This plane is crashing, and no one can stop it… Ratings and match report

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Wenger Airlines. Who wants to get off?

Wenger Airlines. Who wants to get off?

In 1989, a British Midland’s 737 attempted an emergency landing at Kegworth Airport. Cabin crew had alerted the pilot mid-flight that an engine was on fire. Normally this problem is resolved by shutting down the engine that is on fire and landing at the nearest airport using the other engine. On this fateful day, the Captain accidentally shut down the wrong engine. As the Pilots could not see the engines from their seats, they assumed everything was ok… However, cabin crew could still see the smoke billowing from the engine as could the passengers… but no one said anything until it was too late. They all assumed the Captain knew what he was doing. The plane crashed just before the runway and 47 people died.

An extreme story… but I am a football fan and I feel extreme emotions.

Arsene is our captain, he’s shut down the wrong engine and there is no one on the plane who is willing to tell him he’s made a mistake… Our plane seems to have been in free fall all season… but it’s getting to the point now where even if he does realise his mistakes… we’re still going to crash.

Aston Villa play today and if they win, we will be 8 points behind them with 11 games to go. Not insurmountable, but judging by today’s performance, and the previous 2 months… you’d say it’s going to be a big ask.

The starting 11 was the most exciting of the year. Finally we got to see Vela out wide, finally Wenger took a bit of a risk and lined up with a bit of flair… but when it came to the crunch, the players let their leader down.

Today felt like a backwards step… the whole day felt flat, devoid of any urgency… devoid of any realisation the we might be playing in something called the ‘Europa Cup’ next year.

The fact of the matter is that we were promised a team that would contend for the league this year and now we’re in a situation where we are struggling to gain entry to the Champions league. This could be a failure of catastrophic proportion… I am not exaggerating… if we are struggling for money now, imagine the ramifications of losing out on the gold mine that is the Champions league?

So what went wrong today? Well… I’ve got a few observations…

1. Leadership: A question you could only answer if you were there… or watching on an extremely good feed… Who is leading this team? Who is making sure all lost causes are chased down? Who is there to scream at players who aren’t giving 100%? No one… no one wants to take that sort of responsibility. The team spirit today wasn’t there today… the players don’t fight for each other.

2. Motivation: Motivating players to play in the big games is easy… but if you can’t motivate them to play in the minor games, then something is up. Those players today couldn’t have looked any more uninterested in the second half. The manager has to be questioned on this subject… why can’t you motivate your team? Is it because you can’t bullshit players… if all of us can see our weaknesses… I am pretty sure our players can as well. They know as well as we do why we’re failing and that must be pretty demotivating. It has been pointed out that the players looked unfit in the second half, I’d agree… but these are professional athletes… aren’t big players supposed to drive through that barrier?

3. Winning mentality: Where has it gone? I’m half expecting Wenger to come out in his next interview and tell us, ‘It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts’. A winning mentality should run through the club… but it doesn’t. Hillwood reckons 5th will be ok, Wenger cited Milan as missing out this year… so he thinks it’s ok… So where are we on this? When did we stop being a football club? If the coach and the chairman don’t believe in winning… why would the players?

Wenger said to judge the players at the end of the season. I’m interested to know what that means? If they fail, like most people think they will… what will the coach do? I’ll take a wild guess… persevere… again.

4. Responsibility: This kind of ties in with leadership… Today, no one took the initiative in the final third. Like the passengers on the plane… they assumed someone else would take the lead… when everyone thinks like that, you have optimum conditions for ‘crabbing’. Today we saw exactly that… Their goalkeeper made a few smart saves, but I didn’t feel he was really worked. No one was brave enough to take the initiative and have a go. 4 goals since at home since November the 8th…

We can’t even brag about how we dominated the possession… because we didn’t… Fulham tipped the scales in their favour with a 53% dominance. We can’t say that we peppered their goal… because again, we didn’t. 8 shots on goal, 4 on target… Fulham had more chances than us!

I hope people don’t complain about Fulham parking the bus… if you were in a fight with a man twice the size of you, you wouldn’t try and out punch him, would you (Maybe Geoff would)? Teams know not to play football against us… if they get their tactics right, a point is highly likely.

I really don’t know what to think of the whole situation. Going into the summer knowing we’re ‘Europa cupped’ is a horrible thought.Β  Knowing if that happens, we wont have any money to spend is even worse, knowing players will want to leave because we didn’t bolster the squad when we should of makes me want to weep…I don’t think I can handle another summer of Vela, Rambo and Wilshere potential stories. They are a long way off turning in world class performances every week.

