This plane is crashing, and no one can stop it… Ratings and match report

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Wenger Airlines. Who wants to get off?

Wenger Airlines. Who wants to get off?

In 1989, a British Midland’s 737 attempted an emergency landing at Kegworth Airport. Cabin crew had alerted the pilot mid-flight that an engine was on fire. Normally this problem is resolved by shutting down the engine that is on fire and landing at the nearest airport using the other engine. On this fateful day, the Captain accidentally shut down the wrong engine. As the Pilots could not see the engines from their seats, they assumed everything was ok… However, cabin crew could still see the smoke billowing from the engine as could the passengers… but no one said anything until it was too late. They all assumed the Captain knew what he was doing. The plane crashed just before the runway and 47 people died.

An extreme story… but I am a football fan and I feel extreme emotions.

Arsene is our captain, he’s shut down the wrong engine and there is no one on the plane who is willing to tell him he’s made a mistake… Our plane seems to have been in free fall all season… but it’s getting to the point now where even if he does realise his mistakes… we’re still going to crash.

Aston Villa play today and if they win, we will be 8 points behind them with 11 games to go. Not insurmountable, but judging by today’s performance, and the previous 2 months… you’d say it’s going to be a big ask.

The starting 11 was the most exciting of the year. Finally we got to see Vela out wide, finally Wenger took a bit of a risk and lined up with a bit of flair… but when it came to the crunch, the players let their leader down.

Today felt like a backwards step… the whole day felt flat, devoid of any urgency… devoid of any realisation the we might be playing in something called the ‘Europa Cup’ next year.

The fact of the matter is that we were promised a team that would contend for the league this year and now we’re in a situation where we are struggling to gain entry to the Champions league. This could be a failure of catastrophic proportion… I am not exaggerating… if we are struggling for money now, imagine the ramifications of losing out on the gold mine that is the Champions league?

So what went wrong today? Well… I’ve got a few observations…

1. Leadership: A question you could only answer if you were there… or watching on an extremely good feed… Who is leading this team? Who is making sure all lost causes are chased down? Who is there to scream at players who aren’t giving 100%? No one… no one wants to take that sort of responsibility. The team spirit today wasn’t there today… the players don’t fight for each other.

2. Motivation: Motivating players to play in the big games is easy… but if you can’t motivate them to play in the minor games, then something is up. Those players today couldn’t have looked any more uninterested in the second half. The manager has to be questioned on this subject… why can’t you motivate your team? Is it because you can’t bullshit players… if all of us can see our weaknesses… I am pretty sure our players can as well. They know as well as we do why we’re failing and that must be pretty demotivating. It has been pointed out that the players looked unfit in the second half, I’d agree… but these are professional athletes… aren’t big players supposed to drive through that barrier?

3. Winning mentality: Where has it gone? I’m half expecting Wenger to come out in his next interview and tell us, ‘It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts’. A winning mentality should run through the club… but it doesn’t. Hillwood reckons 5th will be ok, Wenger cited Milan as missing out this year… so he thinks it’s ok… So where are we on this? When did we stop being a football club? If the coach and the chairman don’t believe in winning… why would the players?

Wenger said to judge the players at the end of the season. I’m interested to know what that means? If they fail, like most people think they will… what will the coach do? I’ll take a wild guess… persevere… again.

4. Responsibility: This kind of ties in with leadership… Today, no one took the initiative in the final third. Like the passengers on the plane… they assumed someone else would take the lead… when everyone thinks like that, you have optimum conditions for ‘crabbing’. Today we saw exactly that… Their goalkeeper made a few smart saves, but I didn’t feel he was really worked. No one was brave enough to take the initiative and have a go. 4 goals since at home since November the 8th…

We can’t even brag about how we dominated the possession… because we didn’t… Fulham tipped the scales in their favour with a 53% dominance. We can’t say that we peppered their goal… because again, we didn’t. 8 shots on goal, 4 on target… Fulham had more chances than us!

I hope people don’t complain about Fulham parking the bus… if you were in a fight with a man twice the size of you, you wouldn’t try and out punch him, would you (Maybe Geoff would)? Teams know not to play football against us… if they get their tactics right, a point is highly likely.

I really don’t know what to think of the whole situation. Going into the summer knowing we’re ‘Europa cupped’ is a horrible thought.  Knowing if that happens, we wont have any money to spend is even worse, knowing players will want to leave because we didn’t bolster the squad when we should of makes me want to weep…I don’t think I can handle another summer of Vela, Rambo and Wilshere potential stories. They are a long way off turning in world class performances every week.

We’re being told this team will dominate in 3 years time… I’m sure I heard that 3 years ago… hands up who is prepared to suffer another 3 years of this? My hand is firmly down…

The chorus of boo’s at the end of each game is getting louder and louder… which is amazing, because if the plastics are the ones that leave early (Loads leaving with 11 minutes to go)… that means a lot of real fans are very angry about what is going on at the club.

The whole set up needs freshening up… because the stench of stagnation at The Grove couldn’t be stronger.


Almunia: Had one shot on target all afternoon to deal with. He saved it and gained another clean sheet. 7

Sagna: Oh Sags… what has happened to your game this year? The longer the season goes on… the more your confidence looks shot to pieces. He couldn’t cross the road at the moment, could he? He was pretty strong defensively, but further up the pitch he looks as though he is suffering. 6

Gallas: I’m impressed by him all the time. He quietly gets on with his job without making too much noise… His defending has been outstanding, but his input vocally is noticeably less than what it was… Did anyone see him hobbling around? 8

Kolo: If Kolo and Gallas were a couple, Kolo would be the crazy one who Gallas had to keep in check. Thankfully the only partnership those two have is on the pitch… and it is proving to be a successful one. Another clean sheet, but a few mistakes by the crazy one… I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel with Kolo and JD… 6.5

Clichy: Suffering the same problems as Sagna. Going forward less because he has been instructed to, or his confidence is low? Sound at the back, crap in attack. 6.5

Vela: Another one of those, ‘Wenger needs to start playing X, that will solve our problems’. Sadly it didn’t. Carling Cup Vela didn’t turn up today… but I still thought he played well. He creates openings, he runs at players and he is prepared to play that killer pass. He is shot shy at the moment… but give him as many games as Eboue has had and we might have a player. 7

Diaby: Conflicting view’s were exchanged during half time drinks. I thought he was poor in the first half. He links up the play better than Song and Denilson do, he runs with the ball well… but sometimes he holds onto it too long… and his decision making can be woeful. He also left us exposed at the back on a number of occasions. I thought he was poor today… and he looked really tired by the end… but Bud and his brothers thought otherwise. 5

Denilson: If you watch him play with the same mindset you would watching Gilberto play, he is actually a very hand player. He doesn’t waste many balls, he covers a lot of ground and he is a hard worker. His standards dropped a little late on, but I thought he was adequate today. 7

Nasri: Our rotund wide man took up a new role today… sitting just deep of RvP in the Bergkamp role. I thought he played very well. He was busy as ever, looking for gaps and shooting opportunities, but like the rest of the team… no end product. He was our best player today… and I am pleased he is showing it consistently now. 8.5

Arshavin: Can’t you tell when you see an experienced player of quality? Arshavin knows exactly what he is going to do about 5 seconds before anyone else does… he sees runs and space… has the vision to exploit them and he isn’t afraid to have a pop at goal. His fitness levels are pretty low at the moment, he looked very tired at the end of the game. That is why he can’t be played centrally yet… although I am sure that will come soon. 8

RvP: Guilty of more misses today. I wonder how long it is before Arshavin takes the freekicks off him… because his are beyond a joke. Robin has to start taking more of his chances, because he is missing more than Nik B and he is being forgiven because we all love him. Must do better in my opinion. 6


Eboue: Came on at right back and looked better than Sagna going forward. 6.5

Nik B: Created a few chances, fluffed a few passes… but ok. 6

I’ll leave you with this quote to cheer you up… remember Hleb saying he wanted to leave London for the quiet life?

