Nik sets the records straight, Pele linked and you get to choose!

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First of all Nikki Bendtner came out and said all this ‘I should play every minute of every game’ was bollocks and I for one believe him, he was genuinely upset, saying it was tough to explain to his team mates what he did actually say, I think it’s another attempt by the British press to cause problems for the Arsenal.

I thought Nikki had an immense game against Cardiff and for me he is a far better option than Adebayor who really is up his own back passage, at least Nikki runs and runs and nearly gets the results, his goalscoring record isn’t at all bad and he is still young, I think he’ll be a great player for us and should get the nod over the Togo twat.

Press reports are suggesting we have an option on French goalkeeper Johan Pele, I don’t think we need him, we have too many French players for one and Fabianski for me is the real deal, and I feel very comfortable with him between the sticks, so let’s hope that rumour is just that, a rumour.

Much has been said about the effectiveness of Eboue, Song and Denilson, mostly by me, I think Denilson has a chance but the other two for me aren’t good enough. I also spend long periods arguing the toss with many of you and that gets boring, so today I will ask Pedro to do a ‘thingy’ where we can all have a say and vote on whether we as a group think they are good enough, whatever the result I will stand by it and not mention the three again. Hows that?

I am licking my lips at the prospects we have in team selection this weekend but have no doubt that Arshavin will feature, why spend £15 million on a player we won’t play? Question is, who will play?

I fancy this team, who do you fancy?

If fit.


Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy

Nasri Diaby/Denilson Arshavin Vela

RVP Eduardo

When ready replace Diaby/Denilson with Cesc.

I really don’t think we need to worry about a defensive midfielder, we have enough skill in the team to keep the ball and regardless of what you think of Song, against Cardiff he hardly touched the ball, so I would stick a midfielder in there and play keep ball. I don’t know where this ‘defensive midfielder’ came from, I suspect it was started with Makelelé before that, they were just called ‘midfielders’ It’s just my opinion so please don’t start going back to the days of Tom Finney.

We should however go back to the time when we said, if you score two, we’ll score four, we played exciting football against a good Cardiff team on Monday and because we kept the ball and attacked, we made them look poor and didn’t get the credit we so rightfully deserved.

Vela should never be left out of this team again unless Rosicky is fit and Walcott can interchange with Nasri, that way we keep our team fit and fresh and we all know injuries will play a part.

I think we have sorted out out defensive woes and Kolo and Gallas look back to their imperious best, Johan is a great back up and we all know we’ll need that.

I think that Wenger can see what we need and Saturday will see us close the gap on the chavs and the Villa because I fancy a draw there, I think we’ll finish in the top 3 if not the top 2 and we’ll look back on this wobble and laugh, I think we’ll win the FA cup and the Champions league as well, because I think Monday saw the belief return.

I love the Arsenal and what has happened this season was the equivalent of seeing your wife kiss another bloke, but it was harmless, they had known each other as friends and there was nothing in it, my love has returned now and all is well. Arsenal have returned from the dark side, like Frodo did in Lord of the Rings, and don’t forget, that was a true story.

Fill out the poll and we can get on with life and start counting the trophies again. It’s at the top of the side bar —>

Have a great day Grovers, I’m not around today and won’t vote, that way I’ll remain impartial, it’s your call.

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  1. Pedro


    Oh shit, we’ve done that one…

    I have a funny feeling everyone is going to vote for Song… I’ve hidden the results so you can all be excited for the results!

    How is everyone today?

    Top post Geoff, glad to see you are pushing the Nik B appreciation society along with a few of us! Surely we wouldn’t be in for a keeper when we have a very able 23 year old between the sticks?

  2. Wardo

    Good post Geoff…….lets put the SONG/Eboue/Denilson argument to rest once and for all…….just for the record, I think Denilson and Bentner will be good additions to our team when everyone is fully fit….Impact subs or utility players pushing for a place will only have a good impact on our team. Song and Eboue, just fall short of our standards……cash in on both and put it towards our next signing….

