‘Trust in me and Arsenal, I’m a Gooner’

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Those were the words spoken by the Messiah last night, the man that aims to put the ‘S’ in silverware, he said ‘I’m a gooner’ he is already a legend and he hasn’t yet kicked a ball, what a start, this guy has lifted the spirits of every Arsenal fan I know, I can’t wait to play the spuds on Sunday.

On that note I started to think about that Scouser reject Keane, just six months ago he was saying that Liverpool, the team he had supported since he was a baby was his dream move, he even said he had a poster of a Liverpool player on his bedroom wall, well I wonder if that player was naked, I really do because as far as I can make out he well and truly f-ckd the spuds over with that move, it didn’t work out, Harry the hamster brings him back and rewards him with the captaincy, what must his team mates be thinking? Anyway enough talk of them save to say when Arshavin the gooner was asked about the Russian at shite hart lane, he said he wasn’t a friend of his, that’s double legend status already, Dennis didn’t even get that so early, we are in for some years of glory, I can feel it.

Ok so we’ll have to wait until the summer before we get in the defensive midfield man we want as well as Chelleini as our Gallas replacement but at least we now know we have plenty of money to spend on players.

How so? You may well ask. Well new CEO Ivan Gazidas said yesterday that we are not financially dependent on Champions league football, so if that is the case, it must now surely banish the nonsense that we are skint, and we also heard that from old Etonian stalwart Peter Hill-Wood and I’ve always believed him, why on earth would a member of the board lie?

So if you can imagine Arsenal with all our injured players back and our youngsters a year older (with two noticeable exceptions) we are fast becoming a dream team, yes I know we were moaning not so long ago, but now he made the signing we all knew we needed, the whole team will be lifted, we always said bringing in a star like Arshavin will lift the team so I believe we will see a new invigorated Arsenal from here on in.

Next season we will see more of Vela, Wilshere, Coquelin and Ramsey – Coquelin could well be the defensive midfielder we need, I kid you not this boy excites me, I can see in all these young’uns vast talent, I’ll leave it there with the young player thing as there are 2 maybe 3 of them that are not only not good enough, they are not really young anymore either.

So who will it be on Sunday eh? Who will play in the midfield? Well it has to be Arshavin out wide, if he plays him, if not then Vela, in the middle I would go for Nasri and Diaby and throw Jackie boy out wide as I think this game will fire him up just like it did with Liam Brady in his day.

What was interesting though was on arsenal.com they say his is a right sided midfielder who has recently been playing the role of second striker.

We know what Keane is capable of and I expect one of Lennon or Bentley on as well, if Pav is fit we’ll see him too, we know what they are capable of as it’s happened to us in two games already this season, once with the spuds and once with the scousers, so if we can sort out the defence we can let Ade and Robin rip them a new orifice, I say Ade, because I really believe he will be thinking he’s going to lose his place and will want to prove himself, no better place to do it either, he got goal of the season there last year.

I was so desperate for news and views this past few days I took a little tour around some other sites and was heartened to see we are still the focal point on many of them, so I would just like to thank them for still reading Le Grove, as they must do to comment on what we’ve written, we find it kind of flattering, no doubt you’ll be talking about us again today because you have little else of interest to amuse yourselves, but remember we never once gave up on Arshavin.

I am still so excited I may just go down to the Armoury today and get me an Arshavin 23 shirt, so I can smirk all the way to Sunday.

You all know that I was waiting to see if Arsenal banned me for my little spat with the stewards at the Liverpool game, you remember I made the mistake of standing up and singing, all laced with a bit of colourful language, well common sense has prevailed and I’m okay, but the point of over zealous stewarding got home, so hopefully we may see a little less aggression from the few who try and take away our match day experience, El Tel and Angela you are the exception, if you’re reading keep up what you’re doing because we know you do a great job, there are some jerks out there on our side too.

Have a great day today Grovers because we finally got our man and he’s wearing an Arsenal shirt, bliss, pure bliss!

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  1. patthegooner

    Gerrard and Torres Raif

    Gerrard is def out for a bit, and Torres got taken off but he is definately carrying an injury at the moment

  2. patthegooner

    Oh and Lucas is suspended, but most Liverpool fans will celebrate that in the same way we would if Song got suspended.

  3. patthegooner

    Gerrard is a hamstring so probably 3-4 weeks.

    Torres will probably play through the pain barrier, but he will not be as effective

  4. Pedro

    haha, I got the message Raif!

    ‘I AM GOONER!’

    Pat, factor in the Rafa rant… the moaning about the Agger contract thing… and the power positioning he’s been doing… well, if I was a bindipper I’d want him out.

    He has probably blown the best chance of a liverpool title in 17 years… which is a bit selfish.

    Still, Arsenal have an equally stubborn manager.

    Right… enhanced women on Channel 4 +1! Excellent!

