Exclusive Diaby interview + Goals, Goals, Goals!

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Morning Grovers, it’s my first post in a while… and it’s a bleary eyed one… many beers were consumed last night and I wont lie… mainly because if I was going to sit and watch us grind out an unconvincing 1-0 win… I was going to do it off my face on cold, refreshing Peroni.

I rolled into the ground to hear the name I’d been waiting to hear for a year… Eduardooooooo! The roar that went out for him was passionate… it was great to see the Crozilian back in the team after such a horrific injury. It was also great to see a proper wide man playing in a wide position. Carlos Vela was treated to a rare start.


Sagna Toure Gallas Gibbs

Vela Song Denilson Nasri

Eduardo Nik B

As soon as the game kicked off, you knew Arsenal weren’t going to be beaten. There seemed to be renewed belief round the stadium last night, like maybe tonight could be the spring board for our season… and it didn’t take long for that belief to be rewarded. Eduardo played in Carlos Vela, turned out into the box… Carlos chipped a sublime cross onto the head of Eduardo who buried it high into the left corner of the net… Everyone went ballistic! Fantastic… Eddy was back, and that goal meant a lot to the striker who’d been out for 51 weeks.

The next goal didn’t take long either… Arsenal were carving out chances like attacking play was going out of fashion. Someone put something in the players water bottles and it wasn’t crab juice…

Our next goal came from a corner… Nik B rose like a jumping gazel (Why does it have to be a salmon?) to direct a glancing header past the hapless Cardiff keeper.

2-0 up and cruising… how many times have we been able to boast that this season?

Nik B was worked extremely hard for the team… but as usual, he had to do something silly. Vela powered a shot across the keeper who parried it… all Nik had to do was slot the ball in the empty net, but he somehow managed to hit the post and miss the rebound. When the replay went up, the gasps were almost as loud as the earlier Eduardo cheers! Read here to get the low down on Niks comments from yesterday…

The second half started… more beer had been consumed… and due to the emptiness of the stadium… I spotted a rarity… An Arsenal player sitting 4 rows up…

Beer + Excitement = embarrassing moment when grown man decides he would like to go and sit next to player.

So off I went… I asked Diaby how he was, he said


Then I asked if he spoke English?

‘Yes my English is very good’

Then his agent asked me to stop talking to him, to which I replied…

‘No way, Diaby is my hero and I’ll give him a bad write up if you don’t let me talk to him…’

To which the agent said,

‘You sit next to him then.’

So I did… I asked him where he sees himself playing for the team… he said in France he loved to play in hole as a second striker. He wouldn’t budge on who he liked and disliked and he said he was definitely enjoying life in England and he’d be here next season. At this point I decided that my 10 minute interrogation of him was probably a bit annoying… so I left him alone… leaving a stray hand on his leg for reassurance.

Anyway… then I looked up, Eduardo had been cynically bought down in the box, the ref blew up and pointed to the spot… cue an Eduardo net buster of a penalty! Superb… what a way to make your comeback!

Eduardo went off to a standing ovation and was replaced by RvP… a man who I can honestly say looked hungrier than ever to get on the score sheet. Finally that opportunity came when Nik B rolled in a beautifully weighted pass which Robin slotted home convincingly. He fist pumped at the crowd and we were all pleased we could go home with a smile on our face.

I can confirm Diaby did leave with 7 minutes to spare… bloody club level plastics


Fabianski: Solid game from our slightly hyperactive number 2. He didn’t really have much to do bar sweeping up any loose balls that landed in our half (Literally in our half… he’s like one of those jack russel’s that sees a ball and must chase it down). 7

Gibbs: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if Arsenal were a factory, we could boast the finest left back production line in the world. Once again Arsene has another potential gem on his hands. Gibbs is composed on the ball, a dream going forward and full of pace. His defending is sometimes a bit of… but he has many years on his side. 7

Toure: Funny game from Kolo… he was tearing about all over the place last night, and he dropped a few clangers… but he is Kolo, and I love him. 6

