Crazy week begins, I think we can do it, or am I the really crazy one?

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So today sees Burnley in the FA Cup, followed by Roma away in the Champions league, both wins would see us in the quarter finals, followed by Blackburn in the league on Saturday then Hull at home in the FA Cup the following Tuesday.

So in theory we could be in the quarter finals of the European Champions league, the semi finals of the FA Cup and in 4th place in the English Premier league, quite a week eh?

So am I crazy to believe we can do it? What do we need to achieve these herculean tasks? Well two things actually, we need to win two FA Cup games and one Premier league one, get a draw in Europe and hope the spuds beat villa, all do-able in my book (Ok stop laughing, the spuds are due one away win this season).

That said we need to win today, a big convincing win will set us up nicely for the Roma game so who will feature today eh?

Here’s my best bet.


Eboue Djourou Song Gibbs

Walcott Nasri Diaby Arshavin

Bendtner Eduardo 

I didn’t put Song in there because I want him, trust him, rate him or particularly like him, but Wenger does and will play him in goal if he has to, ditto with Eboue.

If we go at this with purpose, speed and flair I expect a great performance and a convincing win, I also expect Walcott and Eduardo if played to last 52 minutes and be replaced by Ramsey and Vela.

I hope we see the Arsenal we saw against West Brom because that was more like the old Arsenal and that will get the crowd on it’s feet, that will put the fire in their bellies and they will need it, that’s 4 games in 10 days so we’ll see a lot of changes, but they’ll need to be fit because a number of them will play in them all.

We cannot afford to lose any of these if we want some silverware this season, the time for blowing smoke up each other arses is at an end Arsenal, today it begins, today is’D’ day, today you show us why you’re so good, today you repay the faith the fans have in you, go get ’em Arsenal!

Talking of real fans, we have a club leveler who can’t afford to pay for his tickets next term and is willing to rent them out for a season at cost. So to any of you ‘real fans’ out there (that don’t like plastic ones) here is a chance to put your money where your mouths are. Show us how real you are by buying a season, like the rest of us real fans do!

They’re also available to any Grovers out there who have £2.5k a ticket to spare, email us and we’ll put you in touch.

Have a great day Grovers, today it begins.

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  1. Davoody

    I had to loan my ticket out for this season due to not being able to afford it. I just wish that I had put a clause in that meant I get the cup final’s. I guess that would of been harsh on who brought it though. It has sucked not going this year, first year in 15 that i have missed. 🙁

  2. Geoff

    I have had so many debates on here with people that say if they could get a season they would because they are a real fan, well we’ll find out today won’t we!

  3. Sparrow

    morning all, i would love to take that season ticket but my flat purchase completes on the 27th and will wipe me out! Anyway, i’m confident we can beat Roma, we like playing away in Italy, just ask Ac, inter and Roma last time around

  4. davi

    I dont think walcott will start,
    he’ll probably come on for arshavin later on
    hopefully he can mash ’em up tho
    song and djourou as CBs could be the future for us
    I think theyr great there

  5. stonroy

    So the ever reliable NOTW is tipping mourinho to be the next Manure manager. I really would hate to see that happen.

  6. Geoff

    He’ll rest RVP, I think. Rohan well move over here, those tickets are waiting, I started work when I was 15, so being 16 is no excuse.

    And why do you live in Abu Dhabi?

  7. arsenalised

    Kenyancesc:hey there buddy,dont know yet Dstv dont seem to have fa cup rights so i’ll probably see it on the internet which i really hate.where do you live?

  8. nucks

    This is the week i’ve been waiting for. Last season it all fell apart after losing Eduardo. Criticism of Arsene has been valid for the first time in 11 years in some of the decisions he has made. However no club in the world could have kept grinding out results after losing so many key members like we have over the last 2 seasons. There are some extremely positive signs. Our back four is solid and all we have been lacking is a strength in the centre of our midfield. I believe when we start scoring goals again then come the end of the season we may well have a good day out in Rome to look forward to. Optomistic, maybe, but I can’t help it looking at the players coming back from injury. A bit more fight and a bit more leadership from who ever holds that midfield and we will be there! Maybe the luck that deserted us last season will join us for the rest of this one. COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. arsenalised

    Kenyancesc:mi naishi Doni.naona hiyo jina yako ni link ya website whats it about?nimetry ku click lakini imekataa ku load.