  3. Wardo

    by the way Pedro…..talking of shirts! ordered my new Arsenal home shirt in LS…..I have the SS one already but, really wanted the LS.

    Thanks for your advice… will get used vs Roma !!

  4. didee

    by summer:

    Adebayor out- given the competition in the team now he will raise his game score more goals than he did earlier in the season. that makes him part of the top scorers again + African Ballon d’or…no beta time to sell him for a fortune, i can trust AW for that

    Diaby- he simply cant compete for a space with jerseys 23, 14, 8, 4, 7, 12, 16, 19, (17 & 15 defensive options he cant give us)not mention bitchslap is fast knocking on his heels

    Eboue- need i saw a word about a spent force.

    I wont be surprised if we dont purchase in the summer provided AW show he can keep the rest and combine them well in games

  5. chozzer

    I think the DM stuff is bollox too.
    Central midfielders have to be versatile and form an equal partnership.
    Until Cardiff we haven’t been shipping goals because we’ve barely been trying to score any.

  6. dennisdamenace

    benno wrote previously –

    “Can you only get Cachaca in brazil or do they do export?

    The best rum i’ve had was dominican 151 white rum in Dominican Republic”

    We can get it over here in blighty, so i would imagine you can get pretty much anywhere, especially as Caipirinhas are pretty much well know all around the world.

    I consider myself you be a rather splendiferous white rum drinker, and my current favourite white (aged) rum would be the 1981 English Harbour rum from Antigua, bollock tingling stuff!

  7. London

    I can’t believe it. I actually agree with something you have said about Song: a midfielder that can play keep ball would be more suited to Saturday.

    Yes, that’s it, your now getting it, and if we play Chelsea away we play Song.

    You dont have to love or hate Song you just have to understand that he offers something that the rest of the midfield don’t.

  8. benno

    For the arguments people have with NPB, about not scoring, i’d say he’s played a fair few less games than Ade this year, but only has 3 goals less, whilst creating more and having a greater work ethic. NPB over Ade for me

  9. Big Raddy

    Morning All

    Fun chat last night Dennis. I will check out the rum as well !

    And great post Geoff. You write fine copy – perhaps you could make a living at it.

    I especially liked that wife kissing analogy ….

  10. dennisdamenace

    I agree with you (again) Geoff, the team should defend as a team and negate the need for a so-called DMer…….

  11. kelsey

    We have a young squad but perhaps not as young as some think.Wilshere 17 and Ramsey at 18 will be the only 2 teenagers in the squad next month.Vela and Walcott are 20 in March.Gibbs(if included) is 20 in September.Bedntner is21.Ces,Nasri and Song and Bischoff,Djorou are all 22 in the next 6 months,or already 22.Diaby is 23 in May Clichy is nearly 24.Fabianski is 24.Adebayor is 25 this month.Sagna is 26.Eduardo is 26 this monthEboue is 26 in June..RVP is 26 in August.Toure is 28 next month..Arshavin is 28 in May.Rosicky is 29 october.And Almunia,Gallas and silvestre are all 32 this year.

    So when the media talk about youngsters and kids,that is not entirely correct.judging each player by age and time in the first team would make for an interesting debate.

  12. dennisdamenace

    Wotcha Raddy.

    Agreed, a fun chat last night.

    Remind me again about that cheese you mentioned, Montgomery was it??

  13. benno

    DDM, i’d still like someone to win the ball in there though, i wouldn’t have called Paddy a DM, but you knew when the pressure came he’d be there to make the tackles and win it back, i just can’t see Cesc doing that, yet.

  14. Northbanker

    I also agree that Song and Eboue are just dreadful. Their best hope is championship football. Denilson and Bendtner I’m still not sure about – too many stray passes from Den and Nikki’s utrning circle and ball control resembles an oil tanker. given that we have RVP, Eduardo, Walcott and Vela going forward I don’t see that Nikki is needed. If we need a big centre forward (and let’s cash in on Ade as well) then we need to source elsewhere.

