‘Trust in me and Arsenal, I’m a Gooner’

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Those were the words spoken by the Messiah last night, the man that aims to put the ‘S’ in silverware, he said ‘I’m a gooner’ he is already a legend and he hasn’t yet kicked a ball, what a start, this guy has lifted the spirits of every Arsenal fan I know, I can’t wait to play the spuds on Sunday.

On that note I started to think about that Scouser reject Keane, just six months ago he was saying that Liverpool, the team he had supported since he was a baby was his dream move, he even said he had a poster of a Liverpool player on his bedroom wall, well I wonder if that player was naked, I really do because as far as I can make out he well and truly f-ckd the spuds over with that move, it didn’t work out, Harry the hamster brings him back and rewards him with the captaincy, what must his team mates be thinking? Anyway enough talk of them save to say when Arshavin the gooner was asked about the Russian at shite hart lane, he said he wasn’t a friend of his, that’s double legend status already, Dennis didn’t even get that so early, we are in for some years of glory, I can feel it.

Ok so we’ll have to wait until the summer before we get in the defensive midfield man we want as well as Chelleini as our Gallas replacement but at least we now know we have plenty of money to spend on players.

How so? You may well ask. Well new CEO Ivan Gazidas said yesterday that we are not financially dependent on Champions league football, so if that is the case, it must now surely banish the nonsense that we are skint, and we also heard that from old Etonian stalwart Peter Hill-Wood and I’ve always believed him, why on earth would a member of the board lie?

So if you can imagine Arsenal with all our injured players back and our youngsters a year older (with two noticeable exceptions) we are fast becoming a dream team, yes I know we were moaning not so long ago, but now he made the signing we all knew we needed, the whole team will be lifted, we always said bringing in a star like Arshavin will lift the team so I believe we will see a new invigorated Arsenal from here on in.

Next season we will see more of Vela, Wilshere, Coquelin and Ramsey – Coquelin could well be the defensive midfielder we need, I kid you not this boy excites me, I can see in all these young’uns vast talent, I’ll leave it there with the young player thing as there are 2 maybe 3 of them that are not only not good enough, they are not really young anymore either.

So who will it be on Sunday eh? Who will play in the midfield? Well it has to be Arshavin out wide, if he plays him, if not then Vela, in the middle I would go for Nasri and Diaby and throw Jackie boy out wide as I think this game will fire him up just like it did with Liam Brady in his day.

What was interesting though was on arsenal.com they say his is a right sided midfielder who has recently been playing the role of second striker.

We know what Keane is capable of and I expect one of Lennon or Bentley on as well, if Pav is fit we’ll see him too, we know what they are capable of as it’s happened to us in two games already this season, once with the spuds and once with the scousers, so if we can sort out the defence we can let Ade and Robin rip them a new orifice, I say Ade, because I really believe he will be thinking he’s going to lose his place and will want to prove himself, no better place to do it either, he got goal of the season there last year.

I was so desperate for news and views this past few days I took a little tour around some other sites and was heartened to see we are still the focal point on many of them, so I would just like to thank them for still reading Le Grove, as they must do to comment on what we’ve written, we find it kind of flattering, no doubt you’ll be talking about us again today because you have little else of interest to amuse yourselves, but remember we never once gave up on Arshavin.

I am still so excited I may just go down to the Armoury today and get me an Arshavin 23 shirt, so I can smirk all the way to Sunday.

You all know that I was waiting to see if Arsenal banned me for my little spat with the stewards at the Liverpool game, you remember I made the mistake of standing up and singing, all laced with a bit of colourful language, well common sense has prevailed and I’m okay, but the point of over zealous stewarding got home, so hopefully we may see a little less aggression from the few who try and take away our match day experience, El Tel and Angela you are the exception, if you’re reading keep up what you’re doing because we know you do a great job, there are some jerks out there on our side too.

Have a great day today Grovers because we finally got our man and he’s wearing an Arsenal shirt, bliss, pure bliss!

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  1. Stu

    Theo would have been much more suited to out counter attackng teams because now thats its all passing he gets a bit lost and crowded out with no space to run into. He lacks the on the ball intellegence to succeed with the crab football we play now. But hes getting there…..