  10. TonyS

    If Kevin Keegan was Arsenal manager he would pick:

    Eboue Gallas Toure Clichy
    Theo Nasri Cesc Arshavin
    Rvp Eduardo

  11. mombasagooner

    hi ol……..good daily dose of arsenal opinions here,though i still dont buy that wenger has passed his prime.hey arsenalised and kenyancesc,dstv is not showing the fa cup,i have arabsat which shows tanzanian channel and tv mozambique.i hope and pray that they will wake up on the right side of the bed and show us the matches,though i am not so optimistic.any other ideas where we will watch todays game,fellow kenyan guns?

  12. incesc

    yeah arshavin rvp eduardo and walcott all playing would be sick

    nasri in the middle with denilson, shit our squad is getting pretty hot

  13. gambon

    If i hadnt just dropped £5k on the tables in Vegas i wouldve poss bought that ticket.

    Today should be relatively simple win, could be a great chance for AA to get off the mark.

  14. arsenalised

    Incesc:Dstv is the pay television channel that has the rights for broadcasting EPL games in east,parts of west and southafrica.@Piroshi:hi,what do u mean by kak.

  15. Swedish Gun

    my only worry is the players attitude towards the game

    they need to put in an effort and show some urgency

  16. piroshi

    arsenalised- they screened the italian cup match (inter match) on 3 channels whilst the Gunners/Albion game was delayed.

  17. Lovedup Loner

    Ooh I’d happily pay 2 and half k, but my S&M spanking sessions won’t pay for themselves you know.

  18. arsenalised

    Piroshi:yeah i remember they really pissed me off that day coz they did show tha shit liverpool vs sunderland southafrica they saw the game live on SS5.

  19. mombasagooner

    hi piroshi….i was too pissed that day,they showed gor vs afc leopards.wat a substitute for arsenal game.guys any ideas where we’ll see the game today in east africa?

  20. patthegooner

    1243: Breaking team news from the Emirates Stadium… Eduardo captains the side and partners Carlos Vela up front. Theo Walcott, Robin van Persie and Nicklas Bendtner are on the bench. Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy, and Denilson are not in the squad.

  21. ethangunner

    in fact id like a job like ade’s
    in fact could do ade’s job i think …
    get paid 110k a week for being a total lame ass !

    if i got paid 110 k a week id be able to afford the flights no problems at all .

  22. patthegooner

    It better be Arshavin and Eduardo upfront.

    Not too happy with that Midfield and in particular Eboue and Song

  23. A

    i’d expect arshavin in midfield, vela up front, or maybe 4-3-3 with eboue playing centrally in midfield?!

  24. Sion De Freitas


    Sagna Djourou Gallas Gibbs

    Eboue Diaby Song Vela


    Eduardo (c)

    that lineup is ok, not happy with Song being there though, I think he is an okay-ish player, but hes been god-awful ALL season long, bar a few good games.

  25. A

    maybe 4-1-4-1??

    annoying, really thought theo would start.

    maybe song holding, eboue right vela left arshavin and diaby centrally behind eduardo??

  26. A


    * 01 Almunia,
    * 11 Van Persie,
    * 14 Walcott,
    * 16 Ramsey,
    * 22 Clichy,
    * 26 Bendtner,
    * 28 Bischoff

  27. patthegooner

    Defintalely still a team that should win the game though. I am sure Burnley will be up for it, and I imagine they will play for a replay, so this could be a frustrating 90 mins

  28. A

    i don’t think so pat, we’ve not had trouble against lower league opposition at the emirates before, i don’t expect it to happen now. arshavin, eduardo, vela, diaby, eboue should have far too much for burnley’s championship players to cope with without the advantage of a shit small bobbly pitch and home support

  29. Lovedup Loner

    Mmmmmm…. 3/4s into another season and Eboue is STILL staring games for Arsenal….. Shit dam mofo! Thats a depressing scenario for me.

