Helicopter will land on the pitch, Arshavin will get out.

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It was a little small, but after shelling out a couple of mil extra... it was never going to be a chinook.

It was a little small, but after shelling out a couple of mil extra on the fee, Arsh was never going to get a chinook.

With his boots under his arm, sign on the dotted line and start against West Ham today, now wouldn’t that be theatre?

I feel sure it will happen today as Wenger for the first time is talking about why he wants him and what he will bring to the side, he also gave them a deadline before the game today or it’s off, I believe him this time and if Zenit had two brain cells they would sell him, same as if we had had two brain cells last season, we would have sold Adebayor when we were offered £25 million and bought David Villa or Karim Benzema.

So in a stealth like manner I slipped under the radar and got that bitch in.

That’s it though, today I feel great, new and world class player in, the captain of Russia, the 6th best player on the planet, yes Grovers, salvation is on it’s way. David Livingstone says Arshavin is on the plane from Dubai, Livingstone knows that because he is out in Dubai for the Dubai Classic, I will bet Ethan’s house it will happen.

We will celebrate by destroying West Ham today, I think this news will perk up the team and Ade will have to improve or he will be the player dropped. So I’m going for 4 nil today, yes no goals conceded, we are good enough, we need only to convince ourselves, West Ham will play not defend and you know what happens when teams do that.

When they first arrived at the Grove, they had one shot to our 29 and they sang ‘one shot, we only had one shot, we only had one shot’ Today we ram that song up ’em, today we see a goal fest, today Andre Arshavin will blow into the Grove and his effect will be felt.

One last piece of good news is Defoe will be out of the Spud game so that’s one less irritating sod we have to worry about next week.

I’ll be at the usual rendezvous point for anyone going, have a great day and police the site well Grovers, Pedro and I will be at the game.

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  1. Franchise

    maciek we might not be able outspend or match the spending of the man utd and chelski but that doesnt mean that we cant afford the 15 – 20million for a world class player every season

    if we bought ribery in 2006 for 15mill
    alonso in 2008 for 16mill
    we wouldnt have things this bad

  2. Nightman

    We could never have scored yesterday and anyone who told you we could have is a blind man

    A few changes made, then we WOULD HAVE scored and our lives would be much different as a result

  3. PDT

    Maciek, with the board that we have, the style of management, the infrastructure, there is no way He will be sacked.

    Consider this. When AW gives interviews, he always refers to the club as “we”. When his comments go up on Arsenal.com, the headline always says “I” instead of “we”! “Why I did this” or “Why I said that”…

    That’s what our club has become!

  4. gambon

    If were so skint why the fuck are we spending 5m on ramsey, 3.4m on denilson, 2m on nordtveit, 1m on bartley as well as stupid wages for kids?

    And if were skint why do we have such a ridiculous wage bill?

  5. PDT

    gambon, we spend on the kids because they are the future and must be paid the kind of silly omney where they grow up desiring more and more and more so that they leave for La Liga or Serie A by the time they are 20!

  6. PDT

    Nightman, you aren’t the only one, believe me!

    A few nights back, Rob from Aus (or was it Evo) suggested that we queue up to kick Le Boss in the nuts. It is a thought that keeps recurring to me, and not just in my dreams either!

  7. Franchise

    let me summarise things for u as i see them IMO

    1. wengerball needs to evolve… its evident from the way we play and the goals we concede that we arent focusing on the right things in training. are game is too one dimensional

    2. No shortcuts. we need 3 super star signings. diaby, denilson, eboue, song, ade, (clichy and sagna’s crossing)wont win us anything. keep some of them as fringe players and let the rest go

    3. we need quality in all parts of the pitch from GK to attack to bench

    4. wenger needs to employ a good tactician as his no.2 tactics are not his strongets point. vela had penetration today but cos he is so left footed he was useless on the left side of the pitch unless he could put in a decent cross which he couldnt. why didnt he switch him to the right from there he could cut into central attacking areas and shoot.

  8. PDT

    Franchise, if I can help to make you feel as bad as I am feeling, here’s a list of players who wanted to join us, but we didn’t even put in a bid :

    Fernando Torres
    Franck Ribery
    David Silva
    Danii Alves
    Mahamdou Diarra

    And that’s only the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

  9. Maciek

    100% spot on.But this stubborn, arrogant clown will never understand it. Why waste money for sub standard players when You can buy quality ones. Look at Nasri-quality, was bought for 15 milion, but is worth every penny. The same with Eddie and Sagna.

