Rosicky, Arshavin, Nasri, Walcott for Cardiff replay and Cockeney’s.

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How’s that for the dream team in midfield eh? Replace any of them with Diaby and that would be still be impressive. Vela as a sub and Cesc coming back you can see our future is bright.

So with the news that the Arshavin deal is down to personal terms we should all feel hopeful that the deal will be done today, as we know Arshavin will accept what he’s offered as he has made all this fuss to leave, he would look pretty stupid if he stayed.

Tomas Rosicky is back in training so that has to be fantastic news, especially if he’s cured at last, we are owed some payback there, that’s for sure, Theo was pencilled in for February so we could have the Harlem Globetrotters midfield in for the Cardiff game.

At least it puts Eboue back as the right back replacement and we won’t have to suffer him bombing down the wing again and falling over.

Gallas is fit again so we may start to see the back four get competitive as I thought Gibbs had a good game against our plucky Welsh cousins.

I would like to see Fabianski in goal more often because I feel more comfortable with him than I do with Almunia, especially on set pieces, I don’t not rate Almunia, I just think that Fabianski is better and putting him in more will make us far more solid next season, he could be our new Seaman.

I still believe we need a defensive midfielder that is better than the one we have and who’s name I won’t mention for fear of upsetting those of you who live near him, but when I see headlines like Velosa to Bolton I want to cry, I would still have an Inler, Velosa, Toulalon or Cana in there but I don’t think that will happen, we do though have a big lump in the rub-a-dubs though called Jay Emannuel Thomas and I wonder if he could do that job also.

A big week coming up with Everton from some village up north and West Ham who for some strange reason call themselves Cockney boys, well just for the records boys, they are really Essex boys as the Bow bells are in Cheapside which is very close to Arsenal but some 15 miles from West Ham, so they are as cockney as Everton are, I was born in Bethnal Green which is next door to St. Mary-le-Bow which of course is from where cockneys got their name, not from Bow near Stratford as most of the West Ham fans seem to think.

A name given to people living in the shanty towns on the outskirts of the City to describe the type of person that served the rich folk, a Cockeney is a French hen that lays a slighty square egg, an odd shaped egg as the rich people like to name the slum dweller, odd people, cockeney’s, this of course became cockneys and anyone who was born within the sound of the bells was one, hence I am and West Ham supporters are not.

If that offends anyone I’m sorry but it’s true, go to the Passmore Edwards museum in Stratford and read up. Either that or google.

Sorry for that Grovers but the record needed to be set straight. I’m also sorry for the 26 people in moderation last night, it happens when you have an attachment and neither Pedro or I can release you, that and new people so welcome to the new people, you’ll get on now!

So Everton, West Ham and Cardiff in quick succession, what a week to get Arshavin in and Rosicky back whooooh!

I’m feeling happy today Arsenal, please complete the feeling and announce him as an Arsenal player this afternoon.

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  1. Franchise

    I would support Arsenal with or without the glory but dont tell me we have a soul and UTD dont….

    Do u know how United honour their legends. PPL like Charlton and Robson are ambassadors of the club. They get paid allowances just for being legends

  2. A

    pat imo there isn’t any deadwood, our squad needs to improve in numbers as well as quality.

    I don’t think the stadium has negatively affected our spending and playing side has it, when did we ever spend massively?!

  3. Big Raddy


    Tevez, Rooney Ronaldo Berbatov.

    Messi Eto’o Henry Bojan

    Juve ? Nowhere near.

    Both are fantastic attacking teams. You cannot argue with MU’s record.

    And I am not a closet Utd fan. I absolutely detest them. But I recognise a brilliant team, and it is always better to acknowledge an enemy’s strengths and learn from them. Or do we continue as we are ?

  4. David

    Yes this blog is for ARSENAL fans….and if your saying MAnutd Have the best attacking and defending football your saying they are the best in the world….

    That is unacceptable my fellow Arsenal fan…

    I know the good book says love thy fellow gooner….but what is the difference between you and a Manc supporter???

  5. A

    so what maciek, i care more about the way we’re run than i do about winning. I’d walk away from football before i support a club with no principles

  6. wolski

    maciek…exactly….today I would settle for just arsh….as it will give us a great attacking option of arsh, nasri, vela….with cesc, theo and rosicky to come back. then we have to hope that Song or Denilson make the grade in the DM position because I really donot see AW putting someone in front of them..however much I would love him to

  7. A

    raddy when we’re firing we still play much better attacking football than utd imo. Barca are leagues above anyone else though

  8. gambon

    UTD 5 year net spend is nothing shocking.

