‘Trust in me and Arsenal, I’m a Gooner’

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Those were the words spoken by the Messiah last night, the man that aims to put the ‘S’ in silverware, he said ‘I’m a gooner’ he is already a legend and he hasn’t yet kicked a ball, what a start, this guy has lifted the spirits of every Arsenal fan I know, I can’t wait to play the spuds on Sunday.

On that note I started to think about that Scouser reject Keane, just six months ago he was saying that Liverpool, the team he had supported since he was a baby was his dream move, he even said he had a poster of a Liverpool player on his bedroom wall, well I wonder if that player was naked, I really do because as far as I can make out he well and truly f-ckd the spuds over with that move, it didn’t work out, Harry the hamster brings him back and rewards him with the captaincy, what must his team mates be thinking? Anyway enough talk of them save to say when Arshavin the gooner was asked about the Russian at shite hart lane, he said he wasn’t a friend of his, that’s double legend status already, Dennis didn’t even get that so early, we are in for some years of glory, I can feel it.

Ok so we’ll have to wait until the summer before we get in the defensive midfield man we want as well as Chelleini as our Gallas replacement but at least we now know we have plenty of money to spend on players.

How so? You may well ask. Well new CEO Ivan Gazidas said yesterday that we are not financially dependent on Champions league football, so if that is the case, it must now surely banish the nonsense that we are skint, and we also heard that from old Etonian stalwart Peter Hill-Wood and I’ve always believed him, why on earth would a member of the board lie?

So if you can imagine Arsenal with all our injured players back and our youngsters a year older (with two noticeable exceptions) we are fast becoming a dream team, yes I know we were moaning not so long ago, but now he made the signing we all knew we needed, the whole team will be lifted, we always said bringing in a star like Arshavin will lift the team so I believe we will see a new invigorated Arsenal from here on in.

Next season we will see more of Vela, Wilshere, Coquelin and Ramsey – Coquelin could well be the defensive midfielder we need, I kid you not this boy excites me, I can see in all these young’uns vast talent, I’ll leave it there with the young player thing as there are 2 maybe 3 of them that are not only not good enough, they are not really young anymore either.

So who will it be on Sunday eh? Who will play in the midfield? Well it has to be Arshavin out wide, if he plays him, if not then Vela, in the middle I would go for Nasri and Diaby and throw Jackie boy out wide as I think this game will fire him up just like it did with Liam Brady in his day.

What was interesting though was on arsenal.com they say his is a right sided midfielder who has recently been playing the role of second striker.

We know what Keane is capable of and I expect one of Lennon or Bentley on as well, if Pav is fit we’ll see him too, we know what they are capable of as it’s happened to us in two games already this season, once with the spuds and once with the scousers, so if we can sort out the defence we can let Ade and Robin rip them a new orifice, I say Ade, because I really believe he will be thinking he’s going to lose his place and will want to prove himself, no better place to do it either, he got goal of the season there last year.

I was so desperate for news and views this past few days I took a little tour around some other sites and was heartened to see we are still the focal point on many of them, so I would just like to thank them for still reading Le Grove, as they must do to comment on what we’ve written, we find it kind of flattering, no doubt you’ll be talking about us again today because you have little else of interest to amuse yourselves, but remember we never once gave up on Arshavin.

I am still so excited I may just go down to the Armoury today and get me an Arshavin 23 shirt, so I can smirk all the way to Sunday.

You all know that I was waiting to see if Arsenal banned me for my little spat with the stewards at the Liverpool game, you remember I made the mistake of standing up and singing, all laced with a bit of colourful language, well common sense has prevailed and I’m okay, but the point of over zealous stewarding got home, so hopefully we may see a little less aggression from the few who try and take away our match day experience, El Tel and Angela you are the exception, if you’re reading keep up what you’re doing because we know you do a great job, there are some jerks out there on our side too.

Have a great day today Grovers because we finally got our man and he’s wearing an Arsenal shirt, bliss, pure bliss!

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  1. Pedro

    These derbies are proper grudge matches aren’t they?

    Fellani specialises in clumsy fouling… he is quite good though…

  2. irishgunner

    I kept “My Little Pony” stuff though and New Kids On The Block stuff so I’m not a butch lesbian or anything πŸ˜€

  3. Stu

    Butch lesbians are basically men with no….(whistle sound- because i dont know how to spell sounds) :mrgreen:

    They are the lesbians that give lesbians bad names.

