Crazy week begins, I think we can do it, or am I the really crazy one?

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So today sees Burnley in the FA Cup, followed by Roma away in the Champions league, both wins would see us in the quarter finals, followed by Blackburn in the league on Saturday then Hull at home in the FA Cup the following Tuesday.

So in theory we could be in the quarter finals of the European Champions league, the semi finals of the FA Cup and in 4th place in the English Premier league, quite a week eh?

So am I crazy to believe we can do it? What do we need to achieve these herculean tasks? Well two things actually, we need to win two FA Cup games and one Premier league one, get a draw in Europe and hope the spuds beat villa, all do-able in my book (Ok stop laughing, the spuds are due one away win this season).

That said we need to win today, a big convincing win will set us up nicely for the Roma game so who will feature today eh?

Here’s my best bet.


Eboue Djourou Song Gibbs

Walcott Nasri DiabyΒ Arshavin

Bendtner EduardoΒ 

I didn’t put Song in there because I want him, trust him, rate him or particularly like him, but Wenger does and will play him in goal if he has to, ditto with Eboue.

If we go at this with purpose, speed and flair I expect a great performance and a convincing win, I also expect Walcott and Eduardo if played to last 52 minutes and be replaced by Ramsey and Vela.

I hope we see the Arsenal we saw against West Brom because that was more like the old Arsenal and that will get the crowd on it’s feet, that will put the fire in their bellies and they will need it, that’s 4 games in 10 days so we’ll see a lot of changes, but they’ll need to be fit because a number of them will play in them all.

We cannot afford to lose any of these if we want some silverware this season, the time for blowing smoke up each other arses is at an end Arsenal, today it begins, today is’D’ day, today you show us why you’re so good, today you repay the faith the fans have in you, go get ’em Arsenal!

Talking of real fans, we have a club leveler who can’t afford to pay for his tickets next term and is willing to rent them out for a season at cost. So to any of you ‘real fans’ out there (that don’t like plastic ones) here is a chance to put your money where your mouths are. Show us how real you are by buying a season, like the rest of us real fans do!

They’re also available to any Grovers out there who have Β£2.5k a ticket to spare, email us and we’ll put you in touch.

Have a great day Grovers, today it begins.

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  1. Lovedup Loner

    Nasri, Denilson, Diaby, RvP will all start IMO, so that leaves 2 places that Bendy, Eduardo, Theo or Eboue will fill…

  2. A

    if there was any way theo would be ready to start against roma then i’m sure he would have started today. he looked very rusty at times when he came on today, i’d be absolutely shocked if he started on weds.

    i was originally thinking that away from home already leading wenger might play denilson and song holding, with diaby in front of them, and eboue and nasri out wide behind vp. With bendtner being rested today i expect to see him start though, which will either mean the same team as the first leg, or possibly song in for diaby.

    if bendtner is starting i don’t think eduardo will start, he’ll prob be on the bench to come on if necessary.

  3. Stu

    I was slightly impressed by Song today. Didnt he get MOTM? Deservedly so i suppose. Did what was expected of a man in his position and then some.

    Honestly nothing against him as a person but i am gutted that Eboue scored because now Wenger can start saying “thats what hes been doing in training” and al that bollocks. But seeing as he wont ever be dropped hopefully that goal will make him a decent player.

    Been pretty quite last few days considering there has been a match and build-up etc.

  4. Stu

    I have decided to stop trying to predict the starting XI because its basically impossible these days. Whoever starts will have to do the job. I just hope its a good team.

  5. Lovedup Loner

    A; Seeing as how we might not create too many chances in Rome, haing our best finisher on the pitch might be something to consider. So Eduardo should start for me, unless his fitness aint up to 2 games in 3 days. Can’t see Theo starting either, he may well get 30 minutes or so tho.

  6. A

    why gutted stu!? if eboue’s final ball or finish was good, then he’d be an absolutely quality player, if he can learn to put away chances like that one regularly, then he’ll be a very important asset

  7. Ja_Gunner

    Hey A

    Song played extremely well today, I mean where did he get those passes from?

    But even though he did play well today, I think it would be a mistake to play Denilson and Song.

    We need to go there and get an early which will demoralise them, they will know surely they cant score 3.

