O’Neill, concentrate on the American club you sold your arse to and shut your gob.

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A message to that whiny little scrote Martin O’Neill, sod off you pillock, The FA gave all clubs involved in transfer deals extra time to sign their players, Arsenal took it, the player had his medical in time, agreed terms in time and the paperwork was in, on time.

We were working on the deal for 33 days you berk, everyone in football saw that, it wasn’t a last minute punt, grow up. if we were signing a 48 year old has been like you did the deal would have been easy, (as it was for you buying Emile Heskey) but when you buy world class stars it sometimes takes longer, esspecially as the FA and the Premier league had no staff in.

I don’t think Villa will finish in the top 6, let alone the top 4, but now I hope you get relegated, you twisted little man, you silly little insignificant twit, the FA aren’t going to change their minds so why make trouble? I used to like you and Aston Villa, now I hope you lose every game you play and Barry goes on a free.

You have small man syndrome, go and concentrate on your own team and leave people in the top four club alone, by the way, you’re not invited to join it.

Onto our superstar signing, the messiah, the saviour of Rome, the one and only – Andre Arshavin was at training yesterday, I hope he shows Arsene why he needs to play against the spuds, because I can’t wait to see him and I think he will lift the whole side just by being there playing or not playing.

I watched a clip that was sent in by a Grover yesterday which shows our Andre scoring or assisting in a bunch of goals through his career to date, if he can do that for us we’ll be challenging on every front, I can’t wait for the injured players to come back as well, we have a lot to look forward to.

Cesc again denied he wanted to return to Barcelona but we need to do something, I think making a bid for Messi should f-ck them up, also the rumour is they are going to offload Henry and bring in Gourcoff, well we should be working on that one now, in fact Gazidas should be working on all our targets now, not waiting till the summer.

If Arsenal can take a lesson out of all this it’s don’t take so long to sign someone and look at the huge lift it gives to players and fans alike, learn from it Arsenal because I feel great right now.

Not a lot to do before the Spud game so let’s concentrate on who can make the difference in that game, Djourou I think has to play as we need some hieght in there and I would be tempted to play him alongside Gallas and play Kolo in the defensive midfield slot to give us some strength.

Maybe Eduardo will get a run out as his mate Modric will be playing, might give him that little bit extra.

Have a great day Grovers, only 3 days left to have some fun! some real fun!

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  1. goonerpress

    goonerpress – I know. Im abit 50-50 with it though. Yes the money is appealing but could you live with that badge touching your heart? I just cannot imagine myself in a Spurs shirt.

  2. Angry Loner


    Seriously mate, it was closer to £3m than £7m. Those kinda transfers get bandied about by the tabloids andf they stick, even tho it was an undisclosed fee.

    Like Overmars transfer, for years he was sposed to have cost £7m when it was less than £4m.

    Go figure… But i bet its more like £3m

  3. goonerpress

    Well seems Hairy Redflap is currently sucking our balls and licking our asses in the media. Is it just to avoid the abuse at WHL? Not gonna work Harry. You are a cunt of the highest order and you will suffer!

  4. Pedro

    Angry, wiki have got that wrong.

    West Ham bid £6million for him the summer before… and monaco paid £2million for him the season before.

    Monaco would never have sold a player to Arsenal in Jnuary for a mill profit… especially if they knew what we pay for our kids…

  5. Angry Loner

    Right, thats me, gotta go… Cant wait for Sunday, if any of you lot are goin, then all the very best of British!!! Ill be the one wearing the biggest Akabusi grin in the away end!!!


    Nite y’all!!!

  6. Angry Loner


    Not even looked on Wiki, wouldnt trust that to tell me what day xmas is on!

    £7m is a figment of the media’s invention.

  7. Pedro

    If you buy someone for £2million… an offer of £3million isn’t going to tempt you to sell a year later, for a pacy young African… especially if there are 2 clubs interested… from a vastly richer league!

    Anyway… I’ll leave this one… clearly some of you have forgotten the ruling on the blog about me always being right! 🙂

  8. Stu

    Does anyone know if it was on tv? My liverpool supporting mate is convinced it wasnt on tv but i dont remember having to look for a stream and I also remember being exclusively on here while watching Van Persie score.

  9. gnarleygeorge9

    I’ve had another thought on Ade. As well as the fact he hasn’t been the same since he got rid of the braids, he stops scoring when the winter sets in. I mean they don’t have snow etc in Togo or Monaco 😉

    Just an observation.

  10. ethangunner

    ade could have a tina turner wig on GG9

    and wouldn’t make the slight bit of difference .. the UK could be 40 degrees every day and it wouldnt improve his skill either , the twat cant even score for togo !

    he’s skilless , clueless ,selfish ,lazy
    and they are his good points 🙂

  11. Ja_Gunner

    I hope Henry wins La Liga…Copa Del Rey and Champions League(if we dont win it)

    I am happy for him at least he would have won those crowns before he retires. He is scoring some headers at Barca too.

