Exclusive Diaby interview + Goals, Goals, Goals!

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Morning Grovers, it’s my first post in a while… and it’s a bleary eyed one… many beers were consumed last night and I wont lie… mainly because if I was going to sit and watch us grind out an unconvincing 1-0 win… I was going to do it off my face on cold, refreshing Peroni.

I rolled into the ground to hear the name I’d been waiting to hear for a year… Eduardooooooo! The roar that went out for him was passionate… it was great to see the Crozilian back in the team after such a horrific injury. It was also great to see a proper wide man playing in a wide position. Carlos Vela was treated to a rare start.


Sagna Toure Gallas Gibbs

Vela Song Denilson Nasri

Eduardo Nik B

As soon as the game kicked off, you knew Arsenal weren’t going to be beaten. There seemed to be renewed belief round the stadium last night, like maybe tonight could be the spring board for our season… and it didn’t take long for that belief to be rewarded. Eduardo played in Carlos Vela, turned out into the box… Carlos chipped a sublime cross onto the head of Eduardo who buried it high into the left corner of the net… Everyone went ballistic! Fantastic… Eddy was back, and that goal meant a lot to the striker who’d been out for 51 weeks.

The next goal didn’t take long either… Arsenal were carving out chances like attacking play was going out of fashion. Someone put something in the players water bottles and it wasn’t crab juice…

Our next goal came from a corner… Nik B rose like a jumping gazel (Why does it have to be a salmon?) to direct a glancing header past the hapless Cardiff keeper.

2-0 up and cruising… how many times have we been able to boast that this season?

Nik B was worked extremely hard for the team… but as usual, he had to do something silly. Vela powered a shot across the keeper who parried it… all Nik had to do was slot the ball in the empty net, but he somehow managed to hit the post and miss the rebound. When the replay went up, the gasps were almost as loud as the earlier Eduardo cheers! Read here to get the low down on Niks comments from yesterday…

The second half started… more beer had been consumed… and due to the emptiness of the stadium… I spotted a rarity… An Arsenal player sitting 4 rows up…

Beer + Excitement = embarrassing moment when grown man decides he would like to go and sit next to player.

So off I went… I asked Diaby how he was, he said


Then I asked if he spoke English?

‘Yes my English is very good’

Then his agent asked me to stop talking to him, to which I replied…

‘No way, Diaby is my hero and I’ll give him a bad write up if you don’t let me talk to him…’

To which the agent said,

‘You sit next to him then.’

So I did… I asked him where he sees himself playing for the team… he said in France he loved to play in hole as a second striker. He wouldn’t budge on who he liked and disliked and he said he was definitely enjoying life in England and he’d be here next season. At this point I decided that my 10 minute interrogation of him was probably a bit annoying… so I left him alone… leaving a stray hand on his leg for reassurance.

Anyway… then I looked up, Eduardo had been cynically bought down in the box, the ref blew up and pointed to the spot… cue an Eduardo net buster of a penalty! Superb… what a way to make your comeback!

Eduardo went off to a standing ovation and was replaced by RvP… a man who I can honestly say looked hungrier than ever to get on the score sheet. Finally that opportunity came when Nik B rolled in a beautifully weighted pass which Robin slotted home convincingly. He fist pumped at the crowd and we were all pleased we could go home with a smile on our face.

I can confirm Diaby did leave with 7 minutes to spare… bloody club level plastics


Fabianski: Solid game from our slightly hyperactive number 2. He didn’t really have much to do bar sweeping up any loose balls that landed in our half (Literally in our half… he’s like one of those jack russel’s that sees a ball and must chase it down). 7

Gibbs: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if Arsenal were a factory, we could boast the finest left back production line in the world. Once again Arsene has another potential gem on his hands. Gibbs is composed on the ball, a dream going forward and full of pace. His defending is sometimes a bit of… but he has many years on his side. 7

Toure: Funny game from Kolo… he was tearing about all over the place last night, and he dropped a few clangers… but he is Kolo, and I love him. 6

Gallas: Another assured performance from a man who, for the first time is looking like a Β£90k a week defender. 7

Sagna: Managed to play a nice cross into the box. Quiet night for the Frenchman. 7