  4. Pedro

    I remember watching Jo Brand on TV and she said a lesbian wrote her a letter and told her to let the public know she was straight because she was giving lesbians a bad name…!

  5. irishgunner

    Dossena is first choice leftback for Italy – bring ’em on πŸ˜€ (yes I am ignoring all the other talent they have) Kevin Kilbane will make a fool of him πŸ˜†

  6. goonerpress

    If I was given the opportunity to make realistic changes to the arsenal squad, this is what I would do:


    Eboue – Β£8m
    Gallas – Β£6m
    Song – Β£3m
    Senderos – Swap for Gourcuff of AC Milan

    Total – Β£17m


    Richards – Β£9m (Can cover Eboue’s RB position and can also play CB)
    Chiellini – Β£10m
    Veloso – Β£12m
    Flamini – Β£7m
    Gourcuff – Senderos

    Total – Β£38m

    Β£38m – Β£17m = Β£21m Spent





    Van Persie,Eduardo,Bendtner,Adebayor,Simpson,Vela

    What do you guys think?

  7. Stu

    GP, the immediate problems I see there is that Silvestre is still there, Ade too, and there is no way that Milan would do a straight swap for Senderos and Gourcuff. A few million plus Phil maybe but that also depends on whether they want him or not and I doubt they would.

  8. Keyser

    Benayoun looks like Benny from ‘The Mummy’..

    Kuyt looks like Sloth from ‘The Goonies’..

    Rafa looks like Max or is it Paddy ? from ‘Phoenix nights’..

    and so on..

  9. Paulinho

    God Everton are so effin boring.

    Glad we never signed Arteta, he doesn’t do anything but sling in decent free kicks.

    Benayoun would make a great squad player for us, or would have before Arshavin came along.

  10. Stu

    Benayoun is more prolific and more productive, not as good in a tight situation and probably not as clever either.

    But i see what you mean- the amazing lack of strenght, the ability to cut inside so often and the ability with both feet. About the only similarities I notice. Any others?

  11. Stu

    I think Keyt looks more like a Vampire for whatever reason, Benayoun is like something from the Loard of the Rings and Voronin (although out on loan) is like a eurotrash pornstar-(its the ponytail that does it).

  12. Stu


    Hleb was good on the ball but not that strong. Good at avoiding challenges and wriggling his way out but couldnt hold off anyone.

  13. goonerpress

    gambon and stu – point taken on the value situation. chuck in an extra 5mil?

    Gourcuff can play on the Wing or as a AM. He could be Cesc’s quality backup.

    Think about the depth that squad would give us though? Would be an amazing squad and we would be able to challenge for all four trophies every year?

    Premiership and CL team:


    Sagna Toure Chiellini Clichy

    Rosicky Flamini Fabregas Arshavin

    Van Persie Eduardo

    FA Cup team:


    Richards Djourou Silvestre Traore

    Walcott Veloso Gourcuff Nasri

    Adebayor Vela

    Carling Cup team:


    Yout Youth Youth Gibbs

    Ramsey Diaby Denilson Wilshere

    Bendtner Simpson

    Now I’m not saying those would be my choice of teams or would be Wengers choice of teams, but Im just trying to say that we could have a quality line-up for each competition. We could rotate and players would not moan about tiredness.

  14. Biscuitbum

    I thought I`d misheard him when he said he was a gooner, then I heard him say it again. He must have been well briefed. this is the signing we all needed, and its a pity he probably wont be match-fit enough to play any part ahainst the spuds.

  15. Pedro

    I think saying Benayoun is no good in a tight situation was also a bit of an oversight… and that he lacked intelligence… look through a couple of his you tube reels if you need reminding of his skill set.

  16. Stu

    Not singling you out GP because so many others seems to do it…but why is it that when people suggest teams for next season, which includes new players etc, does noone ever exclude Almunia. Its obvious that he isnt good enough and we need to sell him but he is always there.

    I also notice Silvestre is still there!

  17. Stu

    He is fairly good but compaired to Hleb he isnt anything special. Thats where im saying there isnt a similarity. No doubt he is a good dribbler on his day but nowhere near Hleb of last season.-not that anyone else in europe was either tho.

