Nik sets the records straight, Pele linked and you get to choose!

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First of all Nikki Bendtner came out and said all this ‘I should play every minute of every game’ was bollocks and I for one believe him, he was genuinely upset, saying it was tough to explain to his team mates what he did actually say, I think it’s another attempt by the British press to cause problems for the Arsenal.

I thought Nikki had an immense game against Cardiff and for me he is a far better option than Adebayor who really is up his own back passage, at least Nikki runs and runs and nearly gets the results, his goalscoring record isn’t at all bad and he is still young, I think he’ll be a great player for us and should get the nod over the Togo twat.

Press reports are suggesting we have an option on French goalkeeper Johan Pele, I don’t think we need him, we have too many French players for one and Fabianski for me is the real deal, and I feel very comfortable with him between the sticks, so let’s hope that rumour is just that, a rumour.

Much has been said about the effectiveness of Eboue, Song and Denilson, mostly by me, I think Denilson has a chance but the other two for me aren’t good enough. I also spend long periods arguing the toss with many of you and that gets boring, so today I will ask Pedro to do a ‘thingy’ where we can all have a say and vote on whether we as a group think they are good enough, whatever the result I will stand by it and not mention the three again. Hows that?

I am licking my lips at the prospects we have in team selection this weekend but have no doubt that Arshavin will feature, why spend Β£15 million on a player we won’t play? Question is, who will play?

I fancy this team, who do you fancy?

If fit.


Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy

Nasri Diaby/Denilson Arshavin Vela

RVP Eduardo

When ready replace Diaby/Denilson with Cesc.

I really don’t think we need to worry about a defensive midfielder, we have enough skill in the team to keep the ball and regardless of what you think of Song, against Cardiff he hardly touched the ball, so I would stick a midfielder in there and play keep ball. I don’t know where this ‘defensive midfielder’ came from, I suspect it was started with MakelelΓ© before that, they were just called ‘midfielders’ It’s just my opinion so please don’t start going back to the days of Tom Finney.

We should however go back to the time when we said, if you score two, we’ll score four, we played exciting football against a good Cardiff team on Monday and because we kept the ball and attacked, we made them look poor and didn’t get the credit we so rightfully deserved.

Vela should never be left out of this team again unless Rosicky is fit and Walcott can interchange with Nasri, that way we keep our team fit and fresh and we all know injuries will play a part.

I think we have sorted out out defensive woes and Kolo and Gallas look back to their imperious best, Johan is a great back up and we all know we’ll need that.

I think that Wenger can see what we need and Saturday will see us close the gap on the chavs and the Villa because I fancy a draw there, I think we’ll finish in the top 3 if not the top 2 and we’ll look back on this wobble and laugh, I think we’ll win the FA cup and the Champions league as well, because I think Monday saw the belief return.

I love the Arsenal and what has happened this season was the equivalent of seeing your wife kiss another bloke, but it was harmless, they had known each other as friends and there was nothing in it, my love has returned now and all is well. Arsenal have returned from the dark side, like Frodo did in Lord of the Rings, and don’t forget, that was a true story.

Fill out the poll and we can get on with life and start counting the trophies again. It’s at the top of the side bar —>

Have a great day Grovers, I’m not around today and won’t vote, that way I’ll remain impartial, it’s your call.

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  1. ethangunner

    Big Raddy
    Actually Rtist has really pissed me off.

    If I feel so unhappy that I am still smarting the day after, I hope I would have the balls to directly question the guy who pissed me off.


  2. ethangunner

    Big Raddy
    Actually Rtist has really pissed me off.

    If I feel so unhappy that I am still smarting the day after, I hope I would have the balls to directly question the guy who pissed me off.


    the old double standards ’cause im old trick ?
    at least you dont have anyone biting at your heels after every comment made …

    until now .

  3. Confidentgoner

    I see a lot of Groovers would like Dennilson in the center as DM or box to box midfielder. In two years he may turn out as good as Alonso, but he is too lightweight and against aggressive players he gives the ball away in the midfield exposing our defence. Watch us against Porto away. Diaby is in the same boat. Song is still our strongest midfielder, so untill Wenger buys someone better, we are stuck with Song. And his major weakness is pace and you cannot teach pace, but you can compensate for it.

  4. A

    young guns say barazite got an assist too, good good, glad he’s doing well there, though don’t see how he’ll ever make it with us!

  5. Paulinho

    Barazite’s goal was better than described by most. He ran half the length of the pitch before firing home with the aid of a slight deflection.

    Good goal.

