They came for a draw, so?

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I have to say I am always surprised when I hear our leader claiming they came for a draw and camped in our half for 90 minutes, so I have two questions on that subject.

1) So, you expected them to come and play all out attacking football and then what… …lose?

2) Try telling that to Alex Ferguson. How many teams go there and camp in their half, apart from us and the chavs, …er all of them, and then what?

The point I’m making here is it’s the same for all the big teams, and remember we used to be one of them, since the doomed experiment we have drifted miles apart from ManU and now Liverpool, Chelsea and Villa, and Everton are parked up our arses as well.

We can’t keep blaming everyone else, yes they were defensive, but if it wasn’t for Almunia we could have as easily lost as drawn or won. We have to start playing offensively,and creatively, starting with Roma tomorrow, I would say with the way we set up against Sunderland, we looked like ‘WE’ were trying for a draw, two inept defensive midfielders in our starting line up sent out the message, we want to protect our ‘NOT LOSING’ streak.

I get fed up with hearing about the debt ManU have, do they care? Do their fans care? Last week the bookies paid out on a domestic treble for the Mancs, how embarrassing for us, it’s February for christ’s sake.

Whatever they spend, they get back in winnings and shirt sales, who out there has an Eboue, Song or Denilson shirt? well apart from them, their mums and my cousin who made his mate wear an Eboue one as a forfeit.

I had us down for 6 nil at the weekend, but no, another shocking result against a poor team and yet another ruined weekend, now I read Wenger isn’t going for an attacking line up against Roma because we can’t score goals, what the….

So okay then know-it-all, what would you do?

Okay, I think Bischoff, Ramsey, Wilshere or even Coquelin can offer us more in midfield that Song and Denilson can, Eboue is just a joke player and should never feature again save coming on for Sagna.

A great defensive midfield player should cover every inch of the pitch, like Flamini did, or be a wall, like Gilberto was, Coquelin would do that as would Aaron Ramsey and I would sooner see one of them than the current offering, it’s not working, the results have shown that so change it.

Gazidas tells us we have the worlds best manager, he learnt the Arsenal way quickly didn’t he, he’s been here 5 minutes and he’s already trotting that old story out. I love Wenger, but I hate this intransigence, it’s killing us and if we don’t watch it we’ll end up trophy-less again and out of Europe, when will someone wake up and and realise what we all do, we are 3 players short and until we replace them we will win nothing. Not even a premier league game against a shit side like Sunderland.

I don’t know if Bischcoff is the answer but if we don’t try him, why sign him? We know the other options aren’t working. I think the reason we aren’t scoring is because the supply lines go sideways and when the forwards get the ball they just snatch at it, it’s panic football because of poor selection.

We need to start with Vela and Nasri out wide, we need a big lump like Diaby in the middle with a playmaker like Wilshere, then we’ll see what we have, what we’ve been doing isn’t working and never will, time to change Arsene, this may well be our last chance in Europe for Champions league football next season, please don’t blow it because of your pride, it’s getting very boring, admit you’re wrong and move on.

I’ll be there tomorrow and hoping like hell my head doesn’t drop when I see the team sheet. We have nothing to lose, we know the three stooges aren’t working, throw on the creative kiddies.

Arshavin was awesome by the way, what a great signing, I heard a lot of people saying they didn’t realise he was so short, so? What about Messi, Maradona and Scholes, it never hurt them did it, we can’t all be 6′ 6″ like me can we?

I lied about that by the way and the Scholes thing was a curved ball just to make sure you were reading.

We got a nice mention in the Gooner magazine this weekend so thanks Highbury Spy it shows we read yours and you read ours, keep up the good work!

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow defines our season, next season!

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  1. Pedro

    They suffered because he bought badly… no one understood what they were meant to be doing… and he is a bit of a chancer…

    That’s my opinion on him anyway…

  2. Franchise

    Pedro he bought badly I agree but with Comolli as Football director u can never be sure how much was down to him.

    I rate him as a good manager. He is a very good tactician t

  3. Franchise

    Pedro he bought badly I agree but with Comolli as Football director u can never be sure how much was down to him.

    I rate him as a good manager. He is a very good tactician that cannot speak english πŸ˜‰

  4. patthegooner

    Just seen it Pedro

    “It’s important to keep the team together whatever happens, it’s important to educate the players,” he told Setanta Sports News earlier.

