Cesc sends out the rallying cry

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Spitting Cesc Fabregas warned Arsenal not to get complacent at Newcastle; he said we are in pole position and not to undo all the hard work.

‘We are back in fourth place now and need to take care of what we have. We must realise that now we have got it back, we can’t lose it again easily’

‘We know how hard we have been working for it, and now it would be a big mistake to ease off’

He also said he would spit in the eye of any bastard out there that had a shit game! Well maybe I made that one up, but I bet that’s what he means anyway metaphorically speaking.

He was pilloried for the look on his face by the press, thing is no one twigged that was his fist pumping face, big Tone did that his whole career, I can’t wait for him to come back, I suspect that will be against City. He and his style will carry us through, then we’ll get Ade and Tomas back and be unstoppable again.

Today we get the Champions league draw and I hope we avoid all the English clubs, I don’t mind who we get, I don’t even mind Barca, I think they are made to look good because all the other teams in Spain are so poor, look at what Liverpool did against Madrid.

Porto, Munich, Villa Real, Barca, bring em on, on our day we can beat anyone.

Someone came on last night and asked me if my neck hurt on my 180 degree turn on Wenger and the team, well listen up pencil dick, Pedro and I are Arsenal fans, we love our team and our manager, what we don’t do is worship them, if we don’t agree with team selection or we don’t rate a player, we comment, our Grovers then debate, we don’t all agree, but we all get on because we are all Arsenal fans, and that my friend is why we don’t let mugs like you on, because you don’t and you’re not.

Short post today Grovers but a great day ahead, we get to know our fate in the Champions league, I hope we go somewhere hot for the away game, and I don’t mean Old Trafford!

P.S. A Friday joke to get you going…

What’s great and empty?

Le Exchange…

If you have spare tickets, don’t let the go to waste because 95% of the time, Le Grove will find a gooner to take them off your hands!

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  1. Stu

    Evening Pat,
    Although Walcotts pace will undoubtedly be sorely missed thas all he really offers when fit. Nasri will have to be the creativity out wide until Rosicky is fit r Arshavin becomes elligable next season. Which ever comes first.

  2. Stu

    Eduardo and Bendtner (if paired together whenever possible) should be more than capable of causeing any future opposition major problems. Once Cesc is back fully fit we will be flying again.

    But even with a fully fit squad we still have that gaping hole in the DM position mext to Cesc. That should be the priority in the summer.

  3. charybdis1966

    Evening all, as you guys seemed to be talking about Owen scoring against us, according to our friends at the Daily Mail he’s been dropped. It doesn’t say whether he’s been benched or dropped from the squad.
    Still, one less (crocked) banana skin for us.

  4. Stu

    GM, Walcotts knee locked this morning after a successful training session.
    He will be out for a few weeks at least.

  5. Pat

    Walcott injured his knee walking back from training. Ridiculous. His pace has been a vital asset in the few games he’s played in this season, but I agree that Eduardo and Cesc are more important players than him. I want to see Ade back in action. Maybe he’ll improve as the whole team has lately.

  6. goonermichael

    Thanks. wec are definitely jinxed. I think we’re going to de well for the rest of the season. I’d love to knock the dirty manc cunts out

  7. charybdis1966

    Hey GM – exactly how I feel about the mankskummers. I wish they’d all go cunt themselves off.

    The Fergie-mania and Manc worship has gotten to obscene levels in the last few years.

    Nauseating ? Oh yes.

  8. Maciek

    No objections Stu. In fact I still tend to think that he is a better keeper than Almunia. Even though Manuel has had only one bad match this season(against the spuds).

  9. Stu

    That may have been his worst match Maciek but he has made quite a few costly mistakes too.
    Fabianski is definately the better option.

  10. Stu

    Friday, March 20, 2009
    Theo Walcott will miss Saturday’s trip to Newcastle after injuring his knee at Friday morning’s training session.The England winger has only just returned from almost four months out with a dislocated shoulder and, speaking at his pre-match press conference, Arsène Wenger revealed that the 20-year-old will face another spell on the sidelines.“Walcott got injured today in training,” Wenger said. “We have to test it, he has a scan on his knee today. We are surprised and worried. He was in very good form coming back and that is very bad news for us and for England.”