  30. finestcuts

    1258: TEAMS Arsenal v Burnley
    Arsenal: Fabianski, Sagna, Djourou, Gallas, Gibbs, Eduardo, Song Billong, Diaby, Vela, Eboue, Arshavin. Subs: Almunia, Van Persie, Walcott, Ramsey, Clichy, Bendtner, Bischoff.
    Burnley: Jensen, Alexander, Caldwell, Carlisle, Kalvenes, McDonald, McCann, Gudjonsson, Eagles, Paterson, Blake. Subs: Penny, Elliott, Mahon, Rodriguez, Jordan, MacDonald, Thompson.

    That’s a very good team, even if Eboue and Son are starting….this is gonna be a good game, Eduardo and Arshavin up front….lovely.

  31. kingsley

    so 4 of todays line up will prob play on wed then? sagna, gallas, eboue and diaby? we should be fresh!

  32. Lovedup Loner

    E£duardo, Arshavin, Vela will be nothing like what Burnley face in the Championship. IF we had a big lump upfront, then they’d be far more comfortable, IMO. Not tricky likkle players like those 3.

  33. patthegooner

    This is surely his last though Lovedup. With Theo back and with Vela and Arshavin and soon Rosicky back, surely his days are numbered….I hope so

    If only we had Flamini, Diarra and Gilberto coming back from injury to ensure that the same applied to Song.

  34. finestcuts

    Or possibly Theo for Sagna and Eboue switches to right back. I’d prefer that to give Sagna some added freshness against Roma.

  35. patthegooner

    We will see A

    I am hoping for an early goal. The longer it goes scorless the more frustrated the crowd and the players will become.

  36. Ja_Gunner

    Yeah Finest I like that substitution. Every other “big” player is being rested except for Sagna, I hope we are comfortable by 60 mins so he can come off at that time.

  37. Lovedup Loner

    Pattg; Hope so too fella. IF we win anything this season and I think we will, it will be despite what Wenger did in the transfer market, IMO. Cannot believe the complete lack of central midfield quality. Shit, Id love it if we still had Edu.

  38. Ja_Gunner

    I would sub off Sagna and Diaby for sure in this match so they can be fresh for Roma.

    Eduardo wll probably come off as well.

  39. Paulinho

    I think the team is a bit dodgy, balance wise.

    Two small guys up front, Vela can be ropey on the left, Song lethargic.

    I think Eboue and Diaby will keep things together in the first half or will need to.

    Bendtner’s presence up front could be felt.

  40. Lovedup Loner

    I think Eduardo up top will be way too clever for the Burnley defenders. They wont have come up against a quality forward like him. I can see him getting a quick brace… Jobs a good un!

  41. patthegooner

    I am looking for a big game from Song today,

    If he cant boss the midfield against a championship side, then there is no hope for him

  42. Paulinho

    Yeah I know Loner, I’m really looking forward to him running up some blind alleys.

    Just kidding, Feo! Feo! Feo!

  43. Lovedup Loner

    Setanta twats were praying for an upset when we played cardiff, now they can do it all over again with burnley. Not sure which pundits worse? Burley or effin tWaddle.

  44. Lovedup Loner

    OOh, this time next week. We’ll be in the FA Cup semis, QFs of the Champions league and 4th then…Mmmmm not too shabby.

  45. Seb

    This lineup has huge potential attack-wise, Diaby Vela Arshavin Eduardo all quality players going forward.

    I just hope someone can emerge with authority to dictate the game for us. Don’t look around for someone else to make it happen, be the one to make it happen yourself!

    If they don’t then Burnley are going to get more and more into the game…

  46. Seb

    Vela vela vela… this isn’t Mexico any more my friend, you aren’t going to get 30 seconds to decide what to do!

  47. tonyadamsisgod

    The English commentator on Italian Sky just summed it up perfectly – ‘There is no substitute for quality!’