  2. London

    I certainly agree that I expect Theo to blossom into one of the best forwards we have ever had but at the moment he still seems to trip over the ball more often that he should.

  3. Stu

    Its amazing what Hoffenheim are doing in Germany. They only just came up and are top of the table half way through and still unbeaten at home.

  4. Iqwoo

    I can see Eboue leaving during the summer, Randall to do a Lupoli on us. Probably 1 big name leaving, most probably Gallas and Henry to retire soon and returning to mentor Walcott.

  5. Iqwoo

    Adebayor to leave and have a quiet season in the Serie A as the curse continues. We’ll let him off for maximum 20million by then, he’ll be a little too old for our team.

  6. Geoff

    Stu but they are funded by a billionaire!

    Randall I don’t rate much and I have to say there are quite a few I don’t rate, but it’s the ones in our first team that are shit that bother me the most.

    Irish I think everyone blogged themselves out after the window closed, it’s called post transfer window traumatic stress!

  7. patthegooner

    Evening fellow Grovers

    So Apparently Martin O’neill is going to use his game tonight to voice his concerns over the validity of the Arshavin transfer

    I wonder if he will mention the loan move of Stephen Kelly from Birmingham to Stoke that only happened this afternoon!!!!

    Hope he does have a pop, it will show that the pressure is on him.

  8. patthegooner

    I think Song has a future at Arsenal, as a Ball Boy.

    Seriously unless he is the ultimate late developer, I just cant see it, You would have thought that he would have shown at least some improvment by now.

    He is not and will not ever be good enough to play at this level and I just hope that once we secure 4th, that Wenger uses the summer to clear out the players that obviously won’t make it and either promote Youth that will make and buy some ready made replacements

  9. irishgunner

    Pat – Yep. The FA have stated a number of other transfers were stamped even later than the Arshavin one but as usual the meeja hear what they want to. O’Neill would do well to not open his gob

  10. Stu

    In the summer I can see Eboue and either Ade or Gallas moving on.

    But if I were to decide I would let the following go (and obviously replace them):
    Gallas, Silvestre, Eboue, Song, 1 of Diaby or Denilson and Ade.

    I would consider keeping Almunia because he wouldnt be a bad 2nd choice to Fabianski.

  11. ron india

    i think the best formation for arsenal when everyone is fit is 4-2-3-1






  12. gambon

    Definately keep Denilson, he can be a great back up to Cesc. Wenger clearly likes him as he is way ahead of Diaby, Song in the pecking order.

  13. gambon

    Ron, Fabregas and Nasri will never play together, he wont even use Nasri as a replacement for Cesc let alone with him.

  14. goonerpress

    Evening Grover’s. How are we all today?

    Norwegian Bergkamp – They haven’t got back yet mate. I don’t think they want to give me any information lol. Oh well, will wait a bit more.

  15. kenny smith

    alright folks… So pleased to have the arshavin thing over and done with now. i just hope he gets fit as soon as possible. i dont think ive ever been this excited to see a footbal player play for us.

    Not taking anything away from anyone else its just we are doing shit this season frankly.

    Im so excited i even have a pic of him holding his arsenal shirt as my desktop background

  16. ron india

    fabregas started his carrer as a dm…so it will be no problem for him fitting in that role…..plus atleast he will do better defending then denilson or diaby do at the moment….

  17. Stu

    Seems everyone wants Alonso then. But will we get him?

    If we cant then I would prefer shopping in Germany because they are great players imo. Technically good and disciplined, just what we need.

  18. gambon

    Ron, using Cesc as a DM would be a monumental waste of talent. Even Barca, the most attacking team ive ever seen recognise the need for a couple of tough DMs in the squad.

    Cesc is no DM, nor should he ever be used in that way.

  19. Stu

    Ron, Gallas started as a striker, Toure as a midfielder, Cashley was also a striker.
    Should all them play their childhood/reserve positions?

    It would be a massive waste putting Cesc at Dm because clearly, as last season showed, he is far better as an attacking midfielder.

