Crazy week begins, I think we can do it, or am I the really crazy one?

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So today sees Burnley in the FA Cup, followed by Roma away in the Champions league, both wins would see us in the quarter finals, followed by Blackburn in the league on Saturday then Hull at home in the FA Cup the following Tuesday.

So in theory we could be in the quarter finals of the European Champions league, the semi finals of the FA Cup and in 4th place in the English Premier league, quite a week eh?

So am I crazy to believe we can do it? What do we need to achieve these herculean tasks? Well two things actually, we need to win two FA Cup games and one Premier league one, get a draw in Europe and hope the spuds beat villa, all do-able in my book (Ok stop laughing, the spuds are due one away win this season).

That said we need to win today, a big convincing win will set us up nicely for the Roma game so who will feature today eh?

Here’s my best bet.


Eboue Djourou Song Gibbs

Walcott Nasri Diaby Arshavin

Bendtner Eduardo 

I didn’t put Song in there because I want him, trust him, rate him or particularly like him, but Wenger does and will play him in goal if he has to, ditto with Eboue.

If we go at this with purpose, speed and flair I expect a great performance and a convincing win, I also expect Walcott and Eduardo if played to last 52 minutes and be replaced by Ramsey and Vela.

I hope we see the Arsenal we saw against West Brom because that was more like the old Arsenal and that will get the crowd on it’s feet, that will put the fire in their bellies and they will need it, that’s 4 games in 10 days so we’ll see a lot of changes, but they’ll need to be fit because a number of them will play in them all.

We cannot afford to lose any of these if we want some silverware this season, the time for blowing smoke up each other arses is at an end Arsenal, today it begins, today is’D’ day, today you show us why you’re so good, today you repay the faith the fans have in you, go get ’em Arsenal!

Talking of real fans, we have a club leveler who can’t afford to pay for his tickets next term and is willing to rent them out for a season at cost. So to any of you ‘real fans’ out there (that don’t like plastic ones) here is a chance to put your money where your mouths are. Show us how real you are by buying a season, like the rest of us real fans do!

They’re also available to any Grovers out there who have £2.5k a ticket to spare, email us and we’ll put you in touch.

Have a great day Grovers, today it begins.

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  1. Seb

    May I just point out my belief in Carlos Vela never wavered for one moment, I was just giving him a gentle reminder 😉

  2. finestcuts

    Isn’t it nice to be up at half time for a change, and totally dominating the game, we are completely in control…when did we last say that.

    Oh and good news for us, Roma have a few key players unavailable for their CL game against us….

  3. Metal Gear

    For all those who never understood why I got frustrated whenever Vela was not started in his original position there it is.

    Imagine had Vela started months ago up front?

  4. Rizzy

    the crowd seemed to be dwindling at about 35mins.. attendance register today will be interesting to hear..

  5. patthegooner

    Not bad that, although I think the pace of the game is a bit slow.

    Should probably be a few goals up, but I will take that. Anything is better than 0-0

    No one has really stood out for being great or shit.

  6. Ja_Gunner

    Its such a pity Eboue cant shoot. He would be excellent …because he gets himself into good positions all the time.

    He also runs at people very well creating space for others, its a pity he cant finish the moves off.

  7. Paulinho

    Not sure what to make of the game so far.

    Could go either way still.

    Don’t trust Djourou or Fabianski.

  8. Metal Gear

    Eboue again was back 2 his shit self 2 oppurtunities 2 square it 4 Vela with a little awareness it would be 3 nil but like people say Eboue brings defensive balance lol…..but as soon as Fabregas comes back and Nasri and Walcott returns Eboue is back where he belongs on the bench.

  9. kelsey

    I was just going to comment how Vela had been hardly in the game,and then scores a delightful goal.he likes his chips :).The corners are a waste of time with eduardo and vela in the bob.diaby and Gallas look assured,Djorou is all at sea,and Eboue is he actually a footballer,he isn’t bad,he is an embarrassment.Song is song and we need another goal to wrap this up.

  10. Metal Gear

    What’s up with the long kick’s from Fabianski are these players dumb or something? Eduardo and Vela are 2 short 2 win headers where is the common sense?

  11. Lovedup Loner

    Apart from a rush of blood at the corner, Fab’s been solid, as has Djourou… He’s dealt well with all their high balls and apart from a slack clearance, he aint put a foot wrong.

  12. Lovedup Loner

    Fuck me bandy! I dont like Eboue, but has been very good so far, couldve squared, or scored, but he was in their, has made good runs and tracked back. Take the effin blinkers off! Songs done well as well.

  13. Ja_Gunner

    I think Burnley may run themsleves into the ground.

    They have been prsseing alot and defending in swarms.

    If we can get 1 or 2 more quick goals in the second half we can relax a little and get Sagna off.

    We can then push Eboue back to RB and get Walcott on.

