We were lucky, very, very lucky.

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So thanks to Robin the boy wonder, we got lucky with a goal that only he could have scored and if Song had been kept on we may have nicked it in the dying seconds as well.

The good news is by not losing that game the boss thinks we can still snatch 4th spot, great, so we are aiming for fourth spot, still at least he’s finally been honest about something.

I was joking about the Song thing by the way but when he finally took him off, I said fantastic, we’ll now see how much he’s missed by replacing him with a forward and of course we didn’t miss him at all, but then to my horror he brings Eboue on, gasp! He won’t leave it alone will he, Eboue? When has he ever won us a game.

It’s almost as if he wants to piss us all off, he’s having a tin bath.

Well Pedro didn’t get back to his hotel until 3 am this morning so I will do the match report and player ratings. Also well done the people that stayed online last night to share their horror and a big well done to the fans that were at the game, you were far better than the team.

The match was played at a high tempo and to be honest Everton only seemed to have one shot, Song tried his best to give them others but they didn’t take them. When they got the free kick you knew they would score and they duly did. How Cahill who is 4′ 3″ tall can score from a header is a mystery, but there you go.

Player ratings are easy, Robin the boy wonder 9, Nasri and Denilson 2 and everyone else 1.

Pedro was with the Arsenal fans last night and said they stood the whole game as did the Everton fans and had 3 stewards in their end who said nothing to them the whole game, maybe Arsenal should learn from that.

He also said that they were all complaining about Song, Eboue and Adebayor. So when the so called real fans say they never bitch about an Arsenal player, maybe they should try going to a real game and find out what the real ‘real fans’ think before they open their mouths.

So again you can see why I don’t do the match reports, but if Wenger doesn’t think we need 3 outfield players and a keeper he should not be managing this team, because it struggles everytime I watch it. Granted Everton are not a bad team and they got two draws against Liverpool recently, but if we had 2 or 3 world class players we would have beaten them last night.

We can’t keep saying we had Rosicky, Cesc, Eduardo and Theo out because we always have three or four long term injuries and a good manager should plan for that, the Mancs do, Liverpool and Chelsea do Madrid and Barcelona do, so why don’t we eh?

Wenger has told the press that the Arshavin deal is 90% done so maybe at least we’ll be getting one world class player in this window, he said yesterday that buying players in the window doesn’t work, what does he mean? didn’t we buy Ade, Reyes and Diaby in the window once?

Okay Arsene, point taken.

Have a great day today Grovers at least we didn’t lose.

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  1. ethangunner

    go read your A,com !

    you can read how wenger is god and that we are in good shape ! we all show spirit and if you believe all the bollocks about injuries and other wengerism’s then fine .. tickle yourself
    with arsenal fantasy !

    only read here if you want some home truths !
    and the way most fans REALLY feel !

  2. ethangunner

    At least i dont make little faces out of keys from the keyboard , thats really fucking impressive , where did you learn that??? grade 2 computer awareness class ?

    yes call someone a cunt if they act like a cunt !
    or call other peoples ‘opinions’ fucking laughable!

    i think you earned the title fair and square dont you ?

  3. ethangunner

    your just part of the huge % who are blindsided by the board !!! i couldn’t expect anything less from you ..

    but dont you think with only 18 months left to go on his contract wenger is to blame ??

    yes wenger writes the cheques doesn’t he ?
    its pretty naive to think wenger runs all things football at A.com !

    he dont !!! he isnt the money man !
    ( or we would have landed ribery FACT !)
    he doesn’t map out arsenals long term strategies for financial domination .

    he doesn’t even get a transfer kitty any longer! because the board expect him to work within his
    own sphere of self produced funds !

    and try and tell me thats a fucking lie !
    wenger has done a good job even staying competitive with those sorts of restrictions .
    any other manager would do it only half as effectively .

    so yes its laughable stringbean or whatever your fuckin name is that you call wenger a cunt.

    i spose it takes one to know 1 🙂

    the smiley face was for you !

  4. ethangunner

    oh yes .. hail the mighty season ticket holder .
    with limited vision , rude stewards , beer being spilled on your shoes and big fucking heads in the way obsuring your vision , screaming your tits off in the cold watching average football for the past season or so ! and paying MAD prices for it

    yes im so envious !

  5. Stringfellow Hawke

    you really are not that bright are you?

    i think you owe me a big apology you moron

    the wenger is a cunt was tongue in cheek, scroll back to 7pmish uk time and have a read

    i was one of the only ones on here today defending wenger against the shower who decide to call him a “cunt”

    christ… you an aussie?

