Silvestre is back and Adebayor goes to Togo, who-ooh!

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Mikel Silvestre made his long awaited comeback from his long awaited injury against the chavs (rub-a-dubs) last night and played quite well, so we now have options at the back, or more than we already had so that is welcome news whatever you may think of him.

Adebayor has not been fit enough to play for us but he is travelling to his country’s World cup qualifier against Cameroon, let’s hope if he plays, he doesn’t get injured with a silly tackle against team mate Alexandre Song. We need them both…

That’s the team news for today, I watched the kids last night and thought Kyle Bartley played well, maybe he can step up next season, I doubt it, but at least he’s from the English school of centre-halfs and maybe he’s what we’ve been lacking at the back.

Robin the boy wonder feels we are becoming unbeatable again and with a 17 match premiership unbeaten run maybe we are about to go on another great streak, 17 down 33 to go, who knows eh!

It’s a real shame we can’t use Arshavin in the champions league but I feel having him in the squad is almost as good, it lifts the team and it keeps them on their toes, I feel now is a good time to start to blood the likes of Ramsey and Wilshere, they aren’t being used in the reserves, so maybe they are being earmarked for games like City and Boro.

It does make me laugh when I hear about Villla’s slump in form, I remember when they were winning games they should have lost and no bugger said a word, so I think their luck is running out and their results flattered them, the only game I saw that they deserved to win was the one against us at the Grove, when we were at our worst.

They also talk about the fact they have played with only 17 men, lucky then aren’t they, that shows they know each other well and they have been charmed with injuries, only one in my book, Larsson, I remember when we had 10 out. Blimey we still have Ade, Cesc, Rosicky, Walcott and Eduardo out and they would all walk into our team tomorrow.

We have a slight chance of landing the premiership, but if we keep winning, who knows? One thing is for sure the confidence is soaring and that can only be good for the two cups we are still in.

I still believe we can do something this year and hope he keeps sending out teams to win and not just get a result, we play so much better when we attack, we know how to attack and we seem to be learning how to defend, we are only conceding to sloppy goals and that sure as hell beats being dominated at the back, hopefully those days have long gone.

Have a great day Grovers only 11 days to go!

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  1. Stu

    Woops! I typed a comment but am not sure whether i sent i and its in moderation or i refreshed the page and lost it forever. 😳

    Have to wait and see.

  2. Maciek

    I have heared that Liverpool want to sign Villa. I wish they won’t cos Torres and Villa up front would be…

  3. Stu

    Even more reason why we should have sold him in the summer. And why is anyone offers anything near 15m we should snap their hands off.

  4. Stu

    It would be shit. Well, at least for Torres anyway becuase he is forever in Villas shaddow. For both club and country.

  5. Maciek

    Would You like to see Villa RVP partnership?Or maybe Eddie Villa.Or do You think that we are sorted up front?

  6. Stu

    I would obviously love Villa at the club but i couldnt see him and RVP working because they are both pretty selfish strikers and VP doesnt seem to pass to players even when in a better position.

    As for Eduardo….maybe they are too similar to work together. A pairing need to compliment each other. Hence why Kolo and Gallas dont work as well together as they might with a different style.

    What do you think Maciek?

  7. Maciek

    Well Stu,
    First of all thanks for Your response. Secondly,about RVP-to be fair the jury is still out. I love him as a player, I love him commitment and his love to our Club, but I still think that he just doesn’t fit to our style of play.I will give him another year. I like Pogrebniak from Zenit, if we sell Bendy and Ade we should sign him.But only IF we do sell those 2.

  8. Maciek

    And yea, Willy and Kolo partnership just doesn’t funcion good. Brede Hangeland would be my choice if we are going to lose Kolo or Gallas. If we are going to lose both I would have made a bid for Bassong from Newcastle.I know that You rate Sendy and I respect Your view but will he ever come good?

  9. Stu

    I like Pogrebnyak too. And also Denisov of Zenit. Both very neat players with the ball.

    I wouldnt be opposed to either of the 2, provided they werent too expensive tho.

