Mental strength? What? we were lucky Arsene, stop crowing.

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Ok first things first, we won, fantastic, we are in the quarter finals and for that I am grateful, the boys did a marvelous job on the penalties, but I never want to go through that again.

All those arseholes that support other teams were texting me non-stop, I turned my phone off, switched my laptop off and had my finger on the TV control off button so I didn’t have to watch the Roma fans and their players going nuts, so thank God I had that bit from 2 1/2 hours of hell to savour, no shots of note all night until we got to penalties, so at least I got to see something exciting and towards their goal.

Wenger had this to say – ‘I am proud of the mental strength because that is something which has been questioned a lot in our team’ Really? When Arsene? Whoever questioned the mental strength or the spirit? You sat there in the post match interview last night like the cat that had got the cream, and with a ‘I told you so look on your face’ you also sat slumped in your seat for most of the game looking like a dead man who’s team were going out to a shit Roma side, like the rest of us were, so we all saw how much you believed.

You persist in playing with Eboue on the right when you had Theo waiting and gagging, Denilson gave the ball away too many times and the the defence in the first ten minutes were shocking, where does mental strength come in?

You brought Eduardo on with 5 minutes to go in normal time when you should have put him on at the start. He even missed his penalty because he had hardly touched the ball.

The problem you seem to suffer from is selection, you will not give up on Eboue and it’s hurting us, we have the players, but you need to play them, What happened to Vela? He was awesome on Sunday, I’m not going to say any more because we’re through, but play that side against anyone else and we’re out.

I think we had 20 odd corners and didn’t fashion a shot out of one of them, that is piss poor – piss poor, do you practice them?

The penalty taking was great, even though a few went down the middle at least they went in and the celebration at the end was far better than the performance, it was great to watch, fabulous movement!

Bendtner out on the left, what??? No wonder Robin didn’t get a sniff, being supplied by Eboue, Bendtner and Clichy he was always on to a loser, and someone needs to tell Clichy to stop fouling people in the box, because one day we’ll have a ref that doesn’t need a guide dog and a white stick.

But we won and for that I am truly, truly happy, so well done that team, unfortunately we can’t play penalties every week and we can’t play the hapless Roma again either.

A word for the poor sod that got stabbed, Blatter and Platini you need to take the final somewhere else and send out a message to the thugs, they told us they were going to get us and they did, that’s premeditated and that cannot be allowed to happen. Show some courage you spineless, weedy bastards and award the final elsewhere, you would if it were the other way around, you bigoted pricks.

The most positive thing that happened last night was we’ll have Cesc and possibly Rosicky back for the quarter finals, that would mean playing Nasri or Diaby in the middle and Theo out wide and hopefully never having to see Eboue again, unless he replaces Sagna of course and I don’t have a problem with that, he’s a half decent right back.

I hope like hell we get Porto, if not then Barca or Villa Real, because I don’t want to go out to an English team, with last nights team we would have struggled against Burnley.

So before anyone moans about me being negative, sorry, but I hate to see what he’s doing to us with his wacky team selections, yes we won, but boy, how lucky were we?

Arsene you need to take a long hard look at what you’re doing, we got through but it was luck, not mental strength, the only thing that was mental was your team selection.

Hurry up Cesc, your team needs you!

Have a great day Grovers, next up Blackburn, then Hull, if we get through those two, we’re in with a shout.

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  1. choy


    thank fuck that game is over.. it was painful.. hardly any streams… relying on text updates.. phone calls 🙁

  2. Zinedine Eboue

    that was a killer match to watch, anyone with a heart condition should not have watched the pnealties.

  3. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning all…….

    Almunia should be subbed before every penalty shoot out we ever have!!!! He only managed to muster a dive for about 2 of their pens and just fell in a heap for the rest!!! Fabianski would have at least made some effort! Seaman, Wilson and Co must have been pulling their hair out!

    At least we’re through I guess…….

  4. Zinedine Eboue

    Lehman would have done better job then almunia, although he might have headbutted the ref after lol

  5. abnet

    lucky i agree
    but it will be a big boost no matter how we colify it dosent matter
    bentner on the left thats funny funny wow AW

  6. Mark C

    Nasri, Eboue and Bendtner were poor last night.

    I dont think Nasri travels well.

    Walcott looked bright when he came on.

    Lucky for us the result is all that matters, but we could have easily been out.

    I agree Geoff with the team selections, we should have had our best team out there to start, and not to finish the game, if we would have scored, it would have been match over.