Vela: What we’ve been waiting for… a creative pacey wide man who can spark a midfield into action. I thought he had a tidy game last night without being exceptional. I think he banished any presumptions about strength by putting in a few good tackles… for me, he needs to be given a fair crack at the whip… because he is miles better than the unproductive Ivorian I care not to mention. 8

Song: Another solid game from the Cameronian. Nothing spectacular… but improving. 6

Denilson: I thought he had a top game in the middle of the park. He was tenacious and had a renewed vigour about his game. I honestly think he’ll become a good player for the club and I think a lot of the criticism of him has been unfair this year. 7.5

Nasri: Another good performance from our floating Frenchman. He glides across the pitch wherever he senses he can cause problems. If he can add a decent final ball to his game, we’ll soon start getting a bit of value for money from him. 7.5

Eduardo: It’s nice having a striker with really terrific movement. Eduardo knows where to be to get on the score sheet… and he seems to live for the goals unlike some of our other strikers. I expect to see a more involved Eduardo this year (In the team effort) and I expect to see him starting more often than not. RvP and Eduardo could be a pretty special partnership… and it’s probably one of the few we haven’t really seen. 9

Nik B: You can’t fault the lad for effort. He works his socks off for the team and he is starting to throw his weight about up front. He knocked in a good header and he went close on a few other occasions. I really think he’ll come good this season in a Flamini-esque kind of way. One goal, one assist… who’s complaining? 8


A convincing win and two easy games to make it to the exciting rounds of the FA Cup! Our football seemed to click into gear last night, so lets kick on from this and make something happen this year!

Have a great day Grovers!

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  1. peachesgooner

    Michael P – I’m good thanks, how are you?

    I’m with Steve and Raddy, last night was proper Arsenal football – nothing scary about it, just lovely moves and a few missed chances.

    You have to create them to be able to miss them

  2. Matt

    Couldn’t agree more GMR.

    Things are looking good for us if we can stop getting so many bloody injuries… We might even see Rosicky back one day! LOL

    We won 4-0 last night, and started to look like the Arsenal that we all love for a while,and still you get people coming on and slagging off players.

    Unfortunately it is a refelction of the current generations ‘i want it all, and i want it now’ attitude. πŸ˜‰

  3. 4bp

    Jimbo you are an idiot! what usmnaov wants to do is not reinvest money into the club but take money out of it, therefore there will be less for wages and transfers. we also then have to think whta happens when he gets bored. there is no stability if you have a rich foreign owner. at least now we are self sufficient. realisitically he will not pour money into the club like abrhamovic so why do we need him if he dosent have the clubs best interests at heart?

  4. Matt

    Geoff, you know i do, and you always lay that question on me when i don’t agree with you on something.

    You are within your rights as a paying customer to say whatever you like about Song, but it doesn’t mean i will agree with you.

    It is just a shame that you have gone so far down the road to disliking the guy, that you cannot even bring yourself to say that he had an OK game.

    I just think your passion would be better served in getting behind the team, rather than being negative, but as you say, as a season ticket holder its your call as to how you vent.

  5. MJ

    I would be surprised to see Eboue start against Sunderland. The apology on Arse.com shows they are aware of the possible backlash against him which Im sure he will get if he’s on the team sheet.

  6. abanet

    thanks Goeff
    what a feeling to be an arsenal fan right now
    we have been tourched by Eeeeeshit and song for the last 4 months now just Dudu and Vela make this much difrence it will be big boost for the rest season not only the Roma game


    wardo and michael p


  8. kelsey

    What I would like and what we actually get are 2 different things.I would keep the same team for the Sunderland game,maybe alternating Eduardo and RVP with Arshavin having some part..IMO the side plays better and with more confidence without the 2 clowns(Ade and Eboue).Keep ade on the bench,and hopefully he will piss off in the summer and only ever play Eboue as cover for Sagna.We need to keep the momentum going until Cesc and theo come back,then Denilson can be understudy to Cesc.I just hope Wenger sees the light and doesn’t piss up this team.

  9. Geoff

    Ok 4bp I understand mate, I get that way when people say Song played well, then I find out they were pissed and saw fuck all.

    Abnet welcome, but don’t hold your breath, Eboue will be back on the right , Nasri will go left and Vela will go on the bench.

