Mental strength? What? we were lucky Arsene, stop crowing.

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Ok first things first, we won, fantastic, we are in the quarter finals and for that I am grateful, the boys did a marvelous job on the penalties, but I never want to go through that again.

All those arseholes that support other teams were texting me non-stop, I turned my phone off, switched my laptop off and had my finger on the TV control off button so I didn’t have to watch the Roma fans and their players going nuts, so thank God I had that bit from 2 1/2 hours of hell to savour, no shots of note all night until we got to penalties, so at least I got to see something exciting and towards their goal.

Wenger had this to say – ‘I am proud of the mental strength because that is something which has been questioned a lot in our team’ Really? When Arsene? Whoever questioned the mental strength or the spirit? You sat there in the post match interview last night like the cat that had got the cream, and with a ‘I told you so look on your face’ you also sat slumped in your seat for most of the game looking like a dead man who’s team were going out to a shit Roma side, like the rest of us were, so we all saw how much you believed.

You persist in playing with Eboue on the right when you had Theo waiting and gagging, Denilson gave the ball away too many times and the the defence in the first ten minutes were shocking, where does mental strength come in?

You brought Eduardo on with 5 minutes to go in normal time when you should have put him on at the start. He even missed his penalty because he had hardly touched the ball.

The problem you seem to suffer from is selection, you will not give up on Eboue and it’s hurting us, we have the players, but you need to play them, What happened to Vela? He was awesome on Sunday, I’m not going to say any more because we’re through, but play that side against anyone else and we’re out.

I think we had 20 odd corners and didn’t fashion a shot out of one of them, that is piss poor – piss poor, do you practice them?

The penalty taking was great, even though a few went down the middle at least they went in and the celebration at the end was far better than the performance, it was great to watch, fabulous movement!

Bendtner out on the left, what??? No wonder Robin didn’t get a sniff, being supplied by Eboue, Bendtner and Clichy he was always on to a loser, and someone needs to tell Clichy to stop fouling people in the box, because one day we’ll have a ref that doesn’t need a guide dog and a white stick.

But we won and for that I am truly, truly happy, so well done that team, unfortunately we can’t play penalties every week and we can’t play the hapless Roma again either.

A word for the poor sod that got stabbed, Blatter and Platini you need to take the final somewhere else and send out a message to the thugs, they told us they were going to get us and they did, that’s premeditated and that cannot be allowed to happen. Show some courage you spineless, weedy bastards and award the final elsewhere, you would if it were the other way around, you bigoted pricks.

The most positive thing that happened last night was we’ll have Cesc and possibly Rosicky back for the quarter finals, that would mean playing Nasri or Diaby in the middle and Theo out wide and hopefully never having to see Eboue again, unless he replaces Sagna of course and I don’t have a problem with that, he’s a half decent right back.

I hope like hell we get Porto, if not then Barca or Villa Real, because I don’t want to go out to an English team, with last nights team we would have struggled against Burnley.

So before anyone moans about me being negative, sorry, but I hate to see what he’s doing to us with his wacky team selections, yes we won, but boy, how lucky were we?

Arsene you need to take a long hard look at what you’re doing, we got through but it was luck, not mental strength, the only thing that was mental was your team selection.

Hurry up Cesc, your team needs you!

Have a great day Grovers, next up Blackburn, then Hull, if we get through those two, we’re in with a shout.

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  1. terry

    that was funny you must be thawing out a bit I know what you are talking about alright but its time to move on, If you can cast your mind back to a midfeild of Ian Selley David Heiller John Jessen and Eddie Mc goldrick you will get over it

  2. timao

    luck is what it’s all about though! i don’t care if we struggled through this time, i’ve seen other teams do it often enough in the last 16 and go all the way. and eduardo didn’t miss because of his lack of playing time, it was because he’s rubbish at pens. he did exactly the same thing again as what he did against Cardiff. i knew for a fact he would try it and so did the roma keeper. all our pens were rubbish though, more or less. we were incredibly lucky yes, and that just makes it a racing certainty we will lift the trophy this year!

  3. Stu

    Basically we were very poor and even more lucky. But over all it was fair that we went through considering we should have won by more at home and lost by more away. Even stevens.

