Mental strength? What? we were lucky Arsene, stop crowing.

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Ok first things first, we won, fantastic, we are in the quarter finals and for that I am grateful, the boys did a marvelous job on the penalties, but I never want to go through that again.

All those arseholes that support other teams were texting me non-stop, I turned my phone off, switched my laptop off and had my finger on the TV control off button so I didn’t have to watch the Roma fans and their players going nuts, so thank God I had that bit from 2 1/2 hours of hell to savour, no shots of note all night until we got to penalties, so at least I got to see something exciting and towards their goal.

Wenger had this to say – ‘I am proud of the mental strength because that is something which has been questioned a lot in our team’ Really? When Arsene? Whoever questioned the mental strength or the spirit? You sat there in the post match interview last night like the cat that had got the cream, and with a ‘I told you so look on your face’ you also sat slumped in your seat for most of the game looking like a dead man who’s team were going out to a shit Roma side, like the rest of us were, so we all saw how much you believed.

You persist in playing with Eboue on the right when you had Theo waiting and gagging, Denilson gave the ball away too many times and the the defence in the first ten minutes were shocking, where does mental strength come in?

You brought Eduardo on with 5 minutes to go in normal time when you should have put him on at the start. He even missed his penalty because he had hardly touched the ball.

The problem you seem to suffer from is selection, you will not give up on Eboue and it’s hurting us, we have the players, but you need to play them, What happened to Vela? He was awesome on Sunday, I’m not going to say any more because we’re through, but play that side against anyone else and we’re out.

I think we had 20 odd corners and didn’t fashion a shot out of one of them, that is piss poor – piss poor, do you practice them?

The penalty taking was great, even though a few went down the middle at least they went in and the celebration at the end was far better than the performance, it was great to watch, fabulous movement!

Bendtner out on the left, what??? No wonder Robin didn’t get a sniff, being supplied by Eboue, Bendtner and Clichy he was always on to a loser, and someone needs to tell Clichy to stop fouling people in the box, because one day we’ll have a ref that doesn’t need a guide dog and a white stick.

But we won and for that I am truly, truly happy, so well done that team, unfortunately we can’t play penalties every week and we can’t play the hapless Roma again either.

A word for the poor sod that got stabbed, Blatter and Platini you need to take the final somewhere else and send out a message to the thugs, they told us they were going to get us and they did, that’s premeditated and that cannot be allowed to happen. Show some courage you spineless, weedy bastards and award the final elsewhere, you would if it were the other way around, you bigoted pricks.

The most positive thing that happened last night was we’ll have Cesc and possibly Rosicky back for the quarter finals, that would mean playing Nasri or Diaby in the middle and Theo out wide and hopefully never having to see Eboue again, unless he replaces Sagna of course and I don’t have a problem with that, he’s a half decent right back.

I hope like hell we get Porto, if not then Barca or Villa Real, because I don’t want to go out to an English team, with last nights team we would have struggled against Burnley.

So before anyone moans about me being negative, sorry, but I hate to see what he’s doing to us with his wacky team selections, yes we won, but boy, how lucky were we?

Arsene you need to take a long hard look at what you’re doing, we got through but it was luck, not mental strength, the only thing that was mental was your team selection.

Hurry up Cesc, your team needs you!

Have a great day Grovers, next up Blackburn, then Hull, if we get through those two, we’re in with a shout.

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  1. tonyadamsisgod

    Stu – Nasri doesnt have to be able defensively if he plays next to Denilson. Otherwise we are saying we need 2 DCM’s!

  2. Stu

    What about them Metal? Diaby is tall but cant header for shit and is sloppy at defending. Remember his marking against Porto.

  3. Franchise

    our team for blackburn






    ——–luis Fabiano——-Eduardo———–

  4. Trinidad_G

    Arshavin can play on the wing but when he sets up camp on the touchline he doesn’t get enough of the ball.

  5. tonyadamsisgod

    I would love to see AA score against Blackburn….I think that would get him really settled in at Arsenal and the rest of the goals would start to flood in!!

