‘Trust in me and Arsenal, I’m a Gooner’

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Those were the words spoken by the Messiah last night, the man that aims to put the ‘S’ in silverware, he said ‘I’m a gooner’ he is already a legend and he hasn’t yet kicked a ball, what a start, this guy has lifted the spirits of every Arsenal fan I know, I can’t wait to play the spuds on Sunday.

On that note I started to think about that Scouser reject Keane, just six months ago he was saying that Liverpool, the team he had supported since he was a baby was his dream move, he even said he had a poster of a Liverpool player on his bedroom wall, well I wonder if that player was naked, I really do because as far as I can make out he well and truly f-ckd the spuds over with that move, it didn’t work out, Harry the hamster brings him back and rewards him with the captaincy, what must his team mates be thinking? Anyway enough talk of them save to say when Arshavin the gooner was asked about the Russian at shite hart lane, he said he wasn’t a friend of his, that’s double legend status already, Dennis didn’t even get that so early, we are in for some years of glory, I can feel it.

Ok so we’ll have to wait until the summer before we get in the defensive midfield man we want as well as Chelleini as our Gallas replacement but at least we now know we have plenty of money to spend on players.

How so? You may well ask. Well new CEO Ivan Gazidas said yesterday that we are not financially dependent on Champions league football, so if that is the case, it must now surely banish the nonsense that we are skint, and we also heard that from old Etonian stalwart Peter Hill-Wood and I’ve always believed him, why on earth would a member of the board lie?

So if you can imagine Arsenal with all our injured players back and our youngsters a year older (with two noticeable exceptions) we are fast becoming a dream team, yes I know we were moaning not so long ago, but now he made the signing we all knew we needed, the whole team will be lifted, we always said bringing in a star like Arshavin will lift the team so I believe we will see a new invigorated Arsenal from here on in.

Next season we will see more of Vela, Wilshere, Coquelin and Ramsey – Coquelin could well be the defensive midfielder we need, I kid you not this boy excites me, I can see in all these young’uns vast talent, I’ll leave it there with the young player thing as there are 2 maybe 3 of them that are not only not good enough, they are not really young anymore either.

So who will it be on Sunday eh? Who will play in the midfield? Well it has to be Arshavin out wide, if he plays him, if not then Vela, in the middle I would go for Nasri and Diaby and throw Jackie boy out wide as I think this game will fire him up just like it did with Liam Brady in his day.

What was interesting though was on arsenal.com they say his is a right sided midfielder who has recently been playing the role of second striker.

We know what Keane is capable of and I expect one of Lennon or Bentley on as well, if Pav is fit we’ll see him too, we know what they are capable of as it’s happened to us in two games already this season, once with the spuds and once with the scousers, so if we can sort out the defence we can let Ade and Robin rip them a new orifice, I say Ade, because I really believe he will be thinking he’s going to lose his place and will want to prove himself, no better place to do it either, he got goal of the season there last year.

I was so desperate for news and views this past few days I took a little tour around some other sites and was heartened to see we are still the focal point on many of them, so I would just like to thank them for still reading Le Grove, as they must do to comment on what we’ve written, we find it kind of flattering, no doubt you’ll be talking about us again today because you have little else of interest to amuse yourselves, but remember we never once gave up on Arshavin.

I am still so excited I may just go down to the Armoury today and get me an Arshavin 23 shirt, so I can smirk all the way to Sunday.

You all know that I was waiting to see if Arsenal banned me for my little spat with the stewards at the Liverpool game, you remember I made the mistake of standing up and singing, all laced with a bit of colourful language, well common sense has prevailed and I’m okay, but the point of over zealous stewarding got home, so hopefully we may see a little less aggression from the few who try and take away our match day experience, El Tel and Angela you are the exception, if you’re reading keep up what you’re doing because we know you do a great job, there are some jerks out there on our side too.

Have a great day today Grovers because we finally got our man and he’s wearing an Arsenal shirt, bliss, pure bliss!

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  1. Seb

    bah! foiled again πŸ˜€

    and as for that eejit Keane, I don’t expect to see anything from him without his pal Berbs to set him up.

    Remember, our Russian’s better than their Russian!

  2. gunnerfever

    quality post geoff, le grove is the only place that makes us gooners proud coz its unbiased and downright honest, once a grover always a grover.

  3. PDT

    Geoff, you are right, we aren’t skint. We are rich, but our board’s full of misers.

    Same result, except the board gets to gloat over the doubloons while we rejoice at getting Arshavin, where we really needed a CB and a DM and a goalkeeper! We get one out of four and we are delirious with joy!