    But we still have to get behind the team even when we know it’s wrong…my arse.

  10. kelsey

    Fecking hell,we should all have a grin on our faces today,not slag each other off.We know who the weak links are,but we can only play with the players available.Let’s enjoy the victory and keep positive.(did i say that πŸ™‚ )

  11. Geoff

    No because I don’t rate Song I’m branded a rascist. I don’t rate Eboue either so what does that make me??? Or Adebayor.

  12. Matt

    As per my previous comment, yes i do have a season ticket, i have had one for 20 odd years.

    You have asked me this before. πŸ˜‰

    And usually you then go on to ask me if i am happy to pay for it when i get to go and see Song play for Arsenal, and the answer is yes, i am.

    I will always go and support my team, and try and enjoy it, no matter who is playing.

  13. Pedro

    Jeez Mark, you were doing so well on the first sentence… THEN IT ALL WENT WRONG.

    Raddy, Steve… I’m in the Nik B fan club as well.

    Geoff slags off Song, but not in the game… and if anyone wants to see evidence of his support… look no further than the big dent in the paddy power sign which he bangs relentlessly all game!

  14. Rob

    The way AW is, i don’t think AA or Edu will start vs Sunderland.

    Wow, i’m looking 4wd to seeing our team play, fully fit, at full strength.

    Vela and Gibbs have done more than earn a place in the team for Sunderland, Clichy needs to realise that he needs to buck up

  15. peachesgooner

    Steves caps lock comment to Mark Gooner?????

    Twas a bit of a rant – would have looked less so in lower case 😳

  16. MJ

    A lot of debate about Song. I don’t think he is a bad player but in my opinion he is not ready for our first team. He is improving and Im sure he will be an asset to the squad in the future. But an earlier comment was we want everything now, yes we do, we pay top prices the club milk usat every opportunity the manager describes these players as exceptional talent

  17. Steve

    Kelsey, most of us are just having a laugh.

    I’m double happy today. For the record I know Geoff isn’t a racist. It’s all in the name of fun πŸ™‚

    He also knows i’m not a fascist.

    Not a proper one anyway.

  18. ebookreader (Soon To Be Christen Denilson)

    MG, If you don’t see what Denilson offers to the team than you’re not watching the games.Period.

  19. Ryan L

    Mark – I am not a huge fan of Denilson or Song either and don’t think they are what we need right now as starters, but I am not gonna completely write off a couple of 21yo’s right now, especially as members of the squad (particularly in Den’s case, I tend to lean towards Geoff’s opionion of Song). As such your questions about Denilson are to some degree valid – but how about you turn those questions back on yourself in relation to justifying why Eboue is a better player than Denilson ????? Maybe you could start with their scoring records for this season or even for their Arsenal careers as a whole ??

  20. Geoff

    I can’t believe Matt, I bet he wouldn’t love Song so much if he had to go and watch all the home games like I have to.

  21. Jimbo

    4bp, do you know anything about business? How is Usmanov going to take money out of Arsenal unless there is first money coming in? Where do you think our money comes from?

  22. finestcuts

    Oh and Bendtner’s comments, I’ll take the word of those that can read Danish over what the papers say….typical, they did a bodge job of the translation, and I agree with Bendtner, he needs to prove he’s worth choosing and the fact that Eduardo is available shall increase the competition which means he will have to be a goal every 180 mins striker at worst to make the first team. It’s a tall order, but WBA aren’t as demanding…

  23. Rob

    To sum up Song:

    stunningly average player who should never make the 1st 11 if they are fully fit.

    Our mid will be:

    Cesc, Theo, AA, Denilson, Rosicky, Ramsey. Wilshire, Bischoff, Song, Nasri, Vela.

    1st choice:

    Theo Cesc AA Nasri/ Rosicky

    BTW Lads, Cesc is back to training with a ball over next 10 days. He is ahead of schedule πŸ™‚

  24. Geoff

    Kelsey, you’re a deluded dog loving Arsenal fan, I haven’t seen the sun in Spain since August! What do you mean, living in the sun!!!

