Adebayor – African player of the year (what???) + 6 Arsenal kids star.

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Arsenal vs Wigan

The scene of Eboue's demise, the Wigan game

Don’t be puzzled Grovers, Adebayor won African player of the year based on last season and not this, so before you all have seizures you have to put that into perspective! I’m pretty sure he won’t win it this year! Needless to say our other African players won nothing.

Onto more positive news our kids starred last night for their respective countries, Hoyte, Lansbury and Wilshere played for the under 18’s in their defeat to Spain, whilst Fran Merida played for the Spanish, Gibbs got on against Ecuador for a cameo and Bischoff scored two for the Portuguese under 21’s, so our mob had a busy if not mixed night’s football.

Arshavin won’t feature for Russia so he should be more than rested when he makes his Arsenal debut in two months. Gilberto joins Robert Pires, Le Grove and everyone else in football by saying we’ll win nothing until we sign a top defensive midfielder and a centre back so no change there, thanks for the advice guys.

Not playing until the FA Cup game against Cardiff whilst boring, it does give the team a well earned rest and gives the coach time to work out how to beat the Championship side, no excuses as they would have had one week and one day since we played Tottenham.

Nikki B says he should be first choice regardless of Adebayor’s injury but I think he may be forgetting that man we call Dudu, so will the boss start him or will he relent and try the Croazilian? I hope he starts the Croazilian.

The boy wonder says Eduardo and Arshavin are doing amazing things in training and he can’t wait to play with them, read into that what you like you smutty sods but I see that as excitement waiting to explode on the scene and I, like Robin, cannot wait!!!

Now that the chavs have themselves a new manager they will either raise their game or lower it, after John Terry’s comments, I personally think they are finished as a force with this team as they are all getting too old, so I still think we can catch them, I still think we can catch Liverpool and Villa but we have to start winning again, no reason we can’t and frankly we have nothing to lose, if we don’t watch it we may miss out on a UEFA cup spot as well so he needs to get his team revved up and needless to say, we need to get behind them.

I expect all the transfer rumours will start again soon but we need to forget all that as May is a long time away and the last day of August (when we eventually buy) is even further away.

I know it feels like our season is over but we still have the FA Cup and the Champions league to play for and given that we may well have Cesc and Theo back by then we can still win some silverware, we could do with Rosicky back for the Roma game but I won’t hold my breath.

So with no football for 5 days all we have is ourselves and our blog, so have a fun day debating Grovers, there’s bugger all else to do, except to work and who the fu-k likes that, Le Grove, the only sensible alternative to working for a living.

Maybe it’s time to unleash Bischoff in that defensive midfield role, he scored two for Portugal last night so who knows, we can’t do any worse… …can we?

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  1. nick

    look at chelsea yes they have had three good years now that’s gone shit football old squad and it seems if a manager questions the team and thinks about spending money there fucked off remember the only real player missing is essien how much is it gonna cost to put them right at least we have 4-5 real quality players to come back i don’t think we are quite as bad as some.

  2. kelsey

    I admire your optimism.However our last 13 league games have produced 5W 6D 2L = 21pts.We stand on 44 points with 13 games left.We need to better the total of 21 points by at least 9 to stand a chance of 4th.That means at least 9 wins,unless liverpool,Chelsea and Villa all implode.

  3. patthegooner

    Kelsey, I think realistically we can only afford to drop points in the Man Ure and Liverpool game. We have to get on a winning run and if we are serious, we should be picking wins in the next 7 games. Drop points in any of those and it gets tricky

    Sunderland H
    Fulham H
    WBA A
    Blackburn H
    Newcastle A
    Man City H
    Wigan A
    Liverpool A
    Boro H
    Pompey A
    Chelsea H
    Man Ure A
    Stoke H

  4. GMR

    By the time we play Man Utd they’ll have won the league & Ferguson will be resting players for one cup final or another, I have no doubt about that.

  5. GMR

    If Chelsea lose to Villa then 4th place is in our own hands, the fact is you cannot ask for anymore than that. If Arsenal screw it up then they don’t deserve a CL qualifying spot.