    Franchise, that Ade translator think is fucking brilliant. But he was talking so damn fast i could barely read what he was saying!

  4. Trinidad_G

    I agree timao, I don’t care if we play rubbish and go through. Look at Liverpool for the past few years

  5. Lovedup Loner

    “Next year Inter is going to need some new players…” Mourinho said
    Jeeeeeeezussssssssss! How much money have they spunked and how many players do they want? Twat

  6. George

    Timao when Manchester United or Liverpool perform at a lower level han we are accustomed to and scrape through it is often descrbed by their swooning media crowd”as a professional job”so I will take any success,however we achieve it at this stage of the cometition.The simple fact is though that if we play that poorly again against Chelsea,Liverpool,Bayern Munich,Manchester United or Barcelona we are definately out so bring on Villareal or Porto for an unconvincing 1-0 after 180 minutes!

  7. Trinidad_G

    George, I’m hoping that last night will be our worst performance and we won’t play like that in the next round

  8. Trinidad_G

    Not that I want Arsene to go, but I wonder what would happen at Arsenal if we had a manager who liked to buy players

  9. Stu

    Trinidad, Quaresma was loaned out because he was shit.

    And Wenger does buy players. But just shit and un accomplished ones.

  10. terry

    T G be careful what you wish for .We all bitch about him now and again but not sure I would like to lose him

  11. Lovedup Loner


    Mourinho’s getting his excuses in… Spent gazillions, including about £20m on Quaresma!


    I dunno, Arshy aint too shabby IMO

  12. Lovedup Loner

    Terry; True dat… I have given him plenty of shit this season, altho somehow, by the time Im postin on here after a game I always tend to go the opposite direction!

    His time will come to leave, probably in 2 years when that deal ends…

  13. Stu

    Fair enough Lovedup, but there are exceptions to every rule.

    Either that or he has changed his ways after too many years.

    I know which one is more likely.

  14. George

    Trinadad G;we can’t play any worse than that so things can only get better performance wise.The player who seems to sum up our ability to go from from very good to very bad very quickly is Diaby who is capable of producing moments like his goal at Villa and was very good in the 1st leg against Roma but yesterday I thought he was below average and often a little too sloppy in his passing as Roma were there for the taking and we didn’t have the quality on the night to finish them off in open play.

  15. Lovedup Loner

    Stu; IMO, he saw a need for a creative player and went out and got the best one out there, in our budget. Just wish he feels the same way about a DM in the summer!

  16. Stu

    As long as he doesnt have a hump-back and only shoot he should be fine.

    So….just shoot when well placed then.

  17. Stu

    Actualy, just do what i do. Play defence and break forward only to help the others and make sure you take your chances with cool finishing and slick passing. Easy as pie!

  18. patthegooner

    I did not realise that some Chelsea Fans were stabbed in Turin as well.

    Honestly dont know how UEFA just let the Spanish and Italians do what the fuck they want.

    Amazing how they turn a blind eye to Stabbings, Crowd Trouble and blatent tapping up of players and managers, yet spend all their energy complaining about the Success that is the English Premier League.

    Fucking Cocks the lot of them.

  19. Stu

    The Italians are just shit losers. Cant take it. And Platini hates that “his” league is doing shit and is corrupt now.

  20. patthegooner

    I have never liked Platini, even as a player.

    Thing that Grates me is, Take away the English Clubs from the Champions League and see what kind of sponsorship you would get.

    It might not be the Technically Best League in the World but it is the most watched and popular by a long way.

    It is pure jealousy from Platini and his Clingons, and I wish we could just fuck em all off.

