Crazy week begins, I think we can do it, or am I the really crazy one?

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So today sees Burnley in the FA Cup, followed by Roma away in the Champions league, both wins would see us in the quarter finals, followed by Blackburn in the league on Saturday then Hull at home in the FA Cup the following Tuesday.

So in theory we could be in the quarter finals of the European Champions league, the semi finals of the FA Cup and in 4th place in the English Premier league, quite a week eh?

So am I crazy to believe we can do it? What do we need to achieve these herculean tasks? Well two things actually, we need to win two FA Cup games and one Premier league one, get a draw in Europe and hope the spuds beat villa, all do-able in my book (Ok stop laughing, the spuds are due one away win this season).

That said we need to win today, a big convincing win will set us up nicely for the Roma game so who will feature today eh?

Here’s my best bet.


Eboue Djourou Song Gibbs

Walcott Nasri Diaby Arshavin

Bendtner Eduardo 

I didn’t put Song in there because I want him, trust him, rate him or particularly like him, but Wenger does and will play him in goal if he has to, ditto with Eboue.

If we go at this with purpose, speed and flair I expect a great performance and a convincing win, I also expect Walcott and Eduardo if played to last 52 minutes and be replaced by Ramsey and Vela.

I hope we see the Arsenal we saw against West Brom because that was more like the old Arsenal and that will get the crowd on it’s feet, that will put the fire in their bellies and they will need it, that’s 4 games in 10 days so we’ll see a lot of changes, but they’ll need to be fit because a number of them will play in them all.

We cannot afford to lose any of these if we want some silverware this season, the time for blowing smoke up each other arses is at an end Arsenal, today it begins, today is’D’ day, today you show us why you’re so good, today you repay the faith the fans have in you, go get ’em Arsenal!

Talking of real fans, we have a club leveler who can’t afford to pay for his tickets next term and is willing to rent them out for a season at cost. So to any of you ‘real fans’ out there (that don’t like plastic ones) here is a chance to put your money where your mouths are. Show us how real you are by buying a season, like the rest of us real fans do!

They’re also available to any Grovers out there who have £2.5k a ticket to spare, email us and we’ll put you in touch.

Have a great day Grovers, today it begins.

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  1. kirby

    we were only playing burnley grovers and the other day we played a poor wba its easy to get excited but il judge the team on how they manage wednesday night!!!

  2. Lovedup Loner

    Maq; If we are dreaming then lets beat Hull and then stuff the Mancs or Chavs with Boro beating the other one and we stuff Boro in the final… with Aliadiere getting his yearly goal against us as well in a 4-1 win for the Gunners!

  3. TJ

    Anyone else think Diaby was sh!te again. He really looks disinterested on occasions!

    Good easy game though, lets hope we finish the week as we’ve started!

  4. Lovedup Loner

    Boro to win today and then we’ll have em in the semi’s like we did a few years back at Old Trafford.

  5. Lovedup Loner

    TJ; I thought he was really quiet, but he didnt really need to be at his best today. maybe he was thinking about the Roma game? Hope so, coz he had a blinder against them last time.

  6. mark

    Excellent .. and whatever Geoff, Pedro and Bendtner lovers think we are a much better team without that dipstick and he still doesn’t deserve to pull on an Arsenal shirt … I can’t understand what people see in him …every football fan I knopw thinks he’s a joke and has no footballing skill whatesoever … now we are geting our real footballing stars back lets get rid of these championship footballers like Bendtner …. slow …boring … no class and if we base our future on the likes of Bendtner we will win nothing … we have much more talent than that conceited arrogant w****r get rid of him and Ade and play our real stars to take this club forward. And as for giving him le champ of the week for scoring against a WBA side who left him in acres of space … is a joke … open your eyes Arsenal fans … and appreciate our real stars ….. or can’t you see the difference between class and average.

  7. Bobby7

    I´m absolutely gobsmacked. I know we played Burnley and they seemed to give us alot of space in midfield but i thought Song was imense today. Two assists and should have had a third, some great break ups and tackles in the middle when it was needed and in general great link up play. Maybe Cesc and Diaby had a passing course during the week… If he could start performing like this more regularly….

    Great play today by the lads and Eduardo is amazing!!

