Tonight we will show our ambition and tonight we will win, handsomely.

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So this is it, the one our entire season is geared up for, the Champions league, the big one, the one in which they all say we can go all the way in, this is the toughest one because after the Roma tie, we in theory will have our best 11 back and fit and lift the European Champions League at last.

These guys need to give one monumental effort to keep the competition alive, this is our Jerusalem!

The time for talking is over, Robin, Nikki and Diaby I think will lead the line and if Robin’s ambition matches mine, he will need to have a blinder and I think he will.

The time for talking is at an end, we drew the Milan game this time last year but we need to win this one because Roma are much better at home than away in this competition, they will defend sure, but make no mistake they will be trying to score, so we must score more, tonight we need the spirit of Anfield, Cardiff and Milan, tonight the boys need to stand up for the manager that has stuck by them all season, tonight is for us and for Arsene.

Now although I mentioned Diaby, I actually expect a midfield of Vela, Song, Denilson and Nasri and I expect a big game from Song, he needs to run after everything and let them know he’s there, if it were down to me I would play Diaby in the hole with Denilson but if he plays Song and Denilson then they need to assert themselves from the off and get in their faces, let them know they’re there.

The defence pick themselves and need to be alert, no sloppy goals tonight, defend like your lives depend on it guys, because it does.

The main reason I would pick Diaby to partner one of Denilson and Song is because he will get more room than he would against a premiership side, Vela on the left and Nasri on the right gives us more width than Eboue and therefore makes us more potent, so I hope the boss finally realises that and gets on with it, but whoever he picks I expect a big game from them.

I would also like to see Bischoff, Ramsey and Wilshere there to come on after the others have worn themselves out.

I am going tonight from the dentist, I will be in pain and very vocal, I believe we will all be very vocal but the pain I am hoping will be with the Roma fans at the end of the night and not with us.

Tonight will be nervy and tight but I expect nothing other than a win, if we want to win this we have to beat the best, so we may as well play Roma now.

If I were in the team I would run my bollocks off, nothing else matters apart from tonight Arsenal, go out there and make us all proud, and if that means having to watch Eboue, Denilson and Song together then so be it, I will shout your names from the rooftops if we win, this is your time boys and I for one am behind you all.

Robin to get a hatrick, Nikki B to get two, Nasri and Vela to get one a piece and Diaby if he plays will get the other, if he doesn’t it will be Song or Denilson.

So I make that 8, go get them Gunners, go and prove the footballing world wrong, go and make your manager proud and go and make us all happy.

I can’t wait. Have a great day!

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  1. ethangunner

    we were lucky Roma tried to attack us , if they adopted the 10 man behind the ball park the bus game plan others have been trying recently the outcome could have been far worse ,another 0-0 draw …

  2. Queen of Suburbia

    Ah I get what you are saying.

    Yeah I guess from that perspective we are still lacking although at least last night we seemed capable of creating chances in open play even if we didn’t look capable of finishing them!

  3. ethangunner


    i feel for RVP he has been partnered with losers all season long if its not ade its nik b …

    i cant wait to finally see dudu and RVP together .
    i think they will give the team a huge make over .

    shame no one seems to be fit all at the same time.

  4. gooner-pak

    and kelsey yesterday wrighty in sun said PROVE ME WRONG ARSENAL…..We weill win Both the matches at stadium olampios (or what ever is the name) hahahaha

  5. ethangunner


    having said that , you still need a creative midfield with some experience or you will see more of the same regardless of dudu and rvp playing together ..

    but didnt you just know you would see song at some point last night ? and didnt you know that vela regardless of a good last performance was going to be benched at the expense of eboue ..

    good old predictable wenger trying his best to lose again !

  6. Steve

    I know we should have scored more but last night was the first time in ages I came out of the ground and felt entertained.

  7. kelsey


    I am not the Mary Whitehouse on here,but yet again the retorts to each other by Mark Gooner and Michael P were totally disgusting and not called for.If you guys want to post to each other at that level,leave it off the site and keep it private.That was the worst exchange I have ever read on here by two adult Arsenal fans,you should both be ashamed of yourself,and letting it get out of control while Geoff and Pedro were not around to monitor the site, you took full advantage of it.

  8. kelsey


    I purposely left our Song,we all know what he brings to the team,and even David Pleat endorsed that in his commentary.

  9. London


    Vela had already replaced Bentner by the time Song replaced Diaby; Nasri offers nothing defensively and Roma were starting to come onto us, making Song the best option. Ohh, by the way, you wrote above about Song…spilling possession aside multiple times… this is untrue, he didn’t loose the ball once.

  10. Steve

    kelsey, that Mark bloke came on being aggressive to everyone and unable to conduct any level of conversation or debate. Michael just reacted unfortunately under the provocation.