  7. charybdis1966

    Morning all, you’re right Geoff – the only thing mental was the daft selection, or at the very least the over delayed substitution of the Pas master for Theo and Bendtner for Eduardo. I only had radio for this game and the commentators seemed to say that for most of the game Wenger had a resigned, dejected demeanour in the dug outs while Pat Rice was doing all the hand waving and cajoling.
    On a serious note Blatter and Platini should, if they have any scruples or integrity, punish Rpma for the thuggery but as they don’t have any of either they’ll gloss over it with a €5,000 fine and a slapped wrist. We all know Platini;s envy of English football and his specific hatred of Arsenal (because of the Wenger connection) will mean nothing will be done. It’ll take a death before Platini puts principles above prejudice.
    However we can than the Ultras stupidity for one thing – the Eye-tie, dago plonker who let off that firework seconds before Vucinic took his penalty. Good work there fella !

  8. kunle4fabregas

    Great post Geoff:- I agreed we were very lucky yesterday. 20 corner kicks without any result is hardly what you expected from a top team like arsenal. However, I disagree with you on the choice of Eboue over Theo at the start of the match. Without holding brief for Eboue, who is of course the most horrendous player I have ever seen since wathcing the round leather game, I think in the game of that magnitude, any coach would chose a player who is more fit. Theo, just coming back from injury cannot be said to be more fit than Eboue, even when Theo came in, his presence was hardly felt until well into the end of the game. However, his coming in was very timely, because I can bet on my life savings, if any, that the calamitous eboue would have lost the spot kick. Wenger, however, needs to be playing Theo and Eduardo more regularly now, since our success or otherwise now depends on them, and of course on God.

  9. stonroy

    Yes it was painful. Yes I scared my wife and her in-laws who think I am a freak at the way I was reacting, (couldn’t give a fcuk) but we are through! Last year we played amazing football and we got screwed. We deserved a penalty going our way after Dick Kuyts gay brother did the same to us last year. we will get players back…Who knows! Sh## even I don’t think we will win the CL, but I am glad we won.

  10. Keyser

    charybdis1966 – Who were the commentators, because the ones one Sky, I think one was Alan Smith were shocking.

  11. Steve

    Mark, I have been saying all season that Nari only shows up for home games. I wouldn’t be too harsh on him as it’s his first season but he needs to learn to play away.

    I thought Diaby was our best player last night.

  12. Rasputin

    Morning Grovers,

    Spot on with your game analysis Geoff (as usual 😉 ),
    I agree about Arsene’s body language during the game. He was huddled inside his puffer jacket as if he was frozen to the core. I wondered if he was unwell because he looked so depressed. I’m sure he was not giving out a positive message to the players by his behaviour. They seemed to have forgetten how to play football at times, but you could see from the way they celebrated the victory that they really wanted the win.

  13. charybdis1966

    Keyser – I was listening on Radio5 Extra, one of them was Mark Bright, the other was a double barrelled name – Alistair Bruce-Ball ? To be fair to them I always thing Bright gives us a fair hearing and doesn’t run us down as the majority of commentators do.

  14. Seb

    Well you told it how it is Geoff, nothing too negative there, I would have added that van Persie was shite on his own merits, it was nothing to do with Bendtner who was alright at times imo. Robin managed to waste every single corner he took, he is incapable of delivering the ball to the right area, it either hits the first man or goes right into the keeper’s arms. Hopefully Arshavin will get the job from both sides when he is playing.

    I don’t really think it’s a selection problem with us these days, all our players can show great form and ability, I believe it’s how they are set up. We go into every game wanting to play our passing game, when a opposing team shows some grit and drive then it all falls apart. I just get the feeling we aren’t coached enough positionally, there were spells in that game when we were attacking and you had the four across the front in an arc, and a massive hole behind the strikers because the midfield weren’t pushing on as part of the move.

    I guess Uncle Wenger wants them to figure it all out for themselves rather than give them complex specific instructions for each game, but you can’t help feeling that some people need a bit more direction.

  15. stonroy

    tonyadamsisgod spot on about Almunia, he was a fucking statue. It’s like his brain spontaneously combusted at the thought of diving right or left

  16. tonyadamsisgod

    Just a few opinions on last nights individual efforts:

    Toure & Gallas seemed to be back to their old habit of not knowing how to play with each other. That hasn’t been seen lately so lets hope it was just a one off. In my opinion, Kolo tried to get the ball but it was Gallas who actually had the chance to clear it and left it. Lack of communication on both parts though.

    Sagna was fucking woeful. Got beaten time and time again and the most he could offer was to fall over. His crosses, although mostly made it into the box this time, didn’t find a single person. Not good enough.

    Clichy was shocking. Foul, foul and foul again. No forward play of any worth. Gibbs deserves a crack.

    Denilson was terrible. I normally defend this lad to the high hills but last night he was devoid of any football talent. His usually reliable passing was way off its best and he couldnt get a tackle in.

    Diaby managed to break up some play but that was it. His passing was shocking and he played far too many square balls that got intercepted!

    Nasri should have offered a lot more after being given some rest. Looked shattered and I have no idea why.

    RvP showed another lack lustre performance although I would be a bit dispondant too if, like the post pointed out, Eboue and Bendtner were the providers.

