Rosicky, Arshavin, Nasri, Walcott for Cardiff replay and Cockeney’s.

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How’s that for the dream team in midfield eh? Replace any of them with Diaby and that would be still be impressive. Vela as a sub and Cesc coming back you can see our future is bright.

So with the news that the Arshavin deal is down to personal terms we should all feel hopeful that the deal will be done today, as we know Arshavin will accept what he’s offered as he has made all this fuss to leave, he would look pretty stupid if he stayed.

Tomas Rosicky is back in training so that has to be fantastic news, especially if he’s cured at last, we are owed some payback there, that’s for sure, Theo was pencilled in for February so we could have the Harlem Globetrotters midfield in for the Cardiff game.

At least it puts Eboue back as the right back replacement and we won’t have to suffer him bombing down the wing again and falling over.

Gallas is fit again so we may start to see the back four get competitive as I thought Gibbs had a good game against our plucky Welsh cousins.

I would like to see Fabianski in goal more often because I feel more comfortable with him than I do with Almunia, especially on set pieces, I don’t not rate Almunia, I just think that Fabianski is better and putting him in more will make us far more solid next season, he could be our new Seaman.

I still believe we need a defensive midfielder that is better than the one we have and who’s name I won’t mention for fear of upsetting those of you who live near him, but when I see headlines like Velosa to Bolton I want to cry, I would still have an Inler, Velosa, Toulalon or Cana in there but I don’t think that will happen, we do though have a big lump in the rub-a-dubs though called Jay Emannuel Thomas and I wonder if he could do that job also.

A big week coming up with Everton from some village up north and West Ham who for some strange reason call themselves Cockney boys, well just for the records boys, they are really Essex boys as the Bow bells are in Cheapside which is very close to Arsenal but some 15 miles from West Ham, so they are as cockney as Everton are, I was born in Bethnal Green which is next door to St. Mary-le-Bow which of course is from where cockneys got their name, not from Bow near Stratford as most of the West Ham fans seem to think.

A name given to people living in the shanty towns on the outskirts of the City to describe the type of person that served the rich folk, a Cockeney is a French hen that lays a slighty square egg, an odd shaped egg as the rich people like to name the slum dweller, odd people, cockeney’s, this of course became cockneys and anyone who was born within the sound of the bells was one, hence I am and West Ham supporters are not.

If that offends anyone I’m sorry but it’s true, go to the Passmore Edwards museum in Stratford and read up. Either that or google.

Sorry for that Grovers but the record needed to be set straight. I’m also sorry for the 26 people in moderation last night, it happens when you have an attachment and neither Pedro or I can release you, that and new people so welcome to the new people, you’ll get on now!

So Everton, West Ham and Cardiff in quick succession, what a week to get Arshavin in and Rosicky back whooooh!

I’m feeling happy today Arsenal, please complete the feeling and announce him as an Arsenal player this afternoon.

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  1. rico01

    Steve – and they are a club supposed to be in financial concern i think, says it all really –

    Agree Raddy, and long do we have to wait for these young ones to find their own way to the loo, let alone play 😉

  2. Franchise

    true rico im so incensed by our lack of transfer activity.

    Villa paid 3.5 mill for Heskey a guy that has no resale value and could have been a freebie in May.

    Would Wenger have done that? No he would have waited until the May to get him for free cos he wants to put the well paid economist b4 the unpressured manager. He would have persisted with Marlon Deadwood telling the whole world that he is the best.

  3. AJ

    I don’t want to talk about Arshavin today, i’m tired of it. I am sorry to get everyone’s hopes up last Friday from the information from my friends grandfather about Liam Brady telling him about Arshavin, was it made up? Not from me no, the deal is close, Arshavin has been to London and visiting the stadium and the deal was to be announced but Zenit are digging their heals in and are releasing statements blaming Arshavin and his agent. I am tired of the whole thing and disappointed. The same thing happened to Spurs last summer over this, their is obviously some majors issues here, so big payments otr some dodgy bonus to be paid off, I am more focussed on tonight in which I think this will be a very tough game, would I take a draw tonight? Yes. o I think Villa are not actually all that great but living on pure luck at the moment? Yes

  4. GMR

    From a personal point of view I’d be happy to remain patient with his project if he could gurantee all our better players & better youngsters would stay put, but he can’t. Come the summer we now know that other players are going to be sold off & as he wouldn’t be able to make much selling the likes of Eboue, its going to have to be one of the players we all like.

    The club will never fulfill it’s supposed potential because when players hit their prime they are sold off. I have no doubt RVP will be out the door in the summer, they are already dragging their feet negotiating his new deal & surprise, surprise stories are being leaked to the press about wage demands. That way Arsenal can blame the player (like they did with Flamini) & reduce the flak they’ll receive.

  5. ArsenalKenya



    Asked whether Arsenal’s relatively frugal nature allowed him to be paid handsomely, Wenger said: “I am on a very good contract. I am one of the few managers who makes money for my club every year. That is the most important. I tell you something, if I would not make money for the club, I would not be on a very good contract.”

  6. Big Raddy

    Tonight is going to be nervy viewing. I think we will struggle to control Fellain. Plus Everton are at their most dangerous from set pieces, which is our Achilles heel.

    I fear for us tonight, and would take the draw.

  7. Franchise

    Arsene Wenger knows his team wont win anything. He is just too proud to admit he got it wrong. He would rather give the club and fans heartache and persist with his ideologies hoping he sneaks in a trophy. He cant wait to say I told u that they would come good.

    Lets be honest, its been 3 years since Diaby, Ade and Walcott came to the club. 4 years since Eboue and Song touched base. Yet not one of them is really cutting it yet. How long more do we have to wait???

  8. Steve

    AJ, I know you have taken some flack for it mate, but I must admit that I have it from somebody I trust that it’s been very close for the last couple of weeks too.

    Which is why I still think it’ll happen.