Tonight we will show our ambition and tonight we will win, handsomely.

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So this is it, the one our entire season is geared up for, the Champions league, the big one, the one in which they all say we can go all the way in, this is the toughest one because after the Roma tie, we in theory will have our best 11 back and fit and lift the European Champions League at last.

These guys need to give one monumental effort to keep the competition alive, this is our Jerusalem!

The time for talking is over, Robin, Nikki and Diaby I think will lead the line and if Robin’s ambition matches mine, he will need to have a blinder and I think he will.

The time for talking is at an end, we drew the Milan game this time last year but we need to win this one because Roma are much better at home than away in this competition, they will defend sure, but make no mistake they will be trying to score, so we must score more, tonight we need the spirit of Anfield, Cardiff and Milan, tonight the boys need to stand up for the manager that has stuck by them all season, tonight is for us and for Arsene.

Now although I mentioned Diaby, I actually expect a midfield of Vela, Song, Denilson and Nasri and I expect a big game from Song, he needs to run after everything and let them know he’s there, if it were down to me I would play Diaby in the hole with Denilson but if he plays Song and Denilson then they need to assert themselves from the off and get in their faces, let them know they’re there.

The defence pick themselves and need to be alert, no sloppy goals tonight, defend like your lives depend on it guys, because it does.

The main reason I would pick Diaby to partner one of Denilson and Song is because he will get more room than he would against a premiership side, Vela on the left and Nasri on the right gives us more width than Eboue and therefore makes us more potent, so I hope the boss finally realises that and gets on with it, but whoever he picks I expect a big game from them.

I would also like to see Bischoff, Ramsey and Wilshere there to come on after the others have worn themselves out.

I am going tonight from the dentist, I will be in pain and very vocal, I believe we will all be very vocal but the pain I am hoping will be with the Roma fans at the end of the night and not with us.

Tonight will be nervy and tight but I expect nothing other than a win, if we want to win this we have to beat the best, so we may as well play Roma now.

If I were in the team I would run my bollocks off, nothing else matters apart from tonight Arsenal, go out there and make us all proud, and if that means having to watch Eboue, Denilson and Song together then so be it, I will shout your names from the rooftops if we win, this is your time boys and I for one am behind you all.

Robin to get a hatrick, Nikki B to get two, Nasri and Vela to get one a piece and Diaby if he plays will get the other, if he doesn’t it will be Song or Denilson.

So I make that 8, go get them Gunners, go and prove the footballing world wrong, go and make your manager proud and go and make us all happy.

I can’t wait. Have a great day!

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  1. tonyadamsisgod

    A – Maybe, but I don’t even think there is space for him. I cant see Wenger playing 3 forwards and RvP, Eduardo and Arshavin will all be ahead of him for the foreseeable future. He wont play behind any 2 striker because we have Cesc. It’ll be very hard for him and I can see him wanting to move on when we get all of our players back. Dont forget that Wenger will be putting Theo up top at some point too. Difficult one.

  2. A

    yeah franchise, he’s very highly rated, and he was about 11th in the european young player of the year award, the young persons equivalent of the ballon d’or. We had offers around 8-10 mil from him in the summer from roma and munich i believe

    yeah i agree loner, usually almunia loves running out of his area, today was the opposite, very strange.

    likewise bendtner loner, some people aren’t capable of analysing any game more deeply than “he scored, he’s amazing”, and “he missed, he’s shit”

  3. David


    People are slating Bendtner because its incredible his missing rate is phenomenal….and to think he had another 1-1 chance with the keeper again….Only to pass it just says it all

  4. the dude abides

    To be fair to Bendtner he was playing out of position.
    But he’s still not good enough for The Arsenal.
    1-0 at home is always a good result in Europe. Our defence looks solid at the moment – the people who said Toure and Gallas couldn’t play together have gone quiet.
    I fancy us to get a goal in the 2nd leg and I don’t think they’ll get 3.

  5. A

    i assumed so loner, didn’t seem to be any injury, and diaby definitely looked tired.

    tony arshavin will play in midfield not as a forward

  6. David


    I said he is supposed to be better than Cesc…not that he is….i think he has more potential…especially on his footwork and ball skills and set pieces.

  7. gambon

    Ok so my thoughts on the game…

    The tie is very much in the balance, earlier i said to a colleague who went that 0-0 is a very good result for Roma, 2-0 is very very good for us, so logically 1-0 leaves the tie at exactly 50-50 for me.

    As for the game, i thought we were excellent and awful at the same time. We were excellent for 60 minutes,we moved the ball vertically through their (very very good) midfield very well. Our pace and speed of mind was way too much for them. But, and its a big but, we were way too wasteful, Most other teams wouldve won at least 2-0 if theyd played like that. We simply have to be more composed in the final third, it really is the difference between winning / losing trophies.


    Defence; We look a different team in this department.

    Denilson; For me (and i know opinion is divided here) he is becoming a real asset, he definately should be a bench player at the moment, and i hope he will be when we bring a new CM in. But i feelhe will be a good player, if not world class.