    Bendtner had an off game but I blame Wenger for that! If there is one thing Bendtner cant do its beat a player. He has very little pace so why push him out wide?????

    And the best for last……

    Eboue! This guy is unbelievable! How many times did he even touch the ball? Did Wenger really say to him ‘I want you to stay right up front and do fuck all for 90 minutes’? I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but he didn’t track back at all. Sometimes he was more advanced the Van fucking Persie!!!!! He is playing like he has some sort of superiority complex and I really wouldn’t be surprised if he has one considering Wenger picks him after shit display after shit display!!!! Fucking get rid of him because if you carry on,like this Vela or Theo will be getting rid of themselves!!!!

  17. Odub

    No one gave us a chance agreed. that kunt Hoddle kept saying he faired for us,Smudger and his pal on commentary hardly backed us, and they were all right, we were poor, didnt turn up in the first half, and kept giving the ball away.

    We were lucky they got knackered.

    Bottom line is we won, but only the most delusional of us would actually think we have a chance of winning this tournament if we play anywhere as badly as that again!
    We should have wrapped this tie up 2 weeks ago at home.We got lucky with some decisions last night, and Julio Baptista proved why we didnt take him on a permanent deal 2 years ago, he had a ‘mare to say the least.

  18. Evo in Oz

    over 2 legs (despite todays lesser performance) we were clearly the best team. The first leg was a dominant display and despite not converting that into 3-0 or 4-0 to start with, Roma are clearly not a quarter final team.

    Another conclusion from this mornings game was that Wenger was correct in sending Baptista back, he truly is shite!

    One Carling cup game doesnt make a hero!

  19. stonroy

    How many balls were played out wide for no reason whatsoever just to send in a useless cross? Someone needs to get Arsene the stats on number of crosses sent into the box and our conversion rate. 1 million taken-fuck all delivered.

  20. Wonderboy

    Got pissed last night, Eduardo missed penalty, i missed penalties when i took a hissy fit stormed off upstairs in a huff. According to missus i’m ‘A big fucking baby’.
    Found out this morning that she sky+ it for me…i love that woman.

  21. Franchise

    We are just shite. end of

    We trying to rewrite football for what it is. Football is more than fancy flicks and passing

    Arsenal dont know how to play football anymore

    get in quality players and you really dont have to tell them too much. Good football is instinctive but you need good players to achieve it.

    We have too many poor players. Myles Palmer though a nutter talks some sense

    VP slows down our attacks

  22. Matt

    Fuck me – you would think we had lost…..

    What is wrong with you lot?

    Roma never really looked that dangerous, and over the 2 legs we were by far the better team.

    Bendtner played well, and out shone Van Persie last night.

    Cheer up! WE WON

  23. arsenalised

    The worst player for me last night(relative to what he can do)is sagna.he was fucking shocking,vucinic had him 4 dinner that fucker.clichy needs 2 take a look at himself and fuckoff,that fucker almost eliminated us.

  24. finestcuts

    Thankfully the stabbing was not life threatening or grievous since the Arsenal fan did not need to be hospitalised however…
    Rome is clearly an unsuitable location for a CL final, there is a history of violence against away supporters,
    and they do not deserve to host it.
    Roman police need to arrest and prosecute every person involved in the ambush, otherwise they are incompetent, the attack happened in the vicinity of the stadium so there should have been cameras, if there were not then are in no position to apprehend violent criminals, lack appropriate security measures for the occasion and cannot be trusted with a CL final.
    Roma played defensively and their diving was atrocious, but well done to us, we’re through to the next round.
    I agree with Geoff, Eduardo should have started.

    For Blackburn we need to rotate as much as possible and we have the options to do so.





    This is how we should approach Blackburn, and make the appropruate subs as and when necessary, maybe give a youth or two, 10-20 mins near the end, we can’t afford to bring out a tired team against Blackburn, we’re all familiar with fat Sam’s dirty tactics against Arsenal and I have no doubt he’ll instill his Blackburn team with the same mentality, so we need to be as fresh as possible.

  25. tonyadamsisgod

    Geoff – just want to point out that I whole heartedly agree that Rome should be banned from holding the finals!!!!! Your point about it being premeditated is completely true. If the fans say they are going to hurt us and then actually do it, they cannot be allowed to get away with it.

    If someone says I’m going to kill you and they do, that’s murder and the perpetrator gets sentenced. We cannot obvioulsy punish an individual but we can most certainly punish the fans.

    Totally unacceptable behaviour from the fans and totally unacceptable behaviour from Blatter and Platini! How many times have Roma Ultra’s caused harm!

    What a pair of CUNTS!!

  26. LadyGooner

    Howzit from SA guys. I personally couldnt care how we won because the point is we WON! Why is it that when manure or chelski win ‘ugly’ everybody says thats the mark of a good team etc. But when we do it everybody says were shit…So were shit if we play well but lose and shit if we play badly but win…U cant please some people hey

  27. Seb

    It’s a bit like the boy who fell in a vat of manure and found 20p. There is something to smile about at the end, but you still come out of it looking like shit.

