Sources close to Cesc hint at big money move…

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Le Grove HQ took a phone call late last night from a source very close to the Fabregas camp. Apparently, long term friend of Cesc; Lionel Messi, is growing increasingly tired of Barcelona’s pathetic attempts to unsettle Cesc.

‘Lionel hates the way Barca do business, he thinks they should show more class in the transfer market, so he’s been putting the feelers out for a new club. Cesc, understands his good friends frustrations. He’s been telling him about how great Arsenal football club is on the phone almost daily for the last few months, he’s pretty confident if Arsenal offer the right deal, Messi could be lining up in the red and white of Arsenal next year.’

Despite some quite dazzling displays this season, all is not well within the confines of the Barca camp,

‘Lionel cuts a lonely figure in the Barca dressing room. Many of the senior squad have grown frustrated with his stellar performances and insistence on playing like he is the best footballer in the world. He walks around the Nou Camp like he is Maradona… people are scared to even look him in the eye at the moment.’

The story seems to carry even more weight when you consider Barcelona’s interest in £35million Togo international, Emmanuel Adebayor. Our source, also a close friend of Barca President Laporta said,

‘Joan was pretty disappointed he failed to land Adebayor last summer, this year he is determined to get his man. If that involves sacrificing a player who doesn’t enjoy the Barca way with the media… then so be it.’

A cash plus Messi deal is being mooted and providing Adebayor’s wage demands can be met, Lionel could be on his way out as early as June.

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  1. A

    i disagree pedro – his passing etc is very poor, he wouldn’t fit in to our style of play at all and wouldn’t thrive for us.

    utd were build completely around him which made him look better than he is last season, though he’s still obviously a very good player.

    we play possession football, we rely on keeping the ball all the time, and for ronaldo to thrive he relies on being able to take risks all the time and lose the ball a hell of a lot, be it taking twice as many shots as anyone else in the prem or dribbling every time he gets the ball

  2. Big Raddy

    A. We have had many contemptible players at THOF. We have a few now.

    And if you really believe that Ronaldo is an average player, then you cannot see the wood for the trees. He is the best in the EPL, and we should be grateful that he still graces it. He is the World’s Best Player, which is an undeniable fact.

  3. A

    yeah he’s pretty much unplayable when he’s on fire pedro – but that’s all physical, his speed, power, and most importantly the speed of his feet are unbelievable, though he’s never intelligent, never has amazing awareness etc, just noone can stop him scoring when he’s on fire!

    he’s been average this season though, i don’t know a single utd fan who doesn’t want rid in the summer

  4. goonermichael

    He very rarely is on fire against great defenders though so I think he is playable if the defenders are good enough.

  5. A

    raddy i don’t know a single person who thinks ronaldo is the best player in the world! he had an incredible season last year, but still as a player was not anywhere near messi.

    This season all the utd fans i know laughed when he was nominated on the player of the year list, and in terms of players in the prem imo arshavin is better

  6. A

    goonermichael i can’t for the life of me see how anyone could have ronaldo ahead of messi. Messi is on the way to being one of the best of all time, ronaldo is a very good player but his lack of intelligence means he’ll never reach the highest epsilons of world football.

  7. Big Raddy

    A. I have yet to speak to a MU fan who agrees with your statement. Sure they are pissed off that he played with MU in summer, just like were every summer with PV4.

    You may well know MU fans who want him out, but they are fools. Who can replace him? Nani ? Robinho? Robben?

    When he leaves for the sun, he will leave a huge hole in the MU side.

    That said, Why he hell am I writing so positively about a Manc? They are scum to a man !!

  8. reggie57

    If wenger would have signed arshavin in
    the summertime he would have been nominated
    for world player of the year?

  9. David


    Ronaldo is better than Messi,

    In about every aspect…In the Air, In set pieces…Shot power/Accuracy.

    Maybe Messi has a better assists ratio…but it is barca.

  10. goonermichael

    I find it very hard to be unbiased. I hate the cunt. Him and Rooney got us knocked out of the world cup between them. And I know it doesn’t really matter but he definitely takes it up the arse.

  11. Pedro

    David, you’ve only got to watch messi for about 10 minutes to see he is head and shoulders above anyone in world football at the moment…

    21 years old, and a genius (Footballistically)

  12. Big Raddy

    Try Brave New World by A. Huxley Pedro….