We’re being told this team will dominate in 3 years time… I’m sure I heard that 3 years ago… hands up who is prepared to suffer another 3 years of this? My hand is firmly down…

The chorus of boo’s at the end of each game is getting louder and louder… which is amazing, because if the plastics are the ones that leave early (Loads leaving with 11 minutes to go)… that means a lot of real fans are very angry about what is going on at the club.

The whole set up needs freshening up… because the stench of stagnation at The Grove couldn’t be stronger.


Almunia: Had one shot on target all afternoon to deal with. He saved it and gained another clean sheet. 7

Sagna: Oh Sags… what has happened to your game this year? The longer the season goes on… the more your confidence looks shot to pieces. He couldn’t cross the road at the moment, could he? He was pretty strong defensively, but further up the pitch he looks as though he is suffering. 6

Gallas: I’m impressed by him all the time. He quietly gets on with his job without making too much noise… His defending has been outstanding, but his input vocally is noticeably less than what it was… Did anyone see him hobbling around? 8

Kolo: If Kolo and Gallas were a couple, Kolo would be the crazy one who Gallas had to keep in check. Thankfully the only partnership those two have is on the pitch… and it is proving to be a successful one. Another clean sheet, but a few mistakes by the crazy one… I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel with Kolo and JD… 6.5

Clichy: Suffering the same problems as Sagna. Going forward less because he has been instructed to, or his confidence is low? Sound at the back, crap in attack. 6.5

Vela: Another one of those, ‘Wenger needs to start playing X, that will solve our problems’. Sadly it didn’t. Carling Cup Vela didn’t turn up today… but I still thought he played well. He creates openings, he runs at players and he is prepared to play that killer pass. He is shot shy at the moment… but give him as many games as Eboue has had and we might have a player. 7

Diaby: Conflicting view’s were exchanged during half time drinks. I thought he was poor in the first half. He links up the play better than Song and Denilson do, he runs with the ball well… but sometimes he holds onto it too long… and his decision making can be woeful. He also left us exposed at the back on a number of occasions. I thought he was poor today… and he looked really tired by the end… but Bud and his brothers thought otherwise. 5

Denilson: If you watch him play with the same mindset you would watching Gilberto play, he is actually a very hand player. He doesn’t waste many balls, he covers a lot of ground and he is a hard worker. His standards dropped a little late on, but I thought he was adequate today. 7

Nasri: Our rotund wide man took up a new role today… sitting just deep of RvP in the Bergkamp role. I thought he played very well. He was busy as ever, looking for gaps and shooting opportunities, but like the rest of the team… no end product. He was our best player today… and I am pleased he is showing it consistently now. 8.5

Arshavin: Can’t you tell when you see an experienced player of quality? Arshavin knows exactly what he is going to do about 5 seconds before anyone else does… he sees runs and space… has the vision to exploit them and he isn’t afraid to have a pop at goal. His fitness levels are pretty low at the moment, he looked very tired at the end of the game. That is why he can’t be played centrally yet… although I am sure that will come soon. 8

RvP: Guilty of more misses today. I wonder how long it is before Arshavin takes the freekicks off him… because his are beyond a joke. Robin has to start taking more of his chances, because he is missing more than Nik B and he is being forgiven because we all love him. Must do better in my opinion. 6


Eboue: Came on at right back and looked better than Sagna going forward. 6.5

Nik B: Created a few chances, fluffed a few passes… but ok. 6

I’ll leave you with this quote to cheer you up… remember Hleb saying he wanted to leave London for the quiet life?

‘In London he was a hero. If I went went to a restaurant with him, there in a matter of seconds about 20 people would surround him asking for an autograph.’

‘Now he is at a mega-club. They have 25 world-class players. Only 11 of them can go on to the pitch. Seven sit on the bench and seven more watch games from the stands.’

Looks like all his dreams have come true! Happy Sunday Grovers!

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  1. Pedro

    12 shots… 4 on target…

    Our attacking game is back? We’re turning the corner?

    My point still stands.

  2. A

    i disagree gambon, and so would most neutrals. Even the incredibly anti-arsenal media don’t consider the chance to be “remote”. I’m very confident we’ll get champs league, i’ve never felt we wouldn’t, that’s more optimistic than most people who think it’ll be really close but villa still favourites, very pessimistic people think we don’t really have much chance.

    No we havn’t been good enough, though the last 3 games have shown a marked improvement in the way we’re playing, but not any improvement in the results, simply because we’re not converting a single one of the many chances we’re creating. It just needs to click, and we need to get our confidence back in front of goal, and once that happens we should be picking up wins again, but when that’ll happen is anyone’s guess!