    Fuck that is early this year, When do you think we will get the signings pledge. Super Super Class Players two years ago, and the Fans will be reassured by signings in 2-3 weeks last.

    And then come August 1st we should get the I believe in this group of players, they are a year older.

  5. patthegooner

    Oh fuck yeah, I forgot that, the Euros aren’t on though so maybe he is taking it to the Intertoto or to a Butlins 5-a-side Tourney

  6. patthegooner

    And I bet you we go though Bloghog Summer again…

    Nothing will happen by August the 1st and we will still be bombarded of posts saying well the transfer market is still open for another 4 weeks, lets judge him when it closes…Bit fucking late then.

  7. Pedro

    Ramos Loved up.

    Fran, I don’t believe you pay a manager Β£6mill a year and let someone else do the signings…

    Pat… those comments will be just before club level renewal day… then again for season ticket renewals…

    ‘You wont be disappointed…’

  8. Lovedup Loner

    Pattg; Thing is, this really started when he tried to sign Baptista as Vieira’s replacement, but that never happened and we never signed anyone. Who knows? maybe thats exaqctly what happened last summer with Alonso? He never had anyone else lined up or they’d gone somewhere else by the time it was obvious the deal wasnt gonna happen?

    Also the year before, come to think of it, when we all thought PV was off to Real, they were gonna give us Β£25m and AW had Carrick lined up for Β£2.25m (give or take!), then Paddy changed his mind at the last minute.. i think in retrospect, id rather he fucked off to Real…

  9. Franchise

    Pedro u r right not speaking English must have been a serious barrier especially when u trying to explain complex tactics to slimy grease balls like jenas, lennon etc

  10. Pedro

    Or we’d signed him for Β£2mill and blooded him in the company of Pat… then sent Paddy packing the year out.

    Wenger is always scared of competition…

    I was hoping he’d keep Hleb and buy Nasri… we never add quality, only replace it.

  11. Pedro

    Fran… speaking English would have given him the same problems…

    I also don’t think the Madrid thing adds to his credentials… any fresh manager would have got them going. Managers get to embroiled in the politics there… it becomes impossible to work… then they get the bullet.

  12. patthegooner

    I think that is exactly what happened Lovedup.

    I remember posting that I hoped we were not gambling on Alonso on Deadline day. Why on earth would Liverpool have sold him for a cut price when they had no time left to buy a replacement. Of course we would have had to pay over the odds for him.

    As for PV4 and TH14, we probably sold both a season too late. I would have preferred it if both had stayed but both players suffered a dip in form in their final seasons I think we probably missed out on about 30m between them.

  13. patthegooner

    Me too Pedro, but I am hoping that Nasri and Arshavin are now that solution, especially with Theo, Vela and Wilshire in the wings who can also play out wide…

    All we need to do now is keep playing them and keep Eboue out of an Arsenal Shirt and Keep Denilson and Diaby away from either wing.

  14. Pedro

    Pat… I didn’t understand that failure at the time… Alonso wasn’t really a gamble was he? Experienced in everything we needed and only 26… shocking miss…

  15. Pedro

    Pat… I reckon Arsh has been signed so Ade can leave and Theo can go up top… what do you think?

    We’re crowded by Wenger standards and we know the love children aren’t leaving…

  16. Franchise

    Pedro how about b2b UEFA Cup titles taking Sevilla from obscurity to 3rd in La Liga. Carling Cup with Spurs. Madrid were in freefall b4 he arrived if he didnt turn it around he would have been slaughtered so he rightly deserves the praise if he turned their fortunes around. It wld be interesting to see how Madrid cope with Liverpool the new CL ‘masters’

  17. Lovedup Loner

    Or take a punt on carrick and keep PV4 for 1 season…

    We couldnt keep Hleb, the twat didnt wanna stay. He did a cashley anyways.

    True tho, we havent actually strengthened the squad in effin ages, seemingly hoping that the kids will save us that trouble…

    Pattg; If henry had of gone to barca, just after we got beat by em, wouldve been horrible mate, IMO. PV4 tho, 1 season too long, IF AW hadve signed carrick and who knows who else with the rest of the Β£25m?

