Tonight we will show our ambition and tonight we will win, handsomely.

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So this is it, the one our entire season is geared up for, the Champions league, the big one, the one in which they all say we can go all the way in, this is the toughest one because after the Roma tie, we in theory will have our best 11 back and fit and lift the European Champions League at last.

These guys need to give one monumental effort to keep the competition alive, this is our Jerusalem!

The time for talking is over, Robin, Nikki and Diaby I think will lead the line and if Robin’s ambition matches mine, he will need to have a blinder and I think he will.

The time for talking is at an end, we drew the Milan game this time last year but we need to win this one because Roma are much better at home than away in this competition, they will defend sure, but make no mistake they will be trying to score, so we must score more, tonight we need the spirit of Anfield, Cardiff and Milan, tonight the boys need to stand up for the manager that has stuck by them all season, tonight is for us and for Arsene.

Now although I mentioned Diaby, I actually expect a midfield of Vela, Song, Denilson and Nasri and I expect a big game from Song, he needs to run after everything and let them know he’s there, if it were down to me I would play Diaby in the hole with Denilson but if he plays Song and Denilson then they need to assert themselves from the off and get in their faces, let them know they’re there.

The defence pick themselves and need to be alert, no sloppy goals tonight, defend like your lives depend on it guys, because it does.

The main reason I would pick Diaby to partner one of Denilson and Song is because he will get more room than he would against a premiership side, Vela on the left and Nasri on the right gives us more width than Eboue and therefore makes us more potent, so I hope the boss finally realises that and gets on with it, but whoever he picks I expect a big game from them.

I would also like to see Bischoff, Ramsey and Wilshere there to come on after the others have worn themselves out.

I am going tonight from the dentist, I will be in pain and very vocal, I believe we will all be very vocal but the pain I am hoping will be with the Roma fans at the end of the night and not with us.

Tonight will be nervy and tight but I expect nothing other than a win, if we want to win this we have to beat the best, so we may as well play Roma now.

If I were in the team I would run my bollocks off, nothing else matters apart from tonight Arsenal, go out there and make us all proud, and if that means having to watch Eboue, Denilson and Song together then so be it, I will shout your names from the rooftops if we win, this is your time boys and I for one am behind you all.

Robin to get a hatrick, Nikki B to get two, Nasri and Vela to get one a piece and Diaby if he plays will get the other, if he doesn’t it will be Song or Denilson.

So I make that 8, go get them Gunners, go and prove the footballing world wrong, go and make your manager proud and go and make us all happy.

I can’t wait. Have a great day!

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  1. Pedro

    Running at someone and losing it… I’d say he hasn’t given them any problems… well, bar diving and getting Rossi booked.

  2. A

    because vela has more pace david and can stretch them on the break as they push more men forward, pretty simple, and nothing to do with how good they are

  3. gambon

    A,1-0 isnt a great result.2-0+ is a great result, 1-0 is very much a grey area in a 2 leg euro tie.

    More importantly we should be through to the quarters by now if it wasnt for the resident retards Eboue & Bendtner.

  4. tonyadamsisgod

    I think Eboue has done well, as much as it pains me to say it. I’d still shoot him though!


  5. Stu

    David, its the oposite with you. You wll never listen to anything about bendtner that isnt negative.
    He shouldnt have been on the left in the first place. Thats Wengers fault for playing him there and having Eboue anywhere near the team.

  6. David

    That has everything to do with how good a player is if he can stretch the defence more i’d say he’s a better player by far….Bendtner is useless infront of Goal for someone who gets the start ahead of Vela….you cant even begin to compare their missing rate.

    ALready with song in the midfield our attacking has died a horrible death

  7. A

    i disagree gambon, for us 1-0 is a great result. I can’t see us losing at their place, expecially not by 2 goals which is what it’d take to put us out. We need to hold a clean sheet. More goals would be great, but not necessary, with a 1-0 i’d be very confident

  8. David

    No Stu

    Left or NO LEFT…ITs Bendtners Fault for Being so Shite that as a STRIKER he cant Score 1-1 with the keeper….

    He’s on an unbelievable missing streak atm.