  10. Maciek

    Yeah, Denisov is very good. Also Zhyrianov is good. Russia has got many talented players. I would have loved to see Zhirkov. He can play as a LB or LW. Great player.He is called the “Russian Ronaldinhio”.

  11. Maciek

    Here in Poland we only have 2 quality players( aside from Fabiański). Błaszczykowski from Borussia and Boguski from Wisła.Boguski is class.

  12. Stu

    Im sorry Maciek but i can never agree with Bassong. Cant do it for newcastle so should stay away from us as far as im concerned.
    Whatever about Senderos but Bassong is just not good enough for a good team imo.

    Now Hangeland is a different story al together. Captain of his country and a huge influence on Fulhams defensive performances this season.

  13. Stu

    I wouldnt know about those players as much as you. I’ll admit that my knowledge doesnt go far beyond the “bigger” league.

  14. Maciek

    It’s ok. Polish league is rubbish.I still think that we do need 2 cd’s if one of Gallas/Toure will go. Hangeland would be my first choice.As for the second one-Zapata and Taylor from Newcastle. Yep, he can play “dirty” but he can come good.Just my humble opinion.

  15. Stu

    lol Maciek, you love your geordie players dont you.

    If/when Gallas leaves that will leave us with JD, Senderos(if he returns) and Kolo. Add Hangeland and i think we would be sorted in that department with Song an able deputy. Silvestre is a useless player whether e stays or goes so no change there.

  16. Stu

    Maciek, unfortunately Connolly left years ago. I had high hopes for him. He is still only 21 after all and starting for his team.

  17. A

    hangeland is a good prem defender but no better than senderos, if milan don’t want him then we should 100% keep senderos over hangeland, but ideally i’d rather someone better. I’d be satisfied if senderos returned and we got in sakho

  18. Stu

    Sakho is too young. Isnt our current problem that we have too many young, inexperienced players in vital areas? And imp Sakho is just that. A very talent one but still doesnt represent the necessary change.

  19. Maciek

    Thanks Stu. I will try to name one more name from Newcastle-Gutierez. I think he is class.
    A-so who would be Your choice if not Brede?

  20. A

    yeah i know stu, i’d rather we signed someone top notch, lucio/ferdinand/carvalho sort of standard. But likewise I don’t think it’s worth signing someone good, but who will never be top notch, like hangeland or similar mentioned decent but not amazing players.

    what i mean is if we can’t get in anyone top notch, then i’d be satisfied with a toure senderos partnership, whilst bringing in sakho who will eventually become top top notch.

  21. A

    maciek i’d love us to sign lucio, or someone else experienced and amazing, but i don’t see who could be avilable at that sort of level, unfortunately. Another plus with sakho is the fact he can play left back too, so can cover there

  22. A

    also maciek – agree about Jonas, massive fan of his, no idea how newcastle managed to nab him! Obviously we’re overwhelmed with wide men but he’s a quality player

  23. Maciek

    Thanks mate. Bit isn’t Lucio past his best? If not Brede than I would have gone for Zapata. And he can play as RB and CD.

  24. finestcuts

    Congrats to Queen of Suburbia and welcome to the baby gooner. What will you call him? There are so many funky Arsenal names to choose from.

    Villa are a one trick counter-attacking pony team, they do not play Champions League quality football and would be a total waste of a place if they qualified, they would have no chance of winning it and O’Neill doesn’t show the Euro cup the respect it deserves, what’s the point of motivating your players all season to qualify in it if you won’t even put out your best to try and win the thing.

    We’re on a good run, and the international break has actually come at a good time for us, we’ll have quite a few players coming back and the fact that we’re getting more and more options is great news for us.
    I agree with A about Sakho, he would be an awesome addition to our collection of prodigious young talents.

    Arshavin was the experienced player we were lacking and his quality has become apparent pretty much from the get go, we used to worry about what we’d do without Fabregas, this season has provided us with an answer.

    It’s difficult to predict the upcoming summer circus of comings and goings, but for once I have a feeling that we’ll keep who we need to and that we won’t regress next season. Lets hope so anyway.