  4. GMR

    How comes the media are up to their usual bleating about how Arsenal have broken the rules to sign Arshavin, yet nothing has been said about the fact the spuds fielded an ineligible player (Palacios) against Bolton. He had a two game suspension for having 10 yellow cards but having signed for the spuds they had played two cup games both of which he was cup tied for, therefore his suspension should have made him miss the Stoke & Bolton league games.

    If we somehow get fourth spot you just know this Arshavin stuff will run & run because Villa will complain, just like the West Ham/Sheff Utd row.

  5. PDT

    Reality check time – I don’t think Arshavin will be on the team list till Fulham. And my guess is that he will be on the bench against Fulham.

    Please, please, please, let me be wrong!

  6. Arsenal Tom

    good post geoff!! wish i could share your optimism though!!!

    villa go to blackburn on saturday, they’ll probably destroy them which means we have to win…

  7. chozzer

    Did everyone know that 3rd place guarantees qualification into the group phase of the CL this year?
    Something to aim for.

  8. Arsenal Tom

    PDT… i think your right, apparently he needs to go back to russia to sort out a working visa or something… we’ll see the usual suspects against spurs…

    nas, song, denilson, eboue

    that will be our midfield unless diaby isnt as injured as we thought

  9. Richaldo from the North Bank Highbury



    Come on you Reds!!!!!!

    First day i’ve ventured into work this week, and i’m going to spend it watching Arshavin Clips on youtubes

    Life is good

  10. didee

    i agree Arsha is already a gooner legend wt statements like ‘he is no friend of mine’, ‘i hope to make the supporter happy’, ‘i like SOME of their Players’

    the guy clearly understands its war wit any spud, SOME of our players are Shite and football is all about the fans

  11. PDT

    If AW plays Arshavin on the wing and Nasri in the centre till Cesc is back, and keeps Song off the team, we will finish 2nd or 3rd.

  12. London

    Gazidas and PHW’s comments, about being able to survive if we don’t get CL football next year, can be interpreted in so many ways. I choose to view them as an attempt to take the pressure off of Wenger in the hope that with a bit less pressure he will be able to achieve the goal that we want.

  13. charybdis1966

    Morning all, first off Geoff must be applauded for showing leadership qualities by not panicking when it seemed the deal may have been off.
    He was the only voice on here that told us consistently and firmly not to worry while the other sites, and some bloggers here, were saying the deal was dead in the water.
    Additionally I’d like to apologise to Ken Friar as I’d written him off as a useless old git(or something similar) regarding his negotiating abilities. I know he’ll never see this but my own conscience requires I make this cyber apology.
    4.50pm yesterday was when the dark clouds of depression lifted – for what seems like the first time in an age the club has finally given us something to smile about.

  14. PDT

    We should sell Diaby. He is permanently crocked! But at least he has a slavage value. Eboue and Song don;t even have that.

  15. Geoff

    Good man gunnerfever and good morning all!

    GMR Arsenal need to challenge the FA on the validity of the transfer right now so we don’t have that fiasco at the end of the season when we win the league.

  16. Arsenal Tom

    iceman… shit i forgot that… then we are guaranteed the pleasure of watching either song or eboue doing fuck all for at least an hour

  17. Henrythe14th

    seriously though just imagine when all our guys are back with walcott cesc rossicky eduardo arshavin robin. There is no way we could fail to score. And if we finally sign someone like yaya we will be better then barcelona. Hleb would wish he can return!!

  18. gnarleygeorge9


    They will destroy them, Blackburn are solid under Sam. lets reel them in.

    Nice post Geoff, with a smirk πŸ˜†

  19. PDT

    London, Gaz and PHW must be complete morons if they think their words have any influence on AW. He creates his own pressure – more than anything PHW and Gaz can aspire to. He is a supremely competitive man, very aware of his “legacy” and will do whatever he believes it takes to finish in the top 4.

    The problem is not with motivation, the problem is with what AW believes is our best XI

  20. Rick Metz

    Let’s not be fickle. I was overjoyed watching Arshavins first interview. A legend in the making. However I don’t see Wenger playing him against the Spuds and instead will continue with Eboue, Song, Denilson and Ade

  21. Gozza

    I am so happy that this absolutely talented player has joined us, now we are only destined for success.

    RVP ( c ) Eddie

    Nasri Arshavin (Fab or Diaby) Rosicky

    Gallas Silvestre Toure Sagna


    Benchers: Theo, Djourou, Fabianski, Adebayor, Bendtner, Clichy

    And a new song (better than those I’ve seen on other blogs today).