  28. Steve

    I think you are all being a little unfair on Almunia. International footballers from 12 yards should always be favourite to score and he made a couple of top class saves during the first half.

  29. Franchise

    Ive never highly rated Bendtner, Denilson and yesterday’s performance proves why. They reek of averageness.

    That team we sent out wasnt gonna achieve anything yesterday. I knew after 5 mins

    Im afraid but the truth is Wenger has lost it. He is deluded.

    How many bad team selections can one manager make in one season? how many bad subs can he make? Does he fucking believe every word he says? If he thinks that team is good enough to win the Carling Cup on Paper then is fucked up in his head

  30. tonyadamsisgod

    Matt – Bendtner had the ball control of a brick wall last night. People are down because they fear of crashing out when we face a half decent side.

    We won yes, but we wont again with a display or team selection like that!

  31. stonroy

    You know what it is Matt? We are spoiled! Because we know what Wenger’s Arsenal side is capable of. We picked it at the beginning of the season, he has been stubborn persisting with certain players like Eboue who if he had a shred of talent would have crossed the ball into Bendtner and it would have been done and dusted before the 90mins was up, but he didn’t and we are shit and all he does is talk about our strong mental strength. Fuck me we had the Invincibles for Christs sake, even last year we played great football. We are a shadow of what we once were and it’s sad.

  32. Wardo

    Matt…..I agree. Thought BEntner played well last night.

    Thank god the ref did not give that penalty……I thought it was a pen at the time tho

  33. Evo in Oz

    struth – everyone is on the cyanide tonight….whats up? i had beers today to celebrate and i even have the flu….

  34. Evo in Oz

    Wardo – i was 50/50 on that potential pen. live – i didnt think it was, on the slow-mo, the wog goes down easy, but clichy has his shirt and also connects with his legs

  35. rico01

    Morning All, top post Geoff…

    Dreadful, all of them, bloody dreadful… Apart from the final result, Almunia’s save was a bit good, kept us in with a chance.

    Oh, and finally I am so glad we didnt keep ‘The Beast’ he truely missed the opportunity to win the game for Roma

  36. tonyadamsisgod

    Steve – watch the pens! Most of Almunia’s starting positions already left him flat footed and unable to spring off to either side. He mostly just fell into a messy heap where he had been standing. He, unlike someone like Seaman obviously cant read a players run up. He should therefore be playing the chance game and just picking a side!

  37. Seb

    LadyGooner the thing is we had just put in two good performances prior to that, then we suddenly revert to type. It is the inconsistency of this team that drives everyone mad, we can be sublime one day and sub-human the next.

    We did win yes, but in a manner that only makes us fear our next tie, rather than fills us with confidence that we could go on and win the thing.

  38. Geoff

    Morning all, too many people to thank but I didn’t want to be negative, I just had to say how I felt.

    I just can’t stand watching us when we field a team like that and then listening to Wenger tell us his team don’t get any credit.

  39. Clacko the gooner

    Morning All.
    May i start by saying WoooooHoooooo we’re through 😀

    I can’t remember where i read this and it is slightly controversial but the last three games that we have won RVP has not played (well at least not started). I like him and i don’t want this to be seen as if i am anti RVP but what is wrong with keeping a winning team? Vela and Eddy looked class against Burnley. I know he has only just come back and all that but we should have started him and them subbed him at half time! I mean look at Roma, They started Juan (he was a doubt before the game) and subbed him after 25 odd mins after his job had been done!! I am bouncing off the walls today at the fact that we are through but the second that draw is made i will be shittin it because if we play like that against anyone else we will be out!
    Only thing is that to those who say we don’t deserve to be through all i can say is bollocks. In the first leg we dominated them and if we had put a couple more away as we should have done then Roma wouldn’t have even taken us to pens. On the balance though we had the first half of the tie and they had the second!

  40. Franchise

    There is winning ugly and there is a ‘depressing progression’.

    The manner in which u win is very important. Everyone would be praying to draw us in the quarters cos we are easily the worst team in the next round.

    Thats not how u progress into the next round.

    the only positive for me is the financial aspect of progressing cos I know for sure that we stand no fucking chance

    All the hope I gathered over the last 3 weeks have been shattered after yesterday’s performance

    I celebrated after the win like a maniac now its time for reflection

    If u fucking give the club any impression that we are happy with yesterdays performance then expect to fucking see Eboue and Song starting games next season

  41. stonroy

    tonyadamsisgod unfortunately mate Bendtner just doesn’t have the greatest first touch, hopefully he can learn this but it’s not just this game mate, it’s constant.

  42. Keyser

    tonyadamsisgod – Read a players run up ? I don’t get it.