  10. Maciek

    And Bayern is going to sign Zhirkov, that kind of player who is needed here.They are a proffesional club.Sadly, since DD departure, we aren’t.

  11. Nightman

    Man we really need to get in touch with him

    I mean, its nice to getting Arshavin, but what does the hold for Nasri?

    He is so important to us right now and its really a tragedy that “The Professor” (who is supposed to study and make changes) is wasting arguably our most pruzed asset at the moment

    Does Arshavin coming in mean Nasri is doomed to play on the wings while Arshavin learns to pull the stings?

    Its a clusterfuck right now

  12. PDT

    Franchise, exactly what I have been saying. Everyone knows how we play and have figured out how to counter us. A disciplined side can hold us to a draw.

    M. Wenger needs to figure out how to play through packed defences or draw them out so we can look for the killer pass. We also need to get better at playing the percentages, and we need a big string MEAn striker for that and his name aint Ade.

  13. gazzap

    that transfer league was so interesting, not just Arsenal but other team’s as well. sunderland and spurs have spent shed loads. Just shows that all our money has gone on the move. Ah well, the future is secure – I for one cant wait for 2025/26!

  14. gambon

    PDT, theres more

    Sebastien Frey
    Daniel Van Buyten
    Axel Witsel
    Hatem Ben Arfa
    Micah Richards

    and dare i say it….Andrei Arshavin!

  15. Franchise

    someone said ystdy or was it thursday that 20million/year was our transfer budget. he was trying to insinuate that it wasnt a lot but i proved otherwise

    a lot of money it is.

    we dont even have a budget we spend under 1 mil net a year. shocking

  16. GunnerShabz

    franck ribery and david villa should of been must buys….

    especially franck ribery, we should of had him

    hatem ben arfa would of been a good signing

  17. gambon

    Gazzap, the thing is that bar chelsea no-one has spent that much, look at Sunderland – £14m pa, that really is nothing for a club like us….we paid £11m in tax last year alone.

  18. gazzap

    Yes FRanchise that was me re £20m. I agree with you. Wenger does not spend net £20m a season – my point was that NO other manager in world football could manage a top club on a net budget of £1m per year.

    I disagree with some of wengers decisions on the pitch (eg Song, Eboue) but off the pitch you cant really knock the guy.

  19. Keyser

    Franchise – How did you prove ?!

    gambon – There’s a link on the side that says “comparisons” it shows spending before and after key stages in the clubs growth.

  20. Franchise

    ribery wld still find it hard to believe that he doesnt wear the red and white of arsenal. he was linked with us and available b4 the world cup for under 15 million

  21. GunnerShabz

    i think franck ribery would of been the ideal signing, we could of had a sexy midfield but again wenger wanted to have faith in song and eboue

  22. ethangunner


    because they budget for it …
    its that simple ..

    if its not in the budget to buy this season (like its been for the past 3 or 4 ) then they wont buy …

    people need to understand a budget is usually an annual thing … if we need to spend another 15 million that they didnt budget for then we obviously havent got the money …

    and those young players you mentioned were bought after or during a transfer window where we made profits on selling players …

    he sells off TH14 – and all the rest like freddie – bert – viera -reyes – hleb etc …
    and buys young ones and gives the rest to the board for there stadium repayments ..

    he’s been doing this a few years now and we have only cottoned on to it recently because things are going pear shaped and too many people are asking questions of the club …

  23. Franchise

    thats the thing gazzap. thats why we wld go our 5th year w/o the league and thats why we would never win the holy grail CL. i think he refuses to sign world class players so he can get more praise to himself…..

  24. patthegooner

    Sorry Keyser I have been watching MOTD for a bit

    Not at all, If i saw some positives at the club I would post on them, and if you read my posts after a game I will always try and see both, but unfortunately the majority of the time I seem to only see negativity surrounding the club and I guess when you have lost the games we have lost, drawn the games we have drawn, field the 11 that we do and sit 5 points adrift in 5th there is not a lot of great things to say about Arsenal,

    But I say what I see on the tin and you can be reassured (Unlike we all were last summer with signings) that onces things turn, and once I see something positive, I will post on it.