    If we go there and sit back too much we are asking for trouble. If they score first they will be energised. We cant afford for that to happen.

    So I say Denilson…Diaby.

  8. Ja_Gunner

    I would go there and try to score early, they proably wont expect it.

    If Eboue starts…I would bring on Theo for 30 mins to run at them, Eboue would have already run someof them ragged.

    I think I would start Bendter..and bring on Eduardo to finish the job.

  9. Ja_Gunner

    Song must have got a confidence boost today because usually he seems afraid to make those types of passes.

    I mean he must have some skill in him to be able to come up with passes like those today.

  10. A

    yeah i agree loner, but eduardo (although his finish was absolute magic) looked a bit unfit today, i’d be surprised if he started. VP will play because he’s been rested and has been the main man this season, bendtner too because he was rested and will hold the ball up well, eboue is likely to play because he scared the life out of them last time round and is more solid defensively.

  11. Lovedup Loner

    My team;

    Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy
    —-Diaby Denilson—-
    —-Nasri RvP Vela—-

    I doubt vela will start either, Eboue probably will, but, hey! Its my team!

  12. A

    yeah ja, it just depends which diaby turns up. If it’s the one from the first leg then it’d be awesome, if it’s the diaby from today then we’d be in alot of trouble!!

    i think eboue will start, and it’ll depend on the score how long theo gets. If we aren’t losing i reckon he could come on with 15 to go to kill the tie, if we need to score then earlier

    i would’ve expected wenger to start will all three – both denilson and song holding, and diaby ahead of them, but as bendtner was rested i don’t think so now, unless eboue doesn’t play but he did run them ragged in the first leg

  13. Stu

    A, you always say that Eboue is good defensive cover and all that but i dont see what ou seem to see. He rarely if ever tracks back and also is hardly ever in front of Sagna to provide any cover. He usually roams about the midfield out of position so whenever Sagna is defending Eboue isnt around.

    I admit that he has improved slightly recently but imo not as much as you think.

  14. A

    he is good defensive cover stu, look on the guardian chalkboards, he wins the ball back in front of sagna or covering for sagna a fair few times a game. He’s obviously much better defensively than eduardo would be. He’s not an amazing defensive player, but he is better defensively than any of our other wide men.

  15. Confidentgoner

    A lot of grovers underate Ebuoe. I’d always said that all he needs is finishing. Other than thatr he doles a job for us. He pierces opponents and gets free kicks in dangerous areas. He also balances the team defensively

    Song’s new role (playing ahead, breaking up and linking play) will be deadly for Roma. They will not be able to stop him!

  16. A

    yeah i agree completely confident. if eboue’s finishing and passing was more reliable he’d actually be a very good player. Even with it being as it is, he still does alot of good things in games, albeit balanced by a fair few bad things, and good runs etc often ruined by wasted final pass

  17. A

    im guess the squad going to roma will consist of today’s first eleven, almunia, nasri, denilson, clichy, theo, kolo, vp.

    then will we take another couple? ramsey probably though might not be named on the bench? just trying to work out who’s gonna be turning out for the reserves tomorrow evening.

    merida, wilshere, bischoff gonna be available or in italy?

  18. Stu

    Why wasnt Merida on the bench today? Instead it was Bischoff who i havent been at all impressed by whenever i’ve seem him play. Very anonymous whenever i watched games with him “playing”.

  19. A

    there was one reserve game stu in which he was absolutely exceptional, looked another level, made me have very high hopes for him thought he’d be on the bench and coming on regularly but barely featured still.

  20. Stu

    Did Van Persie have a goal disallowed? Cant remember that happening or must have slipped my mind. Anyone??

  21. A

    yeah kinda stu, arshavin played theo through and he squared it for vp but theo was ruled offside (even though he was level). vp finished it after the whistle had gone though

  22. Stu

    Even still A, do you think hat was worth offering a crock a contract, regardless of its length. All of those young players on contracts, most of whom dont even reach the first team regulars, all add up to the huge wagebill we have.

  23. Trinidad_G

    A, I think Van Persie was ruled offside after Theo passed to him (still, he was onside). If Theo went it alone he might’ve had a goal. He was 1-on-1 for the second time.