  5. finestcuts

    Just back from watching the bindippers v toffees and I left just before the second half of extra time, boy am I glad I did, there were tons of bindippers in the pub. Yes, we’re talking about Silverware, lets talk about beating the spuds!
    Hey Geoff, did you get my email, check your spam tray, if not poss no problem, though I’d ask anyway, all the bes!

  6. Seb

    pat that link about the cost of Premiership squads was very interesting.

    I noticed the Arsenal entry though:

    8. Arsenal – £74.4m

    League position: Fifth

    A squad comprising immense young talent would perhaps benefit from a few major signings to boost the club’s progress, but this is not the Arsenal way. Debt-free and living by their own means, the Arsenal model is to be admired for its sustainability.


    As admirable as it is that we are paying our own way, something that deserves to be recognised, it seems to have been about the only thing anyone can find to say about us of late. How shit is that, we are known as a model of financial sense, rather than as a team that play sublime football anymore. We used to be known world-wide for our beautiful game… now we’re football’s ambassador for economic prudence 🙁


    We do have Arshavin!

  7. Metal Gear

    If we win are next game it would/could be huge for us Geoff my opinion is that we do need to finish in the top 4 becuz we need 2 attract players as well as keep our own I think it would be a diaster if we we’re 2 finish outside the top 4.

    I hope this is the first 11 real soon

    DM Denilson CM Nasri RW Walcott LW-AA SS RVP CF Eduardo that attack really is mouthwatering shame I cant say the same about the defensive side of things.

  8. gambon

    Metal Gear, yeah we absolutely have to win. After this weekend the next game is Villa v Chelsea which means dropped points for the only 2 teams we can realistically catch.

    If we can win our next 2 we SHOULD get 4th.

  9. mwt

    walcott still isnt ready to start, he’s not the finsihed article..he will be but not yet.He runs beats players but with no real end result. Better off with Rosicky at rm if he gets fit…ever

    Hopefully if Beckham stays at AC Milan, there’s a good chance we could get flamini back on loan

  10. ikon

    Seb make no mistake that deserves to be recognised.

    If you look at any other club, they will always be in danger of going into administration. After this economic massacre, strict laws will follow, which wont allow clubs to enjoy finances beyond their means. I have a feeling when wenger talked about 2 percent from league domination he was pointing towards this.

    I firmly believe that this should be recognised as an achievement. MAke no mistake the clause on wenger’s contract mentions his top priority as qualifying for champions league, anything more is a bonus.

    Yes we have to make do with poor players , on top of that, poor performances. But Wenger has made mistakes in his team selections like never before. With the correct team line ups and positioning, I doubt whether we would be even having this discussion.

    And I think Arshavin signing is nothing more than a major major attempt to attract fans on renewing their season tickets.

  11. ikon

    With gerrard injury i think manu will be champions again, by a larger margin than last season. Rafa will leave pool, and scolari would be sacked, mass exodus from chelsea to inter, while Rafa takes every single spanish player to his new club, it will be left to us and manu again.

    Its hard to say, but Fergie is the best, every fucking season, he turns up winners, not great players, winners. sry

  12. gnarleygeorge9


    I know there is still a lot of water to go under the bridge this season, but I’m really looking forward to next season now

  13. iceman


    I’m sure AW would have the same success provided he spent that kinda money every season….without a doubt….

    Look at the Invincibles…..We matched United and bettered them in that we did something no team had/has managed to do……

    If he adds the 2 right players in the summer….We are well and truly on the way…..

    It’s like being so close yet so far…….

  14. Ja_Gunner

    I would like to see Ashavin make his debut against Cardiff. He wont be ready for tottenham.

    He should start behind Van persie.

    With his creativity we should win comfortably.

  15. iceman

    Think about it….ManYoo still have Giggs & Scholes on their books….that’s like saying us having Bobby P & Ljungberg…..If we had both of them right now….surely we’d be in a better position?

  16. iceman


    That’s a realistic scenario…..

    I doubt he’ll be fit for Spuds….

    I’d have him on the bench for sure to soak up the atmosphere….

    Barn door better pull up his socks or this could be it…..

  17. benno

    Couldn’t have asked for a better result in the pool everton game, pool losing during extra time, gerrard injured and lucas his natural replacement now suspended 😀 😀

  18. ikon

    iceman if he had kept all the players from last season and added a few, we would be well on top right now.

    Its very crucial that Wenger keeps hold of his players, if we dont add anyone, no problems, but we need players to carry on to next season.

    When Hleb leftI was utterly utterly dissapointed. Cesc looked so dangerous not because of flamini only, Hleb was a major major part of the partnership. I think Arshavin-Cesc/Nasri should be the pairing in the middle, backed by Toure as the defending midfielder.

    Thats prolly our best lineup.