  25. gazzap

    A new manager would want easily £20m net a season to keep Arsenal top 4 guaranteed. He would want as much as Liverpool, Man U and chelsea spent net per season
    (About £25m).

  26. ethangunner


    we have made profits on selling players the past 3/4 years that ive counted !

    i cant remember the last time wenger went into the red on a transfer window !

    can ANYONE ??

    wenger doesnt get a transfer kitty , if he did then why does the board state wenger can buy anyone he likes , all he has to do is ask ..

    he has also stated he gets kick backs from saving the board from spending each year ..

    there is no kitty , he supports his own transfer spending power .. he operates it like his own business …

    and thats the brutal truth of the matter …

  27. leon

    wenger should have signed arfa and nasri plus a an experiened midfielder but i cant arsenal winning the title under wenger and i dought he will buy ashivin and dont be suprised if you see know one comming

  28. Franchise

    there are still a few games we have played this year that we should have won cos our team was much better this takes me back to a point i made earlier wengerball needs to evolve. we are creating like one chance a game now

  29. Keyser

    patthegooner – Don’t be sorry, I’m watching it to.

    You can look at it like that if you want and I’ll try and find some positives, because It gets tiring just coming on here to talk football and finding constant negativity. Vela got some game time today, soo many people were asking for it, there must be someone who’s asked for him to play before happy that he got a game ?!

  30. Franchise

    ethan i dont believe that our policy is to sell to buy

    wenger has been responsible and involved in about 90% of arsenal decisions in the last few years. the board respect him so much that they gave him so much power. u wouldnt blame them too much then cos wenger cld do no wrong. its starting to backfire and i bet they are aware.

  31. Rob From Aus

    On the fans’ frustration…
    “I can understand. I know the fans want to win all the games and I accept that maybe the fans aren’t happy. It was a London derby if you imagine that they are 10 points ahead in the championship and we draw 0-0, nobody would’ve found this game absolutely scandalous. I feel the attitude of the team was right we cannot question the commitment. We have to give credit to West Ham as well, they defended very well; they came to defend and defend and defend and they did that.

    “I am not frustrated because I believe the good thing about the game is that any problem the opponents gives to you, you can use that as a way to improve and find a solution. Today we couldn’t but I believe it can make us better if we can find a chance to open defences up and punish the team who defend like this.”

  32. ethangunner


    whats the point in playing wenger ball when the last person on the production line keeps dropping the ball ! (ade)

    it has evolved .. into a long ball feed the tall and useless, for 90 minutes !

    ive been saying it since ive been blogging
    WE ARE AN ATTACKING TEAM – with better strikers
    we would be far more effective
    – our defense is non existent so stop thinking about it ..
    get the right attacking players in and the rest will take care of itself .. its wengers style score more than they do ..and we are not about to turn into bump and grid chevski any time soon !

    so go attacking , attack is the best form of defense !

  33. GunnerShabz

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic would of been hell of a player, but i guess he would of moved on especially if he found he playing with song and eboue

  34. gazzap

    I agree franchise. we are getting more possession than ever but fewer chances. Its like wenger imprints into their minds that possession is everything. He forgets that infact goals are everything in football.
    I think the likes of Ade and Bendtner are not good enough in the mind, neither are Diaby, Den Song or Eboue. they can pass the ball but they cant unlock defences. we only have Cesc, Ros, Nasri and RVP who can do that by using intelligence (I am talking proven – Vela might get there too) + Arsh if we get him. 2 of them are injured.
    Nasri needs to be played central.

  35. patthegooner

    For me Keyser, and it may sound fickle to some but to me it is more realism, I will say what I see. Sure I could just post on the positives I see and just neglect to discuss where I think things are wrong but I am a believer in credit where credit is due and criticism where criticism is due.

    You are right in what you say about Vela, a lot of people including me have called for him and he has been off the boil today, and whilst that proves Wenger right in some ways (The Positive) it also proves him wrong as the class is not in the squad in the first place to allow his inconsistency that will always come with youth (The Negative)

  36. ethangunner


    its starting to backfire and i bet they are aware.

    im not so sure , when you get them and wenger spout the same rubbish like we dont need C.L football you know they are thick as thieves …

    there is no doubt in my mind they have a strategy in handling the press- media and fans .

    plus if you dont believe we arent a selling club just do a quick stock take on IN’s Vs outs for the past 3 or 4 seasons ..

    wenger makes profits that disappear never to be seen again !

    he doesn’t recycle those profits into more players of quality .. rather relying on the cycle of youth to make him money and stay competitive ..

    its all fine whilst its working alright !