  25. MJ

    We deserve players that are first team ready why he let Flamini leave for free and how that situation occured is beyond me and then to let Gilberto go with no replacement is criminal. We have been asset stripped over the past 3 seasons selling world class players and replacing them with young players not ready for the first team we will never progress with this situation as as soon as players show their class the Barcelonas, Real Madrids, AC Milans and Juventus will come sniffing around with pot fulls of cash we will become like Ajax

  26. Franchise

    The truth is if we really wanna be great then our central midfield options have to improve. cesc is at that level. the rest arent

  27. kelsey

    I know that Steve,
    when you actually know each other i.e. you and Geoff and others, it’s easy to wind each other up on here.

  28. Geoff

    Ok Matt you’ve sussed me at last!

    Jimbo, he could do what the Glazer’s did, that is take the club over and sell it back to himself for a large lump, leaving the club in debt.

  29. Matt

    And i didn’t say i loved Song.

    You say i should go and read your comments, and then you ignore mine. πŸ˜‰

    As i have already said, i agree to a point with you – I do not think he is Arsenal quality, and i am gutted we didnt get Alonso in the summer.

    All i am saying is, the guy is in an Arsenal shirt, and against the Spuds, and last night, he did OK.

    Nothing special, but nothing to warrant to stick he gets from you.

    Now you can go ahead and question if i have a season ticket yadda yadda etc. but why post at all if you can’t handle someone disagreeing with you?

  30. peachesgooner

    hi kelsey – i hope you enjoyed watching that game last nite. It was great at the ground, the energy was palpable, there was such anticipation to see Eduardo playing again and the roar when he scored – if only we could bottle it, that feeling of sheer joy πŸ™‚


    THURSDAY MARCH THE 5TH white hart lane FA Youth cup
    “word on the street” is that we are gona bring over 5,000 to the lane, LETS ALL GO DOWN THERE AND GIVE IT LARGE

  32. Rob

    Just checking- Is our debt to the club?

    Cos if it is, it’s worse than the Chavs and Mancs whose debts are to their owners, and I can understand why we are trying to pay it off fast.

    But as 6th richest in Europe, I won’t buy the “we are broke” crap they try to pull off.

  33. kelsey

    you are right,we are only 45 minutes from North Africa, and we all live in igloos.it rains nearly every day and is a sheer hell hole. Can’t decide to wear me thermals or just the usual T shirt and shorts.

  34. Geoff

    Matt I’m taking the piss, do you need me to draw you a diagram?

    If you thought Song did okay last night then you must have been watching another game, 9 fuck ups against 5 completed passes of which three were backwards.

    How does that merit he did okay?

  35. Geoff

    Kelsey my villa flooded in September and October, I was there in December and January and I had the fire on every day, I saw the sun twice in January but it sure as hell wasn’t hot.

  36. Ali Saljuk

    Play without Adebayor and Eboue , we get good quick passing and arsenal style movement off the ball

    Eduardo’s finishing is great but his movement and vision is worth a mention too, he seemed like the heartbeat of the side.

    If players with ability i.e Nasri and Vela (Arshavin soon and Rosicky soon) play on the wings instead of Diaby and Eboue, we play with much more flair and run at the defenders and create chances.

    Bendtner plays very well with both Vela and Eduardo.

    Song and Denilson do their job well in this system (i.e to destroy and to provide passes) Which means with Cesc back the midfield can run with a creative hub infront of it.

    Its all about the players in their positions. The classic arsenal back with some good players in good positions.

    The Full Backs compliment this setup rather than try to force the issue by being last resort. The CBs are also less strained.

    Bottom line: Play creative players with movement and vision on the flanks (Arshavin , Vela , Nasri and Theo for his pace)

  37. kelsey

    peaches hi there.

    Of course i enjoyed the game,I knew after 5 minutes we were up for it,the only downside was the Setanta biased commentary towards Cardiff.