    Nasri; showed glimpses that centrally he could be a monster of a player, but i dont know that AW will play him centrally, its hard to accomodate tactically.


    Eboue; Just brings nothing to the team. I think its 4 assists and 1 goal in 50-60 odd games. Bad isnt the right word, totally and utterly inept is. Not to mention he has the brain of a retarded goat.

    Bendtner; He’s caused a lot of debate tonight. For me just not good enough, i dont hate him but hes alevel below top level football.

    Song; The 2 above definately are talented,this guy isnt. His lack of pace (in the legs and body) changed the game for the worse, i dont think Tony Mobray would play him in his team.

    I know these guys are the typical scapegoats but for me they are just not good enough, 2 of them can make good careers in football, one shouldnt be able to.

    Overall i wouldnt like to say whether we’ll go through, i think weve a good chance, i think they’ve a good chance. One thing that is for sure..if we play like that in the league we have still got a shot at top 4 finish.

  8. A

    he’s a bit different david, he gives the ball away far too much at the moment. Has a similar stature to cesc, but a better shot from distance, and a better dribbler, more skillfull etc, but nothing like the pass completion, he often loses concentration and gets caught on the ball or does silly passes. He’ll be playing in the reserves game tomorrow, im sure you could find a stream to watch him

  9. Lovedup Loner

    David; I think his miss was poor, but that chance when he squared it, i thought was the right option, IMO.

    But not long from now, in a stadium (not) far far away… Eduardo will be finishing those chances off!

  10. Franchise

    Every time Bendtner tries to control the ball after his first touch it is like he freezes or like his studs are attracted to a magnet under the pitch. or maybe his feet are nailed temporarily to the floor.

    Ade has a bad first touch but he reacts quick enough to salvage the situation. Bendtner is a poor player that is one of the reasons why we are struggling for 4th.

    VP at 21 was already 5x the player bendtner is.

    remember his goal against blackburn at highbury. bendtner lacks skills he should have learned by 9 yrs of age

  11. London

    Just got back from the game. Good summery there “A” although maybe unnecessarily picky on Almunia. I am a Denilson doubter but I agree that he was MOM tonight. Nasri, as you say, was superb and Diaby made the difference; he drove the whole thing forward.

  12. Lovedup Loner

    David; Oh you were being serious mate! Sorry, i was expecting a joke! haha!

    Yeah, I have seen Merida a few times and at one time i thought he was disapearing from view, but he seems to have progressed again, so, hopefully he can get some games. He’s 19 (I know players dont all look like world beaters at 16), and needs to play sooner…

  13. bob

    denilson was absolutely outstanding……as was diaby

    im amazed how good denilson was .!!! few people need to get off his back..21 yrs old & played like that…Brilliant

  14. David

    Yea A,

    But loss of concentration can come with Maturity surely???

    I for one would fancy a midfield of Cesc and Merida….or Cesc and Rambo…i fully believe Ramsey can be our Steven G.

  15. A

    yeah london, diaby really added a different dimension to our game didn’t he, i hope he can replicate that week in week out, and stay fit!

    i dunno about almunia, you watch the replays, couple of times the defenders were half waving almunia to come pick up the ball, he seemed very tentative today, which is unlike him. His problem used to be the opposite!

  16. A

    yeah i think it will david, he could become one hell of a player. But i just mean he’s not nearly ready to play centre mid for us yet.

  17. David


    Loner….it just baffles me that Wenger supposedly has “faith” in youth players and he plays them in every competition except the League…very difficult to understand especially when i feel players like Vela need to be starting atm

  18. London

    “A” I haven’t seen the replays yet, we will see. But I am so happy. Tonight was a great result. No time to bring up the tired arguments about who will and who won’t make it as some seem to be doing already. Tonight was a superb display.

  19. Lovedup Loner

    Right, that game should (please please please!) show that our midfield for Saturday has to be; Nasri – Diaby – Denilson – Arshavin… And then AW can bring on vela and ramsey again for more game time…

  20. Franchise

    by the time our 5 wide options are all fit bendtner wld have to do with CC football or move to our club.

    He has been average up top he even looks more decent on the left. That tells me that there is no hope for him

  21. David

    Franchise i couldnt agree more….but dont let Pedro here you.

    Fantastic win…but when are we going to get clinical infront of goal…i mean championship teams always take their chances.

  22. A

    yeah it really was london, just upset i couldn’t make it to the emirates!! If only we’d put some more chances away got 3 or 4! We havn’t scored in open play still for a good while, gotta put that right on saturday

    agree loner, surely that midfield will start.

  23. Lovedup Loner

    London; My thoughts exactly fella. The fact we created chances (as we did on saturday) is really promising and we got a very important goal and victory tonite, meaning a trademark 0-0 will see us thru! But by the time of the 2nd lag, Eduardo, or theo, or Ade, or all of em may be back too!