    We make 37m profit per season….we can afford to spend more than Pool and not far behind UTD if we wanted.

    Last year we payed £11m in tax….that is ridiculous.

  9. Keyser

    Franchise – What are you trying to prove exactly ? United won the European Cup 40 years before we even got to a final, they’ve been the biggest club in England for decades before we even got a foot in the door.

  10. David

    ok Raddy dont piss me off

    Youre gettin in too much now…

    Untd are not a good attacking side…they are good on set pieces yes….but they are mostly a counter attacking team that beat you with speed.

    Very simple….no master passing. No fantastic finishes…every fawking goal is either a set piece…or a goal that looks like a set piece….cross from the corner and head it in.

  11. Franchise

    what difference should there be???? Im very rational thinking and objective. I wouldnt see red and say its blue.

    United are great club. If our club officials dont agree they wouldnt say stuff like ‘we want to be able to compete with the likes of manchester and real madrid’

    I dont support blindly

  12. Maciek

    He paid 7 milion for Overmars,3 for Vieira, 7 for Pires, 11,5 for Henry, 7 for Louren, 13 for Wiltord, 15+for Reayes, 9 for Jeffers and so on. Back then it was a huge amount of money. Why he is afraid to do the same again?

  13. goonermichael

    Everything I have read says united are in the shit finacially. They will be arab owned sooner rather than later.

  14. Keyser

    gambon – You’re talking complete rubbish, their net 5 year spend, do this, their squad cost about 5 times what our’s does and in the last two years they’ve spent 60-70 million a season, with renting Tevez for 10 million a year or two aswell.

  15. Jules

    Franchise , I particularly like the offer of the ” meal deal” at £7 for fish and chips !!

    and my 11 year old can,t get the chips on its own , fucking great deal huh .

    like the grade A rip off ticket deal . go with the curry in a hurry near the triangle .

    much better value

  16. A

    utd are a big and successful club, but a piece of shit of a club, they are the opposite of a great club. Just like milan, and madrid. Nasty excuses for football club, run by dickheads, for dickheads, with a long running history and tradition of dickheadedness

  17. Keyser

    Maciek – United broke the British tarnsfer record 3 times in 13 months, whats you’re point ?! That was 7 years ago.

  18. A

    i’ve heard lady nina was a bit of a retard, and didn’t dein get offloaded because he wanted to sell our principles to a russian oligarch?!

  19. kirby

    A —
    johnnny evans, danny welbeck and the brothers raphael and fabio they are youngsters and fergusons bringing them through we buy youngsters then bring them through no difference we need to spend some money end of story

    song, eboue and the defence is shit and bendtner!!

  20. David

    Yes…there is no denying their recent succes…but to say it on a day when the ref hands them the game…..7 yellow cards plus a sending off….and to claim you are “green with envy” and call them World champs even though Zenit beat the shite out of them easily…is taking a stance that most Manc supporters do versus seeing the other side of what im trying to point out…

    They had recent succes in europe….and the only real competition they had was a pathetic barca side that were in transition….and shouldve lost to chelsea 20 million times over on penalties…JT picked the best time in the world to slip.

  21. Franchise

    comon keyser UTD went 27 years without the league. dont say they’ve dominated for decades. their recent dominance started in 1992 and it was with a team with loads of academy graduates. Fergie has adapted to change hence their dominance has lasted that long. Who breaks a team that goes unbeaten in less than 2 seasons. from 2004 until date only toure and clichy remain from that team. Wenger’s fucking self indulgence has put us where we are currently

  22. Big Raddy

    Good argument GM.

    My point is that you have to speculate to accumulate. We are paying for the non-investment in our club.

    And I mean WE. Not the players, or the board or AW. It is us the fans who keep the Arsenal flag flying, and we deserve better from our club.

    If they want to charge us top prices, give us a top quality team.

  23. Maciek

    So if we pay more than 15 milion on one player-we will break the rules?Will it be unmoral?I care about values and virtues but paying more sometimes and showing some ambition won’t make us any harm.