  6. leon

    large part of the problem with wenger is not under any real presure he knows that no matter what the board will back this anyther team wenger have sacked a long time ago,the fans are runnng out of patients.itsgetting bid boaring hearing wenger sing the same song every time the sqaud is small its just compact,he has faith the sqality and potential of the team.every time he see press conferences he goes on about working within its recouceste , i have completly run out patients with wenger his refusal tobuy players

  7. jlp

    why the fuck would you defend AW string fellow?
    He got something on you?
    i asked you yesterday what is the problem u have with how others expressing themselves?

  8. Jimbo

    Funny how so many of those who defend Wenger with such vigour have such elaborate conspiracy theories about how the board manage to sneak the cash out from under his nose.

    Wenger’s the fool of this piece.

  9. leon


    if this any other manager would be gone,arsenal are big team and should winning and have top players there we out the title race and its evon feb yet you cannot defend that

  10. Stringfellow Hawke

    yes i agree with you all.

    there is a total conspiracy, wenger is a super agent for ambraovich and is under strict guidelines to inhibit the purchase of new players at arsenal.

    and he is clearly syphoning out millions per year, secretly.

    he is even a suspect for the 9/11 atroctites i hear.

    the man is pure evil.

  11. ethangunner

    are you an aussie ???

    fuck your just full of insults!
    no born in London !not that its any of your business an’ all !

    i agree BBK,
    wenger has his faults but i feel buying and selling players cannot be his fault entirely,
    he surely must hold some responsibility for our lack of punch in recent years
    (player selection wise),but for the board to come out and bait him like ‘he can buy if he wants’ , is just a fucking lie !

    because we can all see quite clearly he has identified arshavin as a target …
    and if the board let him buy anyone then whats the hold up ??? RIGHT ???

    wengers dealings are usually held in secret .
    im sure this time he wanted the world to see the issues of money , it sort of shows everyone where the hold up is ..

    who’s holding it up ? it ain’t wenger !
    we have our new lad to broker a deal ..
    so for the board to say he can buy who he likes is a lot of polony ! because if we had money and plenty of it we wouldnt haggling over 3 mil for 2 weeks FFS !

    but wenger can be held responsible for poor team selections , too many injuries constantly within the squad , letting go of some players prematurely and the worst of his crimes persisting far too long with dead wood no – hopers and giving them plenty of pitch time at the detriment of players like ramsey – vela !

    even jack ! who kicked RM asses pre – season and is our best prospect ever at the club !

  12. leon

    we support arsenal not wenger,this businss and football is about results and titles the fact it looks as if going half decate defore the team wins anything at all that is not accepteble fot top club like arsenal,this not about weather we like wenger or not its about his judgment and weatherthe team is likely have any success under his managment and his policies and we have all seen that his policies of once you reach 30 you get 1 year contract or your out is huge mistake did it robert pires and gilberto

  13. Metal Gear

    Stringfellow you’re starting 2 annoy me with you’re sarcasm and arrogance Wenger is a cunt he favours his favourite over performer’s he’s predictable with sub’s, he can’t make big calls as he’s a spineless git, he’s a man who is slowly unravelling for what he is a manager who cannot assemble a solid defence without being gifted top defenders like Bould, Adams Campbell ETC, a manager who is happy 2 persist with certain individuals even if it jeopardises the team winning, a manager who picks French and African players regardless, a manager who underestimates and overlooks the importance of defensive (minded) player’s, a manager who appears to be struggling 2 motivate his team, a manager who smiles and has a smirk on his face even after shocking performance like the 1 against Everton and on top of that 2 add insult injury he is repetitive in his interviews 2 a point where almost every1 knows exactly what he is likely 2 say.

  14. David

    Jack Wilshere is our best prospect at the club….there is absolutely no reason why he cant be playing…or come on as a super sub like Bendtner….Arsene is facking us up with his “principles”…..

    Vela is arguably our best finisher behind eduardo…and yet a healthy Vela can get playing time…we have had to wait and pray that Eduardo gets healthy and not gets facked over when he plays for his country


    all tho jack wilshere is quality.he will just be another unexperienced player we don’t need at this moment in time

  16. ethangunner

    metal !

    agree totally .. wenger has shown holes in his armor this season more than any other season , i think he is trying to make players from eboue – song and diaby even thou they dont really fit our arsenal style .. ade is the same , he has no class and has definitely had plenty of time on the pitch to show that his value isn’t 80 k a week !