  24. A

    i dunno about ade when it comes to missing chances loner! i don’t think it’s to do with specific players missing chances, as a team we seem to have lost any sort of prolificness or composure in front of goal, we just need a big win to banish those demons!

  25. Franchise

    Somehow although we dominated Roma we didnt look like a cohesive unit. There was hardly any understanding on the pitch. Players were frequently on different wave lengths

  26. benno

    Evening/Morning all. Wake up to hear of a win 😀 😀

    now i have to wait 10 hours to watch a replay 🙁

    So how did we play? I noticed Eboue started, but Song didn’t?

  27. Lovedup Loner

    A; I just mean, the squad will be stroner by the next leg, although, id fancy eduardo to finish off at least one chance if it presented itself.

  28. Pedro

    Franchise, I thought we looked great. I don’t know how you can say were weren’t cohesive?

    Accept the victory and enjoy the performance… most wrote us off for this game.

  29. A

    ah ok, yeah i agree. I really can’t see us failing to score and getting beaten. The first bendtner miss really was a horrific ball from nasri, i don’t really blame bendtner for that one. fucking shit having to listen to david pleat again!!

  30. Lovedup Loner

    Nite y’all!

    Lets all be nice and positive now, shall we??? 😀

    Oh well, I’m happy… Now for Fulham and 3 effin points!

  31. Lovedup Loner

    Ah, talkin of Pleat the kerb crawler! he said one line about Eboue, something like;

    “Eboue runs very well, at pace at defenders…but… there’s something missing”

    That last bit, cracked me up!… Oh well, suit yourselves!!! 😀

  32. Franchise

    Pedro we were probably not watching the same game. Mostly we seemed to be running like headless chickens. We got into countless danger positions without causing any direct threat. Compared to previous Wenger sides we were hardly cohesive. There wasnt any real understanding in our forward play. Diaby thrusting runs thrrough the midfield was the most impressive thing about our play IMO

  33. Pedro

    Franchise, if you can’t be happy with a 1-0 victory against a good Italian team in the Champions league… you have to ask what would make you happy?

  34. Pedro

    David, you have a grudge against Nik B… that is fine, but it means I can’t debate with you on this particular subject.

  35. Franchise

    Im not sad Pedro. Should I turn a blind eye to my observations???? If we were only interested in the results we would not bother blogging all day. I want to hear others views re our overall play. A has already pointed out the woeful crosses from our full backs. We weren’t nearly great IMO

  36. David


    Well if A hadnt started comparing Bendtner to Bergkamp maybe i wouldnt be so soured.

    Most people agree on here that Bendtner wouldnt make it at the Arsenal…Not as a forward….i think at one point he played left back for us???

  37. David

    Martin Oniel seding out his team C to play for the UEFA cup so he can concentrate on securing a 4th spot…bullocks….we had better start scoring and start scoring quickly

  38. Pedro

    Franchise, if you only look for the negatives after a win… perhaps you should change how you watch the game.

    They offered little threat and we dominated… the only thing we lacked was a finish… but we still won.

    David, he does play play in a similar style to Bergkamp and he was bought as a striker… he was the top scorer for the reserves so he may have played left back in an emergency once… but he was never played there as a solution.

  39. Keyser

    2 of the off target shots were’ Ebway’s and Bendtner’s, on another day they would have been goals, 2 very good chances.

    What the hell went on this morning, comments all over the place, a bit hard to follow..

  40. stonroy

    Hey Everyone,

    That was the most distraught I have been all season. i was reminded of Bendtner stopping the ball on their goal line at the Emirates against Liverpool last year. He has a hex on him in the CL.

  41. Metal Gear

    The game proved why Song should never ever start games as the difference between a Diaby (who I don’t rate at all) compared 2 Song on the pitch was mind-blowing. And Wenger again proved how inept he is he bringing on Vela only 2 play him on the left when he could move Nasri 2 the left and Vela central but Wenger being Wenger just had 2 stick 2 his mad design.

    Special word on Eboue dismissing that shocking miss that was his best performance IMO he did tire towards the end but u cant fault a player 4 that.

  42. Franchise

    From what I saw today Pedro there is no chance of us winning the CL this year with that team we put out. If Fab, Eduardo, Ade and Rosicky return in time we might have the slimmest chance. We really look hopeless with Bendtner, Eboue in the side. Watch the game again there were certain periods i felt like puking cos of the way play broke down in certain situations. If u thought that was great then hey

  43. Metal Gear

    Queen of suburbia sorry eat my words? Never…… please tell me U don’t think that his performance against Roma who we practically annihilated in terms of possession is enough 4 people like me 2 then say ‘’Denilson is the dogs bollocks’’ lets see how he does under intense pressure lets see some consistency which I doubt I’ll see since he’s so young. Is Denilson really your standard?

  44. Pedro

    Felt like puking?

    Dear oh dear…

    I’ll take the victory, I’ll take the good performances and I’ll keep them crossed for Rome.

    It wasn’t perfect… but it was a solid win.

    On that note, I bid you farewell!

    Tune in for my super great post tomorrow.