  24. A

    yeah i do stu. until we sign another right back we can’t afford to lose eboue, and we’d easily be able to sell him and get some cash when we did want to offload him, so offering him a new contract is just safeguarding our assets

    around then i’d imagine stu, probably just coming up, or maybe just missed it?! cant remember exact minute

  25. Lovedup Loner

    I aint got a problem with Wenger gambling on Bischoff. he was really highly rated before the injuries so i imagine AW thinks he can get back on track…. if not, he’ll be off come the summer. He’s looked decent in the games Ive seen him play.

  26. A

    nah trinadad the replay showed it was given for theo i believe, but he was well onside, the flag went up before he passed to vp

  27. Stu

    Just saw it. 82minute. Dont know what made me miss it when it was live tho. πŸ˜•

    Loner, he may have had some fans but Bischoff had only played once for the Bremen first team and that was still a few years ago. Not to mention his injuries. I suppose it might have been a risk worth taking but imo he will get a contract regardless because they hand them out like coupons at Arsenal.

  28. Confidentgoner


    Nice to see that some groovers here actually analyse the game. Every post these days starts with E is shit, Song is shit bla bla bla.. Guys don’t ask themselves simple qusetion anymore.

    Who stood up to Man U, Liverpool, and Chelsea mid? We know he does not have pace but the lad is solid. Get me someone better and I would support the guy.

  29. Trinidad_G

    Well they hand it out like coupons, apart from the ones we really want to see. Pires, Flamini, and now why Theo and RVP are taking so long.
    I don’t mind Bischoff so much as Silvestre. He’s on our wage bill for what? It was a really “silly” decision by him too …. he could’ve finished his 10th year at ManU, get a testimonial and some more medals

  30. Trinidad_G

    Well Eboue and Song had good games, Eboue didn’t really put a foot wrong did he? He probably could’ve squared to Vela in the first half but Vela had a defender on him so he chose to shoot instead. Understandable.

  31. Lovedup Loner

    Stu; You are one tonite fella! Jeez, mate! How are we handing out contracts all over the place if we dont have a big enough squad?

  32. Stu

    Silvestre was just a slap in the face. Sure he has experience but he is also shit so they cancel each other out. We conceded so many goals with him playing and there were a lot of defensive mistakes too.

    I think he has been sent on a secret mission by Fergie to sabotage(sp) our club…and it seems to be working a plumb, until he injured himself that is.

    If we are paying hm any more that a tenner a week than he is ripping us off big time.

  33. Trinidad_G

    My prediction

    Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy
    Eboue Denilson Diaby Nasri
    RVP Eduardo

    Bench: Fabianski, Djourou, Gibbs, Song, Vela, Ramsey, Bendtner, Theo

  34. Stu

    Loner, i dont think our squad is as small as many would have you celeive. We have a decent sized squad and healthily sized roster too but too many of those players are either not good enough or still not in the first team despite having a contract. All of those small numbers add up.

  35. Lovedup Loner

    We are missing a central midfielder and possibly a CB IMO. Apart from that the squad is excellent, when fit! Dont understand this negativity? And who are these players that are on fat contracts who don’t play?

  36. A

    the silvestre signing was just a quick reaction because senderos wanted to go to milan, just a short term solution i’m sure. I’m still hoping senderos will return in the summer, though it’s looking like milan will actually want to sign him as he’s starting now for them

    trinadad as bendtner was rested im sure he’ll start against roma

  37. Lovedup Loner

    A; I heard Wenger only signed Silvestre coz another CB he went for failed a medical or sumfin like that? Dunno how much truth there is in that tho!

  38. Stu

    I remember when we were sumoured to be after Silvestre most of us jokingly laughed it off but when they didnt go away we all knew it would happen. One of my lowest moments as an arsenal fan was when that cunt was signed. It felt horrible seeing his face on Easily one of if not the worst of Wengers buys.

  39. Stu

    Whatever the reason was it was still an awful decision to bring him in. It was just a sheer waste of the clubs money. So much for saving money eh!