  6. kelsey

    I always respect your views but personally i don’t see us doing it this would not be the end of the world PROVIDING there is an injection of money in the summer and experience is brought in and a few are shipped out.Players do want CL but they are also driven by high wages.It’s a delicate balance.The trouble is if we achieve 4th will that pacify the manager and the board and we return next season more or less as we were.

  7. GMR

    Kelsey – I’ve already said (& been slated for by certain people on here, not yourself) that I don’t actually mind missing out on the CL. Don’t get me wrong its a fantastic tournament & I’d love nothing more than to see Arsenal win it, especially as that & the uefa cup are the only ones I’ve never seen them win. However I am willing to give Gazidis this summer & see if his appointment can make a difference when it comes to signings, I would also be glad to see the back of certain players that don’t care about Arsenal just their own profile.

    Other clubs that are in the uefa cup or not in europe at all still manage to sign players, so why do people think that a massive club like Arsenal couldn’t?

    Next season, if we were in the europa cup then I have a feeling Arsene would play his CC team, that would give them great experience. It was also mean we had a relatively easy schedule for the first team so I’d be much more confident of making a sustained title bid. Villa would have to add a lot of players to their squad to cope with more high profile games & they would also have an increased wage bill. O’neill said they couldn’t afford players last month so it doesn’t seem they have endless cash supplies to do that.

  8. Franchise

    irish hi just got home from work

    re stadium naming rights its possible that its that small the sweetener was we got a lump sum upfront we were a bit desperate at theat time. at the last time i was aware Bolton were earning like £600,000 a year from reebok thru naming rights. 2.5million a year aint that bad if u look at it

    GMR i doubt if arsene would underate the competition if we entered it eventually i.e. the UEFA cup. he wld take it as serious as the CL

  9. Franchise

    the hard part if we qualify for europa cup wld be keeping the squad together

    clubs like barca wld try even harder to unsettle our players

    it wld be a frustrating summer if we miss out on CL

  10. irishgunner

    Franchise – I suppose not, maybe I’m wrong on the Ireland deal but then again that incorporates Football and Rugby.

    The UEFA Cup is the Europa Cup next season and will probably have a few big name teams in it. The way the CL qualifying is done there is bound to be a few big name casalaties.

  11. kelsey

    If you look at Barca now,they are outstanding,the only player they might consider to be on their level would be Cesc,most probably a future signing in 2011 when Arsene retires.

  12. Geoff

    Night all, I just got back and I’m off to watch the Welsh, I hear Aaron is playing!

    I mean it, watching Beckham get his 108th cap for nothing makes my skin crawl, celebrity fucking Britain!!!

    Bobby Moore, I apologise for my country and what’s happened to it, in your day you had to earn them.

  13. Maciek

    Thanks Irish.I see that they can lose some points in the next 7 games.I hope we don’t miss our chance.Otherwise we don’t deserve to be in the top 4.

  14. Maciek

    And one more thing guys. What will be Your line up against Rome considering that everyone is fit?What about Vela and Wilshire next to Nasri and Denilson?Surely they can play any worse than Song and the “pass master”.Can’t they?

  15. Maciek

    Night Geoff!
    Could someone send me any limk when I can learn about rugby game rules? This sport isn’t popular here in Poland but I like 6 Nations Cup, and I would like to know what’s all about.Thanks.

  16. gazzap

    If we miss out on the CL what makes people think wenger will invest in the squad? More likely he will not buy anyone, due to budget cuts. the flats are still draining the club so we are not cash rich and we need that CL money for at least 2 years. after that we are OK.

  17. gazzap

    eduardo got 30 mins and set up the winner. thats OK. He might get another 30 on Monday.
    I heard Ramsey twisted something (knee I think) playing for Wales. no idea if he is badly injured or will be OK for Monday though.

  18. gazzap

    perhaps but I dont think he would. this board would never sack him and i think he feels he’d have unfinished business what with all those young players he is bringing through. If things dont go well up to the point of his contract expiring then he wont renew, IMO.

  19. gazzap

    England just gone 1 goal down. this ref is giving everything to Spain. Villa looks good but England gave away possesion cheaply and then Jagielka showed he lacks real ability.