‘In London he was a hero. If I went went to a restaurant with him, there in a matter of seconds about 20 people would surround him asking for an autograph.’

‘Now he is at a mega-club. They have 25 world-class players. Only 11 of them can go on to the pitch. Seven sit on the bench and seven more watch games from the stands.’

Looks like all his dreams have come true! Happy Sunday Grovers!

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  1. kelsey

    nice post and my repeated comments just to vent my feelings,

    Morning All,
    firstly I refuse to be drawn into pointless in house fighting,yet again.People have different opinions and that’s that.debate don’t belittle one another.

    On to the game.Firstly,there was no bus parked anywhere on the pitch yesterday.RVP had 3 good chances and except for heading straight at the keeper,he should have scored that one.
    Vela is certainly not up to standard required yet.Gallas was immense.Almunia back to his old ways in the second half,didn’t even come for a cross which he should definitely come for.

    clichy is really below par,he is getting caught out in defensive at least once in every game.

    Confidence is at a low time low,and RVP is the only striker who looks class.

    Nasri is catching hlepitis.

    Quite honestly do all the maths you like,we have basically conceded 4th spot.

    If any players leave except RVP and Cesc and hopefully fit AA it wouldn’t bother me a lot,as we would only replace them with kids to save more money,but the main reason is that regardless of the quality of players we have,the team always play the same way,and we are easy to play against as we don’t have the quality or intelligence of players that we had in the invinsible year.Booing the team when they left the field,was sheer frustration at not winning,not in my opinion at any particular player.Wenger has cocked up big time,he should have demanded funds but freused and did it his way.All this could have been avoided,but the board just sit there and don’t say a word.What a fucking mess, a year on from being top of the league.

  2. Metal Gear

    Very early post who is this Pedro or Geoff whoever it is I 100% agree another great post apart from the VP rating his misses were shocking I would have given a 3 but thats just me.

  3. finestcuts

    If Champions League clubs try to sign our players this summer, how many of them will say no?

    And if they don’t the club will regress even further meaning new cheap players from clubs in dire straits and youths.

    I expect two or three key players to leave if we finish 5th, and with our transfer bids and credentials (Europa Cup) we’ll attract some Johnny come latelys who’ll need time to adapt to the Premier League.

    The only way to prevent this is to go on a winning run, considering we’ve only won 3 games in our unbeaten run and our win ratio is worse than when we threw away the title at the beginning of the season, what we’re asking for here is a revolution in form.
    How likely is that? How will we justify that we’re aiming for trophies this summer?

  4. kelsey

    Sorry Pedro,
    don’t agree with some of your ratings.Clichy and Vela only 5. Diaby deserved a point more.Arshavin is unfit and looked knackered after an hour,undoubtedly a quality player, but an 8 no way 7 max if not 6.5. Rvp at least he has class, you rate a 6 , i rate a 7.Nasri you rate 8.5, clever with the ball but no 8.5 from me, max end product.
    Just my opinion.

  5. skins

    Denilson simply NOT NOT NOT good enough for our central midfield. A leader of a central midfielder is needed, the rest is in place on the return of our crocks.

  6. chozzer

    The top three in the Prem get automatic qualification into the group stage of the CL this year.
    Fourth spot has to play 2 qualifying rounds in an open draw according to Radio 5 yesterday.
    Looks like that will be the bindippers or villa after yesterday.

  7. stonroy

    I am 32, 10 years older than a lot of these kids. What I have learned in that difference of time, is made more out of the mistakes I have made in my life. These kids have no idea the opportunity they have, because they have never had to loose anything. They know that they will have enough to retire and never worry about a thing in life. They have no idea what they are fighting for, because they have never had to fight. I think this team should take a good look at what could have been in their lives if they were not found from an early age and maybe then realize what they are fighting for…Don’t know if that would help though.

  8. arsenalised

    Am sic n tired of this fucking team tha whole team was fucking crap and by tha way VELA needs to fuck off 2 mexico.shit perfomance i can seriously hurt someone right now.

  9. kk

    cheap is expensive!
    the youth experiment has finally Come a cropper. We are suffering the consequences of ‘financial prudence’ and outright mediocrity!

  10. Pedro

    Morning everyone… I’m out for a few hours… so apologies if anyone gets caught up in moderation.

    Geoff should be on soon!

    Happy blogging!

  11. kitch

    after 65 yrs supporting Arsenal this is the most unenthusiastic team and performances I have ever seen, reading the papers today is definately a miss!!

  12. michael 'master' P

    I’m not expecting anything from this team anymore. I’m not basing my saturdays around hat arsenal do. I’m going to pretend this season never happened and will stop getting so ound up over a bunch of (mainly) overpayed, overhyped, heartless players.

    I hope we sell ade,eboue,song this summer and buy 3 orld class players in the positions e need. I hope. But am not holding my breath. This team,so far this season has let the fans down badly.

  13. gunnerafrican

    The latest goaless draw brings the unbeaten run to fifteen.I aint satified and so are my fellow gooner fans who pay high prices.It’s all down to AW’s philosophy.Since 2004 he has been signing kids. RVP was just one of them.
    The epl is the hardest league to win in the world.We were told at one stage AW had 70 million gbp to splash but didin’t.Either it was a lie or he refused to spend the cash. Instead he has used the cash to sing one kid after another . Last summer he brought in Ramsey, Wilshire to replace Flamini and Hleb who had left. Soccer analysts shook their heads but AW was adamant he had the nucleus to dominate not now but in two/three years time.
    I am afraid AW is doing a crazy experiment with kids and there is no one to tell him not to indulge in too many kids.If Arsenal fail to finish fourth,this will come back to haunt him.Remember 2003 and 2008 when Arsenal could have won th title if there were some purchase of finished product not a world class promising kid.
    As one fan said the test of a manager is being able to reinvent.The red nosed/faced was on the way down in 2005. Of course he had trillions of gbp and was prepapred to use it unlike AW.That’s the difference.
    One final note. Once you are out of the cl,don’t for a moment Arsenal have a divine right to go back after one season.It’s easier to get out than to get in.
    It’s like a drug. Once you have tasted it,you will always want it.BTW I hope our manager reads the comment of the fans.