  3. ikon

    Well I wouldnt get over myself here trying to make my point.

    I stand by my point too. We were unlucky not to win against fulham, against sunderland we were piss poor with the sort of chances we created.

    yesterday was a turning point.

  4. ikon

    btw do the shots on bars and posts count as on or off target?
    coz i can remember 3 clear cut saves from their goalie, two from RVP, one from Diaby, and two shots from RVP that deflected off the post.

  5. Maqitlarge

    this is comment no 14

    “F&cking useless. are season could well completely fall apart over the next month with the fixtures coming up! thank god arsenal are playing as bad! What a pric oneil has been this week! made all the difference in the last 10 mins all those players being rested didnt it!!!!!!! ”

    Nothing worse than being hunted down. We shuold remember that from last year! Thats the vice the clubs, fans included, need to be exuding now.
    Not sack Wenger, not thinking about Europa cup FFS

  6. A

    pedro we had 18 shots, blocked shots count as shots obviously! We created numerous clear cut and relatively easy chances that we’d expect to convert probably 8 times out of ten. Our creative game is back pedro, because we’re creating clear cut chances, but our finishing is currently probably the worst in the premiership

  7. Pedro

    Ikon… why?

    What turned in our favour?

    Why where we unlucky not to win? We had 4 shots on target… that’s not unlucky?

    Guys… this is Gomez’s shoot out… it’s written in the stars isn’t it?

  8. Keyser

    There isn’t going to be a sudden turning point, it’s been a theme for the whole of the season, we haven’t had anything easy and we’re going to have to work for everything.

    We’re slowly showing some form at a time when we’ve got zero confidence, so it’s a balance that they’re going to have to overcome, continue the form, increase your confidence by making it count in terms of goals.

    Hopefully we’ll see a better performance against West Brom, but at the same time that’ll be our 3rd game within a week, with certain players who looked tirted against Fulham towards the end.

  9. Keyser

    Pedro – I wasn’t having a go, or I’d use this point as reference and laud it over you for the rest of time.

    I just wondered where you read that because I checked a few sites yesterday and they all had different stats for the game.

    I asked you yesterday but you didn’t reply and finest gave the some stats from another site.

  10. A

    this weekend we had 18 attempts,
    villa had 11,
    chelsea 17
    everton 11

    the only difference between us and other teams is the finishing, we’re creating just as many if not more chances

  11. Pedro

    A… blocked shots would indicate we’re not creating clear cut chances?

    I’m not going to get a downer about yesterday… but I was disappointed… why do the players lack urgency, why did they look tired… where is the driving force?

    Hopefully Cesc will be back soon… then we can see the long term plan for the Arsh.

    I was a bit concerned that he was given very little of the ball last night? Any thoughts on that?

  12. Pedro

    Keyser, I don’t mind being corrected… I was talking about the, ‘I should be more negative comment’.


  13. Maqitlarge

    Pedro – I think Arshavin is our long awaited successor to Bergkamp. Put him next to Eduardo and watch the goals go in!

  14. Maqitlarge

    haha – Bentley misses!

    Stoke, Bentley and Spurs losing saved my weekend in the space of an hour!

  15. ikon

    Pedro this might tell you what i am trying to say
    Villa Stoke 2-2

    Villa had 3 shots on target, 4 off and 4 blocked… goals scored 2
    Stoke: 2,5,4 in same order goals scored 2.

    We had 4,8,7
    We are creating chances and I think our chances much more clear cut than what Villa created today.

  16. A

    i wouldn’t say it’s lacking urgency pedro, it’s lacking ideas.

    As games go on without us scoring the pressure gets to the players more and more, and they get nervous, tense up, and not being relaxed nothing happens naturally or quickly, there’s no spark as a team, and individual players refuse to try and take the initiative for fear of fucking up. Maybe what we really lack is leadership in those situations, a gerrard type who’ll really take responsibility and drive the team on.

  17. Keyser

    Pedro – Just thought maybe I need to approach it with balance, ie. naming both negatives and positives before expecting the same of others.

    I just ask questions to try and avoid misunderstandings, sometimes it just ends up prolonging the debate by taking it in other directions.

  18. Pedro

    A… fair point. I can’t disagree there.

    We’d have to spend a lot of wedge to buy that sort of player… I can’t think of any names that stand out for that type of role.

  19. Franchise

    world club cup

    carling cup

    league is almost a wrap


    arsenal are busy counting shots on target

  20. A

    what are the other two franchise, the club world cup, and charity shield?! lol

    can’t believe we threw away the emirates cup this year, and didn’t win the amsterdam tournament either did we, could’ve had the double before the season even started!!