    Did you go with a one legged man with an old mobile phone by any chance πŸ™‚

  38. 4bp

    Jimbo yes i do know a lot about business actually. we have revenues generated from TV, mechandise, ticket sales, property etc. we are a self sufficient company at the moment. we made around 30m net profit in 2008. so dont think we have no money at the money. there is money at the club and it is a profitbale business so that is where usmnaov will take his money from. dont think he will be the only source of income for the club as he wont! he sees us as a profitable busniess who can generate him a profit for his own pockets every year.
    please expalin to me why you think he will be good for our club

  39. ebookreader (Soon To Be Christen Denilson)

    Hey Pedro, why not put Geoff as le chump of the week for morning about Song even after a 4 – 0 victory. Just a thought.



    geoff there is no point in trying to argue with these Denilson and Song lovers on here, they think both are brilliant and full of potential cause there young. Denilson has played 65 games for us irrelevant of his age (even though he is the same age as fabregas, nasri, walcott, clichy, vela and so on.
    Geoff just because we think song or denilson (or in my opionion BOTH aint good enough) doesnt mean we support our team any less.

  41. London

    Song was joint man of the match against spuds and last night he simply did his job, maybe it was because you were unable to get to the games that you are not seeing what many other people on this site now are.

  42. Geoff

    Mark well said, I guess we know our football! I won’t mention them again and hope they bring these people the happiness they deserve.

  43. Steve

    Pedro, you Raddy and myself can start a Nikki appreciation society at the S+B on Saturday. Maybe Geoff will join too. He won’t admit he loves Bendtner on here because it proves what we already know.

    That Geoff is a racist.

  44. Geoff

    I think you’re right t-buzz!

    Steve I’ll join you on that, I think Bendtner will make it, at least he was there to miss.

    And last night he all but rubbished what was written about him.

    Is Raddy meeting us for a beer?

  45. Franchise

    Arsene’s transfer activity next summer wld clear the air on song and denilson especially if this season ends on a sour note.

    i for one believe that he would be looking for better players to play along cesc in the middle. theres no point arguing if denilson gets an U21 brazil cap soon or senior team cap then we would know that he is rated elsewhere but at the helm. as for Song playing for Cameroon is exactly ground breaking. I rest my case

  46. Matt

    LOL – Yes, draw me a diagram please. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, regardless of Song playing OK or not, which we are clearly not going to agree on, i did go to the game, and did enjoy the team peformance, and do pay for my season ticket. πŸ˜‰

  47. ebookreader (Soon To Be Christen Denilson)

    Did anyone see the Denilson tackle before the 4th goal? More of the sample please!!!!


  48. Arsenal Tom

    if we can loose either song or eboue during the summer, it will have been successful, we cant carry both, at least one of them has to go, and after the spurs fiasco preferably eboue

  49. iceman

    True that…..

    I agree with most of the stuff here…..bottom line is….a team like ours don’t deserve Song/Denilson…

    Don’t get me wrong they are decent squad players but that’s about it.

    The sooner AW realizes this the better.

    Villa watch out…..;)

  50. Franchise

    I must admit that was the best we had played in a while. hopefully we can play like that against better or more organized teams. Bring on Sunderland

  51. Ryan L

    Geoff – seeing as you have aligned yourself with Mark;’s comments does that mean you think Eboue is better than Denilson too ??? lol

  52. Franchise

    IMO 1 or 2 out of diaby, denilson, song has to go. I wld personally keep diaby. song and denilson wld have to fight to the death πŸ˜‰

    i bet eboue wld leave kerrea gilbert, gavin hoyte bled into cameo role. toure as a RB option

    wide areas we are sorted IMO if ev1 is fit

    sell silvestre, eboue, senderos ade if he doesnt improve

    i would sign a 6ft4 beast of a CB, a world class CM/DM and a forward ie. if ade leaves

  53. wandarah

    denielson has the third highest accuracy for passing in the EPL from stats i can find compiled monday. i cannot find any for ‘in the opposition half’ of course…but it’s clear that in many areas of his game is is very good.

  54. Steve

    We’ve had this before wandarah. A 2 yard crab pass is considered to be a successful pass, which in essence is all Denilson ever does. It doesn’t automatically qualify him for player of the year as he brings fuck all to the party imo.

  55. Arsenal Tom

    steve, hopefully wenger will know that everyone still thinks eboue is even more of a prick for getting sent off and wont risk him getting another booing… denilson or song could have a day off and stick nasri in the middle and put arsh on the right

  56. Big Dave

    If we had a decent partner for Cesc then i would boldly predict that the PL will be ours next time around, but we aint going to win it with song or denilson in the side, you dont have to go out and spend fortunes on a midfielder im sure their are plenty out their for a reasonable price, one player who i hope comes thru the system is Cocquellin.