  21. George

    B4 leaving my overused keyboard;Stu I cannot imagine any other manager in the World achieveing what Arsene has achieved at our club with the finacial costraints he has been under;buying players constantly when you don’t thnk wat you have available is good enough is not necessarily the answer just look a Tottenham who outspend us year in year out but are shit.Put simply Modric stood out as an excellent player i the Euro’s but is currently part of a team of expensive underachievers and is in theory being eclipsed by Song and Denilson who cost 1 fifth o less of his fee.
    Do you think some of Arsene’s competitors could have achieved what he has on the same budget;
    Mourinho:if he had achieved anything the ground would have been half empty beause of the dull style of football he prefers.Chelsea after winning back to back Premiership titles could only get 26,000 for a CL game at home to Rosenburg,special one my arse.His followe will point to Porto’s success in the CL on a elatvely low budget which I found about as exciting as watching Greece wi the Euro’s.
    Alex Ferguson;no doubt the man can motivate players and had achieved success on a lower budget at Aberdeen before joining MUFC but his early year at Manchester United where he failed to win the League inhis first six attempts suggest to me that it was only after several veryhigh profile unsuccessful purchases that his transfer policy of going for the biggest names in English football paid off,coupled with the emergence of Scholes,Beckham,Giggs and the Neville brothers from their academy.I believe that Alex prefers to have the dough to lash out on Veron 28 million,Ferdinand £28 million,Rooney £28 million etc etc that he would fee hamstrung by Arsenal’s lack of financial muscle.His fans point to the energence of Giggs etc wich was a outstanding effort but something tells methat wasn’t all Ferguson’s doing as whe was he last big player to be bought through the rnks there that has really made a difference.Luke Chadwick!
    Rafa Benitez,fuck off he can’t even do it on Liverpool’s infalted budget so he’s got no hope.
    In short those who critisise Arsene have been becoming unerstandably more vocal lately and if he insists on playig Eboue,Song and possibly Bendthner when there is money available next year fans will have every right to qestion his judgement but I wouldn’t wish him too ill as we may end up with a cunt like Ramos,Benitez or God help us Mourinho who could ruin the tradition and standards thi club has built up in 1 season.

  22. Stu

    He only hates the league because he never played in it and England are shit at international level. Negative football and all that. Owners of the long ball outside the top 4.

  23. George

    Pathegooner the hypocracy that comes out of the English hating cunts at UEFA is unbelievable.A decapitated English fan with his head on a stake in Italy will be ignored or referred to as “an isolated incident”whilst a full scale investigation will ensue if a coin is thrown at a Spaniard at an English ground with our behaviour condemned by Sep Blatter etc.Platini sums the hypocracy up as he plied his trade at Juventus earning millions of Lira but now moans about French players coming to England….what a prick.

  24. patthegooner

    I think you have hit the nail on the head George

    Platini is just fucking pissed as he did not play in an era where players are being paid so much, and he can’t handle it.

    How these fucking idiots get such positions in Football is beyond me. I just hope that if it is not us, then another one of the English Clubs wins it, and I hope Man City win the UEFA Cup as well. I just wish we got to a situation where it was an all English last four in the CL.

  25. George

    Iam off to bed now having bored myself!but thanks for your support Loveduploner as I sometimes feel that sticking up for Arsene is the equivalent on here to admitting to being tax dodging,illegal immigrant kiddy fiddler!Only joking as I can understand the frustration particularly with the expectation generated by the building of The Emirates but I think we are getting closer and am prepared to be patient but not with Eboue!

  26. Stu

    Yes choy. A few injuries were to be expected as he regains full fitness. At least we have a good deputy in Vela.


    just too fucking typical of the way injurys are fucking us up yet again now eduardo out for saturday who the fuck is gonna score now fucking shit bollocks cunt

  28. Stu

    I have been living at my current address for almost 15 years but i only found out a month or 2 ago that a spud lives up the avenue from me. How odd is that. But he isnt really an in your face supporter like United cunting “fans”.

  29. patthegooner

    I can stand Eboue the RB, but cant take Eboue the RM

    That shot last night was like an Arsenal team that were one short and got someone from the crowd to play. He is fucking awful

    Apparently though he is a Morale Booster in the dressing room, so if we could leave him as backup RB I could live with it.

    i think in most places of work, you know someone who is pretty shit at their job but their personality wins the day and the place would be very dull without them. The difference is that in most of our places of work, the employee concerned is not on 20k+ a week.

  30. Stu

    Dont worry BBK. Im sure Song will up his game enough to add a goal to his 2 assists of last weekend. Maybe Denilson will grap one too between an Eboue brace.

  31. Stu

    I would rather work with someone i didnt like and be very successful than be working with a cunt that makes my work life shit.