  21. A

    I dunno pedro – gallas actually did it when he was captain, scoring important goals when we most needed it etc.

    Cesc could become that sort of player – repeating what he did in milan more frequently.

    yeah I can’t think of anyone we’d sign who would do that

  22. Maqitlarge

    A, that Gerrard type person will be Ramsey, in time.
    He looks like he has drive, desire and heart.

  23. Pedro

    A… if we did sign someone like that, where would they play?

    We’ve got a reasonable squad when all our players are back…

    I seem to be in the minority, but I think Denilson is making the step up.

    I think in a winning team, his performances would be given more credit.

  24. gambon

    Man Utd could very realistically win the quadruple…how depressing.

    2 are already done and they are probably favourites in the other 2.

  25. leon

    look arsenal fans if want stick knife into wenger because you want him gone you wont get any argument from me but dont try tell me about lack leadership on pitch and lack,lack of heart and lack of desire to win because that not what happened the team just lacking confedence in front of goal that all it was. but in terms of the whole season overall lets face it there has been problems in every position in various times of the season and i dont remember 1 player player at high level consistantly throughout the season

  26. A

    good shout maqit, he could grow into that roll.

    I really thought vp would be our main man this year, who we could always rely on when things weren’t going great to take the game by the scruff of the neck.

    I reckon his shooting technique was buggered by his injury, his accuracy when it comes to kicking the ball hasn’t been in the same league since he returned from the long term absense.

  27. A

    yeah that’s another good point pedro, maybe arshavin will take games by the scruff of the neck as he settles more, and cesc too as he grows into being the captain and leader of the team?

  28. A

    I agree about denilson too, but i’m not sure he’ll be the future alongside cesc, just because the lack of physical presence in the midfield as a whole might cost us.

  29. kenny smith

    i just want us to finish 4rth this season somehow and want next season to come as quick as possible. Even if we just scape 4rth from here on in our season has been a disaster for me.

    We have missed eduardo so much. How many of RVP’s chances do you think he’d have put away?

  30. Maqitlarge

    I think RVP is enjoying his senior status A but he’s only just got his own attitude right.
    Interesting thought about the injury. He’s got nowhere near with his free kicks this year. Remember Derby last year, and Fulham away a year or two ago?

  31. kenny smith

    i dont think its the physical presence in midfield that has cost us that much its the inability to score and kill teams off. If we even managed 1 goal in all our 0-0’s of late then we wud be right up there

  32. Queen of Suburbia

    Yesterday I posted this taken from FBF on ACLF…I thought it was a good post then and after today’s result it’s looking even better!

    Aston Villa v Stoke, 15:00 – W
    Man City v Aston Villa, 19:45 – L
    Aston Villa v Tottenham, 16:00 – D
    Liverpool v Aston Villa, 16:00 – L
    Man Utd v Aston Villa, 16:00 – L
    Aston Villa v Everton, 13:30 – D
    Aston Villa v West Ham, 15:00 – W
    Bolton v Aston Villa, 15:00 – D
    Aston Villa v Hull, 15:00 – W
    Fulham v Aston Villa, 15:00 – D
    Middlesbrough v Aston Villa, 15:00 – D
    Aston Villa v Newcastle, 16:00 – W

    17 points


    West Brom v Arsenal, 19:45 – W
    Arsenal v Blackburn, 15:00 – W
    Newcastle v Arsenal, 17:30 – D
    Arsenal v Man City, 15:00 – W
    Wigan v Arsenal, 15:00 – W
    Liverpool v Arsenal, 16:00 – D
    Arsenal v Middlesbrough, 13:30 – W
    Portsmouth v Arsenal, 15:00 – W
    Arsenal v Chelsea, 15:00 – D
    Man Utd v Arsenal, 15:00 – D
    Arsenal v Stoke, 16:00 – W

    25 points

  33. Keyser

    A. – A Gerrard type player wouldn’t be bad, but right now we just need to take a chance to two, get that goal and build the confidence, Henry when he first started out didn’t score his first goal for ages, it must have affected his confidence, but when he did finally get it he couldnt stop scoring.

    Right now I think we have a few players like that, they’re all young and under different pressures, once they get that first goal, or that breakthrough I think they’ll start to show how good they really are.

    I think playrs like Eduardo and Fabregas deal with it a whole lot better though, they don’t change their thoughts it just drives them on, last year against United at the Emirates if you watch Fabregas after we scored you could see how much it had built up in him, or against Milan, it’s just sheer adrenalin.

