Nik sets the records straight, Pele linked and you get to choose!

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First of all Nikki Bendtner came out and said all this ‘I should play every minute of every game’ was bollocks and I for one believe him, he was genuinely upset, saying it was tough to explain to his team mates what he did actually say, I think it’s another attempt by the British press to cause problems for the Arsenal.

I thought Nikki had an immense game against Cardiff and for me he is a far better option than Adebayor who really is up his own back passage, at least Nikki runs and runs and nearly gets the results, his goalscoring record isn’t at all bad and he is still young, I think he’ll be a great player for us and should get the nod over the Togo twat.

Press reports are suggesting we have an option on French goalkeeper Johan Pele, I don’t think we need him, we have too many French players for one and Fabianski for me is the real deal, and I feel very comfortable with him between the sticks, so let’s hope that rumour is just that, a rumour.

Much has been said about the effectiveness of Eboue, Song and Denilson, mostly by me, I think Denilson has a chance but the other two for me aren’t good enough. I also spend long periods arguing the toss with many of you and that gets boring, so today I will ask Pedro to do a ‘thingy’ where we can all have a say and vote on whether we as a group think they are good enough, whatever the result I will stand by it and not mention the three again. Hows that?

I am licking my lips at the prospects we have in team selection this weekend but have no doubt that Arshavin will feature, why spend £15 million on a player we won’t play? Question is, who will play?

I fancy this team, who do you fancy?

If fit.


Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy

Nasri Diaby/Denilson Arshavin Vela

RVP Eduardo

When ready replace Diaby/Denilson with Cesc.

I really don’t think we need to worry about a defensive midfielder, we have enough skill in the team to keep the ball and regardless of what you think of Song, against Cardiff he hardly touched the ball, so I would stick a midfielder in there and play keep ball. I don’t know where this ‘defensive midfielder’ came from, I suspect it was started with Makelelé before that, they were just called ‘midfielders’ It’s just my opinion so please don’t start going back to the days of Tom Finney.

We should however go back to the time when we said, if you score two, we’ll score four, we played exciting football against a good Cardiff team on Monday and because we kept the ball and attacked, we made them look poor and didn’t get the credit we so rightfully deserved.

Vela should never be left out of this team again unless Rosicky is fit and Walcott can interchange with Nasri, that way we keep our team fit and fresh and we all know injuries will play a part.

I think we have sorted out out defensive woes and Kolo and Gallas look back to their imperious best, Johan is a great back up and we all know we’ll need that.

I think that Wenger can see what we need and Saturday will see us close the gap on the chavs and the Villa because I fancy a draw there, I think we’ll finish in the top 3 if not the top 2 and we’ll look back on this wobble and laugh, I think we’ll win the FA cup and the Champions league as well, because I think Monday saw the belief return.

I love the Arsenal and what has happened this season was the equivalent of seeing your wife kiss another bloke, but it was harmless, they had known each other as friends and there was nothing in it, my love has returned now and all is well. Arsenal have returned from the dark side, like Frodo did in Lord of the Rings, and don’t forget, that was a true story.

Fill out the poll and we can get on with life and start counting the trophies again. It’s at the top of the side bar —>

Have a great day Grovers, I’m not around today and won’t vote, that way I’ll remain impartial, it’s your call.

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  1. maqitlarge

    Occasionally go there, although its out of the way.
    Good memories as I saw teh game where Reading beat Spurs there after we beat some team or other.

    Good if you’re a smoker too. Loads of outside area with speakers.

  2. gazzap

    I think wenger also had a big decision to make with the goalkeepers next season. I suspect he wants Fabi as number 1. question is has he got the balls to drop a far more senior keeper to number 2? Almunia might not be willing to sit behind Fabi having waited a long time for Lehmann to disappear. Will Fabi be happy sitting behind Almunia, who lets face it, is not as good as Fabi? Or will that Pele from Le Mans be happy to come in at number 2? He is 26 I think, so far older than Fabi. Its a tricky one I think.

    Personally I would go for Fabi as No1 and if Almunia does not like it then say goodbye to him and try and get in a clear number 2. someone who knows they are our number 2.