    We need to sing up more at home matches, away were fine, but looking around last night at “trendy m+s scarf” wearers with satchels who dont sing, it does annoy me that opposition fans out sing us at times, we have to the 12th man for the lads

  57. Jimbo

    Geoff, even before the financial crisis, Usmanov would never have found the financing for that kind of transaction. Now it’s doubly impossible!

  58. peachesgooner

    I feel a girlie comment coming on – Vela is gonna be a pin-up he is so yummy 😳

    ……and yes I am old enough to be his mum how sad is that πŸ™

  59. Steve

    I’m firming up at the thought of a Vela Nasri Diaby Arshavin midfield.

    Sunderland at home is the perfect time to try it. People will say that it’s too offensive but Nasri and Diaby aren’t afraid to stick a boot in.

  60. Steve

    From what i have heard Usmanov’s only interest is to aquire 29.9% of shares so he doesn’t need to formally propose a takeover.

  61. ebookreader (Soon To Be Christen Denilson)

    We currently don’t have any good CM/DM comming through the reserves (may be Jay Emmanuel-Thomas) so I don’t see either Song nor Denilson leaving.

    By next season Denilson will be as good as Alonso so I don’t see the point of buying as CM. DM if we really need one, then Essien or better.

    Even if Ade goes, please Wenger don’t buy a striker (we have Simpson in the waitings)

  62. Matt

    Hey Peaches,

    Vela is only young, and you could of had him young, so you may only be mid to late 30’s – still in your prime. πŸ˜‰

  63. Arsenal Tom

    steve, and sunderland are pretty shit…. if we have to worry about them beating us because we play too open then we need to reassess our targets!!

    we almost always concede so we may aswell put a team out that scores 3 or 4 rather than scraping a 1-1 or 2-1 win

  64. ebookreader

    With the exception of CB, I don’t think AW needs to do any transfer business this summer.

    Ramsey, Denilson, Le Conq, Jay Emmanuel-Thomas they can play next to Cesc next season

    Diaby, Bischoff can play back-up to Cesc or 2nd striker in 4-5-1

    Vela/Walcot/Simpson should be promoted to striker if Ade (or any leaves)

  65. Arsenal Tom

    they should do nasri a favour and shave his head next time he comes to training… they seem to love bad haircuts at arsenal

  66. Steve

    Tom, we always ‘used to’ concede. Not now mate.

    peaches, i can’t afford not to have reached my prime yet. It’d mean I have to dump the missus to fully utilise it and that’d ruin me πŸ™‚

  67. Gunner8

    Nice write up Pedro, but I would have given Song a 7, a little grove biase?

    He is starting to improve…

    …I have been saying all season that Vela should be starting in midfield to a courus of “he’s a striker and can’t play midfield” or the “he’s not able to start a game”

    Well a solid “I farking told u so!”

    Whenever he plays he frees up Nasri and if that ivorian twunt ever put’s on his shirt ahead of him again I will not understand Wenger!

    On the plus side I asked our local steward if I could put up a sign saying Eboue’s not fit to wear the shirt and his response was, “it’s not a flag so I won’t take it down.”


    Good day to all you grovers!

  68. Arsenal Tom

    my mate was telling me yesterday that his dad got a signed shirt from pat rice to auction for a kid who needs heart surgery in america… seems he does have his uses after all

    good to hear the arsenal still do some things right!!!!

  69. peachesgooner

    I can’t believe that Arsene would seriously consider ever playing Eboue again at the Emirates – a stunned silence would be the best response.

  70. Steve

    gunner8, we’ve been singing from the same book then fella. He is more of a left winger than Walcott is a right winger.

    In fact, he is more of a fucking ballet dancer than Eboue is a footballer.

  71. eduardo

    morning chaps and chapesses! cracing game last night!
    apologies to Pedro and Steve, didnt make it to S and B…got carried away at the tollington!
    i precdicted 4 zip yesterday and my namesake to score! wish i put my money where my mouth is!

  72. eduardo

    steve- i switched my ticket with a mate so had my first experience of club level… very nice, no atmos but great view.
    Q…why doesnt Vela start on the wing???????????