  24. goonermichael

    Keyser United were the first English club to win europe becase they were the first english club to enter (celtic won it before then. They didn’t win the league for 27 years and went down a division. Before Ferguson came they lived on the euro cup and munich. Look at all thier record and they have all been set in the last 20 years. So I don’t really go with the decades thing,

  25. gambon

    Keyser, and we have £100m in the bank……we could spend £70m and still be living within our means.

    UTDs 5 year net spend is <25m pa, we make £37m pa profit, so we can afford the same net spend.

    Absolute rubbish no, facts yes.

  26. patthegooner

    No he wanted to bring on Kroenke, who they eventually brought on themselves

    Nice of you with all your principles to call one of the members of one of the long standing families in Arsenal history a Retard.

  27. wolski

    the problem we have is that from our view we can see money that has come in this year that was not expected, Diarra, bently..this would not have been in any financial budget…this is additional income and yet we still do not spend that little extra to get the players we need in…I do not mean 30m…I am talking 1 or 2m.

  28. Jules


    song over carrick ! you sure ?

    I can not see song , eboue , diaby and bentner getting in any of the top 4 sides in the epl , and no way the spanish league .

  29. A

    pretty significant difference kirby – in our first team we have clichy, djourou, cesc, denilson/song, theo who are all first choice, bendtner not far behind, vela, wilshere set to come through.

    Utd have some players who will play in the league cup, or as sub if they’re 4-0 up, or against crap teams if they have loads of injuries. They only have one player anywhere near the side properly in rafael

  30. gambon

    A, exactly what principles do we have.

    You are basically an apologist for all things Arsenal. If its not Arsenal its no good. That is similar to an AKB.

  31. Maciek

    My point is that Wenger was never afraid to splash the cash for players he did want.So, why he is now?He is living in his past glory.

  32. A

    bendtner, eboue, song and diaby wouldn’t be in our first team if we didn’t have injuries and such like….

    yeah carrick is very average, a better player than song, but what song brings to the table is something we need more than what carrick brings to the table

  33. Keyser

    Franchise – So what ? They had record attendances throughout England for everyone of those years, in the Second Division they had more people turning out for game then almost everyone else in the country.

    You have no idea do you ? Who was Bryan Robson in England when Fergie took over ? How much was Keane bought for ? Fergie has simply spent more than probably any other team in history to carry out such dominance, he’s had to adapt, he snapped up kids from all the place, the rules changed and since then Uniteds Academy has produced Wes Brown.

    Wenger’s self indulgence has fuck all to do with why United are dominant.

  34. goonermichael

    We are paying for the non investment in our TEAM not our club. Did you see the interview with the yank from livercunts say Arsenal have set a new standard in matchday revenue.

    I don’t tink we’re good. I think we’re having the piss taken out of us. I think wengers probably lost the plot as well. Nut I’m arsenal and I’m not going to listen to fellow gooners getting all weak kneed about a bunch of nouveaux riche dirty cheating manc cunts. I don’t give a fuck how good they are they are still cunts.

  35. Big Raddy

    David … you started it, and you are continuing it 🙂

    I want my team to be the best. I don’t give a flying feck about how much we spend. I don’t care if we have an Arab/Russian/ American own us. What difference does it make to me ?

    I am as removed from the likes of Fizman and PHW as I am from Kroenke. Once DD left, the club has lost it’s way.

    I talked of MU because they have shown us the blueprint to success. Do you think their fans cared about the Glazers when Terry made us all laugh

  36. Jules

    song brings fuck all to the table mate , in fact he would be the one who lands on his butt as someone pulls the chair away as he is too slow to react

    would,nt even make the table .

  37. Keyser

    gambon – 100 million in the bank ? Yeah I suppose you think thats all for transfers ? even if we spent 70 million all of our supposed budget we’d be able to buy a Rooney and a Berbatov, thats it, it wouldn’t even come close to what United have spent.

    You;re having a laugh that we can afford the same net spend, thats not facts, you’re simply deluded, how much does their squad cost ?!

  38. goonermichael

    Actually I sat through the history of tha mancs on tv if any of you watched it (even when thay dress it up) you’d realise that aaprt from a short spell in the 60s everything has been done since rednose got there

  39. A

    gallas coming in for kolo tomorrow, and eduardo to play after the international break, according to (though it doesnt specify kolo out, just gallas in, and we need djourou’s height against everton)

  40. kirby

    fair enough A but this is my point we have them in our first 11 they get luxury of bringing these in if they have injuries which we cant do so we should buy we will finish below them unless we keep up footballs changed its spend money or fall behind.

    and carrick is ten times better than song!!