    Why cant he leave and be their friends at a different club.


    denilsion getting a goal now that would be a sight to behold apart from keep giving the ball away that cunt just runs around like a headless chicken


    at least song showed he has more brazilian in him then what denilsion will ever have the back heel from song was sublime

  34. Pedro

    George, your whole argument is blown apart becuase you don’t know what budget Wenger has had.

    Fact: We haven’t won a trophy since 2005, we haven’t won a league since 2004.

    That’s not good enough.

    You talk about Wenger being a stadium filler… well, take a at the footage of the Burnley game.

    He’s done a lot of good in his time at Arsenal… but how far down the shitter do you let the club go before you address the problem?

  35. choy

    hey pedro.. please thank rico if you see her around.. i received the book after 4 months!! heheh…

    yeah sad to eduardo injured again, i think he is going to be the FC cup hero this time around, and be fit for hull.

    hope your hand is healing well!!!

  36. A

    pedro – i don’t think you can sack wenger when the club is at a much higher place than it was pre-wenger, or in post-war history. If we lose out on champs league then there’ll be a lot of pressure on him, as it is we could win two trophies, and get in champs league, which would ve a very successful season.

    If we don’t get champs league this year he’ll be under pressure, and if we don’t have a real title challenge after that I think he’ll be off at the end of next season, but i’d be very surprised if we didn’t.

  37. Lovedup Loner

    Pedro; Soooo, the fact a few 1000 couldnt be arsed to turn up to an FA Cup game is proof of what exactly? Nuffin, IMO.

    You have it in for Wenger, thats why the only people on here who get moderated are those that dont call him a cunt, or words to that effect.

  38. Lovedup Loner

    All the arguemnts on here seem to boil down to;

    Well, even tho Arsenal historically have never been a consistent league winners (no back to backs since the 1930’s FFS!) or trophy winners for that matter, we should be winning a trophy every year… or 2 at the most coz….erm, WE PAY THE HIGHEST SEASON TICKET PRICES IN THE WORLD…

    So, did Wenger set those prices? Hmmmm…

    But, of course I am being a Wenger apologist now, ooh naughty me….

    maybe Ive had a bad day (shit! No maybe about it!) But I still think what george saus is spot on! 😀

  39. A

    does anyone know how many times in the clubs history we’ve reached the quarter finals of the champions league?? can’t find a record of our champions league/european cup history

  40. George

    Loveduploner you are absolutely spot on but Iam afraid I will earn myself another banning for sticking up for Wenger but here goes;
    I guess anyone who posts on a site that openly claims to dislike “the Arsene knows brigade”but allows people to post “Wenger is a cunt”shouldn’t be shocked by the site’s leanings.And the whole arguement re “get an opinion” is flawed because if you argue vehemently for Arsene using colourful language you finfd yourself blocked but are free to post spiteful rhetoric claiming Arsene is a hopeless cunt and should be kicked out.
    Pedro my whole arguement isn’t blown apart because of the ground filling rules re Burnley as I was at that game and you tell me any other club apart from MUFC in the country that could achieve 50k plus for Burnley at home.My arguement was who could have done a better job and I notice you haven’t addressed that althought that issue is so theoretical it’s virtually unwinable.
    We have been here before Pedro but your version of “how far down the shitter do you let a club go”is far different than mine as we are 5th in the Premiership and still in the advanced stages of the CL and FA Cup,if that’s down the shitter it must be a gold platted,diamond encrusted one with shit that smells of roses lying in the ubend!
    My issue has always been that there are various people who are very quick to condemn Arsene but those very same people would happily celebrate advancing to the latter stages of the CL this year and see a marked inprovement next year in The Premiership and conveniently forget their damning posts written weeks or months before.

  41. George

    As for Wenger’s budget Pedro I do know that since Arsene arrived he has a had less money made available to him than Liverpool,Spurs,Manchester United and Chelsea.Arsenal’s accounts are readily available and going back especially to the pre Emirates days his record is exeplary in managing to get top players on a low budget and letting people go at the right time.
    The wages we pay are another issue and never really discussed at length like our low transfer spending,the reason being that we are very big payers and does drive me mad to think that it is highly likely that Song and Eboue are on well over £30k a week,which they would struggle to get elsewhere.

  42. A

    i agree with the “arsene knows brigade” thing george. It creates an atmosphere whereby one side of the argument is written off unfairly. The only way that can exist is if there’s an “arsene’s a cunt brigade” too for the other side, so people can pigeon hole as they wish!