  25. Stu

    Silvestre, Ade, Gallas –out Approx 20-25m (hopefully)

    Marchena, Rolfes in — in 15-20m give or take

    Forgive the quality of player coming in. My creativity is pretty low at the moment.

  26. A

    yeah maciek lucio may not be at his very best but he’s still a fantastic defender and incredibly experienced. Lucio AND sakho would do me, sakho to take over!

    In the summer I expect Ade and Gallas to leave, maybe silvestre/bischoff too though they’re irrelevant.

    Yaya and sakho to come in, senderos to return, and that’l do me, unless someone really top quality is available.

    yeah finest, defence is the one area where we don’t have a future top european player coming through, sakho would be the final piece of the puzzle!

  27. A

    he’s definitely off choy, unfortunately. He’s a league above kolo as a defender.

    fab walks straight back into the side, ade no way

  28. Maciek

    Stu, Marchena is a good choice.Really good player.Can he take Villa and Vincente with him. Or Albiol at least?

  29. A

    lol maciek, that wouldn’t happen in a million years!! Maybe with one up front and denilson or song behind them!

    that first team is what I expect to happen

    Nasri – Cesc – Denilson – Arshavin

    song in for denilson in some games against more physical opposition

    diaby in for denilson in some games against slow and weak opposition

    five man midfield in some games

    and rosicky rotating with nasri when we play 4 man midfield

  30. Maciek

    Fabregas and Rocky can do and always do a very good defensive job. If I was Wenger I would have played them both in the middle.

  31. A

    maciek they can’t do very goood defensive jobs, they can do just about adequate defensive jobs!

    even barcelona with their quality of player can’t play without a defensive mid of sorts, we would never ever do it!

    I do see us playing a 5 man midfield a great deal though, barca style formation, 5 man midfield of


    Arshavin Nasri Cesc Rosicky

  32. A

    no but they’re all much better defensively and stronger physically than cesc and rosicky.

    Scholes has become very much a defensive mid, anderson can do that job like flamini did, carrick plays very deep too.

    You can play with two real centre mids, but cesc, rosicky, nasri are all naturally attacking mids, not all action centre mids.

    Xavi and iniesta are similar in that way, they never play without a defensive mid, and neither will cesc and rosicky!

  33. Stu

    IMO the less africans we have in the starting line up the better because we cant stand to lose them every 2years which would derail our potential title challenge.

    Right now in a fully fit team we only really stand to lose Kolo to the ACN but Eboue usually plays regardless of form etc and Song is pushing his way into the side. And with Ade apparently back in the frame after his “injury” thats another player we would lose.

    Subs, second string players is fine but not players vital to the team.

  34. A

    the effect of the african nations is no greater than the effect of players from south america stu. It depends how good the players are, if you can get a european player of the same quality for the same price, then i’m sure we’d rather get the european than african or south americans, but that doesn’t happen very often.

    I desperately want us to sign yaya toure, and our only other regular who we’d lose next season would be kolo. By the 2012 ANC it’ll be played in the summer so it won’t be an issue.

  35. A

    i expect our first team next season to be (albeit lot of guesswork!)






  36. A

    so we’d lose kolo and yaya from first team, and have sakho/djourou and denilson/diaby/ramsey/ to cover for kolo, and yaya going

  37. Stu

    I realise that A. About the south Americans that is and we definately feel the affect of that when Vela goes away.

    Its no longer the situatuon where Africans and South americans are cheaper that europeans.
    If we had an essien type or Kaka etc etc then it would be somewhat bearable(sp) but most of our africans can definately be improved upon.

    Didnt know the ACN was being moved to the summer. That will be a right bitch in the african heat.

  38. Stu

    I would hope its something like this (IF we dont end up adding):

    Sagna – Toure – Senderos – Clichy
    Rosicky – Cesc – Denilson – Arshavin
    Bendtner – Eduardo

    Or something like that.

  39. Stu

    Preferably we would get better defensive cover than Silvestre tho and as Gallas is very likely to leave then we will need to add to the defence too.

    And obviously a DM. Preferably a tall, experienced one who is capable of playing the simple ball and letting others attack. And maybe able to play more than one defensive position…but only as last resort cover.