Gallas: Another assured performance from a man who, for the first time is looking like a ยฃ90k a week defender. 7

Sagna: Managed to play a nice cross into the box. Quiet night for the Frenchman. 7

Vela: What we’ve been waiting for… a creative pacey wide man who can spark a midfield into action. I thought he had a tidy game last night without being exceptional. I think he banished any presumptions about strength by putting in a few good tackles… for me, he needs to be given a fair crack at the whip… because he is miles better than the unproductive Ivorian I care not to mention. 8

Song: Another solid game from the Cameronian. Nothing spectacular… but improving. 6

Denilson: I thought he had a top game in the middle of the park. He was tenacious and had a renewed vigour about his game. I honestly think he’ll become a good player for the club and I think a lot of the criticism of him has been unfair this year. 7.5

Nasri: Another good performance from our floating Frenchman. He glides across the pitch wherever he senses he can cause problems. If he can add a decent final ball to his game, we’ll soon start getting a bit of value for money from him. 7.5

Eduardo: It’s nice having a striker with really terrific movement. Eduardo knows where to be to get on the score sheet… and he seems to live for the goals unlike some of our other strikers. I expect to see a more involved Eduardo this year (In the team effort) and I expect to see him starting more often than not. RvP and Eduardo could be a pretty special partnership… and it’s probably one of the few we haven’t really seen. 9

Nik B: You can’t fault the lad for effort. He works his socks off for the team and he is starting to throw his weight about up front. He knocked in a good header and he went close on a few other occasions. I really think he’ll come good this season in a Flamini-esque kind of way. One goal, one assist… who’s complaining? 8


A convincing win and two easy games to make it to the exciting rounds of the FA Cup! Our football seemed to click into gear last night, so lets kick on from this and make something happen this year!

Have a great day Grovers!

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  1. Mark C

    Hi Pedro,

    Agree it was much better.

    All of a sudden we seem to have a team full of players.

    Soon the bench will be full of quality, not kids.

    No rating for Vela, he has to have an 8 for me.

  2. Rob

    I feel very optimistic about our performance last night and the rest of our season. We played some of the most beautiful football I’ve ever seen last night.

    And Wenger (to my dismay) was right-players returning will, and do feel like new signings.

    Gibbs deserves a start vs Sunderland, as does Vela.

    Bendnter worked his socks of last night, but two misses from 3 yards, and a complete failure to apologise when he screws up, or plays a bad pass annoys me.

    It was the pace and movement that we’ve been dreaming of for a while lads

  3. Steve

    Pedro, good to see you last night mate. I was pretty pissed TBH. I’m dreading Saturday’s game. Purely on the basis that the 2 games I haven’t looked forward to this season have been Cardiff and Man Yoo at home and we played great in both.

  4. finestcuts

    Yeah Nik’s comments are hilarious, it’s great to seem him dictating to Wenger that he SHOULD be on the team, I think Le Boss SHOULD choose whoever scores the most goals and plays best.
    Those pink boots didn’t help him at all, only 1 goal in 12 games.

  5. Matt

    Absolutely fantastic to see Eduardo back, and playing so well – he was great in the first half.

    I agree with you on Gibbs, Pedro, he has the makings of a top class left back, nice and composed for a young lad, and his defending will improve over time.

    Nasri is getting better by the game, he will be a nice foil for Arshavin.

    And another solid game from Gallas.

    Things are slowly but surely coming together, i see no reason why we cant push on for a crack at 2nd in the league and some cup heroics.

  6. Rob

    Biscoff looked like a v. technical player yesterday, from what little I saw of him.

    his passing was top notch and he showed good vision.

    It scares me to think just how could our squad could be next season, fully fit + a center back.

  7. London

    You failed to mention the most important change of the night: Nasri’s high-lights, should they stay or should they go?

    Top Post Pedro

    Did you ask Diaby how long he was out for?