  18. goonerpress

    Stu – True point but I just can’t see Wenger buying a keeper. I don’t know why but I just can’t. I would exclude him though.

    Silvestre will also stay there for another season and will then leave. I don’t reckon he will leave this summer unless Wenger goes on a huge re-development of the team.

  19. gambon


    There is no way Gourcuff would be a backup, hes going to the very top. Realistically we just dont need another AM. I would have him over any other AM in europe right now but wenger wont buy another one unless Rosicky has to retire.

  20. goonerpress

    gambon – Do agree with you there mate. I do think Gourcuff is an Arsenal player in the wrong shirt though. I feel Wenger may bid for him in the summer. He is going to be class!

  21. gambon

    Dont know if wenger will bid. What is obvious is he knows exactly what hes about, he tried to sign him a few years back, and he has more scouts in the french league than anyone so he cant have missed Gourcuff, whos been phenomenal.

    Unfortunately dont see it happening.

  22. Stu

    A choice of Arshavin, Gourcuff, Rosicky, Nasri and Wilshere would be amazing and surely see us win at least 1 trophy a season. Add to that Cesc in the middle and hopefully the addition of a DM, and maybe a youngster or 2 pushing into the first team. Fuck! that would be amazing.

  23. goonerpress

    gambon – Yeah did hear about Wenger being after him. But with him being at the very top at the moment, I feel Wenger will go for him. Atleast I want him to. Four players I would definately like at the club are Richards, Veloso, Chiellini and Gourcuff. Three I would definately want out are Eboue, Song and Gallas.

  24. Stu

    4players I want at the club are ….Chiellini, Toulalan, Gourcuff, Villa.

    But players we could realistically attract… Hangeland, Flamini, ?, Pogrebnyak. They would be the cheaper and more viable options.

  25. goonerpress

    Stu – Good choice of players there mate. Toulalan is an excellent player. I don’t think we could get Villa though. He’d cost to much and is very loyal to Valencia and Spain. I’d guess he would only move to Real Madrid.

  26. Stu

    OK remove Villa and swap him for…Ibisevic?

    I cant think of any forwards of the villa calibre.
    I still however would like us to buy Pogrebnyak but he is a very un Arsene type buy.

  27. goonerpress

    I wouldn’t even mind a this group : Mertesacker, Rolfes, and Schweinsteiger. Germans galore! All young and talented.

  28. Stu

    I agree GP. I think we should add some Germans to our ranks. Disciplined, organised, efficient and always perform on the big stages.

    I disagree on Mertesacker tho. Im not a fan of his. IMO he is just really tall.

  29. goonerpress

    Stu – Benzema? Fucking hell he would be good! I’ve added my list of the people I would like to fuck off.

    Eboue, Song, Gallas, Diaby and Adebayor!

    To me they are all deadwood. Adebayor will never be a top scary forward, Eboue and Song are waste and to me Diaby will never be a top quality player. Talent yes, world class no.

    Replace all those fuckers with stronger, faster, and more gifted world class players. Come on Wenger, work your magic!!!

  30. goonerpress

    Honestly, I don’t even mind Senderos back at the club.

    Bringing Senderos and Flamini back will surely give Fabregas an gigantic boner. He would be happy and back to his best again!

  31. George

    Goonerpress Β£8 MILLION FOR EBOUE! we have been very fortunate offloading very average players in the past for comparitevly big sums;Hayes to Celtic and Groves to Southampton for example but getting Β£8 million for a guy who can’t pass,shoot or think would be really something.Gallas is 31 if Iam not wrong as well and will probrably leave us for a minimum fee as no one like to pay up for anyone over 30 these days.
    Gerrard has just picked up a hamstring injury which is a massive blow to a club that has spent the equivalent of a the national debt of a small European country but only somehow ended up with 3 maybe 4 great players.
    Geoff totally agree that Diaby would should have been our preferred option in central midfield on Sunday instead of the stationary Song but unfortunately he is not only injured but suspended for the Spurs’ game.