  40. A

    how was it a waste of money stu? we paid fuck all and he won’t be on big wages. I don’t rate him personally, but i understand why we’d sign someone like him rather than sign a permanent player if we were expecting senderos to return the following season. As a 4th choice centre back and someone who can cover at left back too i understand the reasoning in it. massive experience too

    dunno loner, i didn’t hear that

  41. Lovedup Loner

    And to think, City were on the brink of signing Silvestre, we gazumped em, so they went and signed Kompany instead… who can play the DM role too!

  42. ethangunner

    loved up hmmmmmm

    that’s a hard one, kompany or the injured fish face on semi retirement …

    i suppose only 1 is french thou !

  43. A

    to be fair i’d rather we didn’t have kompany, very overrated and would make song look like a ballerina agility wise if he was in our midfield!

  44. ethangunner

    yes A,
    and i would rather have all blue square south players @ Arsenal than internationals too !


  45. ethangunner

    as for over rated , well each player acquisition
    is different , how they bond with a team is also the same , to say torres would be crap with our set up or a stand out is pretty hard to judge until you see it happen , its like world class managers coming to the EPL and failing , you take them out of there comfort zone or change there environment and a great coach like ramos or big phil is made to look like an ametuer

    its also why most arsenal players leave arsenal and fail the rest of there career ….
    its because wenger gets them playing good football as a unit …

    people judge robinho or berbatov , but change his team dynamics and his role and he could excel or fail accordingly

    kompany is a legend … and if Man city arent utilizing him at 100% its not the player to blame . but you can clearly see his class and comparing him to song is like chalk to cheese !

    and i know what id rather eat !

  46. A

    well i’d take kompany if he was for free! certainly wouldn’t part with a transfer fee for him. He’s similar to song in that anytime there’s a fast passing move he doesn’t have the reactions to keep the ball and just picks out an opposition player!

    just watched today’s highlights again, next season with arshavin fully fit and settled, nasri, rosicky, cesc, eduardo, vela, bendtner, vp, theo our offensive and creative potential is mouth waterring!

  47. A

    disagree completely ethan. kompany is solid and good defensively for city, but his ability on the ball isn’t good enough for them by a long way when they’re playing quick passing football, and he’d be nowhere near good enough for us as a result!

    his passing and touch on the ball is worse than songs, though he is really a centre back so it’s kinda expected. When he’s closed down or tries to play the ball quickly he just doesn’t have the technique or agility to do it under control, so more often than not gives the ball away.

    different players do suit different teams because of the differing systems, but you can judge to an extent how well a player will fit into a given team’s system by his respective strengths and weaknesses.

    Players without the technique, agility, and speed of thought to control and pass the ball, accurately and quickly do not fit into our style of play, though they individually can be very good players.

    That’s why song has found it hard, julio baptista found it very hard, and kompany likewise would not be able to cope with it at all

  48. ethangunner


    the sun shines on a dogs ass every now and then , to say song had a good game yesterday would be true ,sure… but you have to keep the opposition into perspective .. someone like gerrard would eat him alive ..

    song has definitely underperformed in the EPL against quality players and until that changes he wont get my seal of approval even if wenger seems to think so ..

    but kompany is an intelligent footballer and has some speed , something song will never possess , he is a great work horse defender too , he possesses obvious class and is slightly attacking also !
    if he was brought into our club you would see that far more than playing at man shitty ..
    plus he would learn to pass 110% working with wenger…

    i liken song to eboue , if you play anyone that much after continual failure you eventually will see improvement .HOW CAN YOU NOT ?.

    BUT id rather start on more solid foundation and play someone like vela for eboue or ramsey for song ..

    even poor old jack who tore real a ‘new one’ pre season yet cant even get a game in the C.C !

    songs 1st touch yesterday was a give away ..
    i remember… as i was explaining to my wife how much he is loved on Le grove by geoff, and then i said THERE ! you can see why ..

    sure by his standards he had a good one ..
    so whats the count ? 20 bad games .1 average and 1 good game …

    sorry i dont like those odds !

    and if ramsey played as much as song has this season he would be a new team regular ..
    thats my point .. and song will benefit from those around him .. cesc , theo,nasri and AA .you can’t tell he wont look far better than he really is …WHY ? as his lack of class will be over shadowed by superior players around him ..masking how crap he still is ..

    its ade all over again . why because ade’s goal scoring tally was enhanced last season by gifted midfielders serving him up .. making him look good .. some people cannot break down the play like i do .. i saw ade for what he really was at the beginning , and unless song improves 100% he wont last long at AFC !

    id put money on it ..

