A good day to play football

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So today we play Man city, for the first time we play football in two weeks and boy does it feel like we haven’t played since last season.

I honestly haven’t felt like this since a pre season game! It really makes me want to appreciate what we have left, because it gave me a taste of what we have to come in between May and August.

Yes before any smart arses tell me that by winning the European Champions league, the English premiership and the FA cup our summer break won’t seem so long, let me tell you all how difficult it has been to write 10 posts with no football news.

The only good thing about those summer months is the transfer speculation, the fact that we may sign an unknown African or a 13 year old French kid! Kidding but maybe next season we’ll start to see more of Coquelin, Ramsey and Wilshere, because those three I rate and one day they will all be stars.

On a really bizarre note I was out in a restaurant in rainy Spain last night and a man came up to me and apologised for giving me shit during the Liverpool game at the Grove, I was gobsmacked because he not only recognised me, he admitted he was wrong that day, well done mate, you are a good and honest person, you also have an amazing memory! All is forgiven, come on the blog and meet the real Arsenal fans, we are all top, top people, oh and I’m sorry I made an Arsenal speech to your table, although it was unnecessary I felt I had to do it, there were a few chavs there that needed educating!

On to today, this game is personal, Sparky Hughes has already said that he respects Cesc and that Cesc is one of the world’s best players, good man Sparky, but that won’t buy you jack shit, we will paralise you today, we will tear you a new orifice, today is revenge day, today we get to set the record straight and play the team that beat us on one of our worst days at the Eastlands.

Also today we have Adebayor available again, don’t get me wrong I don’t necessarily want him back, but it is good to have him as an option, like him or loath him, he does give us options, so do I expect to see him today? Yes I do, but I hope he comes on as an impact sub, I also hope we see Theo again, we know Cesc will be back and I expect to see him back to his best, he’s been away a long time, but he has also been rested, mentally and physically, so I expect, Arsenal fans expect and Cesc, England expect, go out their son and give it your best, you owe us, you owe the premiership and you owe the Arsenal.

5 nil to the good guys today my friends, I’m feeling good, sorry about the prediction, but for any doubting Thomas’s out there, you’ll thank me at 5pm tonight!

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  1. Stu

    Nick, what matches are on your acc?? Just so we know. Are the all prem teams or some from the championship, serie a etc etc???

  2. tonyadamsisgod

    Nick! If I could figure out how to display an angry face i would! Curb your habit! Unless its with you bookies round the corner of course….I’d love a bonus this year!

  3. Stu

    Its pretty doubtful that you will get all of them right but good luck to you amyway.

    I find it impossible to correctly predict all prem games. I would have gone for some other leagues aswell.

    On a somewhat related note…my first ever bet saw me win 50euro off a 3 euro bet. That felt nice…if only i was more aadventureous(sp).

  4. nick

    stu thats one of three the other two are all over Taig the three bets are small fry this week £1.50 out lay return £350.63 no bonuses for any one but me 😆

  5. nick

    a fella that used to work for me done one, fucked up the bet and put greece to beat portugal and some other obscure bet with others (not just two) for one pound got back 1’500 he was suprised when he walked in and they knew who he was straight away

  6. tonyadamsisgod

    I would nornally get to watch the game on TV today but I’ll be in the middle of getting back home from work so will miss it. MOTD it is then!

  7. Stu

    taig, if you have sky sports then there is a chance the matc will be replayed on there tonight. Better than watching condenced highlights on motd.

  8. tonyadamsisgod

    Its just annoying to know that you could have watched it but will be stuck on a train instead!

  9. Stu

    Dont think the match is on any channels taig. Expect the iranian channels. Not the regular ones.

    And i thought Shitanta had a deal with arsenal (tv).

  10. A

    i reckon usual back five then




  11. Sion De Freitas

    Almunia, Sagna, Toure, Gallas, Clichy, Fabregas, Song Billong, Denilson, Walcott, Adebayor, Arshavin. Subs: Fabianski, Ramsey, Silvestre, Djourou, Bendtner, Eboue, Gibbs.

  12. Stu

    A, i hope thats how it lines up because otherwise Aebayor will drift about into midfield like he usually does when he has a partner up forward. That prick better score!

  13. A

    bendtner must still be carrying the knock from internationals and wenger not wanting to risk injuring him before tuesday

  14. tonyadamsisgod

    Another bad decision from the ref I think. 2nd yellow but he didnt even swing a leg in the tackle. Just a foul would have been sufficient! This ref is terrible!

  15. Stu

    I would be much happier about our team is Nik was playing insead of Ade. Its not fair that he gets in straight away.

