Rosicky, Arshavin, Nasri, Walcott for Cardiff replay and Cockeney’s.

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How’s that for the dream team in midfield eh? Replace any of them with Diaby and that would be still be impressive. Vela as a sub and Cesc coming back you can see our future is bright.

So with the news that the Arshavin deal is down to personal terms we should all feel hopeful that the deal will be done today, as we know Arshavin will accept what he’s offered as he has made all this fuss to leave, he would look pretty stupid if he stayed.

Tomas Rosicky is back in training so that has to be fantastic news, especially if he’s cured at last, we are owed some payback there, that’s for sure, Theo was pencilled in for February so we could have the Harlem Globetrotters midfield in for the Cardiff game.

At least it puts Eboue back as the right back replacement and we won’t have to suffer him bombing down the wing again and falling over.

Gallas is fit again so we may start to see the back four get competitive as I thought Gibbs had a good game against our plucky Welsh cousins.

I would like to see Fabianski in goal more often because I feel more comfortable with him than I do with Almunia, especially on set pieces, I don’t not rate Almunia, I just think that Fabianski is better and putting him in more will make us far more solid next season, he could be our new Seaman.

I still believe we need a defensive midfielder that is better than the one we have and who’s name I won’t mention for fear of upsetting those of you who live near him, but when I see headlines like Velosa to Bolton I want to cry, I would still have an Inler, Velosa, Toulalon or Cana in there but I don’t think that will happen, we do though have a big lump in the rub-a-dubs though called Jay Emannuel Thomas and I wonder if he could do that job also.

A big week coming up with Everton from some village up north and West Ham who for some strange reason call themselves Cockney boys, well just for the records boys, they are really Essex boys as the Bow bells are in Cheapside which is very close to Arsenal but some 15 miles from West Ham, so they are as cockney as Everton are, I was born in Bethnal Green which is next door to St. Mary-le-Bow which of course is from where cockneys got their name, not from Bow near Stratford as most of the West Ham fans seem to think.

A name given to people living in the shanty towns on the outskirts of the City to describe the type of person that served the rich folk, a Cockeney is a French hen that lays a slighty square egg, an odd shaped egg as the rich people like to name the slum dweller, odd people, cockeney’s, this of course became cockneys and anyone who was born within the sound of the bells was one, hence I am and West Ham supporters are not.

If that offends anyone I’m sorry but it’s true, go to the Passmore Edwards museum in Stratford and read up. Either that or google.

Sorry for that Grovers but the record needed to be set straight. I’m also sorry for the 26 people in moderation last night, it happens when you have an attachment and neither Pedro or I can release you, that and new people so welcome to the new people, you’ll get on now!

So Everton, West Ham and Cardiff in quick succession, what a week to get Arshavin in and Rosicky back whooooh!

I’m feeling happy today Arsenal, please complete the feeling and announce him as an Arsenal player this afternoon.

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  1. Franchise

    welcome ron

    hi guys

    arshavin has finally passed his introductory french course

    he would be here as soon as he collects his certificate

  2. benno

    Looking at how long Eduardo has been training and yet to make a 1st team performance i’d expect Rosicky to be training at least as long…

  3. Wardo

    Jules, you were in there like swimwear…..I was just second. Bollox……

    Geoff, the bow bells bit is acurate however, west ham are not 15 miles away but, only 7 miles……..on a very quiet day and with the wind blowing in the right direction, you may just be able to hear the bells……;-)

  4. Rusko

    i think Gallas should be be forced to take on number 99 so Arsh can get the 10 he wants.

    frankly though, who gives a f*ck. just get him here in one piece eh arsenal?

  5. arsenal4richerorpoorer

    Now that Arshavin seems to be in the bag, can we try and tie up the Micah Richards deal and go for the juggler?

  6. charybdis1966

    Morning all and thanks for an interesting post Geoff. The Grove can be very educational and although I had a vague idea of the true definition of a cockney(Bow bells and all that) I didn’t have the detail on the etymology of the actual word “cock(e)ney”. Your post also proves I was lucky to be a Gooner as I grew up in Essex and but for good fortune I could have been a shammer- – lucky escape there.

    The last I heard on Arse Shavings was personal terms yet to be sorted out and worryingly this has all the hallmarks of a Ken Friar botch up. I hope not but till we get official confirmation on Dennis’ website ( we’ll just have to hold our breath for a while longer.

