Tonight we will show our ambition and tonight we will win, handsomely.

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So this is it, the one our entire season is geared up for, the Champions league, the big one, the one in which they all say we can go all the way in, this is the toughest one because after the Roma tie, we in theory will have our best 11 back and fit and lift the European Champions League at last.

These guys need to give one monumental effort to keep the competition alive, this is our Jerusalem!

The time for talking is over, Robin, Nikki and Diaby I think will lead the line and if Robin’s ambition matches mine, he will need to have a blinder and I think he will.

The time for talking is at an end, we drew the Milan game this time last year but we need to win this one because Roma are much better at home than away in this competition, they will defend sure, but make no mistake they will be trying to score, so we must score more, tonight we need the spirit of Anfield, Cardiff and Milan, tonight the boys need to stand up for the manager that has stuck by them all season, tonight is for us and for Arsene.

Now although I mentioned Diaby, I actually expect a midfield of Vela, Song, Denilson and Nasri and I expect a big game from Song, he needs to run after everything and let them know he’s there, if it were down to me I would play Diaby in the hole with Denilson but if he plays Song and Denilson then they need to assert themselves from the off and get in their faces, let them know they’re there.

The defence pick themselves and need to be alert, no sloppy goals tonight, defend like your lives depend on it guys, because it does.

The main reason I would pick Diaby to partner one of Denilson and Song is because he will get more room than he would against a premiership side, Vela on the left and Nasri on the right gives us more width than Eboue and therefore makes us more potent, so I hope the boss finally realises that and gets on with it, but whoever he picks I expect a big game from them.

I would also like to see Bischoff, Ramsey and Wilshere there to come on after the others have worn themselves out.

I am going tonight from the dentist, I will be in pain and very vocal, I believe we will all be very vocal but the pain I am hoping will be with the Roma fans at the end of the night and not with us.

Tonight will be nervy and tight but I expect nothing other than a win, if we want to win this we have to beat the best, so we may as well play Roma now.

If I were in the team I would run my bollocks off, nothing else matters apart from tonight Arsenal, go out there and make us all proud, and if that means having to watch Eboue, Denilson and Song together then so be it, I will shout your names from the rooftops if we win, this is your time boys and I for one am behind you all.

Robin to get a hatrick, Nikki B to get two, Nasri and Vela to get one a piece and Diaby if he plays will get the other, if he doesn’t it will be Song or Denilson.

So I make that 8, go get them Gunners, go and prove the footballing world wrong, go and make your manager proud and go and make us all happy.

I can’t wait. Have a great day!

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  1. Franchise

    comon u gunners…. comon

    hopefully we wont be complaining at the end of the day that roma attacked too much ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  2. insidealbania

    Very positive Geoff, and if the players go out tonight with your attitude then we will walk all over Roma. This is the kind of spirit that the team has been lacking and I hope to see tonight. If the players run their heart out for 90 mins no one will criticise them and the wins will start coming.

  3. chozzer

    When I changed it to Eduardo, the news came out about his hamstring.
    Hoped it might have a similar effect!
    Glad you all like it.

  4. stonroy

    It seems like the last ditch effort of unyielding positivity…It’s the only way to be. Because more than any other time, they are going to be relying on everyone who has a ticket to keep them up and see them though.

  5. Michael "Master" P

    2-0 tonight, RvP and Nasri to score.

    Actually, make it 3-0, NikkiB to bag one too!

    COME ON THE GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. NigerianGunner

    the optimism in today’s post has left me glass eyed, especially the part about screaming Song’s name…i mean you are talking Song here….that’s a change!

  7. iceman

    Not too sure about that…..

    But seriously….if he doesn’t really make an impact this season…is there any point of keeping him?

  8. peachesgooner


    Great post, love your optimism – no point in being a supporter if you can’t come out and be vocal.

    It’d better be full to bursting tonight cos I can’t get a spare ticket for love or money ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. peachesgooner

    Ok I’ve worked it out, if theres a heated debate between any bloggers – not that that happens much on this site – their comments stay together if they’re replying to each other. Very clever.

    Should make it nicer for those not involved ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. ron india

    hiiiiiiii,gooners …….looking forward for a good performance from the team……is walcott fit for the match today….

  11. peachesgooner

    I’m going but another child has appeared at short notice and they want to go too……so many children, like old mother hubbard

  12. didee

    Geoff, i must say one thing i admire about you is the way you get sooo positive ahead of the game…not many fans possess that nowadays. I believe we are going to win a trophy this season even though alot of people will disagree with me on that especially my very good friend-Nigeriangunner.

    for tonight i will go for:

    Big Al in goal

    Sagna, Toure, Gallas, Clichy

    Bitchslap, Nasri, Denilson, Vela

    Diaby in the hole

    Boy wonder upfront.