    i think players like villa and arshavin will show us the grade of player needed to be title contenders .yet wenger persists with buffoons like ade and eboue , song etc …also the large amount of constant injuries from our supposed 1st 11 is damaging us… sure injuries happen.. but give the cunts some weights training, bulk them up a bit .. because our pretty football days seem over anyhow , at least let the players we have bulk up and be able too take knocks , even dish them out !

    he is responsible for many problems , however i dont think him not spending is his problem , our tight fisted board would have sacked him along time ago if they were unhappy with his progress.they clearly are happy with wenger operating in this manner , fuck the football attitude .. we dont need the C>L football statements are all just signs of showing the boards ambitions .. or lack of !

    they have clearly set up this system for wenger to buy and sell as a preference to dishing out money ‘spuds style’ ..

    and that is really 90% of the problem ..
    we wouldnt be complaining about song – eboue etc if the board really gave wenger a transfer kitty every year ..
    which i stated some months ago , wenger NEVER gets anymore ..

    and if the board had all this 70 mil of available money , we wouldnt be haggling over 3 mil for arshavin for over 2 weeks now !

    they want this thing to be drawn out and protracted because if the deal was done last week the fans would be saying who will we be buying next ?!

    A much needed DM ??

  17. jlp

    iok strings agreed
    but not sure about the carry on business as I hadn’t called AW a cunt(yesterday anyways)
    nor did i moan about the performance so not sure what to carry on cause what i was addressing was the need u have to belittle someone else’s posts
    but fuck it really.
    your ‘blog persona’ speaks volumes on why you need to do it.

    David i would say of late RvP is making a strong argument for finisher of the moment
    My take on not playing jack is he is one of the hottest topics of conversation without having featured in the first team much.
    why risk that status with the likes of song and denilson.
    Better he waits, letting Jack get a little stronger and our decent players come back so he is playing with players who can help him remain in that status.
    He is fucking good but not really gonna be an impact if no one can successfully pass to him
    obscure, perhaps but at the moment in the Arsenal what the fuck isn’t

  18. ethangunner


    its undeniable that jack will break into the team sooner or later ! so id rather let it be sooner .. at least you can solidify a starting line up if you make the tough desisions now !

    he would rather song – eboue- diaby denilson all scrape it out in a battle of ‘who is the least hopeless can get the spot ‘

    denilson has promise, i said it too pedro pre – season .. next season he will be our starting DM ..

    but jack needs to play NOW ! he is 17 now and cesc was playing every week by that stage and jack has more skills than cesc at his age !
    he’s English and IMO our next arsenal captain !


    denilson has promise, i said it too pedro pre – season .. next season he will be our starting DM ..i really hope he is no where near arsenal f.c next season

  20. ethangunner


    my take on jacks under use , is why at 17 have all the other EPL clubs come in and ask big money for him … he will be the next rooney from everton to Man U if wenger plays him now ..

    im not saying jack is a talentless loser like rooney , but what i mean is he’s english and going to be a star ! so that would attract teams like the chev’s, man U and maybe even big spenders man shity into bidding for him ..

    its something wenger doesn’t want to deal with , another theo mk II .

    but i disagree with holding back a talented lad like that , he made a mockery of real madrid , pre season .. he proved way back then he was capable of being worthy of a starting birth in our squad ..

    wenger has a production line, pecking order and its hard too que jump the system . another thing you can blame wenger for …
    and jack has talentless losers ahead of him so he gets benched !

    ramsey is given some limited time only because he probably is on a healthy wage that was only predetermined this season .. maybe wenger promised ramseys parents he will play some part this season whilst swilling brandy at the euros pre season . (instead of finding talent !)

    this pecking order has got too stop !
    he is treating the team like a production line
    instead of recognizing the talent and playing the talent accordingly …

    like ade , the cunt will be in every game this season because we pay him 80 k a week !
    he might be shit like song – eboue – diaby etc but if your getting paid the bread , you get the time on the pitch ..

  21. jlp

    January 30, 2009 at 2:12 am
    denilson has promise, i said it too pedro pre – season .. next season he will be our starting DM ..i really hope he is no where near arsenal f.c next season

    haha BBK
    agreed ethan i bet denilson comes good in 2 years if played in the holding role consistently .
    he has looked good at times just not near often enough to be starting in the 7th richest sports club in the world.
    if they play jack then surely fran should get in there as well .
    i think its risky playing jack with the current rotation ethan.
    with the exception being diaby (still think he will come around)
    most of them haven’t the pinache for ‘wengerball’ and can’t see Jack making them better i think it would have the opposite effect
    just look at Nasri he has no outlet so all he can do is carry the ball around for a little longer and pass off with clichy

  22. Rob From Aus

    Stringfellow Hawke,

    I take exception to you sladering Australians, and i’d even go so far to think you are Frank Stubbs from Arsenal.com…. To many simarlarities between you both!