  20. ron india

    if we need to buy a dm matuidi……should be the buy watched his performance for saint ettine against lyon man of the match…….kept benema and juninho quiet…no easy job..has been outstanding all season

  21. kenny smith

    cant see cesc as a dm sorry guys. he is too creative and he lacks the height and strength to be a DM. He also isnt that fast and if a players gets past him he usually struggles to catch up

  22. irishgunner

    Kenny – yep he’s top class. I’d rob him and Torres from Liverpool in a heartbeat. Even Alonso would make me very happy, I think we have a small chance of getting him.

  23. Stu

    Alonso is just deep lying playmaker, not a traditional defensive midfielder. Mascherano does most of the work to make Alonso look good.

  24. gambon

    Yes, Matuidi is very good, clairefontaine trained and very similar physical style to coquelin. I would prefer someone a bit bigger ideally but he would certainly keep Song away from the team.

  25. kenny smith

    fuck it just bring coquelin in now! Maybe thats a bit too optimistic at the moment but if Coquelin isnt playing th DM role in all of next seasons carling cup games instead of Randall ill really not be impressed

  26. Stu

    I watched Leverkusen play recently, their DM (Rofles) is also their captain, a german international and only about 25. I dont know anything about him tho but if he has accomplished that much then i think we should seriously consider him.

    Seriously, im pushing for a few German additions (or at least german based players).

  27. Stu

    Song is at best a CC quality back up. Nothing more. He should never have been given a contract with us without proving his worth because he is getting money and taking up space that could have been given to a far better player.

  28. ron india

    i think rofles is an attack minded player and one who can also play on the left side of midfield …..we should consider appiah for a short term deal

  29. gambon

    Jan Vertonghen @ Ajax would be a good signing, i remember wenger saying he is keeping close tabs on a number of young belgians when he denied the kompany thing.

    Mathieu Bodmer will probably be available in the summer from Lyon, id take him any day.

  30. ron india

    according to repots..henry the great will be sold next summer by barca and they have lined up villa…..why not just bring henry back next season and sell ade ……who at the moment is doing nothing but missing chances……

  31. patthegooner

    Essien from Chelsea, I reckon they will continue to sell to buy and will want funds for Robinho

    I would be happy if that was our only summer signing and we let go of Eboue and Song

  32. Stu

    I wouldnt be opposed to Vertonghen. He was even stand in captain while Stekelenberg was injured so he is obviously held in high regard at Ajax. I would also like the idea of buying straight from Ajax because so many of their ex players become great players that we cant afford when they are proven at another club.

    Vermaelen is another Belgian at Ajax. Also highly rated and young.

  33. Stu

    Essien is a dirty fucker. Always trying to break players legs and feigning injury to try get away with it. Great player tho and way outside our budget.

    I agree ptg, I think Henry will go to the states because rumour has it he will retire soon, maybe over there.

  34. Sion De Freitas

    I think Blaise Matuidi would be a decent signing for us, but I think Wenger is keeping an eye on Coquelin, hence why there might not be a DM coming in potentially, I think a stop-gap should be brought in, maybe Appiah???

  35. irishgunner

    What about Witsel of Standard Liege? Although haven’t seen much of him lately, he’s only 20 too so perhaps not experienced enough.

  36. ron india

    inler will be available in the summer for 10m……but has been poor this season….hope he is not a one season wonder…

  37. patthegooner

    He is dirty and we need a bit of that,

    I dont think he will be out of our bracket, I reckon given his lack of games this season and that Chavski buy high sell low, I think he may be surplus to requirement and 15m would seal the deal.

    Imagine this 5 man midfield

    Arshavin, Nasri, Cesc, Essien, Rosicky

  38. Sion De Freitas

    Inler keeps saying he dont wanna come though, I would forget about Inler.

    I would think twice about a DM simply because of Coquelin, but I do think a stop-gap should be brought in. I personally think (and hope lol) Denilson & Diaby will come good though, very soon.

  39. Stu

    Wenger wont pay 10m for Inler after the shocker of a season hes having.

    Irish, is it Witsel or the other guy from Liege that is a fellow gooner? Either way they are both highly rated.