  3. nick

    London do you think we could get 12mil i wanted to sell him anyway but at that price we could buy a couple of decent players if we wheel and deal.Thats that then off he goes

  4. charybdis1966

    Nick, ah yes yyou’re right about diaby but it may have been the ankle injury that the Chav cnut got off the Pass master. I can recall it now, the Pass master leaving a trailing foot in and Cnut Tery’s face droppping like it did when he missed the peno in his paymasters backyard.

  5. nick

    Happy days abromovich must have shit himself with anger when he missed that, they said he slipped he was trying to just lay down so they would all jump on him once it went in, when it didn’t he said he slipped

  6. kelsey

    One either has principles or not.Eboue is at best an average footballer who is a cheat and a disgrace to the club.He did dive to win the freekick in the CL Final,but to me he should be shot of ASAP.His grinning and innicent look every time he goes down,has been mastered by him for a number of years.Good ridence to bad rubbish.

  7. nick

    why were on chavski cashly cole must have a cheating disorder he cheated on us with chealsea and ended up just being another player rather then the best left back in the country. He then cheats on his raving fit wife with some old pig from croydon so his wife drops him out.He must be so thick he just dont know when his got it good.

  8. London


    My valuation of Eboue is based on the prices that spuds pay….Palacios…15 mil….Eboue 12 mil…yep, seems to make sense.

  9. raif


    i Still dont get how he could Cheat on his Super Fit wife with that Hair Dresser, you would think having her would be enough for any man

    but i guess Cole isnt a Man after all so that should answer my question

  10. ojaimo

    I voted for Denilson to make the grade. Not because I think the other two won’t mek it, but because he will be most useful. If Eboue is sold now and Sagna has injury, who do we play at RB, Kolo? I am having a laugh! For song, when all others are fit, definitely he will be at the bench but like him or hate him, injury to other key players had forced him on the coach. Btwn Song and Ramsey at the moment, I will still play song until the former matures.

  11. London

    Eboue must know that he is in the last chance saloon; he will play against Roma and I wouldn’t put it past him to score. Nothing suprises me anymore with the pass master.

  12. London

    Nick was Eboue playing well before he got sent off?

    Just because you tell the truth does not mean that you want him to stay.

  13. nick

    London, just when i thought i was out you pulled me back in, He was playing like crap at spuds his usual im gonna do something stupid mood was obvious from the kick off if you mean running round like a headless chicken is him playing well then id agree,

  14. Arsenal Tom

    what a bunch of cocks they are on…

    gilberto’s top 10 goals is the latest headline, last week it was vieira are they taking the piss or somthing?

  15. London


    Sorry to drag you back. I’m really not going to defend Eboue but using your terminology I thought he was running round like a headless chicken better than he normally did. Oh and he did come closest to scoring.

  16. Pedro

    London, using the Spuds as a measure of a players value is like using Man City to judge a players value.

    If we could only get £12mill for Hleb, we’d never get that much for Eboue.

    I reckon he is a £6mill player at the most.

  17. Pedro

    “I know having scored 30 goals in a season that people will always be waiting for more this season but the most important thing is to keep on going and to progress.’

    So now Ade doesn’t score goals like Thierry… can we reduce his salary?

  18. finestcuts

    If we paid 12 million or so for Arshavin, can Eboue really be worth 12 million? I’d say he’s a 5 million pound player at most, and that 5 million is based on all the experience he’s had in an Arsenal shirt and being coached by Arsene Wenger, having played in the Champions League including the final.
    Ever since Rosicky got injured and Eboue has been first choice at right back the team performances have gone down. He is the most curious of all of Wenger’s choices.

    Back in the day when it didn’t work out, Wenger had no problem rotating or buying players. That was one a key issue amongst fans, that we kept making major changes every season whereas Manyoo had a stable backbone.

    Wenger let some of the best players ever to wear an Arsenal shirt go or wasn’t able to keep them, yet Eboue has somehow managed to become one of his favourite choices.

    See Wenger has got it right so often, I love his footballing philosophy, he’s revolutionised English football, he’s one of the greatest all time managers
    and we could go on and on about what Wenger has done for Arsenal…..however this season has exposed some of the flaws in Arsenal’s tactics, especially man management, that we’re playing sub-standard players when we have good ones available (Vela) and too many greats who would have done a great service for Arsenal for at least a few seasons have left to play for other clubs.