  6. irishgunner


    Silvestre Silvestre Silvestre Silvestre

    Eboue Eboue Eboue Eboue

    Silvestre Eboue

    Classic 4-4-2

  7. Trinidad_G

    We should tell Barca they can have Ade +20 Mil for Messi … just for kicks. Of course, even if they accept it may go down to the last day of summer with our board trying to do it for Ade + 19.75

  8. Franchise

    Trinidad messi picked up his 5th booking against burnley

    cant wait for danny alves to return from injury

    we might have to recall vidic from his loan to the mancs cos gallas let in a goal after 20 straight clean sheets


  9. Metal Gear

    Nick I think that’s a very very flawed point DJ is better at dealing with set-pieces and crosses then any other defender at the club with DJ in the team there is more of a chance we won’t concede that type of goal. And remember how Fat Sam has been fukin us up the arse over the years becuz of that very weakness

  10. irishgunner

    ha ha yeah Stu


    -Silvestre Silvestre Silvestre Silvestre-
    -Eboue – Eboue – Eboue – Eboue-
    – Silvestre Eboue-

  11. Stu

    I would just like to point out that Senderos is in fact our best defender of a long ball that anyone at the club. Not JD….in my opinion.

  12. nick

    Metal i think the mistake we have made this year is trying to counter attack, teams are wise to that now. if we set up an attack teams from the off we dont give them the opportunity to attack us, kolo and gallas are good on the ground and quick i would start them over dj for this reason, diaby is a lesser evil then song but would rather have cesc and den for the rest of season. if you start arshavin on the left he would leave gibbs exposed more then vela they can swap when possible i think that team would be quick attacking and rest key players.

  13. Stu

    Fair point but i like to consider that he was only drafted in late to the team because of an injury. Not usually an excuse but we all know he needs confidence to play well and being a back-up isnt very motivating. It was a shit mistake tho but not the only idiot on the night.

  14. Franchise

    Song made a step forward from shite to shit hopefully he can step up to shittish cos we would certainly be needing big performances from him if we are gonna win anything this season or qualify for next year CL

    thats why i chose him as my avatar cos of the baby steps he made

  15. Stu

    I would actually prefer AA ahead of Gibbs than Vela because AA has better ball control, takes less risks than Vel and is used to playing midfield whereas Vela isnt.

  16. Franchise

    Metal that was a very blatant one and i learnt that he broke down emotionally like Sol after that game thats why he was dropped and Song played as CB from the prem game at old trafford until the end of the season

  17. George

    Platini and Sepp Blatter will remain quiet about the ugly incidents last night where innocent fns who there solely to watch the game got attacked by”the ultras”.They appear to despise the English and you know 100% that if this had happened on English soil(which is highly unlikely because our police are not in cahoots with our firms which seems to be the case many times when you go abroad)Sepp Blatter would be heavily critical of our chances of ever staging another European Final.Wanker.
    I hope and pray that what Arsene sys infront of the media is a 100% different from what he says to the players as anyone with a pair of eyes knows that last nights performance against an appauling Roma outfit who gave the ball away more than any other Italian team I everhave ever witnaessed at this stage of the C.L.
    We are through more to do with Roma bein shit than us being good but at the moment with a potential midfield of;
    Nasri Diaby Fabrigas Rosicky
    in the quarters I care very little at this stage
    how we won but more that Arsene impresses on the team that they were very lucky.
    Finally,Bendtner struggles to impress me on many an occasion against weaker opposition,playing in his natural position,so I think it is madness to play him out of position wherehe was highly inneffective last night;in short I don’t think he’s good enough and we need either a fit Adebeyor who for once will start to work like he did last year(before he trippled his wages)or to play Eduardo or Vela.

  18. nick

    I think we should pick the times to rest sagna and clichy weather arsen sees it i dont know but they seem fucked to me hence the crap crosses tired legs and minds.

    Arshavin isn’t full match fit yet to get him chasing back would be counter productive let him use creative energy vela can go up and down he has a reasonable engine

  19. Franchise

    Trinidad i thought we sold him to Man City in January for £128 million how do think we funded the Messi purchase?

  20. Stu

    George, that part about Bendtner is very harsh. He was great last night. He may not have scored but noone else did anything either. At least Bendtner tried things and worked his bollocks off. Which is a lot more than ca be said of others….and especially Adebayor this season.

  21. Trinidad_G

    If the only thing we can fault our fullbacks for is their crossing, I’m happy with that.
    They should play simple balls to Arshavin/Cesc/Rosicky to do the damage

  22. Franchise

    Stu ur undying love for Bendtner knows no bounds. He was very poor yesterday. You remember when he was given a pass in the 18 yard and he chose to revolve and control the ball at the same time. Shocking the way he gave the ball away. he lost possession too often to mention.