  41. Keyser

    Maciek – How is he living on past glory ? If United are outspending Chelsea, who spent how much ? Do you honestly think we can compete like for like ?!

  42. David

    Spot on goonermicheal……

    Dirty cheating Manc C*nts….They have had to pay 35 mill a season the last 5 seasons to “dominate”

    We really should get a better shirt deal….Our Fly Emirates deal is nothing short of pathetic for a top four team.

  43. wolski

    A – with one addition we could have a midfield of Arsh, nasri, denilson, Vela and still have Theo, Cesc, Rosicky, Diaby, Ramsey…before we even think about playing EE, Song…only include denilson because he is best DM we have without spending more cash

  44. Franchise

    which rules changed. The guy is a legend. Arsene would be achieve half of what fergie has avhieved.

    How ethical is it that we go around the world stealing kids that clubs like Barca spent time and money training? We are hypocrites. We are no better than United. At least Utd are happy to compensate a club financially when they rid them of their priced asset. Bollox.

    If not for work permit issues we would have stolen messi along side merida and fabregas. Yet we say we have principles.

    Arent we exploiting a UEFA loop hole that prevents players under 17 from signing pro-contracts???

  45. patthegooner

    Keyser no need for the deluded comment, come on buddy we are all gooners

    and again, I dont think we would need to spend anywhere near 70m. We just need 2-3 Sagna like signings in the key required positions and we are there. If we had not had lost Flamini and Hleb, I think we would be there now.

  46. Jules


    also the point about injuries simply highlights how thin our squad is

    that is why you invest in a good SQUAD to compensate for injuriea ,

    if eboue on the left mid being replaced by silvestre as a left mid when eboue got taken off and diaby on the right mid is a STRONG SQUAD , then my friends , we are in the shit


  47. Big Raddy

    I have to bow to your judgement GM. And your elloquence in dn such an apt description of our Northern friends !

  48. Keyser

    goonermichale – How big a club were United before the Premiership began ? Before fergie took over ? If Liverpools success had come ten years later, they would have probably pissed over United, but United were able to milk the Premiership for all it’s worth.

  49. Stu

    Whats all the arguing about? There is no doubting United are a great attacking team and they have a mean defence too. But right now Barca are the best team. United are close but still a long way off what Barca are doing this season. Still tho, there is no denying Uniteds success in recent seasons.

    Lady Nina was hardly a retard. She was kicked out and is pretty pissed about it, understandably. She was Arsenal through and through and deserved to be treated better.

  50. David

    Ok i get you Radd

    We’re going Spend 70-80 million….and fuck off paying the stadium depth…only to get bent over by the refs and media….

    You have to understand that we nearly one the league last year…with average players….surely if that doesnt say that we can create our own blue print to success why facking copy someone else???? And of all people to copy?? The MANCS????

    Fack that.

  51. wolski

    we could lose Song and Eboue wages,,,,maybe cost us money for someone to take them,,,but we coudl use their wages on one additional signing and we are done!

  52. Franchise

    Rednose is a fucking cunt of a legend.

    Wenger is a man currently lost in his philosophies and ideologies.

    PPL keep blaming the stadium like we have to pay £250million yearly. Our club has enough cash to have bought Ribery for 17million, Vidic for 8million, Alonso for 16million, Arshavin for 15million and offer him his salary demands.

    No. wait. Wenger has his master plan.

  53. Keyser

    pattheGooner – Nah it pisses me off when I’m told I’m decieving myself and I’m simply envious because I don’t choose to accept what someone says. It gets tiring after a while.

    We wouldn’t have to spend anywhere near 70 million, just pointing out that that is down to Wenger and teams around us have spent that t get the few points they are ahead of us now.

  54. A

    jules the only way we could have a better squad is to have less talented players. If we want to have potentially top top players we have to have a large group of kids being brought through from a young age, because our financial contraints dictate we can’t sign them ready made. We could either have young and raw kids as back ups, which is a risk that can backfire if you have injuries like we’ve had, or you can have ok experienced players, who will never be any better.

  55. gambon


    these are facts…

    1- UTDs 5 year net spend is <25m
    2- We make 37m profit pa
    3- We can afford a 25m pa net spend.