    Lastly, I really don’t get how Veloso would turn us down but then talk to Bolton. I mean Bolton ?!

  7. Steve

    Didn’t I say the AA deal will be agreed on the Monday at the start of last week???

    He’ll be signed by the end of the day, Arsenal aren’t stupid enough to have long protracted negotiations with the club without speaking to the player first and the player is desperate to leave.

    He’s our, all ours mwahhhaaaahhha.

  8. Jules

    so the clubs have apparently reach a fee and now the guy who was going to strike , pay his own fee , desperate to move etc is haggling over terms , I don,t get it , there is some 2.5 mill pay back , Did afc not know this tiil now ? Strange , still wouldnt be suprised if a f c pull out but then won,t Arshavin look stupid ??

    what is going to happen ?

  9. Wardo

    Jules, was just bout to bring up the smae point…….Zenit are now claiming to have agreed the deal but say Arshavin is holding it up with Wage demands…..he’s on 100k a week and is refusing to take an 20k a week cut

  10. Jules

    alright Steve geezer

    still a little concerned it could collapse as don,t trust zenit , arshavin and his agent .
    still think they could fuck around and I aggree afc arnt stupid but they are stupid enough not to pay 2 or 3 more mill for Alonso !

  11. Big Raddy

    Very interesting piece on Cockeneys Geoff. I have always wondered where the name came from.

    I knew it was derogatory, as my mother would say “talk proper son, you are not a fucking cockney ” 😉

  12. Steve

    Watcha Jules, it’s a done deal mate. Arshavin would have been fully aware what Arsenal were prepared to pay him weeks ago. It’s just the usual shit going on now whenever a big transfer happens. You don’t think that AA’s agent would have encouraged us and Zenit to continue talks if Arshavin wouldn’t accept our wage offer.

  13. Geoff

    Jules a case of Peroni, virtual Peroni, enjoy! Wardo I was talking about their traiining ground, I’m allowed to gild the lily!

    Fact is they aren’t Cockney’s and I am, and if any club came close to claiming that right it would be us and not them!!!

  14. Geoff

    Ha, ha Raddy, my mum used to rap me over the knuckles with the back of a knife at meal times if I said ain’t, no such word she would say!

  15. Big Raddy

    If we get AA, and have a fully fit squad (a big if), we will be awesome. And it will present AW with some serious headaches.

    Where will Mozart play ? Denilson ? Senderos ? JD etc etc Can we play a team with Nasri, Cesc and AA ? And of course, AR & JW ?

    What is clear is that we need a summer clearout

  16. Wardo

    Geoff, you were bang on……..if you meant their training ground. My family is from Hoxton and now I live in Essex…..the arguments I have had with stupid WHU fans when they say they are Cockney’s…………my response is “no, you are from Romford! You are just a Cock!!!” No offense to anyone living in Romford………just WHU fans are tossers mostly

  17. ethangunner

    do people think arshavin is coming in as a midfielder ?
    well maybe he is until theo is better but i think he will be a 2nd striker ..
    we have lacked in that area for a while and with arshavin arriving shortly i think id rather classify him as the striker ive requested rather than the winger who isnt really needed …

    if they play him central in the midfield far enough .. but other than that i cant see him being anything other than attack !

  18. charybdis1966

    Geoff, we had a girl at school who couldn’t say the second “d” in “didn’t” – and she was always getting told off for that.

    For some I thought she was northern, but I was only 10 then and knew little of northern monkeys.

  19. Jules

    Ethan . I think he can play either IF he comes which is great as I have seen enough of eboue and diaby on the wings !

  20. Steve

    If we had a natural left footer to get the chances that Nasri and Bendtner missed on Sunday because they tried to get it on their right foot we’d have won 2-0. That is where Arshavin will play imo.

  21. eduardo

    an essex girl was running across the road and was hit by a car, pretty nasty with a bit of claret about the place.
    An off-call doctor was passing by and ran over to her and said “Its ok, im a doctor, where are you bleeding from?”

    she replied…….

    Im From Bleeding Romford In I?!!
    ha ha ha happy tuesday!

  22. Big Dave

    Rosicky wont be seen again untill end march, Cesc April, Hopefully Theo will be back for the Roma match.
    As for AA God knows WTF is going on, thought he was happy to take a pay cut
    Why cant Arsenal transfers ever be done sweetly ?

  23. Big Raddy

    I agree Steve. But then where does Nasri play ? & if he goes central – where does Cesc play, and if Nasri goes right – where does Theo play.

