Hangeland or Lescott. I’d take either if it were true.

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So the rumour gathers pace that we are targeting Hangeland or Lescott, I think it’s just what we need, if it is indeed true, but we’ve been here many times before, we need height in the box and we need pace and tenacious tackling, Hangeland may just edge it for me in the height department but Lescott in the English backbone bit, both are obviously speculation so I’ll leave it there, one thing’s for sure, Wenger won’t talk about other teams players, so it’s probably fanciful talk, but with Gallas at 32 and not fitting in, who knows.

A sad day for football saw 22 dead in the crowd for the Ivory coast game, question is, why did the game go on? All on the anniversary of Hillsborough, you would think they could sort out these problems by now, wouldn’t you.

I expect that will have a detrimental effect on Kolo and Eboue so we may have to think about the other options for a while, like Silvestre or Djourou.

Cesc has denied the latest rumours which is great, but it is high time Barcelona and Madrid were brought to book for there continual and deliberate attempts to unsettle our players, and should we ever sell Cesc, we should make sure we don’t sell him to those two.

I would say to them, okay Barca, you want Cesc, we’ll swap him for Messi, they will say no, then Cesc will find out how much they really rate him, likewise with Madrid, if on the other hand they said yes, then that would show Messi how much they rate him, then he will be unsettled and Karma is complete.

I hate the way we allow other teams to bully us, we always have and always will be bullied, it’s time for the empire to strike back, it’s time to show that bullies cannot win, it’s time to show them that we are a big club to, it’s time to show them we are the Arsenal and we too have teeth.

Other news is that Everton beat our ladies and ended their unbeaten 108 game run, it had to happen at some point, at least they are still well clear in their championship race and it will buck them up a bit, they still have to play them again, so revenge is on the cards. Come on you ladies!

Okay so we only have 5 days to wait for a game, I don’t know about you, but this feels like the worst break ever, I don’t know why? Only Nikki B got injured so hopefully he’ll be back by Saturday, I would hate to see the Togo twat waltz straight back in, I would rather RVP and Eduardo got the nod, he really needs to learn some humiliity.

I’m sorry to hear that Reggie may be losing his job, Reggie, it’s their loss mate, I hope you find another soon.

Have a great day today Grovers, countdown has begun!

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    that trophy would of been the final jigsaw piece in that current era having that trophy on the mantal piece going into the emirates would of been special

  2. Lovedup Loner

    Bendy has shown real improvement in his all round play, Ade on his day is a real handful and if he can get back to the form of last season that can bode well for the team.

    But, lets not be positive eh?

  3. Lovedup Loner

    Oh gawd! Please, not the Champions league final again…Fuck me, I am just about over that.. well i was, ta.


    and them goals that barca scored were fucking jammy aswell they both squeezed past the keeper lucky fucks

  5. kevin

    Whenever i see clips of that final i walk out of the room. It’s like a permanent scar.

    But there something about the class of 08/09 i think they are going to win the champions league.

  6. Franchise

    i really do believe that if we had beat birmingham we would have lost the league

    how unlucky were we?

    series of events
    – striker picking form got leg fractured by a thug
    – conceded the 1st goal from a stunning free kick
    – managed to equalise from two moments of brilliance from theo
    – got a chance with ade to kill the game either by scoring or squaring to niki b
    – clichy looses concentration due to over confidence
    – conceded a penalty that wasnt actually a penalty
    – the knobs equalised 2-2 game over
    – gallas sits in the centre of pitch crying after storming off and kicking advertising board
    – got harassed by the press for weeks to come becos of gallas
    – a lotta goona hating pundits reckon the challenge wasnt malicious and would rather criticise gallas’s childish behaviour

    how unlucky can 1 club be in 1 season?????



    maybe kevin but i think it would of been fitting for that current team they gave us the best couple of years in the life of an arsenal supporter

  8. kevin

    Choy……..what can i say.

    And boy better know, i agree it would of been fitting. But i wasn’t meant to be. But that birmngham game……………..That gets me reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal angry.

  9. kirby

    that game in birmingham was so fuckin annoying my mate said after the game thats it we have lost the title

    and me being silly was like lets not be too hasty but he was right fuckin should have walked that game!

  10. goonermichael

    Earlier Theo was getting stick about no end product etc. But against the bindippers after that run he did have the presence of mind to square it to Ade. Ade or bendy would have put it into the side netting. If Theo can do that (and the run and assist against Milan) he must have some talent.

  11. kenny smith

    fuck sake. Van persie injured on international duty…AGAIN!!! Bendy injured as well!!!! looks like the togo twat will be slotting straight back into the starting 11!!!

  12. goonermichael

    Did you see ade’s goal on Saturday? he wrestled bikey off the ball. Fuck knows how he got away with it. Ade has got talent, unfortunately he’s become lazy and arrogant and he can fuck off in the summer.

  13. kenny smith

    Choy… dunno the reports of his injury are quite vague at the minute. Yeah i aint that worried but ade is mince of late and eduardo is suseptable to injuries so i just hope he can stay fit

  14. Lou

    So Hull have submitted their “evidence” to the FA. It seems that the huge number of players who Phil Brown claimed witnessed the incident have melted away and we have Brown, Horton and a fitness coach as the only reliable people who saw the terrible incident. Apparently Brown has made up his mind that it definitely happened in the tunnel because someone told him that if it had happened on the pitch where Brown claims Cesc was dressed provocatively, cameras would have seen it. The Hull chairman claims that an apology would have sufficed. I still think there is some interesting stuff left to come out and if Cesc has no case to answer I would have thought that the lawyers could well be in for a pay day.

  15. Stu

    I thought RvP just had a head injury not leg??
    And is Bendtner definately out?

    That will mean it will be Ade and Eduardo or a 4-5-1. Vela will be wondering what he has to do to get a game, even with 2 strikers out.

  16. kelsey

    Morning Geoff and all,
    these useless internationals against countries that weren’t even on the world map a few years ago are ruining our momentum.
    RVP gets a head injury and now is coming home with a groin strain,bedntner has a swollen knee,Adebayor has played 90 minutes in 6 weeks,Theo is still out and is eduardo fit.Suddenly all our options have diminished.

  17. gooner-pak

    we are still in march……ooooff it was a lenghty month…but from football perspective it was great 3 week for arsenal football

  18. Duke

    kelsey, agreed, it’s a little fucked up, but i think we should have them all fit for Citeh, exept maybe Theo. But don’t take my word for it, it’s just what i feel.

  19. Geoff

    Morning Kelsey and gooner-pak, more trouble in your neck of the woods again eh? Would you like me to write a Pakistani le-Grove type blog? I think I could sort them out.

    Any shit I would red card them.

  20. gooner-pak

    what is the purpose of regolatory body if the other associations club contd the unethical ways to woo THE PLAYERS….now cesc says presidebnt RMadrid called…..

  21. gooner-pak


  22. Geoff

    I think it’s all going to go off out there mate, I also think India will pitch in to help you against the nutters.

  23. rico01

    Good thanks…

    be glad though when we get some club footie, this international week seems to have gone on for ever

  24. Duke

    morning taig, a bit to early, so nothing much, same old, we hate internationals and i would rather go back to sleep πŸ˜€ also late post apparently.