  8. Pat

    Arshavin through pass for the “offside” goal was amazing. He’s a match winner, could be totally quiet one minute and tearing you up the next.

    Song was MOTM today. Has Diaby been practicing his defensive duties? He looked good in the tackle today

  9. A

    lol great performance and some people come on to slag off bendtner, brilliant

    great performance by the lads, if only theo had finished when put through. I can see that ball through from arshavin to theo being repeated alot the rest of this season!

    only poor performers imo were diaby, djourou, and maybe include sagna just because going forward and crossing he’s such a waste of space

  10. A

    as in the djourou solid thing?! gave away a blatent pen, left the ball in our own area when went to their player, and was just generally very poor. Marginally better than at west brom, but still close to stepanovs level of embarrasingly badness!

  11. A

    he isn’t that bad, but today he was, and west brom was genuinly the worst defensive performance i’ve seen in an arsenal shirt since the stepanovs debacle! he’s not gonna be sharp having been out of the team for so long, but he’s gotta be able to come into the team and be better than he has been last 2 games

  12. mark

    Sorry Lovedup …if youn think I’m over the top …and I appreciate everyone has an opinion and a lot of you like Bendtner … but I’ve ben watching (and in my earlier days playing football) for more years than I care to remember and (in my opinion) when you see a skillfull, exciting footballer YOU SEE IT …. It hits you in the face … Cesc, Arshavin, Henry, Viera and on and on … but Bendtner …. no no no …. the way he runs (with the ball or without) his awful first touch and his vision tells me he is not first class material …… I really don’t see it and i just see a championship player who, when nhe plays, keeps a better and more skillfull player out of the side. But again he is one of Wengers favourites who can do no wrong so we are lumbered with him ….

  13. Lovedup Loner

    Sion; I think all young CBs have mistakes in em tho. And that aint gonna improve if they dont play too much. I couldnt get to the WBA game, so can’t really comment about his performance there, although it was one of the best ever defensive games in the history of football, IMO!

  14. kelsey

    Considering he didn’t play today,the rant about bedntner was uncalled for.I was surprised as most that Eduardo started with Vela and AA,but it shows we have other options coming back,and that can only give bedntner a wake up call.If you want to be critical,fabianski didn’t look assured,and Djorou was not at his best,but overall we held burnley comfortably,no injuries and can now concentrate on the roma game.

  15. A

    im a jd hater?! i just don’t think he’ll make it with us, im not a hater!

    the reason that i think he won’t make it is that generally he’s been very solid for 89 minutes in matches, but gone to sleep and made one potentially goal-conceding mistake a game.

    however in the last two games he’s been absolutely attrocious from start to finish

  16. Lovedup Loner


    No apology needed mate. Its your opinion, fair do’s fella!I was just teasin anyways!

    I think bendtner has had poor performances that havent helped him, but there are also glimpses of real talent too. Im not 100% sure if he will make it at Arsenal, but he is young enough to improve and develop and, for me, he’s 4th choice striker at best.

  17. Lovedup Loner

    A; I was joking there about being a JD hater too! The big smiley face at the end of the sentence is sposed sign post that! 😀 (<<< like there!)

  18. mark

    Kelsey .. I don’t think my rant against Bendtner is uncalled for … I see us as a better team without him and as Wenger is relying on him as our striker of the future I think it is the wrong way to go and games lioke today show we vcan do wihtout him quite comfortably (and Ade as well). I also agree with you about Fabianski he disn’t have a great game and has flapping weaknesses and his kicks from backpasses were not that great either.

  19. A

    ha yeah i know, but im sensitive, anyone i criticise i’m labelled as a hater of, anyone i praise im their lover!

    we’ve been a very good team since cardiff, with bendtner in the team, and he was rested today because he’ll be starting midweek. As a team we played very well today, but no better than against sunderland, cardiff, west brom, when bendtner was playing.

    the big thing that prevents that sort of football is ade, bendtner is very good at it, and has already developed a nice understanding with arshavin.

    what’ll happen when ade returns will be interesting, can see him playing a bit part/sub role from now on

  20. Lovedup Loner

    A; You think Bendtner will start v Roma then? I can’t see it myself. Ade, apparantly might make the bench for Roma too.