  8. Pedro

    Steve, accept my apologies for being late… I had a nightmare on the trains.

    I’m not too worried about Saturday, mainly because I think Arshavin will lift the spirits of the team in the same way I think Eduardo being back did last night.

    I don’t like Kenwyne Jones though… I think he is useless, but our defenders struggle against tall strikers.

  9. Big Raddy

    Rob. Nik gave an interview to a Danish newspaper – I can send you a link if you read Danish – which I do. The lazy English press probably did a Google Translation (and you know how good those are !). Then mischievously misrepresented his words

    Don’t believe the gutter press.

    He had a fine game last night. MoM in the Guardian.

    And we played so well as a team. It was great to watch.

  10. finestcuts

    And I agree about Gibbs, I think he’s a great LB, pacy, a proper Arsenal style flying full back, very good to see our youth progressing and knowing we have quality in abundance.

    And now we’ve seen how effective Vela is on the wing, there is no excuse at all to play Eboue, especially considering both Nasri and Arshavin are adaptable midfilders and can play left right and centre in midfield.

  11. Steve

    People were critical of Walcott because he doesn’t have enough faith in his own ability and Bendtner because he has too much. Perhaps you should all write to the players to tell them how much faith they are allowed to have in themselves.

    If I was Bendtner i’d be bigging myself up and i’d be massively fucked off that that other lazy greedy cunt was playing every week when I worked my cods off whenever I was brought on and asked to play left or right wing whilst he was given a free role.

  12. Pedro

    London, funny you should say that… the Arsenal girls in the bar were ripping him about that after the game. They were saying he probably got it done for a fiver in top chops on the Holloway road!

  13. Rob

    Lol London.

    One thing to point out- Zidane always goes on about watching Nasri play, enjoying how he plays, says that he is the new him.

    Nasri is only 21, and to have been burdened with a lot of responsibility in midfield due to injury, in his 1st EPL season, has adapted extraordinarilly well. Expect big things from him

  14. Mandanda

    Pedro, cool…I’d go with those ratings too. Just hope Rvp can maintain his good form and stay injury free. When the team is playing well I suppose its easier for Arsh to bed in. I am very impressed with our imrpoved defensive record in the part 10-12 games tho. could it be down to the Denilson-Song combo??

  15. Mark C

    Pedro – Re Jones, lets hope Wenger uses his heads and plays Djrouou at CB to deal with him.

    Our front 6 will be interesting.

    Can Adebayor get in the team once Walcott, Rosicky, Eduardo, Arshavin are all on fire?



  17. 4bp

    good post and nice to have a sensible view on some of our players (denilson and song especially). denilson is a good player who has been thrown in at the deep end but he will come good.
    love the diaby interview as well!!

  18. Steve

    Fucking hell Raddy. Come over here and give me a kiss.

    He had a blinder last night and all people want to do is talk about him missing an open goal and bigging himself up to the press.

    I didn’t think anything would manage to fuck me off this morning so well done Rob.

  19. Big Raddy

    Great post Pedro. Took a few beers to sit next to one of your heroes(?).

    Nasri’s highlights. Looked home made to me.

  20. Jimbo

    Agree with you there Mark – Denilson only really did anything useful when Cardiff had basically already given up on the 70th minute. Before that he was fucking shite.

    Good performance last night overall though, but it’s obvious that this team has absolutely no quality in the centre of midfield. Denilson needs to be dropped (off a cliff).

    Good to see Usmanov’s getting closer to pushing our board out as well.

  21. Big Raddy

    You didn’t read the garbage from David for 3 hours last night Steve !!

    Wish I had been at the game, but going Saturday for AA’s debut.

  22. Matt

    Jimbo and Mark,

    Were you actually watching last night??

    Denilson played OK… he didnt pull up any tree’s, but to say his is shit, and worse than Eboue doesnt say much for your football knowledge… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. PDT

    Pedro, read this, because you’ve never gotten a complment like this.

    You are football’s Neville Cardus!