  32. irishgunner

    Stu coincidence – some of the best loved and hardest working at Arsenal are black – Sagna, theo, gael etc

    ha ha there goes Lucas πŸ˜†

  33. goonerpress

    Stu – Very true mate. I don’t think its offence of any sort. I mean most of Wengers signings have been black and we have loved them all. Infact most of them have been the best players in the history of Arsenal. I just think there is an whole difference between European black players and African black players. Africans tend to come with a lot of attitude and seem to act very flashy. Just look at Adebayor and Eto’o as expamples. Eto’o on the otherhand is very very talented, unlike Adebayor.

    I would like to point out that I am in no way trying to offend any coloured grovers or any African people. Well there would be no point of me trying to offend coloured players as I am brown myself. Off an Indian background. πŸ™‚

  34. gazzap

    Lucas isn’t even on the pitch now! Gerrard off injured and Torres in trouble. interesting times for Rafa. cup replays can be a killer.

  35. George

    IrishGunner;I have liked Gael and Sagna’s attitudes from the off,they are what you need when the going get’s tough….a couple of lessons regarding humility,perhaps after training for Adebeyor might be in order!?

  36. Stu

    Very good point GP. The africans dont seem to be humble like Henry was or hard working in the way our other former black european players were.
    Never really thought of it like that before.

  37. irishgunner

    George – exactly. Gael has made his fair share of mistakes but he’ll keep going and going and never throws a hissy fit or looks for attention. Sagna too has a fantastic attitude as well, I didn’t hear of him before he came but he is a great buy and has a great attitude.

    Stu – Vieria had a great attitude

  38. Pedro

    Sorry Stu, what are you talking about?

    Africans aren’t humble? Kolo used to shake hands with all the cooks after each meal at the stadium… and as for Thierry being humble… please… he was the most arrogant player in Arsenal’s history.

    I think you need to move away from this race agenda thing you have going on tonight.

  39. Stu

    pft just when everyone shows up I have to leave!

    Evening Raif, my curses dont work anyways. It was all in your head! πŸ˜‰

    Pedro, i’ll drop it. No worries, not trying to cause problems.

    Night all!

  40. gazzap

    Everton are fucking shit tonight. why couldn’t they play like this against us. I tell yu why, its because Moyes hates us and wants to beat Arsenal more than any other team in football, including Liverpool. He sends his team out to kick us and run all night, because of that stupid myth that Arsenal dont like it physical. Moyes is a cunt.

  41. George

    Good or bad news for Liverpool F.C;lukas sent off on 76 mins!Most doctors would provide tapes of Liverpool games as a cure for insomnia.
    Personnally,the colour or country doesn’t come into it for me when talking about hard work and humility as every nation has footballers that make them proud and ones that make you cringe;Drogba,Bentley,Van Nistleroy,Ronaldo and last but not least Teddy Sheringham are all cunts but hail from mostly different places

  42. goonerpress

    chozzer – Can’t seem to locate the agents details mate. He’s not even registered as an agent in the FA’s directory. Every agent with an player in the Premiership has to have their information on the FA’s directory. Hmm, something dodgy here?

  43. raif

    yeah i have mate. very hard work tho and tireing. but loving it all either way lol

    so any free time i get is a welcome one πŸ™‚

    i also got a funy arshavin video uploading on youtube as we speak ill show you when its done lol

  44. George

    Van Nistleroy,Drogba,Teddy Sheringham,Ronaldo….it doesn’t matter what colour you are or where you come from as you can still be a cunt.

  45. Pedro

    Good to hear Raif! Let us know when the vid is done!

    Extra time and penalties are so much more exciting when its not your team.

  46. Rhyle

    Can anyone explain to me how SWP gets charged with violent conduct while Bosingwa gets away with it? Looking forward to hearing the FA explain that little inconsistency away…

    As for the African players…

    …when I was working for DWS Investments we sponsored Villa and I regularly hosted them with clients. In our last season (just before we were sold to Aberdeen) we were given a box for the away game at Highbury. Awesome. We were in the box right in the corner between the west and clock end, right by the player car park. Was outside having a fag (been clean for four weeks!) when Toure walked past, asked for photo which he was glad to have taken with me and then he asks if I had a pen so he could sign my programme, I didn’t so he says he’ll go and grab me one! I had stop him from running back to the dressing room to grab one…top bloke!

