Eboue to sign new contract, fantastic, I hope it was an improved one.

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In this current climate of financial meltdown mass unemployment, repossessions and family break-ups it was heartening to read Arsenals worst player this season has been rewarded with a new and improved contract, even the manager had this to say,

‘I am pleased that Eboue starts to score because it looked to us that he could never score goals’

That was on Arsenal.com so it’s true.

Well thanks to recession proof football, mediocrity has once again been handsomely rewarded. I did ask myself that if Wenger thought he would never again score for Arsenal, what on earth was he playing him on the right side of midfield for, what a waste of a season, had we had a real winger there or even Jack Wilshere, we may have been in a very different position right now.

I won’t dwell on this save to say he is adequate cover as right back and no more, as was Justin Hoyte, but at least Justin was likeable.

On to tonight and who will it be? I would rest the keeper and the two full backs, I would rest Kolo, I would play Arshavin, Theo, Vela and Eduardo, I may even play Song in the middle or Diaby and rest Denilson.

So here’s my team for the Hull City game tonight.


Eboue Djourou Gallas Gibbs

Theo Diaby Nasri Vela

Arshavin Eduardo

A small side but a creative and fast one, imagine Eduardo on the end of those slide rule passes, I can’t wait, I won’t be going myself tonight because I can’t face another evening with the ‘Orangemen’ looking to spoil my experience, I will give my tickets away and hope they enjoy themselves. I will be watching it on the TV so will also be saving myself a shedload anyway, I am one of those that doesn’t live in a recession proof world so it would probably do me good to miss out anyway.

With the savings I could probably buy the wife a new frock!

Ahh, Mrs Geoff will be pleased!

Ahh, Mrs Geoff will be pleased!

We ought to get a cricket score against this team, they aren’t the team that beat us early doors, but they are still a dangerous one, treat them with caution boys, treat them like the wounded Tigers they are, I think this is their last chance for glory, they may well be in another division next season so we need to get in quick, like we did on Saturday, I won’t predict a score tonight as it will be difficult and there are Grovers out there that hate to see me do it, they think I’m a Jonah.

Have a great day all and let’s hope we get to our first semi’s in the FA cup since 1935, 5 nil the Arsenal.


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  1. patthegooner

    “to spit at my assistant manager tells you what this club’s about,”

    “We haven’t been beaten by Arsenal, who are fourth top in the Premier League; we’ve been beaten by a linesman’s decision and a referee’s decision. It’s as simple as that.”

    I can’t believe the Media have turned on Arsenal tonight, after a Manager has spouted that shit. Surely he should be asked to explain his words and be on a charge for those words.

  2. kenny smith

    in a way i kind of hope cesc spat at him cause in truth the hull staff are cunts!!!!! but obv i dont want him banned so hoping he didnt and cesc sue’s them for slander. Phil Brown said that the goal being allowed to stand was “disgraceful”

    Whether you are an arsenal fan or hull fan you will have to admit that its a pretty tough call… to me it looks like it came off the keeper last but to hull fans it will look the opposite. Id give the officials the benifit of the doubt on that goal. Anyway every other manager gets fined and shafted for speaking out against refereeing decisions so i expect to see a hefty fine for phil brown(massive cunt). To me Brown is the child in all this. he threw his toys out the pram in the press interview and he looked silly. Wenger handled it very well which will infuriate Brown haha

  3. Paulinho

    I love Fabregas’s passion. He was probably writhing in his seat watching that tosser Horton winding up Wenger in the first half.

  4. patthegooner

    on the field, in the tunnel,

    They cant even get their fucking story straight.

    Fucking idiots. I hope they enjoy the bus journey home, they should be back by about 4am

  5. Angelos

    Let’s not get carried away and start condoning people getting spat at because then Brown would be right about the club. At the end of the day Hull got beat, we showed good resolve and now we need to maintain this level so we already have a decent amount of momentum when players start to return.

  6. Paul88

    Stan collymore and his talksport cronies will have a field day about this one. ‘throw them out the competition’!

  7. Stu

    Cesc is just like one of us. He is a fan now more than anything because after being njured for so long he is learning what it feels like to watch your team in te shits.
    He said something to that affect in an interview after we went through against Roma.

  8. Paulinho


    I’m sure he was speaking like Ricky Butcher at the time as well. “Where’s Biancaaaaa?” “oy, you want some Horton, I’m here sunshine”.

  9. patthegooner

    What I will say is that Riley got it wrong.

    He did lose control of the game. He should have booked their Keeper early on for timewasting, but he let it go and all the northern monkeys thought they could take the piss.

