Mental strength? What? we were lucky Arsene, stop crowing.

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Ok first things first, we won, fantastic, we are in the quarter finals and for that I am grateful, the boys did a marvelous job on the penalties, but I never want to go through that again.

All those arseholes that support other teams were texting me non-stop, I turned my phone off, switched my laptop off and had my finger on the TV control off button so I didn’t have to watch the Roma fans and their players going nuts, so thank God I had that bit from 2 1/2 hours of hell to savour, no shots of note all night until we got to penalties, so at least I got to see something exciting and towards their goal.

Wenger had this to say – ‘I am proud of the mental strength because that is something which has been questioned a lot in our team’ Really? When Arsene? Whoever questioned the mental strength or the spirit? You sat there in the post match interview last night like the cat that had got the cream, and with a ‘I told you so look on your face’ you also sat slumped in your seat for most of the game looking like a dead man who’s team were going out to a shit Roma side, like the rest of us were, so we all saw how much you believed.

You persist in playing with Eboue on the right when you had Theo waiting and gagging, Denilson gave the ball away too many times and the the defence in the first ten minutes were shocking, where does mental strength come in?

You brought Eduardo on with 5 minutes to go in normal time when you should have put him on at the start. He even missed his penalty because he had hardly touched the ball.

The problem you seem to suffer from is selection, you will not give up on Eboue and it’s hurting us, we have the players, but you need to play them, What happened to Vela? He was awesome on Sunday, I’m not going to say any more because we’re through, but play that side against anyone else and we’re out.

I think we had 20 odd corners and didn’t fashion a shot out of one of them, that is piss poor – piss poor, do you practice them?

The penalty taking was great, even though a few went down the middle at least they went in and the celebration at the end was far better than the performance, it was great to watch, fabulous movement!

Bendtner out on the left, what??? No wonder Robin didn’t get a sniff, being supplied by Eboue, Bendtner and Clichy he was always on to a loser, and someone needs to tell Clichy to stop fouling people in the box, because one day we’ll have a ref that doesn’t need a guide dog and a white stick.

But we won and for that I am truly, truly happy, so well done that team, unfortunately we can’t play penalties every week and we can’t play the hapless Roma again either.

A word for the poor sod that got stabbed, Blatter and Platini you need to take the final somewhere else and send out a message to the thugs, they told us they were going to get us and they did, that’s premeditated and that cannot be allowed to happen. Show some courage you spineless, weedy bastards and award the final elsewhere, you would if it were the other way around, you bigoted pricks.

The most positive thing that happened last night was we’ll have Cesc and possibly Rosicky back for the quarter finals, that would mean playing Nasri or Diaby in the middle and Theo out wide and hopefully never having to see Eboue again, unless he replaces Sagna of course and I don’t have a problem with that, he’s a half decent right back.

I hope like hell we get Porto, if not then Barca or Villa Real, because I don’t want to go out to an English team, with last nights team we would have struggled against Burnley.

So before anyone moans about me being negative, sorry, but I hate to see what he’s doing to us with his wacky team selections, yes we won, but boy, how lucky were we?

Arsene you need to take a long hard look at what you’re doing, we got through but it was luck, not mental strength, the only thing that was mental was your team selection.

Hurry up Cesc, your team needs you!

Have a great day Grovers, next up Blackburn, then Hull, if we get through those two, we’re in with a shout.

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  1. George

    Charybdis1966,I thought the whole paedo rumour re Arsene was started by a dj called Caesar the Geezer who is a Spurs fan who put it out there that Arsene was facing investigation for paedo offences.The ignorant hacks descended like vultures upon Highbury to get their story only to met on the steps Arsene who must have wondered whether other repected British managers would be subject to such vile rumours and interrogation without the thick,Arsenal hating press did a shred of homework….can you imagine old whiskey nose having to answer such questions?
    If it was Caesar The Geezer I can only wish him an Alan Partidge type of existence in Norwich.

  2. Trinidad_G

    Franchise, who would do better than Van Persie with a midfield of Bendtner, Nasri, Denilson, Song, Eboue ?