  40. ethangunner

    id love to enter the debate , but in all honesty
    we have to do it on the pitch this season prior to A making outrageous statements like we will only lose toure in the off season …

    i would wager we would have a mass exodus if we cannot hang onto 4th spot .. Remember we end the season with a series of tough encounters .. I wager we let go of ade , RVP and cesc even theo all have question marks over their heads .. rosicky should go if he cannot re-join the squad soon ..

    this team will no doubt change its personnel again next season .. the past few seasons have been the same story , as long as we keep hold of 4th spot and play jack and ramsey when we can
    ill be happy …

  41. Paulinho


    Hopefully the signing of Arshavin will convince the other players that Wenger hasn’t completely lost his mind and that it’s worth sticking about a while longer.

    If Ade leaves I would be ecstatic and so with that scenario we would be getting rid of a valuable player who is actually shite. Win-win situation.

  42. A

    ethan we were never going to have trouble with 4th spot, the rest of the season is what we can do in the champs league and fa cup, and if we can get 2nd or 3rd so not have to qualify. Villa were never realistic challengers, just over hyped by the media.

    I did forget about eduardo, but currently vp would play ahead of him i’d imagine. Left out the likes of bendtner too!

    cesc doesn’t have any sort of question mark about his future, except for in the british media’s fantasy world! No chance of theo going either. Vp very very unlikely as well.

  43. A

    paulinho “convince the other players wenger hasn’t completely lost his mind”?!

    whatever fans and pundits think, the players have complete faith in wenger and trust him over pretty much every manager in the world, and that’s the only reason a club like ours can get top talents over the real big boys of europe! Whether or not he makes the right decisions, the players completely believe in him and would never leave because they didn’t, because they never wouldn’t!

    i do think ade will go, but i’d like him to stay as a very useful plan B, however his ego wouldn’t allow him to fill that role, so i expect him to be gone by the start of next season

  44. ethangunner


    yes but then you have gallas , RVP who might be lured into leaving to join other clubs with ambition ..

    i think if you look at the scenario rationally most would agree we are still miles away from the consistency of man U etc…

    History recently has shown us that there is quite an annual re-shuffle at the end of each season , i expect it to continue until we win anything significant .

    It might not concern some fans but rest assured im sure the players dont feel as loyal to the cause or wenger when it comes to his vision .

    Football is a result based sport ..
    to keep losing key players and replace them with wenger youth project replacements , see’s this team go 1 step forward and 2 steps back .

    we cannot afford to allow the down time to establish players into the 1st team only to let them go next season because they increase in value and popularity .

  45. A

    im in the minority then ethan, i don’t agree we are still miles away from the consistency of man u, and there’s no etc either.

    i think with arshavin, theo, eduardo, rosicky, cesc back we’ll be comfortably a level above “man u etc”, as we’ll show in the last 8 games, and in the fa cup and champs league.

    There will be a reshuffle in the summer, but only defensively, I don’t expect to see a single departure in midfield or attack (apart from ade who could go if deemed surplus to requirements). Other than that it’s only gallas out and one or two centre backs coming in, and probably a defensive mid coming in too. Other than that they squad is set, and going forward we’ve got more and better options than anyone else in the prem imo.

  46. ethangunner

    whatever fans and pundits think, the players have complete faith in wenger and trust him over pretty much every manager in the world??


    i dont think so . we have seen TH14 leave ..
    Flamini ,Hleb , reyes .. and others leave to supposed greener pastures … maybe it worked out for them maybe it didnt .. but once you become bigger than the club at Arsenal you usually start looking for the exit door ! that has been the way in the past and whilst we continue to underachieve im sure the trend will continue .

    no one is happy being 3rd or 4th ..
    not year in year out …
    and with wengers youth coming thru we cannot expect more arshavin signings .. as much as we all know thats whats required for future success , wenger doesn’t see it in that vain ..

    and as for retaining 4th spot , i think its a battle we can win , but im not over confident like you A , if we have another series of injuries we could very well lose our slender lead we now possess !

  47. Paulinho

    A, I don’t think they do have complete faith in the manager. They’re not stupid and can see themselves how the team that lined up at the start of the season was much weaker than last season’s.