    We love you ARSHAAAAANIN









  22. Davoody

    I would like to get a petition going for Pedro & Geoff to replace the spuds shirt in the ‘up coming game box’ on this site to something more appropiate. I nearly brought my breakfast back up seeing that this morning.

    Any Idea’s on what we could put in it’s place that is deemed less offensive???

    A picture of yesterdays favorite word perhaps?

  23. RockStone

    Morning all Geoff et all,

    I was impressed that AA23 interviewed in English (better English than Hleb!).

    Really looking forward to the boys stepping it up on Sunday…..BRING IT!!!

  24. Jules

    Morning geoff and All

    my poxy virgin media server was down from 4pm yeaterday so I missed the fun with my fellow grovers so a belated . yyyeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!

    The guy is a fucking legend , ” im a gooner “. Quality . I love the bloke already .

    also , as i said last night , he looks strong for his side , don,t think he will take any shit , tough little fucker as well as skillfull and bloody quick .

  25. gnarleygeorge9

    Stick him on the bench, so that he can sit & saviour what its like to hate spuds. It could be the making of him.

  26. PDT

    Oh, BTW, Arsh has a stinging shot from distance, just like Rosicky, so I am guessing Pat Rice has prepared a hypnosis CD for him which goes “Thou shalt not shoot, thou shalt not shoot..”

  27. London


    Good answer, although it must be difficult fielding your best team with so many key players being unavailable.

  28. Jules


    the best thing about this aswell is that we might see
    a bit more of the pace and power to our game that we used to play with .

    right , i will stand by my word . to the ticket hub .

    see , Arsene , we all said , give us a lift .it works

    ( still , would like a def mid though! )

  29. gnarleygeorge9


    Remember Guus used to leave Cullina on the PSV bench, with no intention of playing him, so that he could soak up the pressure of big footy games. Result he was a star in the World Cup with Guus.

  30. benno

    I dunno, he seemed keen in the interivew about not being fit now but maybe by friday. That shows more motivation and a better attitude to playing than Song and Ade already, surely thats worth something and also he cant be any less fit than Huddlestone can he? and he’s at least 10 times as skillful

  31. PDT

    iceman, the first two goals in Euro2004 were scored by Rosicky from distance. Both were scorchers!

    And then he came to tghe Arsenal and stopped shooting.

  32. Swedish Bstrd

    Even though he is suspended for the weekend. Something new about Diabys injury? It looked bad since he stayed down. I remember he stood up shouting after that w*nker in Sunderland who broke his foot and now he was down on the ground. Hamstring on the back of thigh is my guess and that it is long time..

  33. stav

    Great interview in English…what a bloke! I cant wait for him to settle in with Fab, Eduardo & RVP…quality. He wont play Sat unfortunately and i know we are all desperate for him to make a differnce, but lets give him a chance to settle before we all start moaning that he hasnt scored a hat trick in the first couple of games. Also, i couldnt agree more about Coquelin, he will the man in Cm along side the playmaker ( Fab )

  34. PDT

    Agree, London, it must be difficult to be in Arsene’s shoes, but I am sure the 6 million makes it a little easier. We can afford to suggest the most outrageous lineups but he is the one who has to live with the decisions he makes. I am sorry for him, but I also think that he made his own bed, so….

  35. Evo in Oz

    yeah i thought diaby would be out for ages going by his reaction to the injury he picked up, yet he is suspended, but is ready to play otherwise, how can that be?

  36. PDT

    Guys, I haven’t seen much of Coquelin, but do you really think he will be ready next year. My guess is that he will be sitting on the bench like LJW.

  37. GMR

    I’ve been reading through this spud thread which someone told me about. A spud site that dedicated a forum post about Arshavin joining Arsenal. The thread started in early January & it’s really funny as there’s a guy called gutterboy (good name for a spud really) who insists Arsenal will never sign Arshavin because spuds have an agreement with Zenit for 18.5 million upfront & that they have to sell to spuds unless someone offers more before the 16th Jan.

    If anyone’s bored at some point today have a read through it, at the end you can tell they’re scared as they are all hoping his visa doesn’t come through in time or that he isn’t fit enough to be in the squad.


  38. Goonerman

    I think I would like to give up my season Ticket in Block S and take up a seat in a Block dedicated to Le Grove Bloggers.

    Then we can sing and dance and celebrate together. Vieira Vieira…….
    Archie Archie……

    Get organising Geoff.