    Wenger said that Henry could have been good in the air if he wanted to be..he just does not fancy it.

  12. Stu

    His “header” today actually come off his shoulder and went te wrong way. But it still manager to fool the keeper so…….

  13. ethangunner


    in all honesty we never used to supply all that many hail mary crosses into the box in the TH14 days ..
    if we did cross it was more direct and at his feet ..

    all these fundamental changes in our game have lead up to us being less direct and less lethal infront of goal

    and that in a nut shell is why i dislike ade ..
    id rather see class and skill , its more reliable
    and suits our style of play , i only hope once the
    others return from injury wenger will use AA as a 2nd striker to RVP !

    then we can do away with him permanently !

  14. Stu

    Ade has been atrocious this season. His touch is horrible, his work rate has gone to shit, his heading has been non existent and his goal threat has been reduced to only scoring against the shit teams that try play.
    He has gone way backwards since about christmas time of last season.
    He doesn’t jump anymore, let alone win anything. He doesn’t close anyone down, hassle defenders or try win the ball-usually opting to wait on the wing for the ball so he can pass it back to the player he got it off to appear active.

  15. ethangunner


    i can see what our team needs to be successful
    and ade has never been the answer , even when he was scoring goals he needed 10 chances to create 1 goal , its just too counter productive for a team like ours to waste that many chances .. offsides , and spilling possession was always a part of ade’s game but whilst he finished some goals in 2007 people loved him ..

    But to band aid over his faults back then was a mistake , because you cannot carry on like that
    in a team like ours , and it eventually caught up with him , and he was found out .. creativity gets you goals , and he relied on others for that and he was found out wanting once these creative players left or stopped producing ..

    he is a very average striker who was in front of a very very creative midfield and got his lions share of chances and only dispatched a very small % into the back of the net even then !.

    he didnt score for 11 games this time last season and you cannot call him mister reliable !

    sure a striker cant score every game but his figures
    where in plain sight for everyone too see , but they refused to back then !

    it was disheartening for me back then that people believed in him , when i could see how average he was every week .. now he has been found wanting
    and now time has proved me right ill sing all i want 😉

  16. ethangunner

    really george he only had a good 1st 5 months til christmas 07 . he has been riding coat tails ever since.

    he scored 19 goals before christmas 07 ..

    and finished with 24 for that season .. so all of 08
    hasnt been kind for him or arsenal ! and wenger needed to do something ..

    thats why i hope he got AA as his replacement .
    long term when theo returns , cesc nasri and the DM we didnt buy (or denilson comes good ) AA will move to the 2nd strikers role a la bergkamp ..

    then i think we would have a team worth of a title challenge ..

    whilst wenger persists with song- eboue- diaby – ade
    even nik b currently we will always look 2nd rate ..

  17. 7master

    I think the red top wankers have it in for gunners? what the heck are they still going on about arshavin transfer being in doubt depsite Fa, and Premier league bigwig rubber stamping it. Also FA knows very well that Arsenal are always helpful…they manange to nick our doctors,physios and even players for vital in internationla game…I am sure if it was someone else they would have refused to sanction the transfer…So Being good has it rewards sometimes…You remember when we offered to replay the FA CUP Against sheffield united which Put FA in a tight corner to referee blunder or something…Cmon gunners.

  18. Seb

    Adebayor cost us £7m


    If you want reliable stats, use a bookie!

    We all raved about him because he offered something different.. I still think he could, but he needs to sort his diabolical form out. The continual offsides were bad enough, but now that seems to be the least of his problems.

    If we were to sell him and use Arshavin instead, we would be reducing the physical size of the squad once again, not to mention being left without a big target man. Bendtner plays where RVP plays, lying deep, and will work well with Eduardo as he has in the past. Ade still has something we could do with, it’s just a question of whether he can get a grip.

  19. Seb

    Ade cost us £7m – if you want good stats, use a bookie website!


    I think he has still has something to offer us, replacing him in the squad with Arshavin would reduce the physical size of the team again, and he has shown the ability in the past to mix it up with his strength. He plays at the top of the tree which none of our other strikers can do in the same way, Eduardo is the next most out-and-out striker and he is hardly a giant is he.

    The main thing is whether Ade can get some kind of edge back into his game. The constant offsides were bad enough, but now he seems to have lost all spark and fight. I guess the summer will be the time to decide on him, to cheaply flog off a guy who was getting £30m bids from Italy last summer would be madness.