  37. Franchise

    ethan its the training methods et al. ade is part of the problem but it doesnt end there. we didnt create shit against cardiff n ade was on the bench until 70.

  38. gazzap

    when was the last time before today that Vela played? 3 weeks ago? Who do you blame for his rustiness? To show form players need to play consecutive games even as a sub.

  39. Paulinho

    I actually thought today’s performance was the best in a while in terms of the attitude of the players and the compact and cohesive nature of the team.

    We dominated possession against a decent West Ham midfield containing players talented players like Noble, Behrami and Collison.

    When West Ham tried to have a go at us, we nearly punished them by carving them open on the counter for the Adebayor chance. So, it’s not as if when they attacked they ran over us without retribution. And that is not something that could have been said earlier in the season.

    We just lacked that bit of creativity and confidence to take things on. In this sense, Wenger’s post match comments were pretty accurate for a change.

    Overall I still think we’re going nowhere and Wenger will win f-all in his remaining years here, but if we bring in Arshavin we should make big strides forward in terms of playing something like the teams of yesteryear.

  40. GunnerShabz

    if u was a “super class player” would u come to arsenal where they have a midfield trio of denilson, eboue and song

    i wouldnt

  41. kenny smith

    how much longer is it going to be until someone on the board starts questioning wenger. ive had just about enough of this shite as i can take!!!

  42. gazzap

    really annoyed MOTD didn’t show the Diaby injury. I heard it was a nasty tackle from Savio. Shite analysis once again from BBC.

  43. patthegooner

    Right that is me guys, enjoy the nightwatch

    No doubt I will wake with another “SSN understands” that will ultimately prove to be bullshit.

    Thank fuck there is less than 48 hours left of this Transfer Window shit. Then Arsene will have to reap what he has sewn

  44. Keyser

    patthegooner – Look I can discuss the negatives all I want, but it’s a bit pointless after a while when it just breaks into complete exaggeration, where we just annihalate every aspect of the team, and then do it again the following day, and then repeat to fade..

    It’s like simple things, Clichy hasn’t been crossing with the same effect as last season, we can say Clichy’s shit at crossing and leave it at that or accept that he’s also had to reign in his attacking instincts this season because of our inconsistent performances and the lack of space teams that play us have left us with.

    With Vela I haven’t made up my mind either way, since we haven’t seen him start many games and when he does we’ll have a better idea of how he deals with it, but thats not the only thing to consider.

    I have trouble with the people that say Wenger’s lost the plot because he doesn’t play him at all and then when he does get a game won’t accept that he’s going to take time to work himself into such games. Or who refuse to accept that teams have been very organised and disciplined against us, that we have no right to walk over anyone and then go on to say the other teams have dropped points because THEY’VE played badly not because of the same problems we had to face.

  45. gambon

    Ethan, wenger doesnt make the money for the stadium repayments.

    We turnover £223m with profits of £59m – then the stadium money comes from this operating profit….whats left (£37m) is our retained profit for the year.

  46. Pedro

    Pat, spot on mate. If you posted about the positives… you wouldn’t really be giving a fair reflection of what was on show today.

    Paulinho pointed out that we did well to keep possession against West Ham… and that is a positive these days…

    I almost see that type of comment as a back handed negative… it shows how low our expectations are.

  47. ethangunner

    yes gambon .. and why would you just keep that money in the bank when you have such a huge debt on your plate ?

    you would utilize it into the loan repayments
    to reduce your over all debt !

    and there fore reduce the amount of interest payable .

  48. kenny smith

    why doesnt Nina Bracewell SMith go public about why she was given the dunt???

    If it was for questioning wenger then she should file for wrongful dismissal as wenger is a cunt!

  49. gambon

    Ethan we dont have a loan we issued bonds, we cant repay early. We repay 20m per season for 23 odd years. theres no option to do it quicker.

  50. patthegooner

    Still here, Did you go today Pedro? how was the atmosphere? any Arshavin rumours floating around club level?