    I read your piece thrice and loved it every time!

    The only bit I’ll differ on is that you should have probably given an extra point to everyone – more 8s and Dud should have been a 10!

  24. Steve

    No I didn’t Raddy, just aswell.

    Pedro no probs.

    Swing past the S+B Saturday Raddy and I’ll swap the kiss for a Peroni.

  25. Jimbo

    Matt, did either of us say he was worse than Eboue?

    He’s still shit though – and yes, I was at the game last night. He has bugger all vision, except when he’s under no pressure whatsoever. One of the worst passers I’ve ever seen. Useless player.

    4bp, I want Usmanov, because he’s not Peter Cunt-Wood. Simple.

  26. Big Raddy

    FFS. How can anyone say Denilson had a shite game?

    Did anyone notice the Cardiff midfield ? No.

    It is easy to take a position on a player and stick to it despite all evidence to the contrary. In my case, I was firmly of the belief that Song could be our answer at DM. I hold up my hands and accept I was wrong.

    Mark/Jimbo you will do the same with Denilson

  27. gg

    Bendther said after the match that the comments of him starting every game is ‘not true’. Again, the english media didn’t report this. lol how sad.

  28. Franchise

    For next season if we promote Fabianski who IMO is a better player than beach boy, sign a CB and a CM/DM and sell some underachieving players we wld be fine. Money from Sales + 15million could make this possible. So no excuses that there is no money. If we can flog ade and get another beast of a striker that is commanding in the air that wld be welcome too. I wont give up on Ade yet though

  29. Steve

    Geoff, I was pissed last night but I thought Song played well again. That’s 2 games on the bounce. Although as I say I was pissed at both.

  30. Matt

    Yes Jimbo – Mark said he was worse than Eboue.

    And you back up my point about not knowing much by then saying you would rather have Usmanov than Hill Wood???

    Say no more!

  31. Mandanda

    don’t think Arsh is ready for 90mins of EPL but can see him playing a max of 60mins. I think AW would use that game to prepare for the Roma one but I can’t see Dudu starting against Sunderland. So would expect Nik and RvP upfront and RvP and Dudu playing left mid against Roma. AW would want accomodate him in the team whilst using Nik’s height and work rate (shit did I just say that?!) against the ‘Romans’.
    I am more concerned about the match against Roma as by all accounts they playing the best football in Italy atm. The Sunderland match I expect us to eek out a close win regardless of who is selected and yes we could see the return of EE! oh well.

  32. 4bp

    Why do u say that Jimbo? how will usmanov ever be better for the club? all he wants is to make money from our club. he dosent care about the club itself just the return he will get from it.
    at least PHW loves the club and cares what happens to it. i agree he is not perfect but he is much better than Usmanov.

  33. Wardo

    Morning all,

    Good post Pedro……

    I thought Denilson and song played well last night….altho, thought Denilson was the better of the two.

    As for Nikki B, he played a very good team game last night. Did well for his goal and assist……he missed a sitter but, that’s just one of those things.

    Eduardo……Great man!! Great player!! Nearly smashed my head on the ceiling when he scored…..

  34. Geoff

    You were pissed Steve, read my running Song fuck up commentary on the blog last night 5 completed passes and 9 fuck ups, I got bored with twenty minutes to go and gave up.






  36. stonroy

    Denilson turned 21 yesterday, so he was probably focused on going out and having a drink last night. Cut him some slack it was his 21st b’day. We forget that he is still a kid, he has loads of potential people, he will be a great Arsenal player, I am sure of it..

  37. bergy

    hi there

    does anyone know,who eduardo run to and hugged after his penalty?

    finally our movement and passing is back.that certain lacked so far thisseason

  38. ebookreader (Soon To Be Christen Denilson)

    Did anyone see how Duduuuuu!! took done the cross & take a shot while turning (The rebound fell to NB for the miss of the season)? Pure classsssss!!! Duduuuuuuu!!!!