  23. Trinidad_G

    lol if we win the CL .. how pissed would Arshavin be with Zenit that they didn’t let him move in the summer

  24. Stu

    Franchise, it does know its bounds. Im just defending him. 😀 He was better than others, definately not the most ineffective.

    I have criticised him before but only when he deserved it. Not when he has worked hard during a match.

  25. Stu

    He was slated for being lazy before but now that he is working very hard for the team i just think its a little harsh.

  26. Nano

    Well said.

    This season we’ve struggled in games following a perfect performance in a different tournament. This happens when the second eleven plays in this other tournament. (E.g. we struggled in the game after the Carling cup performance against Wigan. After cardiff). You would think the team would reproduce something close to the performance against Burnley. But then Asene makes the changes and you begin to wonder why the supposed first eleven are unable to perform together. I wouldn’t go into individual performances last night, but enough of this. It was all down to the wrong personal. These players looked like they’ve got issues amongst themselves. There was something wrong with the timing of the final passes to the man upfront. An extra touch from the approaching midfielder and the chance was all gone. The cohesion is no longer there. No harmony in Arsenal’s game play. Happy we won last night though, but only just.
    I am hoping these players would let their personal differences aside and start living up to the expectation. Or Wenger does the needful by taking out the bad egg. I just hope we don’t struggle against Blackburn.

  27. charybdis1966

    I’m just can’t ever wish for my team to go out of a competition no matter what it may prove in the short term and I certainly wouldn’t say so on an Arsenal blog.

    We have 98% of the media running us down and bogging up the Manskummers so I’m not about to reduce that 2% anymore.

  28. irishgunner

    Chary – we knocked Man Utd off the news headlines – Arsenal were top billing cos of the shoot-out, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet eh 😀

  29. tomstoned

    Great Day 🙂

    and well put Geoff,and one more thing im actually shocked over the negativity som fans show..did we get trough ??..and for thoose who claims roma is a shit team…youre living in a fantasy world…

    facts: Arsenal is among the 10-12 best teams in the world in a season that have been hampered by injuries..we play with a bunch of youngsters…it is actually a incredible achievement,,dont you see that ??

    the real problem as Geoff stated spot on…the rotation politic does not function well,,,at the moment,and that is a real problem that Wenger must adress….why Vela didnt play was for me a real downer and shocking…we should play Our best players every match…and not rotate just for the heck of it….wake up Mr.Wenger…

    and Ps! Rome should not be allowed to hold the finals,furthermore i hope fifa will put a ban on the club…what a shitty town and club….there has been far to much trouble concerning that club and its supporters…..Mr:platini…get off youre ass..and concentrate on real problems instead og hacking away at Our Beloved Arsenal..all the time…

    have a great day All…..its a beautiful day….and we’re on a roll 🙂


  30. Franchise

    Ive got a solution for denilsong’s crabbing

    if we train across the width of the pitch denilsons sideways passing would become forward passes

  31. Ja_Gunner

    Black burn team





    Sagna needs a rest surely he wont play 3 games in 7 days or something like that.

    Maybe wenger will say that Wlacott is not fully fit, so he may still play ~Eboue..if thats the case Kolo should play at right back.

    If I started Eboue, I would bring Walcott on at half time….surely he can play 45 mins.

  32. Franchise

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  33. Trinidad_G

    Franchise, I don’t quite like your solution to the crabbing … yes it might encourage forward passes, but what about all the backpasses?

  34. George

    Have to disagree Tomstoned as I thought Roma were appauling in the last 75 minutes of yesterdays match.They were out on the feet and giving the ball away which is something rarely said of a top class Italian side.As for the “negativity”of the fans posting here;I thought the original post was quite understandably fairly negative given the manner in which we went thru so I can’t really see a major difference in the overall sentiment displayed after his original post.We’re through anyway!
    Stu,I find Bendtner the most frustrating Arsenal player out there as just when you think he has got what it takes he let’s you down and just when you write him off he produces a very good performance but overall Iam of the impression he will end up plying his trade at WBA or Birmigham as I just don’t think he is good enough.Agree that Adebeyor has become a lazy player which further alianates fans that haven’t forgiven hinm for his behavour in the summer.