  15. Big Raddy

    That is a surprise Kelsey.

    The average age of the team is still below 25. I wonder how it compares to other sides.

    I think Real Madrid have a young team (plus Raul)

  16. arsenalised

    Why isnt there an option for none in tha voting?this three players are responsible for us being 5th and 12pts behind tha mancs.

  17. dennisdamenace

    benno – agreed, it’s not so much a DMer, but someone with presence, if only we could find a technically gifted wilbebeast!!

  18. Big Raddy

    Yes it was DDM. Available from La Fromagerie and Neals Yard, plus your local cheese shop)

    I checked out La Fromagerie’s website you gave, it is very good, and should you check it out, They give a fine write up for Montgomery.

    This is getting Pythonesque !

  19. Frichie

    Eboue shouldnt even be in that poll, he has had more time than anyone to make it, and based on his constant selection, in Wengers eyes he has made it!!! Grr, but in all honesty when one of your experienced players keeps making mistakes that cost the team there comes a time to cut loose. Instead the poll should be, which of the 3 should we give up hope on.

    I think Songs problem is psychological, he doesnt have the big team mentality needed at the top.

    On DM issue, I think i have mentioned this before but Wenger isnt a fan off dedicated roles in the team. He wants all 4 of his midfielders closing down the ball, covering other positions. THe problem that i see with Song and Denilson is a) they play too close to each other b) they cannot trust each other to handle the opposition – (by that i mean watch how even if Song is closing down a player, Denilson is right behind covering up, thereby when they get the ball, those 2 midfielders are too close to influence an attack), If they defending the close together and if they attacking they close together, almost crowding each other out.

    But still with rapid technical wingers like Nasri and Vela its ok to have DenSong in midfield cos there is always an outlet

  20. Michael "Master" P

    Denilson is easily the best out of those three, and not only that, he is BY FAR the better option, he is a valuable member of the squad, and he will get better and better. Anyone who disagrees knows FUCK ALL about the game – sorry to be so blunt, but its true. Eboue is a back-up right-back, at best – he seriously needs to sort his attitude out.
    Song is getting praised for no reason – knocking a few crab-passes around DOES NOT constitute a good performance. Against Cardiff, he was pants. He was unecessary – we were basically playing with 10 men. Compare Denilson to Song in the Cardiff game – actually WATCH IT – and all will become clear.
    Nik B will come good for us – he actually WANTS to play for us and is proud to wear the shirt – that alone puts him above Ade for me.



  21. Evo in Oz

    surely wenger will recall eboue for sunderland for vela and play arshavin in the place off the bench? whilst i think that is ludicrous, surely that is what would happen no?

  22. Steve

    Why is there not a ‘none of the above’ option in the voting????

    It’s like asking who is the hardest out of Elton John, Julian Clary or Dale Winton.

  23. Franchise

    Denilson and Nikki are a nice to have. Can they help us push for trophies? Bendtner for me has looked good coming on as a sub and against CC sides and also against cardiff. IMO he is played out of games against top sides or good enough sides.

    Denilson has done a enviable job considering his age and 1st team experience. But in terms of overall ability there isnt a lot of room for improvement IMO. He wld always be a player that can make low risk passes and falls on his ass when he is pressured. As for Eboue his time is up IMO.

    Ade I wld give him the rest of the season to get his act straight if i were arsene. he is quite disappointing overall as a striker. he either opens his body up to shoot, taps in or scores headers.

    He is too shot shy for a striker. Sometimes last season e.g. against spurs he showed he was willing to take risks. Pride n complacency might cost his careerhim

  24. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning all…..back from Vegas and return to Le Grove to yet another top, top post!!

    Denilson gets the nod for me in the poll.

    Also, I have been saying for weeks now that our best form of defence in to get back to attacking football. Our defenders as a whole have been great in the past few years but not ‘world class’ necessarily. What made them better is the fact that they rarely needed to defend and just sat back and watched the likes of Pires, Thierry and DB10 run rings around the oppo for 90 minutes. So Geoff, i couldn’t agree more. Lets get our creative players on the field from the off and take the more negative approach as a plan B. For me, that plan B is Denilson or Diaby and not Song or Eboue!