  39. Pedro

    Mark, do they have a caps lock button at opta… you should push it.

    Actim rates Denilson in the top 12 players in the Prem… and they are the leagues official stato’s right?

  40. Big Raddy


    It would be rude not to…

    On a more sombre note; I realise that fandom has ups and downs, but when the morning after a night where the team returns to form, puts in a scintillating performance.,wins by 4, and Dudu returns with a brace. Then it must be time for an ‘up'(Yes, and I know it was “only Cardiff”, who were on a 12 game unbeaten run

    To read comments slagging members of the team after last night makes me question why these people are fans. What enjoyment can they get?


  41. charybdis1966

    Morning all, I only had radio commentary to follow this but two main points to come from this:
    1. What a triumph over evil (Martin Taylor) and adversity (the rehab) by Eduardo. Full marks to the AFC medical team and support staff for getting Eduardo to where he is now. Iโ€™d like ot say that all supporters in some way have aided Eduardo on the path to recovery, for example whenever Eddy passed where I was sitting at members day when he was running round the pitch he got a rousing cheer from me and my boys and all the goons that were there that wet Thursday in August – that can only have helped our number 9 on the long road back.
    2. How pleased was Rico at Bendtnerโ€™s performance last night โ€“ ok he missed the odd sitter but, form the commentary, it seemed he was working hard to link up play and put in effort in all areas of team play. I notice Rico studiously avoided commenting on this earlier โ€“ you naughty so and so!
    3. Also Song, aside form 2-3 misplaced passes seemed to have quite a good game too, but Iโ€™ll stop there.

    OK, that was 3 points(well 2 and a half really) but letโ€™s hope this gives us the platform to build up a good run, starting on Saturday where Iโ€™ll be there to urge the team on.

  42. PDT

    I can see two of these happening for us this year (if AW has the sense to leave Eboue and Song on the bench) :

    1. FA Cup finals
    2. CL semis
    3. Top 3 in the league

  43. Geoff

    He’ll learn fuck all, if I were Vela I would go somewhere where I’m wanted. Eboue will start against Sunderland you wait.

  44. Evo in Oz

    my main problem with Denilson is his poor crossing of late, always over the box to no one. most of the time his is too long. his number one best asset is his tackling to win the ball cleanly and to play someone on. love that!

  45. Matt


    I would take no enjoyment from going back and reading your comments slating Song, and besides, i know you hate him without reading them!

    I agree that i do not think he is good enough for Arsenal, but at the same time he is no way as bad as you say.

    The same goes for Denilson.

    But the facts are, they are in our team, and playing OK, so surely it is better to get behind them and support them?

  46. abanet

    Mornnig all
    What a feeling what a joy
    I never had this feeling for a long time this how we should feel week in week ot. we deserve it we’r gooers for God sake

  47. abanet

    Mornnig all
    What a feeling what a joy
    I never had this feeling for a long time this how we should feel week in week ot. we deserve it we’r gooners for God sake

  48. Ryan L

    Great post Raddy – if you can’t enjoy a 4nil win (I don’t care who the fuck its against)that includes the return of a player that has been out for a year and said player then notches a brace – then you really should give up on football, because if your take on last night is so negative you will never derive any enjoyment from football and it will end up being bad for your health !!

    Fans generally overreact – when we lose we are shit etc – so why not let yourself go the other way – just til saturday – and enjoy basking in a victory and the return of Dudu !! FFS !!

  49. Steve

    I’m sure there are some ‘fans’ who are waiting for a fuck up to give them something to moan about. The groans we palpable last night when Bendtner does something wrong but who notices when he makes a clearing header in his own penalty box or runs 80 yards to stop their full back playing the ball down the wing? I fucking notice Nikki so keep up the good work old son. Raddy obviously watches the game too, so that’s 2 of us who appreciate you.

  50. insidealbania

    DUDUUUUUU is Back.

    I have to say that I got it wrong, I was not expecting AW to select the team he did yesterday and I was not expecting us to be so good.

