Arshavin gets royal approval and Hleb shows he has guts.

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So we found out today that Arshavin had the blessing of Tzar Vladimir Putin, the king of Russia. It emerged that Putin had a chat with Arshavin and was happy to see him go to THOF, good news really because as Putin was born in St Petersberg Arshavin going could have seen him locked up in a gulag instead, so that must mean Putin is a Gooner.

Other news is Alexandre Hleb is determined to stick it out at Barca and fight for his place, it’s a shame he didn’t show the same mettle at Arsenal, but then he’d look a right plonker if he left Barca wouldn’t he? It’s good to see the curse of Arsenal is still working though and should if nothing else show to any want-aways that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Spain doing England could have done us a favour as well, as the midfield pairing of Iniesta and Xabi are showing Cesc he would get a Hleb like role should he go back, not to mention every bad ball would be greeted by white hankies and boos from the crowd.

I was also thinking the FA Cup may force the boss into an interesting team, not a reserve team and not a first team so I would go for this.


Sagna Djourou Gallas Gibbs

Wilshere Ramsey Nasri Vela

Eduardo RVP

That’s my team but I suspect he will go for this team.


Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy

Ramsey Diaby Song Nasri

RVP Bendtner

If Diaby is not fit then Denilson next to Song, he’ll play Song ahead of everyone if he has the chance and the reason for this is the same reason he perseveres with Eboue, he refuses to admit he’s wrong. Now that’s not a witch hunt against Song, Eboue and Denilson, I would just like to see the others get a run and see what happens, we can’t keep drawing games, and this is Cardiff, so he can take a few chances, I worry that Vela will want out if he keeps not selecting him and I think Vela has a big future with Arsenal.

You may remember I have in the past whined at the English kids getting the chances the foreign boys get, well Sidwell, Upson, Muamba, and Bentley, regardless of what you think of them were not given any chances outside of the Carling cup, yet Eboue, who was booed off against Wigan for being inept, has played every game but one since, so all I’m saying is why not afford the same indulgence to Wilshere, Ramsey and Vela? They are just as much Arsene signings as Song, Denilson and Eboue.

That’s all, no bad mouthing and no saying they are bad players, just a bit of fairness, give them a chance or two or they will be asking to leave and you will let them go saying ‘they asked to leave’ and I for one think all three of those will be world class one fine day and the other three won’t.

I would like to think Eduardo will make a sensational comeback, but don’t hold your breath, he may take a while, but having him on the pitch will lift the team and the supporters, and sometimes that’s more important than you may think Arsene.

I really hope we get back the self belief soon because not playing in the champions league will cause more problems that you can imagine, we are fast running out of season, we have players coming back that will transform us, we are more than capable of beating Liverpool and Man U away and the chavs at home, but we need to kick on now, and when better to do that than against Cardiff on Monday.

Have a great Friday Grovers and don’t forget too buy your loved one a Valentines day card, and I don’t mean Arshavin, I already did that and he’s mine.

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  1. Big Raddy

    David. I think he has the potential to be a decent player – but I am often wrong ! He is often criticized because he passes sideways, but by doing so, he allows another triangle to develop and gives space to a forward running player. When Cesc comes back, he will get the chance to get forward as he did at the start of the season. – I hope.

    However, I still cling to the hope that Song will become our DM !

  2. A

    raddy re freeman i’ve seen him play a few times, looked very promising the first few games, really nippy, quick feet and really good finisher, even scored a quality header despite being owen like in height. However he hasn’t really improved, and even lost his place in the youth team towards the end of last year. He’s not done much this year either. However he is still very young and kids develop at different rates, wouldn’t write him off though hasn’t set the world alight.

    denilson is has a great deal of intelligence, both on and off the pitch, he reads the game very well and intercepts very well, but just doesn’t seem to have the phsyical attributes or awareness when it comes to tracking runners from midfield. The rest of his game he’s very intelligent.

    Whereas diaby is one of the most unintelligent footballers in the prem

    i really hope ramsey is fit on monday and tears them apart

  3. Ja_Gunner





    ……Van persie…Nik B…..

    Wilshere, Eddy and Bischof to make appearances.

  4. Angry Loner

    Song played well Sunday… Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

    Id like to see nasri play with him in the middle against Cardiff, with Vela on the left and Wilshire on the right & NkkiiB (show us you are good enough to start then fella!) and RvP upfront.

    Im pretty sure Fabianski will play as he’s the Cup keeper.

  5. Ja_Gunner

    I think Cesc will leave us in 2-3 years time. I have absolutely no problem with that….by that time he would have been at Arsenal 7-8 years.

    I just hope he helps us to some trophies in that time.

    The future midfield could be as follows.