    But since we’re on an upturn, watching Arsenal play against Cardiff with two proper wingers showed us just what we’ve lacked, I’m once again regaining hope that we’ll have a good streak, especially with our fixture list, 4 games we should win.

    Eboue needs to go and we can’t just keep playing Adebayor, I’m an Arsenal fan first, and fully support our great manager Arsene Wenger, but that shall not prevent me from expressing myself when I see that what Wenger could have changed or can change to improve the team, and we need to go back to the old way of doing things, the old Arsenal under Wenger.

    Our defending has improved dramatically, I think that’s why we had the handbrake on had had a drought of goals, but now we know we can defend as well as play, no major adjustments needed. Wenger has done what he set out to do, sort our defence out with the resources we have, but it has cost us points, we cannot regress now after paying such a massive price.

    This is the first time in Wenger’s history as Arsenal manager that he’s conceded the title in February. Now we need an excellent run in the FA cup, I’m confident we can beat Roma and getting into that Champions League position is massive.

    This must be the last season of tinkering about, enough is enough,Arsene has some massive decisions to make in the summer, and he has to ensure we keep our best and sell the gristle in summer, we know who the best players are and deep down so does Arsene no more filler players such as Eboue…..or putting on a facade that he’s the “pass master” and no more avoiding buying players such as Alonso, or losing Flamini on a free contract, these were blunders, lets get back to being the flowing Arsenal we last saw in 2007 and with Eduardo back, we have got back the fox in the box we’ve desperately needed ever since he’s been out of action.

  19. Big Raddy


    One of the reasons I am so positive about Nik is that he presents a viable alternative to Adebayor as the leader of the line. Dudu and RvP are 2nd strikers. Nik, despite having a tendency to play too deep, can play that role.

    I would love Ade to start banging them in, but his attitude and general demeanour is turning the very people who idolised him at the end of last season, to detest him now.

    Who would have thought that the man who Ferdinand and Terry said was their most difficult opponent would descend so low , so fast? Apart from Ethan !!

  20. London

    Hey Pedro

    I’m bored so I’ll run with it. Excluding the Kaka deal then Man city pay very similar prices to spuds. Both have one thing in common: they have to pay market value. Neither can use the Arsenal excuse of “Arsene will make you a better player” as a lever to lower the price.
    All the prices that Arsenal buy or sell seem to be skewed, Hleb, Henry, Arshavin, none of them make much sense compared to the prices that spuds and Man city pay; this gives me the impression that it is those clubs who set the price standard.
    If Spuds needed a new RB: 12 mil for Eboue doesn’t sound out of place to me in view of their recent purchases.

  21. finestcuts

    Definitely Eboue, I am still undecided about other players.
    We have some great youths, such as Ramsey and Wilshere, it’s great that they’ve been given a chance.
    Song has potential but he really must equal the amount of bad games he’s played with good ones.
    Adebayor wastes too many chances, although if he were to leave we would need an equivalent striker with arial ability.
    He’s got us some important goals, but he is inconsistent. I feel that if we get offered 25 million for him, we should take it.
    I’d keep the rest.
    In summer Arsene needs to decide, do we have a ballwinning midfielder who is ready, and who is his first choice. Does this player match up to Arsenal greats such as Gilberto or Flamini. We have all the creative players we need, and I’m hoping that we’ll keep up the good work defensively because good central defenders are extremely hard to find.

  22. London


    You have just fallen into the trap of valueing players by the prices that Arsenal buy and sell at. It is distaughted and therefore almost meaningless.

    And this constant mistake of believing that somehow we could have signed Alonso: we couldn’t. Liverpool were only going to sell if they were able to sign Barry. Did they sign Barry?

  23. London

    The idea that Song some how owes the club good games is ridiculous. He is 20 it’s called development. Song needs to continue improving that is all.

  24. finestcuts

    He had a price so we could have but I see your point London, although that would have gone towards them signing Barry. They wanted a few million more for Alonso, Villa wanted a few mill more for Barry.

    Instead Wenger chose to give the youth some experience this season, and this precious experience should set us up for the next few seasons.

    Wenger went in totally gung ho, and we all predicted that without a midfield general that we would be in trouble. Things are on the up, lets hope they continue in such a manner.