  34. ikon

    RVP is never going to be prolific, he has that speciality about him, we will see about 10-15 goals max from him half of which will be special strikes.

    Eduardo is a striker who can get us 20-25 goals a season.

    I think had he not being injured we would be pretty comfortable in the 3rd or 4th spot by now. if not more

  35. kelsey

    Good evening everyone,

    Shame about spurs πŸ™‚

    Can anyone who actually went to our game yesterday please tell me if Bedntner made an impact or not,when he came on.The highlights didn’t really show much.

  36. A

    yeah maqit i guess with it being vp’s first real full season staying fit and being one of the top players it was probably asking a bit much for him to become the talisman and lead the team by example etc

    yeah the free kicks is very weird, because he just doesn’t kick the ball properly now. He didn’t used to score every time but he connected with it well 90% of the time, now it’s probably below 50%, he completely skews so many. Likewise his shooting in open play, even if he wasn’t on target all the time he used to smash the ball from all angles and usuall connect with it very nicely, now he mishits the ball much more.

    Maybe it’s also because it’s his first full season, so he’s fatigued because he’s not used to playing so much, and previously because he’s never played many games in a row he’s always been fresher

  37. kenny smith

    i actually rate eduardo as our best striker. i dont think ive ever seen him miss an opportunity i cud of said he really should have scored. i know we havent seen much of him since he came to the club but ade, rvp, bendtner are missing sitters for fun at the moment. I bet eduardo is sitting in the stands thinking he cud of had 30+ goals already this season

  38. ikon

    QoS, i think its time we play all teams like they are leeds, fuck the reputation.

    else, i am afraid, boro, wigan and man city have as much chance of taking points from us as have pool and manu.

    I think fixtures are very evenly balanced for us and villa. Its time we throw caution to the wind and play the same attacking side we played against fulham, give the fuck about clean sheets now. Win at all costs.

  39. Maqitlarge

    and A, his right peg seems more reliable than his left at times.

    He’s scored some decent strikes with his chocolate leg!

  40. A

    yeah i agree keyser, i’m not blaming the failure to convert the chances on the lack of a gerrard type player. It’s towards the end of games, when we start to get nervous, tense up, and the chances and movement dries up that I think we’re lacking someone who’ll take the game by the scruff of the neck and do something individually to turn the tide.

    I like the henry analogy, i kinda feel like the team as a whole will be like that. The team as a united entity are lacking confidence in front of goal, and once a couple go in it could open the floodgates.

  41. A

    yeah good point qos – maybe it’s because people like me expect him to be the main man now and the one to lead by example and have the experience the kids can feed off that he’s feeling the pressure and tensing up

  42. kenny smith

    i think its maybe time for wenger to put arsh up front in our next game to see how he wud handle a few good chances.

    I also think we will hammer west brom. I think we will find some goalscoring form away from home because the players wont feel the same pressure as they feel at home just now

  43. Keyser

    Kenny Smith – Good point, I just hope our confidence isn’t totally shot, dammit, I keep saying it about Eduardo, but then he could just end up with the same amoutn of pressure on him to produce, the last few games are going to be tough.

  44. Maqitlarge

    QOS – are you saying the team and the home fans need a break from each other?!!

    Arsenal will score a bundle on Tues and say to us “we were on a BREAK!!!” πŸ™‚

  45. patthegooner

    Fuck me, talk about a life line

    Still dont think we will do it, but

    I will still clutch at some straws for a bit, loads of ifs and buts but

    If we can actually score a goal and beat WBA, it will be three points, villa are away a day later at Man Shitty. If they Lose,

    We then face Blackburn at home, again if we manage to put the ball in the net and win, we are level and given the results probably 4th on GD. Villa again play 24 hours later at home to the Spuds…..Come On You Spurs (Only on that day)

    Its a lot to ask, but I will clutch at some straws in blind hope for a bit.

    Just looked in the next 5 rounds of Premier League fixtures Villa play 24 hours after us….Come On Arsenal…..Please Please Please

    Oh and as for Bentley, thanks for rescuing my weekend. At 4:30ish we had dropped 2 points, Villa were two up and the Spuds were holding their own in the final. an hour and a bit later, I had cheered more for a Stoke Goal than for anything Arsenal had done in weeks (How fucking sad is that) and Bentley and O’hara had ballsed up any chance the Spuds had of being in Europe next year….and if the worst happens we should at least get Europa Cup football.