  35. Franchise

    if we train sideways to our left then we would tell him to only pass to the RB or RM





  36. Franchise

    makes sense trinidad dont it

    assume that the comment box is the pitch

    u are behind one of the goals
    the back for are like a side four



  37. Franchise

    we can alternate directions in the training and instruct he only passes to the LB and LM





  38. nick

    I think we need to be grateful we have limped as far as we have this season we are in touching distance of 4th or higher the semi of the fa cup pending after hull 1/4 final of cl. we achieved all this carrying eboue and song ade in a coma nikki as erratic as i don’t know what.We now have eddie coming good walcott set for a run in the side cesc and rosicky due back.Arshavin showing what his made of and can only get better.

    sagna kolo gallas clichy
    walcott cesc den rosicky/nasri
    RVP eddie/ade

    This team should be capable in the cl and chuck arshavin in there for the league and fa cup we can beat any body cant we ?

  39. gazzap

    well just look at most of our good performances this season and you will see a common trait, namely that the players were not what we would consider our ‘first team’. that does not mean none of the first team players played but crucially the chemistry in wengers first choice 11 is just not right.

    Personally I dont like the Denilson-Eboue partnership. For me that is a really weak link. look back at all our best games and this partnership was not involved. that doesn’t mean Den or Eboue have not had good games, just not when the other was playing.

    I have believed for a while that the most important part of any team is the midfield duo, and the partnerships they form with the players adjacent to them on the field. as much as Den tries hard, I think he is a weak link in our team.

    I reckon you can get by with a weak winger for example (which Eboue is), but I dont think you can ever bluff that central midfield role. its just too important.
    Ignoring Cesc for a moment, the best dynamic I have seen was Song and Diaby. When Nasri came central in a couple of league games in January that also worked but wenger would never use him in central midfield from the start of a game. For me, I just dont rate Den beyond being a bang average midfielder. Thats why we need Cesc back, because wenger sees Den as his main CM based purely on misleading statistics. Neither do I think Cesc and Den works at all, but at least you have Cesc on the pitch.

    I might be hated for saying this but the strongest CM pair in the first team squad (ie ignoring Coquelin etc) is Song and Cesc.

    when wenger decides to use players like Vela, Ramsey and Gibbs, I think we have seen our best performances of the season. Lately Arshavin and Eduardo have given us a new dimension so I hope we see a lot more of them.

  40. George

    Nick totally agree,we should be grateful that we are still in the running for the 4th spot,The C.L and the FA CUP given the appauling level of some our recent performances.

  41. Franchise

    nick we can draw with anybody im not too confident that we can beat anybody

    ok for u

    yes we can beat anybody on our day

  42. George

    I don’t know Nick,with one central midfielder purchased in the closed season we could have been a lot better and only Cesc is injured in that department.The whole injury thing has become boring and only leaves us open to ridicule from opposing fans.

  43. Clacko the gooner

    All i want at the moment is a win in our next three league games and against hull.

    If the spuds do us a favor then we should be about 6 points clear in 4th and through to the semis of the FA cup and in the quarters of the CL. That would look a lot better than we have had to look at this season.

  44. nick

    Gazzap we will all disagree on line up and who works with who but you know what i mean we have options and better then the one we have had 🙂

  45. Trinidad_G

    It’s too late to talk about what could’ve happened … but we still have alot to fight for if they are up for it.

  46. nick

    George your right there but the injuries are real im not saying we dont need a new midfielder or one shouldn’t have or still be brought just we are ok and are going to get better hopefully and we can still do something this season the excuses are going and its time the players showed why they play for arsenal.

  47. irishgunner

    George: “The whole injury thing has become boring and only leaves us open to ridicule from opposing fans.” – nah raving Rafa saying Liverpool would be top of the table if Torres was fit more often leaves them open to ridicule from opposing fans – what a stupid thing to say considering he sold their only other real striker

  48. Franchise

    we have too many erratic players IMO i think u need a reliable core of 15-18 players to win the league and compete in other competitions. we dont have that luxury

  49. Clacko the gooner

    Is it me or do we have a shit load of midfielders? Whether good or not i swear we could have a team of them!

