Shaun Wright, Wright, Wright, did us a favour last night!

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Well at least one member of the Wright family is still working on our behalf, a solid display last night saw the gap between us and Villa close to 3 points, that can turn round in one game, and we have a better goal difference, what a difference a week can be in football, one minute it’s 8 points and the next it’s 3.

We know what that feels like as it happened to us last season, as soon as the mancs got behind us, we collapsed, and I think that will happen to Villa, he’s already flown his team to Dubai, where I hear he’ll bury his head in the sand, good, let’s hope the others start to drop points too, maybe we can climb the table a bit and get third or even second spot.

I know we only beat West Brom, but I don’t think there are any easy games, well except Chelsea that is, West Brom gave a good account of themselves at the Grove on the first day of the season, so 3-1 away was a good result. belief is a big thing, just as losing confidence is and I feel a big swing is now on the cards.

Cesc says he’ll leave if Wenger goes, that’s great Cesc, thanks for that, it’s comforting to know you don’t feel the same way about the club and the fans who pay your salary, as for those who say they will consider their future if we don’t qualify for Champions league football, don’t forget who’s fault that would be, yours and the managers, being in 5th place isn’t a plane crash, it isn’t some strange disease that befell us, it was poor selection and poor play, so consider the people that pay the money before you think about running away.

Theo wants to return against Burnley on Sunday and that would spell the end for Eboue on the wing, so don’t hold your breath and Theo think about another position, that one’s taken by you know who’s favourite.

It will be good though to think when we play ManU in the semis we could have a bench of Cesc, Adebayor, Walcott, Rosicky, Eduardo, Kolo and Fabianski, now that’s a mouth watering prospect, don’t you think?

Okay so a long wait with no football, then the FA cup and Roma in the space of 3 days, that’s why I expect a weakened side in the FA cup and that would be a real shame, because against Burnley, that could be a big mistake.

Have a great day today, the gap closes, we are up your arse bjork, be afraid, be very afraid.

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  1. A

    come on rhys!! sunu had a decent game, dead from 60th minute though. rhys murphy is quality. Would have liked to see freeman for watt though

  2. Lovedup Loner

    Gotta say I dont rate eastmond, unfortunately. However, Bartley is a decent prospect and i think has a good chance, as have Sunu and JET, IMO. I dont just think its about his physical development with JET, he’s very adaptable and I think he has got real talent.

  3. Franchise

    wow first time i watch the u-18s they blow me away. wow
    and its taken a while but we are really developing some classy english players. wow

  4. Lovedup Loner

    Wot??? Spuds knocked out of another Cup??? Really?

    Tell ya what, if the spuds had won the Youth Cup, the fuckin Media wouldve put the credit down to Arry redknapp!!!

  5. Lovedup Loner

    A; You rate Murphy over Sunu?

    Franchise; The kids are arlight fella!

    JET will be a top player for us, IMO. He ended up playing CB as well FFS!

  6. reggie57

    Them kids had more spirit than what the 1st team
    has got did you see the way they ALL celebrated
    like the old arsenal. get in there!!!

  7. kenny smith

    Frimpong had a superb game. apart from his shooting. his tackling was unbelievable!!!! thats what our midfield misses!

  8. Franchise

    i think the young english players comin thru have a better chance to succeed at the moment than the ‘foreign scouted’ ones. JET is gonna be a top player. he is like Adebayor with excess class

  9. A

    i dunno loner, probably yeah, though neither will definitely make it. Sunu is a good player, has skill, and very strong, powerful, and a decent shot, but he’s not that bright or clever.

    murphy doesn’t have the pace, but his link up play, movement, and finishing with head and both feet is absolutely exceptional. If he had real pace he’d be destined to be amazing. He could be a very good player still though

  10. Stu

    A, Im not sure. Like Loner said it might be off now. Ask J.Sanderson at young guns. He will defo know.

    Night Franchise.

  11. A

    coquelin and wilshere are a class above the rest, maybe JET not far behind, had a very good game today. Murphy is exceptional though only saw it briefly today.

    Frimpong doesn’t have great technique which means his passing and shooting is dodgy at times but he’s very strong, nippy, and very good in the tackle, he could be like reo-coker.

    sunu has good pace and power, and pretty skillfull, whether he’s good enough to make it only time will tell though, not scored many this season for the youths

    Bartley and ayling could become decent defenders, much harder to tell with defenders though

    watt, cruise, and eastmond don’t have a chance of making it

  12. kenny smith

    A i disagree about frimpong. His passing is ok its just his hooting that let him down.. Can you remember an arsenal player getting stuck in like he was tonight? I cant even remember flamini making as many tackles. And he got every slide challenge right. He was awesome

  13. Stu

    I hope Lansbury makes it. I hear he is like a Gerrard type player. Box to box and all that…not a scumbag tho.