    He saved one, and got fingetips onto another, we went through.

  43. gnarleygeorge9

    For fucks sake

    The only decent part of World War I & II were the last 2 minutes when we won. The rest was shit, but we won 😆

  44. arsenalised

    Be happy people.we are bro is a manc he called me after the game to tell me we was lucky bt i didnt give a fuck i was so happy, told him to fuck off.this is a blog for fans,where you can critic the team and also praise the team .

  45. Chappers

    Knee-yerk reaction folks.

    We have a poor midfield atm but we do have great players coming back.

    Enjoy the win otherwise you´ll get a heart attack soon if you didn´t get one last night.

  46. tonyadamsisgod

    Keyser – you cant give him credit for his save. He fell over and Vucinic rolled the ball into his legs. had Almunia dived, he probably could have got back up and saved it. Seaman always said he can read where a player will put his spot kick by watching their run up. Almunia cant do this should just pick a side…..rather than just falling to the floor.

  47. Matt

    Bendtner played well last night – he was far better than Van Persie, but because he is not a fan’s favourite he gets slated.

  48. Clacko the gooner

    Gnarley well said and i am lovin that we are through!!
    We do need to play better in future though! Can’t help but feel that Barca would have torn us apart last night!

  49. jimbo

    sorry but i cannot agree with this post. You claim Walcott and Eduardo should’;ve started, yet when they came on they offered about as much, in eduardo’s case probably less, then the players they replaced. They are clearly not 100% fit yet so why ruch them back and have them injured again?

    we didn’t play well, but how many times have people come on here and simply said “fuck playing beutiful football, lets start winning games”. well i could be wrong but over the past 3 months we’ve gone 19 games unbeaten (yes i dont count last night as a loss), the defence has looked solid, conceding is it 4 goals in 15 games, and players are coming back. while at the same time we’ve made it through to the FA Cup and CL 1/4’s as well as closing the gap on villa. so enough of the negativity, things are looking up after a dreadful start to the season

  50. Geoff

    Clacko and Chappers, all I’m saying is we almost went out because of shit team selection, of course I’m happy and I know we dominated in the first game, but we nearly went out.

  51. Clacko the gooner

    Jimbo, technically we didn’t win, we lost 1-0.
    We won the tie but not that game, that’s the big difference.

  52. Keyser

    Exactly we won, we went through, last season everyone was creaming themselves making that they’re motto and justifying why we were crap and Liverpool were great.

    If we were lucky yesterday, Roma were lucky not to be annihalted in the first leg, we scored the penalty a penalty in sudden death they missed theirs.

    It’s Cup Competition ffs.

  53. Evo in Oz

    TAIG – you need to rewind the clock to 22/12/07 and revisit the Almunia save on Keane to deny the cunts.

    yeah Almunia looked a wee bit out of sorts last night, but i presume his will to win made him that way. You cant be up and exactly 100% all the time, no?

  54. afc53

    Morning everyone,

    First of all we were terrible last night another game like that and im sure my neighbours will call the cops for me disturbing the peace.

    Secondly – same old same old Eboue,Diaby,Bendtner are all not to fit to wear our beloved shirt.

    AW kept slowly dissapearing into his seat for f*cks sake you pick the side!!!

  55. peachesgooner

    Morning all

    As a gooner I’m not happy at the way we played (or rather didn’t play) last night. We were on the back foot from the start and although going through to the next round was everyones wish it feels so hollow when watching such dire football.

    Arsenes body language was appalling during the game, he looked like he wanted to be swallowed up by his puffer jacket. I suspect he didn’t actually feel very well, but I could be wrong and he really didn’t care what was happening on the pitch. Hope its the former. Wish you better Arsene 😆

  56. jimbo

    geoff-this roma team smashed 3 past chelsea not too long ago, and beat utd at home two seasons. They are a very tough and strong team to go to, and barring the first 10, the last 110 mins we had them well and truly at bay. we didn’t create as much as we’d have liked, but the blame for that can only go to our creative players RVP and Nasri who were terrible.

  57. Clacko the gooner

    Geoff, i agree with the selection thing. I think we had better players that started that game. Or to be put another way, players that you would want on the pitch rather than on the bench. What more has Vela got to do to start in the league or CL is my question?

  58. Steve

    rico, Denilson won the ball in that challenge (for once). It wasn’t his fault the Roma player shinned his studs. In fact i’d have sent the Roma player off for dangerous shin waving.

  59. Robertgreen

    We was so lukcy last night!! we never really looked like winning!! Why did he not bring vela on!! nasri had a bad game and looked really tired near the end!! Wenger wont keep getting away with playing a team which includes, Denilson, Eboue, Bentnder!! Alumuna never looked like saving any of the penaltys!!

    Did anyone notice Alan Smiths commentary was very negative towards arsenal!!

  60. Franchise

    Chappers we only have three players coming back. dont hold ur breathe on that one.