  20. Eric S

    Wenger says Dudu need 2 more games before he is ready. According to Arsenal.com, one of the friendly game would be arranged for Dudu by Arsenal and the other game would be the international friendly for Croatia.

    So let’s help Dudu gets back his sharpness fast. Ade’s shooting is really woeful at the moment ….

  21. peachesgooner

    Morning gooner-pak

    We won the title at the scums ground but the trophy wasn’t there for us to parade in front of them.

  22. gnarleygeorge9


    I have said ade has had a shit year. I don’t think he is a shit player.

    Whereas spuds are a shit club, infact shit everything.


    The Invincibles lifted the Trophy @ Shite Hart Lane. The day Geoff had 22 pints in the spuds box, apparently. Now that is rubbing it in 🙂

  23. Seb

    We won the league at the shithole, yes, with a 2-2 draw on 26th April, but we didn’t literally lift the trophy until the last game at home to Leicester on 15th May.

  24. gnarleygeorge9

    pak…..actually they lifted the Trophy @ Highbury, but made it official @ Shitlands.

    It was a classic example of spuds going in to party mode over a draw with The Arsenal, again. Sad isn’t it.

  25. gooner-pak

    and i loved (although i didnt follow Arsenal at tht time) when i heard i from my gooner friend tht last time we lifted at shite lane

  26. ethangunner


    your right dudu also will play his part .
    but you can always presume out of RVP – AA – dudu one would be injured . if not all well and good , but having 3 spear heads are better than 2 ..

    and 3 plus nik b should be enough , with theo playing the part – time striker role also.. its more than enough .
    and vela swapping on the wings if theo moves forward.

    no room for ade .. 🙂

  27. gnarleygeorge9


    The moment Geoff wrapped his laughing gear around the 22 pint, or the clinching of the Trophy @ Shitlands?

  28. Seb

    the best statistic is always this one

    We have won the league at WHL as many times as Spurs have

    you can never hear that too many times

  29. gnarleygeorge9

    Its forecast to be 45 degrees C in Sydney tomorrow, & the authorities are predicting around 30,000 people will converge on Bondi Beach.

    Yet they can only get around 10,000 to a Rugby league game up there;)

  30. benno

    Lol which is which Gnarley, AFL is ok when the footy season finishes, Eagles are gonna struggle again though so probs wont get to into it.

  31. iceman

    So I’m guessing one of Vela or Arshavin will start on Sunday?

    Too bad AW can’t clone….we’d def have Songs & Eboues all over the place…….imagine that…..

  32. gnarleygeorge9

    Icey & kelsey Good evening to you both too. I’m really looking forward to the spuds game. I really am 😛

  33. Geoff

    Quite amazing really, a ton when I was in the Bill Nicholson suite but when I was watching, once, don’t forget 11 were drunk after the game and 11 before half time.

  34. kelsey


    sorry it was not Arsenal related but we discussed which club is entitled to wear their home kit at all times.Various answers came up,one I can now confirm that the answer was Preston North End,having made some enquiries.As they were the first team to win the League title.They are not obliged to wear an away kit,when colours clash.

  35. Stu

    Lovely! Vela is banned for 2games for Mexico so wont have to leave and Ade wants to improve his strikerate.

    Also just want to rebut this from ade: “I know I have missed some chances and need to do a bit more, but that is football – there is no player who scores 10 times out of 10, not even Pele.”

    Thats not true. Eduardo can do that, and did so for Croatia in the qualifiers. Thats just how good Eduardo is!

  36. Geoff

    Kelsey, I wish we were the same, the only two away kits I liked was the first blue Nike kit and the yellow invincibles one, the rest I don’t care for and I never liked the redcurrant one.

  37. indian_gooner

    i dont live in england so i dont know, but i was wondering why is such a big deal being made of the itv coverage fiasco during the merseyside derby? and why are there allegations it was done on purpose? was it?

  38. Goonerman

    Indian Gooner – its ridiculous to put on an ad when there is a game on. Made it worse when a goal was scored in extra time.

    Could have been a in-running betting scam!!!!

  39. gnarleygeorge9


    I’m probably showing my age here, but I would rather watch the test pattern on tele than a mersyside derby 😆

  40. indian_gooner

    ofcourse its ridiculous ..but seems like a bit of an innocuous mistake ..why would someone do it on purpose?

  41. kelsey

    I agree Geoff,the blackcurrent one was pants,just wasn’t Arsenal for me.

    On to Sunday,I hope Wenger gives Ade a rocket up his arse and tells him to play as if his life depended on it.Ade owes the fans big time,to show he was not a one season wonder.Or is that wishful thinking.

  42. dronawenger

    ads during important moments in matches, here in India it is very common in cricket telecasts and now we even have ads at the bottom of our screens during play,

    Pity we never complain, unlike our English counterparts