
    Especially compared with those at club level.