    Diaby Cesc Rosicky Ramsey
    Denilson Nasri Walcott Eboue
    Wilshere Arshavin

    Plus we have other youngsters like Emmanuelle-Thomas, Lansbury, Randall etc still to come!!

  50. gazzap

    nick, most gooners pick Cesc and Den as their ‘first choice’ pair when everyone is fit, so I dont think you are odd or anything. I just think people see the occasional decent tackle or pass from Den and then assume that he is an effective player. my view is that he is anything but effective despite his high passing stats. If you play in central midfield in a team that plays passing football can you ever be surprised that you come somewhere near the top of the passing stats in the PL?
    Arsenal pass the ball far more than any other side. central mid sees the ball more than anyone else. I think I saw that Den was 6th in the PL number of passes. I am wondering why he isn’t top. he missed only 2 games I think.

    as I say when cesc comes back we need to hope he hits top form and basically covers up Den’s weaknesses who I am sure will not be dropped.

  51. Trinidad_G

    we dont have that luxury franchise but alot of people still want adebayor sold … which would mean a smaller squad. no way would wenger buy a striker

  52. Clacko the gooner

    I just read on BBC about Valencia officials meeting with Man Citys about the transfer of David Villa and it also mentions that Silva could be going. Surely if we could get rid of some dead weight and have a sweet little tickle behind the fat russians ear we could get some money together to buy Silva? The guy is a genius with the football!

  53. nick

    Franchise the team needs to be looked at i would show ade and silvestra the door. the last chance salon for song / eboue and senderos next season they can play when the opposition allows if they don’t improve they can go in January.RVP as well he is starting to grate me either sign the deal or leave rosicky if he comes back all well and good he breaks down again pension him off.Gallas can run down his contract but have somebody like sako in there learning and bedding in with the team. Bring in players for the positions we need not brought and then moulded to suit our needs buy players for their specialist position.
    I would buy one world class player up front a left sided player and dcm then we can dominate

  54. gazzap

    I already said it in my previous post and that most people on here would be up in arms, but the best partnership in terms of chemistry is Song and Cesc.

    In the absence of Cesc, its Song and Diaby. they were magnificent against Burnley.

    I dont particularly rate Song as a top player, but he is the right kind of player and he lets players like Diaby and Cesc do what they are good at. I still would like to see a top DM coming in to replace song, but my view is that Denilson is the weak link in our team. Even Ramsey would do better.

  55. tomstoned

    ridicule from other fans ???

    im still a bit dazzled about the negativity…in my eyes we’re in front when it comes to the fourth spot…looking at the fixtures…could even manage a third place…

    we’re still in with a great chance in the Cup…

    we’re still in the champions league…and well in my eyes even in it with a great shot of reaching the finals..when we have played against l’pool…chelsea..and manu…what have the results been ???

    with this young team..this is a fantastic achievement ::: so how we can be ridiculed by other fans is for me quite silly …

    some choices of players choosen to play i can understand but the overall achievement of Our Beloved Arsenal…cant really be critizesed….

    and to underline it,,,how many teams are as sucessfully as us..???


  56. Trinidad_G

    Nick, you’re suggesting that we get rid of up to 7 players, plus Gallas in 2 years. Thats 8 players !!!
    We’re already short and complaining about injuries.
    I don’t mind if Arsene gets rid of those 8 players and bring in 10. But its’s never going to happen

  57. Trinidad_G

    Tom, I don’t agree with the negativity either.I’ll be negative if we fuck up on Saturday or Tuesday, but for right now I am Content 🙂

  58. ojaimo

    Geoff, I want to renew my plea to you to stop predicting scorelines. You don’t just have the touch for that. Good journalism, Yes, but Scoreline prediction, you are worse than EE and Song combine together.

    Lucky Arsenal eh? Recall that we were classy in last year’s CL quater final but ‘Lucky’ Liverpool went through to semi final. Y’day perfomance wasn’t great but Roma are equally good and we must give credit to them for doing their job right.

  59. charybdis1966

    Hi Irish, I meant to say “bigging” up the Manskummers but since the equity in the coverage ole 65% proof noses’ crowd get is toilet I was probably right first time.
    Someone earlier said that if the Manks had got through on pennos the gutter press would have been creaming themselves off about “the winning mentality to grind out wins against the odds” and the “heroic nerves of steel” and that we had just passed through on the basis of sub standard opposition.
    I should be used to this blatant hypocrisy and brain stultifying stupidity from hacks but it stillpisses me off but I’ll never buy into the lie they perpetuate. As Geoff said the media fawning over the Manks IS a result of the Munich tragedy – the tragedy being they were just another team of mugs from up north who were nothing special.