  45. Metal Gear

    Pedro I agree he was superb tonight just like Eboue was. A couple of weeks ago VP scored against Everton and some were like where are u VP critics blah blah blah. But VP is another who is inconsistent I’ll give praise where it’s due but that’s as far I’ll go maybe I need 2 lower my standards in terms of consistency demand.

  46. peachesgooner

    Good evening all

    My some people do love to be negative don’t they.

    Denilson was filled with rocket fuel this evening, his tackling was sure-footed and confident, he was everywhere.

    We had so much possession that I couldn’t tell you how any Roma player played – i was sitting at one end so I couldn’t see the play at the beginning of the 2nd half in fairness.

    Yes, we squandered chances but we won and they weren’t very good at all. Can we play like that away?
    2 weeks till we find out 😉

  47. Axman

    I just watched the highlights and we really did have a lot of chances. If we can start turning those into goals we would be truly feared again and we would be smashing teams to bits.
    I’m dissapointed we didnt score more but it was encouraging in a lot of ways.

  48. Paul88

    I thought we played really well tonight. Shame we didn’t finsh the game off. Stand outs for me were diaby, denilson, gallas and most importantly motm nasri. I also think eboue played really well, shame about the missed goal opportunity but one of his better games all the same. Bendtner also stood out for me as well. Unfortunately for different reasons, i cannot see what some ppl see in him. He’s a striker and his first touch is terrible, his shooting is terrible and he dwells on the ball too long. Still good team performance all the same.

  49. Franchise

    raif how was it watching the game live? Pedro thought we were great I thought otherwise.

    I made a comment that although we dominated there was hardly any cohesion in the team. Players were operating on different wavelengths.

    How did u see the game?

  50. Stu

    Once Eduardo is back playing 90min regularly we will start finishing teams off, especially if we keep creating the chances.

  51. raif


    FIRST HALF: we looked very good indeed and seemd as tho there was a string in our step. Nasri in the middle is much better then the nasri on the wrings. Diaby gave us somthing extra.

    SECOND HALF: was a diffrent story. bringing on Song and Vela Killed the game. we went back to the arsenal team of the weekend. dead side ways passing.

  52. Axman

    I make you right Stu. Eduardo banging them in will help make the rest of them calm down a bit and the goals will start coming from all over the place.

  53. Paul88

    I’ve noticed alot of people on here think bendtner had a good game. I cannot for the life of me see what people see in his game. He always seems to me like the ball is stuck between his feet. I try to consider other peoples points of view, especially those who went to the game. Maybe they could show me a different perspective of him? Anyway, hopefully eduardo will be back for the return leg.

  54. Franchise

    i think im just being too critical. or just have high expectations. the truth is the lack of quality in certain players kill attacking moves and that pisses the fuck out of me.

    there were certain situations in past wenger arsenal sides that just has goal written all over it and 9 out of 10 times thats the case.

    with this side u can only just hope. so may be we were great compared to other performances this season but in comparison to the past arsene sides we weren’t. Personal opinion

  55. A

    for sucks sake, itv are ridiculous in terms of their lack of footballing knowledge – “juninho must be pushing ronaldo in terms of success rate”

    ronaldo’s success rate is absolutely horrific, juninho’s probably the best in the world! incredible ignorance

  56. Stu

    EE brike up atacks all on his own and once Song had te ball all hope disappeared. When he was free to burst forward he thought better of it and stopped to pass sideways. He almost had an attack!

  57. raif


    i agree. we have lost alot in our game. no pace. no quick counter attacks. no decent crosses. and no killer passes.

    we look like we try to Triangle pass our way through

  58. Franchise

    axman and stu im afraid it might not be that easy. we need to fluke a trophy this year. we had a bad pre season and we havent recovered from it. I really miss cesc, theo and rosicky.

  59. Stu

    A, dont even start. It has become more and more obvious recently that the “experts” actually know nothing.

    Juninho has been doing that for years and Ronaldo scored maybe 3free kicks a season. His success rate from set pieces is awful.

  60. raif

    Eboue had a Good game. all till he fucked up that chance he had.

    after that he lookd like he might Shit his pants every time he touched the ball. in fear the whole stadium got on his back.

    and Nikki-B didnt have a good game. everyone in the stands Cheerd when they saw Nikki-B’s number come up to be subd off.

  61. Franchise

    raif its probably the same training methods/tactics we still employ but the personel to execute these things arent as good as have been in the past. FFS

    henry, bergkamp, pires, ljunberg, reyes

  62. A

    it really is ridiculous isn’t it stu. apparently ronaldo has scored 5 free kicks in his whole premiership career, and considering how many he takes it’s absolutely shocking. All the united fans i know who go to games hate the fact that he takes them, he had 3/4 just tonight, that conversion rate is embarrassing. Just because on highlight reels they look spectactular he’s the “free-kick king”, it’s laughable

  63. Stu

    Franchise, it might be that easy tho. Not easy to win a trophy but to start scoring again. Eduardo isnt just a great finsiher but a smart footballer and hopefully that will spread when he starts playing regularly again.

