No Robinho and no Bellamy should make sure of the points.

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So Bellamy is injured, and we know that because he didn’t play for Wales and he has always been a thorn in our side so that is great news, but if Hughes drops Robinho that will be a bonus, he tore us a new arsehole at the Eastlands so I don’t fancy seeing him again for a while.

Only two more shopping days till Christmas eh? Well it ought to be Christmas because beating ManCity will see us opening a 6 point gap on Villa, and as I don’t expect them to get a result against the Mancs, I think that will be it, but don’t forget two things, the first is we have to beat City and the second is we still have to play the chavs, scousers and the mancs, so even if we get ahead of villa, we have to maintain it.

The other good news is at least we played Newcastle before they got Shearer at the helm, I think he’s completely useless, judging by his comments on MOTD, but he will have that new manager effect for the first few games, so at least that game is out of the way.

Eduardo scored last night so that was good and there are no new injuries as far as I can see, but we need to get Robin and Nikki B fit and then we are away.

I’m glad Robin came out and said that Arsenal need to match his ambition and sign quality players because he knows we need a centre back and a defensive midfielder as much as we do, hopefully the boss will reassure him with more than Song, Diaby and Denilson. Don’t get me wrong, Denilson will make it and Diaby is classy, but he’s another crock I think and we have enough of those.

Notice I didn’t mention Song, it’s all part of the new impartial me, I wonder when Rosicky is back, surely he must be near fitness, we only have 8 games left and given he’ll take 2 or 3 to get match fit, he’s beginning to run out of time.

Finally it was great to hear Traore saying he wants to be an Arsenal player even if it takes another 3 years, that’s the spirit son!

Have a great day Grovers, Saturday is looming! Our destiny will soon be upon us.

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  1. goonermichael

    You’d be suprised the number of mancs (real ones) who do worry about thier debt. They have independent organisations who talk about it all the time.

  2. Maciek

    Faceman. I don’t know if it was sarcastic or not. It’s not about buying everything and making more debt. It’s about ambition. Money generate more money.If we fail to be in the top 4 we will lose a lot. Lucrum cessans will be huge( about 40 milion pounds).

  3. Faceman

    well at the moment we are comfortable in 4th, with a far superior goal difference to the 5th placed team, which is like an extra point.

    so i have 0% worried about being in the champs league next year.

    we play chelski in the semis of the cup at wembley with a great chance of a fina appearance.

    and we get the 2nd weakest team left in the champs league for a place in the semis against manure.

    FFS lads, smile… enjoy it… you could be a poor fucking spuddie.

  4. goonermichael

    United have been going around the world looking for a sponsership deal. They’ve been turned down by qhite a few apparently.

  5. Maciek

    A and Face, with fully fit squad and Arshavin( I know that he is suspended) we could have had a chance. I fear that we will make a f**k up against Villareal.


    whats the point of being unbeaten for so long if your not up there to win the league its pointless

  7. goonermichael

    We were absolute shite before the unbeaten run so we’re going in the right direction. What’s the point in breaking the record for clean sheets when you come second like the mancs will this season

  8. Stu

    Good evening all….thats only if it is still evening tho.

    Had a few pints with the old man and the older man. Very awkward but hey…i got 3 free pints so i aint complaining. :mrgreen:

    So, whats the topic of conversation?

  9. A

    we don’t know who’s out against vil maciek, people might be back, and we’ll be fine against city. obviously arshavin is a loss in champs league but i’m not really worried about villareal, i think we could win on tuesday and the second leg will be comfortable after that.

  10. goonermichael

    I’m quite positive but not stupid. However I was depressed after the Villa result at home but I’m feling good about the future now. But it’s too late for the league. the best I hope for is 3rd.

  11. Faceman

    villareal will be an easier away game than the home game, there is too much pressure and anticipation at the emirates, a new bred of gooner gets on the players backs and does not offer real support.

    i expect a 1-1 or a 0-1 in spain.

  12. A

    i’ve already got money on the treble at 1500/1 bbk!!

    the title is very unlikely, but liverpool and chelsea are far from completely out of touch, they’re both teams with the capability to drop points against anyone. Therefore if Utd completely implode we could win the league if we win our last eight games, but it’s incredibly unlikely

  13. Stu

    If you wanna talk about fit then Georgie Thompson and Cheryl Tweedy are at the top of my list….but its a long fecking list.

