Gazidis: Keep employing monkeys, you’ll end up with peanuts.

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Just a quick post to inform anyone who was considering club level next year not to bother.

The stewards are overly officious, you can’t sing and if you leave the ground to make a phone call, 4 stewards… average age of 18 surround you and tell you you’re not allowed back in.


Arsenal, just remember… the customer is not a criminal. If the game has been finished for 30 minutes… a customer leaves… and you don’t let him back in, you’ve just lost a couple of hundred quid… because when you refused me reentry, you lost 8 customers in the process.

If a customer pays £2,600 a year for a ticket, they deserve a little more respect than they are currently being shown… if you treat us like cattle, we’ll react… and there is only one party who’ll be stung in the pocket and it wont be me and Geoff next year.

It’ll be Arsenal…

Most Club Level fans have normal season tickets… and judging from what I hear… many will have those back next year. Club level is just not worth the aggro so many of us seem to be suffering on a weekly basis. The gaps all over the stadium should be sounding alarm bells… instead of thinking up ways of gaining new customers, maybe a charm offensive on the ones you already have would be a good idea?

I wouldn’t want to tar all the staff with the same brush… but the good to bad ratio split seems to be leaning more toward the bad these days.

Gazidis… you need to address the embarrassing staffing issues you are currently suffering at the Grove because it’s getting out of hand.

If you don’t, you’ll suffer next year.

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  1. chris

    Sing a Song played well again
    Theo needs a new deal NOW
    but Arshavin is going to make s difference in lots of games.
    It’s just good to look like we can put poor teams away.

    Then the youth thing’s got a chance to work

  2. Geoff

    Good post Pedro, the 18 year ginger twit yesterday has learned early in life how to be obnoxious to customers, Arsenal must be proud of him.

    They will end up with more stewards than fans soon, stewards I know you read this because you told me yesterday you do, you are spoiling the day for me and many others, you will end up putting yourselves out of a job because you are getting too aggressive, don’t forget who the customer is.

  3. Geoff

    I said before we bought him that Arshavin is like Zidane with pace, I so wish we bought him in August, what a different story it would have been.

    I thought Nasri was great again yesterday as well.

  4. Geoff

    Wenger was asked last night when will Cesc and Ade be back, he said 2 weeks, they didn’t ask him about Rosicky.

  5. gnarleygeorge9


    My seat was soft, I could stretch out my legs, infact it was couch like; infact it was a couch, but was a fair way from the pitch, about 20,000 kilometres actually 🙂

  6. Jay

    Diouf and Allardyce are all thats wrong with football. No talent, no ambition, no tactics – Just try to kick the fuck out of every opposition player.

    Alladyce didnt succeed at Newcastle, coz trhe players there genuinely wanted to win by playing football – Not kicking talented players up in the air. CUNT.

  7. yanar

    What, your mobile doesn’t work inside the Grove ? Maybe if you switch away from t-Mobile it might 🙂 Idea of re-entry is probably too risky, one goes out with extra ticket or so and get extra buddy in. Does it actually work in any similar place that crown ping pongs in and out like a carousel.. I don’t think so. That’s the biggest hassle one can imagine that the grove would be like local newstand, watch 30 mins, drop by at drayton park to pick prawns, then back to see the final whistle and for the half time rush to holloway road stash to pick up six pack and the in again.

  8. gnarleygeorge9

    I just caught the last few minutes of the manure game. i can’t remember seeing so many empty seats there before the final whistle 😆

  9. gnarleygeorge9

    I reckon a good steward is one who will hand out a 3 paper splith to a patron, & offer to light it as well. people want to enjoy their day @ the footy.

    But then I heard over the PA that the stadium is a no smoker. What the………..

  10. Evo in Oz

    who did arsewaxin give the hug to on the sidelines after scoring his 2nd? some guy in the arsenal tracksuit?

  11. Jay

    Anyone catch that that dive by pederson yesterday?!?!
    At least Eboue has players around him and nt 6ft away!!

  12. Evo in Oz

    yeah seems like it was, hard for me to tell on the tv as the guy had his back at the camera the whole time

  13. gnarleygeorge9

    So we need Spuds to show a spine, & we need to beat Hull, & its mission complete. What will be the next task Geoff.

  14. georgian1gunner

    pedro, will you write match report and player ratings? i am so happy, because russian tv shows every arsenal game from the day arshavin signed for us

  15. Jay

    I think the Spuds will do it today. Villa are running out of steam. Keane will do us a favour today.

    2-0 Spuds i reckon. Heart over head of course!!