  20. Maciek

    Gazzap-but what exactly this “unfinshed business” means. Playing in the Uefa Cup?If we fail to deliver this year RVP and Fab and Gallas will be off.

  21. London


    It’s incorrect to say that the flats are draining us.
    A loan was taken out which doesn’t have to be paid back until 2010. The result being that there is no drain at the moment……but 2010, now that is a different question.

  22. gazzap

    we are saving for 2010. £133m i beleive. currently we have about £100m in the bank. not having the CL money wont help us reach the total we need. a lot depends on whether those flats can fund themselves in the current climate. It may be that they can. I am not close enough to the project to know whether its in the shit, but others on this blog have suggested that its not going well. only time will tell.

  23. London

    I can’t wait until they have sold those flats and we can get back to being a football club again and not an estate agency.

  24. reggie57

    Watching england is like watching us
    pass,pass,pass, with no end product
    i wonder if capello is being taught
    by the great one (snigger)!!!!!

  25. iceman

    Yeah can you imagine if he was a gunner….headline would read: “ARSENAL STRIKER DOWNS ENGLAND!!”

    How Wenger would get stick for that…… I sure as hell wouldn’t care and know everyone here wouldn’t either 🙂

    But we do have African player of the year!!!!!!

  26. ethangunner


    england have the same problem as arsenal
    no quality strikers , rooney after he moved to man U is crap , he is too rich to give a shite about his football now .. and owen has looked crap since he moved to RM , they need theo to step up and give them the clinical edge ..

    that is providing wenger can capture his signature …

    we have to resort to heskey and other average front men ..

  27. ethangunner

    i suppose we do have RVP now and arshavin , even dudu .. but you get what i mean in the past …

    the african player of the year should give his title to cesc – flamini and hleb last season for the good service he got from them which enabled him to look good for 1 season !

    you can see what a lame duck his is without them using him as a focal point .

  28. iceman

    RvP E9


    Nasri Cesc Theo

    !!NEW DM!!

    BS JD GL

    !!NEW KEEPER!! (For the love of God)

    Subs: Fabianski,Toure,Denilson,Rosicky,Bendtner,Vela

    Think this could work….si?

  29. gnarleygeorge9

    Evening all

    I see the Beckham Roadshow moved to Spain yesterday.

    How did he look? was he showing off his latest Tattoo? Or launching his new seasons mens fashion wear? What the fuck. Haven’t the English F A learnt yet????? England will win Sweet F A when they continue to include Beckham in the squad.

    What was looking like a National team on the up, has now returned to the David Beckham Show.

    Anyway, we drew in Yokohama 0-0; we are on a mission not a ego trip, we “are” going to South Africa.

  30. Confidentgoner

    Did anyone watch France – Argentina? We had Gallas and Sagna playing.

    Sagna continued with his trade mark poor crossing to the box and couldn’t keep the ball. First goal, allowed a striker to get left side of him for a free shot.

    Second goal Tevez, picked up a run and passed to Messi who messed up Gallas to score. 2-0 Argentina.

    So much for our version of world class defenders! Henry , Anelka and co did not have a sniff on goal

  31. ethangunner

    iceman ,

    you definitely got the quality in the team with that lineup .. but i cant see wenger changing from a 4-4-2 .. 3 across the back would make us light – on i reckon 🙂

  32. Confidentgoner

    I fail to see how we can catch Villa. Bar Man U, they are the best in the league. If they are more clinical with finishing, they could win the league. They will beat Chelsea. Our top 4 spot will be against Chelsea. Lets hope that all the changes on the bench will still not bring out the best in them.

  33. Henrythe14th

    Confidentgoner- I watched the france game but have to say france did not play bad anelka had a few chances and henry hit a few off target gourcuff and ribery also played decent as for sagna he had some great runs but his passing failed to materialise and gallas saved france in the first half when messi screwed mexes. I think Abidal and mexes were far more the problem then gallas and sagna.

  34. dennisdamenace

    You know we’ve got RvP, Dudu, Vela, Bentner, and for support stiker AA23, as well as Theo, NOW is the time to offload that over-hyped one-dimensional primadona Adebayor.