  19. jlp

    Fuck beckham
    Thankfully not everyone down south bought into that shit stain and he leaves without really breaking into that upper echelon of british stars like Eddy Grant and Micheal ‘the eagle’ Edwards
    its probably a PR stunt to drum up the fading interest the yanks have in the MLS
    I can’t figure how he gets games before flamini
    or buying him and selling on Gourcuff
    Mind boggling

    anyways our fortunes are really starting to turn
    all the quality back into action soon Chavs r shit n for some reason can’t turn it around, Pool in deep and AV .. well imo the pressure will get em like its shaking down the Pool at the moment
    losing to everton will end their title bid IMO
    games like that change a season
    confidence killer
    we keep our business tidy n who knows

  20. gnarleygeorge9

    Aaahhhhh!!! 8) Peronis on a hot day. Magic

    Good evening London,

    I wonder if AA23 knows just how much of an influence he has had with the fans since he signed 😉

    Anyone who says we are overracting are either jealous or from Mars. Spuds fans would say be got duped if we signed Messi. “you got to sell a player for 15 million & buy him back for 20 million to be a big club like Tottenham aiming for top 4”

  21. benno

    Gnarley, i wish i could join with a peroni on this fine summers afternoon, but alas training in a bit means i cant 🙁

    Loving this summer tho, so much better than last years, last year was colder and we didnt sign AA23 😀

  22. gnarleygeorge9


    Summer here was shit for the 1st month or so, but the past 3 weeks has been balmy to say the least. & AA23 has lifted the bar too for me 🙂

  23. benno

    Gnarley, Yeh here has been brilliant since xmas pretty much. Also hat did you think to Fowler turning down Sydney for the newcomers, the Fury, i myslef thought it was fucking hilarious that the so called glamour club of the A-league couldn’t sign him.

  24. gnarleygeorge9


    Townsville is closer to Port Douglas than Sydney is maybe.

    Sydney people just don’t follow fooball or anything in the capacity of the other states. They prefer to go surfing or lie on a beach.

  25. gnarleygeorge9

    I watched Robbie Fowler on Setanta pre the Cardiff game. Bloody hell why wouldn’t you spend the twilight of your career in the tropics. I mean I would move up there if I didn’t have to drink recycled urine, & I’m not talking about Castlemaine XXXX 😆

  26. gnarleygeorge9

    I see all those not associated with The Arsenal in any capacity are slagging off the signing of AA23.

    ………..I can’t wait for his 1st goal. Chamonnnnnneeeeeee

  27. benno

    Lol true gnarley it is way nicer up there than in Sydney.

    Thats coz they didn’t sign AA23, they jealous much? 😉

  28. benno

    oh and Castlemaine is possibly the worst beer ever, probably only beaten by VB and tooheys new. Have to drink it at the glory games coz its all the sell, wankers.

  29. gnarleygeorge9


    4X wouldn’t get a gecko pissed. tooheys new makes you smell,& Vitamin B is only good if it borders on frozen.

  30. iceman


    I hear you mate….I’m all for having a bigger squad and competition for places….but look at it this way….If Hleb hadn’t left would AW have bought Nasri?

    I know who I’d rather have……..

  31. Geoff

    It’s drizzle but the snow is still here, Peroni’s are great too, but St Miguel’s remind me of playing golf in Spain!

  32. benno

    Gnarley, I pretty sure 4X sobers me up at games…

    Chozzer, nah I didnt mate, thats fucking disgraceful tho.

    Ethan, B-52’s?? is that the replacement drink that bars over here use as a cheap excuse for red bull? although it does actually taste better than red bull… whack some jager in it and make it a long line and i’m all for it…

  33. ikon

    Iceman, I would rather have Hleb and Nasri both. Nasri has miles to go to being as effective and creative as Hleb was.

  34. ArsenalKenya


    Naturally there are problems with English because I don’t know the language very well and can just chat about basic every day things. And today I was sitting in the changing room and it was all French – now that’s a language I have a lot of problems with!


  35. gnarleygeorge9


    For me Hleb was a nice little guy, but he was never going to be the bloke to emulate Robert Pires, etc.

    For me he was a bit of a sook if things went against him.

    Nasri on the other hand has IMHO a bit of grunt, as well as skill.

  36. benno

    the comment that is, not the french language. In fact until Wenger, Paddy, Henry and Bobby came along i hated the french, now i only dislike them 😉

  37. iceman

    I see that changing….

    Eboue/Barn door/Diaby/Gallas/Toure(??)/Song(it’s good to dream)….

    All French speakers……that look like leaving…….

    Have no fear Andrey 😉

  38. indian_gooner

    I play manager mode in FIFA08 and nasri is one of the best players in the world. that confirms it for me 🙂

  39. benno

    We shoulda offloaded Eboue to the supposed interest from Juve, Inter and Atletico Madrid during the last few seasons

  40. London

    Eboue will almost certainly go in the summer. Coquelin will become Sagna’s understudy making Eboue redundant. I bet we sell him for good money, somewhere around the 12 mil mark.

  41. Phil Chaykin

    Great article, i agree with everything. I got Arshavin 23 shirt already, so I suggest you go and get one as well. Just order it on our website =P