    Finally something to lift the spirits. Everything about the team was great yesterday. Except two mistakes from Song that could have been very embarrassing.

    And who was it that predicted the 4-0 ?????

  51. Wardo

    Matt, well said…..

    Song is in our team so, we should support him or at least be constructive in our critism. Song played well last night. Don’t get me wrong here. He is not better than Viera was, or Cesc but, he did a good job……Denilson also played well. Denilson is getting stronger by the day. He will be a very good player.

  52. Michael "Master" P

    Mark Gooner….i read your opinion and views and i have to say that you are talking SHIT!!!

    Eboue better than Denilson?

    Shouldnt you be in school? oh right,its half term!!! lol

  53. abanet

    Just one quality player( dudu) can make the difrence the team looked absolutly goldish. Ade was there last night he must take some very valiable lesons how to beet the ofsides

  54. GMR

    I’ve just read through some of the comments during & after the game last night. Some people do nothing more than spout negativity the whole time. This is a squad that now has Vela, Rosicky & Arshavin for the left wing & Nasri, Walcott & Wilshere for the right.

    In attack we have two real quality players like Eduardo & RVP, with Bendtner who has a hell of a lot of potential. Adebayor can be an excellent player on his day but I don’t think his attitude or mental state is good enough for a top club.

    The defence may not be perfect & the centre midfield may need an extra player which gives Wenger something to work on in the summer, but at this present time I can only see many more positives than negatives.

  55. Steve

    I hope Wenger takes note now of what we have said all season. This team needs width to score goals (especially at home when teams pack the midfield and defence) Vela plays and we score 4. Hey presto.

  56. Big Dave

    Negative first – Song / Denilson

    Posative Eduardo, so chuffed for the bloke, Ade are you watching ?!!

    Gallas looked good.

    Lets keep it up gunners

    BTW Their is Crdiff fan with one shoe less this morning

  57. Jimbo

    I’ll admit i’m wrong about Denilson when he actually turns into anything other than a shite player. But he won’t.

    As for the russian- so what if he wants a profit? I don’t see what’s so evil in that. He won’t make a profit from Arsenal if he turns us into the shit club that Cunt- Wood would rather we became than giving up his little fiefdom

  58. PDT

    Mandanda, we don’t need Arsh for the Roma game, so long as he lights up the Grove against Sunderland. The momentum is all that we need.

  59. peachesgooner

    Morning all

    Happy smiley faces all round I hope ๐Ÿ™‚

    Eduardo – what a star – can’t wait to sing his name again on saturday.

    Nikki worked really hard so why do people get on his back!!!!!!!

    Love being a gooner ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Raddy can I come with you?

  60. t-buzz

    Morning all and top post Pedro.
    That was an excellent game to watch, almost(and I stress on the Almost)brought a tear to me eye watching us play like we used to. Vela was a joy to watch too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    On the other hand, did anyone notice the stewards picking up an addidas shoe near the goal post during the game? Even a mobile phone was thrown on the pitch!! Disgraceful! ๐Ÿ™

  61. Wardo

    Jimbo…all you do is moan. You are so negative….I remember you saying we would not sign anyone in the Jan transfer window. You were wrong.

    Denilson is 21 and is already a good player. You’re wrong again.

    Do you know anything bout football. Seems your main target in life is to be a miserable twat….well done mate.

  62. Geoff

    Matt have you a season ticket? I do so I always get behind the team, Song drags it down, why should I support something I feel is clearly costing my beloved team?

    Unless I turn into a sheep overnight I will always have an opinion, if a few more people on the board of Leeds United did, they may still be in the premiership.

  63. Mandanda

    I see what u r saying PDT, if u read my earlier posts I suggested that AW might play Dudu left mid against Roma as Bendtner is making it difficult to be dropped atm. I think he played that position pretty well until he got injured last season. Its really difficult to drop Dudu when he is fit. I doubt Dudu starts against Sunderland tho, perhaps he would come on as a sub.