  21. kelsey

    Mark my words,(no pun intended Mark)Eduardo will be our number one striker soon and either bedntner or ade will go,because they both will not want to be second in line.Theo will eventually become a more central fiqure and the need for a tall centre forward will disappear.nasri and AA and Vela can all interchange from the wing to a more central role,things look good at least for next season.i do admire eduardo as a person,he is humble,intelligent as a footballer,well liked,obviously mentally focused,in fact the very opposite of Adebayor.It depends if bedntner who is still young wants to commit himself and is capable of getting beteer.It’s all a matter of opinion,i don’t disagree with you it was the way it came over,no hard feelings.

  22. mark

    A … Wenger will be too proud not to play Ade when he’s fit … having gone out of his way to pay him massive wages when he wanted to leave ….. Unfortunately my dream of a bendtner and Ade free Arsenal looks like being many years in the future.

  23. A

    yeah i reckon so loner, which is why he was rested today. One more goal and he’s scored as many as ade this season with much less starts.

    wenger said when he said theo and eduardo were back that ade definitely wouldn’t make roma.

  24. A

    yeah that’s what i think will happen loner, same starting line up, though maybe song will start, possibly instead of eboue

  25. Lovedup Loner

    If Ade can put in the effort he did last season, then he can be a great player for us. BUT, if he cant be arsed, then thats about 60% of his game gone, IMO.

  26. Lovedup Loner

    Oh OK, I read he had a chance of making the bench…

    I think Eduardo should start tho v Roma. Might not create too many chances so, could do with our bestest finisher being on the pitch.

  27. A

    i agree about 60%, but at his very best he still couldn’t be a great player for us, because he simply doesnt have the ability to contribute in the link up play. At his very best he keeps the ball, but it still slows down when it gets to him. At his best he can be incredibly useful as a plan b, defenders hate to play against him etc, but i can’t see him being plan a or starting regularly even if he’s at his very best

  28. mark

    Kelsey … no hard feelings at all …. and the picture you paint of Eduardo, Vela, AA, Theo and Nasri is excellent. With Cesc as part of a quick passing, forward moving sleek outfit we could start to win things again …. of course Van Persie will need to be there too as he definitely has class.

  29. A

    yeah i expected eduardo to play where bendtner did loner, but after bendtner was rested today, i think he’ll start, eduardo on the bench

  30. Lovedup Loner

    A; I didnt mean he can be a GREAT player, like Henry for example, meant that IF he can return to working his socks off, etc then he is definitely worth having around.. basically, I shouldnt have used the word GREAT! But I cant see him hanging around if he aint 1st choice.

  31. A

    yeah i agree. I’d like to have him in the squad, as he’d be very very useful to have on the bench if things weren’t going according to plan, but i can’t see him accepting it if he’s no longer a regular, which i doubt he will be

  32. patthegooner

    I know it was Burnley and last week I know it was WBA,

    But we have to start somewhere on the road to recovery, so for me those two results are very welcome.

    We have been saying for months that we should be winning those type of games, and we have been struggling through to draw them recently so I for one will keep my feet on the ground, but will revel in that for a few days.

    It was not just the result for me, it was the fact that we got the 3 goals and a clean sheet and barely broke sweat doing it.

  33. Seb

    Let’s be honest for a moment.

    Most of the ‘controversial’ players that we have been debating/slagging off are around 21/22 now – Denilson, Song, Bendtner, Diaby, Djourou etc. We are, whether people like it or not, starting to show signs of maturing and emerging as proper footballers and not just young players.

    Denilson was a prime target for anger at times last season and early on this season, but he has been playing consistently well lately. Is it possible that these players are only now reaching that point of maturity that allows you to perform with confidence and drive?

    I know this will be hard to swallow for some, but it is the rare player who shines at 17 like Cesc did. Maybe in the next year we will actually see these players blossom after four years of frustration. The signs are there, you cannot deny that.

  34. SFOGunner

    There gonna be some intersting comments in here, now that song had two assists today and eboue scored a goal ..

  35. Chipo

    ive got a bad feeling about the Semi final draw.

    Arsenal v Man U

    Chelsea v Everton

    methinks… but i hope im wrong!