    Theo is a must because we desperately miss real pace.

  24. Steve

    Maybe eduardo, he is still right peg though isn’t he??

    I think Van Persie would have busted the net with either Nasri’s or Bendtner’s chance.

  25. Rasputin

    Morning Grovers,

    Geoff, I bow to your greater knowledge on the derivation of ‘cockeneye’. Stephen Fry claimed on QI that it referred to someone who was not to be trusted because they were as believable as a cock (male bird) with an eye (old english for egg) – biologically impossible. But you’re right, if any club has the right to claim to be cockneys it is the mighty Arsenal.

  26. Richaldo from the North Bank Highbury

    That’s the most cheery post for ages!!! Good work!!!

    Oh and can i try what you’ve been drinking
    Rich ; )

  27. vandejie

    Don’t worry Big raddy,

    Everyone will have chance to play.

    IMO, theo not ready yet for a starting spot.

    Give him 2-3 years, he will be ready enough.

  28. ethangunner


    spot on there ! but it just makes me feel wenger might be forced too sell !

    im sure he will get rid of the slackers and tighten that wage budget back up come june ..

  29. Steve

    Raddy, at least then we’d be able to rest key players and still have a good midfield.

    The way that Nasri and Cesc both tackle I don’t see why they couldn’t both play in the middle with Arshavin left and Theo or Rosicky right. Let’s be honest, very rarely will they all be fit at the same time anyway. At least we’d have the benefit of watching square pegs in square holes for once.

  30. peachesgooner

    Morning Geoff and all

    I was interested by your post to see if I qualify as a cockney – I was born at the Bearsted Memorial Hosp in Stoke Newington – how far away is that from Bow?

  31. Big Raddy

    True Steve true. With our injury record, there is no chance of having a regular first team.

    The invincibles were made of sterner stuff.

  32. peachesgooner

    Of course the Bearsted isn’t there any more, tried to google it, it was in Lordship Road.

    Probably turns out I’m just a north london girl.

  33. Rasputin

    With AA joining (we hope) and others to return in a few weeks, the games against Everton and wham are really crucial. If we can grind out results with the players at our disposal in those two, I’m confident of fourth but optimistic for 3rd as I think pool and chelski will drop points.

  34. charybdis1966

    For a bit of information I was told by a Geordie girl I went out with a while back that a proper Geordie has to be born within the sound of the horn at the Swann Hunter ship yard.
    Of course she said she qualified as a Geordie.

  35. peachesgooner

    Hi Raddy

    Its difficult to know, but I have to say my Stoke Newington credentials probably put me closer than you.

    What we need is a cabby . . . . . . any cabbies out there?

  36. Davi

    Theo is not a Must
    arshavin is quick enough and uses his pace better
    theo shouldnt be in our first team and wouldnt be if everyone were fit
    hes our super sub

  37. Jay

    Theo will come good, je is only 19. Wenger will persist, which i have no problem with because he has talent. Eboue will go in the summer, i hope. Gavin hoyte will only get better and provide cover at right back. Arshavin, Rosicky, Farbregas, Nasri, Theo, Diaby, Ramsey, Wilshire, Denilson and Song. Its not a bad midfield list! One more defensive minded player would be welcomed.

  38. AJ

    Didn’t I say keep the faith over Arshavin, terms had already been agreed before we struck deal with Zenit, Zenit are just bad people and upset in losing him and backing down so have tried to lay the blame on Arshavin now saying he’s just after the money, typical stuff, I do think if Dein was still their none of this slow mess in transfers would be happening, it’s ok to blame Ken friar but at the end of the day it’s not Ken friar’s job, he was just doing it cause the stupid directors and chairman took too long in appointing new CEO. Arshavin is in London

  39. Wardo

    Peaches…..all black cab drivers support the shitty Spuds….doubt you’ll find many on here…….;-)

    AJ, What has your grandad / Friend said………its not a done deal yet mate. Fingers crossed.

  40. ArsenalKenya

    Arshavin: I’m not holding up Arsenal deal

    Zenit St Petersburg midfielder Andrei Arshavin insists he’s not holding up a move to Arsenal.

    Reacting to this morning’s reports that personal terms were stalling the transfer, Arshavin declared: “I’m waiting for the final decision.

    “The talks do not depend on me. I just have to wait for an answer, yes or no.”