  9. Stu

    Vela came on for Bendtner because of fatigue and the fact that Vela is far more familiar with a wide role than Bendtner will ever be.

  10. A

    yeah david that’s how you work out who’s a better player, agbonlahor is a much better player than bergkamp ever was, obviously

  11. tonyadamsisgod

    We have looked so bad since Song came on!!!!! He’s not intelligent enough to move forward with the others. All Wenger’s fault though. Bad tactics, nothing less.

  12. A

    the miss over the bar was very poor from bendtner, the first miss was attrocious from nasri, second miss was attrocious from sagna, and third was attrocious from vp. Their failures to roll the ball across for open goals is the equivalent to missing an open goal imo

  13. David

    A streak for Unbelievable misses…Not juss Ordinary misses But Unbelivable one’s…and people have the nerve to complain that Ade’s first touch is horrible…

  14. Stu

    No David, he was played left midfield, his weaker foot and an unfamiliar position. It would have been far smarter to have him on the right hand side so he could use his stronger foot.

  15. Mandanda

    the substitutions has disrupted our flow and the new players need 10-15 mins to settle into the match.
    chill out with the anti-Song assessment

  16. tonyadamsisgod

    Bendtner is in the goals business! Thats how he should be judged. Regardless of who has come on for him, he was fucking shocking tonight. He had the touch of a rapist and couldn’t finish a bacon sandwich!!!!

  17. gambon

    Yeah a,i remember you saying we were on for 11 wins in a row before the everton game….since then we havent won a game.

    You are looking at things subjectively.

    at 1-0 the tie is 50-50, no doubt…not a bad result, not a good one.

  18. A

    tony if that was the case then bergkamp would have been a very average player….

    i agree mandanda, but i’m sure song only came on because diaby looked tired. Diaby’s just back from injury, he was never going to be able to last 90 from the start

  19. Pat

    Ade is better than Bendtner, fact. Eduardo might be better than Ade, we’ll see.

    I don’t like that we’re sitting back like this

  20. A

    ha yeah gambon, my predictions havn’t been great recently, though that prediction was based on hope that things were going to suddenly click where they havn’t for a while. Saying we won’t lose in roma is going on the fact we’ve not lost a big game all season

  21. A

    stu – it was in response to someone saying bendtner is in the goals business, so if he doesn’t score goals he’s shit. Bergkamp played in the same position, best as a second striker, and wasn’t prolific but was a legend.

  22. Stu

    David, it actually does. Because Bendtner had to run up and down the touchline for 60-70minutes and would have been tired, less concentration and that affected is shot.

  23. David

    Well Stu

    This isnt the first time A and I would have this conversation….its not today that I can show you the comparison’s just know its not the first time…hopefully it would be the last.

  24. David


    So when Ade Misses he is Useless but when Bendtner misses he is tired???

    If Ade is Useless….Bentdner is 10 times useless.

  25. Cosmic Gunner

    I cant believe AW…. we were perfectly fine, he should have gone ahead and sub eboue for vela… and we now have Song/Eboue/Denilson and Bendtner… we are now cutting a sorry figure…. we are fucking chasing shadows…… why does he frustrate us fans with such irresponsible substitutions…. I have no answers for wengers stubbornes… its costing us… everything… where is the attractive football? where is the confidence we once had… unfuckingbelievable.. some body needs to let him know.. that he is the crappiest manager when it comes to making substitutions… subs are mainly for tactical play…. all his subs are shite….

  26. A

    the thing is, if you try and say bendtner’s best position is as a second striker, creating chances for others, as bergkamp used to do, some people see the words bergkamp and bendtner and reckon they can score points by claiming you were saying bendtner is better than bergkamp

  27. Gus J.

    SONG has done NOUGHT! Can he do anything? Anything? He even looks devoid of thought and anything resembling even modest talent.

    Can’t believe it… what is Wenger on?

  28. gambon

    I dont think ive ever seen a player who shoots more than Rambo…hes like a 12 year old in the playground going for glory.

    Dont know if thats a good thing or not!

  29. A

    cosmic diaby was too tired and needed to be taken off, and there was noone else to bring on, and bendtner off for vela was pretty straight forward. It has fucked us, but there was nothing else that could’ve happened!