  60. Trinidad_G

    nick, Arsene is not going to buy more than 2 players. Last summer we got who? Nasri and Silvestre, after losing Diarra, Gilberto, Flamini, Hleb. Every year our squad gets smaller and we’re depending on 17 year olds to come in. I don’t want anyone leaving. If Song is here next year, and we have someone better, the better player will play. But having someone as backup won’t hurt.

  61. tomstoned

    Nick 🙂

    some inside information for you mate,silvestre was bought for one simple reason help create a better situation on the training ground..if you ask any manu fan…what the best thing about silvestres was his incredible attitude towards training…even ferguson has stated on several occasion that silvestre was ine of the most proffessional players he ever had ,when it comes to attitude….and regarding the situation happening at Arsenal both on the training field and in the locker room…at the time silvestre was bought ..for me its a great buy….that the man should play….hell no 🙂

  62. gazzap

    the media do love Man U but I think you have to accept that. the reasons are many and varied and probably too complex to get to the bottom of in a post right here now. But the fact of the matter is, Man U are effectively the national club team. Juve in Italy and Real in Spain are the same.

    No matter how many trophies arsenal win, we will never reach the stage where man u are now with the media. I think you have to accept that and deal with it as an Arsenal fan.

    Of course, as we all know, the media have a lot of power and influence over all sorts of things around the game not least Referees and the FA. again you have to accept that this happens. its a bugger but its life.

  63. nick

    whats the point off having song den and diaby plus others that aint good enough in the same position cut some free save on wages to spend on better players imo

  64. irishgunner

    Chary – The meeja in England really don’t like Arsenal.

    1. No tragedy a la United and Liverpool
    2. The audacity of Arsenal to win the league in the last minute against Liverpool at Anfield in 89
    3. Johnny Foreigner manager coming in and being top class
    4. Us producing the best football between 1996-2005 thanks to said Johnny foreigner

    And you know what – they can go £$%^ themselves – reading their excuses for why Liverpool continually fail is fun and lets see what they come up with United don’t win the quintuplet – as Eamon Dunphy said the World Championship is only mickey mouse why is it called a real trophy

  65. nick

    tom it makes sense to have a good pro in and around the team not the injury room can see what he was brought for but has not happened so let him go and move gallas upto that experienced type if his not up for it get someone else

  66. Trinidad_G

    Nick, the point of having them is that next year when we have players injured, we have ones who can come in for a few games. Whats the point of getting rid of Song, Diaby, Denilson and buying first choice and second choice for their position? I would much rather buy first choice for their position and make then 2nd choice.

  67. gazzap

    nick, if you are talking about freeing up money for new players, I dont think Song would bring much in or save much in wages. Ade on the other hand would be a great little money spinner. If you could sell Ade and replace him with a top DM would you do it?

    I would offload den, but that purely because he brings us down not for financial reasons.

  68. charybdis1966

    The point I was making Gazzap was that I would never believe the hype and anyone else (i.e. any non Manskummer) should use their intelligence and not buy into the lie either. I said I’m not surprised by it anymore but we – as Goons – have a duty not to perpetuate the myth either.
    It doesn’t actually make me angry in real life – I just make sure I point out the idiocy to anyone who wishes to look behind the bollocks the gutter press churn out.

  69. Franchise

    its the desire of our club to be great and we aint doing certain things right. if ppl point these things out it is cos they care

    The Negativity card is being used out of context

    In reality being a big club in this era is like a pressure cooker the moment you get comfortable with mediocricity ur decline gains serious momentum

    fergie reacted quickly to Chelsea’s threat now they are arguably the strongest team in the world.

    If Arsenal just wanted to be any other club they wouldnt have moved to the Emirates

    Being very ambitious isnt negative

  70. Trinidad_G

    We need to concern ourselves less with player salary and transfer fees. Personally all I care about is what they do on the field and if we get anything at the end of the season.

  71. Pedro


    Great post Geoff. Awful performance from the boys… but I was chuffed with the win.

    Nik and Denilson were very bad last night!