  6. Rtist

    Ethangunner..bite away..I admitted my error and consequently fell head first on my sword. As for confronting someone immediately..kinda new to this Reply thing and although I intended to respond after I read the post, there was a post from the authors stating a NEW article had posted; didn’t think I could comment on an old article..and I kinda waited. I am in the states so the time here is 3 PM Wednesday and I will assume that the post that pissed me off was written earlier?..another day?..who this point I am both humbled and dismayed. You can be sure that I will simply be a reader and not a participant in any colloquy that follows.

  7. A

    ha i don’t want to get rid of him, he just won’t make it because of the talent we’ve got at the club! Simpson is much worse than vp, eduardo, bendtner, theo, vela, and is older than the last three, and the first two will be around for 2/3 years at least, simpson will never be better than any of them, so won’t get a look in!

    Likewise the amazing talent we have in the attacking midfield role with barazite, before the start of the season i wanted barazite to stay because i thought he could be a decent squad player filling in whilst rosicky was injured and just when we needed someone like that, rather than playing eboue. However now we’ve got nasri, arshavin, rosicky who will all be miles ahead of barazite obviously, and in the up and coming roles we have wilshere one of the biggest talents in europe, and merida who was one of the biggest talents in europe a couple of years ago, and still has massive potential. Not to mention theo and vela who would probably play ahead of barazite out wide. Barazite just won’t get a look in, so i expect us to offload him, just because of the incredible talent we’ve got at our disposal there already, and in terms of kids with potential.

    Barazite and simpson should end up being good premiership players, but we have far too many exceptional or potentially exceptional talents at the club in their respective positions, so staying at the club they won’t get a look in, and won’t develop. Randall is just a prick so I want him to go! Diaby as well I don’t think will get a look in in terms of regular starts, and his development has stagnated so he needs to leave to a club where he’ll start every game help his own career, as well as the fact it’ll make more space to bring through wilshere and merida.

  8. ethangunner


    I see a lot of Grovers would like Denilson . In two years he may turn out as good as Alonso, but he is too lightweight and against aggressive players…

    YES thats true confident ,currently he is … but you know the right mix of bringing a top quality youngster up is being beside seasoned experienced talent .
    currently its like the blind leading the blind in our midfield .. and they will fail collectively as there is no experience amongst any of them .

    nasri has great SKILLS , so does jack , but experience to learn from in the center is lacking ….

    im not sure how you get over that hurdle , we have rosicky to return ONE DAY ! and AA ..

    and i still think even cesc needs guidance
    so what do you do ?

    its a matter of getting the experience HANDS ON each week and play them , its the only way any of them will develop.

    Thats another thing wenger is guilty of, using the EPL to blood talent instead of recognizing and respecting the competition that it is !

    and currently our league position shows how we have been abusing it …

    we got rid of all our ARSENAL players too quickly , none even remember the way we used to play , in fact 90% of them were not even at the club 3 years ago .. or playing regularly ..

  9. Swedish Gun


    please use “quotes” when you quote someone

    It’s hard to see what or when it’s your words or the other ones πŸ™‚

  10. ethangunner

    i put a lot of lines between my article and confidents , but it didnt register , it only registered as 1 line …

    but thanks for the English lessons !

  11. Big Raddy


    I am heading out in a few minutes and won’t be on Le Grove for a while, BUT…

    1. What the hell has it got do do with you ?

    2. I stand by what I wrote.

    3. I guess what you are talking about is when I call you childish because you won’t let go of an argument that you have done to death. I stand by that as well.

    4. I am not “old” – I am just older than you…

    5. If I am a ‘big girl’s blouse’, then I am comfortable with that. I feel secure enough not to feel threatened by someone who imagines they have Big Balls’ because they feel the need to constantly defend themselves.

    6. I had hoped you had got over our little spats, and that you were grown up enough not to make snide remarks. Obviously I was wrong.

    Finally, as I say, I am not blogging for some time, so please don’t waste other peoples reading time by writing an offensive reply – which we both know you are very good at.

    Thanks for pissing me off…

  12. Geoff

    Now now boys let’s not all fall out I haven’t even written todays post, at least give it till then!

    Raddy, I thought we were seeing you on Saturday for a beer?

  13. Geoff

    Rico I can’t be on here all day and all night, I went back to see what was said but I couldn’t find it, I’m supposed to be meeting Raddy before the game, so I’ll find out then, but no doubt you see him on other sites.

    If someone calls someone a wanker or equivalent and I know, I will red card them, if it’s not drawn to my attention what can I do?

    You know I look after people, but running away from the blog doesn’t solve anything I’m afraid.