  36. paul

    Just back from the game great perfomance from the team.The only negative those fans that cannot watch 90 minutes of football,why do you need to leave so early on a sunday afternoon,dont tell me its the trains as they are ok.The team deserved to be applauded off at the end.

  37. Lovedup Loner

    Chipo; I think we’ll get the Chavs, but i don’t really mind who we get, we’ve beaten both of am already this season!

    Paul; Its effin amazing how all those people just have to be somewhere else urgently innit?

  38. patthegooner

    Surely there is something that can be done with the Underground access and Public transport to ensure that People stay at the ground right until the full time whistle.

    You would have thought that it would have been part of the plans in the first place.

  39. Lovedup Loner

    I think the people that leave early would leave early no matter what… They are obviouslyjust a bunch of johnny come latelys and jimmy leaves earlies….

  40. patthegooner

    Not Sure Lovedup, I cant remember the mass exodus at Highbury so surely it must be a transportation issue.

    Personally I either just go to the pub for a bit and wait for it to calm down or walk the extra five mins upto Finsbury Park and pretty much walk straight onto a train.

  41. patthegooner

    What I dont think is acceptable is the empty seats before and after half time.

    I know that this is down to the food and drink stalls. There seems to be a real problem. I am not sure if there are not enough or that those that are there are being managed well enough. The speed of service seems to be on par with a Caribbean Rum Shack.

    Hopefully Ivan will bring across some of the ideas from American Stadia. They know how to do it.

  42. Lovedup Loner

    pattg; I tell ya, compared to a lot of grounds, the speed you get served up at Arsenal is effin rapido mate! Thing is tho, I know the club like the money they make, but it aint a medical neccessity to have a pie and a pint at half time! I mean, if it means you have to miss 10m mins either side of half time… WTF?

  43. finestcuts

    Song’s worst performances are behind him.
    All the experience he’s had has made him a better player.
    I agree with Seb, we have a solid blueprint, the quality of the football and how we completely dominated the game was fantastic, we controlled the game from start to finish.
    The main thing is, we need to keep this team, all our good players, because we need options. Flamini not staying on set us back, and Eduardo is the fox in the box we’ve desperately needed. Now we’re showing quality and RVP’s barren run will come to an end.

    The main thing is, that the team have been consistent, we’re incredibly difficult to beat, and
    we’ve become solid defensively. We have the foundations for a title challenging team for next season.

  44. paul

    I really dont think the trains are that much of a problem,i left after the full time whistle and was on the train at Arsenal station in about 15 minutes.

  45. Queen of Suburbia

    Re: Seb at 5:02.

    Post of the week right there.

    Its amazing that after witnessing a weakened side hammer a useful Burnley side we still get people coming on only wanting to talk negatives. I swear some people are only happy when we lose.

  46. patthegooner

    What a Fucking Surprise

    There was no way Man Ure were going to get the toughest tie was there.

    I know it is a lottery, but I just knew we would get Chavski

  47. patthegooner

    And I know we have to beat Hull, but I would fancy our chances against Chavski, especially as everyone will be back by then

  48. leon

    the semi final draw is things are well and truely hotting up,we looking alot more confedent we have alot of attacking options the goals are starting oflow,hull is tough game there is no dought about that but having set that if we bring our a game will win.arsenal vs manu toss a coin no idea who will that,but we we want to be and if you want be the best you have beat the best and there no better than manu,nasri for champoins legue and edwardo and vela and wilcatt alot of attcking option sthe only thing that arsenal need to good in defence though

  49. Lovedup Loner

    Our best players will be fresh as a daisy while the old mercenaries from Chavtown will be worn out by the time of the semi’s!

  50. Lovedup Loner

    choy; Really?? So we dont get a bye to the semi’s then?

    I think Hull need to think about their position in the league, thats Brown’s priority anyways as he said staying up would be the biggest achievement in the clubs history…

  51. patthegooner

    I think we were complacent when Hull came to us last time. I think this will be revenge. They are playing like shit as well. We should win that and I cant see Hull putting 11 behind the ball

  52. Geoff

    Ok all I’m back, the empty seat were because we that were there were getting soaked and the football in the first half wasn’t great.

    The whole of the south upper was empty for the whole game so Arsene has to look to himself for that.