    To be honest i disagree massively with the whole “arsene knows brigade” things, because it categorises people by opinion, regardless if they’re arguing rationally, if they’re in the “arsene knows brigade” their argument is supposedly voided.

    It stinks of (though isn’t quite as laughably stupid) as the “political correctness brigade” the unintelligent right such as the daily mail uses in an attempt to argue against logic and rationality

  43. George

    A that is my point entirely,you cannot win an arguement b simply saying”oh your just one of the Arsene knows brigade”so implying that the person is lazy,deluded and ignorant.No doubt there are people that exist who don’t tknow their facts and trust Wenger too much in his judgement(try the current board!)but I find them equally offensive as the get Wenger out brigade who seem to put equally as little thought into their arguement…like who the fuck would do a better job?
    Iam glad you bought up The Mail as from front to back the paper is a disgusting insult to one’s intelligence.I’ve got a mate who’s colleague used to work in the sports section and to say they lean towards MUFC would be an understament.Use to wrap fish and chips or spare bog roll during hard times ids the only decent thing you can do with it.

  44. George

    Amy Lawrence Choy is a sports journalist who apparently got caught in bed with Brian Robson,I think but my grey matter might be playing up.Also for some reason I have got it in my head that she is an Arsenal fan as I seem to remember singing her name when she walked past the away end at Tottenham when we were celebrating winning the Premiership,but it all sems a bit vague in my alchohol sodden memory bank.

  45. ricardo

    Wenger sat there like a drowning man on the bench – and like a man that had invented sex afterwards!
    did he try to bring-on Vela at the death for penalties – like Roma bought-on Montella – and did so too late? If so it summed-up Wenger’s night – poor from the team selection!
    I thought Denilson was OK. I think he and Diaby is a more potent midfield. I thought Nasri and Bendtner were good (and I calll Bendtner a Championship player – but he played well last night). I thought leaving RVP up front alone against a second-string defence was poor decision and fucking Eboue WHY? Oh why does this twat play? Should have started with Vela and Nasri on the wings
    If I was Vela I would fuck-of if you can’t get a game in front of that useless twat Eboue (fuck it makes me angry)
    Really good piece thanks

  46. Padre Pio

    Not a great performance, but mental strength nonetheless. Conceded early goal, failed to score first pen still went through was that because of mental weakness?
    Only mental strength can explain the final victory.
    Wenger admitted we didnt play well – that being the case they still hung on – Chelsea lost 3-1 there in group stage this season

  47. ethangunner

    Padre Pio

    conceded early goal, failed to score first pen still went through was that because of mental weakness?
    yes mental weakness and a shite load of LUCK !

    you can hardly call not scoring from open play in over 210 minutes a STRENGTH !

    well that is unless the idea of football IS NOT to score a goal ..
    or the fact that im missing something ?

  48. iceman


    Roma were so poor. We should have put them to the sword in normal time.

    1 goal would have done sealed it and yet we couldn’t.

    We had Theo, Vela and Eduardo snd he chose to start with neither and brought them on too late.

    Something’s gotta change.

  49. Duke

    Morning, oh i feel a bit better today 😛
    With so many attacking options to choose from our left winger was Nikki and right winger Eboue? And RvP obviously is not a lone striker, he dosen’t enjoy it, and he is a 2nd striker who has the skill and flair to make things happen, he will not be scoring 30+ goals a season, he is there to get around 15-20 magical ones, and 15-20 assists, i mean i don’t think i ever ever seen him score a tap in. He should play behind Eduardo, fucking lucky we were, but who gives a shit, United are always lucky, but everyone is on their dick how they are the best team in the world.

  50. Duke

    oh yeah and Barca is just like us but with money and a manager who dosen’t play favourites, they saw our invincible team, modeled their team like that, without the mistakes Wenger makes.

  51. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning all….I think its been proven that Wenger was right not to start Eduardo. It took him about 30 minutes to get a groin strain so we would have been looking at making a forced substitution well before half time.