    And dont say anythning again about Australians Fuck head!

    Yeh thats childish, but do bring race into it!

  23. ethangunner

    i agree rob ,
    i lived in Australia for most of my life .. and its a great country with great people ,& all of my best friends are aussies ! im still a pom ! but im a pom with a appreciation for perth ! clean – quiet and growing ! there is no better place on the planet to grow up !

    stupid twats like hawke are just argumentative and do not take seriously the 1st golden rule of le grove , have an opinion not get one !

  24. Rob From Aus

    Cheers for the support boys 😉

    Some people just live to be difficult & degrading, to make em selves feel better!

    Meh, i bet the fuckchop cries himself to sleep every night cause he is a lonely twat which cant give Wenger a handjob!
    Thats childish 🙂

  25. Rob From Aus

    Shit thats good money for a back up centre half, cause lets face it thats all Kolo is now,

    And if they offer Ireland as an exchange it might be worth it.

    My opinion Stringfellow, nothing more!

  26. ArsenalKenya


    Suzanne Wenger who has died aged 93, was a high priestess of the Osun grove in Osogbo, Osun State, and one of the central figures in the revival of culture in modern times.

    Wenger was laid to rest on Monday night according to orisa burial tradition. Her remains were interred in the sacred grove of Osun, the river goddess to whom she devoted her life for nearly six decades. The Ogboni cult mounted the Oro – the bull-roarer’s- funereal ceremony in Osogbo late on Monday, as a rite of passage for the spirit of a European woman who had been inducted into the highest echelon of Yoruba traditional belief.

    Also known as Adunni Olorisa, Wenger was thought to have instructed prior to her death that she must be buried without delay. After her death at 2 O’clock in the afternoon, Chief Gabriel Oparanti, the Ajaguna traditional title-holder and second in command to the Ataoja of Osogbo, had communicated the artist-priestess’ last wishes to her followers.

    In line with those wishes, Wenger’s actual burial site within the world famous grove is to remain a secret; she is thought not to have wanted her tomb to become a tourist attraction.

    News of the death of the famous priestess of Osun, came from fellow artist and orisa devotee, Chief Muraina Oyelami of Iragbiji. “This is announcing the transition of our colleague, mentor and mother… who [has] responded to the call of Olodumare,” he said in a communiqué.

  27. Geoff

    Rob and Ethan I’m sticking that arsehole in the hole sorry you had to put up with that all night, you won’t see him again.

  28. Rob From Aus

    I dont know honestly why cunts like him come on here tho?.

    If you dont like what we whinge about, then its easy fuck off to Arsenal.com lol!

    Easy…. Sheeesh!

  29. ethangunner


    YES !

    but they wont have any of that ..
    they want to give us dunne !

    fuck that …. there’s a reason dunne plays for man shitty ! and that’s because he’s crap !

    yeah sure what the hell might as well get rid of our last invincible … it would be the last quick 15 mil fire sale wenger can make prior to his contract running down , i wouldn’t be surprised if wenger did him over like he did lauren …

    i heard fish face will be out for some time however , so i cant see wenger selling him without a CD replacement .. maybe wenger is cooking up some magic .. sell toure and replace him with a 14 year old player from Nairobi


  30. kelsey

    Morning all,
    ethan you mention Lauren.I have posted this before,but in case you didn’t read it I know for a fact that Lauren had no intention of leaving,that he came into training and Wenger told him straight out that the club had an offer from pompey and that they had accepted the bid,without giving lauren a chance to stay,which i assure you he wanted to,in other words he was shafted,and that is a side of Wenger the public doesn’t see.

    I wish he maintained a ruthless streak in him now,even though i was surprised what happened to Lauren, yet he is blind to see tat he should be ruthless and kick out the dead wood instead of persisting with players which will never be p.l. standard let alone arsenal standard.

  31. ethangunner

    i have my own conspiracy theories on why this shite is taking so long .. RE :arshavin

    i think still like i did prior to the window opening .. i think he has to sell someone prior to buying him !
    it happened with nasri , and ALL the others when you look at it now ..

    thats why the nik b story and now this toure story have wenger trying to off load 1 of them .

    gallas will probably stay if toure goes .
    and to me i think wenger (not us) would prefer it toooooooo!