    Last word on Ronnie. Look up in Wiki. See who is the current World Footballer of the Year. It is Fact.

    I wouldn’t argue that Messi will win it next.

    Let’s see Ribery prove it against a decent team when we play Bayern in te CL Final

  13. Pedro

    Cheers Raddy, I’ll put that on my Amazon book list!

    I’m off!

    Have a great night…

    There may be another Pedro post up tomorrow… I hope you can sleep!

  14. Big Raddy

    Sorry Pedro, that was obtuse. Epsilon semi-moron. The dumbest of the dumb in BNW.

    Top men were Alpha’s, . We are all Alpha’s 🙂

  15. A

    set pieces david?! even utd ex pros have been coming out saying something has to be done about ronaldo taking set pieces.

    ronaldo is stronger, better in the air, and has a more powerful shot from distance

    messi is a better dribbler, better finisher, much better better passer, and miles more intelligent.

    last season ronaldo scored an amazing number of goals, loads more than messi, which is the one thing he had over messi as messi got loads more assists and was just generally better all round

    this season messi has completely outscored ronaldo, as well as getting more assists, and being out of this world in general

    ronaldo scores loads of goals, but only because he’s allowed to shoot from everywhere, his shooting is very wild alot of the time, messi rarely wastes the ball

    in my eyes they’re completely incomparable, messi is the best player on the planet by a country mile

    ribery and kaka next, ronaldo a level below them

  16. A

    raddy that means he holds that award, it doesn’t mean he was the best player!

    the award goes to the most successful player, not the best player.

    you won’t find a manager in the world who if they had the choice would choose to have ronaldo in their team over messi

  17. Big Raddy

    Oh no it doesn’t GM.

    e.g. Let us assume that you were 30 on March 30th. You will be 31 next 30/3, but on 29/3 next year you will still be 30…….

  18. A

    yeah i did goonermichael, realised soon as pressed send but thought i’d just ignore the mistake and hope noone picked up on it!

  19. David

    Ribery is a class act.

    I thought he was by far the best player for the French team at the last World cup bar Zidane.

    He was the life of the french team and he was only 23.

    I thought Wenger wouldve spotted him and made a move!

  20. A

    if the world player of the year award is “fact” that said player is the best in the world, then we had the third best player in the whole world in davor suker!

    we’ve currently got the 17th best player in the world in adebayor too, better than ribery!

  21. David


    If you are arguing because Messi is younger than Ronaldo then I can agree with that.

    Ronaldo at Messi’s current age is no where close.

    Its not any argument really Ronaldo is not half the stud he was last season…because he looks like he cant be bothered.

    Personally i dont think he’s happy at Old Traff and it was evident earlier in the season when he scored goals he wouldnt bother celebrating them.

    Agreed. Messi is better…but because Ronaldo cant be bothered about this season.

  22. Big Raddy

    That is Bull A.

    1. The award is chosen by his peers. He was phenomenal last season. Plus he won the writers vote

    2. How do you assess the Best Player unless it is with the award ? By your say so?

    Messi/Ronaldo. Both brilliant and any manager would want either, or preferably both.

    But PLEASE , I don’t want to talk Mancs…..

    We just totally disagree about him., and I think your argument is indefensible.

  23. goonermichael

    He was voted best player for a period that has expired so he holds that title now and will keep it until they give the next one which will be voted on perfomances that are taking place now. Your birthday thing is a little bit of a red herring

  24. A

    raddy it’s awarded based on the team’s success as well, utd won everything which is why he did so well. in international years the teams that win the world cup or euros always have players up there.

    it’s the most effective player, because ronaldo scored as many goals, and won so many things, people voted for him for the award, but those same people if they had the choice would have messi in their team over ronaldo

    if it’s a fact is adebayor factually the 17th best player in the whole world then??

  25. kirby

    as much as i rate ribery A he is not at the level as ronaldo and messi kaka on the other hand i agree is in the three best!!

  26. Big Raddy

    A . That was based on Davor’s WC performance. (At last we talk about an Arsenal player).

    Ade was 2nd EPL top scorer when the award was assessed. Ribery, by his standards, was average last year as he settled into the Bayern side

  27. kirby

    and id take ronaldo who says our style is the most impressive anyway

    A i sometimes think you would rather have bendtner then ronaldo.