  14. rico01

    I couldnt see what happened either Geoff, and I know you cant be here all the time, otherwise you would not get that beauty sleep you boys need πŸ˜‰

  15. kelsey

    Morning geoff,
    you should have received the photo from Pedro that i sent him,of our winning bowls side.Taken last friday in the SUNSHINE.Please be complmentary,at least i have hair(loads of it) I could always get a job as an Abba stand in act πŸ™‚

  16. London

    Wow, it’s not even 8 o’clock and people are upset; what’s more, as Geoff says, we haven’t even read his post yet.

  17. kelsey

    you get all ages on any internet site,maybe here between 15 to 65 as an example.With so many hits a days,it’s impossible to monitor every post.It is very easy to hide behind a PC and call peoples a twunt.What did we do,not that many years ago before the internet,we had to speak to one another face to face or on the phone ans one gets a totally different perspective on things.We are spoilt today,with global TV coverage,countless replays and hundred of sites,and generally judged by the number of hits you get,this is a very popular site,but most importantly we are all gooners.I admit,i can get sensitive about a post,but now i just ignore it.No one has the right to think they are better than others on here,it’s all about opinions,disagreements,a bit of banter and that’s’s your site,and if someone disagrees with your comments and puts forward a sensible counter arguement,i am sure you might not admit it,but will accept it.

  18. rico01

    Good news is, that PHW’s paper, the Daily Star report that Arsene is to offload Ade in the summer and go for Huunnnttteeeelarrrrrr

  19. Geoff

    I will sort that out today Tony, Kelsey, I will email you during the first week in March and we’ll see how good the weather is, one swallow…

  20. gooner-pak

    sad thing…neither could i find something direct conversation b/w the two…but y continue arguing f some one try to piss teh othe guy off….leave him and his argument there….let him post 2000 commnet calling coward or what ever….there are other ppl who read comments and not participate regulalrly (like me!!!)

  21. kelsey

    Is this our lucky week,Ade to Barca for 20 million.That will end most of the in house fighting at the club.Pity it wasn’t last summer.I believe he is the biggest bad influence at the club,and he ain’t that good.

  22. London

    Huntelar has been having a mare at Real. No surprise that he will be leaving. Is he better than Ade? This is difficult to say or at least it is not as clear as the anti-Adebayorites might think…Perhaps we need a neutral view….but they are not easy to find.

  23. tonyadamsisgod

    Geoff – I feel sorry for you having to deal with people’s inabilities to hold a structured debate and accept that others may feel differently. Some people on here are far to quick to snap at fellow bloggers.

    Anyways, I think we may be seeing the start of the slump for Villa that we have all been waiting for!!

  24. gnarleygeorge9

    G’Day all

    As a peace loving person I’d like to see harmony on here.

    Now ethan, it looks like you might get your wish about ade so don’t worry be happy, & Big Girls Blouse 😳 I mean Big Raddy I respect your nostalgia & its always a great time to be on this blog when you are about πŸ™‚

  25. tonyadamsisgod

    I would be more than happy to cash in on Ade. I would take anything above Β£15m for him. I was one of the people who couldn’t believe we didnt bite Milan’s arm off in the summer!

    Ditch Ade and build your team around RvP. He truly will be an Arsenal legend if we play our cards right. With him spearheading your team and being supported by the likes of Andrey, Eduardo, Cesc, Theo and Nasri we can get back to creative football that is far too technical for most teams to handle. It will take the pressure off our back 5 and we could soon be looking at some serious silverware!

    Also, would anyone here also like to see us take on Joe Hart?

  26. London


    I am sure that as you live in Spain you follow Spanish football closer than most, so I suspect you are aware of the contractual problems that Barça are having with Etoo? In brief they want him out to make room for someone new. Personally, the Adebayor story going to Barça, sounds like a negotiating ploy to get David Villa at a more reasonable price.

  27. rico01

    Did i read someone slating Simpson earlier, he intrests me, and if at the end of his loan spell, if he has scored goals for west brom, then he has my vote, we create far more chances that brom ever will πŸ™‚

  28. London

    Actually, the more I think about it, the more ridiculous it sounds…Adebayor to Barcelona…is about as believable as Santa Claus.

  29. peachesgooner

    Morning all

    rushed back through the comments to see who’s around.
    Hope you’re all good.

    Ade going in the summer – at last Arsene has seen sense on that one

  30. tonyadamsisgod

    rico – I think Simpson could be very good for us. I think he might be able to give us that extra dimension. He looks very strong on the ball and could get us the goals that Nikki B should be getting for us a bit more regularly.

    London – I think you could be right about the Barca-Ade-Villa tactic. barca will try all sorts of games to lessen the price of Villa because veryone knows that Valencia are super skint!

  31. dennisdamenace

    taig – i’m with you 100% on the Ade thing, especially as i’ve never been a fan of the lumbering bullock….