    Great result and Song had his moments but he’s still not good enough.

    I met with Irish today and a big 6′ 6″ man called Franchise who was a top, top bloke!

    Irish, I hope you have a great night and Franchise, you and I know our football!

    I won’t be on for long tonight so have a good one all, part one is done and we can tonk the chavs in the semis! We have it all to look forward to.

  53. patthegooner

    Geoff it looked to me that we did not need to get out of 1st gear and played well within ourselves.

    What was Eduardo’s goal like in the flesh?

  54. leon


    there is no dought about that they deserved to beat at the emerites but i dont think its revenge we beat them in the ruturn match, but with now i dont all of our attacking options we have more than enough to win,but right now dought wenger i sevon thinking about playing hull its all about chapoins legue

  55. Seb

    He’s just in denial Lovedup, secretly he has a man crush on our big haired midfielder, he just can’t bring himself to admit it 😉

  56. George

    Eduardo’s and Vela’s finishing were class and nice to see Eboue and Song finishing Burnley off with some “champagne football!”.Have to say that the atmosphere where I sit in section S was the worst I have experienced since we moved to The Emirates,it’s no wonder opposing fans constently give us shit,the atmosphere generated by our fans is sometimes embarrassing.Iam perfectly aware that a happy medium has to be drawn with the morons say at Tottenham who make a lot of noise but most of it is produced by thick idiots whose opinion is not worthy of my time and I would rather sit in silence at Arsenal than be surrounded by neanderthals singing songs about Sol Cambell but surely a crowd of 57,000 should contribute more towards producing an atmosphere than I witnessed today.

  57. paul

    Geoff Franchise was told to sit down by the nobby stewards even though we were at the back,i know he’s 6’6” but fucking hell.

  58. Geoff

    Paul they’re just cunts! Pat it was awesome and Loved up, you’re are so right mate!

    Good call mate!

  59. George

    Geoff a little unfair I believe to blame Wenger entirely for the rows of empty seats as the game today was one where the cost wasn’t included in the season ticket so given the current financial climate I think we did well to see 57,000.

  60. Pat

    Cicinho’s Season Ended By Injury

    FA Cup Team of the weekend:

    Jagielka Alex Caldwell Evra
    J.S.Park Fellaini Song Vela
    Eduardo Tevez

  61. Geoff

    George 57,000 my arse, if it was 40,000 I might say ok but I reckon it was more like 30,000.

    If the team was more like we pay for I wouldn’t blame Wenger.

  62. Lovedup Loner

    George; I dunno what it is about some of the games where the atmosphere is just soooo dam bad? Coz when its good, its effin amazing but conversely when its bad its terrible, embarassing, infuriating…

  63. paul

    Antbody that ever has a spare ticket use Le Exchange i have and it works.Lets help get rid of those empty seats.

  64. paul

    What i dont understand is for cup games the away support take more of our seats,so where do those Arsenal Fans go because there are still empty seats everywhere in the stadium.

  65. leon

    i feel clichy is abit of problem arsenal in defence he got get out of this bad form he is making too many mistakes at the back,dj a bit rusty but he is still very good gallas top class and toure looking alot better,sagna crap crosser but great defender,i feel the onlything that will stop arsenal winning chapoins legue is defence

  66. leon

    paul that been mainly due to gallas /tour and dj,to be honest evon at the best of times clichy has always been a his alot better going forward and his pace gets him out of trouble but now he is out form and it sjust down to defending he ok but far from the best,he has made quite afew costly mistakes this season i am not having pop at whole defence but we have awsome but the whole defence have to on song and if we get that right we wont need dm player and in champoins legue you can little afford to make alot mistakes if any

  67. paul

    If we get all our injured players back soon we wont need a defensive midfielder,the attacking options will be frightening

