A good day to play football

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So today we play Man city, for the first time we play football in two weeks and boy does it feel like we haven’t played since last season.

I honestly haven’t felt like this since a pre season game! It really makes me want to appreciate what we have left, because it gave me a taste of what we have to come in between May and August.

Yes before any smart arses tell me that by winning the European Champions league, the English premiership and the FA cup our summer break won’t seem so long, let me tell you all how difficult it has been to write 10 posts with no football news.

The only good thing about those summer months is the transfer speculation, the fact that we may sign an unknown African or a 13 year old French kid! Kidding but maybe next season we’ll start to see more of Coquelin, Ramsey and Wilshere, because those three I rate and one day they will all be stars.

On a really bizarre note I was out in a restaurant in rainy Spain last night and a man came up to me and apologised for giving me shit during the Liverpool game at the Grove, I was gobsmacked because he not only recognised me, he admitted he was wrong that day, well done mate, you are a good and honest person, you also have an amazing memory! All is forgiven, come on the blog and meet the real Arsenal fans, we are all top, top people, oh and I’m sorry I made an Arsenal speech to your table, although it was unnecessary I felt I had to do it, there were a few chavs there that needed educating!

On to today, this game is personal, Sparky Hughes has already said that he respects Cesc and that Cesc is one of the world’s best players, good man Sparky, but that won’t buy you jack shit, we will paralise you today, we will tear you a new orifice, today is revenge day, today we get to set the record straight and play the team that beat us on one of our worst days at the Eastlands.

Also today we have Adebayor available again, don’t get me wrong I don’t necessarily want him back, but it is good to have him as an option, like him or loath him, he does give us options, so do I expect to see him today? Yes I do, but I hope he comes on as an impact sub, I also hope we see Theo again, we know Cesc will be back and I expect to see him back to his best, he’s been away a long time, but he has also been rested, mentally and physically, so I expect, Arsenal fans expect and Cesc, England expect, go out their son and give it your best, you owe us, you owe the premiership and you owe the Arsenal.

5 nil to the good guys today my friends, I’m feeling good, sorry about the prediction, but for any doubting Thomas’s out there, you’ll thank me at 5pm tonight!

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  1. Faceman

    Red Fred 😀

    we luuurv you Freeeeedie, cos you got red hair, we luuuurv you Freeeedie lah lah lah lah laaah

  2. tomstoned

    Great Game …wasnt it ..

    Evenin All Gooners….told you Irish its nothing else than champagne for you……until about 2016..but then Mr Enger have created a new team…youre so sold Irish 🙂 hehehe

    i have never seen a better player than Denilson….that kid is a wonder boy….and i loved Gilberto…but he didnt have half the talent as Denilson do….

    im so wasted …:) off to bed…here in Paradise…

    shine on you crazy Gooners….there are 14 new stars shining in the skies tonite….and more to come…

    Best Regards tom.

  3. Faceman

    denilson is a fabulous player, who like most of the under 20’s in the squad will become even better after a good summer break followed by a decent pre-season.

    history shows players develop and become the player there potential shows from 25 onwards.

    only very few are gifted enough to show that at such an early age… platini, baggio all began to show real talent from 23 onwards.

    players like messi and fabregras who can turn it on from 16/17 are total luxury finds.

    denilson has had a heck of a season without fabregas alongside him… in a funny way, cesc getting injured propelled him to become a player in his own right, today, with cesc back.. denilson looked very comfortable, as did song.

    a time will come when the anti-youth policy mob have to hold their hands up and say “yup, we are just computer management sim pundits, not really up to questioning the talent spotting abilites of a genius”

    we were wrong, arsene did know.

  4. A

    he certainly was fantastic today faceman. It’s going to be very interesting over the next year just what happens with our formation and how and where everyone will fit in

  5. Faceman

    With a choice of Cesc, Diaby, Song, Denilson and Ramsey to play Centre mid, a formation that can accomodate three is likely.

  6. A

    yeah i agree – been saying it since the start of the season faceman, just taken wenger longer than i thought to change it, though it’ll vary i’m sure between 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1 depending on the opposition and players available etc. I also think in some games we could accomodate a 4-1-4-1 formation like barca play

  7. Faceman

    the beauty of the 4-2-3-1 system is that it starts off as a balanced system between attack and defence and with the right players can easily become a defensive 4-5-1 or a out and out attacking 4-3-3.

    liverpool employ the same system… i think 4-4-2 has had its day tbf.