    Still… we’ve can make amends in the next round!

    Btw… there are tickets in Le Exchange.

  72. Bren

    Denilson is consistently average Pedro

    Were you surprised by his performance ?

    We look lightweight in many positions. Gut feeling is that we have went as far as our ability will merit unless we draw Porto.

  73. Franchise

    tomstoned no one buys a player to improve training situations. i dont know where u heard that one for.

    Arsene historically buys cheap crocks

    or players with personal problems with their clubs

    he loves bargains just like the millionaire arab heiress shopping in primark oxford street

    hes a cheapskate

    a dented 08 golf costs 4,000 in an auction a clean second hand version costs at least 9,000

    thats the kinda shopping Arsene likes

  74. Pedro

    I don’t think he’s consistently average. I think he’s been good most of the second half of the year.

    He doesn’t waste the ball as often as he did last night…

    So yes, I was surprised.

  75. George

    Tomstoned my comment re “ridicule from other fans”was a response to Nik regarding the fact that we have experienced a few injuries but it is undeniable that we were desparately short of quality in the middle of the park before Cesc got injured and you won’t meet many people who will sympathise with our position on that injury front ie what is the fucking point of building a 60,000 stadium and boasting about earning more money per home game than any other team to then field a team containing weak,inexperiencesd players in vital positions?Nik I do agree with your view re the other injuries like Walcott as in theory the much maligned Eboue should 3rd choice right midfield but there are those that would argue that Arsene knew about the seriousness of Rosicky’s injury and should have caterd for the fact he would be out for nearly the entire season.It’s a tough one as how many right midfielders do you need!
    Irish Gunner I have not paid any attention to the fat Spanish waiter Rafa since he came out with such gems as “don’t be fooled by the theory that Arsenal have achieved tremendous strides in their adoption of a progressive youth policy,as they have spent a fortune”,this was after we gained deserved praise for the likes of Wilshire and Simpson’s performances against Wigan in the Carling Cup,whilst Liverpool’s expensive group of 2nd string,mainly Spanish dropouts lost embarassingly at Spurs.He is as deluded as Mourinho and actually believes his own crap when he claims that financially “Liverpool are at an disadvantage in the transfer market”… he has spent a fortune on mainly average Spanish players and cannot take the criticism.
    In short Tomstoned I stand by what I said,Roma were pretty poor in the 2nd half and the entire extra time period and Nik I agree with you re the injury situation to a certain extent but have no sympathy with any moaning re the central midfield position as Arsene was warned.

  76. nick

    gazzap I dont care about money wenger does i just think having the dead wood all sucking 15-25k a week hits the wage bill and the little bit of transfer fee goes towards replacement not covers it so wenger can balance the books bring in top quality and keep the good players as back up. you dont need three average players to back up one great two would be over the top imo

  77. charybdis1966

    You’re so right Irish – a good deal of the Arsenal hatred is due to good old fashioned xenophobia. Before Wenger arrived no one really challenged ole 65% proof nose and as he couldn’t be accused of boring play, as was the accusation labelled at George Graham, the fall back, default position of hacks is xenophobia. The paedo accusations/insinuations was the work of hacks as they had nothing to unearth about Wenger when he arrived so, in keeping with journalistic tradition, they just made up something anyway. Hence the viler chants we hear directed at Wenger at Old Cowshed and Shite Hart Lane. What these people forget is chanting about paedos says more about the person doing the chanting than who they direct their retarded singing at.

  78. Franchise

    Yesterday was shocking Pedro. Lets forget the how poor the players on show were. Our style of play needs to be updated.

  79. Pedro

    Franchise… we have no drive through the middle… it’s painfully slow getting the ball from one end to the other.

    … and only Ade is suited to our 4-4-1-1 formation.

  80. Trinidad_G

    Maybe the poor performances yesterday had something to do with this being the first time these players are in this situation … yes we got past this stage last yea but it was

    instead of

    maybe the pressure and the big stage of Roma away with all to play for got to them. It’s possible. But we got out alive.

  81. Franchise

    Roma showed some good combination play yesterday. good link up play, passing combos, player movement etc

    we on the other hand……………… FUUUUUUCK

  82. Franchise

    Pedro i have noticed that too only Ade can play in that formation. Was Nasri more frustrating than Hleb yesterday or what?????