  18. Franchise

    Wenger wont sell Ade any time soon IMO. Walcott up front??? I dont think he is nearly ready. I wld rather see Bendtner up front than Walcott and I dont rate Bendtner

  19. Lovedup Loner

    I think we went for Arshy so that we had a creative player to help get the goals we’ll need for the league Pedro. When all fit (!!!) we have nice options out wide, finally, now for some central midfield additions come the summer and hopefully, then required progress of Ramsey, Wilshire and possibly one other from the yutes… My tip/hope is J Emmanuel-Thomas, as well as Coquelin. Altho A thinks he’s destined to be a RB.

  20. patthegooner

    I think Ade will be off in the Summer, especially if we are in the Europa Cup

    There is no way he would be seen dead in that competition, it is beneath him. I think it is refreshing that RVP has said that money is not an issue and he just wants to see some ambition. Ade could only talk about being as good as Etoo and Henry so he should be paid as much as them. The bloke sums up everything that is wrong with players and the sooner he goes the better.

    But if he goes, I hope we dont just settle with what we have. I would like to see Theo upfront, but I am not sure he is strong enough yet. I guess a lot will depend on Eduardo’s performances until the end of the Season.

    Arshavin fills part of the jigsaw that was missing this time last year. I like him as like Vela he can cover wide or upfront and I think we need that flexibility given our injury proneness.

  21. patthegooner

    Coquelin looked pretty gifted at CM, I hope he doesnt end up as a RB. I thought he was only playing there for the stiffs because of injuries?

  22. Pedro

    Sorry loved up… that is what I meant.

    I think Flamini was the worst thing that could have happened to us in retrospect… we didn’t win anything with him last year… and as a result of his progress, Wenger thought he could pull the same trick twice.

    Franchise, getting Madrid playing football again was hardly a massive challenge… they were coming out of a rut and Ramos was lucky enough to be on the upswing.

    He did well at Sevilla, but I don’t think he rescued them from the brink of anything…

  23. Lovedup Loner

    Pattg; I know its early days, but he looks like the kinda player who can play – well – in a few positions, but yeah, like you would rather he is seen as a CM, especially given the lack of central midfield options.

  24. Pedro

    “The long term consequences for the game are that it has the potential to devalue or dilute the rights value, and in turn that will dilute the product that we are able to turn out and the quality of player coming to the league.”

    Who the fuck are they kidding?

    The fans don’t care if players are unable to earn Β£150k a week do they?

  25. patthegooner

    Definately a midfielder. From Pre-season he was the signing and the youth prospect that actually impressed me the most (Inc Wilshire)

    Its that snag again though, who is the idol at the club he gets to learn his trade from.

    Did anyone see the comments Afobe made about the Brazilian players after he got to do a training session with them. It shows what having those kind of players in a squad can do for your Youth Players.

    Denilson and Song must be thinking “Well that was fucking easy to get in the Arsenal First Team, I did not even have to try”. Youth Players should not find themselves in a first team by default. They should earn their place.

  26. Pedro

    Anyone else think the new diet coke advert with duffy in it was designed by an ad man high on something extremely strong?

  27. Pedro

    Pat, I completely agree with you… even Van Persie was gushing about Arshavin and he is an old man by our squads standards…

  28. patthegooner

    Do you mean the Live Streaming of Games on the Internet Pedro?

    Well you can blame the likes of Sky for that. Not only does Sky Sports charge a fortune, but then some clever spark said it was wrong that they had the monopoly, so instead of just paying Sky a silly amount, I now have to pay Setanta as well….And it is not like Sky dropped their fee….No they fucking raised it.

    Streaming and Internet TV is the future and they should learn to grow with the times. The ban on watching live football at 3pm to ensure people go has been done by technology. The Yanks learnt it years ago and so should the Premier League.

    They should embrace and use Technology as a subscription service for every game. If it was quality I would pay money for a decent stream.

  29. Pedro

    Sometimes I watch it on my PC even though I have sky in the house… and considering I pay for sky… I feel it my divine right to watch arab tv channels for free… If sky wanted to charge a season ticket, I’d buy it.

  30. patthegooner

    I reckon Sky will be gone in the next 10-15 years, at least as we know it. Everything will come down your phone line not into a dish.