    From Arse.com Maciek

  11. Maciek

    Thanks Stu. So probably he will be out for the rest of the season.I pray that Rosicky and Fabregas will be both back for the Villareal tie.

  12. Stu

    He will hopefully be back for the last few weeks of the season. Nothing is confirmed yet so its hard to know for how long he will be out.

    All we need to do away to Villareal is avoid defeat and try grap a goal. We should beat them at home, especially if we have Cesc, Eduardo and maybe Rosicky back in contention.

  13. Stu

    Just while noone is here I will tell anyone reading this.

    We all know how hot Magan Fox and Jessica Alba are, right.
    I came across a poll asking who was sexiest. These are the results that i was utterly shocked to see:

    Megan Fox 1.27%
    Jessica Alba 34.05%
    Jessica Biel 1.31%
    Britney Spears 63.38%

    Now that is a fix if i ever saw one. Britney spears is fucking rotten now imo. But thats just my opinion. Shocking results!!

  14. Confidentgoner

    Sad to hear about Theo’s cartilage injury, but I think we can get by with Jack or Merida and lest we forget the pass master. If AW instructs Eboue to play mainly the wings and cross the ball, we will be as dangerous as with Theo. Ge allows him a free road and most times he dribbles through the center, helping to stunt attacks.

    Who knows the story with Rosicky???

  15. Stu

    I would be happy to go with Merida or Wilshere in there.
    Nasri and AA should obviously be picked for all prem games but in the CL Eboue will always get a start because Wenger wont go with anyone else there.

  16. Stu

    Rosciky will probably never play for us again. Everytime he is supposed to be almost read he gets injured again.

  17. A

    wilshere is a long long way away from being ready yet, much further than he was at the start of the season, but it happens with kids his age. He doesn’t even look great for the youths and reserves at the moment. He’ll be incredible, but isn’t ready yet, eboue is miles ahead of him.

    I really hope it’ll be nasri and arshavin in the league, and probably eboue and nasri in the champs league, though it could also be bendtner – nasri – eduardo behind a lone forward

  18. Stu

    OR Wenger could be bold and go with
    RVP Bendtner Vela

    That would certainly catch the oppo by suprise.

  19. A

    stu rosicky’s just had a one week delay in his return to completely full contact training, and it isn’t a setback thats a reoccurence of his other injuries, it’s just a hip knock, a little injury seperate from his previous ones. He’ll be back and good as ever in a month or so!! trust me 🙂

  20. A

    not saying he’s great stu – he’s just miles better than the likes of wilshere and merida at the moment! He’s been absolutely fine recently too, improved alot

  21. Bobby 7

    Think we got a good draw but i wouldnt be too secure that we will beat Villareal. If we have two good games we should do it. And then it will probably be the Manc’s in the semi’s and that should be very interesting. Will be great to see thelegend BP7 come back to TNHOF.

  22. Stu

    A, i was talking about the CL but i forgot that Cesc would be back. I guess there would be no way to play that way with him in there. Nasri would have nowhere else to play in that formation.

  23. A

    Surely in the league now the first choice (until rosicky is 100%, which won’t be for a while) will be


    Sagna – Toure – Gallas – Clichy

    Arshavin – Cesc – Denilson/Song – Nasri

    Bendtner – Eduardo

    Denilson or song depending on the make up of the opposition, whether we need physical presence etc, and against shite teams maybe even stick diaby in there.

    Bendtner, Eduardo, VP, and maybe Ade can vary depending on form and the opposition

  24. A

    I dunno stu, champs league I could see cesc possibly playing alongside song in a deeper role, though probably only if eboue was playing to add a bit more defensive ability

  25. Evo in Oz

    passed out halfway through blogging last night…whoops a few too many.

    what else is news since the draw?