  25. Arsenal Tom

    evo, yeah id go with that!!! cant imagine AW leaving all 3 of ‘that lot’ out though… i expect denilson & song in the middle though… i dont think he’d put eddie and arsh in though at the same time yet.

    RVP to start and come off once we’re safe as a precaution for the roma game

  26. ebookreader

    First article I agree completely with you Geoff! Good work!!

    I think AW also thinks of “killing” the DM role and hence the release of Gilberto w/o any replacement.

  27. Wardo

    Steve……v.funny!! It would be even funnier to seee them all have a dust up. Simple rules, no slapping you bunch of fairies!!

  28. Steve

    What an honour for Denilson to be better than those two mugs.

    It’s like being bestowed with the honour of being the world’s tallest dwarf as I have said before.

  29. Mark C

    Hi guys,

    thought of the day.

    Why when we get long term injuries, do they happen to our core players?

    Why cant Song or Eboue, or Silvestre, break their legs, have bad knees.

    If they would be out, we would either be playing kids, or our proper players would be playing, and we would not be 5th.

  30. Rasputin

    Fantastic post Geoff, it echoes my feelings to the letter. I felt that the game against Cardiff could herald a new beginning, and was never in any doubt we would win even before the ganme started. There was that old Arsenal energy about the way we played. Attacking threat from wide as well as centrally. I do hope you are right and AW agrees that Vela should start most games. The interplay between Vela, Nasri, RVP and AA (and Cesc soon we hope) is a mouthwatering prospect.

  31. kelsey

    Players out this Summer: Song(just not standard required for a team with ambition.Eboue(because he is a cheat and a disgrace to the club)Adebayor(too big for his boots,has no real attributes as a footballer and is more interested in himself than than the club)Rosicky,(no time for sentiments,nearly 29,we have missed nearly half of his time here through injury,and he is out of contract in the summer)

  32. didee

    i just cant seem to understand why people take a dig at denilson…he is the most moved player on the pitch-from DM-LW-CM-RW, song is hsowing some improvement so i’ll refrain from passin a comment till d end of the season

    Eboue – even as a RB he is AWFUL for the team…sell and buy put silvertre there

  33. Arsene Wenger

    Geoff ,
    I am still not convinced about Kolo. The guy has been a bundle of errors since last season . JD is a far better option than him beside Gallas at the moment.
    However , it does seem that Kolo will be the top-dog once Gallas leaves in the summer. And considering the present circumstances , that wd be another of Arsene’s costly blunders.

  34. Steve

    Fucking brilliant Tom. If 100 people vote at least we know who the 1% is. HAHAHAHA.

    We’d have thought his mum had voted.

    In fairness though she’d have probably still gone for the crab or the other doughnut.

  35. Mark C

    Second thought of the day.

    We are going to get to the Semi final of the FA Cup by playing at home in each leg.

    We will probably only play 1 Prem team on the way.

    If the form teams win, there will be Everton, Chelsea and Man U left, so the competition will be strong, but this has to be our best chance for a cup this season.

  36. ebookreader

    Franchise, like last season in place of Flamini AW was planning to play Diaby & Cesc in the mid with Denilson as backup.

  37. Michael "Master" P

    arsenalised….Denilson has had to play out of position (he aint a DM) and has been forced to be part of the 1st team way too early. If he had the same class as Cesc did to learn his trade, it would be a very different story. HE has got tonnes more class, technique, ability and potential than eboue or song – he’s been made to look average, playing with the likes of those two twunts. Look at Cesc’s performances ffs…even HE couldnt play that well with those cnuts…..

  38. Franchise

    Im not gonna get too excited until Cesc lifts a trophy. Beating Cardiff is nice but mainly cos it has given us chance to progress in our trophy quest.