  30. Pedro

    Guys… lets not dwell on the missed chances… most of you were saying we’d lose…

    Come on Arsenal… keep it going!

  31. David


    You know what. Im afraid i cant take you seriously anymore. To even mention Bergkamp and Bendtner in the same sentence is shocking. But okay…you are entitled to your opinion.

  32. Pedro

    David, I completely agree with A and I’ve said the same before.

    Unselfish, good passer and he will probably end up a mildly prolific like Bergy.

  33. David

    Bergkamp wasnt just the SS he had the kind of magic on the ball to unlock defenses….Bendtner has the type of magic that defenders have….Keep clean sheets for the opposition

  34. tonyadamsisgod

    A – Bendtner is a ‘striker’….a goal man. Bergkamp was a ‘forward’ who scored and also created. 2 things:

    1)Bergkamp scored more than Bendtner will have by the time he leaves Arsenal.

    2)If bendtner created chances it would make up for his inadequacies in other areas.

    You could never compare the two……

  35. David

    Thats exactly right A,

    We’re up 1-0 because of Bendtner….exactly right. Also because today is Tuesday and because the grass is the color green as opposed to yellow.

  36. Stu

    There are similarities between the two and im sure Bendtner will become a great player for us but noone will ever be like Bergkamp was. Close but no cigar!

  37. Stu

    David, just accept that Bendtner has positives. You are being completely ingorant by not acknowledging Bendtners pass for the penalty decision.

  38. Maqitlarge

    the tie shuold be over. I’m disappointed with the results, but very pleased with the performance.

    If we played like that in the PL we;d have no bother

  39. tonyadamsisgod

    Bedntner should be getting compared to Wrighty. The only thing they can do is score goals. Dont tell me Nik has skills, vision, intelligence, composure and quality like DB10. That is a disgrace!

  40. Ja_Gunner

    Hey guys, do you realise our players dont how to arrive into the box at the right time for those cut backs.

    Its so annoying.

    We get to the byline and cut back and consistently no one is there.

    Why dont they attack the box?

  41. Pat

    Next leg we might have Theo and Ade back, along with Eduardo possibly. Good result and a clean sheet yet again. We could win every game 1-0 and I wouldn’t complain! Could have and should have had more, but oh well.

    Well done lads!

  42. Stu

    Tony, noone is saying that Bendtner has the same level of Skill, vision etc that Bergkamp had but he is in the same mould. Same type of player but not the same exact player.

  43. dennisdamenace

    A good result, nothing more nothing less, but what a missed opportunity to kill the tie off, by a mixture of woeful finishing (again) and the introduction of Song which killed all fluency the team had……

  44. David

    Every body has Positives if you look hard enough

    Including Eboue,

    So on that front Im sure he has positives…but to compare Bendtner to Bergkamp is being ignorant.

  45. A

    tony bendtner isn’t as good as bergkamp obviously, but those are the attributes which he’s best at, his vision, intelligence, and passing are fantastic for someone his age and are the reason he’s so highly rated throughout europe. He’ll always create much more for others than he scores himself.

    Overall that was a very good performance until the final ball, and final finish. Very poor from vp a couple times when should been goal, nasri likewise, and poor finishing from vp and bendtner, and the eboue chance. Still a very good result, and should be ok for the away leg. Let’s hope diaby stays fit and plays like he did in the first half on a regular basis!

  46. Pedro

    David, knocking someone who set up a penalty to prove a point is childish.

    Give him credit where credit is due.

    It just makes you look like you bear a grudge otherwise.

  47. Pat

    I really liked the drive Diaby gave us. I don’t think De Rossi could handle him. He’s strong, quick, and charges at the opposition. We really need that in our boring game now.

  48. A

    yeah exactly pat, but everytime i try to say that i get people attacking me claiming i’m saying bendtner is better than bergkamp or as good as bergkamp etc etc completely missing the point

  49. Maqitlarge

    Roma will feel better about that than we will. They’ll feel like they’ve got a second chance when they shuld be out!

    Pat, they player I’d like back for that tie most of all is Theo. Nice bit of pace to hit them ont he break. Shit em right up!