  40. ron india

    alonso will be tough to buy……because president candidates are using him as bargaining chips for the elections for next president of real madrid…..

  41. gambon

    Witsel is an attacking mid.

    Essien would never be 15m, for one hes the last person theyd sell, and if they did there would be 10 clubs willing to pay more than us.

  42. patthegooner

    I would bring one in Sion,

    Even if Coquelin does come through that quick, we have a shocking lack of depth in that position.

    Personally I think neither Denilson or Diaby or Song are going to be that good.

    You can see the class shine out in Coquelin but the three mentioned have been around a bit now, and they are not showing signs of being world class in my books and forget sentiment, world class is what we need.

  43. irishgunner

    Stu – Witsel is the DM at Liege, the other guy you are thinking of is Defour the playmaker, think he’s a Gunner too 🙂

    Ron – Madrid will look for a bigger name than Alonso. I can honestly see Kaka going there.

  44. irishgunner

    Witsel used to be a wing player but has been converted to a DM and Defour is their attacking player in the middle

  45. patthegooner

    I dont know Gambon, they have Lumpalard, Ballack and Mikel.

    I dont think Abramovich is going to release many funds in the summer, and the chances are a new guy will be at the helm who will want his own players.

    I think 15m will get him, remember as well he is 26/27.

  46. Stu

    I would definately buy because even if Coquelin does move into the first team he still wont be ready for a starting berth for at least 2-3 more years at best.

  47. patthegooner

    Yeah I think Kaka is a banker for Madrid in the Summer. and no doubt Adebayor to Milan could be on again too,

    Hopefully we will snap their hand off this time.

  48. Stu

    Lucas is like the Eboue of Liverpool. Obviously not as bad but always starts ahead of better players despite being shit whenever he plays.

  49. Sion De Freitas

    I think Diaby & Denilson will be world-class, Pat. I do believe that they are taking their time about it though lol, and we really don’t need anyone taking their time right now.

    Song I have major doubts about, he just doesnt have the urgency at all. Diaby I have very high hopes for though, I think he could be magnificent for us if he pulls his finger out his ass. Denilson is the same, he was a beast when he first came, now hes being a pussy, but I think they will have a major and fast spurt into form very soon, not to sound too much like Arsene but I “believe” they can. lol

  50. patthegooner

    I also have a feeling that given another 6 months of financial troubles and job losses will have a knock on effect and apart from Man City and Tottenham (who have employed a number of armed robbers who knock over a post office every week, its the only explanation) I dont think there will be a lot of money going around. Players will be worth a bit less I reckon.

    Also the PL TV rights are up again this summer, and I seriously doubt that they will get a huge amount again.

  51. ron india

    bad news…..risse is a doubt for cl clash against us…hope he is fit at least he will score some goals for us……

  52. Stu

    Im sure Diaby and Denilson will become great players but there just isnt time or room for them both to do t here. One of them will have to go in the summer to release some funds and allow better players to come in.

  53. patthegooner


    You are basically saying that Diaby and Denilson are going to referred to in the same vein as the likes of Vieira, Keane, Gerrard?

    They might be PL class (Denilson Certainly, Diaby maybe) but imo I dont think either will ever be classed as world class.

  54. gambon

    Irish, other way round, he was a DM in the superb belgian youth teams but has become more attacking, it doesnt look like he will revert as he is very good in an attacking role.

  55. Stu

    Im the other way Sion. I cant see Diaby getting the consistency or fitting into a 4-4-2 formation. Hes not productive enough for an attacker not does he have any attributes usually associated with defensive players.

  56. irishgunner

    Gambon – He looked good as a DM too. He looks like a very good player either way.

    Stu – We could loan him to Stoke and he can sit on their bench and then Trap would pick him 😀

  57. Sion De Freitas

    Stu, I understand, I have been disappointed with Diaby’s inconsistent displays.

    My friend is even more of a Diaby fan than I am, he thinks he could potentially be better than Vieira!!!