    Steve I agree with u there is a saying that ‘a one eyed man is king in the land of the blind’ we shouldnt be relying on players like denilson IMO at this stage of our existence as a club. There is only so much he can do based on his limited ability.

  39. Steve

    This is firmly the most comfortable cup run we have had for years. It’s even better to play Burnley knowing we have another easy game in the quarters. Get you cup final shirts out chaps. We’re going to Wembley.

  40. Arsenal Tom

    steve… im glad my stupidity amuses!! nice analogy by the way… i reckon elton would would take dale and julian… he does like football after all so there is still a hint of being a man there despite all the bumming he does.

    and elton john looks a bit like pat rice

  41. ebookreader

    ArsenalTom, Alonso is not a DM. He has better passing range and hence can play deeper than a normal CM. Mascherano & Essien are DM.

  42. arsenalised

    Any fully fit top 4 team and denilson would struggle to make tha bench,for a creative midfielder he doesnt oozze class.

  43. tonyadamsisgod

    Arsenal Tom – I would hope that either Julian, Dale or both of them shoot Elton in the face…….10 times! What a disgusting excuse of a human being, Elton John is! Wow….that just made me more angry that that cunt Eboue did against the spuds!

  44. E4 Paul

    Like the analogy with the wife and I agree with you about Bendtner to an extent. I think Nik can immprove further but he needs to improve his decision-making first. There at times when he has better options but chooses to do something else. This unfortunately is a problem the current team suffer as a whole and I can only put it down to the fact the players selected are always different, making it difficult for any real understanding to exist between them.

  45. Steve

    Can we all plase try to get out of this mindset that Denilson is a good player being played out of position. His passing is only tolerable when he lays off 2 yard sideways balls, he has the pace of Steven Hawkin in a quagmire and the directional sense of Blunkett without his TomTom. The guy will never be Arsenal quality as long as he has a hole up his arse.

  46. Evo in Oz

    the way i see the FA cup though is that every season we always play premiership sides most of the way through, including some of the league cup, this year is the first exception for ages.

    chavs, scum and pool have always had the lower teams and skated through….

  47. Arsenal Tom

    ebook… id he’s more defensive than offensive though, he puts himself about well… far better than our current ‘DM’ options

  48. Angry Loner

    Absolutely fantabulous post today! mainly coz I am in almost complete agreement with its content!

    The team for Saturday is what I’d have, with maybe JD in there somewhere. Hopefully Diaby will be fit by next week to face Romawe could have a CM pairing of Diaby and Denilson, Nasri wide right and vela left.. again please! I’d also save Eduardo for Roma too and play bendtner and RvP against Sunderland too.

    We WILL win the Fac cup & Champs league too!!


  49. Michael "Master" P

    Angry, im with you on that and have been saying it all along …..fa cup and champions league winners this season!! Oh yeah!!!

    Anyone seen Wrighty7????? 😯

  50. Dobbi

    The Song debate is really getting boring so i hope after today it’s resolved once and for all… of course no matter what the poll result is he’s still going to find a place in the starting line up and thus will be slated in the future so whats the point. As far as i am concerned if a player wears the arsenal shirt and shows the right attitude i am behind him.

  51. gooner-pak

    let Big AL, gallas and toure play card and rest of team plays in other half….why need to defend when game is being played in opposition team’s half

  52. clockendjim

    The defensive midfielder term has been over-emphasised by the success of Flamini last season. This does not do the Flamster justice because what he was in fact was 100% hard-worker who put himself about, winning most tackles. He also though was great coming forward and featured in many goal-scoring moves, so to call him defensive is grossly unfair.
    To sum up we need midfielders that contribute more effort than this season’s lot (other than Cesc) have managed

  53. alboy

    Like the formation although I think Nasri’s future could be through the middle. I’m not too sure about having 2 left footed strikers? Havin said that RVP is pretty much ambidextrous these days. Also where does Walcott fit in (when fit)? Agree with the views on ‘midfielders’. Defending is dull …