  50. freduardo

    Crikey that was hard to watch. I think we were horrible tonight. Denilson had a very good game, real belly fire from him. Roma were appalling at times, did not look interested, but a frustrating game to watch, of poor quality football.
    man was I glad to hear that whistle.

  51. Lovedup Loner

    Fantastic performance tonite, really outplayed the Romans, just a pity we ran out of steam, really, a couple of bad misses but thats the tempo we wanna be playing at all the time. Diaby and Denilson were great in midfield as was nasri and our very own secret weapon; Eboue! He’s so secret, even his own team mates dont know what he’s gonna do! Bless him, he was full of running… and falling over too!

  52. David

    That Penalty was all Van P. Sorry I dont buy it was Bendtner one bit….Van P created the space himself from a ball that was well behind him….


    Bendtner is Useless infront of goal this is fact not an opinion. That is not being childish friend.

  53. Mandanda

    this is a young team I expect them to be inconsistent, so it is unlikely that that they would replicate this performance in the next match, we should be used to this by now.
    well, i enjoyed that we played shome good shtuff and looking forward to see how the Arsh plays against Fulham. we should win that they’ve got the worst away record in the EPL i think

    goodnite grovers

  54. A

    i think with roma needing to come at us in the second leg we could really pick holes in them, and we score one they need 3!

  55. Pedro

    Tony, I think his goal tally would indicate that he lacks what Wrighty had…

    Nik can pass, he assists and he does have vision.

    When he starts banging them in he’ll be a far more complete striker than Ade…

  56. A

    lol david the pass from bendtner was absolute quality. Some people are funny, if a player’s “shit” then everything they do is shit, and if they get a goal or assist it’s because of someone else being good.

  57. Pat

    A, esp. with Theo back. He really was one of our best players this season, before his injury. Although Eboue’s runs are useful too b/c they tend to draw defenders out of position.

  58. Lovedup Loner

    Playing bendy on the wing and nasri up top was a top tactic 1st half IMO, really worked well for us… Pity bendy’s shooting boots are still at the cobblers!

    I aint havin any negativity, theres far too much of that effin shite about to get all down about a chuffin victory!

  59. Mark C

    Good performance for me.

    Nasri was awesome, he needs to do that more though for us.

    Diaby is different class to Song, as I said earlier today.

    Eboue, made some good runs, but he lets himself down when he dives, goes down to early, or misses an easy chance.

    Last word on Nikki B. He did have a good game, except when it really mattered. We need someone to put their arm round him, and tell him not to worry. After his 1 on 1 miss, he had a similar chance and passed. A good striker would have shot again.

  60. Stu

    Theres no point even arguing anymore because you, david, have made it clear that you wont recognise Niks contribution to the goal or anything Bendtner does to help the team win. You have obviusly made your mind up and plan on sticking by that regardless of what he does to suggest otherwise.

  61. freduardo

    lovedup; nope, another game goes by with no goal from play. First half had its moments actually, was enjoyin it, found 2nd half hard goin. Roma were shocking. That we only won by a penalty says something about us. Sorry to be pessimistic when we win. Denilson was very good though as I say..

  62. Grandizer

    Bendtner and Eboue absolute shite asusual! And song just killed our game as soon as he came on! Eboue had one decent run in the first half but even then failed to pass it out wide when we were really threatening and that miss…..I mean fuck me, does he practice in training at being that bad!

    Positives being van persie, diaby denilson and nasri. All worked their arses off! And Roma just continue to produce the same rubbish they always do in the champions league when facing an english team! They were there for the taking!

  63. Lovedup Loner

    Vela was pretty pants tonite, was gutted when i didnt see him down in the startin line up, but after the event, it was the correct decision in my opinion.

  64. David

    As i said

    Bendtner’s “pass” to Van P was Well Behind HIm and it was The Greatness of Van Persie that created Space for himself to shoot.

    Bendtner lost possession for us on the last 2 Arsenal possessions with his horrible first touch….