    Heres hoping that Cardiff is just the beginning. It cant all be coincidental that our biggest win for months came when Eduardo was up front.

  64. A

    we’re creating the chances, i think it’ll be very easy to get going again. All we need is a game where we just get a couple of early goals and we could absolutely hammer someone, and that would give the whole team the confidence in front of goal that’s so lacking at the moment.

    Tonight was a very very promising performance without the poor finishing, other than that we ripped roma apart, and could have had 4 or 5

  65. Stu

    A, its annoying that these so called professional sports commentators and presentators can be so lazy and just rely purely on highlights etc…which wouldnt shock me if it were true.

  66. Keyser

    Franchise – If you took out all the players we have out now from the previous sides, 1-0 against a good, albeit shaky, Roma side looks pretty decent.

    If we compared the amount of games these players have played together and they’re ages to those you’ve mentioned it isn’t that bad and the cohesive side will come.

  67. Axman

    Franchise I’d take a flukey trophy all day long and I dont think we deserve much out of the season given the way we’ve played. Injuries aside we have been very inconsistent.I do think this season has taught some of our players a lot though and I dont write off all of them off, but I definitely write off some of them. Looking at the rest of tonights games there’s nothing that says we cant fluke or play our way to the final, I doubt we will but I’d be over the moon if we did. If we’d have converted half of our chances tonight we would have won by 4 goals or more, I’m clinging to the hope that by luck or judgement some of those have to go in at some point based on maths alone. I’m terrible at maths though.

  68. Franchise

    I think the chances we miss is because of lack of quality finishing more than confidence. Eboue was never gonna score that chance. Bendtner shot with his left foot was hopeful wishing. the pull back from Nasri from Bendtner needed a better 1st touch something Bendtner doesnt possess. Nasri’s left foot shot in the first half should have been hit first time etc

  69. Stu

    I hope to fuck that Wenger doesnt go with EE or Song at the weekend. More of the same would certainly do me nicely. Eduardo for Nik if he is fit and 3points would be a sure thing.

    Cesc is back in training soon, theo too and Rosicky is only about a year away…so things are looking better for the run in.

  70. Keyser

    Stu – Most of it’s pre-meditated, today was almost like a checklist of all the negativity that surrounds Arsenal at the moment, they reeled it off one by one, they plan what they’re going to say before the game and they’ll fit some of the things they see during a match to it because they don’t have the time to edit the highlights to what they thought of the game.

    Have you ever seen a video of when Liam Brady screwed at Dunphy and RTE for they’re pre-planned character assasination of Wenger during last years Champions League game at Anfield ?!

  71. Franchise

    Axman we need a trophy any1 to put us back on the map. Thats why it annoys me that Wenger doesnt take the CCup seriously. We could easily have been in that final if we took a better team to Burnley. Take some experience players start one or two and stick the rest on the bench if needed

  72. Stu

    Franchise, some of the blame must be given to Nasri for bendtners missed chance. The one with the first touch–the pass was behind him. But he still should have done better but it wasnt all his own fault.

  73. A

    yeah i agree stu, sports commentary and “experts”, especially when it comes to football have less intelligence and knowledge than the average fan, it’s just a big old boys club, and it’s really embarrassing because they have so much power over alot of fans thought as well! Such as with the anti-bendtner stuff because of the press completely twisting his interview in danish, and they’re still spouting bollocks about it despite it being proven to be bollocks!!

  74. A

    disagree completely franchise, the lack of confidence in front of goal is the reason our players tense up when they get chances. If they were confident rather than nervous then the first touches would be much more natural and relaxed, and much sharper. We just need some goals to get that touch back

  75. Franchise

    Keyser i understand ur point. It isnt really nice that our play degrades as bad as it does when a few first team players are out injured. Dont we play to a system every player at Arsenal is aware of. We looked very cluless at times in the final 3rd of the pitch. There was confusion on who should run and who should hold. It doesnt speak well about our players development. We wouldnt always have Cesc playing you know.

  76. Stu

    Yes Keyser, i saw that and it was shit. I hate the RTE panel because they are all old and senile.

    Eamon Dunphy is a twat and i dont know why he is even there. Bill O Hurley or whatever his name is known fuck all-he is a GAA commentator in the frst place and that old fucker-his name has slipped my mind- he is the worst of the lot because he is asleep most of the time.

    Not to mention the sidekicks of Peter Parker aka Ronnie Whelan and the occasional appearance from Graham Souness, but he rarely gets a word in anyway so..

    The RTE panel are an embarrassment to Ireland!

  77. Franchise

    Ive known that Bendtner had a heavy first touch since 2006. Composure and killer instinct in front of goal is what we lack. Bentner wld keep missing 1v1s IMO cos he isnt a clinical finisher. Confidence issues is mostly common with ppl struggling with ability. Look at the way song snapped at that shot late in the 2nd half i mean why bother?