  83. gazzap

    I think the size of our squad is about right. its the quality of the players that is the issue. I dont think reducing the size of the squad would be helpful, particularly midfielders.
    as I say replace Den with a DM using Ade’s sale money. we have tons of strikers.
    Ade will probably have a blinder when he comes back now I have said that! hope he does.

  84. Bren

    OK Pedro – I would suggest that Denilson would not get near the midfield of any of the other top 4 clubs. His continuous inclusion is baffling.

    I would gladly swap him for Fletcher at MANU, and he is consistently seen as backup to Carrick and Scholes

  85. irishgunner

    Bren – no they ran out of time. It was funny actually cos they were waiting for the penalties to be edited to show them and they had to fill in and were talking crap and then Bill said “Well, okey doke that’s enough rubbish talk and time filled we can show the penalties now” 😆

    Although when they went through the list of eight teams left they didn’t rule Arsenal out – they ruled Bayern, Villareal and Porto out. They said with Cesc, Adebayor and Rosicky back that we might have a shot but wouldn’t be favourites.

  86. George

    The good thing is we are still competing on many fronts when given the level of some of our performances we should be 7th in the Premiership and out of the C.L.We have been due a large slice of luck for some years afer various incidents like Babel’s dive etc and now we find ourselves progressing into the latter stages of the FA Cup and the CL.
    With Rosicky and Cesc’s return imminent who wouldn’t want to gain rvenge for last year’s robbery by the scruffy scousers in the next round?…they are without Gerrard and Macherino for the 1st leg.

  87. George

    The good thing is we are still competing on many fronts when given the level of some of our performances we should be 7th in the Premiership and out of the C.L.We have been due a large slice of luck for some years afer various incidents like Babel’s dive etc and now we find ourselves progressing into the latter stages of the FA Cup and the CL.
    With Rosicky and Cesc’s return imminent who wouldn’t want to gain rvenge for last year’s robbery by the scruffy scousers in the next round?…they are without Gerrard and Macherino for the 1st leg.

  88. Franchise

    VP is beginning to worry me too Pedro he isnt the same VP as i used to pre 08 season. i think he has lost a bit of pace and he seems quite stiff too.

  89. gazzap

    Yes RVP cannot do 4-4-1-1, especially when he is off form. Ade can.

    I thought Roma were as shit as us TBH. it was a low standard game. decent defending but not a lot else.

  90. Pedro

    Bren, he is only young and you can see he has potential. He is tenacious, normally a good passer and you can count on him for the odd goal and assist.

    I’d keep him… we’ve come this far…

    Franchise, Nasri looks very lost in away games. He hasn’t found his feet yet… but again, he is only young. I know he cost a bomb… but he is only 21!

    We should have bought Ribery!

  91. Franchise

    Im not confident of our current striking options anymore that is with Ade. if we sell him i think we need to replace him with sm1 better. Dont ask me who cos my knowledge is limited? I would love Torres but its never gonna happen

  92. tonyadamsisgod

    Bren – when I last looked Denilson was Arsenal’s best passer beating Nasri by about 15% completion and the 5th best passer in the league as well as the 5 th best tackler in the league.

    He’s not that bad……

  93. gazzap

    I actually thought Nasri did well yesterday. strange how people view things differently. he took a fair amount of pressure off Clichy and took the ball up field a lot. dribbled past his markers etc.

  94. David

    Funny you should say that about Nasri Pedro,

    Last night i watched Nasri lead a “fast break” and dribbled to the left….when he looked up and was done dribbling….there were two defenders infront of him

  95. Bren

    Thanks Irish.

    Not only do we need all our players fully fit, we need AW to start picking the best 11 and to be more attack minded to the end of the season.

    I would’nt fancy Bayern in the next round, nobody will.

  96. Franchise

    Nasri struggles to stretch defences. he has got a lotta kinks and tricks but he always remains in front of the player he is trying to shake off 🙁

  97. Trinidad_G

    Our players who constantly talk about leaving if Arsene leaves or if we don’t make CL .. they should take a good look at Valencia’s players. The club can’t even pay their salaries, and quality like Villa and Silva commit themselves to the club with no CL, even when the club is pimping them out to raise money to pay debt.

  98. David


    You wonder why he’s not in the starting XI for france? Gibbs should get more games….or at least 20 minutes.