  56. Jules


    Im with you , how many times have we said we are only 2 or 3 solid players short
    of being the business !!??? we don,t want or expect stupid spending , just these
    couple of postions that the whole world can see we are short of . and we are promised
    and lied to about in the summer . it is not an unreasonable expectation

    thats what fucks me off so much

  57. David

    Ok Franchise

    We are cheaters and we dont have prinicples because we “steal” talent from all over the world…and give them a chance to be succesful at Arsenal….

    Wonderful point….wonder where you get this stuff from….

    Let me ask you this…you think Fabregas will be starting at Barca today?

  58. Keyser

    Franchise – What are you on about ? Go back and check the history of United, Fergie didn’t just come across and take a team from Non-league football to glory, he didn’t take a bunch of kids playing off the street and turn them into superstars, and the catchment rule for one, where did Beckham come from ?!

    Wtf are you on about United are happy to comensate a club, what did Southampton get ?! How much were the Da Silva twins worth ?!

  59. Big Raddy

    A i see your point and to some extent empathise with it.

    But they still fill their stadium with 70,000 plus muppets every game.

  60. Franchise

    Ashley Cole is the last graduate of our academy. the rest of them diaby, denilson, cesc, ramsey, lupoli, bendtner etc were all lured with cash and 1st team footie from other clubs thats why our wage bill is £107 million

  61. wolski

    come on, we all know wengers master plan…he did this same thing at didn’t work there…..he is trying to make it work here. It suits the board because they dont have ot stump up any real cash. do not expect a signing guy IMO

  62. goonermichael

    Franchise I repect your views but this is an Arsenal blog and saying that cunt is alegend (whether true or not) is going to upset people

  63. Maciek

    With a proper gk,cd(Hangeland), cdm-Cana, Veloso,Diarra, Flamini,and attacking midfielder at the beggining of the season everything would have beeen better.But in life, sometimes You must pay the price. We won’t win ANYTHING with Almunia in goal andSong, Diaby, Denilson in midfield.Ade isn’t Henry either.

  64. Keyser

    Franchise – You’re rambling now, why is Ashley Cole the last graduate, when did we revamp the Academy and who is one of the first prospects to have gone through it completely from age 9 ?!

  65. A

    he’s a man utd legend, and a legend in terms of their club obviously, but in football terms he can fuck off. It’s like cantona, a utd legend but could never be considered a footballing legend, very overrated and not fit to clean bergkamp’s boots, but the utd biased media talk about utd as if they represent everyone

  66. patthegooner

    David, there is that side of it but I think Franchise was pointing out that we can hardly be proud of the way we lure these players to Arsenal.

    We exploit loopholes and offer a lot of money to young players to come and play at Arsenal, and if it wasn’t for tighter laws down in South America there would be a lot more of them.

    I think it was in response to the Principles debate

  67. Keyser

    Big Raddy – On a sidenote, how good were some of the players at United in the 80’s like Bryan Robson ?! Just wondering because I wasn’t around not singling you out.

  68. choy

    i just wish we were top of the table and had kept 11 clean sheets on the way… we wouldn’t be having this debate…

    all our fellow grovers getting frustated at each other… this is all arsene and the boards fault…

    and i blame the recession too… the fuckin flats are not getting sold!!!!

  69. Franchise

    Thats not the point. If Fabregas had signed a pro contract after the U-!& we wouldnt have paid as little as we compensated Barca for him. Denilson who was an unknown cost us £3.5 million. Do u think Barca would have let their next academy star after Iniesta to join us for £500,000? Just to let u know the year Fab left Barca he was ahead of Messi as the next big thing. Why do u think he wouldnt be playing for Barca when a shitty player like Dos Santos made 28 appearances for Barca last season alone

  70. patthegooner

    I think the problem is, that Sagna aside we have replaced every single one of the Invincibles with a less capable player and although a lot of them are still young, I still think it is questionable and debateable whether any of them will eclipse those legends.

  71. David

    How else do you get young talent to your squad then??? Do you calll up their mommy’s and ask them nicely???? If thats the case we shouldve had Ronaldo but Untd got him with what????? PRINCIPLES???? Ofcoarse not it was Money!!

    So what is the point gloryfyin the Mancs “blue print” to success when they do it worse than us!