    As for Theo not starting however, I think Wenger got that wrong! That prat eBay just stood up front the whole game. Seriously! He never worked back and was more advanced than RvP sometimes. Me and my mate were watching the game saying ‘where is eBay’? ‘He isnt even in the picture!’….thats because he was just standing, hands on hips right at the top of the pitch!

  52. arcastic

    Morning all
    This wont be the last time we will be pissed off at his team selections,
    Bring on Blackburn who knows what team he will put out,guaranteed song and eboue will grace our team, feeling fucked off already

  53. tonyadamsisgod

    Stange noises coming from the Arsenal dressing roomthis morning! Kolo has come out in The Sun and reaffirmed that he doesnt get on with Gallas off the field and that there are some people who have problems with others in the dressing room. Then Theo comes out and says that it was like they had won the world cup in the dressing room and that they are like one big happy family!

    Either way, our ‘Captain’ should no better than to make those comments even if they are true and it has fallen to yet another mature for his age kid to send out a positive signal!!

  54. arcastic

    Wonder if we could sell the mug on Ebay. (would probably get done for fruad) could’nt describe him as a footballer

  55. Duke

    How did Eddie get injured? Was it with his penalty kick? If not, then he got injured before and should have never taken the penalty anyway…

  56. Duke

    Also will Wenger stop going on about us being unbeaten in 17 games, makes it sound impressive forgeting to mention we drew like 16 of them.

  57. iceman

    Constant moaner. Unique species. Cannot be found anywhere else. But now and get 10% off on similar item, less whingeing, just slow aka Song.

  58. tonyadamsisgod

    Iceman – ha ha! Buy It Now price??

    Duke – he picked up the groin strain in the 2nd half of ET apparently!

  59. Angry Loner

    Morining akll

    Barca eh? Hmmm, won nuffin under Guardiola, playing quite well at present, but could end up ended handed this season…But what the hey?

  60. Duke

    taig, he should have never taken the penalty. Also Doni is an idiot, all our players took the penalty the easiest way, and he just kept going the other way, RvP took his to the bottom left as he is left footed, and all the right footers took it to the bottom right, as they were scared to miss and took the easiest option, we are lucky Doni is stupid.
    Also UEFA are fucking muppets, leaving the CL final in Rome, the fuckers do what they like and don’t get punished for it. If it happened in London, they would probably cancel the game, have the English team forfit and move the Final to another country.
    Seriously how can you pick Rome and Istanbul for the 2 finals of your competitions this year? Fucking idiots!!!

  61. tonyadamsisgod

    Duke – Its hard to call on Eduardo. If he told me he could do it i would believe him. A groin strain that apparently isnt too bad wouldnt have that much effect on the penalty. He just kicked a poor pen in my opinion. The only thing that was wrong was the placement, not his run up or power behind the ball.

    Its weird that you say right footer’s easy option is the right side. I find it easy to tuck it to the left.

    As for UEFA! Well you can imagine what Blatter and Platini would be saying had this happened at the Emirates! They would have relocated the final already, all english teams would be expelled from the CL for the next 4 years and the FA would get find £100m to cover costs! Those 2 are the real muppets behind this. Like you say, who had the fucking bright idea to hold the finals in 2 Cities that boast some of the most violent fans known to football! Fucking ludicrous!

    And there is no way that UEFA dont have a back up plan from the start! You can guarantee that they would have picked Rome and somewhere else just in case. What if there had been a huge terror alert in Rome? They would never hold it there. They would take precautionary measures for such incidents so for them to say they cannot move it is stupid! And for that twat spokesman to say they ahve spent too long on setting up the security is a disgrace! if they cannot get through a knock out stage game without violence how can they expect a final to pass peacfully! There is no way the Ultra’s will be happy that there stadium is being used to host a final that doesnt include their team!!!!!

  62. Duke

    taig, i fucking hate Uefa and their double standards, it’s unbelievable how they are allowed to behave like that.
    The penalty thing is if you are right footed it is easier to open your body up and place it to right side footing it, when my coach trained the keepers he always said that if the penalty is being taken by someone who is not an attacking player, that they will always go for the option to put it to the side of their fav foot or slam it down the middle. If you are an attacking player then you have your own style of where to put it, for example Henry would prefer to side foot it to the right, while Shearer would like to slam it into the left. The point was being made about our defensive players, and on evidence you can see that they all did go for the option.