    I want to see him get the service Ade had last season …. he would have 60 goals.

  3. Bren


    Stats me arse. He’s a crab of a footballer and not the answer. Bench him for the rest of season and let’s see if he progresses in time. My guess is that he will not.

    Ribery over Nasri – anyday of the week. This Nasri has alot to prove. Give me goal shy Hleb anyday of the week.

  4. Steve

    Good nick me old beauty. I’ve stopped looking into the whys and wherefores now as I have just enjoyed over four hours of caning a yid (on his expenses). Now it’s good to be a Gooner.

    How you doing?

  5. Paulinho

    This is the problem when you have too many average players in the squad. They start effecting the good players and drag them down to their level, so we end up debating who was shitter than who when it misses the point.

    This team as it stands doesn’t deserve deep analysis or discussion. It’s too average. Last season’s team was great but had flaws, they were exciting yet fragile. They were on the cusp. They evoked emotion because we could see the ability was there.

    This team and Wenger is just dull. All the players are playing to their maximum and they’re still shit, thus I was pretty emotionally detached last night, even though I’m glad we’re still in the comp just for the craic.

    If we can get Rosicky back fit again, then our champions league challenge might be worth discussing again. Fabregas and Rosicky together can provide a basic of technical quality will may elevate the games of lesser players to the required levels.

  6. Franchise

    Vieira allows Vidic a free header 2nd half he doent return he’s subbed

    Mourinho has balls!!! Wenger was too scared to make a sub yesterday. considering how woeful we were i was shocked to see such a late substitution.

    he should have introduced walcott for eboue earlier and moved bendtner to partner VP and move Nasri wide.

  7. irishgunner

    Bren – did you see much of it last night? Do you see Giles saying players and most managers shouldn’t be interviewed because they talk crap

  8. Franchise

    at 1 nil the game was still stacked in our favour all we needed to do was try score one 4-4-1-1 wasnt working we shoulda switched to 4-4-2

  9. David

    Last night was completely embarrassing. Only the result mattered. But to see our players celebrate like they had just won the world cup…just shows you how highly this team rates itself.

  10. Steve

    He has Franchise. he won’t be doing so this season though. He also didn’t do so with Chelsea regardless of his bucket of cash.

  11. Franchise

    VP was so isolated up front. u cant lump it up to him. he isnt the best hold up player we have. Why play him as a lone striker? then u stick a slowmo striker on the left of midfield

    Arsene u worry me with ur tactics

  12. Trinidad_G

    Franchise …. we have no idea what the result would be if Wenger made early subs last night … yes we might’ve sccored, but it’s equally possible that they could score … and if they did …. we would be saying “Wenger you fucking asshole, we were in control and you changed things”

    As it is now, we are still in Europe. Not pretty, the difficult way, but we are still in it.

    When a manager makes decisions we don’t like, the only way he can vindicate himself is if it works, and last night, like it or not, worked.

  13. Franchise

    True Steve… Wenger looked lost yesterday though. He was fucking clueless. I bet at some point he just gave up until it went to penalties

  14. Bren

    I did Irish.

    Giles makes sense 99% of the time. The best analyst by a stretch. A big Arsenal fan. Was gutted last year when we went out at Anfield. That was one of the few games he co-commentated on – apparently asked to do.

    He does’nt see us winning anything of substance until we address the shortcomings in central midfield and centre back.

  15. irishgunner

    what else did you want the players to do? no matter how shite you play if you go through on penalties to the 1/4 finals of a major competition you celebrate – people baffle me 😕

  16. Franchise

    Steve the guy is paid several millions a year to know what he’s doing not to gamble and hope. Even I a mere armchair watching mortal could see that the formation wasnt working. And I paid for my beers rather than get paid 😉

  17. irishgunner

    Bren – I love the way they got Whelan to admit that Liverpool were boring to watch two weeks ago and he admitted that he doesn’t go to their games much. The RTE pundits are honest, Dunphy says stuff just to be controversial a bit too often but at least he’s entertainment.

  18. Trinidad_G

    You don’t need to rate yourself highly in order to celebrate … it depends on what your expectations are. If you’re being outplayed, and you win, you would celebrate. If I expect to fail an exam, and I pass, I ceelbrate.