    Season Tickets have to happen. I would be more than happy to pay a fee to get every Arsenal game live, be it on sky or on a stream. Not everyone lives within a realistic distance of the ground. For me a day out at Arsenal will cost close to Β£150 and you cant do that every home game.

  31. Pedro

    I’ve cut the comments into pages… 100 per page, and I’ve turned on a reply feature… so you can reply to someone later…

  32. Lovedup Loner

    I think i prefer the long page me self…

    Ooh that music in 28 days later is soooo spiritually uplifitng! Better than wonder of you anyways…

  33. patthegooner

    Well I dont live in London, so I wouldn’t.

    For arguments sake if I did, I would have a Home Season Ticket in the ground and an Away Season Ticket on the TV. Again given the way technology is, they could easily do that.

  34. Pedro

    Cool, well… you guys keep this a secret and I’ll discuss it with geoff and launch it in the morning…

    I’ll call it…

    ‘Possible page cut and reply to comment day’

    … and from that day fourth, we will always know the 24th of Feb as a day for celebration.

  35. Franchise

    Pedro Sevilla were nothing of recent b4 Ramos put them on the map. They were a 2nd division side until 2001 season. Imagine a manager coming to say Hull and taking them to win b2b Uefa cups and 3rd in the league. Saying any1 could have rescued Madrid is a bit far fetched

  36. Lovedup Loner

    Hey franchise; There’s some who’d say that the real force behind Sevilla’s progress was the director of football. Monchi i think his name is. Although while ramos was still at Sevilla, i had a few chats about possible Wenger replacements and Ramos’ name usually came up…

  37. patthegooner

    I feel honoured to have been blogging the moment it went live.

    It will right up there, with where you were when Johny Jensen Scored.

  38. Lovedup Loner

    The attacking style of play, the predominance of flair players and the youth players brought thru, kinda tick a few boxes, innit.

  39. Pedro

    I like De Rossi… sometimes think Totti is a little over rated… and don’t know much else, bar Mancini is quite good…

  40. Franchise

    I dont know about that Loner but i know that Ramos won 2 uefa cups and 1 copa del rey in 3 years at Sevilla. Not a bad record

  41. Lovedup Loner

    You mean the Uefa cups they won while Monchi was DoF? he’s still there too, I think? The Monchi guy was responsible for the signings which would make sense of how appaling ramos did when it was Commoli being responsible for the spuds transers!

  42. Franchise

    Totti is past it IMO. Roma wld be hard to beat definitely. I dont really know about their current side but i watched both games against chelsea. they played very cautiously away and attacked endlessly at home

  43. Lovedup Loner

    He’s the Power behind the sevilla throne!!!

    Nitey nite fellas! here’s hoping for a positive result tomorrow….

  44. Pat

    My starting XI would be:

    Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy
    Nasri Denilson Song Vela

    Knowing Wenger, it will be:

    Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy
    Eboue Song Denilson Diaby
    Nik RVP

  45. ethangunner

    my current bugbear with the club is keeping our squad together , with rumors of cesc , RVP even gallas talking about winning things or moving on , its currently my major concern , and whilst ‘london’ thinks we will have all our players present next season , i really do beg to differ as history has proved me correct in the past few years …

    Sure we need to get rid of some dead wood in the off season eboue – song – ade … maybe even diaby etc .. the important key members like RVP cesc theo sagna nasri etc need to be swooned and made to sign long term deals …

    and my concerns i think are validated by wengers latest statement

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has stressed that he needs to keep his squad together for the next few years in a bid to win major trophies.

    The Gunners have struggled into fifth position on the league table so far this season and are in risk of missing out on Champions League action in 2009/10 if they do not win the competition this term.

    Wenger said the trick was keeping the squad together.

    β€œIt’s important to keep the team together whatever happens, it’s important to educate the players,” he said.

    “You feel after four or five years they will be more of a team than players who have been bought on the market and put together. I believe that is why we have followed this policy.

    “We want to have values in our side that are more than players being brought together on the market and just saying ‘let’s win trophies and parade them’.

    “We want a different ideal for the game and for our football. No matter what happens it’s very important for the players to stay together.”