    Mark’s opening gambit to me was “watch your jaw Steve, you are a yid”.

    Obviously without the punctuation.

  11. leon

    i know we are loooking very solid at the back but 1 goal in 6 games is not very impressive,i was not impressed wit eboue at all missed quite few oporunities and its very clear we need more than goal poucher

  12. London


    Mark Gooner purposely came on here and insulted everyone. Pedro has deleted some but it was a classic attempt to see how many people he could be rude to.

  13. Steve

    Eboue actually played well last night. Obviously still had his stupid antics, poor passing and shit finishing, but his overall level wasn’t bad.

    HAHAHAHA, I never thought i’d write that sentence.

  14. London

    Steve, until Gallas got injured in the first half and momentum was lost, Eboue was the best player on the pitch by some margin.

  15. ethangunner

    watch the replay his very first touch was a spiller ! FACT !

    as for vela already on the pitch , that matters little .. nik always plays best with 10 minutes to go anyhow ..

    wenger should never have taken him off unless
    he was adopting a 4-5-1 ..

    sure he isnt ideal up front but he’s banged more in this season that vela in that position .

    i used wenger logic , and to keep the team on an even keel subing vela for diaby and moving nasri would have been a great tactical play .

  16. PDT

    Good morning all!

    Lots of positives from yesterday :

    1. We won!
    2. No one was injured!
    3. Did I mention – we won?

    We actually played like the result mattered and it made a difference! Its one way from here on in our season – upwards!

    Our new signings will show up soon – Theo, Cesc, there are dark whispers that even Rosicky might play in this campaign! A midfield of Cesc, Arshavin, Nasri, Rosicky, and with Theo and Vela to make an impact with 30 mins to go – we might even beat Barca in the finals this time round!

    RvP and Dudu up front, a solid back four (well solid in comparison to what we had over Oct-Dec, anyway) and the fab 4 midfield…..

    I can’t wait for the season to get on!

  17. PDT

    Yes, Eboue surprised me yesterday! I wish he could leave his antics at home and get on with the game – he isn’t as bad as he is made out to be, but he definitely deserves to be Le Chump.

  18. Angry Loner

    Oh dear….

    Its a shame that some ‘Gooners’ are soooo relentlessly pessimistic and chronically negative that they cant even take anything positive out of a good performance and a victory for the team they purport to support… heaven forbid they actually enjoy a game???

    I dunno, some people….

  19. kelsey


    I am not trying to justify anything,but one was wrong for provoking an arguement and the other for replying.It just left a sour taste in the mouth,while we were geeing up to a big european night of football.If geoff was on,he would have put it to bed straight away.

  20. Angry Loner

    BTW; Thats just what I got from reading last nis posts…Dont any one get a complex now (to go with all the other problems you have! chronic pessimism, relentless negativity)

  21. Angry Loner

    PDT; O’Neill has lost it mate, and his team are almost running on empty…mark my words…mark my words… Mwooohaaahaaahaaahaahaa! Ahem

  22. Steve

    I thought it all seemed more positive Loner. I’m actually looking forward to the rest of the season if last night’s performance is going to be the norm.

  23. Angry Loner


    I think we will draw 1-1 in Rome, which m,ean a real arse-clenching nite awaits! But we will go thru and by the next round can expect to have several players back and seeing how the defence has tightended up, with the addition of some creative, forward thinking players, it looks good to me and as you say, im looking forward to the rest of the season…finally!

    Startin with Fulham on saturday!

  24. leon


    eboue i have played ok at times but cant play at that level on a consistant basis,it very concerning dont have any that can score goals from midfield,i didnt catch the first half hwo was diaby and delinson,i brentna was his usual wasteful self. it is very clear the team rely heavily on edwardo and rvp for goals, aa is very mush needed and will expect to start ahead of eboue in nest prem game

  25. Steve

    I’m not saying he has suddenly turned into Messi leaon. Just that the post is reflecting on last night’s game and he played well last night.

  26. tiny

    geoff im finally happy that you have gave almunia some praise,about time in my opinion. hes been one of the only consistent performers in our team all year and had another good game. u must realise that its gotta be harder for him than most goalies cause he has hardly anything to do all game and when he does its usally a situation where weve been caught on the counter attack so he wouldnt have alot of defenders around him. im a big almunia fan and glad hes doing well cause it will save us a few quid in the summer for other players.
    diaby was a breath of fresh air yesterday and gave us some bite in midfield,agree with geoff about song he looks like hes had a spliff before he comes on.lets get rid of him pls.
    its gonna be a hard game in rome but i think we prob scared the sh.. out of them last night with our pace and passing and they know there very lucky to be still in this one and cant see why we wont score at there place……nice one fellow gooners