  46. Keyser

    A. I’m not sure about the floodgates, I think it’s going to be hard for them, but if we get through this we’ll be even stronger then we would otherwise, instead of being helped out by older experienced heads they’re learning it all for themselves, albeit the hard way.

  47. Keyser

    pattheGooner – Heh, I was actually pretty depressed aswell, I can’t believe Stoke came back, it was pretty amazing.

    Do you remember a weekend ages ago, when with 15 odd minutes to go, Liverpool I think were losing to Hull, and almost every other team around us seemed to be aswell, then they all scored late goals to win or draw and we were fucked again ?!

    This was almost the opposite.

  48. leon

    we face the fact that we are mearly just mid-table team right now we have stop compareing this team to the team that won the prem because a whole new very young team thats in desparate need of experienced top class players in the middle of the park i lseen manu and there strikers have not been all that specail but there midfield and defence have been solid throught the season.

  49. kirby

    cant believe we keep gettin these lifelines its time to wake up arsene or get out and take the babies with ya!

    we get in the top four and in the summer get some real quality and experience!!

  50. patthegooner

    I do Keyser, I was out with friends and only had it on text updates on my phone, that was a killer.

    We cant expect too many more of these lifelines though. We have to take advantage of them

  51. Paulinho

    I still think we will struggle until the end of the season.

    I mentioned it the other week when we signed Arshavin…..our midfield is far to physically weak and lacksadaisical for the premier league.

    Arshavin is a great player but he plays high up the pitch and doesn’t join in as much in the midfield area, so our game will be stretched and fragile, even when Fabregas comes back – even more so when Fabregas comes back.

    Nasri doesn’t impress me at the moment. I would consider dropping him and stiffening up the midfield should we need to, to accomodate Arshavin, RVP, and Fabregas.

    Ideally Rosicky would come back and play with Arshavin and Fabregas, because Rosicky works hard and can be creative.

  52. patthegooner


    Seriously Paulinho, he has been one of our better players imo.

    Shit how do we stiffen up the midfield. Please dont say Song





  54. kirby

    bentleys such a wanker i remember at the emirates that cunt kissing his badge pretending he always loved spurs hahahahha

  55. patthegooner

    And lets face it, Redknapp is not a Bentley Fan, so his career there will be very short……

    Lets see his Bullshit about being a Bolton Fan as a kid when he moves in the Summer.

  56. Jay

    I cheered so loudly when bentley that little cunt put it wide. Β£17m and the cunt cant hit the target from 12 yards. Love it.

  57. patthegooner

    Wenger on whether or not the fans are losing faith

    “I don’t know [whether the fans are losing faith]. That is not my worry,” said Wenger.

    Always good to know we are not his concern. I do hope this is clever use of his words by the press.

  58. A

    wenger’s concern is and should be trying to win football matches, if he’s got time to worry about the fans then he’s not putting enough effort into his job

  59. kirby

    wengers concern should be arsenal football club and not about the arsene wenger project that isnt working when half the squad are kids.

    the fans should be important 60000 a week important!

  60. leon


    the team he put out was very offensive team and players miised alot of chances in truth they let themselves down,he has made few mistakes this season

  61. Jay

    Is everyone looking forward to the West brom game, the next installment the nightmare that is this season!?!?!?!

  62. kirby

    thats why we are 5th leon and A a few mistakes!! anyone can tell we are not a great side this year injuries or no injuries!

    why wenger can do no wrong in your eyes is beyond me????

  63. Stu

    Anyone watching the Barca match? 2-2 Henry scored again. Only saw bits but if it stays like this then the cap is down to just 5points after being about 12 a few games ago.

  64. Stu

    You can blame all the players all you want but ultimately its Wengers fault because he is the one that bought them.

  65. A

    tactically wenger has done very little wrong kirby, he hasn’t named a single team i would have disagreed with before the start of a game. It’s the players who’ve failed to be as good as we would’ve hoped and injuries that have killed us this season.

    The only thing wenger could have done wrong is taking the risk in keeping faith with kids in the summer rather than signing more experienced players, and that’s only if there was money available, and that’s a very big if

  66. A

    yeah stu, that’s where wenger could be blamed, but that’s only in hindsight.

    Before the start of the season I wouldn’t have expected van persie, nasri, sagna, clicy, bendtner, vela, gallas, toure, cesc, walcott to let us down this year

  67. jraynor

    I agree with Paulihno on our midifield. Its weak, lighweight, and we dont really have a terrier (A Roy Keane type is so obviously needed). Diaby was woeful yesterday, he got caught in possession too much, gave the ball away to Fulham with nearly every pass. Denilson, still doesn’t do it for me. He crabs sideways or more likely backwards. He may become a good player, but needs a more killer instinct, like trying to one day shoot, or make assist passes. Everyone says he’s a DM, but he can’t ddefend and usually falls over trying. He is defensive by default because hes so utterly useless going forward. When Cesc and Rosicky are back its still gonna be lightweight, but at least will have a better chance of keeping the ball.