  26. Stu

    Again A, i dont see what Eboue adds to defence. He rarely comes back to help out, if never actually ahead of Sagna and would therefore take him longer to get into the right defensive position. I just dont see what you do.

    Cant disagree with the team above either. Well I can really (GK) but i wont. 😉

  27. A

    “He is completely distraught,” said Wenger. “Completely. Theo is strong mentally but today I found him really shocked.

    “Walking off the pitch he felt his knee lock up and it started to swell. If it is his cartilage it is three weeks minimum, five weeks to play. That means beginning of May.

  28. Evo in Oz

    yeah just watched the wenger press conference. interesting chat from him, hard to say how bad it is until they get the scan, but maybe they can be cagey in order for him not to play the international week and get refreshed?

  29. Evo in Oz

    Phil McNulty on the BBC:

    “Jens Lehmann’s late penalty save from Juan Roman Riquelme stamped Arsenal’s passport into the 2006 final, but Villarreal coach Manuel Pellegrini has always felt they were unlucky not to beat the Gunners.

    Make no mistake Villarreal will pose a threat, with former Arsenal star Robert Pires an obvious danger and superb playmakers in Santi Cazorla and Ariel Ibagaza, but they can lack a cutting edge.

    Arsenal have Cesc Fabregas, Theo Walcott and Eduardo ready to bolster their ranks. They will be a powerful addition to Wenger’s armoury as he insists his side can beat anyone left in the tournament.

    This, in my opinion, makes Arsenal favourites to reach the last four – where the smart money will be on them meeting Manchester United in an all-Premier League game”.

  30. Stu

    It is mouth watering to contemplate having Eduardo, Fabregas, Rosicky and im the prem AA too al in the same team. e would be unstoppable.

  31. Confidentgoner

    Arsenal now play 2 box to box midfielders. That plus the strikers tracking back have been crucial to our not conceeding many goals recently. With Cesc back, my guess is that he will play Cesc beside any of Diaby/Song/Dennilson. In full flow you could see:






    ++++++ RVP/Ade++++++++ Eduardo/Bent/Vela+++++++++++

    Now that will blow even Bara apart. I have to say that the team have strted playing well without Cesc, due to Ash’s directness and improvements all round. We may see Cesc sometimes warming the bench and not an automatic first choice!!

  32. truegooner

    ITV Sport calculate that in terms of net spending – taking into account income from player sales – the clubs are roughly equal. Liverpool’s net spending on players over the last five years is £82.5 million, while United’s has been £85.5 million. Chelsea spent £154.8 million net on players over the same period, while Arsenal splashed just £3.4 million in net terms.

  33. benno

    GM, thats net spending tho, so they probs spent at least closer to 100, but due to the sale of playersetc is only 85

  34. Evo in Oz

    just back from the pub now benno. 8pm here, just waiting for the Indian takeaway to arrive, then a few more beers, then a small kip, then the game at 0430am


  35. kelsey

    Morning all,
    do you guys actually believe theois injured,or is Wenger going against the grain and is just pulling him out from one or two possible internationals.Other managers do it all the time.gerrard had a hamstring problem and then played 3 days later for Liverpool,and talking of hamstrings,any confirmed news on Ade,he has been out for over a month. Anybody.

  36. benno

    fancy dress party, then hittin the city after, got the game on record for when i get home just incase i cant find it on a tv in the city 😀

    should be an entertaining night 😀

  37. benno

    im hoping theres a conspiracy theory about Ade being injured, and that he’s just not playing so that his value doesn’t decrease any further due to more poor perfomances, but that could just be the beer talking lol

  38. kelsey

    I really knew the answer,but how can that happen just walking on the training ground.Have we got a team of powder puff players,who spend more time injured than playing.it’s hard enough with a young fairly inexperienced squad,yet the ones we don’t want in the team never get injured.

  39. stonroy

    Morning all, dissapointed about Theo, he was looking great, and the competition for the spot was even making Eboue a better player.