  32. ethangunner


    i know thats why i said

    i wouldn’t be surprised if wenger did him over like he did lauren …

    meaning toure …

  33. London

    Good point about Lauren kelsey. Wenger showed a similar ruthless streak with Sylvinho. He was told not to come back from Brasil for start of season training.
    I don’t buy into this idea that Wenger is happy with the current situation. I think he is hurting inside. He is a winner and 5th place is far from winning.

  34. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning all……


    What a fucking terrible way to start the day! PHW is a complete cunt!

    “Even if we were in the UEFA Cup and enjoyed a long run in Europe, that would not come close to making up the shortfall.

    “But although missing out on the Champions League for one year would be a big disappointment, it would not mean financial armageddon for Arsenal.

    How does he not realise that this club is about more than just making fucking money!!!

    Cunt, cunt, cunt!

  35. iceman

    he probably thought Lauren wouldn’t be the same player after the lengthy lay off….still he should have been given a chance…

  36. kelsey


    who really cares if Silvestre is out.he had 2 years of continiuos injuries and if he was of any use,fergie certainly wouldn’t have sold him.

    That leads me to the over 30 policy.it appears different rules apply to different players.

    I cannot think of another club where the manager and board are literally in bed together.net spend this summer is 4 million.i can sympathise with the hard core fans,who shell out big bucks to watch this dross.Toure,Gallas and bedtner will be gone by the summer.Is RVP going to stand being paid less than our one season wonder adebayor.What a mess.

    Having said all that we maybe unbeaten in 10, but we will never be the force we should be unless the priorities change and the defence is sorted out first,to me that is the priority.

  37. London

    PHW, for some reason has chosen the Star to act as his mouth piece; the Mirror are jealous of this and print anti-Arsenal stories that some people, who should know better, believe.

  38. tonyadamsisgod

    London – I guess I should appologise for my ignorance then as I whole heartedly believe he made these comments……

  39. Jules

    Morning All

    So looks like we won,t go the 3 mill in stallments for AA . We did,nt go the extra 3 mill for Alonso .

    So AFC for 6 mill 3 of which you could pay up now and finance yourselfs you could have of had Arshavin and Aonso . Two class players we all can see we need , we were promised and the fans are desperate for .

    BUT no its not going to happen is it ! stop lying .

    6 mill . two players thats all . you bunch of cunts .

    can you imagine the difference and how good we would be with Alonso and Arshavin in the side ! 3 million !!

    paathetic , no ambition or guts what so ever

  40. GMR

    I’ve just watched the Arsenal tv online interview with Wenger & he claimed he said the deal was 90% not done. He also said he’s made enquiries about other players but hasn’t bid on anyone else.

  41. London

    We are going through tough times right now, TA. I am hoping for a good performance against West Ham to lift our spirits.

  42. tonyadamsisgod

    Why buy players? We don’t need too! We have Song, Diaby, Denilson, Eboue and wont Senderos be back soon?

    We’re just oozing quality…..the treble is still on!!


  43. tonyadamsisgod

    London – lets pray we get a result for the sake of everything Arsenal……I don’t even want to start thinking about what dropping more points would mean!!

  44. kelsey

    WHU are in form, but we should overcome them.Luck and injuries always play a significant part to any season,and we have a habit of playing teams at the wrong time.

    When hull beat us they were on a run, so to an extent were Stoke, The rednapp factor gave spurs an injection when they luckily got a draw,yet city lost 8 games and only beat us in a run of nine.Fulham,we just played shite,and honestly the only team that beat us convincingly were Villa.

  45. London

    Morning Jules

    I know understand how urban myths start. Liverpool were only going to sell Alonso, to help balence their books, if they got Barry. They didn’t get Barry so they were never going to sell Alonso. I fail to see how you can blame Arsenal for having a lack of ambition for something that was completely beyond their control.
    The transfer window has not closed, if you want to critisise the club surely it would be better to do so when you are certain that the deal has not gone through.
    Personally, I still believe that the Arshavin deal will go through, 90% of negotiation is patience.

  46. ethangunner


    i meant if fishface is injured he will only have gallas – johan if he sold toure , so i cant see it happening ..

    not without replacing toure anyhow ..
    i could still see him do it however .
    as i think he is siding with gallas and not toure ..

  47. Confidentgoner


    We should all lower our expectations for our beloved club. If we win, it is a bonus, but don’t expect it to happen. The board are already preparing our minds for dropping out of the top 4, so they have factored that into their economics and to them it does not matter seriously.

    They may be right. The corporate seats in a stadium bring in more money than ordinary fan seats. Check out Italy, where games attendance is abysimal and clubs still get on.

    Take what you have…. a mediocre Arsenal under Wenger’s watch!