  14. ethangunner


    ratings spot on IMO .. diaby this outing ,although better than the song /denilson combo still let us down big time , distribution was average at best and fulham had possessions for long spells , almost camping out in our final 3rd for much of the 1st half ..

    i expect no goals in the 1st half now a days.
    it seems the lads only put in the effort in the final 10 minutes when time is of the essesnce .

    as for in house fighting kelsey , its called debate keyser style .. tear people a new one whilst making no visible intelligent point of view at all… If certain people on here think
    we are doing well at the moment then please dont have a debate with me !

    because whilst some people act like they are naturally stoned , im very pissed off with my club and there underpreforming ways !

    my point, all this could have been prevented with a few intelligent purchases and wage increases pre season .. i saw flamini leaving , knew letting do of diarra was a mistake and i also predicted bert to leave .. and when ade wanted to leave we should have let him and picked up a reduced cost david villa who begged us to take him on ! i dont need some dim wit defending the likes of song and crying about injuries like its new news hot off the press !

  15. clockendjim

    I was at the match to suffer another 0-0. I travel 100 miles to get to matches and I am beginning to wonder whether I need to put myself through the aggravation as well as the cost. I spoke to many others there and they all said the same. This is the big worry for Arsenal Football Club, because those 60,000 sell out announcements will disappear and the whole financial plan, including the loss of CL money, will come crashing down. In that scenario, we might as well have stayed at Highbury
    One aspect that amazed me was that when the much maligned (admittedly by me also) Eboue and Bendtner came on, they showed a spirit that was lacking in the rest of the team. Truly worrying was that Clichy again gave the opposition the freedom of his wing. I noticed he tamely lost the ball upfield and Fulham broke away. He turned and ambled back at walking pace !?
    I think you are a bit hard on Robin Van Persie because he was the only one who actually tried to put the ball in the net. If his header had gone in off the post we would all be singing a different song today.
    Talking of songs the Gooners around me often chanted ‘Red Army’ – ‘Red Army’. I thought Red Cadets would been more appropriate

  16. Gigaw

    your point are interesting. I agree with that. But some of your ratings are not right. For example, Denilson is not the player for the position. In my understanding, he should be responsible for all losses this year. He play for himself. He tries only not to make mistake. He passes the ball before any opponent play close to him (that means he does try to penetate) and his tackels and challenges to get possession is so poor so opponent team get space in Mid field, so other players must cover his place and the entire arsenal team losses fit ness at the end which is what Arsenal is known as better team in past. It become worse when this man is playing with Diaby. They can not play together. Diaby can play as Mid center forward but he needs strong man behind him to cover his fit ness problem. Currently, there is no clear solution for the Mid center. We need good DM. This is the question and It has no solution. Diaby no, Denilson no, for me may be Ebue for first half, and Diaby or Song for second half to gether with cesc, or Nasri, or Arshavin or Diaby. Denilson time is not now. He at least need 2 or 3 years to play at this level. But I don’t deny his potential to be a good player and some of his skills he is showing on the pitch.

  17. Nik


    Thats how I feel at the moment. Not one of them deserve their spot in the team against WBA with the exception of Nasri. RVP needs to be given a ball and a goal and Fabianski and made to shoot at him all day for the next 2 weeks to get his accuracy back. Nasri was everywhere and IMO did akk he could to spark Arsenal.
    What we need is for these so called board members to tell AW to start spending on decent players not signing fucking 15 year old kids.C’mon Wenger, wake up. We need a team that can win trophies now, not in 10 years time.

  18. michael 'master' P

    I cant remember the last time I looked forward to chilling at home on a saturday night,looking forward to seeing Arsenal on MotD. I can’t believe that e are relying on FUCKING STOKE to get a result for us against villa today. What a fucking joke. That fact alone tells you ho far down we have slipped. Good post Pedro. I rate you for being able to rite such a good quality and coherent blog with the way this team is playing… 😯

  19. michael 'master' P

    I cant remember the last time I looked forward to chilling at home on a saturday night,looking forward to seeing Arsenal on MotD. I can’t believe that e are relying on FUCKING STOKE to get a result for us against villa today. What a fucking joke. That fact alone tells you ho far down we have slipped. Good post Pedro. I rate you for being able to rite such a good quality and coherent blog with the way this team is playing… 😯

  20. nicky

    I forecast that AW will fall out with the Board at season’s end over his youth policy. No Champs League footer next season will be devastating financially, the Russian will take over, a new manager appointed and new blood bought. We will be known as Arsenalski or The Chelsea of North London.

  21. kevin

    Lets take that fukcing clean sheet record of united hey! cheer up, we go back to battle on tuesday, and by god i want a reaction from the players. When will they learn, score early with simplistic goal, and then do all your fancy stuff.

  22. Barryman

    What people should understand is that the current players that we have now does not have arsenal in their heart, I watched chevski yesterday and you could see how Lampard was trying to win the game for chevski due to the love he has for the club. Yesteday game was absolutely rubbish.

  23. Barryman

    What people should understand is that the current players that we have now does not have arsenal in their heart, I watched chevski yesterday and you could see how Lampard was trying to win the game for chevski due to the love he has for the club. Yesteday game was absolutely rubbish.

  24. Jules

    OK , let me explain ; how anyone can give Diaby 5 or suggest he should have a point more is beyond me .

    That was one of the worst peformances in midfield I can remember . If your having a bad day , ok , but at least try , show some effort , run , chase , hassle .

    He was awfull but worse than that , he was lazy , lathargic and looked like he could,nt give a shit

    He was an utter discrace and it would,nt bother me if i never saw him in an arsenal shirt again . He really annoyed me yesterday so like Adebayor , if you think that level of effort is acceptable in an Arsenal shirt …. please , FUCK OFF .

  25. Doublegooner

    Yesterday was heartbreakin

    To witness what we’ve become. A lack of confidence, motivation & a total lack of decent quality players now wearing the famous shirt.

    Am I suprised ? No…I’ve been known as the doom monger to all my mates..& probably on here .Regretably it was blindingly obvious we were going to struggle with a squad Wenger has assembled so inadequate for the tasks ahead.

    I can’t even see us getting 5th at this rate..

    I will give Wenger 1 more year after this to buy/trade & get us back in top 4 for 09/10. IF NOT HE HAS TO GO:

  26. Jules

    Starting to feel that way Double , he has to be to blame for his lack of transfers of late , and letting flamini and diarra go , compare flamini,s workrate to diaby,s yesterday !!! what a joke . Diaby made me sick yesterday . fucking lazy .

  27. finestcuts

    No more players who aren’t ready, this is the most difficult league in the world.

    No more creating an artificial environment for development, back to how it was, players who proved themselves in lower leagues won their place in the best teams in the EPL, Arsenal cannot become a youth training camp.

  28. Jules

    The worry also is our inability to score a goal .

    Look at manure , ronaldo , rooney , berbatov , tevez

    all can come up with a goal on a regular basis ,

    who can you say that about in our frontline ???

  29. Doublegooner

    2004 – IMMORTALS

    2009 – UNWINABLES

    Arsenal Football Club in deep recession – all their own doing.

  30. Goonerman

    I was lucky I didn’t get to the match as there was water mains flooding in Lea Bridge Road. Missing another 0-0 draw is what I call a good result. I did some horseracing bets instead.

    I am so pissed off about our deterioration!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Jules

    Finest ,

    can you change your avatar or whatever its called !!

    That lazy fucker should of been taken off yesterday .

  32. finestcuts

    Diaby is normally good……..I’ve had it for so long and I can’t think of a better one, any suggestions?