  41. Steve

    Peaches, up until this season we parked in Lordship Road to go to the ground as my nan and grandad lived there until they died. My dad lived there too till he met my mum. Hence the reason we are all Gooners.

  42. Wardo

    AJ – you said he arrived in London last Friday….it was proved he was with Zenit yesterday……he would have had to travel through the night to get here.

    ArsenalKenya, did you see this on Zenit’s website……

    “The fundamental understanding over the transfer of the player has been achieved between the clubs,” read a statement on Zenit’s official website.

    “At the moment the basic obstacle in realising the transaction is Andrei Arshavin’s personal requirements.”

  43. AJ

    friend has said he has spoken to Liam Brady in days, but Arshavin was at the ground Friday and the deal was due to be announced but Zenit refused as they had only agreed to principle to when the 3 milllion instalments would be paid, Arshavin than fly back to Dubai to speak to Dick Adavcat and say goodbye to his team mates, arrived back in London on Sunday night, he has already agreed terms so this is all rubbish from Zenit, it’s a done deal, will be announced late tonight by Arsenal or in the morning latest

  44. Rasputin

    Morning Peaches – I don’t know what you mean… glass is more often half full than half empty – just because you’re a ‘cockneywannabe’ 😉

    If you track back and read my match result predictions you will see that I have never forecast us to lose a game! I reckon we will win a hard fought game against everton 2:1 and comfortably do wham 3:1 (giving away a silly goal when we are coasting)

  45. gazzap

    Bloody hope Tony Adams does us a favour tonight but I fear Pompey cant buy a win at the moment and Villa seem to be the luckiest team around. i especially want pompey to win because I dont think we will at Everton. I think a draw may be a decent result, because Everton are in a groove right now and confidence there is high.

    My midfield with arshavin but without Cesc+Walcott would be, Nasri Diaby Den Arsh

    Possibly when Theo returns it would be Arsh Nasri Den Walcott

    I still dont see Rosicky returning before start of April. about same time as Cesc. some important games before then.

  46. London


    Very few people ever lost faith that we would sign Arshavin. The problem is that you claimed that with the aid of your inside knowledge, your grand father has Liam Brady’s ear, no less; Wenger would announce the signing on his Friday press conference. Everyone said that if you got that right you would be hailed as the man in the know; alternatively, if the signing was not announced you would be thought of as the boy that cried wolf.
    Wolf, wolf, wolf, wolf, nah, sorry I don’t believe you any more.

  47. charybdis1966

    London, I had this user name on a few other forums(Saab drivers, Dirk Benedict fansite etc..) so I thought I’d keep it.

    It was also the name of a minor character from one of the episodes of the original Battlestar Galactica. The 1966 is just to show what an old git I really am(my year of birth).

  48. Lou

    Harry Redknapp, the twitching celeriac’d headed manager of Tottenham Hotspur has vowed to recreate Spurs teams of the past. Starting with Defoe, he has also signed that wonderful human-being Pascal Chimbonda and this morning announced plans to lure Glen Hoddle from retirement. “Glen is a top, top player” twitched Redknapp “I would love to have him back at Spurs who are a top, top club.” Robbie Keane is also on his way back to Shite Hart Lane. “Robbie is a top, top player” he further twiched. What about his own son, the gloriously insightful Jamie?” Jamie is a top, top player” he said as his whole head went into spasm “But he’s earning a fortune at Sky although money has never been important to us Redknapps”. Jimmy Greaves has ruled out a return despite Redknapp’s urgings.

  49. chozzer


    From: Lordship Road,Stoke Newington
    To: EC2V 6AU,Moorgate
    Distance: 4.6 miles
    Time: 0 hr 16 min

    from AA directions

  50. Arsenal Tom

    i think arshavin is more effective coming in from the left… he seems to love getting about a foot from goal and lifting the ball into the near corner

  51. Wardo

    AJ – Do you think Arshavin is flying all over the place to boost up his airmiles?? How has he managed to get in the country twice and out once without being spotted by the press……….I think this is yet to be fully agreed. See no reason why Arsenal would delay the announcement. Also, thought you grandad was friends with Liam Brady……..not being rude my friend but, none of your predictions have come off. If/when this deal goes through, you’ll claim you knew all along but, you’ve had at least 4/5 predictions that have not happened.

  52. Gooner Rhyle

    Born at St Barts hospital just down the road from Cheapside so I’m the real deal! Cockney born of Cockney!

    Used to work at work in Bow Churchyard for a Scottish company…now much happier.