  49. gnarleygeorge9

    After seeing that goal of Eduardo’s, the fact that he missed out @ the end of last season, compounds my dislike for Birmingham.

    Why did that rockape have to lash out @ Eduardo? Was the turd payed off by a team languishing 7 points behind @ the time to do a job on Eduardo?

    The simple fact of the matter is. If The Arsenal, sorry, when The Arsenal get into a position to win the PL again, The Club will need some thugs of their own to counter the chances of the Eduardo incident to happen again. A Viera or Edu type that send a message or 10 throughoutthe season that you try to bully, you will leave the field on a stretcher.

    On song, 2 assists, & Eboue actually finished off well. But its only Burnley, Chelsea will be a different matter.

  50. A

    sorry ethan that just isn’t true! Song was our best player imo against liverpool and bossed the midfield against both gerrard and alonso! When playing against quality opposition is when song is very good, when it’s just his strength and defensive capabilities that are on show.

    It’s when he’s playing against average opposition that he’s been found out, teams who we dominate possession against, and are on the front foot, which isn’t song’s strongpoint (though obviously he was fantastic against burnley).

    im sorry i disagree completely about kompany. He’s a centre back playing centre mid, and he shows it with a complete inability to pass the ball quickly, he’s less agile than song, and turns like even more of a tank than song does!

    I’m not saying song is quality, but just that kompany would not be good as a DM for us, because his lack of any ability on the ball would be shown up. At times his lack of ability on the ball has been shown up playing for city, it’d be ridiculous playing for us!

    Song could actually become a very good DM, playing with good players as you say. However that isn’t because he’ll be shown as better than he is, it’ll be because his strengths are utilised. Makalele, mascherano, all good DMs are only good when good players are around them, that doesn’t mean they’re appearing better than they are, it’s a specialised role. That’s why song in proper games has had his best performances against liverpool when we were up against it, and chelsea, when his job is to be a DM and just a DM

    ramsey and vela are very inconsistent, and although they have amazing potential to be top players, at their current level they’re inferior to eboue and song, and if they’d played regularly we’d have no chance of champions league. Players like that who are young, raw, and inconsistent need to be introduced alongside top players playing well and with confidence.

  51. ethangunner

    we will have to agree to disagree i think A .
    as its pretty self evident that our run in the EPL hasn’t been flash and that i put down too lack of creativity in the center , and correct me if im wrong but 50% of that center is SONG ..

    he blunders A LOT of possession usually and he is very slow .passing sideways or back & if we cant beat lower teams in the EPL when fielding song and co . It only points out that he is the wrong man for the job ..

    denilson will be our long term DM , if any at all will make it .. so for me there is no room for song long term in this team …

    time will tell and i think prove me correct .

  52. iceman

    Gerrard and All other top ten teams CM’s would eat Song alive. No question!!!

    As for yesterday’s performace…he did well….he’s ok as back-up….not first team.

    We need to flog Barn door for 15m plus and get a solid DM….A thug if you will….a Savage but with a little more class!!!!

    With Rosicky due back our midfield will be too ballerina-ish….We need a balance….

    Can we clone Essien?

  53. ArsenalKenya

    Attendance was 57,475 yesterday though i saw so many empty seats.

    Song was man of the match – i agree but he is still to slow. He should start training for 100 metres to improve his speed.

    Kenyancesc and Arsenalised – DSTV have rights for FA cup matches and they are been screened on Supersport 3N or S3Ni…..

    KEEP IT UP GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. ethangunner


    if you put a blue cap on song and filmed him from behind we would be a dead ringer for dicky- knee !
    the old hey hey its Saturday puppet !

    concur totally , Essien would be a brilliant addition ..

  55. mombasagooner

    arsenalkenya vipi mambo?dstv has those rights but are showing them in south africa and nigeria only?did u happen to watch the match live in kenya yesterday?