  33. Breton

    Another diappointing game, another good post. That doesnt sit right.
    Can anyone, who went to the game, tell me if they had observers in their blocks. There was one on each door of 49 and 50 where we sit. We think it’s because we have been unjustly accussed of being racsist by a fellow fan, when we let the Roma players know what we thought of their parentage and their honesty when ever they fell over like a sack of spuds. At one point yesterday there were six stewards and the two observers around us. This is becoming quiet regular that ‘Arsenal fans’ complain that we are too loud with our vocal support. One wanted to take it outside once. Just what is happening when you can’t sing the chants with out a plastic moaning that we are disturding their game. Its a football match. If necessary make a singing section in club.

  34. patthegooner

    Well it was the 11 players we all wanted (That were available to us, not who we actually wanted) and they still could not score or win a game.

    WTF is going on, we had so many creative options out there yesterday and yet together they could not create and convert a chance.

    At the start of the season I said that following a summer of inactivity in the transfer market, that Wenger had made his bed, and with his declaration that we would challenge for the Premier League, I was in the mindset that if we didn’t then his head should roll.

    I have since calmed, but if we do fail to secure 4th place or win the CL to get in it next season, then his head should roll. His Management style has been high-risk and IMO Recklass and ultimately he has to pay with his job.

    People say well who else is there that could do better. Better??? Fucking hell, we are talking about coming 5th or worse here, are people really saying with the funds that were available last summer, no other Manager could have prepped us to at least comfortably get 4th?

    Jesus the guy has stripped the value of our squad since the Invincibles and he has to be accountable for that.

    Also, as far as I can remember, the words back in that great summer were of dominating the premier league for 10 years to come, and of a stadium that would attract the best players and pay the best wages. I dont remember back then any mutterings of a youth project. The youth project is something that is now being talked of conveniently and in reality we have been brainwashed into accepting average and failure slowly over the last four years. We were not told about it in advance and yet now even though it has been 4 years apparently we are impatient!!!!! I wonder what the likes of Cesc, Sagna, and RVP will think about impatient. If it is an project that will take another 3 years, are they willing to risk it? A players career is short and they will want honours to tell the grandkids about.

    I think we will come 5th, and if I thought for one minute that it would wake Wenger up, and that he would bite the bullet and buy the players he should have been buying for the last few years, i would give him another season…But when you listen to his recent comments, that is not going to happen, and if we allow that to happen, who knows where he will take us and I am not willing to risk that.

  35. patthegooner

    My memory is pretty poor, but can anyone remember the last season we were booed off the pitch so regularly?

  36. simon mcmahon

    It looks like the euoropa cup,
    and maybe going back to buying british players ,until we start winning again .
    The reason being that this lot cant get self motivated for the so called lesser team games .
    It really sickens me that to many of our alleged talented players never seem to look like they have bust a gut at the end of all of these types of games.
    And what pisses me off is that all who pay a lot of hard earned cash to go who boo get critized by the press and AKB’S.
    This set up from the board to wenger is way passed it’s sell by date.
    take a look at todays post i’m another one who truly believes we are going backwards.

  37. Franchise

    finest…… suggestion matt lucas arsenal fan thru and thru 😉

    Vela seems to be adding himself to the list of young players that wld take several years to come good. Cesc has been the only youngster of recent to hit the ground running.

    once again Arsene underestimated our problems or he he over-believed in our ability

    i have been sounding pessimistic since October cos I could see our season pan out like it didnt

    Geting to January and taking 4 weeks to sign one player even made it worse. We should have definitely tried to sign 2 or 3 even if the others were loan deals.

    Pedro think u were too generous with ur match ratings. no one bar gallas deserves more than 7 IMO

  38. patthegooner

    I dont like Eboue, but given Sagna’s form and our dire situation, we need to try something different, needs must

    I would play Eboue at RB against WBA.

    Oh and I am a little bemused that RVP seems to escape the same level of critique that Ade gets when missing the same kind of opportunities. I am not saying Ade is a world beater, but am saying that we lack a clinical world class striker. The problem is when they are both out of form or worse still injured, we have no one of real quality to play in their place. I know he is not what he was, but I would have loved a Michael Owen on the bench yesterday, someone who could have come on and converted one of those chances. I just dont get that confidence in Bendtner.

  39. Franchise

    a few Manchester United players and even the manager are coming out to say Mourinho is the ideal replacement for Sir Alex. WTF?

    If that happens their dominance is confirmed for a further decade.

  40. ethangunner

    2 major areas of improvement are needed

    STRIKERS – been saying it all season keep dudu – RVP
    sack the rest , and get in the best -vela needs time on the wing and whilst theo is injured he should have got some time on the pitch in that area .

    GOAL KEEPER – im less decided about this area the second i think Almunia needs to move on, he has been doing better , but on the other side , we haven’t exactly been facing man U every week the past half dozen games either.. with most teams parking the bus ,happy with a point almunia has had little to do .. and isnt surprising to see clean sheets become the norm

    i think we need a class international goal keeper , regardless..
    fab 2 looks a good future prospect but currently im done on that sort of player ..

    ive been screaming all season for a return of a serious class international striker .. i mean TOP SHELF ! david villa standard … or better .man U have berba – tevez – rooney ronaldo .

    its pretty hard to compete with that sort of class , but we need to wake up , because thats who we have to beat to get the title back!

    our defense is ok been saying that all season also , we have the experience and it seems the mature heads at the back have got it covered , ok the wing backs aren’t producing in the attacking 3rd , but should they really have that burden to begin with ?
    the problem lays with RM – the 2 central roles and our under preforming strikers who are at best described as AVERAGE .

    the title race isnt about ON THE DAY we can beat anyone , its a long season and you need stamina ,focus and commitment ..
    its about being the most consistent team in the EPL and we are far from it ..

  41. patthegooner

    What I used to like about Mourinho was if things were not working, he was not afraid to make 3 subs at half time or even subs in the first half, and it usually worked for him.

  42. Franchise

    Rijkaard linked heavily with Chelsea

    When ppl were on about chelsea ‘crisis’ and how we might pip them to 4th i just laughed cos i knew that wouldnt happen.

    Scolari was clueless and he rightfully got the sack. He never made a substitution or tactical change to win chelsea a match.

    Its hi-time our board hold Wenger accountable for our current situation. Coming out and saying 5th isnt a disaster is just unacceptable.

  43. patthegooner

    So do you think Stoke are going to give Wenger another Get out of Jail free card today?????

    A point at the most would be nice?????

    Keep clutching those straws.

  44. patthegooner

    And Michael Owen is on a free transfer in the Summer.

    I know he gets his fair share of injuries, but I would see him as a squad player and I think as a free transfer it is worth the risk!!! I would swap him for Ade or Bendtner any day of the week.

  45. simon mcmahon

    THE Board have lost touch with all of us,
    They think they can spin and lie and get away with it, lets wait and see how many season ticket renewals get done early.

  46. Geoff

    Morning all, sorry to the new guys for the wait.

    Me I agree with Frank, Wenger’s lost the plot, I’m fed up with waiting, I have nothing more to say.