    Atleast Walcott is morelikley to finish than Eboue.

  14. A

    JD wasn’t dropped, he got injured, kolo came back into the team, and kolo’s done well since so djourou didn’t get back into the team. He’s not good enough anyways!

  15. A

    yeah loner, song and eboue could have got a hattrick apiece and some peopke would still be saying they’re playing shit. Completely pre-meditated and blinkered

  16. Ja_Gunner

    Song has been ok so far as well. We just need 1 or 2 more quick goals to kill the game off.

    Bunrley are packing the defense though. There is hardly any space to operate. They are like a swarm of bees. And they using the physical game against us as well.

  17. A

    yeah metal, it was really bad. You’re always taught at the front post you head it if you know you can, you don’t attack it if not sure as a flick on is as good as being an opposition player!

    diaby’s been our worst player so far imo, seems very sluggish, or as if not up for it

  18. Metal Gear

    A DJ was’nt dropped? come on son come on. Toure has done really well recently don’t get me wrong but would’nt u agree Wenger has loved ones in the team and Toure is a loved one.

  19. A

    we’re absolutely fine, i wouldn’t say burnley have stifled us, we’re just playing at walking pace because we’re so comfortable

  20. A

    no he wasn’t metal – djourou was in the team, kolo was on the bench, then djourou got injured and was out for a couple of weeks. He was never dropped when fit, he was out because injured which gave kolo the chance to win his place back and he played very well so djourou didn’t get back in the team

  21. Lovedup Loner

    Trini; Yeah agree, I thought it was a pretty tame shot at 1st, but on the replay, it looked loads better, yet Waddle the gimp chatted shite about it.

  22. Lovedup Loner

    Diaby’s been really quiet today. Hopefully he’s just saving a big performance for Wednesday night.

  23. Paulinho

    As I was saying before the game, Eboue is a big player in these games because he doesn’t need alot of time to get into his groove. He’s dribbling and galavanting away from the first minute while others are still loosening up.

    The problem is Eboue can’t keep it up over ninety minutes. Hence, he is the ‘pacemaker’.

  24. Seb

    bloody hell my stream is behind, a good 2 minutes

    but that was totally magic!! Assist and goal!!

    Song has hardly put a foot wrong today, no question about it.

    And that man Eduardo does not piss about, my god the audacity of it on the replay!!!!

  25. Ja_Gunner

    What a pass by Song…and what finish by Eduardo.

    My gooddddd incredible…did you see how Eduardo finished that.

    This guy is unbelievable and excellent pass by Song.

  26. Lovedup Loner

    “It’s hard to say anything about it (contract extension) now. But put it this way. I have a friend who says the grass always looks greener in your neighbour’s garden. He is right.”

    RvP aint going anywhere, the fella loves Arsenal, IMO.

  27. Seb

    There is only one man in our centre midfield today and it’s not Diaby. Alex Song is having a blinder.

    Van P? What gives?

  28. Seb

    Yeah I think you’re right Maqit, there are goals about today and Robin needs one badly. No pressure against a team desperate to get back into the game.

    I still don’t think he’ll score though, his nose is out of joint about Arshy being the new hero. Or is that Eduardo. Or Vela.

    Eduardo you are shit! SACK HIM!!

  29. georgian1gunner

    what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!what a great team we have!

  30. Lovedup Loner

    Jeez, we’re 2 nil up, comfortable as fuck, Theo’s just returned from 4 months out, Vela and Eduardo scoring, getting sharper… But no, lets find sumfin to moan about… Erm, the weathers bleedin crap innit!

  31. ianuss

    is it just me or had Walcott seriously bulked up? Looks like he’s been hittin the gym big time (in a non-gay way I mean)

  32. Seb

    ahahahah Robin you really are out of form mate

    Theo is being his usual mix of exhilirtaing play and bad decisions.

  33. Seb

    *bows appreciatively*

    Robin is so desperate to score he is fucking everything up, even that disallowed goal he had to smash it into the net emphatically. Just chill out man.

  34. Seb


    For me it has to be Song I think, two assists and some great blocks and intercepts, and on the whole a quality display. Best game in the shirt by a mile.

    The goals were incredible but the scorers didn’t do a huge amount other than score, so Song gets it.

  35. Seb

    haha Lovedup well fat lot of good it’s doing him at the moment!

    I should start picking fights again Robin.

  36. Ja_Gunner

    Yeah Song was man ofthe match today.

    The score should probably have been 5-1 or 6-1.

    I think Burnley deserved one goal.

    Theo and Van Persie missed 2 great chances.

    I would have loved it if Arshavin had scored as well. That would have made it 6.

  37. patthegooner

    Things I thought I would never type

    A sublime backheel by Song, which is expertly finished by Eboue.