  19. David


    Does my “Mental Strength” baffle you?

    I know….it juss shows my “maturity”….or lack off…

  20. Franchise

    I fucking went ballistic after the win. Penalties are not a joy to watch. I get nervous just watching penalties irrespective of if my team is involved or not

  21. Trinidad_G

    He is paid alot Franchise, but it’s always a risk changing formation with a tie at 1-1. We could easily lose it while adapting. Subs are great if you’re winning or losing but at 1-1 it can swing you either way.

  22. irishgunner

    😆 David yes it was your “mental strength” and “courage” and “spirit” that baffled me 😆

  23. Bren

    Pure entertainment indeed.

    He also has a good eye for what is happening. He called the MANU game well, and but for their 2nd offside goal – he was spot on in how the game would have panned out.

  24. nick

    Steve nice one happy days pissed and entertained at his expense.I had visions of you ko last night with all the tension it could not have been more nerve wracking if they tried but its the result that counts.

  25. Keyser

    Franchise – Heh, are you still on about balls ?!

    Inter went out, Arsenal went through, see there’s negative and then it goes to border on hysterical, mate it was bad enough with the honour thing.

  26. George

    IrishGunner,I do agree,Manchester United in the FA Cup final springs to mind,the players celebrated like mad although we didn’t deserve to win.Teams have got lucky against us before and it is gutting to watch their celebrations(Liverpool at Cardiff) but if you,you win.

  27. gazzap

    TAIG, arsenal pass the ball more than any other team in the league. central midfielders see more passes than any other position on the field.
    So you would assume an ever present arsenal central midfielder would be top of the passing charts right?
    Denilson is 5th.

  28. irishgunner

    Bren – They got the Liverpool game all wrong though. I think everyone got the Liverpool game wrong. Dunphy loves having a go at Ronaldo, even when he was talking about Messi last night “Now there is a REAL player, he has it all” – have to agree with him on that.

  29. gazzap

    I cant remember who said it, John Barnes I think, he said, “I dont care if we lose every game 1-0, as long as we win the league”.
    fucking hilarious.

  30. Big Raddy


    You fight your corner well and with vigour, but thankfully, I see things differently.

    Sure we won ugly, but so what. If nothing else this season we have shown that one display gives little hint of the next. Who knows – we could destroy Blackburn and then scrape a 1-0 with Hull. I really don’t care. What is important is the win.

    In no way do I think we have the answer yet, but I firmly believe we have the first team to beat anyone, yes even MU and Barca.

    And David’s comment about the players celebrations beggars belief. Were the players meant to trudge off disconsolately, or go to the travelling fans and celebrate with them ? Incredible.

  31. nick

    Thats like some other twat think it was mark drapper ”i would like to play for one of the spanish teams like juventus or some one like that” cock

  32. irishgunner

    George – exactly. I sincerely doubt (and hope) the none were happy with the performance but when you win a game like that particularly by penalties you just go mental. I went mental in my living room 😀

    My mother though I was possessed – I had a big thick, angry head on me for 120 minutes and then tornetto blows it over the bar and I’m jumping around like a mad woman 😀

  33. tonyadamsisgod

    Bren – You want to bench him and see if he progresses?? I’m pretty sure Zinadine Zidane wouldn’t progress if he was on the bench for half a season!!

    People say crab footballer. Thats bollocks and shows complete ignorance for some of the skills required in football. Nothing is more important, especially in a team that apparently prides itself on its passing game, than ball retention. It doesn’t matter if its backwards, sideways, forwards or diagonally, if you keep the ball then the oppo can do all fuck all! And how many times have you heard the immortal phrase ‘play the way you are facing’???? Its a simple rule that all managers use. His job is to win the ball and pass it off to a creative player like Nasri or Arshavin. His job is DEFENSIVE midfielder not ATTACK AT ALL COST AND ONLY PASS FORWARD midfielder.

    Its intelligent football and unfortunately some people dont have that very attribute to see the benefits of it.