  47. ethangunner


    he isnt escaping criticism .. but RVP has been off for maybe 4 or 5 games .. not 4 or 5 months + ..

    and he certainly isnt paid 110 k a week either !
    and he certainly has more goals than ade this season also !

    but as ever we NEED A QUALITY striker ..

    maybe AA can move into the bergkamp role .
    i always said its coming

    we have far too many young wipper snappers to play AA on the wing long term , vela needs a home theo to return nasri also and rosicky if he ever is available for selection again ..

    long term AA with rvp or david villa for me

  48. finestcuts

    Ok I’ve changed it, I’ll go back to Diaby eventually but for now it’s Herbert Chapman, sorry to disappoint Franchise…

  49. Franchise

    The board have come out saying that the flats business which is meant to be seperate from the footballing business is struggling bcos ppl that put in deposits are struggling to get mortgages.

    UEFA cup next year would be a major disaster financially lets see for how long more the property and footballing sides would be seperate.

    Even if Wenger realises that he needs to rid of deadwood and sign a few quality players how many can we really attract.

    How about his ‘yes’ men back room staff? Is wenger gonna accept that he needs ppl that can actually bring in input rather than agree to everything the ‘messiah’ says.

    Its a must we keep Rosicky, Cesc, Arshavin, Nasri, Walcott, Eduardo, VP, Gallas, Toure, Clichy, Sagna

    They can be the core of a new team. I didnt list several young players and deadwoods cos IMO we could do with better ready-made players in those positions

    Rid of a few my faves to get rid of are bendtner, eboue, almunia, ade, song, denilson

  50. Franchise

    Danny Murphy at 32 years shouldnt be bossing denilson and diaby at home. if he is then he would be a better squad player to have than those two

    this was actually the second time fulham’s midfield outdone us this season. The first leg Murphy and Bullard bossed Eboue and Denilson. Who the fuck plays Eboue in CM?

  51. GMR

    Again I was really wound up last night so didn’t post, I have now calmed down & to be honest I just accept this season is dead. We aren’t going to finish top 4 & I know 99.9% on here disagree with me but I still think that will turn out for the best in the end.

    I hope RVP leaves, Ade got so much stick for demanding higher wages after having a 30 goal season, yet RVP is demanding bigger wages despite never scoring 20 goals in a season. This year, the first time he hasn’t spent a majority of it missing through injury he still misses chance upon chance. Maybe if we can get rid of Ade, RVP, Eboue & a few others we can start to rebuild. Missing out on the CL may make Wenger quit & if it doesn’t then at least it will leave him under severe pressure to build a quality team again the following season, the board cannot afford to miss out on the CL year on year.

    We should all accept this is an average squad of players who have been outplayed by the likes of Fulham this season. They have a lot of older players in their team who were taken to the brink by Swansea in the FA cup game during midweek so our players should not be suffering more than theirs. The only reason we are in 5th place is because our squad is younger & fitter than most others, so in the last 20 minutes of games we have managed to score the odd winning goal, without those late goals we’d probably be in the bottom half.

    Lets hope man utd win today then at least the Europa cup place will go to 6th in the league & should Everton overtake us we’d still at least have a european position.

  52. patthegooner


    The Flats issue was another bit of Bullshit Spin from the board,

    I seem to remember them trying to gloss it over about 6 months ago by saying that a large percentage had been sold. I also seem some to remember some of Le Grove saying that a deposit is one thing, but getting a mortgage and committing to buying it when it is then already in negative equity is another.

    I wonder if people are starting to change their mind on a take over. If you look at the boards situation and the way they have operated in the last 12 months, then I would have thought many are starting to look more favourably at a change at the top.

  53. arsenalised

    Sack his sorry ass go get rijkaad b4 tha chavs one can save us now we are fucked this season this players are a fucking disgrace fuck em all

  54. Daz

    Great post.

    The team has lacked leadership since PV4 left, lets be honest. AW says we have 11 players that can take collective responsibility but none of them do. Even when Fab4 gets back, we will still not have a leader.

    RVP is over-rated and I dont like his attitude one bit. OK, he is capable of the unbeiivable at times (Everton and Liverpool spring to mind) but he actually costs us points because hes not a natural finisher. He actually misses as many as the lumbering, unintersted Adebayor. He should have scored 2 in the 1st half yesterday with easy chances. He should have put us 3-0 up at Villa and maybe if he had, we would be in less of a mess than we’re in now.

    We will be far more potent when AA can use his artistry for the likes of Eduardo and Walcott to benefit from.

    Diaby is worth persevering with as Song is a dunce. We already have one crab in midfield, we dont need two. Notice how the play just stopped when Song replaced him against Roma? As my dad has been saying all season, would Song and Denilson get in Chelsea, Man U, or Liverpool teams? Of course not, they would not get a game at Villa either so what are they doing playing for us?

    And when we do only qualify for the Eurovision Cup contest, it will be very interesting where some of our players loyalties lie. AC Milan actually kept their squad largely intact so its no excuse to just say ‘oh we want champions league football – im off’. Some of them will of course and we’re better off without them. Lets have players here that want to play for Arsenal, the fans will get behind these guys.

    This season, certain players give the impression they couldnt give a toss who they are playing for as long as they get their ridiculous wages every week.

  55. GMR

    I wouldn’t want another european manager. I want someone proven in the premier league, they can be foreign as long as they are proven here. People like Rijkard will just want to play a similar way to Wenger & in all honesty when you consider the resources available to Barca what he achieved wasn’t particulary great. We were the better team in the CL final despite having 10 men for most of it.

  56. Franchise

    Wenger has really lost the plot

    I remember when Fergie went a few years without the league btw 2004-06 he made a honest statement when Utd won the Carling Cup. He said something like ‘Mourinho made me to cherish winning the Carling Cup’

    Why do we belittle thi competitions? it pisses me off big time. Win any trophy and get the monkeys off ur back. No one would remember the average age of ur side that participates in it if u dont win it Arsene. only the winners are remembered.

    Wenger has really lost the plot.

  57. patthegooner


    I do agree with you. It is a horrible thing to say as a fan, but we are where we are, and missing out on the CL might just be the best thing to happen to us.

    If we do sneak 4th, of course I will be happy, but you just know that in Wengers Warped Brain, it will justify his youth project and he will stick with it, and we will be having this chat again this time next year.

    I know that some think that we will struggle to attract a certain type of player, yet we have not been trying to buy them anyway so ho hum.

    Also it might just rush through a takeover. I dont want the Russian but i would take the Dubai Group. I personally think the current board are merely fattening the club to sell eventually anyway. A take-over is inevitible so why not get it all done in the summer. The sooner we change, the quicker we rebuild.

    And if Wenger Leaves and players want to leave on the back of that or on the back of not getting CL football, then thanks and good bye. This is Arsenal Football Club not Arsene Football Club, and I want players that are going to give 110%, and not just in the big games like they are at the moment. You have to question Wengers Motivation Skills there, and I do think Pat Rice (Who is a Legend) is not strong enough either to get these players geed up.

  58. arsenalised

    GMR:We have everything barca have so what resources are u talking of tha only resource they hav and we dont is a sane manager.

  59. patthegooner

    And come on Man Ure today, could you imagine a season where the Spuds were in Europe and we were not even in the Europa Cup??????