    As for Arshavin – I’ve just about had enough of the entire process. It descended into farce a long time ago and both clubs look a bit of a joke. Sooner it’s ended the better…then hopefully we can get on with buying what we need.

  53. Sussexgooner

    If Gallas is (briefly) back then I would have thought that it would be worth at least trying Kolo or Djourou in DM mode!

  54. GMR

    I still don’t believe Arshavin is any closer to signing. The max wage Arsenal would offer him is 80k & so his net per week would be about 48k (thats a guess by the way as I’m no accountant). If he has to pay 2.5 million to Zenit for leaving them early as per his contract it would take him a year of wages before he had earn’t that money back. Unless Arsenal pay it, which effectively increases their bid by 2.5 million & we all know they won’t then clearly it’s all deadlocked.

    Arshavin is not going to take a pay cut & pay off 2.5 million to Zenit. It would mean he is effectively working for Arsenal for free for a year & picking up lower wages than he was on. Come November he can buy out his contract get a massive signing on fee somewhere & better wages than he currently does.

    Signing for Arsenal now would make no sense unless Zenit drop the demand for the 2.5 million. I fully expect to see Wenger deny any progress later at his press conference.

  55. peachesgooner

    Hi Steve

    We moved from Riversdale Rd in the early 60’s so I can’t claim to have lived on the doorstep of Highbury for very long. Know the area like the back of my hand though.

  56. eduardo

    London hit the nail on the head AJ mate. its pretty obvious even to a casual observer let alone obsessed gooners such as us that we are in for baby bum HOWEVER keep saying today, tomorrow etc you will eventually get it right if we do sign him but your cred takes a hit. OR has Liam Brady got demetia and not know what friggin day it is?!

  57. peachesgooner

    Thanks chozzer

    Thats it then, I’m just a north london girl.

    Rasp – your credentials are rubbish, don’t even go there 🙄

  58. gooner-pak

    AJ first it was ur grandpa not friend who was freind of liam brady…. ne way its done deal 99% whether he is in london or kuala lumpur

  59. goonermichael

    To be a cockney the bells have to be ringing when you’re born so they’re aren’t many of them. My dad was from whitechapel and called himself an essex man. orient has a big sign that says orient football club essex. Actually tottenham can’t be london.

  60. Rasputin

    Peaches, I’ve never claimed to be one of you’s from the smoke! I’m just a country boy! I did however go to a ‘top london school’ and my best mate’s dad used to play for the Arsenal although nobody ever seems to have heard of him (Oakes, he played in the 60’s)

  61. gooner-pak

    geoff…just checked on (just looking if cockney meant something)
    it says east end district of london…arsenal is north london?!#@#@#..
    i am not denyin what u said kindly clear it for my information

    cock⋅ney   /ˈkɒkni/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [kok-nee] Show IPA Pronunciation
    noun, plural -neys, adjective
    –noun 1. (sometimes initial capital letter) a native or inhabitant of the East End district of London, England, traditionally, one born and reared within the sound of Bow bells.

  62. Geoff

    Peaches I think you need your conscience to be your guide, they’re are bells and how far does sound travel? I figure that has to be as far as you can see, from where I was born you could see St Pauls and that’s where St Mary-le-bow’s bells are.

    Technically it only meant the shanty town dwellers to the east as there were none west or north that close.

    However it is closer than East Ham, where of course West Ham United are, they aren’t even in West Ham!

  63. goonermichael

    London use to be very small. Essex started at the river Lea. Stockwell (where im from) was in Surrey so Tottenham must have been herts Peaches

  64. chozzer

    In a study conducted in 2000, it was determined that the Bow Bells could be heard six miles to the east, five miles to the north, three miles to the south and four miles to the west.

  65. Steve

    L.O.L eduardo, nobody mate, I was finishing Rasputin’s song. My old man said be a Tottenham fan, I said fuck off bollocks you’re a cunt.

  66. AJ

    your all so negative. Liam brady is a big part of the club but he just hears it on ear, he is not in the process of talks or chats to wenger about it, i said he would sign, my friend said friday, not my fault, was my prediction, and he will sign, does not matter wheather it is today or last day of transfer window.