  73. leon

    i hope we can keep up these kind of performances at home and bring back the fear factor to emeriates.song looks to getting better and better game by game,i would right the kid off to soon,it looks as if vela and narsi can play on either wing,aa can play on both wing and upfront,rvp and edardo will score goals andwilcatt should be comming back soon,could with some cover in central midfield but i be negitive,the defence is looking very solid with gallas playing very solid,toure looks to getting there lets hope he keep it up and song looks to be protecting the defence well

  74. ethangunner

    this is for stu …

    nik b hitting the post ?? well sure he could have been more clinical .. agreed… but hitting the post is pretty fucking close to a positive result , 1 or 2 inches either way and it could have been far different ..

    cast your minds back to the start of the year when ade was fed a pin point accurate cross from the wing and he stood no more than 5 yards directly in front of goal and managed to shoe it over the bar !!! .. an air ball !

    at any distance you can mis-screw a shot , if the ball doesnt curve or it don’t bounce right only marginally , and to hit the post isnt the worst effort in the world !

    nik has far more intelligence on the pitch and he is 19 ! he has more spring in his step and can get into position far better than his counter part , the best part of it is we are not paying 80 k a week for him and he far outshines someone who has had for more opportunities this season to shine ,


    id prefer to see nik get all ade’s time for the rest of the season ..
    he needs to stay and ade has to make way …

    TODAY πŸ™‚

    ok ?

  75. Lewyd24

    I havent seen arsenal play this well the entire season. This is the sort of football I live for. Its only gona get better. These are fighting for their place in the team now. The strikers & the midfield. Alot of players are coming back & everyone knows that & they are trying to prove a point.

  76. Phil

    Not only did Eduardo show his class as a footballer last night – two goals after such an injury and very little playing time – he showed he is a class act period with his celebration after the pen with Tony Colbert.
    I hope it was a massive step forward for the team last night. The XI that started was pretty good – with Cesc to come back next to Denilson it bodes well.
    I am not getting carried away, it was great to see the real Arsenal again though last night!

  77. leon

    i think ade will have no choice but up his performances as he will be facing some very stiff competition for places from edwardo,aa,rvp, and bretna

  78. benno

    Eboue shouldn’t even come back into the squad for the Sunderland game, let alone the starting eleven. The only change to the squad would be AA23 in for either Wilshere/Bischoff or Gibbs (if as i presume clichy starts) I’d hope Denilson or song would partner Nasri centrally but i doubt that, i’ll just be happy with no Eboue πŸ™‚

  79. Nigel's Winterburn

    Denilson’s range of passing was better last night than I’ve seen in a while. I think that’s partly down to the fact that we had so much more movement up front and on the wings. Haven’t seen such a fluid performance like that for a long, long time. I think that side of his game will only improve with the likes of Arsh and Rosicky coming into the squad.

  80. leon


    i realy feel should give vela more chances eboue has had his chance,i dont delinson and song would suit in 4-4-2 formation niether of them are createive enough,it helpes when both vela nad nasri can play on either wing

  81. Pedro

    Gunner8, I gave him a 6 because he didn’t excel… he just did a tidy job. 6 is my average… I agree though, he is getting better.

  82. Darren

    there is a guy that sits behind me at the emirates who constantly gives bendtner ****! it is really starting to annoy me! i thought the lad was quality last night and worked his damn socks off. you can never deny someone if they put in the effort that he did last night… he ran more than adebayor has all damn season… why didnt he give wilshere a run out???

  83. benno

    Leon, i’d take any of Vela, Wilshere, Ramsey, Arshavin, Nasri out wide over Eboue, heck i’d even take Bischoff and Gibbs out wide over him

  84. leon


    the only place i see eboue playing right back cover maybe but iwould rather toure play there,i eboure signed a new contract but just see were is going playi wenger sells him


    I enjoy watching bentdner play because he has enthusiasm. When you watch adebayor dont get me wrong he is a class player but he depends on other players playing good for him and making him look good but with bentdner he tries all the time trying to create things does anyone else share this opinion??????

  86. maqitlarge

    what and where is the S+B? Got a feeling I’m being thick.

    I’m pre match 12Pins man myself but always happy to be flexible to meet some mighty Grovers!