  65. A

    imo pedro – niks miss was horrific, and eboue’s was very poor, but they’re on par with nasri misplacing the pass for bendtner’s first chance, vp not rolling it across for a bendtner tap in, and vp dallying on the ball and getting tackled which is why bendtner got the chance for his miss. Lots of horrific final balls/finishing tonight by all our attacking players, but fantastic other than that

  66. finestcuts

    Great performance tonight, this should be our springboard for the league. Always pleased with a 1-0, no matter how many chances we missed, we outclassed Roma.
    With De Rossi out for the next game, that should hep our cause. I expected Roma to play a bit more, but they tried to soak up the pressure and were punished for it.
    We could have sealed qualification tonight, but the win and the clean sheet is a great result to take to Rome, we need that away goal and we can confidently say, we are the better team, and we’re not afraid to play.
    Diaby and Denilson together do a good job in midfield, Diaby certainly adds presence to the team when Song came on we got a bit more defensive, but I don’t mind at all because we won, and that was the aim, we’ve seen too many games wasted because we give away a late goal, we did more than enough to win, and the least we deserved was a 1-0, which is what we got.

    Good team performance tonight. And I got my score prediction right, 1-0, very nice.

  67. David

    Bendtner passed but the pass didnt split the defence…it didnt created anything…It was an akward bouncing pass if anything and RVP created something out of nothing…this is shocking…Eboue was arguably more creative than Bendtner today.

  68. Lovedup Loner

    The game, bar the final 10-15 minutes was pretty good, IMO. if you cant see that, dont apologise, just get yourself down the opticians fella! πŸ˜€

  69. Pedro

    A… the finishing was as bad as it was against Sunderland… but at least we are creating.

    I’d be more worried if we weren’t… like earlier in the year.

  70. A

    i agree loner – at the gave the ball away, then gave away a free kick, then did an air shot trying to clear the ball. Showed the naivety that is the reason he could never have started tonight.

  71. Mark C

    David, Bendtner came off, so how could he lose possession for the “last 2”?

    We did not hold the ball as well when he came off as a team, he gives us a lot, not just goals.

  72. A

    yeah i agree pedro, eduardo returning could make a big difference. Or even without any new players just having one game where players take their chances and we smash someone could give everyone a lift and more confidence in front of goal.

  73. patthegooner

    Happy with that tonight, but fuck me, what a great example of how Song kills the game. Thank fuck he didn’t start.

    Did anyone else hear the crowd groan on 77 mins where he had a great chance to break forward, but the Advertising hoardings magnetised him sideways again.

    He killed our play, we shoul have brought Ramsey on instead.

    Few stand out performances, Diaby, RVP and Nasri.

    As for Forrest “Eboue” Gump……Run Forest Run.

  74. David


    Ade is a better player than Bendtner is.


    LOL….as you can tell i like pushing your buttons…

    Denilson was fantastic today though…boy o boy was he spectacular.

  75. freduardo

    our final ball and finishing will be better than that in future too, we are a much better side than Roma. would have liked another goal tonight though, maybe it’s the last 15 that is sticking in my head. i’ll take 1-0 anyway

  76. patthegooner

    If it is Loved up…Then I just lose the will to live

    How the fuck are our players so injury prone. There must be something in the Diet or in the Training.

  77. Arsenaldo

    I think we played very well tonight-very good game! Agree for Denilson and Nasri MOM.
    Every player out there played and fought with heart and soul which I loved-thats the way we want to see them every game.
    For some of them though that wasnt enough as they are just not good enough. Its so obvious for everyone just for AV its not. Just their names-usual suspects Eboue, Song,Bendtner. If they were better ons we would win 5-0 easy.

  78. A

    imo – almunia had an ok game, made a great save first half, and save hands, but was very poor a couple of times when he should have come out and pick up the ball but seemed stuck to his line. Once or twice the defenders were even leaving it for him and he didn’t come.

    sagna was very good defensively and his pace stretched them at times but his crossing is truly embarrassing, watching him kick a ball is like watching someone who’s never played football before.

    kolo was solid, continues to have refound some form

    gallas very good as per usual

    clichy very solid defensively, pretty much the same as sagna apart from marginally better going forward.

    eboue ran all day, his pace and power took the piss out of them on the ball but final ball was very poor.

    denilson was fantastic, MOM imo won it back all day and i can’t remember a bad pass

    diaby was brilliant first half, gave us real drive bursting through but tired second half

    nasri’s movement was absolutely incredible, created loads of chances though his final pass seemed a split second late and inaccurate at times

    bendtner’s passing and movement was very good, and his holding the ball up was invaluable, but when doesn’t have confidence in front of goal his finishing is truly horrific, very good pass for the goal though.

    vp scored the goal and looked dangerous all game but he should have rolled the ball across for 2 open goals and seemed to take much longer on the ball when looking for the final pass. Missed a couple of chances too.