  54. leon

    i know what most poeple think about song,delinson and eboue,and when it comes delinson and song all i am saying is give them 1-2 season lets face it both players rookies,forget there age they both have extremly limited experience but song seams better at dm and delonson and protects the defence well and is getting better,eboue is completely different he has had chance after chance after chance and every time he has been nothing but liability

  55. Arsenal Tom

    Ebook… that is very true… to be fair give me a month to get fit and i reckon id give song a run for his money no problem!

    id atleast make sure eboue got clattered in training once a week on thursdays/fridays so he couldn’t play every week… thats gotta be worth a contract by itself

  56. tonyadamsisgod

    Eboue – Useless cunt that should never be played again due to his consistent petulence and utter shit performances.

    Song – Shouldn’t be at a club like Arsenal. We deserve players of better quality.

    Diaby – Where the fuck should this guy play? He himself says behind a striker. Well with RvP, Eduardo, Bendtner, Adebayor, Vela and Theo and especially Arshavin who specialises in that role I think we are covered! Sell him.

    Denilson – Decent enough to make the bench although I agree that we dont need a ‘DM’ and therefore I beleive there are other players in front of him in the que. BUT… dont get rid of the 5 best passer in the league!!! I dont care if they are sideways passes, backwards passes, inaffective (whatever that means) passes….ball retention is a massive quality to have especially at a club that prides itself on its passing game!

    Imagine a counter attack that we used to see a few seasons ago. It goes though Almunia, Sagna, Arshavin, RvP and one other player……out of Eboue, Song, Diaby and Denilson who would you want to be in the middle of the park to keep that move flowing? I would want Denilson to be the player to make that pass as he is the most reliable!

  57. Arsenal Tom

    raddy… nah, and mr positive BBK aint been on since we gave the taffs a hiding either!

    did anyone see ade sat in the dug out bit on his phone… looked like a real ‘look at me’ kinda bloke, gimmie eddie’s humility every day over mr african footballer of the year

  58. Wardo

    Dobbi….I agree. Song debate is boring…..I say we show our feelings in the summer when 1) the club can sell and buy replacements and 2) we will know exactly how our season finished and if we were slightly successful or not.

  59. leon

    another thing i think its unfiar for delinson and song because they constontly being compard to the perfornces of flamaini buthe only had 1 good season,non of them are very fast players and look lasely and are still learning to play with eachother i think they better next seaseon and all iam saying judge them at the end of next season

  60. charybdis1966

    Morning all,
    I suspected right from the beginning that the lowlife hacks were twisting Bendtners words as what they claimed he said just didn’t ring true. He should sue the hack responsible for defamation but these things happen so frequently it’d be a waste of his time.
    It just goes to prove, if you see an alligator eating a hack you don’t shoot the alligator, you give him sauce to eat with.

  61. Big Raddy


    This is going to be a huge few months for Rosicky. He has to get first team football because who would buy him in summer without a demonstration of his fitness.

    From AW’s point of view, why give a contract to a man who MAY return. Or he could think that he has already invested very heavily into Mozart and would be unwilling to ‘cement’ his losses.

    We all know what a great player Mozart is, and I really hope he can have the same attitude as Eduardo, and return to his former glory. Though as you say, he is 29 and time is not on his side.

    Another difficult decision for AW.

    I think he will get shot of him. We are overloaded in midfield, and why spend £15m on AA if AW firmly believed in Mozart’s recovery ?

  62. Agooner

    i no fabianski is great in goal but i’ve seen Yohan Pele, he is wicked, he is better than most top keepers in the premiership, better than given, friedel, etc… but hes not yet on the level of petr cech or van der sar. But lyk u sed it might jus b rumour

  63. Tiger_Shree

    The team can be as foll:
    Sagna Djourou Gallas Clichy
    Nasri/Walcott Cesc Rosicky Arshavin/Vela
    RVP Eduardo/Bendtner

  64. Tiger_Shree

    One thinks Sagna, Djourou, Gallas, Eduardo/Nikki are good at heading the ball and hence will provide requisite cover against corners and set plays.