  13. MarkB


    I’m loving the whole Winston Churchill feel to the post today. BUT…..
    I’m afraid i can’t share the same optimism as you though.
    You see, although Roma seem to get spanked everytime they play English opposition, tonight i think they’ll come at us with all they’ve got with a point to prove. They’ll be happy to be playing Arsenal – which they’ll see as the weakest of the english teams.

    I think we’ll be lucky to come away with a one goal advantage, but personally i see a score draw. 1 – 1, and with it all to do in the next leg.

  14. didee

    by the way Geoff sorry bout your tooth, been to the dentist a couple of time myself and i know its not a place you wanna go often

  15. Franchise

    it wld be fun arguing with keyser and A here after a while we wld all have little space to say anything. I cant breathe uh uh

  16. Duke

    I agree with everyone who said that Geoff said Nasri twice, i think it’s point and laugh time.

    Also i think we should dress Geoff as Gunnersarus and then he can run out on the pitch when we are doing our pathetic hudle for the cameras and deliver this exact post as a speach. :$

  17. Geoff

    Mark C, I just like him! Thanks Didee, but I need pain sometimes to make me enjoy the pleasure more!

    Okay Peaches enjoy it then, we’ll see you another time.

    Mark B, sometimes you need hope!

  18. charybdis1966

    Morning all, thatโ€™s the spirit Geoff; itโ€™s what being a true supporter means, putting aside personal dislikes for the greater good.

    And of course weโ€™ll do things the hard wayโ€ฆโ€Per Ardua ad astraโ€ guys !

  19. Pedro

    The reply button means that if you are having a debate with someone, you can reply to them later… and they can get e-mails sent to them when someone replys to one of their comments.

    We’ve also chopped the comments up… for every 100 a new page is started. Ideal for people with eye phones and slow computers.

  20. Franchise

    To be fair sometimes I like keeping up with other ppl’s debateseven if i dont contribute. You are reducing the voyeurism factor with this new format ๐Ÿ™


    did anyone hear frank mcklintock on TALK SPORT last nite
    saying wenger has lost the plot and this is the worst team in 15 years

  22. peachesgooner


    If I don’t get to you tnite, theres always saturday ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Good luck with the dentist.


    I’ve emailed you xx

  23. Duke

    Geoff if you do you will be my hero and all gooners around the world will sing your name and be forever greatfull, there will be stories told about you centuries from now.

  24. leon

    wiltshire nasri diaby vela

    i think we needs lots pace and very attacking team niether song or delinson are attacking players and cant play together

  25. Kev

    Good post Geoff but wrong team. The team will be whether us fans like it or not, Almunia, Sagna, Toure, Gallas, Clichy, Denilson, Diaby, Song, Nasri, Van Persie, Bendtner. Yes Denilson will play on right wing with Diaby in centre, he has played Denilson on wing a lot and will do same now Diaby is back, it’s a joke cause Denilson is lost on wing, lost on middle aswell but wing worst as he has no pace. Just to also confirm I got the selection for the Sunderland game 100% correct aswell. Again Vela who you keep saying will start will not start tonight i’m afraid.

  26. MJ

    I love European nights at the Emirates, I know the league and fa cup are important but these nights for me are special. If any twat on the board wants to come out and say CL football is not essential obviously doesn’t feel the same way as I do.

    I hope Diaby starts in place of song or denilson and Im hoping the goals will flow.

    Only 9 and half hours to go. COME ON ARSENAL.

  27. kenny smith

    Geoff i wish i cud share your optimisism i really do. If he starts with the team you want to play then we may have a chance, but i cant see him leaving eboue out of the team tonight. I think we are in for another frustrating evening. I hope not but RVP and Nikki will have to find their shooting boots again. I would love to see Vela make up for mistakes at the weekend

  28. GMR

    I just wondered as I used to jointly own a computer firm just up the road by the Barbican. Its still there in Laser House, Goswell Road. I ended up selling my share to my business partner Dave though as I knew nothing about computers, he’s done really well for himself.

  29. Kev

    my team will be correct, so no need to speculate, he won’t leave out diaby or denilson, trust me.

    Also don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but the score will be 1-1 tonight. Roma will score first and than a Bendtner header in the final 10 minutes will get us draw and another disappointing night with Wenger than hailing great team spirit and heart to get us 1-1 draw.

    heard it here first

  30. Geoff

    I like them Pedro but you have to keep going back to see if you had a response, trouble with that is they may be on a previous page.

  31. Matt

    If you think it will be 8-0 and that Vela will start i would get some money on it Geoff – it will be about 500-1.

    If anyone thinks Wilshere will start, i would get some money on that too – as it will also be at least 500-1.

  32. tonyadamsisgod

    Aha! Now I see the benefits! It took me fucking ages to scroll to the bottom of a page that has a 1000 comments on it on my iPhone! Good work Pedro!

  33. Pedro

    Geoff, if you see the the little tick box below your comment boxโ€ฆ you can click that, then you will be notified when someone responds to one of your comments.