  68. George

    Geoff,I guess Arsenal must be into reverse accounting then where you report a crowd of 57,000,pay the tax due on this gate receipt then only trouser the money received for a crowd of 30,000….seeems like a good way of going skint very quickly!I feel that the crowd today was more in the region of 50,000 than 57,000 but this happened against Spurs in a London Semi Final derby of the Carling Cup when the general atmosphere surrounding the club was a lot more optimistic so I don’t think that we should be unduly worried.My issue lies more with the atmosphere created inside the ground as LovedupLoner says it’s embarrassing to me to see so many people create such a dull atmosphere,especially when you know the sort of electric atmosphere I have witnessed eg against Manchester United and some European nights;I guess we now get into the realms of do the club deserve your unflinching support or do you deserve to be entertained before you give that support,I sit firmly in the camp that would support the team(not just by turning up)however we play but there are more and more people who are attending the ground who seem to think that by buying a seat it somehow gives them the right to see success and trophies on demand.Everyone obviously has the right to an opinion but it is this opinion of “I have done my bit by buying a season ticket,now entertain me” attitude that is my opinion adding to the appauling atmosphere that surrounds large sections of the ground.

  69. George

    Paul;under FA rules we are obliged to give 9%(virtually positve on this but could be 1% either side!)to the opposing teams fans in the FA but to be honest without Burnley’s large,vociferous support today the ground would have been a lot less full and even quieter.

  70. Neil

    Just back from the game. Mixed performance first half great goal by Vela but second half we should have scored 5 more.

    Best game seen Song play much better at getting forward and also being more creative with defence splitting passes rather than just sideways to full backs etc. MOM Song but really good performance all round and if RVP had been on his game he should have scored hat trick. Our Russian maestro is looking really good can see his fitness coming back and is now adding some good defensive work to offensive game which is as we all know has already looked good. He needs a goal shortly before this becomes as issue as it did for DB in first season but he adds great deal and you can see him talking to younger players-gave Theo a great look when he failed to run onto a wonderful pass late in second half.

    Eboue also excellent game-still makes wrong pass from time to time (which player other than Cesc does not) but great to see him score a goal and noticeable every player ex Fab. went to congratulate him afterwards-Arsene has alway said he adds a great deal in dressing room etc. and this is clear from players reaction and with some more confidence he can do a job for us in midfield as part of our squad as well as cover at right back. He gets going right from start running at players and appears all over field now hence the fact he is getting more chances-if he can imporve finishing he will score some goals for us.

    Geoff the stadium was not half empty-we reckon about 52/53K-official attendance 57K.

  71. George

    Neil,excellent anaysis of the game but the negative side of me feels that the more half decent performances we see from Song and Eboue the more likely Arsene is likely to stick with them next year and think “I told you so”!I have never wished an Arsenal player to play poorly and it can only be to the benefit of the team that Song improves but if as result of his improved performances(not because of injuries) he cements his place in the heart of Arsenal’s midfield for the coming seasons we are all in trouble!I just feel that Eboue and Song will never be good enough at centre and right midfield to elevate us to the position most Arsenal fans want to be in.You are correct though,he did have a good game and looked like his awareness of where to be to negate Burnley’s attacking threat was all there…was it luck or judgement?!Agree with your crowd estimate of 52k which I don’t think is that embarrassing given that it was live on Setanta and you had to cough up…just wish a few more people would get behind the team.

  72. Geoff

    George Arsenal sell the tickets, they just don’t tell the truth about who goes through the turnstiles, they did at Highbury, now they just lie.

    I go week in week out and see who is actually there, today I would say 30k plus, not a lot more.

    Night all.

  73. paul

    George my question was where do those Arsenal supporters that normally sit in those seats go on cup games?

  74. Lovedup Loner

    George; Given that we have options now on the wings for next season; Nasri, Vela, Theo, Arshavin, Wilshire and even Rosicky and maybe Traore too, I can’t see Eboue getting too much game time next year. I also think AW will sign another central midfielder too…

  75. patthegooner

    Lets hope so Loved Up

    I would prefer it if he were just back up cover for RB, but I could actually see him moving on in the Summer.

    Eboue will realise that his chances will be limited next year

  76. George

    Pointless debating with someone who is asleep but here goes!Geoff I don’t quite get why Arsenal would announce a gate of 57,000 which would have it’s tax implications because of tickets sold by them if they had only sold 30,000?It was virtually impossible to lie at Highbiry because the ground held 38,500 and was nearly always full!I also go to every home game but must have a different view of the seating arrangements.
    Paul;in my experience the season ticket holders who occupy seats that are taken up by visiting fans in The FA CUP are usually offered alternative seats by the club,which was a more difficult proposition at Highbury because of the size of the ground but much easier to deal with at The Emirates.