  28. Big Raddy


    AW was prepared to pay him £80+k a week, (and I trust AW’s judgement of a player over any LG’er)

    AC were (allegedly) prepared to pay £25+m for him.

    17th Best. Probably.

  29. goonermichael

    Remember Sukor leaving Smeichal (can’t spell it) on his Arse when they beat Denmark 3 nil. I’ve always hated mancs.

  30. A

    230am kick off goonermicheal, he’s back from suspension though.

    ribery was awesome last season, he was bayern’s best player by a mile as they walked a very poor bundesliga.

    i disagree kirby, i rate ribery massively, second best in the world imo, though way below messi. Granted the bundesliga is a pretty crap standard, he’ll leave in the summer, be interesting where he goes

  31. goonermichael

    Cesc If he plays might be rusty. And he wasn’t playing that well before his injury. But in the near future I think we’re going to play amazing football again

  32. A

    and eduardo david! will be amazing to see what the team is like. I can see

    arshavin cesc denilson nasri

    bendtner eduardo

    so attacking

  33. Big Raddy

    By the way, Denmark won 3-0 tonight. Top their group and look quite tasty.Last year they beat England 4-0, and I took some serious flak.

    Cesc, AA, Nasri, Denilson.

    Great midfield.

  34. goonermichael

    Raddy, Do you like Denilson? You missed him getting absolutely slated and called a cunt last night.

  35. David

    Bendtner is fit?

    I think we are selling Ade, and with the cash fund David Villa. I dont know about this Diego guy we are being linked to.

  36. Big Raddy

    What is great about that midfield is that all can tackle. We don’t need a DM as long as we are well organised, and the players track back.

    OOOH I am so excited….

  37. A

    did you watch the game raddy?? how did bendtner do after coming on as sub, he get through unscathed or did he look like the knee injury was hampering him?

  38. Big Raddy

    GM. I often choose not to get involved in debates that we have had over and over. The argument that stats mean nothing is pants.

    Denilson is a fine player IMO, and has a huge future, though it may not be at THOF. If Alonso becomes available, he would complete our team

  39. A

    yeah david, he was on the bench for denmark and came on after about half an hour. i agree about ade going, but there’s no way we could afford villa unfortunately.

    who said we’re linked with diego, i was a massive fan of him as a teenager and always wanted him to come to us but with the strength in depth in those areas now i’d be shocked if there was anything in it

  40. kirby

    messi is the best player in the world at the moment we all agree about that but ribery who is gifted has done nothing and needs to move on but isnt the second best player in the world by a long way but is up there

    ronaldo scored 41 last season all hes free kicks might not go in but whos does. hes good in the air that goal in the C league final an impossibility for messi and ribery. he dives and his skills dont always pay off but believe me there is a reason why he is rated so highly he is a dangerous footballer and very talented and has the ability to score goals to say that he is knowwhere near the top level is stupid.

  41. A

    raddy i don’t agree that we don’t need a dm, it depends who we play though, denilson would be fine against city, but against dirtier more phsyical teams song will need to play or we’ll just get bullied as we have at times this season

  42. Big Raddy

    A. Yes I did. Nik was his usual busy self, didn’t look hampered by his ‘injury’. Was still running freely at the final whistle

  43. A

    kirby he’s nowhere near the top level, in terms of the top level being legendary players like maradona, ronaldinho, zidane, and now messi. They all had the amazing feet, and skills, but also had incredible intelligence on the pitch, and rarely wasted the ball. Ronaldo has a gift with his skills, but in terms of his intelligence on the pitch he’s miles away from those players, which is why he’ll never get near that level imo

  44. Big Raddy


    You are right about the DM. We tend to get bullied, and for some games Song may be the man (Did I really write that?)

  45. A

    awesome raddy, good news about nik, he’s really come on leaps and bounds recently, deserves to keep his place in the team.

    yeah raddy, in some very big games i think denilsong might still feature in a midfield 5 too. With the number of players we’ve got now we’ve got incredible options and flexibility in terms of systems and such like, it’s very exciting!