  65. dennisdamenace

    Can i throw another victim into the mix of Elton, Dale and Julian?

    I would like to see a tear-up between those three and Russel Brand……..

  66. Steve

    leon, if we are still playing Song and Denilson by the end of next season I won’t be around to judge them. I’m struggling to make ends meet with the credit crunch and i’m not giving another 1200 quid to the club to watch those pair of mugs.

  67. kenny smith

    This is the team wenger will play on sat





    I think wenger will rest Sagna because he has played so many games for us and will want to put his favourite eboue back into the team.

    If i had my way it wud be





    I dont think i would start eduardo in this game… although i wud love too but i think we need to be watchful of him. Get him on second half for some playing time but i wud definately save him for Roma

  68. Wardo

    Denisdamenace………Russel Brand is for nt funny at all. Even before the Andrew Sachs row.

    I never laughed at anything he did or said and always thought, that a good smack on the mouth would be much funnier than him in general.

    Altho, would not put him into that ring….I would rather see him in a ring with Mike Tyson !!

  69. London


    I absolutely agree with you when you say that the midfield should appear to be working harder. Perhaps Song and Denilson should try running on the spot really fast when they don’t have the ball or even jumping jacks to let everyone know just how commited they are. Yes, perhaps if they did this they would be thought of as being as highly commited as Flamini. Some people just don’t get it!

  70. Rasputin

    Morning Choy, Raddy & Kelsey,

    I hear you’re coming over for the game on saturday Raddy and to rub shoulders with some Grovers! Hopefully you will see AA produce a mesmerising debut as well as our new player Dudu who has a goalscoring record of 2 per game 🙂

  71. gazzap

    the only thing that made arsenal return from the dark side was putting better players on the pitch. Team selection up to that point has been generally cack. for that wenger is at fault.

    as you say, keep Vela in the team and Eboue out and you have a good start. Eduardo back, Ade out. these are simple things but they make a big difference. If wenger cannot drop players when they have played shit regularly then he deserved all the flack he got.

  72. leon


    i think they are getting better but niether of are creative players are both very inexperienced all i am saying is give a bit of time the fache team is conceding alot of goals and are looking alot more solid defensively and both song and delinson has had part to play in that.remember a certainrobert pires had a crapy start and i to was ready to sling out but the improvement had was unbelievelble who new flamani could have , things cahnge in football very fast

  73. Steve

    I know that London. Which is why i’ll never give up my season ticket.

    I never would anyway. I have had it for more than 20 years and seen far worse teams than this one. Just waiting for someone to call me a fairweather fan or the like to spark up the morning.

    I remember when we signed Jimmy Carter I said i’m not going anymore.

  74. Steve

    I don’t need more time leon I see them every week. In fairness Song has been better the last couple of games but unfortunately you can’t polish a turd. Neither are good enough.

  75. Steve

    And Pires was poor for a few months but still showed good signs. Those 2 are just non comparable to a legend like Pires. Jensen and McGoldrick would be more apt.

  76. Big Raddy

    Morning Rasputin.

    I said the same when we signed Jimmy Robertson from Spurs ( just looked that up and it was in 1968 FFS.)

    Still have the S/T though !!

  77. benno

    BR, i’d keep him, on a pay as you play deal though, for the 1st year and if he proves his fitness and form he can get rewarded with a new contract…

  78. mwt

    “I don’t know where this ‘defensive midfielder’ came from, I suspect it was started with Makelelé before that, they were just called ‘midfielders’”

    Couldn;t agree more. Flamini was never a dm..he just had a superb work rate box to box. i remember he was almost always making those darting runs into the op’s box looking for a scrappy goal. Veira wasn’t either,he was just all powerful.

    Hope to see
    Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy
    arsharvin denilson nasri vela
    Rvp Eduardo

    With bendtner getting a run out as well after his game against cardiff, or arsharvin having a go playing behind rvp

  79. London

    Yes, we do give Rosicky a new contract, just remember how much we lost when Pires left. 29, so we should sell him, wash your mouth out with soap Kelsey.