  14. Stu

    Good to know BBK. A, i’ll have a copperberg mixed fruit please.

    Believe it or not, i’ve never tasted Peroni. How shameful right!

  15. Faceman

    the title is long gone, 10 odd points to make up over 8 games has never been done.

    the cup and the champs league are totally realistic, on our day we CAN take out any team… of that there is no doubt.

    with cesc back running things and arshaving running rings around full backs… the cup should be our best chance.

    but i just got this funny feeling that i will be making a journey to rome this may, just as i made a similar journey to gay paris 3 years ago.

  16. Stu

    I hate to agree with you GM. But its not like cashey would have left a noticable mark. I would get over it for her tho.

  17. Stu

    Lets just hope his problem wih the “hairdresser” was an isolated incident and not something he practiced with god ol’ Cheryl.

  18. Vertino

    We should beat City, and beat them handsomely. This is revenge for the beating they gave us. How things have changed, confidence is high and they’re missing their big players.

    Anybody heard of this guy Danikel Aleksic? Is he any good? I’d like to know if fellow Gooners have seen him in action. My personal opinion is that we don’t need him but what do you think? Feel free to have your say @

  19. Vertino

    I think we should beat man city and beat them times have changed. confidence is high and this time they are missing their best players.

    btw has anybody heard of this guy Danikel Aleksic? Is he any good? I don’t think we actually need him what do you think? I’d like to hear what you fellow gooners make of it all @


  20. Vertino

    arsenal should beat city but you never know. mark hughes plays very defensively against our boys. city missing their attacking players should help our cause in denting any self belief they may have!

    has anybody heard of this guy danikel aleksic? Rumour is that Arsenal are interested in this guy. What do you fellow gooners think of it all? feel free to comment on my latest blog post. Just click on the name ‘Vertino’ and you should arrive there.

  21. gooner-pak

    lun is extra large (just kidding) but it is penis/dick or any other word in english…
    and gand in arse….

  22. Duke

    Ok i will be learning my hingi then, once again though, if it’s cock, it can be just cock or dick, but pencil-dick means you have a dick like a pencil, meaning it’s very thin and becomes smaller πŸ˜›

  23. Duke

    and i will get Friday joke day rolling with this one:

    A Journalist in scotland sees a dog mauling a boy. A man runs over and chokes the dog to death. ‘That’s amazing, I’ll run a story tomorrow’ said the journalist ‘RANGERS FAN SAVES BOY’. ‘I’m not a rangers fan’ says the man. ‘What about MOTHERWELL FAN SAVES DAY’. ‘I’m not a motherwell fan, I’m a celtic fan’. Headline in next days paper – FENIAN BASTARD KILLS FAMILY PET!

  24. gooner-pak

    so its mean vela wont even make it to the bench for citeh match….plus bedtner injury fears tht were spread in media were all bullocks…..eduordo’s 90min displays means he’s more then fit….
    what left is rvp what abt his injury…….
    i dont want this seasons ade….

  25. Duke

    gp, no mate, Vela is very tired, but could make the bench as Wenger said if needed, on the other hand Eduardo is out with a hamstring injury he picked up after 80 mins. RvP is deffinatly out, as is Diaby. And Nasri is doubtfull. Nikki B is ok though.

  26. PDT

    Thanks, Duke!

    I really want to see Arshvin and Rosicky together. I have a feeling those two will hit it off better than Cesc and Arshavin.

  27. PDT

    The great thing about Rosicky is that he is almost never afraid to try something new and different. The last player we had like that was Pires.

  28. gooner-pak

    song lost in sahara desert………
    just kidding!!!!
    ok i’ll leave for prayer and lunch ….see ya guys in next post

  29. iNewsBringer

    I now bring you good news and bad news. The good news is Arsenal are in pretty good shape thus far. πŸ˜€ The bad news (For you at least XD) Is that R O B I N H O, will most likely play tomorrow and give the Arsenal defense hell :] Lmao XD Ireland is injured and thus cannot compete. Mhm, mhm v_v Sagna and the rest will have their hands full.

    A.Wenger will want double (If not triple) the attention on Robinho, which of course leaves the opportunity for other players to cause mayhem. Robinho will be like a magnet to Arsenal’s defense on te left side and thus meaning SWP will have a pretty much free right side, and with this happening he can use his speed to cause trouble ( Crosses, through passes and all that) However it might not be the case :]

    News bringer have brought you the news =D