  47. goonerpress

    Scouse based players are all illiterate and have very low intelligence. Put 22 of them together and what would you expect? Nothing special in my opinion. Thats why the entertainment level of this FA Cup tie is boredom of the highest order. They are all confused out there. None of them what they are doing. I would be like putting 11 Song’s vs 11 Eboue’s. One team wouldn’t know how to defend, and the other wouldn’t know how to score.

  48. Rhyle

    But for my favourite Arsenal story comes courtesy of my brother via a former Arsenal player (not sure if it was Stu Taylor, John Spicer or Ryan Garry).

    Toure’s first day in training and they’re playing five a side. Toure apparently is running around like a blue arsed fly trying to impress le boss. AW blows the whistle to bring them in and whoever-it-was knocks the ball into him. Toure can’t have heard the whistle because he goes flying into a tackle on Wenger, cleaning out and sending him 6 feet in the air. Now THAT is the Kolo that I love and miss

  49. Davoody

    I’ve read lots and heard lots of idea’s about what Andrey’s new chant should be…

    I think it would be wicked to get something to fit with the main part of the russian national anthem.

    Andreeeeeeyyy Arshaaaaaaviiiiin
    Andreeeeeyyyy Arshaaaaaaviiin

    take a listen, tell me what you think?

  50. goonerpress

    I think the Toffee’s may nick this one. I hope they do! Would make me a very happy Gooner (as Arshavin would say).

  51. gazzap

    I think that would be a fitting tribute to him. AA would love to hear his national anthem belting out at Emirates. Minds you I’d love ANYTHING to be belted out at the Emirates at the moment.

  52. PDT

    Ade is a twat! He is in no way representative of African players.

    Kolo, Eboue, Song etc. are far better examples of African players. They keep their collective mouths shut.

  53. kenny smith

    raif. they need to get AC/DC on before a game to get the crowd going… im going to see them at the O2 in april :):):)

  54. raif

    AC/DC would be excellent i think.

    does anyone remember back at highbury when they used to play Gary Glitters “my gang” before each game?

    they stoped playing that and burnd the tape after he went on his Tour in the far east

  55. PDT

    What kind of response do you think Song will get if they are sold to the spuds? Will we be grateful or upset? Will we boo him for this season or for wearing a spuds shirt?

  56. gazzap

    he’d end up being the best midfielder in the prem if he went the spuds. dont like him much now, like him even less if he was a scummer.

    Reina is bloody good with penalties.

  57. raif


    i will just laugh every time he touches the ball.

    just imagine 60 thousand people shouting “HA HA”
    like that kid in the simpsons every time Song touches the ball

  58. gazzap

    did anyone’s TV go to Ads when Everton scored the goal? Fucking idiots at ITV. I sit here for ages and no goals then when there is one they fuck it up.

    good that Everton are going to win though. Fuck off Liverpool.

  59. kenny smith

    why do itv have so many commercial breaks? and why go in the middle of a match??? thats insane! they must have a contract with dairy milk to show that eyebrows shitty advart every half an hour!

  60. Maqitlarge

    someone flicked a switch accidentally as its manual breaks for this kind of event… p45 for that person in the morning

  61. Rhyle

    PDT – Probably me where you heard it mate…on here. It’s one of the stories I tend to repeat over and over and over…ad infinitum…

  62. gazzap

    steve rider giving apologies. twat. I bet the Everton fans at home were livid – they missed THE moment. definitely a sackable that one.

  63. Ja_Gunner

    Liverpool are out.

    Excellent. Now Manure must be the next big team to go.

    I doubt Arshavin will play against Tottenham but lets hope he makes his debut against Cardiff.

    He should start against Cardiff in the hole behind Van Persie.

  64. patthegooner

    And Liverpool had to play 120 mins for fuck all

    and both their key players are injured.

    Fucking Superb night.

  65. Pedro

    Rafa really shouldn’t have sold keane… what a dumb move.

    Too much of Liverpool’s season is wrapped up in Rafa’s ego…

  66. patthegooner

    Youre not wrong Pedro,

    Liverpool need to sort themselves out. Lets face it he sold Keane as he was not his signing, and to prove a point he has moved him on. If he was going to do that, He should have done it a week ago and got in a replacement.

    Keane is a fucking prick but he is a handy player, and he is better than what Liverpool now have and that is nothing after Torres.