  8. A

    wouldn’t go that far faceman but there are alot of option available to us! Depending on the oppositions system it varies whether 4-4-2 or 4-3-3/4-5-1/4-2-3-1 would be more effective at breaking them down.

    Also varies which players suit which formation. Eduardo would be much better in a front 2 playing alongside a big man, bendtner is much better playing as a bigman with a nippy goalscorer, though he can also play out wide or up top by himself he’s better in a front 2.

    The options available to us are mouth waterring though!!

    However i’d never want us to adopt a boring system like liverpool!!

    we want to be playing the barca 4-2-3-1 formation not the liverpool one!!!!

  9. Faceman

    I could never see a Wenger side play a boring system for too long.

    The borefest 4-5-1 Cup final of 2005 was borne out of major injuries to our attacking players…. aside from that, under wenger we have always tried to score goals for fun.

    The champions league for me is opening up for us, more times than not.. the team that wins the champs league is not really contending for their league title by the semi final stage, this gives them more focus.

    Liverpool and Chelski keeping up with utd is great news, i cheered that late pool goal, as it keep them on the title trail… they have only been able to go all out for the champs league in the past as the league is usually dead and buried for them by xmas.

    Our turn this year me thinks 😀

  10. Faceman

    leboss agrees with us, A

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was delighted with Cesc Fabregas’ comeback game in yesterday’s 2-0 defeat of Manchester City.

    “Cesc had Denilson and Alex Song behind him who were strong, so he dedicated more of his game to the offensive tasks,” said Wenger.

    “He likes to come deep and play long balls, but he is still in the phase where is learning all the aspects of the game.

    “I used him to adjust the balance of the team. I had choices today, could have pushed [Andrey] Arshavin up and one of the midfielders wide, but I felt we were well balanced.”

  11. A

    i want the league as well as the champs league faceman! a draw tommorrow would be nice, utd to completely collapse, and we can catch chelsea and liverpool still, sorted!!

  12. Faceman

    A, i want the treble, its still on.

    But realistically we can only win one of the 3.

    i rate our chances as thus

    League 2/10

    Cup 8/10

    CL 9/10

    we have not played like a league winning team this season tbf… i so want wenger and arsenal to finally get a champs league winning notation against both their names.

    it is the only thing missing off both their exemplary histories.

  13. A

    i agree with those odds faceman apart from i’d say we’re 8/10 to win both cl and cup, both very much a possibility!

    i agree that we’ve not played like a league winning team, but i don’t think anyone really has! if we win our last 7 games then we have a chance and we’ll have deserved it!

  14. Faceman

    I love this time of year, and from what at one point seemed like a dead ted season, we now have the joy of looking forward to a cup semi at wembley against london rivals, making it an even bigger game than it already would have been.. with the possibilty of a final aganist manure.

    and also the possibility of a cracking 2 legged CL semi against the mancs aswell.

    love it, ferking love it.

  15. The Turk

    I was just on a Villa site and while some of them are admitting that we are in form and looking more and more deadly as a squad, some are arguing that we will definitely lose to Man u, Liverpool and Chelsea. We will beat all three of them and I’d love to play liverpool on saturday, I’d be happy to play them tommorrow morning, they are playing nice attacking football, we would relish that right now. we are the joint form team at the moment and I’d happily play any team in the world right now and be confident of a win. This season has been so, so good for Arsenal as a squad. To echo a point Faceman made earlier…

    “we were wrong, Arsene did know.”

    He kept us in contention this season using a first 11 made up of 3rd or 4th place players and whatever “regulars” weren’t injured. We didnt have Fabregas, Rosicky, Adebayor, Walcott or Eduardo for much of the season and we also lost Hleb and Flamini last season and still we are in forth and fighting for a higher position, we are in the F.A cup semi finals and the quarters of the champions league.

    Fuck being anything other than an Arsenal fan next season, we are going to be devastating.


    you can’t even come close to saying this youth set up has worked because it hasn’t, football is all about winning trophy’s at the end of the day and this current youth set up has not helped deliver that in any way or shape at all.Having young players in the team has held us back so much we are not even coming close to winning anything..

  17. A

    well bbk, this is the first real season the majority of the youth squad has been together, and it’s impossible to win trophies mid season! We’ll see come the end of the season if it’s worked, because we will have either won something or not! I’d put a fair wedge that we will have (in fact i have already!)

    This is one of the most exciting times to be a gooner with the depth of attacking talent and wonder kids coming through in the 20 years i’ve been supporting the arsenal and I can’t wait to see what happens


    you think having the likes of denilsong,bendtner and djourou in the squad is worth getting excited about

  19. Ja_Gunner

    Turk I dont think we will win all of them.