  46. ethangunner

    what a lot of bollocks wenger …

    you also said 4 -5 years ago we are not in a transition period ..

    everything from the start has been one big ‘pull the wool over on the fans eyes ‘ campaign

    also after 4 or 5 years like he said 99% of the personnel has changed … so is he talking about since nasri has joined it will be another 4 or 5 years ???

    this article and public statement has been made to give RVP and the likes wengers vision ..

    he isnt foolng me this time … this is pure propaganda based on getting his players and the fans to subscribe AGAIN to the failing dream .

    He has got to stop!, and i feel this is going to end bad for our once brilliant manager ..

  47. ethangunner


    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has admitted to sharing Robin van Persie’s frustrations over the club’s trophy drought in recent seasons.

    Barclays Premier League
    Sat., Feb. 21
    Aston Villa 0-1 Chelsea Recap
    Arsenal 0-0 Sunderland Recap
    Bolton 2-1 West Ham* Recap
    Middlesbrough 0-0 Wigan Recap
    Stoke City 2-2 Portsmouth* Recap
    Manchester Utd 2-1 Blackburn* Recap
    Sun., Feb. 22
    Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City Recap
    Fulham 2-0 West Brom Recap
    Newcastle 0-0 Everton Recap
    Mon., Feb. 23
    Hull City 1-2 Tottenham Recap
    *Airs on FSC or Watch on demand
    VIDEO: Highlights of every game.

    Premier League Fantasy Challenge

    Van Persie expressed his unhappiness last week at the club’s failure to collect any silverware since the 2005 FA Cup win and, far from being annoyed by the Dutchman’s comments, Wenger shares the sentiment.

    The Frenchman conceded every season without a title felt like a “failure” and wants to keep his squad together to reverse the trend.

    Well if you feel the same way then stop treating 2 of the 4 cups with contempt,
    you play kids mainly because of your lack of depth in the squad , and pass it off as your not worried about them cups and would rather
    see kids on the field , this is a cover up for lack of squad depth and this has lead to us winning nothing , not even minor trophies ..

    all this bollocks coming out of wenger currently … i wish he would just shut up and say he will sell the dead wood in the off season and bring in more quality replacements

  48. ethangunner

    that will make the players stay , saying we are getting rid of the dead wood for next season , to have a push at the title !

  49. A

    ethan you reckon telling the players we’re gonna offload their teammates will get them to stay?!

    we’ll dominate next season with the squad we’ve got and a couple of summer additions, though that doesn’t make the current crapness that much easier to take!

  50. A

    also – the league cup doesn’t count as silverware, it’s a completely irrelevant competition apart from a great experience and massively helps the development of the kids, but winning it, especially if we played our full team, is less important than every single premiership point! The FA cup i think we’ll win this season, we’ve never treated it with contempt except for last season, where we had so many injuries we couldn’t risk playing our first team

  51. ethangunner


    compared to the season we have been having , and going on past arsenal teams that we have fielded previously do you think your stats are really accurate after this season gone ?!

    also i mean sell them and get in experienced players .. dont tell them your being moved on now
    of course , of course wenger wouldnt say who wants to get rid of now would he ?

    wenger just needs to say to RVP – cesc that we are getting in 3 experienced players in the off season . selling the rubbish players would naturally be on the cards in that event …

  52. finestcuts

    TV Season tickets for fans are the future, and would not prevent people from attending matches. People go to the stadium to see the action live in front of them, for the atmosphere, just like people still go to the theatre.

    There are already plenty of options for fans to watch their favourite team, but the fans number one choice, as will always be, is to watch the match at the stadium.

    Increased TV revenue will benefit teams, since more fans will have access to a football package which suits their needs. If I’m only really interested in Arsenal games, why should I pay for Wigan and Blackburn, Tottenham etc. which I’ll only tune into now and again?

    If there is a slight dip in stadium attendances, it would be more than compensated for by increased TV revenues, perhaps even pushing clubs who charge premium prices to compete and offer more affordable tickets.

    In my eyes the TV season ticket is a win win situation, more revenue for clubs and perhaps a knock on effect allowing/forcing clubs to lower admission prices to games.

  53. Franchise

    A if u say the other 2 cups CC and FA are irrelevant then Arsene has only won 3 honours at Arsenal.

    Which is a poor return in 13+ years?

  54. kelsey

    Morning all.