  46. Pat

    CR is nowhere close to Messi’s level. He wasn’t last year either. The last player to win POY undisputed was Ronaldinho. Its a disgrace that Henry never won it and a prat like CR did. 1 trick pony and easy to read by the above average defenders. His free kicks are awful, just awful. The dumb commentators keep calling it the “Ronaldo technique” when its clearly Juninho’s technique and people who suck at it shouldn’t be doing it. CR doesn’t take free kicks for Portugal anymore and Quieroz is making the right decision regarding that.

    kaka, Messi, Ribery are all miles more intelligent than CR.

  47. A

    for this season yeah, sagna kolo gallas clichy is the only option, and is solid enough, though i expect senderos back in the summer or someone else to come in to partner kolo, probably someone to come in even if senderos does return.

  48. David

    I dont see why we need a new CB.

    JD is good in the Air.

    And even though Gallas scores for us on set pieces…so does Toure.

    We have JD, Silvestre, Senderos

  49. goonermichael

    I think Gibbs will be pushing Clichy for the left back position by tne end of next year. He looks a really good prospect

  50. A

    well said pat

    the gibberish commentators spout about his free kicks is hilarious too, he’s really not a very good free kick taker! They look spectacular when they go in, but his conversion rate is absolutely attrocious!

  51. David


    I dont know about Nikk…coming in “leaps and bounds” Agreed he hasnt been as shite as he normally is….but we need someone more prolific infront of goal.

  52. Big Raddy

    Pure bias Pat.

    If CR was an Arsenal player, you would be in no doubt whatsoever that he is the World’s best. And if you deny that, you are telling porkies.

    Anyway …. I have really enjoyed tonight’s ‘chat’, even (especially) when we disagree.

    Night fellow Gooners


  53. kirby

    1 messi
    2 kaka
    3 ronaldo
    4 xavi
    5 gerrard
    6 ribery
    7 rooney
    8 robben
    9 cesc
    10 ronaldinho
    11 iniesta
    12 arshavin
    13 etoo
    14 henry
    15 essien
    16 ferdinand
    17 cech
    18 cassias
    19 torres
    20 villa

    the best 20 in the world?

    not in order cos i cant decide just named them
    might have forgot a few but its not easy ther is no zidane or dennis so its hard!!

  54. goonermichael

    RVP hasn’t scored one yet as far as I can remember. Just one in the champions league and I’d forgive him.

  55. kirby

    A he won ballon d’or for a reason it may not be intelligence but i think the most intelligent player is xavi of barcelona but he aint gonna win it!

  56. A

    i don’t rate jd at all, we need someone whos really top quality, and with gallas going we’ll be short of a really good centre back.

    eduardo is our prolific striker david, bendtner is the deeper setter upper, linking up the play, he and eduardo suit each other very well and have a fantastic understanding, though i’d expect vp to feature somewhere when he returns!

    yeah i agree david, i dunno what’s happened to vp’s free kicks, and his shooting in general he used to have a very good conversion rate, but it’s gone to shit completely! however it’s still better than ronaldos! though not this season obviously as vp hasn’t scored one!

  57. kirby

    but A there isnt many free kick takers with a great conversion rate i dunno maybe lyons juninho might be a one off but when he scores them they look quite good!!

  58. David


    For a long time i was convinced that was why Wenger played Eboue…because he dives near the box nicely for Van Piersie…and he keeps facking it up…id much rather see Cesc or Nasri take a freekick now

  59. Pat

    No, its not bias Raddy. There is no comparison. United played the passes to CR last year and gave him goal a plenty. Messi has taken 4, maybe 5 free kicks for Barca this year and has scored 1 or 2.

    Stonger: CR
    Air: CR
    Speed: Messi
    Dribbling: Messi
    Intelligence: Messi
    Passing: Messi
    Shooting: CR
    Finishing: Messi
    Set pieces: Neither really
    Heart/Determination: Messi
    Technique: Messi. Not even close
    more effective: Messi
    More noticeable/less disappearing: Messi
    Diving: CR
    Whining: CR
    Cunt: CR

    And Messi is simply amazing, yet he is not the focal point of Barca’s team. Same cannot be said of CR’s ONE good season where it was all about him.