  25. A

    If someone like spurs wanted a player like eboue then £12 mil isn’t a bad shout as a valuation. Same as they paid for palacios and bit more than they paid for hutton. In fact I’d expect him to be worth more than palacios

    i agree london regarding song. the anti-songites are saying it’s irrelevant when he has a good game now, because of all the bad games he’s had. If he was having one good game every five and was inconsistent then that would be fair ebough, but as it is he was very raw, and played at that level, and has improved, so is now consistently playing at that improved level, and will continue improving.

  26. Big Raddy


    I would love to agree with you.

    But we can no longer afford to carry players that show so little. Song has basic deficiencies in his game. Most significantly, his lack of pace. He cannot get back to a player that runs past him. He therefore relies on players backing him up, which is fine, but not ideal when Song is picked as the defensive shield.

    Of course he has potential, as you say, he is just a boy, but surely our future lies elsewhere.

  27. A

    i think our future lies elsewhere regarding a defensive mid too raddy, which is why i really expect someone to come in in the summer, and although the yaya news of the world stories are obviously bollocks i could really see him coming

  28. finestcuts

    It’s a natural reaction A, when Song has made errors that have cost us, the fans will demand better performances. I want Song to be the best, just like I want every Arsenal player to be regardless of whether he’s put in crap performances in previous games.

    He has been thrown in the deep end, and most comments are aimed at Wenger for not having a viable alternative for the ball winning role where we have a glass jaw…..if Song doesn’t mop up….who will? We used to have options, that’s what the issues are about.

    Song will get his plaudits if and when he deserves them, he got Le Champ last week and we alll want him to play well. We can’t be too harsh but we can’t afford to drop our standards or lose points to give the lad a run in the team. Song like every Arsenal player should be picked on merit.

  29. London

    Big Raddy

    I know you come at this from a respectful angle and ultimately you might be right about him having to go else where; but right now, he is improving so fast that I think it is too early to simply disgard him. And, you may have noticed that this is now the view of Seb, Paulinho, Pedro and “A” so I am no longer alone.

    Against spuds he was joint man of the match; he stopped them comming through the middle and against Cardiff he simply did his job. Far too early to want to get rid of him.

  30. A

    i think we’d accept anything £20m plus raif in the summer, maybe even 15-20 mil. If barca or roma were stupid enough to want him i’d be happy with a bit of money plus yaya, or just a straight swap for de rossi!

  31. raif

    A.. i hope so mate. ill be very happy with 15 mill. maybe Milan will come back for him? who knows.

    but after selling him would you add to our attacking line or leave it the way it is. i would be happy the way it is with just Jay Simpson in the ranks

  32. raif


    i hope so mate. ill be very happy with 15 mill. maybe Milan will come back for him? who knows.

    but after selling him would you add to our attacking line or leave it the way it is. i would be happy the way it is with just Jay Simpson in the ranks

  33. raif


    but after selling him would you add to our attacking line or leave it the way it is. i would be happy the way it is with just Jay Simpson in the ranks

  34. Big Raddy


    As you say, I come in peace ! But, a player can learn skills, they can learn tactical awareness, they can improve their game in almost every department except pace. Flam succeeded because he was fast over a short distance. You know what’s coming …..

    We have a team philosophy that is based on speed, both of body and mind. Song just doesn’t fit that profile.

    As you say, there will be games when we play a different style and for those games Song is a useful addition. However, I think we can buy better

  35. A

    yeah that’s another possibility raif, though i would like us to use him as a bargaining tool for yaya or de rossi, though de rossi is unlikely. Yaya i really think will be available in the summer, and would make sense if that’s why wenger didn’t go for anyone in jan.

    15-25 mil for ade
    8-12 mil for diaby
    3-6 mil for simpson
    2-5 mil for randall

    get in yaya or equivalent for 10-12
    centre back for 10-12

    summer business done there, sorted!

  36. Big Raddy

    Adebayor? I would be happy with £6m, a bag of chips and an intimate hour with Jessica Alba.

    In fact – forget the £6m and the bag of chips.

  37. A

    i wouldn’t add to it raif, we don’t need to imo, unless someone like villa or benzema were available on the cheap, which they wouldn’t be! Simpson i expect to be sold though.