    Ade is proving to be a one season wonder
    Cesc was playing below his standards b4 his injury
    Rosicky hasnt played for 15 months

    Cesc and rosicky wont hit the ground running that is 99% certain.

    I aint fucking rasing my hopes re this side anymore until we are in a final two nil up with 30 secs to go. I dont wanna suffer any Arsene-stubborness induced heart ache anymore

  61. tonyadamsisgod

    Evo – Im not having a pop at Almunia in general. Just last night. Just coz I said RvP was off doesnt mean I think he’s shit all the time. Almunia is better than falling to the floor for about 5 of the pens, thats all.

  62. Keyser

    tonyadamsisgod – Come on, it’s pentlies ffs, Seaman can say what he wants he didn’t exactly save every one of his did he, it’s random, I’m not giving him credit, but at the end of the day, he saved one, we went through.

    If you don’t want to give him credit, because it was a fluke, then I don’t think it’s fair to slate him either.

  63. Evo in Oz

    no worries mate, what i probably should have said to you was that when it went to pens i said to my other 2 aussie gooner mates was, that i felt Almunia would see us through with saves, rather than anything else.

    thats how confident i felt at the time!

  64. tonyadamsisgod

    Jimbo – held them at bay fro 110 mins? So what was baptista’s chance? I know thats only one (off the top of my head) but Roma gave us plenty of nervous minutes.

  65. the return of bongo

    WE were lucky- but so were Man U. Inter Milan hit the post three times over 2 legs !

    we were not very lucky last year at Anfield last year were we?

  66. Keyser

    It’s the Champions League, almost every team on their day has a chance, you just have to be able to take it.

  67. tonyadamsisgod

    Keyser – Seaman was awesome at pens. Like is said to Evo, I just think Almunia is better than what we saw there. Obviously he made great saves in the game. It was just an observation, not a swipe at him.

  68. jimbo

    TAIG – yes you are right about baptista, sorry about that one. But even so, we were playing a decnt team at home so you’d exxpect them to create one chance wouldn’t you?

  69. tiny

    i think i got angina last night…that was too close. i still see some people giving almunia some stick again despite in most tabloids he won man of the match…..cant blame him for the goal and he was close to saving on or 2 pens…
    im gonna sooooo enjoy today……

  70. Big Dave

    That was very hard to watch. The balance did not look right, Denilson was poor as was RVP. Gallas/Toure back to their old ways, such bad defending for their goal, and Bendi just watched as the player went past him. Have to play alot alot better then that if we want to make it to the semis

  71. Geoff

    Sorry for those of you in moderation, welcome, for the regulars it’s because you had attachments, sorry as well!

  72. Franchise

    Its been 9 months of poor football by any top team standards

    quesetions would have to be asked and answers given

    this cant continue

    its our 5th year of decline with a mini spike last season

    Im not happy. U can decide to have orgasmic feelings about the win. Mine is over. I want fucking change even if its in the extreme

    Accepting mediocrity is not my thing

    We have the resources to be doing better and we should be thats the way I judge things

    An excuse for Blackburn is already in the bag. Who know?

    We wer a bit jaded, looked physically not up for it, played with handbreak on, they were sharper bla bla bla bla

  73. jimbo

    Big Dave – we have played a lot better than that in the past and not got though, so perhaps this comp is more about luck? Even Utd were bloody lucky last night, they should’ve conceded about 3 in the first half but you don’t see them complaining!

  74. Keyser

    tonyadamsisgod – He is better, but he still got fingertips to one and saved the other, how many keepers save 2 or 3 in a shootout.

    Point is Seaman could have been good, but it wasn’t like he had some hidden secret, it’s a lottery, you could analyse someone’s penalty technique for hours and still go out and not save a single one from ten.

  75. rico01

    Steve, that is so funny

    I thought Almunia had a good game, 2/3 cracking saves which kept us in the tie – i would say a ‘match winning save’ – he was my motm

  76. jimbo

    Franchise – it’s that kind of attitude from fans that probably will end up with us drawing on Sat. The fans need to be up for it as well, this team always plays better when the crowd are noisy (liverpool and roma at home for example). If we go in with the attitude that the players will be crap, they most prob will be!

  77. Clacko the gooner

    Di anyone listen to 5 live after the game yesterday?? Some bloke went on the tim jovejoy show and came up with the headline ‘Tonetto misses the netto as Arsenal made the Quartetto’.
    Random i know but i thought that was pretty good haha!!

  78. Keyser

    Franchise – There is no-one here accepting mediocrity, you’re just going way way over the top, lets see we beat Roma, albeit by penalties, in the Champions League to progress to the quarter finals, and playing crap, yet what did you exactly expect ?!