    Many players expressed their surprise at Wenger not replacing Flamini, and Graham Hunter said that when he was watching Arsenal versus Everton with Fabregas and Hleb, Fabregas had never looked so down and disenchanted.

  48. Paulinho

    I would be amazed if Gallas stayed. He’s staying far too quiet for someone with plans on staying at the club beyond the summer.

    Toure’s future very much depends on Gallas it seems.

  49. A

    ethan i don’t believe for one second we need more arshavin type signings. Maybe one dm and certainly a centre back or two but we don’t need to spend big money, we’re already fantastically well prepared for success and spoilt for choice in some areas. Hleb wanted to leave london, we wanted to offload henry, he didn’t wanna go, and we fucked over flamini a fair bit. Noone in the squad is in that situation, they all came to the club because they share wenger’s views about how football should be played.

    Granted if we had bad injuries to arshavin, vp, eduardo, rosicky, cesc etc at the same time then we’d be in trouble, but no more than anyone else. The utd having amazing strength in depth etc is a media created myth, if they had lengthy injuries to carrick, ronaldo, rooney, tevez at the same time they’d be fucked.

    Without signing a single player, if gallas went and senderos returned, i’d be absolutely shocked if we weren’t very very close to winning the title, or anything else next season.

  50. A

    yeah paulinho, gallas is 99.9% leaving i’d say. Other than his own behaviour, i’m absolutely convinced that the only reason toure was persuaded to stay was that he was told gallas was off in the summer so he’ll be head honcho again.

    defensively we need signings, but going forward there’s amazing competition for places, there isn’t a single player other than cesc guaranteed a starting place, so there isn’t anyone who’s anywhere near being bigger than the team.

  51. ethangunner


    I would be amazed if Gallas stayed. He’s staying far too quiet for someone with plans on staying at the club beyond the summer.

    My thoughts precisely .. im sure its a case of wenger saying see how we fair this season and if you want to stay then fine …

    and ade just isnt working either ..
    then you have song – eboue who might not be happy with a back seat next season …. even denilson if yaya is introduced as A suggests ..

    I cant see our team staying together ..AGAIN !
    also has theo and RVP signed new deals ???

    i think not …

  52. A

    ethan song’s had a back seat this season, there’s no way he or eboue would be pissed off not being a regular! We’ll have alot of top players next season with everyone fit, and i expect to see a great deal of rotation, both with players and formation. Hopefully that should also reduce the probability of injuries.

    I agree about ade though, will be interesting to see what happens with him, and if anyone is silly enough to offer us big money for him! I think we’d prefer to keep him, but I think he’s the one player who won’t accept a bit part role, and i’d now put him as 4th choice forward, maybe 5th if you include arshavin as a forward!

  53. ethangunner


    sorry i dont see it , TH14 left because he thought wenger was leaving .. and didnt want to stay on if he left ! Flamini left for the lure of more money , a common story that affects all our players sold on .. and Hleb , wants accolades .
    he wants medals in his closet … plus im sure the lure of more money also made the choice an easy one !

    you cannot honestly expect much to change ..
    because nothing has … finishing 3rd or 4th , well that matters little we are not advancing ,
    and these are the facts .. i expect more disharmony to ring out once the season is over ,
    players brought in , players leaving …

    Almunia isnt good enough and neither is our DM .
    and if ade leaves we will need a quality striker to replace him finally ..

    then we might have a shot at the title ..
    until those key issues are resolved , plus the gallas situation i wouldnt want to comment on the future of the team for next season ..

    one thing is for sure other clubs will bring in more quality in the off season … and that also effects us ..

  54. ethangunner


    i dont expect eboue or song to accept a bit part role either , not the way wenger has been over using them this season … it might take another season of discontent for them to figure it out, but i cannot see these players accepting a back seat on the bench when offers are coming in for them .. and how much time they got on the pitch this season ,they are still reasonably young and
    dare i say ambitious . Wenger is spoilt for choice , i agree with you on that .. but are these youngsters up to scratch ? and how long will it take for them to be so ? and how many starters will get disenchanted whilst waiting for wenger to fill the gaps with quality ?

    you can bet your bottom dollar we only got AA because the fans were crying out for a savior , and so where the board , to instill some faith for next season ..