    If ade goes, up top we’ll have vp, eduardo, bendtner, vela, theo, even arshavin can play second striker, we wouldn’t need anyone else

    out wide we’d have arshavin, nasri, rosicky, wilshere, and vela and theo can play there if needs be.

    I really can’t see any offensive signings in the summer, even if ade and even diaby go

  38. kenny smith

    Raif, i totally agree with your last few comments. If we sold ade and got say 15mil then we wouldnt have to buy another striker and then we cud buy a top class CB for £15mil surely

  39. A

    i think the summer will be the best time to sell him raif. He’ll never have the ability to be a top top player, and will never be close to being as good as vela, theo, and bendtner, who are younger than him, and vp and eduardo will be around for a while. He’ll make a decent premiership striker, we have top top talent coming through and he’ll never get close to the team.

    I agree about those four, and simpson, but I’d only be ok with eboue going if we signed a very good attacking right back as back up for eboue and i doubt we will. Which is why I think eboue will stay another season as back up for sagna, then leave next summer when coquelin is ready to step up.

  40. A

    yeah kenny, same thinking as me, adebayor and diaby go, along with randall and simpson who will never make it properly, and that’ll fund a top centre back, top dm, and make a bit of profit!

  41. Paulinho

    That right winger Krasic for CSKA is someone I rate. Not sure how he’s playing tonight but I heard Madrid were after him.

  42. Paulinho

    I find it quite disconcerting how mullered we were by Villa reserves the other day.

    The reserve team seem to share the traits as the first team when it comes to ‘giving up’ on shit pitches.

  43. A

    he’s been playing there reguarly for the reserves when we’ve had a full team choy, and been fantastic there, i really like the idea of him there, though he isn’t necessarily being turned into a right back as he’s played centre mid for the youths, and played centre mid on monday when the usual reserves were with the first team. Even if he isn’t seen as a right back first and foremost, he can still fill in there very well when he moves up to the first team squad, which will mean no need for eboue

  44. A

    i wouldn’t say we were mullered the other day paulinho? we had a very weak and young team out, and were all over them the last 15-20 minutes! (my sky+ messed up so only saw from 70 odd minutes onwards, gonna watch in full today) was the first half bad then?

  45. TonyS

    …..Just before that fateful game last season the Birmingham manager Alex McLeish and lifelong friend Alex Ferguson were having a few bottles of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The title race was very tight between Arsenal and Manchester United at that point and Sir Alex reminded his fellow manager that the best way to defeat Arsenal was to get “stuck in”

    The rest is history.

  46. Paulinho

    For most of the game we were poor A, Villa should have scored about four goals in the first half and our midfield, which consisted of talented players such as Cocquelin and Frimpong, didn’t seem to track runners or show any hunger to do the dirty side of the game.

    They targetted Tom Cruise and he was poor but it can’t all be blamed on him.

  47. raif

    kenny smith & A

    knowing our luck we will be willing to sell him in the summer but HE “Ade” wont want to go anywere since he has had a shit season.

    but ill happy see him go for a Decent Fee no lower then 12mill and get a Decent Center Back. as lets face it.

    Gallas and Silvest wont be around for long.

  48. Paulinho

    If we give up our champions league spot to these talentless twats Villa I go spare.

    When the pace of the game drops their lack of class is palpable.

    In every home again in europe they get outclassed time and time again, and by relatively mediocre teams as well.

  49. A

    oh ok, that sucks a bit, have to look at it when it tapes later. In the last 20 mins that i saw it looked like a weird match, sunu was just trying party tricks not achieving much, coquelin chasing everything and looking tidy, trying few skills too, merida mixture of nice touches and poor giving the ball away, and frimpong looked tidier on the ball than when ive seen him previously, i always thought he looked strong and energetic but his distribution has always been pretty dodgy. How did nordveit play overall, and jay emmanuel-thomas??

  50. Angry Loner

    Again, we have people too happy to sell off our younger players! Yes A, Im talkin to you mate!!!

    Simpson desrves a season with us, before he goes, IMO.

  51. raif

    on another Note i wish we still had Villa to play as i really want our Very Own Croazilan to stick a few past them after their sick fans was singing that song about Dudu,

    it went somthing like

    “He had Silky Skils now he walks like Heather Mills Eduadoo Eduadoo”

    fucking Twunts

  52. Angry Loner


    I predict (I know, I know) that after the next 7 league games, ours and Villa’s positions will be changed.