  56. benno

    What a brilliant day yesterday was!! Kings of Leon, The fratelli’s and The Music, and then come home to see Arsenal out class burnley and witness song and Eboue actually contribute something good to the game πŸ˜€

  57. ethangunner

    yes but angus is way cooler πŸ™‚

    song should learn to play guitar , but im sure all would learn is slow songs πŸ™‚

  58. Seb

    Well, not only were there swathes of empty seats at the ground yesterday, the post count in here is surprisingly low compared to normal, despite our lads scoring three quality goals, two of which will be talked about for some time to come!

    It is sad that clearly a lot of people only view Le Grove as the place to come and bitch and moan after a draw or defeat – because it is tolerated in here unlike other places – rather than as a place to rejoice in all things Arsenal whether good or bad. Which it most definitely is.

    Sing when we’re losing!
    They only sing when we’re losing!
    Sing when we’re loooooosing!
    They only sing when we’re looooooosing…. πŸ˜›

  59. Lovedup Loner

    Seb; Thats sad if its true fella! But the negativity can get way OTT on herre sometimes, so maybe you’re onto something there…

    WE’ll see Wednesday then.

  60. Lovedup Loner

    Regarding Song…

    I think he was excellent yesterday and has played well against better opposition as well. However, he hasnt done it consistently enough for me, hopefully tho he can reproduce that again and again.

    Was that too negative? πŸ˜€

  61. Seb

    It’s their loss Lovedup; I get as fed up as anyone when we put in a shit day at the office, I will single out who the culprits are in my eyes, I will rant and rave about our failings. But I have even more to say when we perform in the way we know we can and in the way that the boss wants his teams to play. And when players who have been making a pig’s ear of things come good, I am delighted not frustrated, and delight needs an outlet just as much as frustration if you ask me!

    Perhaps I just don’t understand the dark nature of true pessimism… care to enlighten me anyone? no names mentioned πŸ˜€

  62. benno

    loner, exactly mate!

    Seb, hopefully Eboue scoring yesterday will give him the confidence to just hit it more oftne in future rather than the unconfident dithering he’s been doing infront of goal for most of the season.

  63. ArsenalKenya

    Mombasagoner….Hebu cheki Supersport 3N or 3Ni ..

    I watched the game live from my crib and most people don’t know about this channel here in Kenya.

    Mabeste wengi wale wamesambaziwa DSTV hawana habari hiyo..HABARI NDIO HIYO SASA!!! Game zote za FA zipo hapo hata ya Man U na Fulham nilicheki hapo sato..


  64. gnarleygeorge9

    I’m with you Lovedup, aka Angry. If song puts in a match winning performance against Hull, chelski & to win The Cup, it won’t bother me to admit he deserves a spot in the squad.

  65. iceman

    DEF OUT:
    -De Rossi


    We can do this!!

    Repeat of Burnely please…Yes Song…I am talking to YOU!!!!

  66. ethangunner


    its not my fault your in a dark dingy office , so dont penalize anyone else for it , im in sunny thailand .. so who’s fault is it that you are where you are ???

    1 good game for song does not make him a hero , and whilst some come on here to lighten the mood with there own delusional rants of grandeur

    i myself prefer to keep it real , we beat burnley FFS !

    did you expect anything other than a win ?? honestly ?

    my only question was by how much ? 5-0 6- 0 ?
    no only 3-0 !

    the game proves nothing ..
    beat roma AWAY !
    and put the shackles on blackburn by 3 goals then you hazy magical weed smoking hippy feelings are justified !
    maybe you think a blue square south team should
    give us a run for our money ???

    we by rights could have beaten burnley with our reserve team , ive been blogging to long and seen to many people like you come on and think we have turned this magical corner ! only to be let down the next week , so we shall see …

    good news is theo and dudu are back and once fully fit should knock players like eboue and ade out of the squad !

  67. Lovedup Loner

    I think irs only right to give credit when a player plays well, mI mean, as Gooners thats exactly what we want our players doing, innit? Not to secretly hope they fuck up so we can persisit with an agenda against em. I mean, Im no fan of Eboue but against Roma and then yesterday, he was really good, so fair play to him. BUT then again, if his miss v Roma comes back to bite us on the arse, then he’s a c*nt!