  77. George

    LovedupLoner I share your’e optimism and genuinely believe we are one decent central midfielder away from being a top team consistently.
    Maybe it was the lack of vocal support that has riled me today but I wonder if certain individuals who threatened “not to renew their season tickets”will have a sudden change of mind if our form improves and we look like winning something next year.Everyone has the right to an opinion but my opinion is that my attendance at The Emirates is not dependant on success and Iam embarrassed to hear talk from various people that due to a whole 4 years without a trophy they will not be going.Fuck me try 1981-1987 that was enough to test the patience of a saint or 1991-1996 but I still went.

  78. Mark C

    great team performance today.

    No one had a bad game.

    I am glad Wenger has got some real questions before he names his team on Wednesday.

    If Toure can return, we will have a very strong bench, and starting XI.

    I would love Walcott to start, to put Roma on the back foot, their full backs wont be able to attack too much with him and Eduardo on the pitch.

  79. tomstoned

    Night Geoff….

    What a great week :)…not much more to say…from icy north….apart from…lets stay positive..if you all reckon this season will turn out quite good…sit back…fasten youre seatbelts….and get ready for take off…next season..oh my God…
    i smell successs 😉

    seems to me like Vela finds his ground..can you all smell the composure creeping back into Our Beloved Arsenal..look at the passing ..getting more and more direct..isnt it :) has never been about one player out of form…its always about the whole team…and i think our youngsters starts to prove the point..they are wonderful…

    for this team i actually think its a couple of years to fast…but heey ill bend over.:)

    pardon my poor english this evening mates…you can either blame it on a couple of pints…or its difficult to write in a state of euforia 🙂

    goodnite All Gooners 🙂

    Best Regards tom

  80. Mark C

    Team for Wednesday


    Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy

    Denilson Diaby

    Walcott Nasri Eduardo

    Van Persie.

    How about that for a team.

    When Fabregas is back replace, he will replace Diaby.

  81. leon


    eboue i think will be used as right back cover he looks better there he sined new contract last year

  82. patthegooner

    I am not going to get embroiled in a lenghty debate over it as I am going to watch a film, but our expectations of what Arsenal could realistically and should achieve is a lot different now than it was in the 60’s and 80’s.

    I think the problem now is that a lot of fans feel that we are not using the resources available to us as a club to challenge for the top honours, and when you are faced with a bill for the most expensive ticket in town and you can visibly see people who are either not good enough or not putting in the effort, that riles people (Especially when the Club/Manager are telling us to expect to challenge) and in a time where money is short, people have to tighten the purse strings and when the product that is Arsenal is not what it should be, then some people will see that as the area where they can save money.

    I am not saying it is right or wrong, I can just understand why people are/were considering renewal. If we were paying similar Season Ticket prices to some of the other clubs, I dont think it would be an issue.

    If our form continues to improve and ultimately the day out at the Emirates is not one filled with frustration and anger then of course people will change their minds. I think the Signing of Arshavin will appease most as well and a CM of class would have appeased pretty much everyone. It is all we were after last summer, and personally I think we could have done it and not crippled the club financially, and when you look at how the Season has panned out, we could quite possibly be top of the pile now.

  83. Lovedup Loner

    Mark C; Not sure Theo will start given he’s been out for 4 months tho.. Maybe Vela to start???

    Leon; Maybe fella, but with Coquelin and possible Gav Hoyte coming up, he might not even be back up RB…

  84. leon


    both of those players are far to inexperienced,they will need alot more experience,i feel clichy is the weak link in defence for me

  85. Lovedup Loner

    I also think Clichy is havin a bit of a dip, he’s a quality footballer IMO and will come thru it….

  86. George

    Excellently put PatheGooner and I will retire hurt with a poultry 3 from a flukey edge to my name.
    Instead of griping about the opinions of other fans maybe I should concentrate on the fact that our injured players appear to be returning to the squad at the very same time as a couple of individuals who have been critisced heavily by large sections have actually put in 1 good performance in a row!We play Chelsea in the semi’s if we can past Hull and are playing Roma on Wens….shit life isn’t that bad,imagine if your club had spent over £100 million in the last couple of years and ended up watching bottom of the Premiership dogfights in a shithole down the Seven Sisters’?