  53. London

    Chelsea will thump them 3-1 on the weekend. New manager and all but it will be papering over the cracks. I expect them both to get weaker as the season goes on.

  54. A

    only our younger players who aren’t good enough loner! I’ve seen enough of simpson to feel that there’s no way he can make it with us, you can’t keep every young player! Up front (this is if ade goes) we already have vp and eduardo who are relatively experienced but will be around for a good few years, and bendtner, vela, and theo who are much much more talented and already at a level simpson could never equal, and younger than him. He’ll never get a game with us, not even as a squad player, and he’ll never be good enough to surpass those players…. If he was a defensive mid of an equivalent standard then he would get a go, but as a forward, with players amongst the best in europe in eduardo and vp, and some of the most youngsters players in europe coming through in vela, theo, and bendtner, he’ll never ever get a look in.

    I think if he’s successful at west brom then he could well sign permanently for them in the summer, or if not a newly promoted team for next year

  55. kevin

    Does anyone else want villa to finish 4th. And for us to win the champions leauge, meaning villa will have to be demoted back to the uefa cup. Cruel, but highly enjoyable.

  56. Angry Loner

    What can I say? I rate Simpson and his attitude/work rate are spot on IMO. If we sell Ade and get Eto’o in, then I might be happier with your decision to sell Jay!

    Eboue can go, we have coquelin (OK, not Gav Hoyte then either! Gawd you’re a hard man A!) gallas looks like he’s out the door, doubt any of the yutes are ready to step up just yet (no! we aint selling Nordveit, bartley mate!) So, we need a new CB in the summer, a new central midfielder looks on the cards and that may pave the way for Song or Diaby to be sold too, which I wouldnt be too upset about.

  57. Angry Loner

    Wont let me post….???

    What can I say? I rate Simpson and his attitude/work rate are spot on IMO. If we sell Ade and get Eto’o in, then I might be happier with your decision to sell Jay!

    Eboue can go, we have Coquelin (OK, not Gav Hoyte then either! Gawd you’re a hard man A!) gallas looks like he’s out the door, doubt any of the yutes are ready to step up just yet (no! we aint selling Nordveit, bartley mate!) So, we need a new CB in the summer, a new central midfielder looks on the cards and that may pave the way for Song or Diaby to be sold too, which I wouldnt be too upset about.

  58. Angry Loner

    What can I say? I rate Simpson and his attitude/work rate are spot on IMO. If we sell Ade and get Eto’o in, then I might be happier with your decision to sell Jay!

    Eboue can go, we have Coquelin (OK, not Gav Hoyte then either! Gawd you’re a hard man A!) Gallas looks like he’s out the door, doubt any of the yutes are ready to step up just yet (No! We aint selling Nordveit or Bartley mate!)

    So, we need a new CB in the summer, a new central midfielder looks on the cards and that may pave the way for one or both of Song/Diaby to be sold or loaned too, which I wouldnt be too upset about.

  59. Maciek

    Just one simple question today guys.I have heared that we are interested in signing Yoan Pele. He used to be good, back in the days, but since 2006 I haven’t heard anything about him.Is he still good?Is he good enough to be our new no.1?I think that Fabiański is a better overall keeper(just my humble opionin).

  60. Angry Loner

    Its telling me Im duplicating posts when it won’t even let me post it once!

    Is there an IT Tech type fella in the house?

  61. patthegooner

    So who do you want to win this weekend, Villa or Chavski or is a draw the best result?

    Personally I hope Chavski win, I think they will be a different team under Hiddink, so Villa are the team we have to beat again.

  62. Angry Loner

    Pattg; I think a draw, keep em both in touchin distance. Looking at our next 7 league games compared to Villa. I really can see us overtaking them by some way in that time, so having the chavs closer to us as well, will do for me mate!

  63. raif


    you could be posting words that are Filterd. so it is going into the Spam section of G&P’s inbox.

    ofcourse you wont be told this by WordPress so all that happens is you get sent right back to the Top of todays Post.

    so with ur last Comment already in the Spam Section you try to post it again. Hench them saying you have posted duplicating post’s

  64. Angry Loner

    What can I say? I rate Simpson and his attitude/work rate are spot on IMO. If we sell Ade and get Eto’o in, then I might be happier with your decision to sell Jay!