    If Merida develops he can take over for Cesc. Ramsey in the long run can play box to box along side him or otherwise, he seems versatile.

    Wilshere on the wing or as deep striker.

    Vela and Theo as centre forwards.(Simpson on the bench if he still at Arsenal)

    Djourou and someone like Chillieni as CBs.

    Gibbs or Pedro at left back

  6. A

    ja i really don’t think merida will start, and diaby is out i believe, and nasri will start!

    defence i’m not fussed which 2 out of kolo, jd, and gallas play, they shouldn’t have too much to do.

    Midfield if ramsey is fit will probably be

    denilson–ramsey–song–nasri. If ramsey is out i’d expect to see


    vela and bendtner up top as vp will be rested, but on bench in case a rescue act is needed

  7. Ja_Gunner

    I actaully forgot about nasri.

    So yeah it would make sense to start him since Merida does not even seem to close to selection by Wenger.




    ……Van persie…Nik B…..

    Bench Wilshere, Eddy, Bischof, Merida etc

  8. Angry Loner


    Surely Wilshire shoulod get a game on the right/left? If he aint ready for a game against a Championship side, then wtf?

    Sayin, Id be surprised ramsey will start given the mare he had last time out.

    I would like to see Vela up top with NB, but given the lack of options on the wing… unless we have;

    Wilshire – Denilson – Song – Nasri

  9. A

    i dunno loner, i’d be very happy if i saw wilshere in the line up, but i think bischoff would come in ahead of him, and i think bischoff deserves a run out. He was a league above anyone else on the pitch in the last reserve game, and apparently played well for portugal u21s, he certainly scored a nice goal. Bischoff on the right, nasri on the left, vela and bendtner up top, or even bendtner and eduardo up top.

    I’ve never seen vela have a good game on the wing in a 4-4-2, so hope that doesn’t happen, and don’t think it will.

    Pretty sure wenger half mentioned ramsey in the same breath as fabianski, in that he’s gonna feature alot in the fa cup this year, and home against cardiff i’d be very surprised if he wasn’t selected if fit, and if he didn’t do well

  10. Angry Loner

    Yeh, I aint got a problem with Bischoff getting a game either, just feel Wilshire should play. Hell, he can play on the left with nasri in the middle then!

  11. A

    if nasri and biscoff are playing then theres no room for wilshere. nasri cant play centre mid in a 4-4-2. im happy with wilshere and eduardo coming on after an hour when we’re 3-0 up!

  12. Angry Loner


    Oh jeeeez! I forgot about you and your unflinchin dedication to sayin nasri cant play in the centre and vela cant play wide left!!! 😀

    Laters.. Im off out to get smashed!

  13. PDT

    I am very late today, but for the record :

    1. Hleb and Flamini are wankers – may they rot in Barca and Milan and end up in three years playing in the middle east!
    2. Likewise for Bentley! Cashley should have crashed into him with his car!
    3. Three more days till Eduardo scores for us in the EPL and we flatten Cardiff!

  14. ethangunner

    The hottest rumour doing the post-January transfer window rounds is that David Villa will become a Liverpool player in the summer.

    There could hardly be a signing that would excite Liverpool fans more.

    Villa and Fernando Torres’s relationship at Euro 2008 showed what a potentially mouth-watering pairing they could be if together at club level. Villa won the golden boot and Torres won the tournament for Spain even while his team-mate was injured. It was a vintage tournament for the pair, whether side-by-side or alone.

  15. gnarleygeorge9

    If I was a member of the shady family I’d be beergut shady, Its not a good look let me tell you 😉

    Actually I’m not that bad, but there is room for improvement, like The Arsenal.

  16. ethangunner

    good news


    But after the striker made his competitive comeback in Croatia’s 2-1 win over Romania on Wednesday, Bilic says the 25-year-old is ready to make an impact against the Championship side.

    “Arsene Wenger asked me to contact him straight after the Romania match, which I did,” said Bilic.

    “I told him that he could use Eduardo without any problems. Against the Romanians he played well because he is healthy and ready for much more than 30 minutes in a game.

    “As soon as Eduardo came on he tackled two players within five seconds and he definitely wasn’t trying to protect his left leg.

    “He also made some great passes. With him we are much better and far more dangerous.”

  17. ethangunner

    Arsenal Football Club have again been linked with Niko Kranjcar.

    Arsene Wenger is a huge fan of the Croatian international midfielder, who admits he would quit Portsmouth if a bigger club came knocking.

    “It was always my intention to move to a bigger club, it is always like that in your career,” the former Dinamo Zagreb man told the Daily Mirror. “If an offer came from a larger club, of course I would want to go.”

    As much as Pompey would hate to lose Kranjcar, it is believed the Gunners are willing to pay as much as £14million for the playmaker.