    But we sure as hell wont lose all of those games.
    I hope we dont lose any of the 3 games Liverpool..Manure…Chelski.

    And Aston Villa will drop more points as well.

    They will lose to Manure…and Everton will atleast get a draw against them.

  20. The Turk

    It’s working fine BBK. I understand that you dont want to jinx our undeniable progress and that you feel a bit cornered because it is clearly starting to work but we will be fine. “The youth policy” has ended up as a group of dependable team players. Like it or not we have a decent squad. You must be pannicking about next season because you know we are going to be serious contenders and you wont have much to say then.

  21. A

    well said turk – the potential in our squad is absolutely frightening, and with a couple of additions we could be devastating, and dominate english and european football for the next decade!


    that is hugely unlikely t.t,denilsong,bendtner and djourou having this lot in your team will win you nothing…that air shot today from bendtner jeeez what was that all about ,oh yeah i forgot he’s only 20 my bad


    with a couple of unexperienced 20 year olds coming in we can win everything even the world cup

  24. A

    yeak bbk, bendtner definitely, he could well become one of the top forwards in europe, song as well is improving every game and who knows how good he’ll end up, denilson certainly is a very good talent too. djourou not so much

    i was more thinking about nasri, cesc, vela, wilshere, coquelin, theo all of whom have the potential to have the world at their feet very soon, and their developing together is a mouth watering prospect.

    ja i think we’ll win all 3, we’ve played them all this season, and beaten utd and chelsea, drawn with liverpool with ten men, and we’re much stronger than we were then, and players coming back will be much fresher than their fatigued players. likewise in the cups, we’re a real force to be reckoned with at the moment, and that’s going to increase for the foreseeable future!

    not to mention vp, arshavin, eduardo, rosicky all of whom will be around for the next few years along with those kids

  25. A

    vela, cesc, theo, nasri all shit bbk?! not coquelin but JET?!

    JET could be a future arsenal player, he’ll never be a world class superstar though, which theo, cesc, vela, nasri, ramsey, wilshere, bendtner could all be


    all i can say to that a is i’m not jewish,i just can’t understand how people think certain players are good when clearly there not, it is hampering us in the hunt for trophy’s year in year out


    vela is too weak,bendtner has not got that killer instinct to be a top draw striker all he is,is a target man for a championship team that’s about it

  28. The Turk

    BBK said:

    “shiiiit some ones been on the drugs today”

    In my case thats the only thing you have got right tonight

    Even through my stupor I know that we have come on leaps and bounds this season and we have developed some serious players.
    I feel no shame in admitting I was wrong about some of them but that might be because I was right about most of them.

  29. A

    at the very worst at his current level he’s a good premiership striker bbk and would start for any team outside the top 4, bendnter is an international forward who’s goals look like they’re gonna get denmark qualified for the world cup!

    vela is not too weak, michael owen, robbie fowler etc?! vela is just taking time to adapt to the prem, as you’d expect him to. Next season he’ll be ready to make a significant impact. I don’t know a single football fan who doesn’t rate bendtner, it’s weird to hear it from someone on an arsenal blog!


    I don’t know a single football fan who doesn’t rate bendtner, it’s weird to hear it from someone on an arsenal blog!You serious,because i no plenty…


    we have developed some serious players,which ones are they then,are you talking about the players who have helped us to our current league position of 4th,we need players who can make us league champion’s and that includes the back ups.

  32. A

    sorry i meant vela, not bendtner! people are still divided about bendtner, though he’s won some people over recently there are still alot who don’t see what those who rate him do.

    regarding vela – i don’t know anyone who doesn’t rate him

  33. A

    michael owen is weak though, pires was weak, fowler was weak, hleb was weak etc – he’s no weaker than the likes of them. He just needs time to adapt, he’ll make a big impact next season, mark my words!


    we need to sign players with presence and power not these weaklings we keep signing,if wenger doesn’t go out in the summer and sign a couple of players with those attributes we will end up with nothing year in year out.To win the prem you need big physical fuckers who can bully people and make you scared when you come up against them,do you really think teams get scared when they come up against denilsong

  35. A

    pires had intelligent and incredibly talented players in vieira, bergkamp, and henry to play with

    vela has intelligent and incredibly talented players in cesc, van persie, arshavin, bendtner, nasri, rosicky.