  16. patthegooner

    looking forward to seeing how Arshavin and Adebayor play together today. I am not the Togonator’s biggest fan but I think it might just work

  17. patthegooner

    Stu I agree it is not right, but I expected him to just walk back into the team…. We have a few players that regardless of form will do that.

    But Nic is on the Bench, so if Ade is not pulling his weight, at least Nic can come on and make the difference.

  18. irishgunner

    Stu – might work well, Ade is under pressure so we might see a lot of effort and some goals from him today.

    He should get plenty created from Cesc, Theo and Arshavin

  19. tonyadamsisgod

    If you include Eboue then we have 4 defenders on the bench! Only Ramsey and Nikki B as game changers!

  20. tonyadamsisgod

    I always thought Ade would play. With RvP and Eduardo both out injured and Nikki B carrying a knock I dont think we can say that Ade has ‘walked straight back into the team’……

  21. irishgunner

    Nick I can’t condone your wanting Spurs to win ha ha I’m really laughing at them not you 😉

  22. tonyadamsisgod

    Someone had The spuds and blackburn to be 1-1! Who was that? I cant be arsed to go back and look!

  23. Stu

    I just think its unfair that Ade coming back into the team will have a supply line of Cesc, AA, and theos pace. But when Bendtner was playing he only had a mostly greedy VP, a few games with AA and no Theo.

    If Ade scores a lot of people will be saying that he is proven quality and much better than Nik etc etc. Thats all.

    Hahahahahah spuds are shite.
    Sorry Nick.

  24. A

    yeah i agree taig – if there was an alternative i don’t think for a second ade would be starting today.

    Formation makes sense actually – cesc won’t be 100% fit, so could be a bit weak defensively and in terms of tracking back, so two holding mids behind him will offer much more protection

  25. tonyadamsisgod

    Stu – yeah it is frustrating that the better player misses out on the class acts and our under-achieving lazy bastard gets all the breaks!

  26. irishgunner

    Stu – I agree with what has been said above, its probably his knock that has kept him out, he’ll be on at some stage

  27. tonyadamsisgod

    A – yeah, it does make sense when you think about it like that. And as someone said earlier it means Cesc can let Song and Denilson deal with Ireland and De Jong…..

  28. kevin

    Ade’s arrogance levels are going to be sky high.

    It looks like bendtner will have to come on at 70min to save the game.

  29. kenny smith

    we must be palyign a 4-5-1 cause we have 3 central midfielders out there..

    Must be






  30. nick

    formation makes sense other then ade its better nik starts and has to come off rather then coming on half injured coz if he comes on its for a reason

  31. tonyadamsisgod

    Irish – Sweet! Either that or he’s mourning the death or his paternal mother….or make that maternal mother….actually I think it was his grandmother…….Oh no it was his girlfriend having a miscarriage! Jeeeesus……..

  32. irishgunner

    Nikki B kinda of looks better as a sub sometimes so he might come on for the last 30 mins and score

  33. nick

    at least if needed i now have more reasons to hate the feckers no more bets on that shower of shite doiuf and gomes are having it

  34. A

    nah nick – it’s best bendtner is on the bench, if he started then he could aggravate the injury and be out of tuesday, if he’s on the bench we might not need to use him, so only have to bring him on if absolutely necessary.

  35. tonyadamsisgod

    Irish – yeah! People thought Robinho tore us a part but Ireland definitely contributed to our downfall on that dark day!

  36. tonyadamsisgod

    Robinho isn’t 100%…he’s deinintely carrying a knock and you know he’ll spend most of the match sulking if it gets any worse!

  37. irishgunner

    ha ha Nick so did I 🙂

    A – don’t think Bendtner is too bad. He played 60mins for Denmark the other night.

  38. irishgunner

    TAIG – it annoys me Ireland won’t play for the national side – I wanna qualify for the world cup. Our group is very poor and we have a great shot if we had a better midfield.

  39. A

    yeah i know irish – but with a knock on the knee like he had it was probably pretty inflamed and sore afterwards, so best to rest it as much as possible

  40. Paulinho

    Anticipating a very tough match. City will get space to play against us and they’ll enjoy it more than going to somewhere like Stoke.

  41. A

    that’s on sopcast kenny

    google and download the sopcast program, and then you watch it using that, really good quality today

  42. irishgunner

    TAIG – I think it is more stubborness on both sides that means Ireland isn’t play at international level – pity!

  43. irishgunner

    he does I think but say Ireland has to ring him (trap) or Brady and Ireland said he has had no contact telling him that…

    2 stories from each camp

    Trap is very much into his “schema” against italy our midfield was Hunt – Whelan – Andrews – Keogh