    Like I said I will post when I see something good, and have done all season, I will always pick out an individual performance or team effort when it is due and I will do that for good and bad. but the last week I have seen two performances that would not win any game and when both games needed to be won (Forget how the opposition played) I have seen Arsenal.com contradict stories within hours of each other, I have seen my manager say that he is not that bothered if Arshavin comes or not (That should help) and that the reason we were not sharp today is that we played last Sunday and Wednesday with no mention of why we were not sharp in either of those games either and havent been all season.

    We can blindly post on whatever positives are in the scraps but should not hide away from the pure fact that we have been average at best all season, and the football we have delivered is a long way away from the beautiful game seen in recent years.

    The sooner as a club we face up to these facts the better. Wenger can spout all the bullshit he wants about belief and desire and how we are 98% there as a squad but it wont solve anything. Actions solve things, words just paper over failings.

  51. Pedro

    Pat, not a bad atmosphere until the end… when the team were deservedly booed.

    I am desperate to find good in all our players… but I am struggling with a few… struggling to see any redeeming features in their game.

    It’s a hard pill to swallow…

    I can’t see things changing either… even if the kids do come through, who are they learning off?

    Messi and Bojan have Henry and Eto’o… Wilshere and Rambo have Song and Denilson…

  52. ethangunner


    you wouldnt be paying highbury off over 20 years
    if you did there would be no profit in building it to begin with !!


    you could say they would be paying it off over 20 years (which is more like 25-30 )
    if they planned on keeping them as rentals to eventually own the structure ! but they are building to sell and that requires a loan that will require paying off as quick as possible !

    and if you didnt pay it off as quick as possible you would be throwing money down the toilet !!!!!!!!!!

  53. gambon

    Ethan, the highbury square thing is completely seperate from the football club, so much so that its actually run under a different ltd company.

    The loan for the project is being repaid from sales, and is not due til summer 2010, when they will be sold.

    The football side of the business is paying nothing toward the flats.

  54. ethangunner

    Ethan, the highbury square thing is completely seperate from the football club, so much so that its actually run under a different ltd company.

    hahaha !

    yes well how does this newly formed company raise its revenue to combat a loan repayment of that magnitude ?

    total bollocks its a feeder company and the money only comes from 1 revenue source ..OUR CLUB ! think about it ! there is no way 39 million in deposits to date will pay for a site clean and foundations .. yet alone keep up with 3 years of repayments ..

  55. ethangunner

    highbury is entering its 3rd year of construction and deposits where only 1st taken 6 months ago ? so who has been paying the bill on repayments prior ?

    hmmmmmm ….

    the newly formed company ?

  56. ethangunner

    more like wenger and his transfer surplus ..

    trust me ive been in the building game over 21 years , you start paying off that loan the 1st time a bulldozer enters your site !

    now how can a newly formed company with no company profile prior 1stly get a loan for around 300 mil ? and 2ndly how can you pay it off ?

    when you have no income to supplement it ?

  57. gambon

    Ethan, 3 years of repayments….why are you making things up?

    There are no staggered repayments, heres how it works…

    1- The club have a project finance loan in place to cover all building costs, at 6.6%

    2- They build 680 flats using this loan, which tops out at 150m during 2009

    3- They start selling the flats august 2008 through to 2010.

    4- they take their £280m from sales, pay back the loan of 150m and are left with profit.

    Pretty easy to grasp.

    39 million ws the figure 4 months ago, it would be way more now. 39 million was raised from selling the first 15% so you can see its going well.

  58. gambon

    Ethan you may know building but you are clueless when it comes to finance.

    a project finance loan is undertaken to complete a specific project, and the repayments are paid from the cash flows of the completed project…..in our case repayments come from the sale of the flats.

    Should we default the project assets (the flats) are the collateral.

  59. ethangunner

    yes gambon

    believe what you will !
    but you dont HP a car now and pay nothing for 3 years !

    is that so hard to understand ?

    it is totally unheard of !!!
    especially a loan of that magnitude !
    i have built hotels – shopping malls
    and i can tell you most things of this size require several investors to even get it off the ground , AFC had to pay 1 million to one organization on relocation alone , yet alone all the shops and businesses upset by the construction ..FOR YEARS !

    yes if the way you explained it really happened the world would be full of donald trumps ..

    screw it i could do it and you could do it also!

    everyone would do it !!