  79. Lou

    As per usual there is over reaction and the classic reverse engineering to try to explain why we were so poor last night. We should have played X, or why was Z on the bench? We were lucky. Or were we? If anything Roma were lucky not to be facing a 3-4 goal defecit at home last night. Or was that just bad finishing by us at home? Yes, Eboue is dreadful but Theo didn’t look completely fit to me even during the short spell he played. Denilsen’s performance was about as bad as it gets. Though I am no fan of Song particularly I don’t think he has done too badly lately against admittedly lesser opposition and I do think that he holds better that Denilsen, if Diaby is playing. Yes, Clichy was almost comically bad in the first half. but got better and RVP did nothing as far as I could see. But, how many times did Roma really threaten our goal,3 or 4? And their goal hardly carved us apart with brilliant play. It was a stupid goal to concede, full of defensive errors. We are through and were the better team physically through the second half and all of the extra time. There are many criticisms that could be made but this season we will play better than that and loose or draw. We’re through and really, in the CL, that’s all that matters.

  80. Femster

    I watched the match with my mates who don’t support Arsenal, every comment they made about our team is what we have been complaining about all season, I think that match was our season in 120 mins. As for our defence we are lucky with our recent run of clean sheets, when the ball comes anywhere near our box EVERY single time we look clueless never having any sort of shape. CRAZY.

  81. Hitman

    Worst team left in the competition!! Whats what we have been reduced to.
    All those who still think Denilson is good enough to play for Arsenal – do you actually use your eyes when watching a game? It is not possible to build pressure & momentum when you have a player just giving the ball away to the opposition 20 time during a game. Worse still he affect the balance of the team. Song would have done a better job last night.
    On a positive note Diaby was immense. He had to carry the whole midfield on his own.

  82. ethangunner

    the post was fucking spot on !
    absolute shite game last night it must be said ..
    2 or 3 good things came out of it the rest was same old same old ..

    1. we are thru !
    2. we can take our penalties this year
    3. we have found a team with a keeper as average as almunia !

    they are the good things…
    the bad will list into the 100’s but the main factors are

    wenger and his god awful choice in team selections ,will it never end ? eboue was on too long with theo on the bench, and dudu who should of played 120 minutes sub’d in at the death knock of regulation! Wenger you did everything to sabotage us , thankfully last night we were ‘lucky’ that after their 1st goal Roma took a team prozac and hit the pillow
    as hard as we did .

    theo comes in hits a low shot across the ground that actually made their keeper move , and that was the only shot i can actually remember us taking…

    as for ‘A’ stating in the last post the team has belief now , fuck! not sure how you figure that out . If wenger was playing for a penalty shoot out id agree with you .. else , its the same trollop we’ve been watching all season …

    in over 210 minutes of playing Roma we didnt create 1 goal from open play …

    and other than scoring on WBA in the EPL (who has no right to be in the EPL ) we haven’t scored from open play since …. well

    i cant remember ? everton ? this team still have HUGE finishing problems and as ever the false profits are out in force …

    yes its great we won , but if your looking for that sort of inspirational performance from our team each week then i pity every last one of ya , who are BIGGING US UP !

    and geoff – pedro are so correct wengers body language was anything but a man who believes in his team ..

    what a lot of cods ..

    you used to have me believe you had limited
    options due to injuries , and with theo and vela also dudu on the bench , now i have to believe your just plain fucking insane !

    get your fucking team selections correct …
    even in the FA cup and WBA i felt the same until we scored … your team selections border on reckless at every opportunity !!!!

  83. peachesgooner

    Hey rico – nice to catch up with you 😉

    Arsene looked like he should have been tucked up in bed with a hot drink, still if he’d started with Theo and we’d scored a couple early he wouldn’t have had to sit in the cold for an extra 45 mins 😆

  84. jimbo

    Geoff-that same “crap” produced a phenomenal display in the first leg remember – we just couldn’t kill it off.

    and remember, although they didn’t play last night, we all know theo and eddie when fit will play more often

  85. rico01

    Blackburn match will see Vela and Dudu up front, Theo on the right, Nasri in the middle with Diaby, and AA on the left – Back five as last night –

    Home win 3-1 😉

  86. clement

    Hi, just wanted to add something.
    It seemed like players didn’t get used with the official ball. Is the ball too light or lighter than the EPL’s Nike ball?
    Maybe I am wrong, but too frequent seeing the way the ball bounced away a little bit farther from players everything they received pass, I suspect it was the ball that disturbed the passing game they used to play, I don’t know, just wondering though.

  87. kunle4fabregas

    Rico, do you know how many times Arsenal players were also almost blinded by the long harm of Romas?

  88. Franchise

    Steve im not happy. people keep saying things like we won but it was only westbrom or burnley or cardiff and u think they are being negative. I think ppl that say things like that are legends cos they know their football.

    This is the CL and poor teams dont win it. Arsenal have been in the quarters 3 times, semis once, finals once in like 11 or maybe 12 seasons if u count this one

    have we ever won it. No. Why did we loose it in 06? Cos we had a poor keeper who couldnt protect his near post.

