Walcott shocker but who cares we have Eboue

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Losing fragile Theo is devastating, he is one player that excites me, he runs at teams and they fear him, losing him takes away the fear factor, we have no other player like him and with the run we have coming up we will lose our secret weapon, but will we? After all we still have Eboue…

Anyway the good news is that Cesc is due back in time for the City game at home and that will be crucial, it means Wenger has to make a decision on who slots in alongside him from Song, Denilson or Diaby, my guess is it will be Denilson, but at least we are starting to get options.

For the EPL and FA cup games I would favour a line up that had Arshavin Cesc Denilson/Diaby Nasri, for the Champions league I expect he will swap Nasri with Arshavin and bring in Eboue, I would sooner leave Nasri out wide and play Vela left but he won’t do that.

Another option would be to put Ade up top alone and play Robin out wide like he does for Holland, I have to say I’m looking at any option that doesn’t include Eboue, not because I don’t rate Eboue, I do, but only as a right back.

Newcastle today and another must win game, if Villa and Liverpool draw, we have the chance to pull away from Villa and catch the scousers, we need to win these games as we’ll have to play Liverpool away at some point, the problem there is we play them after the semi final of the FA cup with Chelsea and that will be dodgy.

So today we need to get three points, no defensive line up, today we need to start like we finished against Hull, I expect the team to get some stick following Brown’s outburst but we need to attack their soft underbelly, I would play Diaby as we need some height and strength in there.

Nothing short of a win Arsenal, show those dirty northern bastards what your made of, go forth and multiply, go and win three points and humiliate them.

3 nil the Arsenal today, close the gap and increase it at the same time.

Have a great day Grovers and enjoy tonight because after we take care of them, they’ll be nothing until City, and that’s a long time to wait.

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  1. Lovedup Loner

    Hangeland would be worth goin for, altho I havent seen him loads so dont know if he’s pacey or not. In our team if he hasnt got any pace he’ll look shite, as Cygan did.

    A CB and a DM and we’re cookin next season.

  2. tomstoned

    godnite all !

    Misses on a war path…..hehehe ….nice chattin with you Lovedup..and Hangeland got what we need…sell Gallas give Toure the respect he deserves…and we’ll have to figure out that DM Lovedup 🙂

    take care all


  3. benno

    Tom, why sell Gallas, he’s been our most consistent defender since November, yes give Toure respect, but if he’s not playing as well as Gallas and you buy a new Cb, you bench him.

  4. tomstoned


    no offense mate.its just my opinion…dont think gallas really is a team player..but i could be wrong..in my mind Toure is the only one who’s got the grit and loyalty..that Adams Keown had..i think Toure picked up a few pointers from thoose Lads 🙂 and in my opinion Gallas is actually hampering Toure…dont think they get on ..not even for a split second..some can handle that pressure some dont im afraid…and for me Toure has my vote anytime..


  5. Space Gunner

    you gotta be kidding me! RVP made 2 assists today and some twats are still slating him.I think it is bollocks to comment about every mistake a player makes while the game is going on. I am glad Diaby made some people eat their words!

  6. benno

    Tom, all fair points, i’d just prefer to see the form player in there, if we had a fully fit and back at his best Kolo next season, he’d get my vote everytime, but at the moment who can say whether he will recover his best form, so imo it’s to risky to sell out current best CB,

  7. tomstoned

    agreed Benno…Gallas have done great…still…like flamini…he’s nat really Arsenal material..in my opinion…but i havent gotten the opportunity to decide anything yet…that selfish man Wenger…lol..

    always good with opinions Benno take care mate

    Lovedup laters…

    and now im in for on hell of a beating…lol…


  8. Bobby 7

    When we are talking about DM, what about Cambiasso at Inter. I really like his style, similar to Flamini in that he chases every ball, but also has a decent pass in him. Maybe impossible to price him away from Italy?

  9. vandejie

    Diaby scored a good goal…That was good..

    Apart from that, he is still shit.

    He almost cost us conceed 2-3 goals.

  10. vandejie

    As for RvP, he is a good player.

    It become tradition here, if anyone play below par, he will get slated. All the good things in the past gone.
    I don’t know why.

  11. gnarleygeorge9

    Evening Geoff

    Great 2nd half, can’t comment on the 1st, I was still stacking zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s

  12. Seb

    morning Geoff, it is indeed a beautiful day today, both meteorologically and ‘footballistically’ to borrow a word from the boss!

  13. nishanth

    Great performance yesterday.Just hope that complacency doesnt creep in.If we play with the right attitude there is no stopping us.This is why i am not a big fan of diaby.He really turns up for the big games and takes the rest very lightly.You can clearly see it.

  14. gnarleygeorge9

    The 2nd half was vintage Arsenal yet Diaby comes under criticism. Some people are hard to please 😉

    vandejie, when u consider the amount of footie Diaby has missed through injury, I think his progress is coming along nicely. Diaby is shit…..hot IMHO

  15. Seb

    For the first time in ages I feel relaxed about the Villa – 4th place thing. I can’t see Liverpool losing today, they will smell blood after United’s slip up. But even if Villa managed a win there would be a silver lining, both Pool and Chelshi (Hiddink-style) would be only 6 points ahead of us with 24 points left on the table. So it’s a win-win situation as far as I’m concerned.

    Besides Villa will definitely drop more points, they have started to crack. Which means Barry to Liverpool in the summer and we can swoop for Alonso maybe.

  16. gnarleygeorge9

    nishanth Yes he does that, but I thinlk they have all been like that previously, & the goals dried up. RVP had plenty of time to find Little Nicky 😈 out wide, & on his own, but held on too long. It happens.

    Great to see manure playing like manure.

  17. gnarleygeorge9

    Old Fergie probably spent the night in The Rovers Return on the straight Scotches after that. & why wouldn’t he, his over inflated ego team have run out of ideas.

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    ….if The Arsenal can get over Villareal, then destiny says that The Club will burst manures bubble in the semi’s 😆

  19. nishanth

    Agree with you.I dont think it was just RVP thought.Bendtner was free soo many times yet nobody passed it him.Bendtner was excellent yesterday.One of his pass for RVP in the first half was simply sumblime.It is interesting that 5 of his 6 premier league goals have come away.I guess he doesnt feel that much pressure playing away thanks to some of our wonderful ‘home’ fans

  20. Seb

    gg9 raining on Manure’s parade would be almost as sweet as winning something ourselves, not to mention how it would piss off the myopic fawning UK media, I expect half of those cunts have already written their ‘United’s Glorious Quintuple’ articles already.

  21. Seb

    Actually did you notice how half-hearted the celebrations for Nikki B’s goal were? The team sort of just clapped him on the back, didn’t hang around long, and had kind of forced smiles. I don’t think he’s the most popular character in the squad. Shame really.

  22. Geoff

    Morning Seb, morning Gnarley, I rate Diaby, certainly more than Song, I’m doing todays match report so pin your ears back!