  60. Franchise

    I dont buy that proven thing GMR. Build a good squad and u would be able to challenge especially if u have got a bit of history like Arsenal has. I wouldn’t give any current premiership manager arsene’s job. when the likes of moyes and co win a domestic trophy or two i would start to take notice of them. Rijkaard wont be a bad choice IMO with Brady as his assistant

  61. GMR

    arsenalised – Barca have far more money to spend than us. You can’t even start comparing transfer budgets between the two teams. Also most players would prefer to join Barca over us, there aren’t many that would turn them down to join Arsenal.

  62. GMR

    Franchise – Whats the point in getting rid of Wenger to bring in someone like Rijkaard, who’d require a far bigger transfer budget than we have & would want to play a very similar way to Wenger anyway. We need a different option someone who can strike a balance between defence & attack, thats hardly Rijkaard.

  63. ethangunner


    ive been all for a change since the word go at board level , but in all honesty i see now they are using AFC to engineer there own real estate revolution , they are milking the gravy chain ,
    most of them hold very little shares yet call all the shots .. fizman and the 2 millionaire new comers aside most of them are opportunist wankers if you ask me who have there own greedy agenda’s and are quite happy to let the football slip , and basically use the football as a cover for greater Real estate endeavors !

  64. raif

    david dean said this would happen years ago.. he said this club will go into a decline if the proper investment wasnt put in.. and the people who he brang into the club ousted him. now look..

    a 5 year decline now compleate..

    this makes me wonder if wenger is doing this shit on purpose so the board can sell up.. dont forget wenger and Double-D still talk till this day..

  65. Maciek

    People are cricizing Adebayor, because he can waste many chances. But,how many has Van Persie wasted?Face it. We have got only one natural finsiher in our Club, and he is injured.It’s Eduardo.
    People are claiming that if Wenger will be sacked we are finsished. I tend to disagree.There are many quality managers around here, and they can make us great again.If Wenger go Fabregas, Clichy, Persie and co. will go as well.Well,let it be. I don’t gave a damn. I don’t want to see players disinterested on the pitch and not caring about our great Club.
    And one more thing-what has Van Persie actually done to be considered as a world class striker who is a star player for us?

  66. ethangunner

    ive seen thru the boards motives for a long time.
    the stadium was never about a secure financial future , i think it was more about looking like a more marketable franchise to sell when the time was right .

    most of them had 1 foot in the grave and if they sold there shares they would get about 10 quid for them and be out the door … so why not turn your hand to real estate using your triple A rating to your advantage to make some serious bucks prior too cashing in …

  67. Franchise

    GMR Rijkaard was a defensive midfielder and played for several years for a catenachio side in AC MIlan. He understands how important it is to strike the balance. He had problems with his key players egos last season thats why he was sacked.

    I dont want to see arsenal playing playing like everton or villa. rijkaard sides are very sharp and precise in the final 3rd which is what we lack. we just try to pass until the other teams cave in. no incisiveness.

    and only world class players would be able to make us great again so thinking that we can dbecome great again on the cheap is going back to the wengers way

  68. max

    guys, i really like reading this blog and i respect the majority of opinions that i read, but i dont think wenger can be blamed. in relation to the goal drought and particularly yesterday, imagine eduardo on the end of those arshavin passes, would anyone put any less than their house on him putting us 2 0 up? ok so then you add walcott into that midfield, no one can say that teams know how to play against any arsenal side because he gives us a completely different attacking outlook, on the break we are no longer slow, the ball goes to walcott and we have a serious attack, compare this to eboue who is quick but has no ability to pick a pass and cannot be considered a clever player. and then you take out song and put in fabregas who can pick a pass better than most. so that is me ignoring adebayor and rosicky who both dramatically improve the team (adebayor sometimes) and will return soon. i dont think that many people would say that a front six of walcott cesc nasri arshavin rvp and eduardo for example would be crab like and incapable of scoring and i feel sorry for wenger that the team have been so heavily affected by the countless injuries to key players as a full team would have won 4 0 yesterday with ease.

  69. raif

    Dean did say why build a bigger stadium with no world class players to play inside it…

    and he was right.. the only World class you have is Cesc.. and he will be gone soon

  70. Alan

    Wenger is 100% responsible for this mess. Every Arsenal fan could see this coming when he didn’t strengthen last summer. Amazingly the man actually said himself that we lost the league due to a lack of experience and then went and sold Lehmann, Gilberto, Hleb and let Flamini leave.

    He said people who are used to eating caviar find it hard to eat sausages. Well, I quite like sausages occasionally. Not the sausages being served up by Arsenal this season however, they’re f*cking horrible.

  71. Goonerlee

    Pedro, good post, my main observation from being at the game was the leadership issue. Who was the driving force yesterday? Wenger seems to think we don’t need a captain to shout and scream, well I think the complete opposite.

    And we must have the shortest squad (in height!) I can remember. Arsene and his 7 dwarfs! Can’t he start looking for some 6ft plus players with strength?

    Oh, and another moan about the stewards. A few lads were standing a couple of rows from the back, in an area where everyone was standing, yet were threatened with expulsion. What’s the problem? Isn’t it about time Arsenal thought about re-introducing some standing areas?

  72. Confidentgoner

    I have just watched our match against Liverpool at home during the invicible years. Sure, we had defensive frailties wrt crosses and corners, but we were together as an attacking and motivated bunch and we were able to overcome a deicit to win the game. TH14 was also at his best even when he was not fully fit. We have nobody in his mold anymore but I think we are missing two to three ready players in our line up.

    The manager was wrong from the start of the season to think the midfield and attack(given existing injuries) was enough to get the job done. Because we do not have the right personnel, when we are challenged and we do not score, we loose confidence. Can a blind lead the blind? Clichy used to inspire, now he lacks form and confidence. Toure feels his armband is borrowed, where has his winning spirit gone? Dennilson is a step below Vierra and flamini and neither Ade, nor Edu have reched TH14’s skill level. See the teamsheets below and judge for youselve.


    Lehman Alumina Alumina
    Ashely Clichy Clichy
    Campbell Gallas Gallas
    Toure Toure Toure/Djour
    Lauren Eboue Sagna
    Pires Rosicky Nasri
    Viera Fabregas Fabregas
    Gilberto Flamini Denni/Song
    Lunberg Hleb Eboue/Ash
    Henry Ade/Bentner Ade/bent
    Berkamp VP/bentner/Eduardo VP/vela

  73. ethangunner


    The board have come out saying that the flats business which is meant to be seperate from the footballing business is struggling bcos ppl that put in deposits are struggling to get mortgages.

    fran , ive been saying that the whole time everyone tells me we have all the deposits so dont worry its as good as money in the jam jar. well if anyone looks up what the TERM CREDIT CRUNCH means by dictionary terms , it means the banks have stopped lending money , and this usually accompanies a hike in interest rates .. loss of jobs ….

    it isnt good for selling property currently .
    trust me i know 🙂

  74. Confidentgoner

    Sorry the 3 teamsheets have come up without spacing. Geff/Pedro or anyone: What do I do to retain spacing?

  75. Jay

    Well i sold my tickets yesterday – sat at home drinkin all day with my fellow gooners – We all knew how it would end up. We need a miracle now. We are gonna be playing on Channel 5.