    Fucking Hell I think with his two assists, Song might just get MOTM there. Eboue could have had a hat-trick.

    Can’t really fault anyone, but I dont think we even played that well. I always felt we had loads more gears if we needed them.

    That was very comfortable and was nice to watch Arsenal with no frustration or boiling blood for a change

    Well done to all of them.

  38. Lovedup Loner

    Yep, why the fuck not? Thats what its all about, for me, otherwise what is the effin point? Miserable whinger when we lose and miserable whinger when we win??? Id rather be happy, some of the time.

    And, you are being way simplistic and aint acurately describing what I said, didnt mention anything about praising anyone, you said that.

    I just find it odd that during a game, instead of appreciating what is actually goin on, some would rather diss and slate when theres no need, IMO.

  39. Ja_Gunner

    Also Theo looks Bulkier…and as quick as ever.

    He will give Roma some problems.

    I hope Eduardo is ok, he had a grimace on his face when they showed him on the bench.

    I am glad for Vela, he scored a great goal.

  40. Lovedup Loner

    We played well within ourselves, yet scored 3 and shouldve had ay least one more and defensively never worried really.

    Arshavin has a good shout for MotM IMO. The way he created, ran at them and his passing were great, pity about his corners! Tracked back and tackled like a demon too! 😀

  41. Keyser

    Seriously every time you watch that goal it gets better, it’s like he’s got bored thinking this is a tap in, I need to make it harder.

  42. Lovedup Loner


    Eduardo and RvP up front v Roma
    Nasri Diaby Denilson vela in midfield and Theo coming on for 30 minutes… WoooHooo!

  43. Swedish Gun


    You are a fucking idiot if you don’t think I enjoyed this game!

    I almost cried when Eduardo scored! What a beauty!!

    But there is always room for improvement and that is what we are highlighing and comment

  44. patthegooner

    Ade will be lucky to get back into this team

    Fortunately for him, he comes under the love-child bracket and will get his place straight back……Personally I think he should earn it.

  45. Lovedup Loner

    Now now Swedish! Touchy arent we? Never said YOU didnt enjoy the game either… Oh dear, calling me a fucking idiot, when its obvious Im a fucking lovedup idiot…

  46. ethangunner

    good win ,
    any win that keeps you in a comp is a good win ..

    but we didn’t play man U , and we should remember
    that this was a game at home against a championship side , but definitely happy with vela and dudu ! far more creativity on show with theo and AA etc..

    class sub’s by wenger tonight he could have easily left the and RVP on the bench , but it was good to see them get some minutes .. some good positive sub’s by wenger and they are probably the 1st sub’s this season i can applaud .

    and sure it was songs game of the season for me .. but again remember we were playing a championship side .. would an EPL team let him get away with looking so good ?

    i think not ..

    compare apples with apples , we didnt just beat barca FFS !

  47. Maqitlarge

    4-5-1 vrs Roma I think.

    Denilson Song
    Eboue Nasri


    Walcott + Vela as subs to hit them ont he break if needed. Vela not ready for this game and too early for Walcott to start. Bents also on the bench

  48. patthegooner

    I just felt we played well within ourselves today, and maybe that is a good thing

    We now have 3 big games in 9 days and might benefit from not playing at 100mph today, it was almost like a training or pre-season game.

    I think we would have upped the gears if we had too.

  49. kelsey

    Man of the match–Song—David pleat on Radio 5 live 🙂

    I suppose the media will say Burnley didn’t turn (with some of the crowd) and all 3 goals were exquisite,especially Eduardo’s.Eduardo and Arshavin bring a intellectual quality to the side.i thought Vela was quiet until he chipped the ball beautifully.I watched Diaby carefully,he is good for 60 minutes.Good win, not unduely stretched though Fabianski flapped a bit.I suppose we will see a DVD of the build up and movement between Song and Eboue for the goal,something i never dreamed i would witness.Job done,well done the lads.

  50. Maqitlarge

    a word for Gibbs. He’s slipped in well and gets better for every game. A very able deputy who will be challenging Clichy if he’s not cutting it next season, which on current form is possible.

  51. Lovedup Loner

    ethan; I think thats what was really cool tho. We played a Championship side and didnt have to get out of 2nd gear, looked unbelievably comfortable. Compared to the 1st game v cardiff, theres a huge difference in quality, which is nice!

  52. Seb

    handbags down gentlemen, we have something to smile about today

    the emergence of the new midfield creative hub, Alexandre Dimitri Song Billong.

    I can’t wait to hear Geoff’s appraisal of his game, especially as he was there to see it ^^

  53. Maqitlarge

    ok lets dream. Boro somehow fluke a win vrs Everton and then we they wait for us if we beat Hull.

    Yeah, go on then

  54. Truth

    That was a fantastic all round team performance, and special mention for Eduardo who nonchalantly converted his goal, absolutely brilliant!