  39. London

    We must have crossed wires PDT as I can’t believe that you are suggesting that Wenger could have avoided the injuries which have had such a disruptive affect on the teams he has been forced to field.

  40. gnarleygeorge9


    “Same old arsenal always cheating” ?

    Spuds are deluded. 48 years in the widerness. Fuck me Moses only spent 40 in the same place @ apparently that was a life time.

  41. Wardo

    morning all,

    Good post geoff…….

    I’m struggling to keep up witht eh speed of posts this morning…..

    Duke, I like your “he speaks better english than Gerrard” v.funny.

    When we have all our players available and just a couple of injuries (song, Eboue) some team is gonna get it big time…….

  42. gnarleygeorge9


    To be honest no. I spose I’m feeling abit like my old man used to when blokes started growing there hair long πŸ™‚

  43. PDT

    London, I am not suggesting he could have avoided the injuries. But he could have assembled a squad with a little more experience where the 1st backup player is not 17 years old. He also should have played Nasri in the middle instead of Song, etc., etc., etc.

    My point is that we can afford to make all the suggestions we want, because we aren;t held accountable for those decisions. Wenger is accountable for taking the team decisions (including the size and depth of the squad) and he has now made his own bed by being 13 points off the pace and 5 points behind Villa.

  44. kelsey

    Does anyone else think that we bought AA as a safegaurd if Rosicky never gets back to the player he was or just to add quality to the team,which he certainly will.
    One tabloid again linked Bedntner with a loan move, this time to City,yet Wenger was reluctant to let it happen in case the AA transfer didn’t go through,which I find a little bit difficult to understand.

  45. PDT

    Wardo, it’s the adrenaline! The Arsh signing has raised our spirits to a point where we thing (and type) much faster!

  46. GMR

    GG9 – The Spuds got lucky this time because there is no way Arshavin can play, the chances of him getting injured would be so high that Wenger at most would give him 10 minutes at the end, personally though I doubt he’ll even be in the squad for this game.

    I think spuds will spend their lives as deluded fools. There is one comment on there saying how we’ll miss out of the CL this year & that next year Arsenal will be competing with Spuds for 5th spot. I doubt spuds will even be in the premier league by next season, no wonder their fans are hated.

  47. Wardo

    GMR…..looks like the spuds are worried. However, and sadly, I dont think he’ll play this weekend…..

    I would love him to get the last 30-20 mins tho…..Imagine we’re winning by 2/3 goals and we bring on Arshavin…….it’d be a better sub than the last time that happened!!!! They’d shit their pants I reckon and Arry neck twitch would go into overdrive.

  48. PDT

    London, its like if I miss my sales quota, no one comes and gives me a pat on the back and says “Bad luck, mate – the market’s down”. I just get a far smaller pay-check.

    It should be the same with Wenger.

  49. PDT

    Look at the words AW used at his press conference – “Impact player” and such like.

    He is looking to bring him on as a sub for the immediate future and let Nasri play on the wing with Song in the centre…

    Please, please, please, let me be wrong!

  50. Rasputin

    Hi Grovers – it’s your Russian correspondent here!

    I can confidently forecast that the AA will get our season back on the road and inject that ‘Bergkampesk’quality back into our attacking play. Its clear that RVP and Cesc like to play with footballers of their own standard (it’s pointless top pass the ball to someone you know is going to give it away!).

    Spot on Geoff – the idea of having AA, Nasri, Cesc and RVP (possibly Mozart) on the pitch together is mouthwatering.

  51. gnarleygeorge9

    Hey! If there are any spuds reading this. We are going to wipe you like a dirty arse. Its pay back πŸ˜†

  52. Big Dave

    2 Things I really really really hate that C**t Keane more then anything.

    Also we need a good catchy song for our new arrival who we can rely on the AA

  53. Wardo

    PDT…….dont think AW will sigh a player for that amount of money to bring on as a sub.

    I think AW means that he will contribute alot to our team…..

  54. rico01

    Morning Everyone…

    I really hope AA comes off the bench against the Spuds, the reception he will receive will be awesome, he will only then know just how much he is welcome and how his decision to come to us is so very right…. Just thinking about it give me goose bumps πŸ˜‰

    Oh to be there ….