    Eboue can go, we have Coquelin (OK, not Gav Hoyte then either! Gawd you’re a hard man A!) Gallas looks like he’s out the door, doubt any of the yutes are ready to step up just yet (No! We aint selling Nordveit or Bartley mate!)

  65. kenny smith

    Raif, your banter is top class.

    I see the spurs have yet to release the DVD of their latest draw against us…. i hear it was going to be called I WAS THERE 0-0 hahahaha

    Martin o Neil turns up to a european game wearing his usual tracksuit!!!! Does he not have a bit of self respect and wear a suit for a european game?

  66. Angry Loner


    Dunno if Pele’s any good mate. But, I do feel as if we are up to capacity with French dudes. (Is that racist?)

  67. A

    if we’re going to sign someone then i don’t care what nationality they are, if not english then french would be my second choice as that’d mean easier to settle into arsenal life make friends etc

  68. kenny smith

    wouldnt mind seeing a spaniard, croat or russian so cesc, eduardo or arshavin cud have a buddy to talk to and maybe ensure they stay a bit longer lol

  69. patthegooner

    This might have been asked before, and if so sorry

    But how come AC Milan can buy Beckham? he is only on loan, so surely if they pay money for him now, it is outside of the transfer window!!

  70. kenny smith

    oh my god villa let back in but what the fuck was the keeper doing????? he dived totally the wrong way what the fuck??? that should of been an easy save!!!!

  71. kelsey

    Fabianski will be No:1 and Almunia who has no real competition will eventually leave.Ever since he said he would like to play for England,he hasn’t improved,He is just an average keeper,who makes the same error of judgement time and time again.It’s just my opinion.He is payed to make saves and command the box(which he doesn’t do very well)

  72. raif

    kenny smith

    hahahahaha… i think they had a Pland DVD sequel, called


    but backing for the flick was rebuffed as there was a lack of money for any action Senes since they blew their entire Budget on the Eboue Sending off.

  73. A

    pat apparently they registered him as a player, and as he’s already registered, it’s allowed to be made permanent or something like that, or they registered him til the end of the year even though he wasn’t contracted that long?? i remember hearing about it but can’t remember the specifics

  74. Maciek

    Thanks Angy. No,it’s not racism.I think that we all have enough of Wenger’s experiments and want to see more non French players. Arshavin is just a start.Well, I belive he is.

  75. Angry Loner

    If the French player was Gourcuff, then I wouldnt mind another player from across the Channel! But a keeper with dubious credentials? Nah, not for me.

  76. patthegooner

    A so basically, if you were struggling to agree a fee for a player just before the Transfer Deadline, you could bring him in on loan to get through the deadline and then permanently sign him a few days later

    Sounds like a very convenient loophole.

  77. kenny smith

    hahahah i hear the games are being released as a box two disc set.

    I think the marketing goes something like this

    “New Treble D box set out now, I WAS THERE TREBLE D(DOUBLE DERBY DRAWS)”

  78. A

    yeah i don’t think pele will come in, if yaya isn’t available then a french dm would be a definite possibility, as would a french centre back!!

    I did hope for gourcuff a while ago loner, but now arshavin is in it won’t happen unfortunately.

  79. kenny smith

    ive spent the majority of yesterday and today watching reply’s of eduardo’s goals.. The man is top class. Cant praise him enough

  80. Maciek

    Thanks Kelsey.With Arsh on board, I don’t think we really need Gourcuff, since he isn’t a cdm and with Fab, Theo and Rocky back we are sorted in an attacking positions.2 CDM are what we really need.

  81. Maciek

    Has anyone been watching CSKAA vs Villa? How was Akinfeejev playing?I love him and would have loved to see him in our team. He is 100 times better than Almunia.

  82. Angry Loner

    Akinfeev was pretty average IMO, maciek. I know he’s been highly rated for some time now, but whenever Ive seen him, he hasnt really dont it for me…

  83. Angry Loner

    Well, the really intelligent and thought provoking post it prevented me from posting is completely wasted now!

    You’ll all have to wait till its made into a movie now, instead