  79. tonyadamsisgod

    I’ve recently been on here saying I rate Bendtner especially since he started grafting. I like him. But tonight, apart from that penalty pass, he was very poor. His touch let him down time and time again when it really counted – something, I might add, that never happened to Bergkamp. I appreciate we all know that he isn’t as good as DB10 but I think even Nikki himself thinks he is a goals man, not a creative forward.

    I hope he starts to get the goals as he could be a very useful player but in the last few games he has given us nothing accept a high work rate. He needs goals to make it at Arsenal.

  80. David

    What was Toure and Gallas still doing in the locker room at half time????

    And Gallas shirt was off??? Dear o Dear….they were havin a bit of fun ey? πŸ˜€

  81. Lovedup Loner

    pattg; Hopefully it was more to do with being a precaution after his last injury and tiredness too. I thought, considering, he was great tonite, as was Denilson. The paucity of central midfield has gotta be addressed come the summer. i think the fact ramsey got on, shows he’s the next in line, so the likes of Merida and Wilshire won’t be featuring much, except maybe in the Fa cup, IMO.

  82. the dude abides

    good performance, with eduardo instead of Bendtner (our only poor player tonight) we’d have won by 3.
    Eboue played well, but he has to be the worst finsher in football – he makes John Jensen look like Wrighty

  83. David


    I couldnt have said it any better than that…infact that was exactly what i mean to say when i say “Bendtner is shite”

    Spot on mate….to think people would slate Ade for the exact same thing that Pink Boots does is quite unfair and straight up hypocritical

  84. tonyadamsisgod

    A – fair enough, didn’t know that. But like I said earlier it means he has to do a lot more of what he did tonight with that pass. Especially when we have Arshavin who can play that role to perfection. Basically he needs to become consistent at something.

  85. A

    regarding wilshere loner – he’s not a centre mid, i agree about merida though. ramsey will be next in line, then maybe coquelin if he’s not our right back!

  86. tonyadamsisgod

    I told you guys we’d see Ramsey tonight. Its strange how Wenger thinks he can play CL football but not Prem football.

  87. A

    i think it depends who he’s playing with tony. bendtner was incredible at creating chances playing in the “bergkamp position” when in the reserves alongside a proper goalscorer like lupoli, and likewise in pre season and league cup with vela, and last season in the league cup with eduardo

  88. Lovedup Loner

    A; I thought Almunia was solid, BUT his complete refusal to sweep up balls that were like 2 yards from his goal was weird as fuck…?

    I dont get the slating of bendy tho? His 1st touch at times was poor tonite and he shouldve scored true, but he had a decent game, particularly 1st half and he is…. 4th choice striker at best!

  89. Ja_Gunner

    If Diaby can stay fit..and we play

    Diaby Denilson or Diaby Song for the games coming up in the league, I think we will get fourth spot.

    Denilson was excellent…but I would like to say he will not look that in the premier league because it is more physical and faster.

    However I think this performance will boost his confidence so that he will play better in the premier league.

    It seems he will very good in europe…as long as we dont play any of the english teams.

    Good performance overall but we should be more clincal.

  90. Franchise

    his first touch makes Ade look like Zidane. Vision??? Intelligence???? Comon guys this is a guy that doesnt know how to anticipate where is team mate would pass the ball. Another average piece of crap we need to rid off

    next season for me our strikers should be Ade, VP, Eduardo, Vela, Simpson

    Bendtner highly rated in Europe???? We would struggle to get 6 million for the lump

  91. A

    he’s not ready yet david, not to play centre mid. He’ll probably play there next season in the league cup

    yeah i agree about ramsey tony, maybe it’s because there’s so much more space in europe.