    Luckily for us, we got passed his incompetence and won the game.

  10. IX

    lol keyser, well it is good but not great though… i wish i study harder for the exam….i got 9As 1B lol!!
    well this exam is equivalent to the gcse. I live in former british (or english some of them would say) colony..

  11. Keyser

    patthegooner – I just read it on some Hull forum, so I’ve just added my own unsubstantiated rumour, Heh, I could be wrong, but if Fabregas did actually spit on him, Horton would have been showing it off to everyone asking for DNA testing.

    I’ve actually enjoyed this season all the downs have had their ups, it’s been exciting, hopefully we can actually show some of the form Wengers been saying this team has in it.

    Newscastle will be tough.

  12. patthegooner

    Thing is the likes of Sky and Setanta love the likes of Brown and Walrus Face as they give up their sundays to appear on Goals on Sunday, so they will always escape criticism for their actions and words.

    An educated panel would have been straight on Browns words and said what it was (Bad Loser Mentality), but know suddenly the sheep just followed the orange one and repeated his questioning about the non shaking of the hand.

    Thats why I was pleased with Wengers words. Fucking Brilliant Arsene, it was the best thing you have said in an interview all season, in that he looked for the Hull Staff and they were not there, so why should he hang around and that he can shake his hand down the tunnel later.

  13. patthegooner

    You are right Keyser, and knowing Brown he would have brought said shell suit or hi-tec trainer to the post match to prove it.

    I dont think it even touched him, but I am sure as we speak there will be Sky and Setanta tech’s going through the tapes with a fine toothcomb

  14. simon mcmahon

    well apparently acccording to tangoman ,
    arsenal fans dont like his team- CORRECT
    Arsene Wenger Dosent like his team – CORRECT
    The linesman got the second goal wrong -CORRECT.
    Listen hears another fact your bastard, I listen to the game tonight on the radio and your tactics were exposed ,Time wasting from the 15 minute is laughable & disgraceful, the commentators on the radio picked up on the time wasting.
    funny you didnt mention the stonewall penalty we didnt get or the efforts that hit the bar and were cleared off the line.
    If these allegations against cesc are another fabrication , along with his words about our club and the officials he should be facing a F.A.Disripute charge .

  15. patthegooner

    Arsene Wenger got my goalkeeper booked for time wasting. It’s an absolute disgrace to tell you the truth.

    Really, I sadly timed one of them, and it took him 45 seconds to take a goal kick, What is Wenger supposed to do? fucking applaud him, what a prick

  16. chris

    im just not happy that poor old little hull have come out as the victims here..offside decisions are called wrongly all the time for goodness sake..wenger clearly looks over and does not see their manager coming over so he walks off..and i highly doubt cesc did anything..hull already changed the story about 3 times in the space of about 20 mins so they clearly dont know what actually happened if anything..

  17. patthegooner

    Let me put it another way

    I think the way that Hull Time-wasted and commited nitty little fouls, and then showed their true colours with an amazing outburst of accusations and bad sportmanship at the end of the game just goes to show what his club is all about.

  18. Ja_Gunner

    Yeah after all his crap I really hope they get relegated, I hope Stoke stay up at their expense, I know you guys dont like Stoke either..but I would prefer them to stay up just because Ricardo Fuller plays there, I want him to get another year of premier league football as this might help my national team…I hope Hull get stuck on the points they have now….and SToke is saved.

  19. Axman

    When Phil Brown has a pop at cesc for spitting he sounds exactly like that Catherine Tate character thats always trying to get the bloke in her office to sponsor her for some shit.

  20. Stu

    Wenger was asked if he was disappointed with Hulls performance (presumably refering to the timewasting etc). Wenger should have said he expects these types of things from small teams. That would have rightly pissed those fuckers off.

  21. Ja_Gunner

    Also Arshavin has 1 goal 3 assists now in 6 games.

    Plus that one he helped to bundle in off Oojer.

    So he has directly influenced 5 goals already in 6 games..even tho in his frist 2-3 games he was very unfit.

  22. Keyser

    pattheGooner – Setanta are living in Sky’s shadow, they’re going to milk this to maximum effect, they love Arsenal because we always give them a show, after West Ham vs West Brom yesterday they needed something to dramatise and it’s like Brown’s purposely given them what they want.

    The funniest thing was them with the pictures showing Fabregas 15 yards away from him and then saying it was inconclusive. heh.

  23. patthegooner

    Yeah I saw that, I was pissing myself.