    We’re top heavy with strikers, sell him because he’s the player who brings the least to the table, use the money to buy a strong CM presence, a tough tackling, tempo setting CMer who’ll allow Fab4 & Co. the room and time to play offensively………

    Here endeth the lesson 8)

  35. gooner-pak

    any one watched croatia match highlight or complete can tell how was dudu in the feild…physical side of the game

  36. dennisdamenace

    H14 – Regardless of the possibility of the silly money apparently offered for our TT last year, i’d take a straight swap for that CM player right now, the difference he could make to us would be the difference between finishing 5th/6th and 2nd/1st ffs!

  37. ethangunner


    honestly im not sure how much longer we have got RVP for ? and other than AA , i think we need a few more years on the others u mentioned …

    i can see us losing RVP this year and that will force wenger to keep hold of more trash like ade..

    its the worst possible scenario . and recently AFC have pretty much followed the worst case scenario path at every turn …

    i think we are out of the top 4 this season ,
    the board have already admitted that they are ok with it ,so IMO we need to just concentrate bringing our bench players up to speed then …

    there endth the season IMHO 🙂

  38. ethangunner

    weve got no chance of finishing 1st for some years i think now DDM …

    the teams that make it inot the top 4 this season will spend more to stay there , and man shitty and the spuds will spend more even if there not 🙂

    i think we will still be up there somewhere , but with constant injury woes and too many average- youngsters we are not sitting pretty ..

    i just someone with some fuckin bollocks would
    make us see the light !!!

    the only light the board- wenger is capable of seeing is the 24 hour construction lights that are on all their developments 🙂

  39. iceman

    Ethan… that case:



    Nasri Cesc !!NEW DM!! Theo

    BS JD !!NEW CB!!? GL

    !!NEW KEEPER!! (For the love of God)

    Subs: Fabianski,Toure,Denilson,Rosicky,Eduardo,Vela

    Wishful thinking eh?

  40. iceman

    The Appiah rumours are gaining pace….

    Anyone think there’s anything to that story? Has AW finally seen there is no way Song/Denilson are the answer?

    Ethan…also if we managed to put that team out (and keep them fit FFS!!! then we have every chance of a stab at the title….that side is full of goals….we just need a mean ass goalie like the mancs have and a CB like Lucio/Stam who won’t concede the jokes of goals we do!!!!

  41. ethangunner


    im concerned about more player walkouts come the end of season ….

    i like to think ahead of the curve and im sure that will be this end of seasons topic, so im just jumping the gun ….

    whilst there is a cloud over gallas – RVP and theo , im hopeful they will stay ..

    gallas in particular has been putting in some good games for us and country .. it looks to me he wants to lift his stocks/shares before the end of the season .. a worrying sign that he could be out ..

    and with RVP contract taking as long as flamini’s to procure its starting to get worrying for me !

    theo is ready to come back within the week so
    i think there is another concern to be dealt with there also !

  42. dennisdamenace

    ethan – i kinda agree with you, but i’ve got a feeling (as in been told) that after April the taxation situation changes for Fisman, and that will trigger changes………….and probably for the better, but even though i’ve been informed of this before my gut instinct is to always err on the side of caution when it comes to all things Arsenal…..

  43. kelsey


    Geoff/Pedro there is a lot of debate on Le Grove about our strengths and weaknesses,being positive or negative or realistic.Why not have a poll say over 2 days as to where the grovers think we will finish this year say from 1st to 6th,just to get an overall assessment of how as a site we think.

    iceman, I would wager a lot that we don’t buy a new keeper(wrongly in my opinion)

  44. iceman

    Ethan regarding Theo/RvP contracts….if AW clearly hadn’t learnt when Edu/Witlord walked….but he clearly has taken some lessons (more than some actually) from the debacle that was Flamini…. I am sure he will make sure it is sorted out.

    With him finally giving in an buying a “name” I think this summer will be an interesting one coz he knows he’s not getting it right…everyone around him knows…and now that he has bucked the trend and brought in the Russian maybe he’s finally changing his ways….or I really really hope will!!!!