  14. A

    yeah defensively he’s awesome kenny, i really like him, but he does misplace alot of passes because of his dodgy technique

  15. Lovedup Loner


    I’d swap some of the technical fancy dannery for some old school effort and desire me old china plate.. and no mistakin!

  16. Lovedup Loner

    We could do with a fierce tackler in the team, even if they aint the best technically. As long as they can find another Arsenal player from 2 feet, that’ll do for me.

  17. reggie57

    That frimpong can put it about a bit cant he
    so does coquelin as well great futures in
    front of them

  18. Lovedup Loner

    JET in; Song AND Eboue out! The lad can play central midfield, wide left (Nasri can play right side too!) and he can droip into CB… I wonder what he;s like between the sticks?

  19. A

    JET is said to be too tactically and positionally unaware to play centre mid for the u18s, let alone the reserves. first team is a step too far just yet methinks!!

  20. A

    i can see JET when he does step up playing out wide, he was very good at drifting in finding space, dictating play, almost hleb like!

  21. Lovedup Loner

    Good game tonite, nice result! And we do have some quality yutes coming thru… Life is good and Im outta here!

    Nitey nite

  22. reggie57

    Im still sweating after watching that game
    havn’t been as excited for years,it was
    like havin my 1st bunk-up again haha!!!

  23. patthegooner

    I know you have to appreciate the level that was being played there tonight, but I saw a lot more promise and potential and class than I ever have in Song…….or Eboue the RM.

  24. A

    nah pat, song for the reserves was a class above – i guess you just can’t tell how players will make the step up to the next level!

  25. Ja_Gunner

    Hey guys is there anywhere I can see the highlights of the under 18 match? Or a rerun of the match byany chance..

    You guys seem so excited about the game

  26. gnarleygeorge9

    While still on the theme of plonk adds. Here is Le Groves perfect woman, no offence to Peaches, Queenie, Rico, Skandi, etc.

    We know that life can be like the old percy sledge song “when a man loves woman, he can’t kepp his mind on The Arsenal”

    Well for a bloke, who in particular loves The Arsenal, its good to know that there are women who love their man to love his Arsenal, etc

  27. kelsey

    Good morning all,
    as the streams were so bad for the WBA game,I watched a rerun of the whole match on Arsenal TV. Not taking anything away from the result,which actually proved vital with Villa losing,in all honesty we really beat a very poor side,who hadn’t an incling as to how to defend.3 goals as we know could have been 6,and on balance i hope confidence is restored,but i have lingering doubts.Almunia was again twice at sea with crosses,and I always have my heart in my mouth when he goes for a cross or corner.his shot stopping is good,but overall I feel that is a position we could strengthen.Sagna and clichy had better games and Denilson was tidy,did his job well,but I still feel improvement is required.Song and Eboue,just shouldn’t feature,they made some WBA players look good,and although Eboue creates good position when on the attack,his end product is comical.I thought Bedntner used intelligence and sprayed the ball about well,and maybe his brace will restore his scoring ability against chances he misses.Arshavin,is quality but he obviously isn’t quite fit yet.Nasri is playing better,but he could be falling into the Hleb category by taking one pass to many,when we know he is more than capable of shooting well.Djorou was awful in the first half,and it shows how we miss Gallas when he is not in the side,and Toure just seems to be playing like his old self,just to pick up another injury.Ramsey,seems to have lost it,since the Cardiff away game,but he is young.Wilshere having played last night for the youth team,shows he won’t feature this season in the first team.Diaby,I still like,but what is his best position?.We have a tough game against Burnley coming up,they have taken a few big scalps,therefore they shouldn’t be under estimated and then Roma 48 hours later.

    I am trying to be realistic,not negative,but we are still at least 3 experienced short.Theo might play on Sunday,but he has been out for 3 months,but Eduardo should fit in quite well if selected.

    Well done to the youth team last night,a lot of promising lads out there.

  28. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning – nice to see that even the kids dont lose their cool when they are chasing a game. Great commitment and work rate!! A good piece of work from JET even if it did take a slight deflection and a very composed finish from Murphy!

    Well done boys!!