  72. A

    because they have xavi franchise, cesc wouldn’t be in the barca team, as he doesn’t get into the spanish team. kids imo should be free to join who they want, you can’t let a kid commit to a contract, or be bought or sold, until they become adults anyways

  73. Big Raddy

    I have been an Arsenal fan since the early 60’s, Went to every game in the 70/71 Double season. And have been a season ticket holder for over 30 years.

    Shit…. forgot what I wanted to say ………….. must be the Alzheimer’s

  74. Stu

    I dont think anyone in this team is capable of emulating anything achieved during the invincible team. Certainly not footballing level but in terms of trophies its defo possible.

  75. Jules

    Cheers wolski

    A , you can not let go Gilberto , Flamini , dolphin head , and hleb go and not replace them . that was has happened , we should of gone the extra 2 or 3 for alonso and we did,nt . now we are paying the price .

    now we probably won,t go the extra for AA again won,t get a def mid which we need
    and will again pay the price .

    forget AKB mate its ANL , arsene never learns .

  76. goonermichael

    Some of you seem to believe the mancs rewriting of history. They were a nothing club until they had a plane crash. after the war they were bankrupt and way behind to city. Edwards’s father ( tha butcher) promised busby that their sons would share united but he fucked him over. after winning the league and Europe they were a cup team until 6 years into rednose’s reign. If we were having this debate in the late 70’s you’d be arguing forest are abigger team with a more glorious history (back to back ec). They have adapted toi the premier league and the modern game better that’s about the size of it,

  77. David

    Thats because the best player in the world at that position plays fabregas’ position.

    And paying 500,000 for fabregas is NOT any fault of Arsenal if the club does not rate the star that much…..even if they cant sign a pro contract…and they cost that much then EVERY club in the world has this opportunity not just us..Im not getting your point here.

  78. Big Raddy

    Oh yes…. Keyser……

    Robson was every bit as good as Gerrard. Who in my opinion is head and shoulders the best English player of his generation. Fucking hated him. And there are some brilliant stories about him, all libellous, and almost certainly true. The man has a fondness for a sherbert or two.

  79. Stu

    Busquets is playing for Barca now. I dont see why he wouldnt have gotten similar chances but its a question of whether Rikaart(sp) would have given him the opportunity ahead of Xavi. Pep is giving the youth a chance but thats because he used to coach them and known about them all.

  80. wolski

    It is obvious to me that we let players go and Wenger took the chance on his kids and they are not ready. Denilson has gone from making 3 – 5 starts last season to being a first choice….does not work at PL level imo.

    He chose to not replace and now we are paying the price

  81. Franchise

    If UTD has no soul then we also have no soul. thats my point. UTD have set a benchmark for all to follow. Chelsea have shown us that spending money alone dont gurantee success. Arsene has shown us that not spending at all means top end of the table mediocricity. We are no saints. Our only way of challenging now is by going to the press with stories of how principled we are and how young the team is. It would only take time (unless he changes) b4 we all see that we hare loosing the plot here.

  82. Maciek

    If we would have adress our problems in the summer,everything would have been much better.He can’tg buy a quality cd, cdm and so called “star player” who can cheer You up and make You feel better.All he reqally loves are his “kids”, but they aren’t so talented as he thinks that they are.

  83. A

    i agree jules, although flamini and hleb were unexpected, and hleb was replaced. Denilson and diaby were going to start the previous season ahead of flamini if they weren’t injured anyways, though I do think we needed to sign another dm, as we tried to do, and i expect us to do before the end of the window.

    I think a midfield of Nasri Cesc Denilson Rosicky wouldn’t be that far from having achieved what the Hleb Cesc Flamini Rosicky midfield achieved last year until rosicky’s injury destroyed it.

    i’m pretty sure we’ll still sign arshavin, or another attacking mid

  84. gambon


    dont know what their squads worth. They have spent £95 odd m in the last 2 years. And their financials from last season will be outrageous as a result of their success.

  85. A

    i also think in football terms this set of players could emulate the invincibles in a couple of years, the amount of talent at the club is incredible. We need a dm and centre backs but other than that we could be absolutely incredible.

  86. Franchise

    David get ur facts straight we compensated Barca for Cesc. Its not our fault but we exploited another club. We didnt break no rules but any one with principles would know what we did was wrong. We tried the same with Merida but Barca took us to CAS and were order to pay over a million in compensation for him

  87. Big Raddy

    That is true GM. But most Le Grovers are younger, and their history (which are as valid as any) coincides with MU being the Top club.