    If Helb was still here and had those stats everyone would be wanking over him like he’s the best thing since sliced bread! As it goes Hleb’s pass rate was worse and his goal and assist rate are almost identical even though at this point Hleb has played more games than Denilson in an Arsenal shirt!!!!!

  34. Bren


    IMO, Ronaldo is a spoilt fool, who just happens to have plenty of football ability. He is nowehere near Messi, as a player and a professional.

    Liverpool surprised everyone on Tuesday. I suggest that if Liverpool played in such manner for 75% of the season, they would be champions.

    Torres was really up for the game in a manner I do not see very often in Arsenal players. The rest followed him.

  35. David

    Not quite raddy

    But i did like how both he and Gallas watched the ball roll past them for Roma’s goal….i thought that was quality.

  36. tonyadamsisgod

    And for the record, I think Denilson was fucking attricious last night! I’m just not judging him on that performance alone.

  37. Trinidad_G

    Raddy, how funny would it be if after winning a penalty shootout and qualifying for the next round, our players drop to the ground weeping and they have to be consoled by the Roma players

  38. irishgunner

    As Vin Diesel said in Gone in 60 Seconds “It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winnings, winning”.

    As long as we don’t cheat to win I can get over playing crap

  39. irishgunner

    Bren – I think Ronaldo is a very good player but he all step-overs and crap, like Michael Flately except a footballer. Messi is out of this world – so direct and huge end product and a major plus, he is not a cheater (bar that hand ball goal)

  40. tonyadamsisgod

    Irish – like beating Utd on pens in the FA Cup! The fact that we were shocking that day only made the victory sweeter than ever!!!!

  41. George

    Charybdis1966,Iam not too keen on Mark Bright as a commentator as I still think he for some reason harbours a small grudge that Ian went onto be the bigger of the Wright and Bright partnership which could account for the reason he smashed Lineghan’s nose to pieces in the Cup Final Replay.The worts offender is probrably Marwood who Perry Groves grassed up in his book as leading a players revolt for higher pay and was consequently drummed out by Graham.When Dan Smith broke Diaby’s leg listening to Marwood commentate you would have thought it was Abu’s fault.

  42. nick

    I wouldn’t care if wenger slapped the opposing manager to create a diversion why the team kicked the shite out of their best player as long as we win its time we stopped playing nice and do what needs to be done take a leaf out of the cheating manu book

  43. gazzap

    you have to remember that we were much better than roma in the first leg as well. on balance we deserve to be in the quarters, no question.

  44. Trinidad_G

    Our players don’t get away with those things though Nick … if Denilson kicked Totti in the balls or kicked out at him, we’d never hear the end of it

  45. Arsenal Tom

    irish… i think u fast and the furious… your right though, we won and thats all that will in the record book

  46. irishgunner

    TAIG – yep. Lets me honest if that was the CL final and we played shite and won on penalties exactly like last night would one person care – I wouldn’t, particularly id it was United, that’d be brilliant 🙂

  47. irishgunner

    AT – yeah your right it was Fast and the Furious there were cars in both films though so i wasn’t too far out 😉

  48. Trinidad_G

    Since we’re all Arsenal fans …. we need to say “The ref got it right, it wasn’t a penalty” 🙂 .. esp as it was 50-50

  49. maqitlarge

    didn’t see it yesterday but it feels like teh 2005 FA Cup final (remember? When we last won something?)
    Delighted with the win but ultimately disappointed with the performance. Thats how I felt at the time anyway. Probably because we were spoilt for trophies at that time so winning ugly tinged the feeling.

    We’re in differernt times now. If we have another 5 of those performances but still win the CL I wouldn’t give a flying one!

  50. George

    Irish Gunner I too received a severe rebuke from my georgeous wife re the noise level during the penalty shoot out,and I thought it did my children good to be woken by a pissed father’s rantings at 11.30 pm!I mean what is the World coming to when you can’t celebrate a penalty shoot out without waking up everyone in your house and the adjoining houses?

  51. Big Raddy

    Damn right. Which would you prefer l… leaving Cardiff trophyless after giving the Dippers a lesson, or leaving with the Cup having been totally outplayed by MU?