  55. iceman

    Hleb wants accolades from the bench??
    I can’t agree with that…also…it’s on record he said recently he shouldn’t have left…his national coach too came out and said it was stupid of him.

    He would jump at the chance of returning. Which is out of the question for sure. He’s def leaving in the summer. Back to the Bundesliga probably.

    Ade will leave. I think AW wants to keep Gallas as IMO he prefers Gallas to Toure.

    Apart from Ade I wouldn’t want anyone to leave. We need all your Songs & Eboues as back-up. Injuries to key players are inevitable and these players be handy.

    Hopefully we can add a DM and a striker in the summer.

  56. ethangunner


    he said just after he left he wanted a club that matched his ambitions . i think even from the bench id rather be at barca …, a la liga medal and increased wages , good weather and a top rate team .

    He might of thought he made a mistake from a playing every week perspective , but not from a trophy cabinet perspective .

  57. ethangunner

    remember most of our players are not arsenal fans.
    if you look at it from there point of view ,
    money , accolades , pitch time in that order is important for the average player IMO .

  58. kelsey

    ethan morning,
    just read through some of your comments and in the main agree except for TH14 leaving beacause he thought AW was leaving.

    The key to one of of AW’s various quotes prior to Hleb and Flamini leaving was “the hardest thing for me this summer is to keep the squad together” which tells me he knew the problems he faced.If Gallas goes who steps in Djorou r Senderos(one must be joking)The last thing we need is wholesale changs this summer,we need 2 more experiened quality players brought in.Ade can go for allI care.I am still a firm believer that there is a lot of disruption behind closed doors too many chiefs and not enough indians,and that in turn leads me to believe AW has lost some respect and control over the squad.

  59. iceman

    Agree Kelsey

    AW sees Ade as the bad apple. Which is why I really feel he will try get rid of him in the summer.


    Hleb might have a big contract but he’s not even getting the minutes that say Vela is getting. Also they’re not guaranteed of winning anything yet. So no accolades either.

    And I am sure they will flog him in the summer. No doubt. So bottom line, he must regret big time that he left.

  60. dennisdamenace


    I’ve thought for quite a while now that AW’s control over the dressing room was suspect, mainly from the so-called senior players. However, players like Song, Eboue etc probably think the sun shines outta his arse, becuase he knows there is NO other team anywhere that would give them and there like ECL football.

  61. Geoff

    Ethan I agree, Iceman if that were true, he should have sold him for big bucks last year.

    Oh good morning all!

  62. iceman

    Error of judgment maybe Geoff?

    AW’s probably thinking…my team’s scoring goals now….
    Where do I fit this 110k a week excuse of a player who has no idea what the offside rule is about.

    I’m sure they’ll be takers for 12-15m wouldn’t they?

    But you’re right….we should grabbed the 19m Milan/Barca we’re offering.

  63. kelsey

    have you changed your mind about Theo’s injury.First he was out until May,now he is back next Wenger learning from Fergie,Benitez,to say feck off to pointless internationals and he just wanted Theo at home.

    And what about Ade.5.5 weeks out with a slight hamstring injury,travels with togo but isn’t playing. Any thoughts.

  64. dennisdamenace

    When you’ve got a club like ours that has a small group of experienced, quality players that are outnumbered by young, inexperienced, and in quite a lot of instances sub-standard players, then it’s only human nature for these senior players to start asking questions. Questions about the direction of the club, questions about the manager’s decisions, and ultimately questions about whether they want to be part of this club/excercise??

  65. Geoff

    Kelsey, I think everyone including Theo thought he was fucked, two days later and after his scan it showed he was okay, either way he couldn’t play for England, I think it was a genuine concern.

  66. dennisdamenace

    I think we’ll be lucky to get much more than £12m for the plank this summer, but AW will say that’s still a profit on what he paid for him…..

  67. kelsey

    I read on ANR that our players wages have doubled since 2005. Can you believe that.Half the quality at twice the price.