  45. kelsey

    I share your angst about new contracts for Tho and RVP.I personally feel we need Gallas for another season.And what about Rosicky,he is out of contract in the summer.

    Everything we do these days takes an enternity,which to me means thare are stumbling blocks.I was a great admire of DD(initially) we nearly took on Karen Brady(who is up to her head in various investigations) we need gazidis to come to the front now and show us fans some positive vibes.

  46. Confidentgoner


    RVP has not earned the right to demand for a move. Check his injury records and how many matches has he really played for us? Time to repay the faith.


    In football we have chances and half chances. France controlled play for the better part of the first half but were not productive. Do you not blame Sagna for the first goal? How about gallas for the second? These are what we see with these guys in the prem.

  47. iceman

    Kelsey…… I wouldn’t mind Fabianski taking over but fact……AW might not be fond of outfield players over 30 but he def likes his keepers like his wine 😉

    How old is this Boruc fella?

  48. Franchise

    yeah they made that point. if not for the stadium kelsey we wld be fucked. chelsea generated more revenue than us yet again. success on the pitch brings more money than from gates

  49. Steve

    Boruc is a loonie. He just got done for smacking one of his own players. We have enough disharmony within the club as it is.

  50. kelsey

    Steve morning,

    don’t you think the disharmony is the main factor we are not doing so well,haven’t some players lost the respect of others and Wenger,and Wenger has lost some control.We are not playing as a unit,as there are too many bigheads and primodonnas who think they are better than they are.

    by the way,by all accounts Hleb is off,maybe the big city lights didn’t work in Barcelona either.

  51. iceman

    We so missed the boat on Given…..

    I really believe we will not win anything of importance with Almuina between the sticks….nothing against him….he’s just not the business IMO…

  52. iceman

    Yeah back to the German league for him probably….

    All our current players should really think before they walk….

    London wouldn’t seem half as noisy for him now would it……….tosser…………

  53. Franchise

    kelsey according to the report we made more than we did in the previous season. we made £177.6m in 06/07 and £209.3m in 07/08

    spend this money arsene

  54. Steve

    I think it is certainly a contributory factor kelsey. Although I think some of it is embelished somewhat. What they didn’t show on television was Toure and Gallas hugging eachother and high fiving after a couple of great tackles at Shite Hart Lane and they are supposedly at loggerheads.

    Hleb is never going to settle anywhere. He should have been honest with everyone and said that he wanted to leave for the extra money and success. I’d have had much more respect for him.

  55. Big Raddy

    Morning All.

    Bigheads and Primadonnas Kelsey ? Who could you mean ? 😉

    I think a more pressing problem is our lack of top quality players. Every week we start the game with at least 3 players who are just not good enough.

    Funny about Hleb – could he return to the Prem ? Replacement for Modric ?

  56. kelsey

    its that we haven’t introduced like for like.Seaman,Adams,Viera,Bergkamp and Henry.I accept that we have been fortunate to have such great players and guys like Henry and bergkamp on come along every decade or so,but surely we could have bought better players than we have now.I look at our squad with maybe 3 or 4 really good players,a load of understudies and numerous kids.That is not the formula to be winning trophies IMO

  57. Big Raddy

    Steve, that is one of the problems for us armchair fans. We miss the peripheral stuff, and just follow the ball.

    Can’t wait to get to England for a game.

    Spain were great last night. Rico must have happy with Villa – what a class player.

  58. kelsey

    29 games unbeaten in over 2 years,a force to be reckoned with and remember in the Euros both Fabregas and Torres had bit parts.

    Valid point about being at a game and watching it on TV,Steve.

  59. Geoff

    Morning all, what makes me laugh about Madrid and Barca is they unsettle players like Hleb and Huntelaar then throw them away like spoilt brats.

    I think it’s funny with Hleb though, there’s a warning to Cesc if he ever needed one.

  60. kelsey

    All we here is that we are making more and more money and buying fuck all.Nasri deal took ages,dependant on Hleb leaving,Arshavin the same.30 million down the drain if we don’t get 4th spot.Strange way to run what was a successful business.