    If you are going to try and shown some evidence, at least show something that is actually a feasible spit.

    Either that or get Norris McWhirter in, I think Cesc had a World Record distance for spitting on his CV there.

  24. patthegooner

    Right that is me guys, have a good one, I am sure this will continue through the night, and I personally will have a comfortable nights sleep after that, unlike Tango Man who will already be thinking about what a cunt he has made of himself…

  25. Lou

    The increasingly sinister looking Brown was really playing to the cameras for all he was worth during the interview. All sideways glances and flared nostrils. “It shows what this club is all about” he said. Well, after the utterly ludicrous spectacle of the most blatant time-wasting I’ve seen since Liverpool visited I think we all know what Hull City are all about. Wenger clearly waited for him but he never showed for a hand-shake and then has the nerve to say that Wenger NEVER shakes hands with him. His pathetic little hissy fit continues as he tells the world his side have been cheated out of the game. Look at the yellow cards and tell me who was cheating. The man is a diciple of The Walrus and wears that stupid ear-piece in an effort to appear more scientifically involved. Just like that pig Allardyce keeps telling anyone who will listen how he is a big fan of Pro-Zone. Really? I would have thought that The Pig’s teams are the last ones to take any notice of that sort of thing as they spend most of their time trying to injure their opponents and probably play less football than any other team in the league. Blokes like Brown and Allardyce make me sick and the PL would be a much better place without them. They should be plying their violence in some mud-soaked northern league.

  26. kenny smith

    Ok they are now saying that fabregas spat at his feet now. even if he did spit at his feet they cant actually prove he spat at him. How many players spit next to one another on the field???? You cud claim that people were spitting at you all day. It all seems a little far fetched to me. Even if he did spit at that cunt it was in the tunnel and how many camera’s do you reckon were there. Even if cesc were to do something as stupid as that i think he wud of made sure there were no camera’s around before he did it.

    As for phil brown saying that is what arsenal are all about then he should be fined for saying that. If cesc did spit at him you cannot tar an entire club with the same brush for 1 player. If that were true then every club in the world would be a disgraceful club cause im sure every single club has had a player that has done something they shouldnt have.

  27. Obi

    lol at this picture. Cesc = Mafioso


  28. kenny smith

    If i had been a spectator there and got to go into the tunnel id have spat on phil brown then promptly jumped on his head for a while!!!!! CUNT!!!!!

  29. kenny smith

    yeah he does a bit doesnt he… YOU talking to me??? HAHA



  30. kenny smith

    “I categorically deny that I spat at anybody after the match. I have never done this in my whole career on the pitch, so why would I do it when I am not even playing?

    “I can understand the frustration of losing a game to a dubious goal, that has happened to me many times in my career as well. But this is not the fault of me or any of the Arsenal players.”

  31. Keyser

    Game was good, but you’ll probably hear more about the post match incidents and interviews than anything else.

    We started off slow, conceeded the usual lucky goal but this time came back to win, almost the reverse of the first Hull fixture at the Emirates.

  32. Ja_Gunner

    Yea Arshavin was saying lets get on with it and win the game.

    That was excellent.

    He cut the celebrations short..he didnt get carried away at all.

  33. Rizzy

    watched that highlight again what he did showed true class, maturity and class. never saw that 1st time so thanks.

  34. timao

    i’m reading the initial press on this game and it seems like we have robbed a toddler or something ! calling the Gallas goal “the most clear offside goal of the season”!? that Wenger should offer Hull a replay? what the F*CK!!!?

  35. timao

    can you imagine what it will be like a year or two from now when we are sweeping ALL before us? I cannot wait!

  36. DeeOzGooner


    sour grapes like m’fuka!!!

    nice to be on the good end of some ruff decisions for once!

    AA…whata player…can u imagine eduardo, cesc & aa on the pitch together…we gona be breaking some serious records!!!…cant wait!…how bout that ball he played for gibbs?!…such vision…oh i just blew my load…

    anybody got any tissues?!

  37. benno

    the thing i noticed about RVP’s goal was the efoort NPB put in to make the ball his and to get the cut back in, in the 1st place, would you have seen Ade do that, and even of he did get to the ball he would just balooned a shot wide.

  38. ArsenalKenya


    Revise your offside rules.

    We won and Phil Brown should stop whinning and shove his earpieces up his arse.



  39. benno

    Kenya, yeh but when JD flicked it on before the keeper touched it, Gallas was offside, and was quite clearly interfering with play

  40. Pat Dig

    I agree iceman , Phill Brown is a tosser and I dont care that the goal was offside , we have had some big shite decisions go against us in the past so as you say enjoy the moment ….