  76. Maciek

    I think that even Uefa Cup place isn’t safe enough, since Everton have got 2 points less than us.

  77. Jay

    Maciek – Its a good point you make – I really worry for this team. I just a fear a few players wanting out in the summer. Cesc, RvP etc. All i want is a big horrible monster in our midfield –

    Wenger goes on about buying players “kill” young players chances. THE BEST ONES WILL COME THROUGH ANYWAY! You goyt in cesc, cashley, clichy. We need help Arsene!!

  78. GMR

    Franchise – La liga is completely different to the premier league. Look at Ramos, he taken Real Madrid on a 10 game winning run in the league but the moment Madrid came up against a defensive side in Liverpool they looked out of ideas & created nothing & lost at home.

    Have a look at Rijkaard’s record against English teams, it was poor & the only time Barca beat premier league teams was when the clubs had 10 men. Barca couldn’t win 11 vs 11. To me that doesn’t suggest he’d be great here.

  79. max

    also dont be so doom and gloom yet everyone, lets pray beattie gets a hattrick today, we have a game on tuesday against the worst premierleague team and then we should not have to play any more league game without walcott or eduardo or adebayor, then a few games later we will get cesc back. and wot about liverpool, are they about to burn out, we are about 9 points behind them, if we beat them and man utd beat them that is two! stay positive gunners!! its gonna take some doing but lets do our job as supporters and support

  80. ethangunner

    i mean ok buy and sell real estate etc. it will be eventually go back into the club right ???

    WHY ?

    theres no way all profits will return to AFC ! no fucking way in hell !

    theres cash in it for these crooks you bet your fucking bottom dollar they havent become land mongers just for the good of the club .. because if they cared so much for the fucking club we wouldnt be in this shit to begin with !

  81. Confidentgoner


    You are very correct. This has been my opinion for a long time. In any other business or with another club, Wenger will be waking up every morning with nothing to do than to read his mails and newspapers.

    He has given himself no margin of error. only God does that because he knows! No other being knows!!!

  82. GMR

    max – I agree about Liverpool, not so much that they’ll be burnt out but that Rafa will now have given up on the title & will play weakened teams which may come unstuck. He done that the year Liverpool lost out to Everton for fourth place but got lucky by winning the CL & having the rules changed.

  83. ethangunner

    i mean at least roman bought the chev’s to win accolades and gain fame , he didnt go and buy up half of london and redevelop it !

    i mean come on …

  84. Confidentgoner


    I flow with your thoughts on the board memebers. If someone leaves his core businss to diversify, 9 times out of ten, there is a currupt act behing it. Will be intersting to know the basis for sacking the lady board memeber.

  85. Franchise

    GMR record against english teams? for a start he would be coaching an english team not a spanish one. the guy humbled mourinho in the CL. he understands what the pressure of winning trophies entails. Ramos won a cup at spurs in his first year and language barrier was his downfall. Ramos is one of the best managers in the world. He with the help of Monchi (sporting director Sevilla) put Sevilla on the map. Rijkaard could easily be a success at THOF. he would need some local help thats why i suggested brady maybe keown adams????

    there isnt a better time for a manager like him to come in he wouldnt be under too much pressure. if he comes in takes the carling cup serious abd wins it in his first season like mourinho did that would set the tone for things to come.

    Avram Grant took chelsea to 2nd place in the league at one stage they were 10 points behind arsenal, took them to CC final. CL final. how do u think he achieved this? cos he had a very good squad

  86. Franchise

    back a manager like rijkaard in his first season with enough funds for 3 world class players and he would deliver

  87. gooner

    pat the gooner

    you are so right re the flats. i also distinctly remember the board 6 months ago crowing how they would ride out the credit crunch, and that only 2 people has withdrawn their offers. Full of bullshit, they think we are mugs.

    the players: we can see who is trying and who is not.
    RVP is trying to do a flamini, with less success but he will be gone come next season

    the reserves: can anyone please tell me why we purchase so many players with no intention of playing them? the squad needs to be cut, the deadwood sold, etc.

    lost in transition: didnt we have the famous transition season two seasons ago?

    red action: very very quiet yesterday.

    from Day 1 the emirates experience has been crap – the basic disrespect to fans by overpricing the food and drink, the overzealous fluorescent coated “stewards” – the whole experience just sucks

    i could go on, and on, and on…but most has already been said on here by my fellow grovers!

  88. Old Father Gun

    I was sitting directly behind Cesc yesterday and he looked very, very unhappy – as if he didn’t want to be there. We should now all be worried.

  89. GMR

    Franchise – If Rijkaard were to takeover he would still be managing against English opposition. You say he humbled Mourinho, go look at the facts he only ever beat Chelsea when they had 10 men, its still a win but Barca always struggled against English sides & Chelsea also knocked them out.

    We do need a better squad but aside from selling some players to buy I don’t really see how Arsenal are going to achieve that. Rijkaard would want at least 75 million to spend, I don’t think for one second he’d accept buying a single world class player as being good enough.

    I think we’ll just have to disagree on this one, besides I can’t see Wenger being replaced yet. The board have only just backed him & are talking about offering a new contract, that says they are happy with failure. No wonder our players show such a lack of desire.

  90. timmylovesthearsenal

    Morning all.

    We have 11 league games left which means we there are 33 points up for grab. Based on our current form and the fact that we still have to play the ‘Big 3’, we’ll be lucky if we take 20 points.

    May I remind you all that Everton are only 2 points behind us at the moment and that they are on better form than us at the moment (who isn’t).

    I predict i. a 6th place finish, ii. a summer exodus of at least 4 key players and of course no replacements will be bought, iii. Wenger’s departure-although this could take place next summer and iv. at least 12 more years of misery for Arsenal fans.

    I can’t believe what has happened over the past 5 years. Danny Fiszman and co’s his thirst for wealth have cost us dearly.

    Thing’s are going from bad to worse and next year we will be down at least £14 million on this years profits but of course PHW will make some kind of statement in the tabloid of the people stating that ‘Arsenal is in a healthy financial state. The property market and current economic recession are not affecting the club’s footballing matters’.

    I hate these bastards I really do.

    Who’s the team they call Arsenal?
    Who’s that team we all adore?
    They’re the boys in red and white,
    and they [used to] fight with all their might,
    and they just show us how to score [on occasion]

  91. Franchise

    we need a complete rethink to the way we play. I said on tuesday night that we lacked cohesion in the final 3rd against roma and i was almost sluaghtered on here. We linked up well up until the final 3rd where the players looked like they were playing together for the first time. we dont seem to have a situational play guide. there are certain things that should be a must in certain situations. the way we play at times its like we just hope for the best. Van Persie was the only striker yesterday that started with 3 smallish players supporting him from the wings and behind him. why was he stretching wide and crossing the ball for who to head in????

  92. Franchise

    We could get 3 world class players for 40-50 million and we could raise up to 20 from dead wood sales

  93. GMR

    I’m not really worried whether Cesc leaves or not. Don’t get me wrong he is a very talented player who’ll only get better each season, but the fact remains he’s always made it clear the most productive years of his career are going to be in Spain, we have to put up with him growing up & the inconsistency with some of his performances just so he can spend the best years of his career with Barca.