  60. A

    cassilas below cech kirby?! casillas is a league above the other keepers on his own as the best too! just an incredible goalkeeper.

    my top 20 would be

    1. messi

    2. ribery
    3. kaka
    4. gerrard
    5. xavi
    6. essien
    7. casillas
    8. rooney
    9. cesc
    10. arshavin
    11. ronaldo
    12. iniesta
    13. puyol
    14. villa
    15. torres
    16. ferdinand
    17. etoo
    18. gourcuff
    19. ibrahimovic
    20. dani alves

  61. Pat

    Arteta, Hargreaves, Modric, Ballack, Drogba, A. Young are all better fk takers than CR. Thats just PL players and there are more

  62. A

    of course there are kirby

    whoever has the best conversion rate in the league has a “good” conversion rate

    ronaldo’s i read somewhere was 6 times worse than beckhams was in the prem! it’s something like 1 in 30 go in, beckham was i in 6 or so, juninho 1 in 3. i think ronaldo has the worst conversion rate in the prem out of everyone who’s scored one this year

  63. Pat

    Just look at Messi’s performance against them in the semis last year. If his teammates actually had their shooting boots on he’d have a couple assists. Not to mention when Rio took a huge whack at Eto’o’s leg but he stayed on his feet.

  64. kirby

    young lol thats pure bollocks and when has modric put away any free kicks.

    ronaldo is an annoying diving whinging cunt but lets not let hate for someone cloud our judement pat!!

  65. Pat

    kirby, not he doesn’t. Messi too 4, maybe 5 this season and he’s scored on 1 or 2 of them. Thats much better than CR’s conversion rate. Why would Messi take them if Barca have Alves and Xavi?

  66. A

    kirby yeah he does, he’s scored 2/3 free kicks for barca this year, though he doesn’t take every one for them as there are loads of potential free kick takers obviously!

  67. Pat

    And he scored a SUPERB hat trick against Real Madrid in that 3-3 tie 2 years ago. The goals were fabulous.

    And how many players can make Roberto carlos fall on his bum, using only feints?

  68. kirby

    A remember i didnt say they was in order but at least we agree with most of the players, i did say i forgot some ibrahimovic yeah gourcuff unproven.

    with the ronaldo free kick thing did he have a good conversion rate last season?

    and this season in the premier league i think every great player is having a below par season,

  69. Pat

    Capello seemed to agree with me when he said Messi will be the top player for the next decade. Although I won’t agree with “decade”, I see him being the best for 4-5 years

  70. Pat

    kirby, it was the same last season. i think he scored 5 fks, but he took maybe 5 free kicks a game. He scored 2 against Stoke this year, but they were both keepers fault.

  71. Pat

    Gerrard or Messi will win it this year. Depending who wins more trophies which is crap, imho. Thats the only reason Henry never won it. It shouldn’t be judged by trophies won, but by pure skill and talent.

  72. kirby

    isnt 5 enough pat how many have we scored this season id of liked vp to have scored 5 maybe we would be in the race.

  73. goonermichael

    Torres has done well when he’s played and he’ll have a champions medal at the end of the season.

  74. A

    no he didn’t kirby, his conversion rate of 1 in 30 was his overall conversion rate at utd 3/4 of the way through last season, this season i’d imagine it’s quite a bit worse than that! last season it was probably a bit better, but still very poor compared to good fk takers, just as his shots to goals ratio was, despite scoring so many!

    he had an amazing 256 shots last season for his 40 goals, which admittedly isn’t a bad conversion rate, but is still a long way away from efficient, bearing in mind shoot from anywhere types like gerrard and lampard only had 150!

    torres for his 24 league goals had 93 shots.

    messi this season for his 30 goals has had 110

  75. Pat

    Considering the # of free kicks he takes, 5 is nothing. We’re talking conversion rate, and his is horrible. 5 in all competitions. His conversion rate for hitting the wall it pretty impressive though. 9 out of 10. He hit a 1-man wall against Sweden from 35 yards out. His free kicks aren’t good. Why do you think United legends keep coming out and saying that? Hargreaves is a much better fk taker, one of the best in the PL if you ask me. With bayern he scored quite a few as well.

  76. A

    yeah kirby they certainly do share them out, xavi, henry, and dani alves are fantastic, but in a good left foot position messi has them and has scored 2/3 despite not taking many.

    I think the point is, ronaldo scored ridiculous numbers of goals last year, but only because he was in a team that allowed him to take ridiculous numbers of shots. In a team that wasn’t designed to allow that he wouldn’t be anything like as prolific, and when he isn’t scoring shedloads of goals he doesn’t contribute anything like as much as the top top players.

    pat i think messi will be head and shoulders above the rest for the next decade, there currently isn’t anyone who could match him or has the potential to match him, though you never know some superman might appear out of nowhere as a 16 year old!