  41. ArsenalKenya

    I disagree that the Gallas goal was offside.

    1. When the ball was floated in, Gallas was definately onside
    2. He went behind the goalkeeper whilst the first contest for the ball happened. The ball was still in the air and did not touch the floor.
    3. He contested the second ball that came towards him while the ball still did not bounce on the floor and he nodded it in.

    I would agree it was offside if Gallas was in offside position when the ball was floated in but from what I’ve watched over and over and over again, he was onside when the ball was floated in.



  42. iceman

    Yeah and he goes: “Fabregas spat at Horton, I will not accept an apology.”

    Ok so why you whinging like a little kid for? FFS!!!

  43. ArsenalKenya

    Watch the replay closely again….

    you can clearly see that the ball deflected off of Myhill’s fists before Gallas headed it in!

    It’s not offside because it came off a Hull player (the keeper’s tip after Djourou headed it).

  44. tonyadamsisgod

    What a twat Brown is! How about you worry about managing your team! Perhaps you can give them a dressing down on the pitch infront of the fans and going on a nother long losing streak! Prick!

  45. tonyadamsisgod

    Went to see my first game of this season last night and so glad I got to see AA play!!

    Arshavin is a genius! He oozes class! Everytime he got the ball you just knew he would make something happen! And I honestly cant remember him giving a single ball away! He is just an amazing talent! And to boot, he ran to the other side of the pitch to make a great diving tackle on a Hull player when everyone else was just watching him!

  46. kelsey

    Morning all,
    as usual with arsenal there will be little or no mention that we actually won and are only one game away from the final.Brown is a first class cunt,trying to mix it with the real big managers.There will be endless debate about what cesc did or didn’t do(the story has already changed 3 times) and love him or hate him,AW wouldn’t walk off without shaking hands for no reason.he came over quite relaxed in his post match interview,in other words not interested in taking any shit from a nobody.If he could translate that into his team selection and play players on merit,we might eventually get somewhere.

  47. kelsey

    Geoff,do you agree and also toure/Djorou and gallas/Djorou doesn’t work.IMO Djorou has been poor in our last 2 matches.Gibbs on the other hand impressed and crosses well.A half fit AA is class,why didn’t we buy him in the summer.Vela is not ready to start matches,and give Nic some credit for adding a better balance to the team.What was the point of diaby hoofing long balls up the middle for our midgets while RVP was on the flanks.

  48. Steve

    Glad to be through, but that was shit last night.

    I’d forgotten the game by the time I got back to the car.

  49. kelsey

    Morning Steve,

    what was shit or who was shit.how come we can never string 2 decent performances together,or is it team selection.I would like your opinion,as you were there.

  50. Evo in Oz

    how pumped was Cesc when he came onto the field, i love that man!

    he is champing at the bit to get back on the field, he sits at every game and looks super keen!

  51. chozzer

    Surprised you should say that, Steve.
    I thought the second half had everything you could want in a cup-tie.

  52. gnarleygeorge9

    Must say that after a below par 1st half RVP stood up.

    Little Nicky 😈 was sensational when he came on.

    & AA23, well how good is this bloke. Well I spose we are all going to find out 😛

  53. gnarleygeorge9

    The bottom line is no players leave over the summer. Please Le Brof, no more haemorraging in the off season. It is extremely upsetting for us fans.

  54. Steve

    To be honest I thought Hull were dire. We made Barmby look good and he is 107. Our defence lacked cohesion and we looked disjointed up front and spent 60 minutes pumping the ball up to a couple of midgets. Apart from that we were o.k.

  55. gnarleygeorge9

    That is the 1st time I’ve seen a team try time wasting after 15 minutes 😉 Hull deserved to be put out.

  56. Big Raddy

    Morning All

    I agree Chozzer. From my armchair, it was a brilliant second half. Only thing missing was a Hull sending off.

  57. gnarleygeorge9

    …..I startled a few of the neighbourhood cats, dogs, birds, Mrs GG & family when the 1st goal went in the old onion bag. I jumped up & down, threw the arms in the air & gave Brown the bird. & there was not one orangeman to piss me off. How about you Geoff 🙂

  58. tonyadamsisgod

    Gibbs, for me, now deserves to be starting regularly! He is far more consistent in his defending and he is a lot better going forward! Sorry Clichy, until you improve I will be campaigning for Gibbs!

    Sagna’s crossing and general forward player was again average at best!