  78. Franchise

    why doesnt Bendtner suffer confidence issues when he tries to head in goals? Lack of ability is definitely his problem

  79. A

    the final chance he would have scored with confidence imo franchise, the first two were equally due to heavy touches and poor balls across that should have been much better. In sagna’s case he’ll never improve a final ball, but I think nasri’s final ball will be better with time, it was very poor. VP as well tensed up when in front of goal, a confident vp would have scored rather than chested off the pitch, and would have just rolled the ball across for vp rather than take another touch, and picked someone out at the end rather than dwell on the ball for fear of losing it. VP in the final 3rd has started taking far too long before playing the final ball because he’s not confident and having to think about it, rather than it happening reflexively and naturally

  80. A

    because it’s very different franchise, when the balls in the air you have to take it first time, you don’t have time to think or adjust yourself etc. No player i’ve ever seen has confidence issues when it comes to headers, because it isn’t really possible! You’re forced to take the ball first time.

  81. Keyser

    Franchise – Seriously I don’t think it did de-grade that much, the passes were there, not every one of them will come off, but when you look at it, Diaby and Denilson playing together in the centre have had a handful of games together. Ebway ? I don’t know what people expect, but I don’t expect him to be some sort of Zidane like figure there, but if you play him enough times he’ll build up some sort of understanding if you play him with the same players.

    Pires and Henry didn’t work up an understanding overnight, it took years, why are we expecting the same from Eboue and Van Persie or whoever ?!

    As fo the system players the reserves and especially the Youth team have it in abundance, the longer the same players play together and learn off each other the better the undertsanding will get.

    Roma sat back, and De Rossi must have stayed rooted to the centre of the pitch just waiting to break up attacks, Totti looked clueless in the final third as did many of the rest of them, but we’re expecting what from players far younger and far less experienced playing together ? yet we were the team that dominated, created the better chances and were by far the better side.

    It’s not just Fabregas is it though ? Diaby showed a difference from the weekend ? Eduardo showed what difference he makes, for fast breaks there’s probably no-one quicker than Walcott ? Rosicky’s a very clever player ? Arshavin ? even Adebayor on European nights.

    There should be loads more to come fom this squad of players.

  82. kirby

    yeh gunners should of won 3-0 bender for fuck sake touch of a rapist should of scored and eboue wow i would have scored that with my eyes closed wish it was 2-0 glad i can go out to rome with us leading
    get a goal out there and we are through!!!

  83. Franchise

    Confidence isnt directly our problem. The way VP buried that penalty showed he hardly lacks confidence.

    U remember the VP pull back in the first half Bendtner chose to use his left (trailing) foot to tap it in rather than his advancing right foot. Poor decision he held his head in shame knowing he fluffed it.

  84. Franchise

    I must admit Bendtner’s confidence dropped after his left foot shot went flying over the bar from like 8-10 yards. He had another chance soon after but chose to pull it across the face of goal. Eboue has always been clueless in front of goal

  85. Keyser

    Franchise – Bendtners young, composure can come with age and right now thats what he lacks.

    Against Cardiff he dropped deep and many of our attacks went through him because he had the time and space on the ball to think about what he was going to do and he had a pretty decent game, he doesn’t get that with Van Persie because they both want the ball, even with Nasri there.

    Probably why Wenger let him drop to the left so he had the time to look up and think what he was going to do.

  86. Keyser

    Stu – I’d never thought much about it before, but tonight you had Pleat and some other muppet and all they did was reel off the negatives everyone’s seen this year, not because it especially fitted the game, but because they’ve listed them as talking points before the game and tried to fit them in.

    Liam Brady’s a legend for what he did that night.

  87. Franchise

    A u cant say cos ppl take headers first time that they cant doubt if they wld do it right. Do u know how many Henry has missed from close range? Our chances have been falling to the wrong ppl IMO. Everybody misses clear cut chances it doesnt neccesarily mean its cos of confidence issues.

  88. Franchise

    Im afraid I believe that Bendtner is just not good enough. Injuries has meant he has featured more than he ought to. He is 5th choice striker to me. Handy cos he is strong aerially but he lets himself down too often.

    Denilson i must admit has been pretty steady in midfield (we still need a better starter). If Bendtner could be as consistent as him then i might change my mind regarding him

  89. Ja_Gunner

    Well hopefully we ccan score in Rome.

    For every goal we score there, they have to score to 2 more.

    Once we get on the score sheet over there we should be through. If we score 1 they would have to score 3.

    If we score 2, they have to score 4 etc. So I think we can go through.

  90. Franchise

    we really need to qualify for next years CL. i believe we stand a chance next year if we sell some deadwood and sign a few world class replacements

  91. A

    franchise henry didnt miss headers because of confidence though. If a player is lacking confidence then he can get his feet tangled up, tenses up etc, thinks too much. A good header of the ball doesn’t miss headers when lacking confidence, but a good finisher misses chances when lacking confidence.

    Though bendtner is a very average finisher at the moment, that’s not why he’s in the team, and his finishing will improve.

    I’d have him over ade any day of the week!