  60. ethangunner

    Should we default the project assets (the flats) are the collateral.

    how can the flats be collateral when there not completed ???

    more like the stadium is collateral …

  61. gambon

    Oh yeah anyone can do it, cos me and you have AA fitch ratings dont we?!

    If you want to understand the finances at the club you should learn to read and understand financial statements.

  62. gambon

    No ethan the project itself is the collateral…this is why project finace loans are so hard to obtain and you cant get them at good rates.

    The whole reason you take out these loans is because you want to pay once the project is realised.

    You should know this being an architect with all the PPP/PFI projects taking place.

  63. reggie57

    the proof is in the pudding we have close to 100 mill cash deposits the fault is with wenger he just refuses to spend the clubs money,and i will say it again the sooner he leaves the better.

  64. reggie57

    every game i keep telling myself our season starts now, every game same old tactics same old bullshit from wenger when will it ever end?i cant see no light at the end of the tunnel

  65. reggie57


    he should resign iv been bashing my head against a brickwall trying to work out who we can replace him with, cant think of anyone offhand but things cant go on the way they are going when he does his press conferences with that smirk on his face it really winds me up he is not listening to any form of reasoning the fans are telling him x players are telling him he just cant take the hint

  66. reggie57

    when he stands there and says he has no regrets about not playing RvP then moans about 2 points dropped they are the ramblings of a madman and then says every one has been critical of the teams performances well you couldnt make it up

  67. reggie57

    just came back from joenglers the comedians were funny but not as good as that joker wenger good night and god bless

  68. choy

    fucking hell… people.. we have two more new signings…

    eboue and diaby …. when they return from their injury…

    wenger ffs…sort this shit out…

  69. Swedish Gun

    Fabregas eyes early return

    Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas hopes he can return to action “earlier than expected” as his recovery from a serious knee injury continues.

    It had been feared the Spain Euro 2008 winner was set to be out of action until April after suffering ligament damage during a tackle with Liverpool’s Xabi Alonso in the Premier League match at Emirates Stadium on December 21.

    Fabregas’ rehabilitation is being conducted under the guidance of a specialist in Barcelona, and the 21-year-old feels things are progressing well.

    “My leg is getting stronger and the doctors tell me that the ligament has healed,” Fabregas said.

    “Now it is about building up the muscle and on Thursday I had a very little jog for the first time, so it is good news and I am happy because I can see a big improvement. Hopefully I can come back earlier than first expected.”

    We need you son!

  70. Iqwoo

    Wenger says it’ll take us about 2 months to unlock a resolute defence. Fucking great, this guy’s obviously not bothered about the football anymore.

  71. ethangunner

    wheres geoff (i sound like 1 of the wiggles:) )

    i s’pose he didn’t read my post at 9.07 am yesterday then ???

  72. London


    May I thank you on your superb explanation of Highbury Square finances? Such is the clarity; I would suggest a combination of your 12:08 post with your 12:22 post be put in the side bar under the heading Highbury Square finances made easy. Geoff and Pedro are challenged on a weekly basis over this; I notice they suggest people read the accounts which are of course difficult for some people to grasp but your explanation goes a long way to help the; let’s say, slightly more average football supporter like myself understand.

  73. tonyadamsisgod

    Did anyone else here Wenger complaining about the amount of games we have to play and the fact that if you keep playing the same 11 you’re bound to get a lot of injuries? You’re a fucking idiot Wenger!

    For a so called ‘intelligent’ man to not understand the demands of the English football season after being there for 12 years is fucking rediculous! You know how demanding it is, you know you will get injuries so how about some pro-active measures rather than some reactive ones!

    Buy some players and improve your squad like everyone else has done around you and then you will have enough players to make up for the injured ones!

    This guy is a dick!

  74. Geoff

    Isn’t it the same for all the other teams? I think Harry has spent more in the window than we have since Wenger arrived, not in total but margin wise, in other words players in against players out.

  75. ethangunner


    each individual project finance loan has so many differing variables you cannot just tar it as an easy explanation , its like saying brain surgery made easy ..

    so please then tell me why AFC wont go the extra mile (or 3 mil ) to ensure AA services if you think we have over 200 million sitting in the arsenal coffers !

    as arsene (or peoples usual excuse for the club not spending ) is not involved in negotiations to secure his services why else is the board refusing to budge on his valuation when we are obviously talking chickens feed money when you all think arsenal fc are loaded upto the eyeballs in money ..