    Geoff, did you hear what Frank McClintock said on Talkshite.Several posters have twisted the interview without listening to the full comments.he said none of the present side would get into the side of 10 years ago,in his opinion,and by saying “WEenger has lost the plot” i believe he is saying it from the heart,not being disrespectful.To be focused purely on a youth experiment,without blending it with mature proven players,letting others leave,is clearly not working.McClintock is only echoing what many ex pros are saying and what the majority of this site also express.It is because we support the club,that many are so critical of the shite players who are picked week in and week out,when clearly it is not working.

  55. Geoff

    Morning Kelsey, I kind of agree with him, it’s a shame Wenger doesn’t listen, we’re only 3 players short of a fab team!

  56. peachesgooner

    Morning guys

    I’ve spoken to Frank McLintock recently and he absolutely beleives that the youth experiment is ridiculous. He said ‘you get any more points for winning it with babies’

  57. iceman

    The other day Giggs scored a winner for the Mancs….

    Pires could still be doing that for us….
    He wanted a 2 year contract, we wouldn’t budge.

    We sold Gilberto, Edu/Flamini’s contracts were allowed to run out, …We gave Hleb/Diarra up without a fight….We sold our Talismanic captain without really replacing him proper with a proven CF…

    What goes through AW’s mind? Then you hear him say like we need to keep the squad together!! WTF??!!??

    Who’s to say in the summer someone bids for Sagna and he’ll say yes I am comfortable with letting him go coz we have Eboue. FFS!!!!!

    He needs someone with balls who is gonna stand up to him and say no, this would be wrong. There’s no one like that right now.

  58. dennisdamenace

    kelsey – I decuided to step away from blogging last night due to the vitriol that was being thrown by two Grovers in particular at FM due to his comments……

  59. rico01

    Hi peaches – 2-0 would be better πŸ˜‰

    Keep a clean sheet would be fab too, Baptista is shouting about how Roma are favourites, I have a feeling about this game tonight, I really do….

    And my feeling is Nik B is going to give us a treat

  60. RasDef

    Morning people,
    When Wenger comes out with a statement like ‘in CL teams play more attacking football and dont defend at the emerates’ is that something positive?
    The issue is
    1) Teams dont need to play attacking football against us, just a quick counter attack, one shot, one goal…
    2) Wenger is just selling CL football to get people to watch the match, its the marketing strategy of the brand, not football…

  61. kelsey

    you are right.I feel there are one or two on here,who only have one view and that is their view,and everyone else can feck off.It is happening far too regularly,and the respect for other posters is sometimes non existent.I am only mentioning it as you have just made this observation.

  62. gooner-pak

    i think this reply will add the comment that are adressed…like if i reply geoff it will include geoff’s comment

  63. kelsey

    what’s happening to the comments Geoff,there is something wrong with word press.older comments on today’s post have disappeared.

  64. Geoff

    I just asked Pedro Gooner-Pak and he said it replies to that comment at that time. Still don’t understand what he meant???

    Kelsey and DDM if someone was being a prick, tell me who and when and I will deal with it, I can’t be on all day and all night, I have to get pissed at some point.

  65. kelsey

    not my site but a couple should get a life ban on hee,the way they post to others.I have learnt to ignore it.No one directly offended DDM, as far as I am aware,it was just the nature of the wording of the abusive posts.

  66. kelsey

    Just because I have met FM a number of times,doesn’t mean that I have to defend him in what he says.However he told me 4 years ago that until we replace Adams,we will never have the same leadership on the field.I can only tell it like I see it.He is a charming man,and if what he was reported to have said yesterday,it would be totally out of character.No need for people to call him various swear words.

  67. dennisdamenace

    Geoff/rico – it’s ok, just a couple of Grovers who talk at you/down to you rather than debate. Seriously abrasive attitudes, and like Kelsey i chose to ignore them in the end.

    Besides, i shall be waiting for them, down a dark alleyway, and the menace will have his revenge 8)

  68. benno

    Morning all, big game tonight, feeling fairly positive about the outcome, i like our recent history of playing italian teams πŸ™‚

  69. peachesgooner

    I can’t get the new post to come up – I’m stuck in yesterday!!!!!!

    I’ve been all around the houses, turned off and turned back on its truly sad πŸ™