    Rhetorical question…..

    I was so proud last season when we smashed AC in Milan, but what did it get us. Nothing. In fact, as a direct result, we lost Flamini.

    Winning is ALL that counts

  52. George

    Good point Big Raddy,the drive home from Cardiff that day was a very low point as some of their thieving fans had knicked my stereo!

  53. irishgunner

    George – ha ha I swear I was like a bull I was so angry and my father knew it best to say nothing but my mother was all “Are Arsenal not winning?” which only made me even angrier, then for the shoot-out I hid behind a cushion which promptly got dispatched as I jumped half way across the room, shouting my head off

  54. Big Raddy

    I have rarely been more angry after a game than the Dipper Final. The ref cost us the game (and Lee Dixon).

    But I went to all the Sheff Weds final, and bejeesus they were boring. But we sure partied afterwards.

  55. gazzap

    Bugger Eduardo is out for Saturday. it doesn’t say if he’ll be out for Tuesday as well. This will happen to Rosicky as well. its so long to be out of football, that your body just changes and cant cope with it.
    wenger does not mention Ade, but I assume that means he is not fit yet.

    120 mins of football followed by PL game = not good.

    My team:
    Eboue JD Gallas Gibbs
    Theo Rambo Song Vela
    Nik B

  56. nick

    SAME here irish the cushion went and hit the light and i wernt far behind it even my girlfriend was happy we won coz apparently i would have been a miserable git for the rest of the week and all the swearing would have been in vain 🙂

  57. George

    IrishGunner Iam ashamed to admit that due to my inability to control my temper with an anti Arsenal brigade that seem to attend pubs across England that I can’t do “pub football”as I become embroiled in arguements with the wankers who turn up to cheer the other team(these people usually have a leaning to Manchester United)when I should be watching the game.So I now watch the game at home behind a bolted door as no one is allowed in the room,to ask such inane questions like”how’s it going.”

  58. A

    trinadad i don’t get how anyone who actually watched the game could claim that eduardo should have started or come on for longer – he came on and was less fit than the players who’d played all game!

  59. Trinidad_G

    A, Theo didn’t look that great either, yet aparantly Arsene made the wrong call by not starting them.

  60. Al

    Did anyone else notice last night Wenger said we are unbeaten since november, funny that im sure we lost 1-0 last night.

  61. kirby

    was in rome last night great night we was poor but made it!! van persie and bendtner were as bad as ive ever seen them before but we are through so im grateful the youngsters kept thier nerve!!!

  62. irishgunner

    BR – especially not my mum, she doesn’t get sport. She went along to support my brother playing in a match once and didn’t know that the teams switched sides at half time and starting shouting for the wrong team – colours didn’t mean anything to her.

    George – I’ve got my friends into arguments before ha ha all my fights are verbal they can’t hit me cos that’d be so wrong.

  63. Big Raddy

    Does anyone really believe we will see Mozart again?

    I really, really hope so, but, I have my doubts. And could he ever be the player he was?

    TG.Who said that?

  64. A

    yeah i agree completely trinadad. Some people are absolutely ridiculous.

    Wenger is shit or a cunt etc etc cos he picks shit teams and then when it’s shown that there’s absolutely no way that they could or should have started rather than go back on themselves said people just ignore that they’ve been proved to be wrong, and keep on with it!

  65. irishgunner

    BR – I really hope so but he has been out for so long you have to wonder what he’ll come back like

  66. Trinidad_G

    Yeah A I was saying earlier. If he started Eduardo and Theo, and they got injured, it would be Arsene’s fault.

    If he made early subs and they got injured again or even worse, we concede because of changing formations towards the end of the game, we would call for his head with a glass of french wine.

  67. A

    nah it’ll be fine re rosicky. He’s had this persistant injury due to the original misdiagnosis, and he’s been playing with it hampering his performances for years. Therefore when he returns he will actually be stronger than he’s even been before, and he’ll actually be better than he’s ever been before, let alone come back at the same level!

  68. Trinidad_G

    Eduardo was brought on at 85 mins and got injured within 20 mins. Imagine if he’d been brought on at 60 mins …. he would be injured before the 80th and had to play 40 mins like that, or take him off.