    This current squad has the potential to be a fair bit better than the invincibles imo

  36. The Turk

    BBK said
    “we have developed some serious players,which ones are they then,are you talking about the players who have helped us to our current league position of 4th”

    Yes I am. And they are Denlison, Song, Bendtner, Gibbs, Eboue, RVP, Nasri, Vela and Wilshere (and diaby to a lesser extent). All of whom have been royally caned by most of us for various reasons. Some are “not good enough and never will be” and the others were “crocks” or “shit signings” (anyone still want Ben Arfa over Nasri?) and despite all of their shortcomings we are looking good for champions league football next season and still in the 2 cups that matter.
    By your rationale even with some of the worst players ever to play for Arsenal (none of them are, ask anyone who’s been going for more than 10 years)we still compete. Even you have to admit thats pretty good going. Arsenal at their very worst are still one of the top teams in the world…


    the 2 cups are a bonus if you win them,the true way to judge a good team is a championship winning team,in which this current crop have not delivered,and will not unless wenger gets rid of some current players and brings in experienced pro’s, not keep signing young players who don’t know fuck all about winning medals.

  38. The Turk

    No way of knowing that. I think the 2002 team was better and I still think any current Arsenal 11 with no injuries would smash them.


    Arsenal at their very worst are still one of the top teams in the world…who are fighting it out with aston vila for 4th place………..


    you could put denilsong,diaby,cesc all up against vieira in the 2002 season and he would eat them, none of them could test……

  41. David

    JD not so much?

    JD has performed better than Song, Denilson and Bendtner combinded!

    What you talking bout heh?

  42. tonyadamsisgod

    Cesc returns with 2 assists. Ade returns with 2 goals. A clean sheet at the other end and no apparent injuries. A good day at the office me thinks!

  43. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning Tom!

    I think I may be psychic guys! I was watching the Fulham v Liverpool game with my mate (who is a ‘pool fan) and after they hit the woodwork for the second time I told him that the game had a 90th minute goal for Liverpool written all over it!!!! Then when Benayoun came on I said that he was gonna be the one to score it!!!! Wish I had these thoughts before the kick off so I could at least have a bet on it!

  44. tomstoned

    sure Taig 🙂

    well maybe just maybe you’ll get the thoughts earlier from now on….then again earning the *big bucks* betting ..would mean you wouldnt be in here so often..we wouldnt want that….do we ?:) hehehe

    sunny day back here in the icy mountains today…just a perfect end to yet another perfect weekens…..there’s a buzz in Our >Beloved Arsenal Taig…..form now on we’re really gonna rock…

    hope youre havin a excellent sunday Taig …


  45. kenny smith

    Id denilson and song have really improved like we have seen them in the past couple of weeks and its not a flash in the pan then i wud be happy for those two to battle out the DM position next season. But i must stress consistency is the key

  46. kenny smith

    cause we have a world class half english, half ghanian DM coming through our youth ranks called Emmanuel Frimpong

  47. tonyadamsisgod

    Tom – We are certainly looking more comfortable on all fronts than we were a few weeks ago! Plus my mates will be owing me £100 when Villa dont make the top 4! 🙂

  48. kevin

    Kenny, if he dares, it he dares.

    No no im joking, denilson is wonderfully down to earth. And has an amazing mount of stamina, considering he has essentially played in all our games this season.

  49. buco

    hi geoff im the rainy spain memory man and glad to join in with all these gooners.good performance yesterday signs things are going in the right direction again.why cant bendtner control the ball with his back to goal its a basic centre forwards skill

  50. yelenaunei


    okay so the soccer gods have spoken. this is from my earlier question.

    i said that habs and stars would lose if liverpool lost today’s soccer match vs chelsea.

    and chelsea won 3-2, with more points aggregate going to chelsea making it 4-3 over liverpool.

    i think i also said that if liverpool had won carey price would start the game, and since they didn’t i’m going to stick with that. i can’t change predictions. BUT hopefully carbo does start him and carey has a good game.

    i’m trying to make it so that the habs will come up with something but based on what i said earlier the flyers and sharks (eww) are going to win tonight.

    GO HABS!!!!
    go stars!
    who do you think is going to win the hockey games tonight…but there are so many of them already so mine is all based on soccer.

    and also flyers fan, i’m watching the news so i can’t get to sports news till 6:30, but really, they said that he’s not starting at the warmup. well earlier today carbo was still undecided and at preskate no one knew who would start. and also agree 100% with Mike. i hope that halak gets an oppertunity to be a starting goalie because he is that good. i already said that in the halak vs price questions a little bit earlier today. a cold halak is not like a cold price. he’s really a good goalie, and his technique is a merge, while carey’s is mostly one style.