    Yesterday I watched Fulham take the piss with their fans cheering every pass. We used to do that, but this current team is totally incapable right now, but I think its becoming psycological as I think they are better than we are getting. Or at least I’d hope thats the case, or we need an entire re-build, and thats another 3-4 years of nothingness

  68. leon

    i think we still have chance to finish 4th i feel villa will drop more points and the team has great chance close the gap when they west brom if we cant score some goals against them then i will have given up on them

  69. Maciek

    That’s because he doesn’t give a damn.He thinks that we(fans)are mugs and idiots and he can make what he thinks is good for HIM.To make things even worse, our board is also fooling us. And to think that they care to call themselves “custodians”.

  70. kirby

    is it wenger who brings these players who have let him down on the pitch ,who are not very good and isnt he the one who sold flamini and gilberto and then never replaced them.

    Im talking about the squad not bein good enough and thats down to wenger knowone else!!!

    we were doing the same with cesc in the side kevin although he is a great miss cant wait for eduardo but we need a bigger squad and this project of wengers isnt working!

  71. kirby

    i know maciek he is making us out to be stupid but most of us arsenal fans who see the bigger picture knew since fulham away second game that it was gonna be a shit season and look at it!!

  72. A

    the one thing that you can’t level at wenger is that he’s doing thing for him.

    Every single thing he does he does because he firmly believes it’s for the good of the club. Whether he’s right or not is open to debate but he feels and lives every single loss, arsenal is in his blood and he’ll be a gooner for life, and it’s his job on top of that.

    He wants us to win as much as any fan, and that’s why he makes the choices he does.

    But as I said, whether his decisions are the right ones is questionable, but to question his motives is absolutely ridiculous and very ignorant

  73. kirby

    sorry A it was wenger who put his faith in all those players so he should make it right admit it hasnt worked treat us arsenal supporters with the respect we deserve!!

  74. michael 'master' P

    We will break back into the top 4 by end of march at the latest. These players need that fear in them to bring out good performances. Theo, cesc and hopefully thomas will be back soon, and they are 3 players who can provide the magic to turn draws into wins

  75. A

    he doesn’t believe it hasn’t worked though kirby, he still thinks it will come good. Whether or not he’s right is again open to debate and only time will tell, this season has certainly been very painful, but he doesn’t have any reason to admit anything and we don’t deserve anything!

    The time a manager starts worrying about what the fans think when it comes to making decisions is the time the manager is no longer capable of doing his job

  76. kirby

    i think we can still get in the top four seeing villas next 4 games and these lifelines we keep getting! when cesc, tomas and eduardo are back but if we are lucky to be in the CL next year we need a bigger more equipped squad to compete that is what you need when you have injuries but we have a weak squad and the young ones are tired!!!

  77. Stu

    I think Rosicky is possibly the biggest miss of the 4. Theo was very inconsistent when he got injured. Cesc was way off form and Eduardo hadnt really become a vital part of the XI yet. Its no coincidence that we have dropped dramastically since Rosicky has been out.

  78. kirby

    he doesnt have to admit anything now but if we do fail to get in the champions league he should explain his failures and admit he was wrong! do you think coming 5th is acceptable A?

  79. A

    I dunno stu, even when cesc isn’t firing i think he’s still vital to our style of play. We have no alternative for him. Rosicky is brilliant, but in nasri we have a similar alternative, though obviously an inferior one. With cesc out there’s just an element of our game which is central to our style completely missing.

  80. kirby

    i didnt means he should listen to fans advice A lol
    just acknowledge we aint happy cos he seems to think everythings in order and thats strange to me?

  81. patthegooner


    A manager should be worrying about what the fans think when thousands of them are booing his side off nearly every weekend, as it is probably as a consequence of his actions. Especially when it happens as frequently as it does. Sure you can blame the players sometimes, but I have lost count how many times they have been booed off.

    As for agreeing with all his selections, Do you include the one where Song played as RB in that?

    Difference of Opinion, but I personally think he should think about the Fans thoughts, and whether or not we have any faith left in him. After all we are the supposed 12th man.

  82. A

    Coming 5th would be a very poor season kirby. However the manager has no responsibility to explain his team’s failures to the fans.