  77. kirby

    yeah i agree that his conversion rate is not great it isnt bad but having 100 shots more than any other player must of had some impact on uniteds games

    i mean how many created corners, parrys and progressed to chances thats possibly why he done so well

    but im sure a lot of them shots went wide butits the same as many other players!

  78. kirby

    yeah i agree pat henry should have won it that year instead of ronaldinho

    he was gutted you could tell i think!

  79. Ja_Gunner

    Henry really should have won it for the 2004 season.

    Remember that was the undeafeated season. He scored 39/40 goals and had about 11 assists.

    We won the premiership.

    That year Barca did not win anything…and I dont remember any big international competetion won by Brazil….therefore I cant understand why Ronaldino won it that year…he had dazzling skills yes…but he scored less than 15 goals…and I dont have his assists stats and his team won nothing… there is clear bias in the award. This is why I dont really have much respect for it…the criteria seem to change all the time.

    Ronaldinho did deserve it the second time he won it..because Barca actually won something and his stats were more impressive to go along with the dazzling skills.

  80. Ja_Gunner

    Correction….Ronaldinho had good stats for 2003-2004 but not so good for 2004-2005…

    His team won something in 2005 however.

    The truth is Henry should have won 2004. I mean leading your team undefeated.. Thats a once in a lifetime accomplishment.

  81. A

    surely he got more than 11 assists ja?! he got 23 in the season before, and pretty sure he was top of the assists every season he was top scorer too

  82. kelsey

    Morning all,
    another unconvincing display by England,just shows we don’t have the quality in depth.Terry should have been red carded for his elbow in the face,Cole goes from bad to worse,and Rooney though highly talented is just a yob,so to me will never be a true World class Player.

    Nic and Eddie seem to have got through OK, any other injury news.Forget Villa,we have to concentrate on beating City and then getting at least a draw 3 days later in Spain.

  83. Jay

    I love the sounds comming out of the – Andre is loving his challenge, Rosicky is Ready…
    thinking of Rosicky has made me think what an interchangeable midfield we will have… what do u guys think..?
    I think a midfield of

    Andre – Cesc – Nasri – Rosicky –

    Nasris spot to be interchangeable with Denil/Song/Diaby – and the wingers swapped with each other..


    Nas/Ars/Ros/Wal Nas/Ars/Ros/Wal

  84. Jay

    didnt come out the way i wanted it.. lol



    Nas/Ars/Ros/Wal Nas/Ars/Ros/Wal

    RVP/Bend/Wal/Arsh/Villa Bend/Eduardo/Ade/Villa

    Come on Fab get Villa over the line..

    Opinions :D?????????

  85. Jay

    How could chelsea Newcastle be match of the day over Arsenal Man city.. grrr.. gonna have to leave an engagement early to watch it haha

  86. Jay

    Yea Duke.. but it excites me;) i really think that nas ars ros wal can play across all wings… and cesc ram and merida will be enough for one spot.. and then nas den son and diab will cover that last one..

    forwards need to rotate more – dear me. where do i put vela 😛 he jsut nees to play fa cup or fill in injured me thinks haha..

    wat time is it Duke taht ur up? (or where are u, in Aus its 6:22pm)

  87. Duke

    I am up at 8 man, i really admire you guys away in like Australia, Asia, US and shit, you have to watch all the games at night, then get up for work if it’s on Sunday or wake up way too early for CL and then go work all day. Sounds hard.

  88. Jay

    Its tough – i sometimes wake up say 10am/11am saturday, and then start watching the EPL from 10 30 till 6 30 am LOL…and then get woken up on Sunday bout midday… so not much sleep for us.. its the hardest when we loose/play shit. sigh.. lol
    but if we win its har to sleep cos im xcited haha

  89. Pedro

    Kelsey, well said on Ashley… he was woeful last night.

    We don’t have any spark in the England team… well, we don’t when we insist on Gerrard out on the left.

    Jack Wilshere would shake things up… well, when he’s old enough and if he fulfills his potential.

  90. Duke

    yeah Jay, anything for AFC right?
    England – Ukraine was soooo boring, i watched a few more games and they were all shite, internationals are just not even close to what they used to be.