  58. metronome

    disappointed that Coquelin is injured but i like the look of henderson
    here he’s decided to play for england but not 100%

  59. kelsey

    evening patthegooner,

    I agree but they are having to play without a mentor.Both should be understudies,but we have had this debate before and we don’t have that experience to teach them.

  60. irishgunner

    On one site it says Henderson has declared for Ireland on another it says England – think Brady would tell him who he SHOULD be playing for!!

  61. patthegooner

    True Kelsey

    But both have been a bit of a dissapointment for me. Denilson did look quite good in his first season but has dipped since. Again Diaby looked good as well, but it is like they both still make the mistakes that we passed off as youthful inexperience in their first year.

    Denilson is still 20 so I think there is more chance of him developing further, but Diaby is 22, we are not talking about an 18yr old and I just dont think he is going to make it at the highest level.

  62. irishgunner

    Would be a pity if we didn’t get him in the Irish set -up. We’d have him and that young guy is Scotland James McCarthy coming through, better than Gibson and Whelan!!!

  63. Stu

    Diaby doesnt score many, rarely gets assists, cant tackle, doesnt track back, looses the ball far too much but still has the ability to do a bit of magic once a game.

    Denilson does most of the above too but is more productive so has a slightly better chance of improving enough to make it here due mostly to his age.

    Even tho Diaby is just 2 years older he has been here in the team a little longer and should have done a lot more than he has.

  64. Pedro

    Stu, I don’t think you can write Diaby off just yet… he might be older, but he’s been injured a majority of his Arsenal career.

    Denilson and Diaby both have plenty of scope for improvement… and I think Denilson has come on a lot this season.

  65. Pedro

    If he applies himself, the coach will have to find him a place!

    I am sure Arshavin said he wasn’t fit for Spurs… is that right?

  66. Stu

    Thats right Pedro. Not sure if he has his work permit as of yet either. But if he gets that he might be on the bench.

  67. Pedro

    I’m sure we’ll despatch the scum without him… if there is a game you’d hope the players would be up for… it is this one!

  68. gambon

    Hamsik is superb, but i feel (apart from maybe replacing Ade) we need to concentrate on bringing great defensive players in now.

  69. irishgunner

    I went snooping – Henderson has chosen Ireland and was in the U-19 team at 16. He is on the FAI website but not the FA website so just hoping he doesn’t change his mind. He was in the Carling Cup squad but had to get an operation on his cruciate ligament but is now in the CL squad.

    Jeez hope he makes it, not been anyone decent and Irish at Arsenal in a while.

  70. irishgunner

    Hamsik will have to be dragged from Napoli kicking and screaming because Napoli have a long term plan and Hamsik and Lazzerri (spelling) are big in their plans. Not going too bad for them so far.

  71. Stu

    Im hoping that Everton win on penalties.

    That will piss pool off, give everton more games and increase the pressure on Rafa.

  72. gambon

    I think O Cereal went to brighton maybe?

    Graham Bareett was a big old bastard.

    My local team, Crawley, recently signed Isiah Rankin & Paolo Vernazza.

  73. irishgunner

    Not sure where Barrett is gone – he was in the lower leagues in England but not sure now.

    O’Ceauraill (however you spell it) was with St.Pats in Ireland last season but hs left now now sure if he is still in Ireland though

  74. Pedro

    Gambon, last time I checked Vernazza was playing for Dagenham and Redbridge.

    Rankin was our top reserve scorer, right?

  75. Pedro

    Stu, a team that can’t offer European football won’t be able to turn an offer like that down twice. Why would he stay? That would be like expecting Wigan to keep hold of their star players.

  76. irishgunner

    Pedro – £16 and ATVO is a massive bid for us? Did we even offer that much for Arshavin, ATVO is priceless 😀

  77. gambon

    Yeah, it seems Vernazza is at Woking. He was at Crawley when we beat them in preseason.

    Lupoli went to sheff u didnt he the other day?

  78. London

    Bloody hell Irish you know your football! Did you just by pass the dolly playing stage as a child and go straight into collecting Arsenal football programmes.

  79. irishgunner

    London – I had two dolls when I was small – they got thrown out because I needed room in my press to house some footballs 😀