    We have played just as well if not better without him this season & we have loads of creative players. What we need is at least one more top quality striker to go alongside Eduardo & a couple of quality central midfielders.

  94. APR

    Vela ‘s crap – dont see what the hype is all about. So is Clichy – seems he had a wonder season last summer. RvP is quality – but cant expect 1 man to carry the whole team. He had a hand in all our goals in JAn. Had it not been for him Everton would have been above us – which will happen anyway.

    We should ask Wenger to leave next season with his kids . And yes , if Fab and co want to leave they are more than welcome.

    Lets begin all over again.

  95. GMR

    Franchise – no chance. World class costs 20-30 million at least, we got Arshavin who was demanding a transfer & still had to pay over 17 million for him.

  96. Stu

    Not just the dead wood sales but the players that are better than that. There are about only about 5 0r 6 players that should be starters. All of the others could easily be replaced by far better players at a reasonable price. But its just a case of buying those right players.

    On Rijkaard, his first job was Barca, he was given loads of money, had world class players before he took over and had a lot of luck.
    3 things that he wouldnt have with us.

    Yesterday was awful to watch, probably worse than the previous 3. Its been 2 months since the last home goal and Everton was the last in the prem, also from open play.

    Huge clearout is needed in the summer but i doubt it will happen.

  97. Alan

    Agree that our play slows down shockingly in the final third. Adebayor, Van Persie and Bendtner first touch is too heavy and always takes them away from goal. Then each of them turns like the QE2 and begins to decide what to do with the ball. Compare that to a top striker who’s natural instinct is to face the opposition goal asap and always know what they are going to do with the ball before it arrives

  98. Stu

    I would stick Gibbs at LB and Eboue at RB against WBA. Give the other 2 a rest and add another dimension to our attack. EE and Gibbs are arguably better in attack and WBA dont really attack much so they wouldnt have to defend much.

  99. APR

    Stu , Everton got out of the jail against WBA the other day – they were passed of the park by WB. And WBA will attack for sure ; they seemingly have better movement than us at the moment . Its another matter converting chances – which we too are masters of anyway.

  100. GMR

    One thing I can predict for certain is that without CL qualification this will be the worst summer of our lives for negative speculation. There is no World or European cup to fill the spaces in the papers so all the attention will be focused on us for the whole summer. It won’t matter that 95% of it is bulls**t is still be there on a dailt basis.

    Oh what joy to look forward to!!

  101. Stu

    I saw that and your partly right. They won the midfield battle but are worse than us in attack and even worse in defence….but thats not to say they wont have their customary blinder against us. Like all the others seem to have.

    Wba cant score or defend. At least we have been able defensively as of late.

  102. max

    i was there yesterday, and what hurt the most was that as soon as a mistake was made it was clear that the players were not responding well, nobody took any kind of responsibility because they were bloody booed at every poor attempt, what happened to cc vela, he didnt have one shot, our fans shattered his confidence for the second game in a row (sunderland). our fans made no attempt to lift the players, and i think some people are clueless if they think that one is able to shoot with 23 players infront of him and being closed down by 5. we were so close to putting them to the slaughter, lets beat west brom and get a good run going!

  103. afriX

    william gallas’ early season outburst about the players is finally being proven true, the moron that is jose mourinho’s comments abt Wenger gettin away with what most managers would not get away with is also becoming self evident.

  104. APR

    Stu , “able defensively” ?? We were lucky we didnt concede yesterday . The manner in which Clichy allowed players to go past him and then made no effort in tracking back was shocking. Toure too had his customary bloopers – the guy is past it. Only Sagna , Gallas and to an extent Almunia are responsible for our clean sheets of late . Even then Fulham had quite a few clear cut chances yesterday.

  105. Stu

    I meant able defensively in that we havent been conceding and also that WBA havent been able to score. Not saying our defence has become inpenetrable or anything.

  106. Stu

    Our games have become so boring to watch. There are no highs during the 90min.

    At least when we couldnt defend we could attack.
    Im not asking for more 4-4s but maybe a goal here and there. Surely that isnt much to ask for.

  107. Jay

    I just dread a summer of players leaving and then hearing how have “matured and we believe we can do it” Then replacing them with even younger players and then project youth starts all over again!!

  108. max

    stu, the goals will come and soon! with walcott cesc and eduardo we will dominate and thrash alot of teams, arshavin looks fantastic, just stay positive, we couldve won 3 0 very easily but we are just a bit low on confidence.

  109. Stu

    I know the goals will come eventually but its just horrible that there havent been any in the league for 2 months.

    Eduardo will put an end to all this but we shouldnt have to be relying on 1 player to score our goals because noone else can.

  110. Stu

    The more i thnk about it the more i realise tat there isnt one single player in the squad that couldnt be replaced and its just not good enough. Sure, we have a few very good players but they are all injured. Rosicky and Cesc are both long termers, Eduardo slighty less but none of them are available.

    Even they are replacable but obvously it would be prefered if they stayed. All the other positions could be improved on by buying the right players.

  111. max

    kevin i love it, brilliant thinking, i hope everyones gonna watch that shit, remember villa are good away, and they just put in crosses which stoke can defend! come on boys stay positive

  112. GMR

    Stoke have one method of attack (Delap) & he is still out suspended. Even an off form Villa will not lose at home to Stoke.

  113. kevin

    Hey come on lets believe. Sorry but i am an optimistic cunt. If we were 30 points behind united with 10 games to go i would still believe we would still come back and win the league, it’s who i am.

  114. Pedro

    Wow, quiet on here today… that tells a story… people don’t even want to thrash out what’s going wrong.

    GMR, when you say a British manager… were you thinking along the lines of Moyes?

  115. max

    villa are actually not that difficult to play against, if u mark young tightly and have a big strong defence then they are not that great unless you try and go at them because then u are vulnerable to the break. i am going for 1 1

  116. GMR

    Pedro – I didn’t say a British manager, I said a manager that has experience of the premier league.

    I must confess though I think Moyes could do a terrific job with the youngsters we have at the club, Wenger appears to have run out of ideas & as he won’t change his attitude towards signing experienced players whats the solution??

  117. patthegooner

    Will be saying that Wenger has got a get out of jail free card Kevin

    But we shouldn’t be having to bank on a shit Villa Result to match our shit result. We should be picking up points when they are dropping them, and more than 1.

  118. mzk90

    lol, I knew it wouldn’t be long before BBK mentioned Denilson! A defensive midfielder is obviously not up to the job after 6 clean sheets!

  119. kevin

    lol we will win the champions league beating chelsea 1-0 with Van perise scoring a 50 yard volley. We will win the fa cup with ade clumpsily scoring from 2 yards out. And we will finish 4th on the last day of the season.

  120. max

    moyes will never win the bloody premiership, hes not good enough, everyone claims wenger should leave but who would do better? just by having wenger we attract the best players from around the world, who the hell would want to come and play for moyes? we cant offer huge salaries like city so that is not the attraction, wenger is great for this club and if he had his first team to pick from we would be second in the league

  121. patthegooner

    I dont think I would like Moyes, he seems to be in a Good Season / Shit Season / Good Season / Shit Season roll.

    The Standard of Managers seems to be pretty poor at the moment. The only ones in the Premiership I really rate at top level are Ferguson, Hiddink and O’neill.