  67. gazzap

    GMR that would depend if Zenit would want their £2.5m back in November or not. If they dont then yes you are right that it does not make financial sense for him to move here. To be honest financially he was never going to improve on what he had at Zenit anyway. they paid him more than he was worth and gave him massive loyalty bonuses every time he extended his contract. His move to Arsenal has to be about football not money, but too many players these days are in it for the money so we will see what Arshavin is all about in the next few days. If he doesn’t come, then we’ve probably had a lucky escape.
    I just wonder whether Usmavov might try and throw his weight around sooner or later.

  68. Rasputin

    Totnum’s never been in herts – how dare you! I’m not sure it would have been in middlesex either, I’ll have to research that one…

  69. Geoff

    Gooner pack you need to go to museums, dictionaries only give lose descriptions.

    Goonermichael when I was born Bethnal Green came under Middlesex, East ham was Essex, Whitechapel is next to Bethnal Green so I’m sure they were Middlesex as well.

    Can’t swear to it but either way Bethnal Green was closer than Whitechapel was to the bells.

  70. Davi

    theo may well come good but people give him a pass in the meantime whereas others who are just as likely to come good (song, denilson, eboue) get vilified at every opportunity
    im not against theo, but u gotta be fair, he makes mistakes, he looks every bit the clown eboue and song have at times, doesnt mean theyr not good players or going to b

    ive said all along, eboue was one of our best players this season until he got injured, the fans have destroyd him, but it does give hope that he can come back and start to look a half decent RM again, and thats all we need from him really, cover

    just dont like the way the walcott gets a pass because hes english, thats the only reason i can see, thought arsenal was different to all that…

  71. peachesgooner


    So I’m still in with a chance 🙂 4.6 miles to the north you said.

    Do the bells actually have to be ringing at the time of birth?

  72. Rasputin

    Thanks Peaches – that’s not him. He was a heavy drinker and I believe died of alcoholism, I’m not sure how many first team appearances he made. I’ve googled him before and found nothing.

  73. Wardo

    AJ – I am not negative mate. I really hope he signs and think he will…..All I’m saying is that an inside prediction is usually quite accurate. You can’t keep saying, today, tomrrow, today etc……then, when he signs you say “told you so”. Geoff has been saying we’ll sign him for weeks but has not claimed to have inside info……..

  74. ArsenalKenya

    Gooner pak – I agree its 99% a done deal and now my arsenal dream team is almost shaping up nicely.

    Just imagine Walcott will be back in February we have Arshavin, Eduardo is raring to go and Nasri is becoming just lethal like a desert python, Van Persie is just on top of the world ….. Meanwhile Adebayor will just keep missing the chances, Eboue will continue diving and Song ( Wenger’s last born) will be the favourite DM.



  75. kunle4fabregas

    “Just been reading the guardian as well as every other site in the world about this deal, From what i can make out this is whats happening.

    The first thing is Arsenal have offered 14 million but zenit want 17 and neither side have budged on that.

    but then Zenit have realized that if Arshavin leaves he has to pay them 3 million back to them because of a clause in his contract. which he singed in 2006. When he signed the contract he got a signing on fee but it has to paid back if he leaves before his contract is up.

    So then zenit would be happy that 14 million from Arsenal and 3 million from the player covers the 17 million, thats why they claim the fee is agreed but arsenal don’t.

    but and there always is one with this deal

    The player gets £100,000 a week now and to move to Arsenal he will have to drop to £80,000 which he had no problem with.

    But he is not happy about paying the 3 million and wants arsenal to pay the money added on to his contract.

    Arsenal wont do it because basically they would then be paying 17 million for him which they have made quite clear they wont do.”

  76. eduardo

    lol steve, thought it ws all going to go a bit turbo then!
    Davi – are you friggin mental?????!!!!! eboue has been our best player before he got injured????/ mate,mate,mate hes a joke, clown and very possibly a cunt!
    theo gets more time and patience because hes english and quite rightly that the gooner faithful want him to succeed. and nothing for nothing but theo is a nice kid, well mannered etc and that is a rare thing in all walks of life let alone football

  77. 4bp

    please get serious! rosicky hasnt trained for a year so there is no way he will be back in the squad next week! get real. he started light training on his own yesterday….he has a long way beofre he gets near the first, i doubt we will see him this season. as for theo it will be nearer to the end of feb before he starts again.
    also u have said everyday that today will be the day arshavin signs….how many times can u be wrong?? accroding to reports zenit are making him pay them some money back so he wants to compnesate this by asking for more from us! he seems like a very greedy player and if we do sign him i wouldnt be suprised to see him talk about wanting to go to barca within 2 years….could be another Helb…..