  92. freduardo

    I suppose a 1-0 is a great result, but I just think they were there for the taking tonight, more than any other team I’ve seen this year. they defended really deep, and invited us on, Denilson bossed the midfield, and we completely dominated the game, our lack of killer instinct or whatever you want to call it (though after drawing a few i suppose a lack of confidence is inevitable), just worries me.

    But obviously there are positives there tonight, no doubt about that. But when Vela gave away that free at the end I just thought ‘here we go..’.

  93. A

    yeah likewise fred. Today our finishing was poor, but the rest of the performance was very positive, and far better than we expected.

    People are saying we missed chances and it’ll cost us won’t win the competition etc but utd did exactly the same as us, apart from they didn’t score a single goal!!

  94. Franchise

    Cesar was the difference. I was watching both games in the pub. Most of their chances were Ronaldo free kicks. Giggs had a 1v1 but shot with his wrong foot. Ronaldo had a header from 10 yards saved superbly by Cesar. Those are the only 3 clear cut chances i can remember apart from like 4 direct free kicks

  95. freduardo

    utd have drawn their away leg though. I don’t know how much of a difference that makes, Inter are a good side too. WHat did you think of Roma tonight? I thought they were shocking..

  96. A

    giggs had a very easy one on one and it was on his left foot franchise, his strong foot, he had the shot that cordoba saved as well, ronaldo had one good header from a corner, and a free header he should have scored, and they should have scored when berbatov messed up trying to do a dribble when could’ve rolled it across for a tap in. They missed alot of chances, even if cesar played well.

    i’d say it’s 50/50 who the favourites are fred, i would’ve been very happy and confident with a 0-0 at home today. Now all inter have to do is not lose, and a score draw will win them the tie, i think mourinho could well mastermind a result at old trafford, and utd will be out!

    Yeah roma were shocking, though we made them look shocking too with how well we played.

  97. ethangunner


    every days finishing was poor recently , thats how many games now that we cannot get it passed the sticks in open play ??, we had to resort to the euro ref’s to save our asses , you know im sure that would have been waved on by an EPL ref .. (the penalty)

    poor team selection . eboue to start , then vela in as a striker .. he needs time on the wing to mature and the subing in of song ??? oh brother ! wenger is just taking the piss , is he trying to sabotage our lead ?

    wenger you are losing it badly .. no fuck it you lost it some time ago !

    im glad we won but the 2nd half put me to sleep!
    we never looked like scoring from open play
    ( other than nasri maybe) and we will not progress far in this comp , mark my words !

  98. Franchise

    A he shot with his wrong foot cos the keeper had his near post covered he shuld have used his right foot where most of the post was available to aim at. henry style open up ur body and bury

  99. A

    not in a million years ethan, the pen was stone wall, any ref in the world would’ve given it!

    I thought the team selection was absolutely spot on – i would’ve started song rather than diaby, but diaby made the difference and was fantastic. Then you could see he was absolutely dead on his feet in the second half which is understandable as just back from injury, and the only person who could come on for him was song.

    The only other change to the team that could have happened would have been vela starting rather than eboue, and eboue played very well, whereas vela once he came on showed his lack of maturity and experience misplacing passes, miskicking the ball, and giving away a very dangerous free kick.

    Vela when he came on went left wing, don’t know what you mean by vela as a striker?!

    we were fantastic today, tore roma apart, very solid defensively, created loads of clear cut chances, and the only place we were lacking was in the finish. We’ll easily go through against roma, and we’re in a very very good position with the players we’ve got to win the whole thing imo!

  100. A

    imo franchise he should have just rolled it across goal for one of the other players running in to tap it into an open net! Giggs has always been ridiculously left footed, he could never open up his body and curl in a finish with his right foot!

    Imo the giggs miss was much much worse than the bendtner miss, or any of our other misses

  101. freduardo

    if we have Dudu back for the return leg also.. would have been great to be able to stick him on tonight.
    There were times when it there seemed to be noone up front, with every one dropping deep and Eboue our furthest player forward. we made some amount of chances though, and had our final ball been better would have made more.
    Every time I see Eboues chance replayed I expect him to score!

  102. David

    You see A,

    I am not the only one who thinks Bendtner is shyte….if the Emirates cheered when he got subbed off then me thinks you, Stu and Pedro are the minority in this matter.

  103. David

    Thankfully Walcott will be back for Round 2…and i Expect he will play a wonderful part on the counter attack….so Will Ade.