    Poor dont win CL and dont tell me that Porto in 04 were poor cos they annihilated Monaco and no one gave them a chance to win it

    Several players in that Porto team are currently playing and moved on to play for top clubs in Europe so they werent shit

  89. jimbo

    no it doesn’t Geoff and you know it. It’s when the team stop creating hundreds of chances that we can call ourselves crap. In that first game we just showed a lack of finishing ability that will come when eddie and theo get fully fit. You can hardly call beating an italian side 1-0 crap can you?

  90. jimbo

    Franchise – when we were beating utd and chelsea, all people were saying was “yeah but we cant beat the small teams”. now we’ve come out and beaten WBA, Cardiff, Burnley etc.. in recent weeks and people are complaining that they are only small teams. can you see how stupid that is?

  91. AusGunner

    “He even missed his penalty because he had hardly touched the ball.”

    Leaving aside the rest of your post because it’s not worth the effort, that’s just rubbish, plain and simple.

  92. Bob N7

    What a load of miserable posters. We got through, admittedly without playing well. If you didn’t know the result you’d assume we lost.

    To win a cup you certainly need luck and we had some yesterday. Our form has been promising and with more games Eduardo and Theo will have a great effect on the team. Yesterday I thought there contributions were as poor as most of the side but it doesn’t suit most bloggers to write that. Diaby probaly was MOM but to those people who are a go at our full backs I’m gobsmacked. Clichy in particular had his best game for a while (lucky with the pen for sure).

    So many people carry with them their own personal agendas about individual players and blogs seem to allow this spurting out of vitriol.

    We’re in the next round and you can be absolutely certain if we have Cesc back and turn it on against anyone (Barca obviously would be a tricky!), we will not be remembering the 2nd leg against Roma.

    Heads up and let’s be positive, come on you Reds!

  93. Odub

    Rico, Geoff,
    Based on last night’s performance, I can’t see us going any further. Just hope we get a decent draw, play the 2nd leg at home, and we get the likes of Dudu, Theo and Ade back to full fitness.

    Oh and I also hope Clichy and Sagna revert back to last season’s form! Simples!

    Not a loot to ask for is it?1 🙂

  94. Steve

    I agree with you Franchise. Even when people were eulogising about Arsenal we weren’t good enough to go that final hurdle. Maybe if we were we wouldn’t have lost Henry, Vieira and the like.

    Whilst being happy that we are through last night threw up a lot of concerns for me as we created barely 1 decent opening in over 2 hours of football. If Roma weren’t so shit we’d have been caught out.

  95. Warri Gooner

    Yes we WON. That’s all that matters to me. We now go get ready for the next game and win it too. In anyway we can. Come on you Gunners!!!

  96. jimbo

    Franchise-what bollocks mate. the reason we didn’t win in 06 was because of two things:

    1. we had 10 men for 80mins.

    2. Henry missed a sitter. Yes that’s right henry, the worlds best player at the time. Yet because you seem to have a vendetta against almunia you’re making him the scapegoat-pathetic

  97. Franchise

    Jimbo we have beat United and we are still potentially 19 points behind them having taken 3 points from them?????

    small teams of the prem and championship teams arent on the same level

    several prem teams have better midfield players than us. hello!!!!

    danny murphy dominates denilson in midfield and we wonder why we are 19 points behind manu and struggling in the CL.

    We couldnt even win our so called easy group FFS. We were lucky to draw Roma any other top seed would have skinned us alive

  98. Bud

    Good morning all. I have a subject for debate today. Please read on…..


    Last night was as much embarrassing as it was heart stopping……… I have called this one before (ask Geoff & Pedro), but this current team does not work with Robin in it……. he never comes for the ball and every time it comes near him he has peeled away before he has it and defenders have a right easy time, and when he’s not running away from the ball, he spends time out wide and nobody is in the middle.

    Not saying get rid of him, but play him on the wing…….. Christ, every Dutch manager knows he is not a striker and plays him wide, so why does Wenger persist ???

    I thought Nasri and Diaby were excellent, I thought both CB’s done OK, Bentdner run his socks off (I’m really starting to like him and his work ethic you know !), Denilson will be a very good player with good players round him and Clichy is currently the worst full back at defending in Arsenal history……. yet another goal conceded that is his fault (well it was his man that scored, but technically it was Eboue who did not bother to track back his man who crossed!) and he commits and gets mugged every time the ball is near him………… oh and Sagna is the worst crosser of the ball since Adolph Hitler…………… RUBBISH !!!!!!!!!!

  99. Evo in Oz

    thank fuck jimbo – get stuck in mate.

    FFS – henrik larrson came on in that game and stuffed us. any mother fucking keeper that day couldnt do much when their team is down to 10 men.

    Henrik Larsson set up both goals, he was world class and deserved his glory that day.