  16. High Power Mutant

    Hello, been reading on le-grove alot, you guys seem like nice people, my kind of people, arsenal people.
    Good day yesterday and Eboue scored twice, I wonder when that happened the last time?
    Was this his first two EPL-goals

  17. arcastic

    When that spitcunt done Almunia (should have been a straight red) that ref was enticing the fans with some sort of gestures, what a cunt, and the fat cunt denied it was a staight red in his interview, fat slaggggg

  18. davi

    i thought almunia was brilliant yesterday
    hes proven everybody wrong
    id rather have him than cech or van der sar as he doesnt make half as many mistakes as those two, and hes pulling out the big saves at times too

  19. Evo in Oz

    pederson should have been yellow carded for diving. it was like the year Vieira lashed out with his foot at horseman yet it missed him by a good 3 feet, yet the ref red carded him.

  20. kevin

    Yeah geoff i agree, nasri played brilliant yesterday. In my opinion nasri is the best player in an arsenal shirt in retaining the ball whilst dribbling. I think the difference yesterday was we went all out attack early on. Also instead of passing sideways to get a feel of the game, we played quick penetrative balls.

  21. Tommygoon

    Well said! Something needs to be done about these overzealous Hi-Viz Hitlers. They ruin the game with their hunger for power and authority and it’s about time we, as fans, said enough is enough!

  22. Sue

    Sorry but I didn’t hear any of the season ticket holders around me booing(lower tier block 10) – it seems to come from the tourists and fly by nights that occasionally take the time to visit!

    Overall good game yesterday – Andrey was magic, Samir was magic, Song and Djourou ever improving. Will probably take a game or two more for Theo.
    Blackburn on the other hand have gone from one degree of thuggery with Mark Hughes to another with Fat Sam in charge. Although give him his fair due he was honest for a change in his appraisal of the game.

  23. Gooner76

    Club level has always been bad, I thought I would try it for the first season and went back to a normal season ticket since then. Being told by corporate freeloaders to sit down when Arsenal score cos they can’t see, being scowled at when bursting into song, literally a ton of buffet food being wasted at the end of each game, tickets going to away teams for corporate when not sold out and then those teams fans threatening to kick the home teams fans heads in if they dare sing – utter rip off rubbish

  24. ProperGooner

    I am leaving club level because of these idiots they call stewards.
    My brother has been kicked out due to taking a glass of water early and yesterday one of the “stewards” asked my dad “what the hell he thinks he is looking at”… not bad for £3,500 per season…. I look forward to moving back with the normal fans and stewards.

  25. Roachy

    Security problem is amazing…
    You would think that a new stadium like the Emirates would have a system that requires ticket holders to scan their ticket/membership cards when exiting and want to come back in. This ensures people cannot take other cards of people already in and pass them around for others to get in.

    This is what scanning systems are installed at stadiums in Australia. I am suprised that the emirates doesn’t have this????

    If not make it happen Ivan and the problem is solved for people wanting to leave the stadium to phone a friend or have a smoke.

  26. gunnergeorgie04

    Let the stewards act like primates and throw faeces for all I care as long as those 11 individuals wearing red and white inside play sublime football and put away all the teams coming to the emirates.

  27. Pedro

    Just a quick message to Keenos.

    I took the call 30 minutes after the game had finished.

    Read before you write.

    Also, you can come back in if you ask the stewards… I just happened to have particularly arsy stewards on the door.

    Cheers for your input.

  28. Baird

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  29. Gunner 101

    Could not agree with you more, they seem to start from the stand point that you are a criminal and they are there to keep you in order. I have been a season ticket holder for 27 years and have followed Arsenal around the country and Europe and never been in any sort of trouble. Yet the other day I was accused of swearing and abusive behaviour towards the staff, which I adamantly denied but the stewards were not interested and in the end I was escorted to the police room and then from the ground. I was surrounded by 8 stewards and 2 policemen. My season ticket was taken from me by a steward without any proof what so ever that I had done what they were accusing me of. Since then I have spoken to the club who have agreed that the behaviour of the stewards was heavy handed and over the top. I am currently waiting on the club to provide me a letter to state that the details that the police took were not to be held on record. The particular steward in question has a real attitude and walks around like he owns the place and has no regard towards the fans. When I was explaining my alliance to the club and how it was not me who swore he said that he did not care and I was to leave the ground. I pay a large amount of money for the privilege to sit in club level but it is an awful atmosphere and I will not be renewing. I have seats else where in the stadium which I will use. ARSENAL I know you monitor blogs read around and get a grip of your staff in club level. It is a football match you can not create a sterile atmosphere by over zealous stewards.

  30. Geoff

    Gunner 101 if you’re still reading this old post email us at Le Grove and keep us informed of your progress, I will try and get a group together and see Fizman. You are clear to blog now, I hope you do.