  32. rico01

    dennis – you old mungler, how’s it hanging? πŸ˜‰

    taig – ditto on Simpson, he could just turn out to a Wrighty kind of player… mme

  33. tonyadamsisgod

    rico – I was thinking of the Wrighty comparison too – I just didn’t want to say it through fear of offending some massive IW8 fan! πŸ™‚

  34. kelsey

    London,Good morning.

    i don’t look at the report as Ade going to Barca,but that Wenger has finally seen the light that if we offload him,it won’t be the end of the world,for reasons stated earlier.Does he strike you as a long term player at the club ?

    With regards to the the spanish press,they are largly controlled by the 2 big clubs themselves,so I even less credence in their tabloids than others.

    I have actually met Eto,he was having lunch with his familt in August down here.My son wanted his autograph,and i assure you he was a perfect gentleman and spoke to us for about 10 minutes.It won’t happen but i would love him at our club.

  35. rico01

    peaches – not bad thanks, Barca have a cleaning vacany I think πŸ˜‰

    Where did you go to school dennis to know that word πŸ˜‰

    No offence A, but i couldnt give a flying doo daa what a Milwall fan thinks πŸ˜‰

  36. A

    i wouldn’t say wenger has just seen the light regarding ade –
    i’m convinced wenger wanted to bank in on his fluke season in the summer, and desperately tried to get 30 mil for him, but unfortunately none of the clubs were stupid enough to pay that much, so we decided it wasn’t worth selling for 20 mil as we’d need to bring someone in. Now with eduardo back, vp stayed fit, bendtner improving still, and vela and theo coming through as forwards, we can take the 20 mil and not need to sign a replacement striker.

    I’d much rather he go to milan though – i love watching barca’s beautiful football!! though to be fair it would improve our chances of champs league success.

  37. dennisdamenace

    Eto’o is a classs act, both on and off the field, and after all the ‘so-called’ shenanigans going on at Barca over the past couple o’ years, and the threat of being off-loaded, he has buckled down and regained his form, the confidence of the Barca management and the fans, top bloke, top player……..

  38. London


    That was a good read about Simpson: I share their views, all puff no class. Any way the best line on there was this in made me howl with laughter.

    “In the first place God made idiots, this was for practice. Then he made palarse fans.”

  39. A

    Just a view from people who’ve actually watched him game in game out for a whole season rather than the one good league cup game. It also gets rid of the “he was awesome on loan” gibberish, I’ve not heard a League one fan say he actually deserved the player of the year award! I’ve never met or spoken to a single gooner who goes to or watches the reserves on a regular basis who rates simpson either, but that’s a much more difficult group to get opinion from because you don’t know who actually does unless you ask in the crowd at a reserve game.

    Incidentally do you watch the reserves rico?

  40. benno

    Ade —-> Barca = 20 mill yes please!!!!!

    Wouldn’t mind Huuntelar as a replacement either, would prefer to spend the money on a CB or CM tho

  41. A

    Yeah london, pretty much exactly what I thought, their prediction that he’ll make a good championship striker/decent bottom 6 prem striker will prob be proved to be about right, maybe he’ll make it slightly higher, at a middlesbrough or fulham, who aren’t always bottom 6.

  42. A

    I wouldn’t expect us to sign a forward if ade goes, and certainly don’t see why we’d want huntelaar, doesn’t fit with our style of play, lack of pace etc

  43. A

    oh ok rico, fair enough. You’re the first reserve watcher i’ve heard who rates simpson, there is one!! Fair dos to you, football’s all about opinions, just that most who rate simpson seem to have never seen him play except for the one league cup game.

  44. tonyadamsisgod

    A – I guess we would all like to revel in the dream that Simpson could be a great player but could quite possibly vanish into the Championship! Maybe he could get a game with the spuds next season, ha ha!

  45. A

    watching the reserves, I’ve always thought that rui fonte has much much more class than simpson, he has the intelligence, touch, and technique, but just not quite nippy enough probably to become a top player

  46. tonyadamsisgod

    Come on Eboue – I voted for him on ever single computer in my office!

    OK, I admit that was a lie and I actually hate the fucking stupid little infant!

  47. London

    I am not quite sure that there is a need to print the results as the question was not fairly composed.

    The reslults are that more people think that Denilson has more chance of making it than Song, with Eboue coming a very poor third.

  48. clockendjim

    With regards to tonyadamsisgod’s remark about should we consider Joe Hart, I have just watched a re-run of his great penalty shoot-out saves that put Man City through in the UEFA cup.
    I think he is potentially the best English No.1 and with Shay Given having replaced him as first choice, surely he would jump at a move to The Emirates. I for one would welcome that