    Diaby was shocking for most of last night! He gave the ball away so many times and picked the wrong option too often. He has to be the only player that could bring a ball down completely dead at his feet from such a high clearance and then fuck up a 2 yard pass.

    Song seems to think that coz he played that chip into Eduardo against Cradiff, that is now the only way to pass the ball. He tried that move so many times to no avail!

    RvP was poor last night. Yes he got a goal but his movement for the majority of the game was crap and his attitude far worse. For once it should be him learning from Bendtner on how to keep chipping away when you’re not getting the rub of the green.

    Nik B won us the game last night. We all knew we needed him and he delivered. He is becoming more and more of a nuisance to defenders. He may not beat them but he is getting positions that move us forward and keep the oppo guessing. His footwork leading up tou our first was brilliant.

    Fabianski was pretty damn good too! Another game played, another game closer to the number one slot for me! He came out and sweeped up so many long balls that Almunia never would have gone for!

    JD – A poor game. Conistency is the kids problem. He is like Diaby…..plays a good game then a bad game, a good game and then a bad game!

  59. tonyadamsisgod

    Oh and Hull were fucking woeful! Long balls, time wasting even before they took the lead and I have no idea why it took Riley so long to book that twat keeper! He was seriously taking the piss!

  60. Seb

    Look at this shit from Henry Winter of the Telegraph:

    ‘Don’t mention the romance of the FA Cup to Hull City. Don’t mention the success of the FA’s ‘Respect’ campaign. Romance and respect disappeared in a cordite-filled cloud of claim and counter-claim, in allegations of spitting, cheating and officials being swayed by home fans. The FA must today order an investigation into a night that shamed football.’

    What a load of nonsense. We are the new target of the witch hunt.

    The fact is, we are starting to win games where we haven’t played that well, and that is the crucial difference at this end of the season. We beat a team who sat defending in their own half for most of the game, our CBs were more like midfielders, and all the media can do is focus on some tell-tale crybaby story from a Hull nobody. Puh-lease.

  61. tonyadamsisgod

    Oh and another quick word…..on the stewards this time. I didnt see any bad stewarding where I was but my mate saw an Arsenal fan get ejected and he said he could not figure out why. It looked like he had done nothing wrong….infact, and I know this probably wont be the case, but my mate thought he heard the steward say it was because he was thrusting his Arsenal badge on his shirt towards the Hull bench!!

  62. Big Raddy

    Gday GG

    Riley has always been poor, but now he is beyond a joke. He could have stopped the timewasting early in the game. And some of his decisions for both teams were farcical.

    But for a jumped up little twat like Brown to question the standing of our Club, is beyond the Pale.

    I am going to write to Hull FC and make a complaint, with a copying letter to the FA. Had he spoken to Riley like that during game time – he would have been sent off, so why not when he is in front of the cameras?

    I hope Arsenal take the spitting incident further. Brown should be done for slander.

  63. chozzer

    I quite like it when everyone’s against us. Breeds a siege mentality.
    Much better than everyone saying what pretty football we play and us getting beat!

  64. Big Raddy

    Seb. There will be a media witch hunt.

    How can anyone criticize the fans? Isn’t that what we are meant to do ….. create an intimidating atmosphere? What the hell is wrong with these fools?

    I am proud of the fans

  65. Seb

    It’s just sour grapes BR, their only chance of glory this season gone in the time it takes a ball of phlegm to hit the floor 😉

    Anyway people, have a fun day reading one piece of shite sensationalist journalism after another! laters

  66. tonyadamsisgod

    Brown, again, is a twat! I was one of the 50 odd thousand fans booing Myhill when he took his goal kicks! Why? Because I wanted him booked? No! It was because the silly prat was cheating and taking an absolute fucking eternity to take his kicks! How the fuck can Brown say Wenger got Myhill booked? Myhill proved he was time wasting when he took ages over a free kick, got booked for it, then went to take it…..and then decided he didnt want to anymore and fucked off! What a chump!

  67. gnarleygeorge9

    That Brown dickhead is just another keegan. Gets all worked up. He has the composure of a crack adict.

  68. tonyadamsisgod

    goonermichael – I would suggest it started before they scored! They would have been happy with 0-0 and us heading up to Hull in a couple of weeks for a replay!

  69. goonermichael

    They were all taking thier time for free kicks and throw ins. Where did they get 5 added minutes from? Should have been 10 for the first half. Why did riley call the ball back and give it to fab at the end, did he make that up?

  70. gnarleygeorge9

    Some one should have run their hand across that hortons face. he looks like he should be in Last of the Summer wine or Coronation Street.