  69. Big Raddy

    Me too Nick.

    I woke up with a hangover. Had to spend the day inside because it has been snowing like a complete bastard. Thought I would have a fun day on LG, and then had to wade through such a wave of negativity that I got so depressed that I started to think these bloggers had a point – which is a major first for me – normally I just dismiss that pants.

    Thankfully, I have a fine glass of Italian red by my side, and the world seems a better place.

  70. Trinidad_G

    If you feel like being negative today … just think … imagine if you were italian … now be happy 🙂

  71. Big Raddy

    Just re-read my post. I am becoming as illiterate as a Spud. Sorry.

    TG, The idea that any armchair manager has a better understanding of the players than AW is farcical.

  72. Big Raddy

    TG. I am nearly always happy, it is a fault of mine 🙂

    Thinking of which, may I take the opportunity to recommend @The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle? It has helped me out of troughs of despair, by giving me a guide to inner peace.

    Sounds American and naff, but the book doesn’t sell anything.

    Anyone able to recommend a book or two? I hunger after a good read – and not Perry Groves Autobiog …..

  73. A

    yeah it really is raddy, but it seems to be almost a commonly accepted fact that every other internet gooner is far more knowledgable about the condition, form, and fitness of the players than the manager who trains with them every day!

  74. Big Raddy

    Yes, well played kirby. Good to have you back safe and sound.

    You Gooners were loud on my TV. I was proud of you

  75. Trinidad_G

    lol Big Raddy, i’m familiar with that book … my cousin tried it (among other things) to deal with divorce and a brain tumor/cancer at 28

  76. Trinidad_G

    I still think we should change our shirt sponsor to FCUK .. what would suit us more? french connection united kingdom = Arsenal … and for short we can be Arse Fcuk

  77. Trinidad_G

    Raddy, she’s fine … in 3 years she’s had two brain surgeries, chemo, radiation, and experimental medication (not fda approved) …. and she’s out and about like normal.

  78. kirby

    we was treated quite good really paul apart from the annoying buses and waiting for long periods like a tin of sardines.
    the roma fans are pretty mad setting fire to the groung after throwing bottles, chairs and lighters but it was funny we were just taking the piss out of them!!

  79. Trinidad_G

    lol kirby, glad that you’re okay. How sad is it that they do damage to their own stadium?

    Same thing happened when we beat Bahrain to qualify for the world cup … trashing their own stadium to throw chairs at us and our players

  80. paul

    Dont get that sort of behaviour in club level,most of those around me are too interested in the food so they might riot if the gravy was cold

  81. irishgunner

    ha ha Trinidad – tell me when you’ll be over 😉 although looking at my back balance I think Burnley was it for me this season 🙁

  82. Trinidad_G

    irish, at least you didn’t make the trip for one of the 0-0 games. You got a good one.

    Well, i’ll have to make the trip next season then 🙂

  83. irishgunner

    three good ones Trinidad – Wigan, Bolton and Burnley, well least we won the other two as well 😀

    You are in America isn’t it?? That’ll have to be a planned trip – I’m only an hour and half by plane

  84. Trinidad_G

    Yeah i’m in America. East coast at least. If I was on the West coast that would add 6 hours to my trip.

    I plan to do some travelling as soon as I can take some time off work .. the only problem is that my mom wants me to fly home. lol

  85. Trinidad_G

    lol, that works .. yeah for the past few years i’ve been making them visit me instead … but sometimes it’s nice to have good weather and be 30 mins from teh beach

  86. kirby

    i was just goin through the posts from today and a few people said that bendtner had a good game last night lol!

    he was really bad last night i think because he gets flack people are trying to stick up for him when he is bad but just because you like a player and feel sorry for him we just cant escape the fact that hes not arsenal quality and i dont care that hes young we need results now!!

  87. Seb

    Lovedup Loner Says:
    March 12, 2009 at 10:19 am
    Where’s Seb?

    Seb mate you are 100% correct fella!

    I think you know what Im talkin about???


    It would appear so mate!