    For you it may have been Liverpool, and the team with Barnes, Rush etc etc which was the best I have seen (apart from the Invincibles).

    HOw far back do we have to go? Huddersfield ? Arsenal 1930’s ? Wolves in the 50’s ?

    It doesn’t matter. What matters is NOW.

  88. Jules

    hope nso A , we need to

    glad you see that point , unexpected or not that is wengers job to deal with

    after all he told us 200 players a day want to join us !

  89. Keyser

    goonermichael – I think you mistook my point, United fucked around after their Europea Cup win, but with 40,000 fans turning out for games regurlarly they still had great potential, they are always talked of as this sleeping giant and for me the Premiersip as much as anything stands out as the reason for their success, because then you’ve not just got more fans turning out for games than anyone else, but fans with deep pockets who want to spend all they can. United began the milking process before any other team and are now at the point where they can abuse all the power and money that this affords them.

    We are getting to that point heh.

  90. Stu

    I dont think so Wolski. Wenger will always find a way to play EE.

    Talent at the club doesnt mean that much is there are no leaders etc.

    I mean talent is usually associated with good technical players, attackers etc but not associated with defenders much. Talent is great is there is organisation and a mean defence. nah mean???!!

  91. David

    and Franchise

    My point is we dont follow anyone else’ path to success…we create our own…AS i said before….we almost won the league with average players last season…and if not for the scum dum sh*t piece of toilet rubbish liverc*nts diving cheating ryan babel…we wouldve beat chelsea en-route to our CL final……..

    We can do it…but with the right mix of players….fuck spending 80 million a season.

  92. Keyser

    gambon – It’s all on a timeline, we built a stadium that holds 60,000 two years ago, they’ve had theirs for a decade, we are nowhere near their position as a whole but we are working to that position.

  93. goonermichael

    From a neutral point of veiw I enjoyed forest’s success at a time when the bindippers were dominating Clough won 2 european titles after getting promotion.

  94. David

    I never said we didnt compensate barca….im pretty sure we did.

    Im asking you when did we “steal” young talent from all over the world?????

  95. Keyser

    Big Raddy – You have to weed it out of United fans, I remember one telling me Fergie transformed this team of layabouts and drunkards who could barely pass a ball to each other into World beaters, but then I asked about Robson because I’d seen him Captain England and he started to tell me the truth, he said they’d spent no money, but Keanes fee was quite high and so on.

  96. goonermichael

    we’re coming to the endo of an era enyway soon wenger and rednose will be gone and we’ll see where it all goes.

  97. Stu

    It was a great move by Merida wasnt it. He obviously joined us for an earlier chance at first team football and at almost 19 he only has a handfull of appearances. Probably not what he was hoping for.

  98. wolski

    If we sign AA and with Theo coming not see EE getting back in to the right midfield,,,so assume he will revert to back up for sagna. Mind you maybe he is pushing for a place up front soon considering his free role he seems to have these days…wtf!

  99. gambon

    I suppose so Keyser, lets just hope we start spending our new found wealth. In the game of football cash in the bank serves absolutely no purpose.

  100. Big Raddy


    I am drinking a rather fine Grappa from the rolling hills of Venezia. This is after a wonderful bottle of Bourdeaux, served at room temperature by by stunning blond Danish beauty . Life is good at my age !!

    Horlicks – it’s OK if your pour a quarter bottle of rotgut Brandy into it. Otherwise, I never touch the stuff.

  101. wolski

    thats another player I guess..merida, then there is randall, Coq…seem to have an abundance of midfield talent in teh wings……but waht about the here and now…I might be dead by the time these boys come through!


    gawd help us tomorrow we sure will need a lot of luck to win up at everton tomorrow lose and its goodbye 4th

  103. David

    This is getting silly

    I still have hopes for the League but we must get Arshavin
    A few weeks ago we were 13 points off of the top, now its 6…sorry 9…..lets pray for draws people

  104. goonermichael

    I could be wrong (I usually am) but I remember thinking how can you fine a17 year old 2 million and we paid it for him

  105. Jules

    Big Raddy

    marvelous behavior !!, I am really trying hard to cut the van rouge out in the week which with all this bollocks is proving some what . I will join you with a glass of
    st emilion (2005) .

    oh well . failed again !! enjoy , cheers .

    uhmm . lovely .