  104. gooner-pak

    it was great to weacth every one gave 100%….fully charged only thing was we didnt killed off romans in the first leg…have to wait for 2nd leg but then i hope it will be bit more open game then this one and scoring wo against Arsenal might give us chance to get 1 or 2 at their home

  105. ethangunner


    Ive seen more clear cut penalties waved away in the EPL FACT! .. Hleb V liverppol last year in the same comp even !
    they both where getting physical and whilst im glad we were awarded it , the problems of scoring from open play is still very real , and sorry song as soon as he came on,
    (spilling possession aside multiple times) in his little cameo , things went far more negative instantly.. it was tense there in the end …
    and Roma probably had there most dominate spell of the game after songs inclusion.

    song and eboue are nothing more than back ups ,
    i wouldnt even say song is backup material in all honesty ..

    he adds nothing to our squad and at this level
    everyone on the pitch should be 1st class ..
    anyone who supports these players as permanent 1st teamers have truly let there standards slip over the past few years .. thats all i can say.

    i dont rate diaby much but until he got hit by a wet paper bag and had to retire injured he was doing a reasonable job .. songs impact was instant , in a negative way .. at least diaby wasnt crab like … id rather see someone lose possession whilst trying to be assertive, than just act like a powderpuff !

    Nik b should be used as an impact sub , he has had far more success coming in @ the 70th + minute but i suppose wenger is down on options currently.

    whats new ?

  106. gooner-pak

    ethan i think eboue (although not good in third final) but had a good game…..troubled roma
    but roma might had song in their book as weak link..the moment he came they (might have thought) its ten v eleven, effectively

  107. gooner-pak

    currently we dont know which team we will land for q’final but lads are more energitic in FA and CL matches…so tht might be key for success…we were there to kill from the very first minutes roma did made hell of mistakes in their half (passing), and their defender are better then song or eboue, but it was pressure tht mounted on them……
    agree they did threaten to level the lead

  108. Queen of Suburbia

    Nah it was a pretty clear cut penalty. Just because there have been other clear cut penaltys turned down over the years doesn’t make last nights any less of a penalty.

    Agree that we were much more effective with the Diaby/Denilson pairing in the middle rather than the Song/Denilson pairing.

    To be fair to wenger, i thought the Vela subsitution for Nik B was an attempt to counter the drop in pace and creativity as soon as Diaby went off.

  109. ethangunner

    gooner pak
    you cannot afford to pay a player 110k a week as a sub , he has to go ..or lift his game 200% maybe 300% .. anything else from a club standpoint is just impractical …

    Also eboue might have had a good game by his standards ( not getting red carded for diving )
    but he did seem to be on the floor a lot that game . is it coincidence or justified ?

    regardless this team cannot tell the difference between its ass and a hole in the ground when it comes to scoring from open play …

    and poor performances from the likes of song – ade – eboue make this all possible ..
    (and nik , denilson and diaby at times also)

    creativity is sadly lacking .. and that is the
    key hurdle stopping this club currently ..

  110. ethangunner


    what im saying is we put our faith in the laps of the gods , as against taking our own chances ..

    we still in 90 minutes couldnt hit the back of the net in open play , and this is becoming not only worrying , but very boring and predictable to watch from a fans standpoint ..

    Also Roma will be a far different team at home ,
    i hope wenger gets cesc -dudu- theo and rosicky back soon ..

  111. gooner-pak

    agree ethan on the most but what to do with 110k if tht give us 4 offside 6 and dozen missed chances….
    good comment for song geoff…….half closed eyes….i dont know what extra did he could possibly provide other then roma getting more attacks (reletively)……….

  112. gooner-pak

    but we did saw what geoff said in yesterdays post every one giving their best (well every players in its own capacity)……………………..
    plus ethan we were (apart from last season where we were able to find net easily)…2006/07 season was similar going for daws on regular interval (if i can remember rightly)

  113. kelsey

    Morning all,

    The positives for me:
    That we didn’t cocede and looked pretty organised in defence.Almunia was good and authoritive.Nasri was my man of the match,he obviously has a football brain and gave all for 90 minutes.Diaby at least for the first half,until he tired,added something extra,and of course RVP is a class act and intelligent footballer(thank god he played.)Denilson often critisized had one of his best games, and won nearly every tackle.

    A second goal went begging,and if you consider that we will have more or less the same squad in 2 weeks,we are in for a different game away,remember they beat Chelsea 3-1 in November.That is a real concern,and i wouldn’t commit myself to the outcome.

    The negatives for me,was that Bedntner(for a striker) just isn’t clinical enough,going back to the Burnley game,he has a good work rate,but his first touch is abysmal,as was shown several times yesterday.I can see why AW doesn’t start Vela yet.He is work in progress,and is still learning.The fantastic save by Almunia in the first half only happened because yet again Clichy lost the player while back tracking,and was no where near him.

    Eboue,really is an enigma.His positional sense is really quite good and finds open spaces well,but otherwise he is a disaster.His final ball doesn’t exist and the goal he missed will be played on U tube for years to come.

    Just one player would have made the difference between the result and one or two extra goals.Eduardo,was clearly missed,he is intelligent and clinical and i am certain would have scored some of the chances Eboue and bedntner had,that didn’t even work the keeper and were nailed on goals.

    The pundits in general thought we wouldn’t win,and hopefully we can build on that victory last night.

  114. London


    Song…Dennis Bergkamp? With the loss of Diaby who else offered any strength in the midfield..isn’t that moaning for the sake of trying to create controversy that isn’t really there.