    He should be spending the whole summer if that was to happen and even if we still come 4th analysing as deeply as possible every shortcoming in the team, and doing absolutely everything in his power to put them right. If he spends a seconds thought on the fans or explaining anything to the fans then he isn’t doing his job, and isn’t doing what’s best for the club.

  83. Keyser

    kirby – He has acknowledged that, he’s said he knows the fans are frustrated, but so is he and so are the players they all want to be doing well and they’re going to be trying their best to get them.

  84. patthegooner

    Aguero is outstanding.

    That is the kind of player we should be bring to Arsenal if you want to do the Youth Thing. And he is an example of what a fucking world class youth player is.

    If the players in our Youth Project were anywhere near that good I would be more than happy.

  85. Keyser

    David – This is like the avergae for one of their games now, heh.

    Did you get to see the one at the Nou Camp earlier in the season ? They got thrashed 6-1 or something, La Liga’s put the Premiership to shame this season.

  86. patthegooner

    So what the Fuck was he doing last Summer then A

    Again Personally, I think the Club has a duty to have some level of communication to the fans, even if it is to say that things this season have been unacceptable and they will deal with them.

    Keeping the Fans onside is part of running a succesful football club A.

  87. A

    we aren’t the twelth man pat in that we’re as important as players, fans CAN be like a 12th man when they support the team, which is something that’s never happened at the emirates (apart from maybe the liverpool game). When they react like the fans at the emirates have at times this year they’re a 12th man for the opposition

    The fans have inferior footballing knowledge and intelligence to the manager, that’s the reason clubs have a manager, otherwise you could just have a fan run the team! The second the manager thinks one iota about the fans’ reaction or opinion when making a decision is the point at which he’s lost his ability to make decisions, so should no longer be the man in charge

  88. Keyser

    pattheGooner – I don’t think thats what A. means, he’s acknowledged the fans frustrations and he’s accepted that this is what you’re going to expect when we don’t win games we should be winning, but what else do you want ?!

    What did you think of the formation yesterday ?!

  89. kirby

    he is not bigger than the club A he is our manager if he comes 5th with us it could be time for a change i wouldnt want him to have the summer to bolster he has had 5 years to try and win the league we have not improved we have got much worse!!

  90. A

    Of course keeping fans is very important for a football club pat, but the way to do that is by winning games.

    Wenger should be doing everything he can, and making every decision he does, for the good of the club, and to try and win games.

    The second a manager makes a decision that he doesn’t consider to be the best decision in terms of trying to win games, because it’ll appease the fans, then he’s lost his integrity and should be off.

  91. David


    Your 1 million percent spot on!!!

    I was just thinking the exact same thing!

    The likes of Martin Oneil that play gang Tactics for 90 minutes and refused to play football…but look at La liga.

    Every week the football out of La liga has been nothing short of breathe taking. Barca play like we used to!

  92. David

    My God…Roma almost just scored number 3.

    They are tearing Inter apart. What a difference Pizzaro makes in their team!

  93. patthegooner

    Its not just the Fans though is it A

    Our feelings are being voiced by people from all levels of Football Knowledge. The only person that seems to agree with Wenger is Wenger and Pat Rice and a ever-decreasing circle of Arsenal Fans (Who dont count in your logic).

    As for the Arsenal Fans at the Emirates. Personally I think most of that is down to a fuck up in the Design and layout. It is not a home of football, it is a venue and the matchday experience is pretty pants. That is somewhere where Fan input is definataly needed. That Venue is in serious need of a Personality

    Again though,

  94. A

    I disagree kirby. If he came 5th it would be a bad season, but we should keep faith with him for another season to see what happens.

    Getting rid of him now when he’s been building an entire new generation and team of players would mean starting from scratch again, and it would take years to get stability back at the club

  95. kirby

    again A we are not saying he should listen to the fans but if the fans are unhappy there is a reason

    keyser he did say we are fustrated fair enough

  96. Stu

    What makes you thing giving him one more season would make him change his ways of he past 4 years?

    Last seasons team was imo the new generation of players but he went ahead and sold 2 of the most vital players to that very team.

  97. A

    no pat, the feelings are being voiced by the fans, and by retarded pundits and ex footballers who had knowledge and intelligence so poor that they failed as managers or coaches at any level in football. You’ve just gotta look at frank mclintock’s managerial career to see how highly his opinions should be thought of. I’ve not heard anyone who would be respected in the footballing world attack wenger, it’s only clueless idiots like mclintock and piers morgan

    I agree about the emirates. It’s like a tourist attraction, it’ll take a while to develop a real personality, if it ever does.