  55. Rasputin

    What’s the betting TT ups his game and effort now there is real competition for his position. Let’s hope he gets his ‘dream move’ in the summer and someone is stupid enough to pay us 20m plus

  56. Duke

    I hate Keane Big Dave, but that dosent stop him from being in one of my fav memories when almunia saved his penalty and Nikki scored with his 1st touch. πŸ˜€

  57. PDT

    We still need a good defensive coach and a goalkeeper. I can live without the DM and the CB. But the defensive coach and goalkeeper are non-negotiable.

    We need those two for a sustained challenge for #2/3 this year.

    I understand that getting a GK on loan is tough, but the least AW should do is give Keown a three month contract to the end of the season.

  58. graham

    he’s fast
    he’s fleet
    and scores with both feet
    he’s our baby faced
    Russian ace

    Arshavin!Arshavin! Woooo

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  59. Big Raddy

    No you are not PDT. I think the kid had enormous potential, IF he can stay injury free.

    I have written before about the need for a player that is an Internationally known figurehead for the vlub. TH14 was that man. There are very few of them in World football. I took a year travelling and TH’s mug followed me everywhere – on busses, billboards etc. With him wre Ronaldinho, Raul, Stevie G, Eto’o etc.

    I believe Theo will be that man for Arseal. He is good looking, intelligent and a spectacular talent. An advertiser’s dream.

    Theo not Cesc, is the real future of Arsenal (IMHO)

  60. Rob From Aus

    Awesome post Geoff,

    Im So happy lads & Ladette’s!!!

    Anyway Off to do My Company Paperwork, till next time πŸ™‚

  61. gooner-pak

    2 and 3 feb and now 4 as well pure AA every where….wish villa draws next 4-5 matches (tht includes matches against chav, liv, everton and manu)

  62. London


    With a time horizon of 7 years most people would go along with you. The concern at the moment is that he is still a Ford Fiesta with a Ferrari engine. That said I am sure that Wenger sees it your way and he will be playing along side RVP and Eduardo next season.

  63. PDT

    Thanks, Big Rad! I especially agree with your last comment about Cesc and Theo. I hope Cesc stays with us to the end of his career but I know that his heartstrings will pull him homewards at some time.

  64. choy

    morning all…

    wooo.. how happy are we today!!!! I am grateful that i can share my happiness with all of ya grovers!!!!!!!!!


  65. PDT

    London, he still has some growing left to do. He will definitely put on some weight around his shoulders and arms which will allow him to compete better with the CBs. Also, when he is hanging off the shoulder of the last defender, it gives us options which we don’t have with Ade. He’ll never be a big bruiser like Shearer but he can definitely be a thouroughbred like TH14.

    Walcott and RvP – TH14 and DB10! Plus Eduardo as the poacher we never had!

  66. Duke

    Should i get a AA23 shirt since next season he will prob be 10 and i want my away shirt to be a nice memory since i like the shirt, and if it will have AA23 (in which he played only 10 games or so) might be a bit of a dissapointment. Suggestions?

  67. PDT

    Have fun Grovers! We have four days of anticipation till the Spuds game hoping that AW will not let us down! I’m off with a spring in my step and a Arshavin in my heart!

  68. Damn_Gallas

    It seems that wenger is gonna turn coquelin into a right back… he has been playing in that position for the reserves and most probably as a future back up to sagna. Next season, i wanna see more of nordveit and Pedro….

  69. Big Raddy


    Firstly may I congratulate you on your gold this morning. Very impressive at your age !!

    I disagree with your 7 year timeframe. He will be awesome by the middle of next year – assuming an injury free run, and a regular place in the first team. The lad is highly intelligent and we saw a huge leap forward from him this year. Sure , he goes missing, runs into blind alleys and chhoses the wrong pass, but less and less often.

  70. gooner-pak

    my collegue said leave this guy alone…i am watching his goals….i said u cant imagine what he means to my club

  71. Franchise

    I have more hope in Jack Wilshere over Theo

    Swagger is the word and theo aint got it

    Theo is Diabyesque in his development

    and in terms of overall ability LJW is better equipped

    Theo wld definitely be in the mix

    can he be the star of the show????

    I doubt it

  72. Arsenal Tom

    choy… id rather see arsh on the left… the way he cuts in and bangs them into the roof of the net is awesome…

    nas in the middle with denilson and eboue on the right… yes i said eboue!!!! only because if he puts nas right it means song might play….

  73. Ali Saljuk

    Awesome , now lets get back to sanity (only after pre-Arshavin euphoria ofcourse). Awesome blog tough guys , you really stuck together during this period of Frenzy. Awesome work Pedro and Geoff and indeed all the Gooners here.

    Looks like we just increased the count of Gooners to +1. Awesome feeling!