  68. tonyadamsisgod

    Re: Song, he played well yesterday but he did start slowly. And he absolutely should play well against a team like Burnley. But hey, 2 assists says something. If he can reproduce that form consistently – which is the challenge as we all know – then I would happily admit that he deserves to be in the squad. But I wont be admitting I was ‘wrong’ about him as up until now he has been shit.

  69. ethangunner

    and if you think beating burnley is something to rejoice , well from a point of staying in the comp it is !

    i expect us to beat hull also !

    but the actual match up is like George foreman V’s a local amateur heavy weight boxer ..

    Arsenal V’s burnley , there is no question who will win its by how much !

  70. Lovedup Loner

    And just because its ‘only’ Burnley does a real disservice to both teams IMO. The chavs only managed a draw at home to Southend and got beat by Burnley at home too!

  71. Geoff

    I also concur but even a blind squirrel occasionally gets an acorn, I’ll leave it at that.

    No I won’t, I just wish he would give a few of the English youngsters the same time he affords those two, maybe we would be top of the league had he done that, and don’t forget, we weren’t playing Barcelona, we were playing Burnley.

  72. ethangunner

    loved up why is he good ?

    eboue dont score many goals but he can put one in against burnley to me it shows you how crap they are .. the spaces in the crowd show likewise ..

    you wont get crap competition V roma , and likewise wont see holes in the crowd ..
    everything is relative and ive seen enough false profits as blogger’s in my times come on and tell me to lighten up ..

    i dont need others to tell me , i need my team to fucking win things … be consistent , play quality players and put your best 11 on the pitch every week !

  73. Seb

    Nice work there ethan.

    I wasn’t referring to you.

    I don’t work in an office, I post from home and I work outdoors.

    The sky is blue outside and I have had a great Arsenal week.

    Not even your unprovoked attack can ruin that πŸ™‚

  74. Lovedup Loner

    ethan; LIke i said mate. Eboue aint a fave player of mine, but he did well and not just v Burnley either. But with Theo coming back, he wont be getting much game time soon.

    Geoff; Im notm sure who from the yutes could come in for Song tho? For me, the closest is Coquelin and he’s a while off yet… Oh and he’s French too! But ramsey seems next in line given the fact he’s always on the bench and gets a few minutes most games now.

  75. iceman

    A win is exactly that…a win. be it Barca or Burnely.

    It has raised confidence. (Or I hope it has!)

    We can take the last 2 games momentum and see of Roma.

    2-1 anyone?

  76. Geoff

    Loved up Ramsey for one, or play without a defensive midfielder. We got rid of Muamba who in my opinion was far better even then.

    Ethan gives his opinion Seb, I would hardly call that an attack! Unless of course you are a sensitive soul.

  77. gnarleygeorge9

    All things bright & beautiful,
    all creatures great & small (including blind squirrels πŸ™‚ )

    Arsenal can win the F A & CL Cup,

    & Tottenham can win fuck all.

  78. Geoff

    Iceman as I said in the post, winning spreads confidence and I for one am delighted, as I was to see Song and Eboue finally earn their huge wage packets.

  79. iceman

    3 goals scored – 2 assists from Song.

    On another day that would only happen whilst dreaming πŸ™‚

  80. Lovedup Loner

    I was gutted when Muamba was sold as I had real high hopes for him. BUT after seeing him a few times, I gotta say he is really poor. And before you say anything, yep, poorer than Song!

  81. Geoff

    My point there Loved up is would he have been had he stayed with this team and been given as many chances?

  82. ethangunner

    yes seb nothing too attacking in those blog farts just my own opinion on why we shouldnt start rubbing ourselves up against the lawn just yet …

    lets start beating man U by 2 + goals and then ill join your woodstock festival .. until then
    im going to sit on the side lines and see how much impact the returning injured will affect our performances . yes im silently hopeful we can finish strong this season to retain 4th ..

    but in all honesty our season EPL wise is lost
    and i cant think of a team on the planet that would be considered favorites against barca , so id prefer to be objective as against foolish
    even in the fa cup man U and the chev’s are still in the mix , so i wouldnt want to say we have 1 hand on the cup there either …

    finishing 4th is still the 3rd loser !

  83. Lovedup Loner

    Song has only had the amount of chances he has due to injuries and the fact that, for whatever reason AW never signed a DM in the summer, IMO.