  87. patthegooner

    I know George, and I am hoping that the returning players will give us a last 15 or so games that wipe out the dissapointment and memory of the first part of the Season.

    You are right what you say about the Spuds, no doubt they will spend another 50m in the Summer and pledge that they will be Top Four Tottenham again.

    I just hope this week gets even better with wins against Roma and Blackburn, they could make or break our season.

  88. tomstoned

    evenin Patt and George ..

    and what a fine evening its turnes out to be..

    on the upside of all the injuries this season,,is the affect it will have in the coming seasons..maybe hard to be pleased about at the moment ,,but the experience some of our younger players have gotten…may well be worth gold in the long run,,,not only in games but in training …i kinda see it as a spiral…a postive one..

    one could always debate Wenger’s attitude towards this season…but well he may just be proven right once more…lets hope so….

    Best Regards tom.

  89. Lovedup Loner

    I aint getting carried away, we havent got past roma yet and I really hope the misses by Bendy and Eboue dont come back to haunt us… BUT, I can see us scoring over there, especially if Eduardo plays and then…. thats us in the Quarters!

  90. George

    Lovedup;I once again share your optimism,I think we can score over there,and from what I have heard they have suffered from a couple of injuries in the last few days.I don’t know if it’s me but does Diaby raise his game in the CL eg our thrashing of Fenerbache this year,Liverpool last year and Roma this year he was excellent and we need his drive.You are not getting carried away as we are now getting the latter stages of the biggest competition in the World…which incidently Spurs are yet to appear in since it’s inception despite spending about half of Joe Lewis’ personal fortune.

  91. George

    off to watch various pieces of tv dross b4 drooling over Eduardo’s goal which is an absolute cracker on ITV at 11pm ish.

  92. Confidentgoner

    My impressions:

    Song was MOTM today by far. He showed how we know he can play. I notice that he is allowed to link up play as well as break up attack. More of that, but I still call for a classy DM but we have some talent here.KEEP!!!

    Eboue has also got his Mojo back. That Ivorian juju has now been exorcised. I hope he continues to find the net because he adds balance, pace and skill to the team. If you don’t see it, then think about the match you are watching!

    Dudu is just magic. I hope he stays long with us and if fit he should play against Roma.

    Diaby is getting better and better and better.. He should not dwell a lot on the ball and his fitness needs improvement. small details which am sure he can work at.

    Gibbs on current form is better than the Clichy of the last few games. Need I say more about Gallas and Djorou.

  93. Ja_Gunner

    Well I would start this team for Roma.






    Same as last time but I replace Eboue with Theo.

    However I am not so sure Walcott will start so soon.
    And I am not sure he will start Vela in the CL away from home. Walcott’s crosses are better than Sagna by far so Bendter could be at the far post to latch on to those crosses whether in the air or on the ground.
    Nasri will be fresh so he will biting and the Roma defender’s heels.

    So we may see this






  94. Lovedup Loner

    I think it may well be the same team as against Roma last time, but with Eduardo for Bendtner. Eddy has to start IMO.

  95. Ja_Gunner

    Roma’s injury list is horrific. I think this means we should surprise them and try to get an early goal.

    If we get an early goal it will demoralise them because they will have to score 3.

    The worse thing we can do is go there and sit back too much and they equalise early on, that will give them momentum(plus home support) to finish us off regardless of who is playing for them.

    We must go for the jugular early in my opinion.

  96. Ja_Gunner

    Loved up..Bendtner will start..because he was rested today.

    And remember he is coming off a very good game so Wenger will want to take advantage of his new found confidence.

    Eduardo played 70mins today so he might start in Rome.

    He may start with Bendter right and Eduardo left.
    I think this might be the scenario ,….then again eboue could start as well.

  97. Confidentgoner

    Very close. Some few comments.

    If you want Ed to be effective you need him in the front not on the wings. Same with Vela.

    I would go with RVP on the left and Eduardo as lone striker. He is more clinical than VP. I would also play Eboue on the right and sub him for Theo for the 2nd half.

    I have a feeling he might play Song and Diaby for more solid spine and possibly bring Dennilson later