    I do feel tho, that Eboue has had a shit load of chances at RW, when for me, that was a cheapskate option as we shouldve signed a proper attack minded player 2 seasons ago. Moving him up the pitch and playing him, when for me, Theo shouldve been playing, has been a real fuck up. But we have serious options now and when, not if, Rosicky gets back that will diminish his playing time even further.

  84. gnarleygeorge9

    evo, mate, we need to get contact details for the footy. Just say when. We can do it through Pedro/Geoff, if they don’t mind.

  85. choy

    morning all..

    wheres the new post like?

    cracking finish by our no.9 yesterday… it was an absolute stunner!

  86. Lovedup Loner

    ethan; Thing is tho mate, the team have done well against the better teams this year innit! Its when we’ve played the lesser lights of the league that we’ve fucked up.

    Not saying we WILL win anything, but i think we can and anyhoo, barca will get knocked out by Lyon!

  87. gnarleygeorge9


    I’m looking forward to Rosicky hitting the ground running. If he is fit & edgy, Arsenal could very well win the Champions league.

    Rosicky, Theo, Arswaxin, Cesc, Diaby, Nasri. Now that is as good as you get IMO

  88. Seb

    lol okay whatever

    I just respond to a poster when they start their post with ‘seb’ so forgive me for reading that as a post addressed to me, it’s a crazy notion I can see that now! :rollseyes:

    My point was a general one, that after two wonder goals – and a great finish is a great finish, let’s not try and water the goals down by referring to the opposition please – you would think there would be more people than usual on here, when in fact the reverse was true. That to me is a shame.

    And considering that ethan is one of the people that HAS been on here today/yesterday, why he felt the need to defend himself against that point, only he can explain… I think he missed the point somewhat πŸ˜†

  89. stonroy

    Now all we need is Inter to take out the manure, Lyon to win over Barca and the spuds to go down in a freak plane accident, as for Chelsea, I don’t rate them this year, i think we can take them.

  90. gnarleygeorge9

    The thing about beating the top sides & struggling against the average ones.

    Arsenal seem to handle the underdog tag well, so i think we would beat barca, but struggle against Lyon sort of thing.

  91. Rasputin

    Morning grovers,

    Great result, 3 very good goals. RVP could learn a bit about composure from the first two, neither of which relied on power, but were just classy technique.

    Hats off to Song and Eboue for their clever interplay to score the third goal, but forget the dance celebration boys – it didn’t work, just have a hug and kiss with the rest of the team πŸ˜‰

  92. tonyadamsisgod

    Just look at how mich better things have got since we have had selection problems, as in we have a fair few players to choose from which still leaves talent on the bench.

    Arshavin has brought that creative link we have been missing since we lost Cesc. This boy oozes class and once he gets that first goal he will be unstoppable.

    Eduardo…..well what can you say? If there has been once thing that everyone on Le Grove has agreed about with argument is that this guy is probably the most natural finisher in the premier league! Who else could figure out that he had to strike the volley with the outside of his ankle, let alone go and bloody well pull it off!!!!

    Theo showed signs that he has/is going to hit that ground running. Could have scored a couple yesterday and looks really sharp. Not many can do that after a long lay off.

    Then we still have Cesc, Rosicky and Ade to return. If we are going to win anything there is no choice nut to do it the hard way and beat the top teams. I just cant help but feel that our FA Cup run has been timed perfectly…..the lesser teams during a injury hit period and now that our stars return we get to the big boys…….I have a good feeling…….

  93. iceman

    Yeah over the moon for Eduardo!!!
    I really think he holds the key against Roma.
    RvP seems to have lost his boots.Eboue needs to return them asap!!

  94. Metal Gear

    RVP is overrated I’m still bemused as 2 why people rate this guy. He’s hit and hope no composure, unrealiable and frustrating. Wenger should have played Vela upfront months ago but he had 2 play Bendtner becuz he was unpopular with the fans what a cunt.

  95. Lovedup Loner

    Metal; Un-effin-believable! Seriously, 1st post from you and its full of bile and vitriol. Great timing there…

  96. tonyadamsisgod

    SSN have just confirmed that Kolo willplay tomorrow night. I know we all thought that but its good to have it backed up!